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A Breast Cancer Survivor “Pampers” Other Women….Veterans of the Gang World Tell Their Stories….and More on Tanaka Supporters’ Lawsuit


Isabel Guillen was 32-years-old and was raising her four kids
on her own when, on February 7, 2010, she was diagnosed with stage 3-B breast cancer, and nobody seemed to be able to tell her what her chances were of surviving.

In the year before her diagnosis, Isabel gone to the doctor multiple times, worried about a lump in her breast. Yet, incredibly, the docs she saw kept telling her the lump was nothing to worry about. A cyst. Nobody bothered with a needle biopsy. Even when the thing grew from 1 centimeter to 9 centimeters.

It was only when an alarmed nurse cornered a doctor who was examining Isabel, and pestered the man into finally doing a biopsy, that the cancer was discovered. By then, Isabel was told there was no choice but to do unilateral mastectomy. The surgery was followed by 7 months of chemo and radiation.”

Isabel got so sick with the chemo that she had to ask to be laid off by both of her jobs, working for LAUSD, and also for Homeboy Industries. Since she was also too sick to go on job interviews, she was denied unemployment.

So while Isabel worried about what might become of her kids if she died, she also had to worry about how in the world she would pay her bills.

“But I was lucky,” she told me. “I had a lot of friends and family around me who were really supportive. My friends even put on a fundraising benefit for me, which helped me through the worst months. But when I went for my treatments, I saw a lot of women who were as sick as I was, and were from the same kind of neighborhoods I grew up in, but they had no support. They had nobody.”

(Isabel grew up in what were then the Pico-Aliso housing projects of Boyle Heights, a community that, at the time, was one of the poorest and most violence-haunted in Southern California. I first met her in Pico-Aliso when she was 15-years-old, and I was reporting on the area’s gangs.)

Now, three-and-a-half years after her surgery, Isabel is thus far cancer free. She is back working at Homeboy, where she just finished doing field interviews for a substance abuse/mental health project grant project.

But she hasn’t forgotten the needs of the women she met during the months of her doctor visits and treatment.

So this Sunday, Isabel is putting on the 3rd of what she calls “Chavalyta’s Pamper Me Day.” (Chavela and Chavalyta are Spanish variants on the name Isabel.)

This means that 20 women (and a few men) who are struggling with (or recovering from) cancer will receive a day of “pampering.” They’ll get massages, facials, hair-styling, hair and beauty makeovers, and other forms of happy indulgences—plus a gift basket stuffed with goodies to take home.

“We’ve found it really lifts the women’s spirits, and raises their self-esteem,” Isabel told me. “Just feeling good about yourself for a little while can make a big difference.”

All this pampering will take place Sunday, Oct. 27, from 11 am to 4 pm, Aliso-Pico Recreation Center at the corner of 4th and Gless Streets in Boyle Heights.

So for anyone desiring to donate gift items for Sunday’s pampering project, Isabel may be reached at Homeboy Industries, 323-526-1254.


Also on this coming Sunday, Oct. 27, at 7 pm, a special storytelling night with homeboys and homegirls who have transformed their lives.

Father Greg Boyle will be there (and so will WLA.) All proceeds from the night benefit Homeboy Industries.

Sun, October 27, 7:00 pm at The Echoplex
1154 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026. All tickets: $20.00


Several news outlets have followed up on our story earlier this month about the various members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department who are newly suing the department. They claim that Sheriff Lee Baca is retaliating against them because they have openly declared their support for former undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who is challenging Baca for the office of sheriff.

Here are some clips from the LA Times story by Seema Mehta.

….Capt. Louis Duran, has filed a complaint against Baca with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing, a precursor to a possible lawsuit. Of the nine captains who have publicly backed former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka in his bid to replace Baca, four were transferred to other jobs earlier this month, according to documents obtained by the Times.

Attorney Brad Gage, who represents Duran and other members of the department claiming to be victims of retaliation, said he expected to sue the Sheriff’s Department next month.


A representative of Baca said any transfers were driven by the department’s needs and the employees’ performance.

“There is absolutely no retaliation. This is politics at its lowest form, and the facts will bear that out,” said spokesman Steve Whitmore.


Duran said in a phone interview that he was a long-time supporter of Baca’s who decided to back Tanaka because of his work righting the budgets of both Gardena, where Duran grew up, and the Sheriff’s Department.

