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State Leaders Propose Chokehold and Crowd Control Reforms, While at the County Level, Advocates Call for Changes That Go Deeper Than Use-of-Force Policy

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

After more than two weeks of protests ignited by George Floyd’s death under the knees of Minneapolis police — protests that rippled out from Minnesota to spread across the country and world — local and state leaders began to respond to the public demand for justice with police reform proposals. Advocates say far more must be done to protect black lives, however.

On Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that state police would no longer be trained to use the carotid chokehold on civilians. Additionally, Newsom said he would work with state legislators to craft a bill to ban the carotid hold statewide.

“We have a unique and special responsibility here in California to meet this historic moment head-on,” said Governor Newsom. “I am proud that California has advanced a new conversation about broader criminal justice reform, but we have an extraordinary amount of work left to do to manifest a cultural change and a deeper understanding of what it is that we’re working to advance.”

The governor also called for the development of new use-of-force standards for protests in response to reports (and videos) of officers around the country shoving and hitting protestors and shooting rubber bullets and chemical spray bombs into crowds.

California lawmakers moved quickly, announcing they would introduce a bill to regulate the use of rubber bullets. The legislators intend to “set clear standards on how these harmful projectiles should, and shouldn’t, be used by law enforcement.”

California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), along with Asms. Dr. Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) and Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) and Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco),

Yet advocates say reforms are not enough, and that police agencies must be defunded so that the billions spent on traditional policing instead fund intervention workers, mental health services, youth mentorship, and other social services that are severely underfunded.

At the county level in Los Angeles, an Alternatives to Incarceration Workgroup (ATI) began working early last year to create a roadmap for a new countywide system designed to provide “care and services first,” and to use jail as the last resort.

This March, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to accept a 98-page report from the 25-person ATI Workgroup and to move forward with implementing the report’s proposed changes to the justice system.

This ATI group was made up of representatives from several county agencies — including two from the LASD — plus justice advocates, and members of LA County’s various communities. It was led by Dr. Robert Ross, head of the California Endowment, and voting members included Professor Kelly Lytle Hernandez, Director of UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies (and it’s Million Dollar Hoods project), Peter Eliasberg, Chief Counsel of the ACLU of Southern California, and Eunisses Hernandez, Los Angeles Campaign Coordinator of JustLeadershipUSA.

With input from dozens of organizations including the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, A New Way of Life, Dignity and Power Now, Homeboy Industries, Reform LA Jails, the Vera Institute of Justice, Youth Justice Coalition, and other local groups that have been working on policing issues for years, the ATI Workgroup came up with 114 recommendations for overhauling how public safety is achieved in Los Angeles.

More than half of the recommendations were to increase the use of alternatives to incarceration that are already in place in LA County.

For example, the report called on the county to greatly expand community-based care for Angelenos, partly by increasing LA’s use of decentralized, trauma-informed service centers where individuals and families can access mental health care, urgent psychiatric treatment, housing services, substance use treatment, and more.

The workgroup also recommended that local leaders take action to eliminate pretrial detention — and reliance on incarceration in general, which has created a jail population that is full of people experiencing homelessness, mental illnesses, poverty, and other challenges that are better served in the community, instead of exacerbated behind bars. The jail population is also disproportionately black. While just 9 percent of LA County’s residents are black, black people make up 29 percent — nearly a third — of the jail population.

The ATI report stressed that LA County should boost its use of non-law enforcement groups to respond to people experiencing mental illness or substance use disorders, homelessness, “and other situations caused by unmet needs.”

Despite not being mental health, homelessness, or substance use disorder experts, law enforcement officers have long been forced to step in and address these unmet needs in the community. This has meant that far more people must come in contact with police instead of service providers, and face arrest and criminalization instead of support.

The county should “significantly increase” the Department of Mental Health’s Psychiatric Mobile Response Teams (PMRTs), train 911 operators to redirect calls regarding mental health crises to the Department of Mental Health, and to expand pre-arrest diversion to community services.

