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A Deal Any Chief Could Endorse

The rowdy Lakers fans who rampaged through the streets around Staples Center on Sunday night couldn’t have picked a better time to test the LAPD: It was the eve of a federal judge’s hearing on whether to extend the consent decree

Officers handled with restraint several situations that could have gone ugly: rowdy crowds trying to tip over police cars, trashing an MTA bus and looting a gas station.

Nicely done. The peaceful outcome certainly made for a better day for police brass trying to persuade Judge Gary Feess to do away with federal oversight of the department.

Feess, of course, sounded reluctant to abandon his oversight, and asked for more information before making a decision.. Read Celeste’s posts of a week ago urging the judge to surrender his control and return the LAPD to the LAPD. The ACLU thinks otherwise, and here’s a statement from staff attorney Peter Bibring after today’s court hearing:

“We are pleased the court recognized the progress the LAPD has made but focused on the larger question at hand: Whether it’s appropriate to lift the decree when the department has not complied with all of its terms most importantly the non discrimination provisions.”

“Over the past years, the consent decree has been the engine for LAPD reform, so as not to repeat the nightmares of Watts, Rodney King and Rampart. With the monitor’s finding that the department has not yet fully complied with the decree—including specifically its policies and practices toward communities of color—now is not the time to prematurely terminate what is working to bring order to our city. When it can be confidently said that citizens of color are not overstopped, overfrisked and overarrested by the LAPD for no other reason than their race, it will be time to end the decree.”

Who can blame the judge for wanting to see all the reforms in place before surrendering control? On the other hand, maybe there’s some room for compromise. What if Chief Bratton vowed to stop endorsing candidates for city offices?

Parker Center would be a better place without such blatant pandering and politics. Not only would he avoid the embarrassment of having endorsed Jack Weiss for city attorney, but it would certainly help his relationship with the victor Carmen Trutanich.

Those of us who remember the not-so-distant past when the police secretly investigated political foes will be happy to see the chief disengaged from the political process.

How ‘bout it chief: You can tear up the consent decree if you keep your ballot choices to yourself.


  • Oh please, give me an f’in break Mittelstadt. If the Police Union and Cooley (who told Kevin James just last week on his show that “it was a race between good and evil”) stopped making endorsements AND arm-twisting AND spending tons of union dues better spent elsewhere to back a guy just because he’s another suburban Republican like them and Zine, THEN you might have a leg to stand on.

    Just MAYBE, but first start by listening to what Trutanich and his camnpaign manager called also “young Republican strategist” John Thomas and Zine and Cooley say on a regular basis about Villaraigosa and Weiss. Zine clearly has crossed the line into all-out slander many, many times on this show alone — plus he’s said stuff numerous times on McIntyre etc. that are arguably legally slanderous.

    Any guy who runs a campaign of this sort of all-out slander and slime and then tells the naive, gullible old folk who comprise the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn. (SOHA) who backed him thinking he’s the Second Coming, the day after the election: “We slew the Philistine,” bla-bla, phonier than a 700-club preacher could manage on his worst night, is a demagogue truly worthy of that name.

    Alan, I remember you trying to pin the Times’ campaign vs. Rocky a year or two ago when he got into trouble for driving without a license or insurance and blamed it all on his “forgetful” wife on Weiss-Villaraigosa-Ace Smith.

    Give it a rest. The Times especially Zahniser and their Op Ed guy Greene (both fans of Kevin James) went on an all-out attack of hit pieces against Weiss and served as virtual campaign managers for Trutanich. Your theory was and IS wrong, and so are you.

    Yeah, I know there’s some sort of weird attraction of fat, ugly, often bald and old white guys for Trutanich: look at how Roderick features again (and again and again and again) his “exclusive” photo of Trutanich flabby-bare-armed on his Harley carrying Jan Perry, in tandem with leather-clad Dennis Zine. Oh yeah, the Sheriffs ride into town.

    Guys who think they’re cool because they see themselves in the 60’s mirror of the Easy Rider of their own youth, rather than the real mirrors of today. UGH. Let’s see, Nuch-Zine-Cooley-Weber-Roderick-the Fox ‘n Hounds guy at the LAObserved party…uh, Mittelstadt? — ‘Nuff said.

  • This could change everything! How insensitive!
    Chief blames `knuckleheads’ for Lakers disturbance

    Let’s blame this on the police!

    Street celebrations that began peacefully turned ugly. Fires were set, objects were thrown at police officers, several businesses were looted and buses, police cars and other vehicles were vandalized. Hooligans hurled rocks through the window of one bus abandoned under an overpass.

  • Hey Woody, your older than cork popguns, so please tell us about Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smith.

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