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Election Night Snapshot


Brand new LA County Sheriff-elect Jim McDonnell took the stage last night around 10:45 p.m. at the Marriott hotel downtown. “I entered the race for sheriff less than one very long year ago…” he said, “because I realized the change needed in the LASD would not, and could not, come from within.” As a member of the citizens commision on jail violence, he said, he had seen “a failure of leadership” at the department’s highest levels….”But the fine men and women of the department are ready for a new day.”

After thanking everyone who needed to be thanked and then talking a bit about the department being at an historic crossroads, McDonnell paused and looked at those assembled, face flooded with emotion and resolve.

“I promise that I will not let you down,” he said.

In addition to his wife and two daughters, the new sheriff was surrounded on the stage by much of the leadership of the city and the county: Mayor Eric Garcetti was there, as was District Attorney Jackie Lacey, her predecessor Steve Cooley, Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas, Don Knabe, Supervisor elect, Hilda Solis, City Attorney Mike Fuerer and acting sheriff John Scott. A good portion of the LA City Council, had showed up, including Herb Wesson who MC’d part of the festivities, and Mitch Englander who, together with Congressman Tony Cardenas kept flashing thumbs-up signs for the cameras.

The political figures who spoke to the crowd were nearly giddy in their praise for the new guy at the top of the LASD.

“He is up for the task! He is committed,” said Mark Ridley-Thomas and then urged audience members to turn to those around them and exchange high fives.

“We now have a sheriff who is worthy of that title,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.

We got back from the various election events ver-r-r-rry late last night, so this is just a snapshot post.

We’ll have more on the election—among other important topics—as the week goes on.


  • Congratulations Jim McDonnell! Ridding the organization of one severely incompetent sheriff and kicking his arrogant and malevolent little sidekick to mediocrity is a great start. But I disagree with the Sheriff-elect’s proclamation that change cannot occur from within — several highly qualified LASD managers active and retired (Olmsted comes to mind), were/are up to bringing the massive department back on to an honorable and effect course. Hopefully, the Sheriff-elect won’t follow in the interim sheriff’s habit of promoting people, some seriously lacking in experience, integrity and ability, merely because he knew them from his prior LASD years, likes them and wants to feel good about helping out a pal. No, the department needs a new sheriff to be much disciplined, very careful in whom he trusts. Too many chiefs, commanders and captains should never have reached their management ranks and the Sheriff-elect needs to be wary of them and weed them out as their personal loyalties are exposed. There are plenty of Tanaka thugs still working, still networking to perpetuate the little guy’s megalomaniac behaviors. Again, all the best in your new job Jim McDonnell.

  • What a great day for LASD. A great beginning of a new chapter. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear Paul. Now please take your retirement and get lost!

  • My favorite observation was all the ole Tanakite reserves wrapping their tentacles around Sheriff McDonnell.

    Glad to have you on-board sir. You do not need to know I was on the unofficial advisory board for PT, but I am on your team now….

    God Speed Sheriff and welcome to the lion’s den.

  • None of this would have happened without Bob Olmsted. He and he alone had the courage, the honor, the integrity and the honor to do what he did. Olmsted was vilified, castigated, labeled a coward and snitch. I think most of that came from the coin holders, but there are a number of people inside the organization who turned their back on the man. Those who did, they were the cowards, they were disloyal to LASD, they, as usual, were concerned with their own ass and nothing and no one else. I hope people search their souls and do the right thing to Olmsted and that includes McDonnell.

    I hope the new Sheriff has a plan. And that plan needs to include pretty much a wholesale throwing out of the trash involving Chiefs and above. John Scott did a little light dusting, but the house is filthy and is in need of some serious deep cleaning. Otherwise, it will be the same old, same old. As the saying goes, “The whole world’s watching.”

  • @ Sachamoe

    Yes, Bob Olmsted may have played a role in bringing some attention to the problems in the jails but it is not accurate to give him all the credit. I am sure it took a lot for him to step forward like he did and it shows more integrity then most.

    To shine some light on the situation, ACLU has more power and juice with the federal government than Bob Olmsted dropping a dime to the FBI Field office. ACLU has been trying for years to get the federal government to intervene in the County jails.