Money for these initiatives, advocates have said, should come from law enforcement budgets. The LA County Sheriff’s Department’s proposed 2020-2021 budget currently weighs in at $3.5 billion — $400 million less than Sheriff Alex Villanueva says his department needs.

Controversy over 8 reforms

Amid the protests, a campaign demanding the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and law enforcement agencies across the country implement eight use-of-force policy changes picked up momentum. People carried signs through LA’s streets urging the adoption of the “#8cantwait” strategies proposed by Campaign Zero, a movement led by activists DeRay Mckesson and Sam Sinyangwe.

The 8 policies are as follows:

– Require officers to intervene to stop another officer from using excessive force

– Restrict or prohibit the use of chokeholds, strangleholds, and carotid restraints

– Require officers to de-escalate situations, when possible, before using force

– Use a Force Continuum or Matrix that defines and limits the types of force that can be used to respond to specific types of resistance

– Require officers to give a verbal warning before using deadly force

– Prohibit officers from shooting at people in moving vehicles unless the person poses a deadly threat by means other than the vehicle

– Require officers to exhaust all other reasonable alternatives before resorting to using deadly force

– Require comprehensive reporting that includes both uses of force and threats of force

Last week, LA County supervisors drafted a motion that would call on the LA County Sheriff’s Department and the 46 police departments in the county to adopt any of the 8 reforms that were not already department policy. The motion was quickly held, however, as a growing number of critics spoke out about the pitfalls of the campaign.

According to Campaign Zero, each of these individual measures, when implemented by a law enforcement agency that had no such policy, was associated with fewer police killings.

Dignity and Power Now says, however, that the 8 recommended changes amount to “token resolutions” that “undermine” the efforts of the ATI Workgroup and others. The ATI recommendations, moreover, were developed with the input of communities and families, as well as criminal justice system experts and advocacy groups.

Youth Justice Coalition called the Campaign Zero policy list an “over-simplified, cookie-cutter approach” that fails to address “root causes” while also ignoring the abolition-focused demands of families and communities.

Beyond that, some of the #8cantwait policy changes – like the ban on firing into moving vehicles – are already in place in various police departments across the county. Yet, law enforcement officers still fire into vehicles, for example.

Other rules included in the #8cantwait actually would give police more discretion to use force, rather than less, according to a statement from Black Lives Matter, the Los Angeles Community Action Network, and Stop LAPD Spying.

“Under the guise of limitations or calls for ‘de-escalation,’ these reforms give officers discretion to decide for themselves when de-escalation is possible or when they have exhausted reasonable alternatives to deadly force or when their level of force fits within the continuum,” the three organizations wrote. “That discretion means no change from current policy. These reforms would usher more money into law enforcement for training purposes to create the appearance of participation and compliance.”

Instead, BLM, LACAN, and SLS say local governments must transfer funding away from law enforcement and toward community-based interventions, prosecute cops who kill, as well as those who stand by while their colleagues kill, ban police unions from contributing to campaign funds for local district attorneys, get rid of the “qualified immunity” protecting police from legal consequences, end community policing programs that put police in the role of social worker, and more.


  • The headline says “Advocates say reforms aren’t enough….”

    Trouble is “the advocates” don’t have the slightest idea what kind of reforms to enact.

    In the military before you can command anything you need an I.Q. above 110 & a Baccalaureate–any major–from an accredited institution of higher learning.

    Then you’ve got to go through a LOT of rigorous training.

    Reform can start there; if it works in the military it might work for the police.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Don’t worry LASD warriors. Lt. Alex and VV were voted into office with the support and backing of many of the various “advocate/activist” groups noted in the above article. Lt. Allie will be able to communicate behind the scenes with these leaders and gain their support for that additional $400 million that he has been loudly and proudly demanding with his well though out strategy of publicly and actively trying to embarrass the Board of Supervisors into acquiescing to his demands. All done in order to cover up his inability to manage his department and it’s $3.5 Billion dollar budget.

    In Villanueva we trust! Que the background circus clown music.

  • Rakkasan,

    You’d be surprised at how many in the upper ranks of police departments have advanced degrees – masters or doctorates in various specialties (STEM), lawyers, public administration, etc. Be careful how much you want to compare military and police, BTW – might upset your liberal friends.