The 33-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department said his career has suffered since summer, when he publicly backed Tanaka. He said he first was removed from his post of five years, as a captain of the Aero Bureau, and assigned to the vehicle theft program, which he said resulted in a “considerable” loss of salary. Earlier this month, he said he was transferred again, to the office of the assistant sheriff, where he has no assignment, no staff, no office, no desk and no chair.

“There is no job for me there. There’s nothing. Lately I’ve been so disheartened, I’ve been burning time, I just haven’t been going in,” he said. “It’s basically purgatory.”

We spoke to Attorney Brad Gage who told us he is representing Louis Duran and several other veterans of LASD’s Aero Bureau (Serg. Casey Dowling and Lt. Robert Wheat), along with Commander David Waters, and others.

According to Gage, still more Tanaka supporters, such as Captains Kevin Hebert and Robert Tubbs, are filing lawsuits with another local attorney, Arnold Casillas.


  • Regarding the lawsuit by the executives, shame on these hypocrites who have often played a part or sat by and watched as Tanaka did the same to others, while they reaped the benefits.

  • David Waters retaliation?  Really? Didn’t you use  county personnel   and resources to help soup up your Kawasaki. Then lied about it   saying it was an Indian motorcycle you were donating to the Sheriffs museum? Was at Stars the other day, and it’s not there….. You would have been fired in any other County Department. Hope you reimbursed the County of Los Angeles for it work on that bike.  Duran, Hebert, and the rest, I think the only thing this lawsuit will do  is expose your lack of leadership and show  your arrogance. This isn’t retaliation boys, looks like Leroy  has woken up  after a long slumber and   attempting  holding people accountable for their actions.  Still   way to late to earn my vote.

  • Duran was at Aero Bureau 5 years and he is complaining? Way too long, he should have been moved years ago, what does he want a fiefdom? Captains are moved anywhere from a year onto every couple of years. He is just out for money, why was he flying anyway, he should have been managing his bureau, he spent too much time up high in the air, lack of oxygen fryed his brain. Commander Waters has a lot of nerve suing anybody after he stole county employees time, experience and equipment to maintain his motorcycle.

  • The Department is as dysfunctional as any family. Time for some tough love and therapy. I hate to say it, but the Department needs an INDEPENDANT
    Agency to take over and send the kids go their rooms without supper.

  • Talk about the snake calling the pit black! What hypocrites!

    C: What you may not know is many years ago when Pat Gomez filed his suit, Stonich, Waldie (who ordered the retaliation)Tanaka, Stites, McSweeny, Burns and many others called Gomez a “whiner” and if I recall correctly a comment to “suck it up” by Stites. This list also includes Duran. Tell us now all the Tanaka supporters are these guys “whiners?” These guys better be careful as every one of them has serious breaches of misconduct in their personnel files. And the county will use all their legal tricks to screw you! If any of these suits are successful they owe Pat Gomez for being brave enough to take on the ego of Lee Baca!

    Dear Mr. Tanaka: Had these minions not filed this suit at your order would they still be “whiners?” Your hew and cry about freedom of speech is less than honest!

  • Tanaka is the next LA Sheriff !! You dummies catch a clue everyone who reads your CRAP of lies that you post negatively about Paul Tanaka all know its all hater postings CUZ YOU!!! WERE IDENTIFIED AS A LAZY SWINE & were called out to do your job by him!!! Stop posting your rants and make an appt. with a psych. or better yet divorce your 3rd wife so u can get happier. Remember when Tanaka is finally the Sheriff of LA County you can sleep better knowing he’ll be reducing crime throughout LA County. Its tough to accept you were never an A employee, thats why you use WLA as your unidentified public forum to lie about Tanaka on a regular basis. Baca is a bird, bug loving fake scientologist who hands shake when he speaks or does he remember speaking hmmmm in fact the only excellent decision hes ever done while hes been in office is choosing Tanaka as his Undersheriff!! VOTE FOR TANAKA I KNOW ITS TOUGH TO CROSS THE FENCE, JUST ASK MARK McCORKLE HES KNOWS HOW TO DO IT, HE GOES WHERE THE WIND SHIFTS.

  • #2, Huh,…..I mean really. Now Executives have the nerve to complain while they were dishing out even worse retaliation to others. Guess it doesn’t feel too good does it? In the end you will eventually stand alone to suffer your consequences, especially if it was done willfully and maliciously.

  • “Louie Louie, oh no YOU gotta go Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said”….