    There are other individuals that played a more predominant role in why the federal government intervene into the sheriff department. If you recall DOJ began their investigations into the civil rights violations of section 8 residence in Palmdale and Lancaster in 2011. Then they extended their investigation into mens central jail.

    Bob Olmsted may have gave the feds useful information when it came to the jail investigation, but I doubt he had any thing to do with the investigation in the Antelope Valley which was the investigation that opened the door.

    Best wishes to the new Sheriff and hopefully he fulfills all his promises he made during his campaign.

  • I think we need a truth and reconciliation commission. All those Lieutenants and above who wrote checks to curry favor with Paul, screwed over other candidates to benefit themselves or other check writers, and or violated any Civil Service rule or any laws to help Baca or Tanaka can come clean. And those who worked ICIB or IAB can come clean regarding the investigations that were politically motivated or motivated by personal bias would have a forum to point the finger at the responsible executive.

    I might help the organization move forward.

  • I think McDonnell would do well to have some sort of clearing house for all the bad info he’s being inundated with, and current managers and executives busy trying to whitewash it all to as they say, put lipstick on a pig.

    Pat Maxwell and Buddy Goldman, have some shame. You are embarrassing yourselves in your efforts to publicly bootlick. Show a little dignity and respect for the uniform and badge. There are no more Waldies and Tanakas to hide the two of you…

  • #1: Remember Merrick Bobb? He has it pretty well nailed in this piece by Frant Stoltze, over at 89.3 KPCC:


    Don’t forget: McDonnel is already on record as saying that if Bobb’s recommendations as Special Counsel had been implemented none of this would’ve come about (see PPOA interview #2), indicating that Bobb might be one voice that McDonnel will listen to.

  • Jack,
    Did you expect the ass kissers to go away? They were around long before Tanaka and will be around long afterwards. They will pucker up for whoever is in charge.
    For Christ sakes man, they puckered up to Baca, whom they were fully aware was not only incompetent, but nutty as a fruitcake.
    Baca actually believed they thought he was a genius, while they were laughing at him behind his back.
    Enter Tanaka. He gained their loyalty thru quid pro quo promotions and assignments, then ruled thru intimidation and fear of career ruination.
    “Dysfunctional” for the way the LASD has been run during Baca’s reign is an understatement.


  • @ SHQ Informant, liked the above blog regarding everyone running. Congratulations McDonnell and I hope you promote and bring decent supervisors with you. Now please start with getting rid of Chief Abner, Commander Mannis, Captain Kusch and Lt. Thatcher.

  • Oh Well,

    The comment was not meant for you. It was meant for those very people who read this everyday…….

    I wanted them to know we saw it.


  • @LATGB – you just might win the award for the most ill informed ever to post. Congratulations.

  • @Light, your point is well taken regarding others beside Olmsted bringing this all to light. So I will simply say Olmsted was the catalyst for everything that happened resulting in the downfall of Baca and Tanaka. He brought first hand knowledge and credibility to the table. Baca and Company blew off the ACLU and kept them at bay with lip service. The rest, is history. McDonnell should send perpetual Thank You cards to Mr. Olmsted.

  • [WitnessLA edit] the names you irresponsibly print are not to blame for your situation. You and you alone are responsible for your actions. The department is talking its medicine and on the road to recovery. I suggest you follow and stop the finger pointing. I am sure the new management will not make everyone happy but we will recover and move on. Do the same or you will not grow, but remain small and angry. Good luck.

  • Make him stop translation: too close for comfort. You may try fool McDonnell but the line staff isn’t blinded by stars on collars…

  • Sheriff Elect, please clear the 8th floor at TTCF. That would immediately send the message that you are here to reform. By the time you get to your new office on the 4th floor, the message will have been sent, and you should see a long line at the brown building next door.

  • @ Sachamoe, I understand why you feel the way you do because Olmsted made the news, and he was quoted in the LA Times.

    I am trying to get you to think outside of the box… What has & is happening to LASD is bigger than Olmsted and any other LASD whistle blower. What is going on is deeper than the surface, and right now you are just looking at the surface.

    This is the worst PR hit LASD has taken throughout its existence. In just a few years span you almost have a complete turnover in Executive Command. I am sure a lot was said behind close doors that has made so many high ranking officials retire and run for the hills.