    Police departments do not need any major reforms. Calls to stop using carotid restraints have nothing to do with the bizarre knee on the neck maneuver Officer Chauvin. All we’re seeing is the pet peeves and hatred of police coming out – defund the police, ACAB, FTP, etc. All coordinated and orchestrated by Soros and company. This effort was planned and put on hold until an event of sufficient import arose. In this case, a 5-time convicted felon who did home invasion robberies, and was high on fentanyl and meth while passing counterfeit money, is the hero.

    Speaking of “rigorous training,” LAPD’s academy, for example, is over 6 months, then their OJT training is a year. I’m sure the training for your specialty far outshines theirs.

    Police reform to you and others like you simply means letting criminals, I mean justice involved people, run loose and get away with whatever they choose. The police can arrive much later – because they’ve been defunded and disarmed – and take a report.

  • Give us the money…. we will tell everyone in minority communities what’s is best for them! When those programs fail, we will just scream racism, somehow blame it on the police and demand even more money. For decades we were told diversity was the answer. Just make sure the police department mirrors the community and it will get better! LAPD uniformed personnel as of last month was 30% white, 49% Latino and 10% black! The vast majority of LAPD are men and women of color. Are they really racist! As for the macho culture, 18% are women. The truth is coming out. This is not about black lives. This is about power. Give me money, give me power and shut up.

  • Can’t wait. They’ll have a database of who supports BLM and who doesn’t. If you don’t support BLM you get no services. Progress ladies and gentlemen.
    Iowa football players put their fans on notice…support the movement unconditionally or don’t support Iowa football. There’s the problem. Life is rarely an all or nothing deal. This “movement” is all or nothing and that’s why it’ll die out.

    Of course police fire at vehicles. I’m sure nobody would’ve had an issue had police opened fire and killed the white guy who drove through their protest in Charlottesville before he hit people.

    I’m excited. I hope they let everyone watch these cities devolve into chaos. The UFC has become expensive so I’m always looking for a good, violent, television pay per view. Minneapolis, you’re up!

  • idk, maybe hiring an army of social workers is a good idea. They’re’s a lot of underemployed college educated kids out there with various “studies” degrees and a ton of student loan debt. Maybe giving them a job will keep them out of mischief, and who knows they may even learn a thing or two about life outside the classroom.

    Something like this could even benefit cf. Imagine our brand new social worker cf conducting a child abuse investigation. (Without the police of course in our brave new world). The only problem is the mothers live in parolee boyfriend is standing in the way and he’s starting to look angry and saying mean things. You can bet ol’ cf would hit 911 on his cell phone pretty quick, and he wouldn’t be yelling f- the police.

  • I went through the LASD academy in the ’60s, and it wasn’t all that much different from Army basic training.

    But, as Michael Gennaco noted in one of his OIR Reports (I forget which one, but they can all be Googled) trainees were told by their FTOs: don’t pay any attention to the bullshit they teach you at the Academy.

  • Get rid of the police unions who protect all the bad cops.
    City governments are going bankrupt paying police ridiculous retirement programs.
    There are many patrol cops making over $200k a year because of ridiculous overtime pay.
    Too many government employees milking the system cops are some of the worst offenders

  • Then let Community Services respond to calls for police services and deal with what LEO’s handle on a daily basis. Even thugs and protesters call the police when they are victims of crimes. Yeah! Let’s defund and shut down fire and safety, oops Fire is n0t included in the rant, I forgot, we clear areas before they enter. Hmmm… just sayin for a friend.

  • Google search words for the OIR (Office of Independent Review) reports are

    Los Angeles County OIR Reports.

  • Yes, the sky will fall. The world will end with less police. Of course its about power, Einstein. Its about the police union’s power, police pay and keeping that power and nice pay. We have the lowest crime in decades, marijuana is legal and many crimes that used to get you time are dealt with in other ways. Please, ladies, you are not that important. Don’t let this “first responder hero” stuff go to your head. Society will not devolve into a Mad Max movie. Stop it, already.

    Dose of Reality, I think you are losing it. Soros is nowhere to be seen. The people genuinely do not like you, they think you do a shitty job and they think they do not need as many of you as we have. They think your manners are horrendous and your customer service skills are atrocious. They think you act like brutes and write like first graders. Accept that you and your ilk are the problem. And, I am sure there are folks in the upper ranks with college and graduate degrees. But, let us be frank – the vast majority are not winning any prizes. I have seen your police reports.

    LOL, you and your ilk have been crying wolf for years. Every time society reigns you in a bit, you claim the world will fall into chaos. You did so when the police force was sued to allow more blacks and Latinos. You did so when you were sued to allow more women. You did so when you were told you couldn’t use the chokehold. You did so when marijuana was de-criminalized. Whatever it is, you will bitch and claim the world will come to an end. YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A JOB. Please get that through your head. My god, the sense of entitlement.

  • The activists cry out racism and want to be taken seriously. Yet they choose Reverend Al to conduct the eulogy for Mr. Floyd. They might as well had Maxine Waters conduct the eulogy. Both are proven liars and race baiters, yet claim to represent the African American/Black community. Time for new leaders within the black community that can be taken seriously and represent their culture in a dignified and respectful manner. I tried to watch the eulogy but could only stand a couple of minutes of the reverend. There lies the problem……Two things the black community can do to get instant credibility……1. Get new leaders to represent your issues…..leaders that can be taken seriously and bridge the gap between the races….time for dialogue…..not rhetoric…2. Not every contact with a police officer where a black suspect is killed or wound is racism….stop crying wolf over every incident and pick your battles….we all now know that hands up don’t shoot never occurred in Ferguson….Yet BLM is based on those false facts…my two cents.

  • Just saw a great leader for African Americans on FOX. He is Shelby Steele a black author and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Sanford. he more along the lines of MLK. He does not believe in black victimization or white guilt. He said there is so much opportunity in this country that people from all over the world are trying to get here. He said racism as he new growing up no longer exists….how bout that CF or just another Uncle Tom….although I would suggest he actually suffered from racism and is much more educated than you will ever be

  • Get rid of police unions: Just like all the haters for pensions. You do realize that we are mandated to deposit a percentage of our salary into our pension. When I first started my friends were making thousand of dollars more that I was yearly. Mortgage brokers, Insurance sales, private business. The only thing different is that I had to put money into my retirement. However, my friends placed it in retirement investments. Why do I say this? Because the pulled out all the investments to get rich. It never happened and now everyone complains how Police and Fire receive retirements. Well maybe you should sign on to work riots, get spit on, fight with people who strike you first, get shot at and many other incidents that doesn’t keep you behind a nice desk. Everyone had the opportunity to be employed with a law enforcement or fire department. Regarding your OT issue, the departments are hurting for personnel. Paying overtime saves the departments money because it is cheaper to pay OT then hire full time personnel. So get your facts in order. Join up and be part of the solution….

  • Max,

    Right on, brother. I’ve been teaching folks the budget secret about saving taxpayer money by utilizing existing employees on overtime for many years. It’s usually saves at least a 25%.

  • “The only thing different is that I had to put money into my retirement” Really!!! Do you contribute as much into your retirement as much as you take – or should I say, receive public welfare for the rest of your life. Does the abuse of OT which counts towards your retirement ( the last 5 years) part of the contribution. How about when you milk that OT when you want to spend $ 50k on remodeling that kitchen in your house in that white neighborhood you live in. How about when you rob that 150K RV by abusing all the OT… again from public welfare from poor communities. You guys rape these poor neighborhoods. I am sick and tired of the entire ” I’m doing the Lords work” BS. I bet even Jesus fucking Christ must quiver on that Cross every time you guys loot these poor Cities.