    I agree with you, Olmsted played a role, but there is no way I see Olmsted being the guy who took down Baca, Tanaka and their subordinates. It takes power to take down power in the political game and Olmsted is not on that level.

    How has LASD been able to get away with civil rights violations (against their own deputies, citizens and inmates) for so long? Because of the power and authority LASD holds as being the largest sheriff department. When LASD said this is what happened… the media and the community would say it must be true because it is the big bad LASD saying it.

    Somebody like Olmsted does not have the power to take down a machine like LASD or the top people running it. What is the first thing LASD did when Olmsted spoke out? They discredited him and placed blame on the jail situation due to Olmsted inability to correct the problems as a commander.

    Sachamoe, it seems like Olmsted is your guy, that is good. Like I said, Olmsted did more than most to shine some light on the problems in LASD. I am just enlightening you to the fact there is more going on than meets the eyes and those that have done wrong over the years and thinks nobody knows should be worried.

  • Folks, can we dispense with the “McDonnell, you need to get rid of ____” comments? As other commenters have pointed out in the past, it’s easy to come on an anonymous site and sound off under an assumed name. Some of these folks may deserve the derision, some may not. The point is, no one knows if you’re God’s gift to law enforcement or just some grunt who was held accountable by one of the managers you’re badmouthing and using this opportunity to get even. And before you take this opportunity to post about why A/S, Chief, Commander or Captain ____ is the worst and most corrupt manager in the history of the Department, that isn’t really the point.
    McDonnel is a big boy with a lot of years managing cops. He will get his own lay of the land, and like anyone, find his own people in whom he will place his trust. He’ll shuffle the seats when he’s good and ready. Give him some time. And quit throwing out names of who you think he should put at the top of the hit list. You’re making us all look bad – maybe we could greet our new boss with smiles and “Welcome Aboard” before we start whining about who should get shafted.

  • Mr. Motander these are not regarding anyone person(s)personal situation so stop assuming. Many of employees/supervisors actions resulted in the FBI becoming involved in many units of the department activities, not just the jails.

    The FEDS are everywhere and pretty scary how far this all gotten and they are not finished. There are still more trials ahead and Sexton gets sentenced next month, I believe the same day Sheriff McDonnell gets sworn in.


    Dear Mr. Motander, feel free to argue with those who post here, but please don’t try to call out commenters with what you believe to be their real names.

    Most attempts at that are in error and, in any case, it’s against the rules.

    I do, however, agree with Enough Already that we need to call a halt to any more listing of people whom someone thinks that our new sheriff ought to push out.

    Thanks to all concerned in advance for your collective cooperation.


  • @ # 26

    Your comment is right on point, you get it. Some must think it is not costing the feds a pretty penny to do this investigation. All of the resources required for the FBI and DOJ to do their job does not come cheap, especially for an agency so large.

    To think the feds will investigate the jails and be done is naive. I can see them concluding their investigations when they are satisfied that all of the major civil rights violations have been investigated. This could be any unit inside LASD, you will know when you or your fellow co-worker (s) gets a subpoena. Why leave a job incomplete and have to come back? Those that did early retirement might be safe from an IA investigation but you are not safe from the feds.

    Those that think once McDonnell officially takes over as Sheriff, LASD will be on its road to recovery, must have forgotten there are ongoing federal investigations. I think McDonnell will step in welcoming the federal investigations and cooperate in anyway possible. He was not present when any of these civil rights violations took place. He is an outsider so it is in his best interest to let the feds clean up the department until theirs hearts is content. Less work for him to do as Sheriff to get the department on the right path.

    This all means there will be more exposure of corruption and misconduct before anything changes. LASD can not begin a new until it is willing to be transparent about its past transgressions. So much wrong has been done to the people in the community, inmates in the jails, and deputies wrongfully disciplined or terminated (for political reasons, standing up for their rights or simply not being in the car). To continue to keep it a secret and move forward like it never happen is still a reflection of the old regime.

  • @ Shine Some Light…thanks regarding above typed statements in #27.

    Some bloggers think it is revenge/ payback tactic, irresponsible behavior, etc. I don’t now how that can be when the FEDS have been lurking in our backyard for years and have known upper/middle management and line personnel names.

  • Please, lets all just move on, fix our Department and return to the greatness we once had. We were infected, we all got our vaccination and now we move on. Long live the LASD !

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