    It is time to educate people how both the LAPD union, and ALADS rape these neighborhoods to benefit their members, all while keeping these neighborhoods in a cycle of poverty. 20% pay raise over the last 5 years. These poor Latinos and Blacks who have lived in these neighborhoods do not received 5% pay raises every year, but you guys do. And, all this at the cost of schools, parks, after- school programs, and technical programs in these poor neighborhoods to actually benefit residents in these neighborhoods.
    So yes it’s time to CUT Police Budgets, and fund programs to elevate these communities, and STOP the transfer of money from poor Black, and Latino Communities to rich WHITE neighborhoods you guys live in.

  • I can remember when liberals were anti war and pro unions. It’s kind of sad to see what they’ve become.

  • Protect and Serve,

    You are wrong about taking money/resources from the poor neighborhoods. In fact, the San Fernando Valley wanted to split from Los Angeles a few years ago because they were tired of funding police and fire services for South Central Los Angeles, as they were (and continue to) eating up a vastly disproportionate amount of resources, mostly police.

    I don’t know about LAPD’s retirement system, but I do know that LA County’s system (LACERA) is independently funded. The retirements are pretty good, but they got a haircut a few years ago – look up PEPRA.

    And as I said above, overtime saves taxpayer money.

  • cf,

    Come on, now. You’ve read the stories about Soros funneling money to BLM. He doesn’t have to make a personal appearance and loot Foot Locker – he’s got people to do that for him. His finger prints are all over this crap.

  • Sure San Fernando should have split from Los Angeles. They should have also figured out how to get water to the Valley. LA owns water rights.
    So how about hiring local kids who live in Compton, Paramount, Inglewood, Cudahy, Bell, South Gate and South LA who actually live in those neighborhoods to serve the neighborhoods they live in. Oh wait, they are not the “shoot first ask questions later”… ALADS is going to got bat for them even if they are Class A scumbags.
    Talk about OT, just like private companies have their employees on salary, it is time to put Deputies on Salary. If they do not like it, they can quit. This will save tax payers in those poor Cities millions of $. Oh wait, they won’t quit. Where else can these low life’s live on welfare for the rest of their lives. Where else can they get the best medical benefits, and get take home County cars. Where else can they get away by committing felonies and get away with it. Where else can they abuse OT and get away with it. Where else can they get their D**** sucked at work while in uniform. Where else can they get DUI’s and still keep their jobs. That Badge is stained & you guys are not doing no fucking Lords work. Last time I walked into Church those were not part of the teachings.

    Tax payers deserve better than leaches like you guys, who have drained the faint resources available in these poor Cities. Their streets will be paved, their schools will be equipped with the latest safety and technological requirements to bring them into the 21st Century, their sidewalks will not be buckled anymore, and their kids will be safe in after school programs. Finally, their vulnerable Citizens with mental and substance issues will receive the much needed help they need as monies allocated to public safety will be diverted to help their own community members and not diverted to IDAHO, OC and Ventura.

  • Yes, it’s true FTO’s told trainees to forget what was taught at the academy. While a lot of good information was taught in the academy, the majority of academy staff had very limited field experience. And the reason they had very little or limited field experience is because they were in a rush to acquire rank and moved to administrative positions so they could be seen and exposed to those that make can get them promoted.
    If an audit was done on academy staff and upper LASD echelon, you’d discover they had limited experience and they are afraid to make decisions because of their lack oh knowledge or fear of jeopardizing promotion.
    You can very easily identify the sheep from the sheepdogs!

  • LOL- Wait till we go after you pension. You will not be LOL anymore. You will have to change your moniker to SHOL.

  • Toss those pensions, doesn’t have any impact on me.

    Speaking of worthless, next target is teachers. No group of unionized, pension lovers has done more harm to minority communities than teachers. Continue to fail upward in California. Below standard testing and graduation rates. Clearly it’s not the fault of students like it’s not the fault of criminals when talking about police.

    Time to dig into education and starting tossing out dead weight. At least cops are being fired and charged with crimes. Meanwhile, the majority of teachers show up to collect a dollar and leave nothing to minority students.

    Down with UTLA

  • Bandwagon, are you really “suggesting” to black folks how they may better handle this issue? Really? You are part of reason we are going through this. You are like the ignorant folk saying we need police because people will riot when the police kill someone else.

    And, again, you bring out another one of the two or three “blacks” in your closet that you claim should be speaking for the black community. At least you actually got someone with some intelligence with Shelby Steele. The little unknown black girl you paraded the other day was a joke. And, no, he is not along the lines of MLK. Do not be a fool. He is not even close, intellectually or otherwise. If MLK were here today, he would be out on the streets and you would be complaining about how he is inciting the “natives” to riot. Once again, you parade your token black. There is a reason why the smarter of the Steele brothers does not speak to Shelby. Bring out the next token.

    If you really want to promote a bother that believes in black self-determination and has said that blacks should take more self-responsibility and better themselves, bring our Minister Farrakhan. You wont because in addition to sayings blacks should do for themselves, he also believes this country owes them a lot and believes that if a man lays a hand on you, cop or otherwise, you have an obligation, not just a right, to make sure he does not lay another hand on you. Those brothers don’t eat pork but they’ll teach you a lesson, badge or no badge. Don’t let the bow tie fool you. Stop trying to make these token blacks your mustache. You are a racist. Embrace it.

    Dope of Reality, its similar to when when you buy the car and they throw in “free” mats. You aren’t really that gullible to believe the mats are “free.” They are included in the price. You aren’t saving anyone money with overtime. The point is you should be paid less, and there should be less of you. The taxpayers are way too generous. Who can retire with full benefits after 25-30 years. You could not get that in the private sector. And who retires at 50-55 and get benefits for the rest of their life. Too generous. Its time to cut the pork, sort of speak.

    Madame Kong, the police union is not really a union, but more like an association. There is no disparity in bargaining power between a city council and the police union that you see in the private sector where you need unions. In fact, the union is more like the mafia where it extorts the councilpersons. The bargaining power, unlike the private sector, in the hands of the union. But, time are changing.

  • In 1994 Bill Clinton signed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. This was supported in the Senate by Joe Biden. This mirrored three strikes in Cal as it increased sentences. Democrats went tough on crime for votes! They proposed and supported COPs grants which put more cops on the streets. They supported community oriented policing which embraced the broken windows theory. This concept called for enforcing minor disorder crimes to reduce overall crime. In the Democrat’s playbook for power, enforcing minor disorder issues is now police harassment!

    Defunding the police movement is filled with hypocrites. Let’s take Shiela Kuehl as an example. A hard core supporter of incarceration of men for domestic violence. She supports a carceral variant of feminism. She supports the Violence Against Women Act as entitle even as evidence shows interpersonal violence victimization is not gender exclusive. Instead of embracing a treatment model for offenders, she embraces incarceration. How many men of color are in prison because of this liberal white female’s vision of the world?

    How about hate crime enhancements! I don’t think I have met a Democrat who did not like them. Who lead us to mass incarceration? Take a look at the current city and county leadership. The very same people who now paint all law enforcement as the problem. Law enforcement can only enforce the laws they put on the books.

    Some of these leaders chastised LE tactics in dealing with demonstrators and protestors even as businesses in their districts were looted by rioters.

    The hypocrisy of these “leaders” is incredible.

  • O.T. doesn’t count towards my retirement and I can’t speak for every system but mine is huge and you basically don’t know what you;re talking about. You actually look up things before you post on them or just shoot your mouth off because you can’t help yourself?

    I’m getting so tired hearing about the “talk” Black parents have with their kids about all us killers in Blue hunting down young Black kids. What a load.

    The odds of a Black kid getting harmed by a cop, of any color compared to another Black kid or Hispanic gangster is what, please give me a number Hater? Or how about you Worm?

    I remember the talk I got many years ago. If you’re at a party and gangsters show up, leave and get your ass home. There’s the best advice you can give kids today as well, hasn’t changed from my days in junior high.

    When you post you sound like you’re yelling in a basement, relax. Things will be better someday.

  • Cf, Greg no one cares what your definition of a union is. Btw interesting you brought up the honorable minister Farrakhan, peace be upon him. you ever get to check out his opinions regarding the state of Israel and the Palestinians? How about America’s support of Israel? (In light of the Palestinian persecution of course). You going to answer or go into one of your usual misdirectional rants?

  • Fife – You still have not given that Dollar number in retirement income you have robbed .. oh wait living on public welfare. It is because of DIRTBAGS like you that these poor Black and Latinos have conversations with their kids. Oh by the way, they curse you guys and your families for preying on their kids.

    FYI DIRTBAG, I see your in-bred parents did not have the mental fortitude to teach you much. These days you probably get your news tweeted by the Orange Orangutan hiding deep inside the BUNKER of the White House. Has he convinced you yet if he can grab your wife by the P****.

  • These reforms are a good start, but until the good cops, leadership, and the police union stop protecting the bad cops, not much will change. They’ve shown no willingness to do so, even now. Requiring all police to carry their own professional liability insurance would help. Eventually, those officers with a record of high-risk behavior will become uninsurable. As a medical professional, I’m required to carry malpractice insurance. No reason the police shouldn’t be required to do the same.

  • Fife – You feelin the heat. Your pension is next. No more OT at the cost of poor people. Those taxpayer funded welfare vacation trips WILL STOP.

  • I came in 3%@50 and it’s what I’ll get. I’ll take my nice big retirement check, and paid medical where I please when I’m done, got it Little Man. Scream to the heavens on how unfair that is but it won’t change. Earned every penny dealing with the people I’ve had to like you and Worm Sr. Hires after me, different story, but not me. Now back to the basement with Daddy, Little Worm.

  • Less of us, what an idiot you are. A total traitor to your community, just leading more Black men, and boys to the graveyard is what you’re looking to do. Kill more of your people, blame cops for letting it happen, that it? You’re a real smart guy. Look up the leaked audio of the idiot mayor of Chicago’s back and forth with her Aldermen, it’s an eye opener. That’s your people who need “less of us.”

    You’re just a clown, nothing but.

    Oh, dealt with The Nation before, please, don’t make me laugh.

  • Fife – I saw your in-bred Mom rant at an Asian in Torrance. No wonder her offspring is a Dirtbag LASD Deputy, who has lived on Public welfare his entire life. Hope that Medical is good. You will need it when you get stage 4 CANCER and even Jesus fucking Christ will not save your a**.
    Let me hear it. ” As a White Deputy I’m doing the Lord’s work”. LOL

  • @! Mobri: You nailed it!

    You need to emphasize that to Ron Hernandez of ALADS who vehemently opposed SB1421, not to mention the money spent fighting it then losing.

    Please Ron, do not bring up the due process narrative.
    You’re already entangled in a case where “due process” was disguised and denied, FACTS!

  • Yes CF that’s exactly what I am suggesting. I obviously could not do worse than the Reverend Al or u for that matter.

  • Mr. Mobri, I also feel that Cops should carry their own liability insurance.

    It would take the financial strain away from most Police Unions as they could put the money towards Cops who are injured or sick.

  • Many police unions have negotiated and supply liability coverage for their members.

  • As a medical professional I’m sure your aware that your colleagues kill more people each year (upwards of 200k in a John Hopkins study) due to mistakes and malpractice. I guess all the years of schooling, training, practice and letters behind ones name excuses them from being held responsible. The medical lobby is a wondrous thing.

    So let’s climb down off the moral high horse and not draw comparisons. You work in a comfortable static environment, wheras police officers work in a dynamic and unpredictable one. Your patients come to you for help and are cooperative. If they become uncooperative who do you call…a social worker??

  • It didn’t happen for James Sexton (LASD- Pandora’s Box) and many others whose fate for representation was decided by a crooked board of directors.

    If you’re not in the car, you don’t get a ride.

  • “A comfortable static environment” with “cooperative patients.” You’re hilarious.

  • I did not have ALADS in mind when I made my comment. Although I do look at James Sexton’s situation with some sympathy, he and his dad, Ted, laid down with the devil and got burned. Both were close with Lee Baca. Both received professional benefits from Lee Baca. Both got burned by Lee Baca. Yes Tanaka was part of that mess but he only existed because of Lee Baca. That said, I am glad his sentenced was shortened.

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