    It’s the tumor calling the cancer black. Take Goran and Whitmore with you and the Sheriff maybe on to something. It’s called righting the ship brother. You were the arrogant axe man and now you are seeing the business end of the blade. Heard some busy bees were in Peachtree checking out a few things. What size is you flight suit, I meant jumpsuit….

    Pride comes before the fall. Captain Duran loved to be “that guy”.

  • These are all frivolous lawsuit! Where is the damage? How have you been harmed? Really? Come on….Put your big boy pants on! SMDH

  • I almost soiled myself from laughing at this article. Everything is documented re the recent disasters at Aero Bureau. Personnel needed a change due to personnel files missing and Sgt Test Cheating Scandal. Sounds like those units both needed new unit commanders.

  • Louie Duran is IOD banking that last year before retirement as tax free……Why does he care WHERE he is assigned on paper anyways. Silly duckies……and I bet he thinks that the sheriff forgot about him and his aero bureau shenanigans less than a year ago…..but that would have nothing to do with a transfer to TRAP…..

  • @ “postthetruth”: you would be funny if you weren’t so scary! Do you really believe your own BS. What has Tanaka done to make better Cops, in fact what does he know about what it takes to be a good Cop. He isn’t one, nor has he surrounded himself with good Cops. When will you guys realize that the really good Cops don’t suck up, nor do they need to because their work product speaks for itself.

    You pigeon holing everyone as lazy just speaks towards your incompetence. Since Tanaka has been calling the shots all I have seen is favoritism and padding of the stats in an effort to make it look like crime is down. But take a quick look again, if he has been doing such a great job why are we the laughing stock of LA County, being disrespected by criminals, thug Deputies fighting each other at an alarming rate, and as for patrol moral, I hardly see Deputies even get out of their cars anymore. And, before you blame that on Baca, we all know who was really running the department the last couple of years while Baca roamed the world.

  •  Some question the credibility of  individuals that have spoken to the press and testified at the CCJV about Mr. Tananka. However,   they have probably also shared their  testimony  before the federal grand jury.   Would they rIsk their family and careers with a perjure  charge before the  grand jury?    The only ones  that will need  help are Paul and his ardent supporters when the Feds come to take  them away. 

  • Correct me if I’m wrong please…..didn’t tanka only do 2ish yrs in patrol?

    How can you even have the nerve to call yourself a cop with only 2 yrs patrol experience. what would he know about police work.

    Still wondering how a mayor can get away with not leaving in the city you are a mayor of….just another example of tanakas deceitful ways.

  • This is laughable. The same thugs who watched people being chopped in half because Paul didn’t like them are now crying like babies. Life’s a be-auch, isn’t is boys??

  • Oh ya the Feds are coming how MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD THAT ONE!!?? Whats taking so long hmmm maybe cuz ITS YET ANOTHER C PLAYER making comments…. somebody must have stolen your lunch money when you were a kid…#retirealreadylosers

  • Let’s be fair……no one thought Tanaka would get pushed out of LASD, there would be lawsuits that would have the Sheriff personally liable for excessive force, people getting pushed out of their spots, forced retirement, executives filing complaints for freeway therapy and more. If there is a federal indictment coming than so be it.

    All I know is there are Sgt. Oral exams for a few weeks and life goes on. Just what direction the department is going is up in the air. Stay Tuned

  • For “Huhsays: morning, i never labeled everyone lazy i said those who are regular Tanaka haters posting unverifiable lies & constant slander on WLA ARE those who were more than likely called out as LAZY SLAPS by him and with a C working style you were never able to fit in & be given better assignments so whah whah shift your anger on Tanaka because you were ignored while he was in office you have nothing better to do….i have an idea for you “#huhsays” Vote for Tanaka maybe he’ll notice you when he’s Sheriff of LA County.

  • I agree that Tanaka was going to be a shoe in! But, Tanaka screwed up! As Americans we are accustomed to low down dirty political elections. I believe it will be a safe bet that come this time next year it’s going to be ugly!

  • Hey post: Your free ride is over. You are going to have to work for a living now. I assume by your post, your writing skills are marginal at best.
    Time for a career change. Maybe you can be a speech writer for Tanaka’s campaign.

  • Lets take a look at the REAL Paul Tanaka. El Segundo Cop turned Deputy. Custody, a minute at Patrol, then off to recruitment. Promotes, goes to Lynwood and decides he now wants to be one of the boys. Deps get in a shooting, he pops off a round to avoid looking like a coward. Begs the shot callers for ink, so he gets ink, he is now in the pocket of the fellas. Now, Paul feels as though he is a real Policeman and can now judge other Policemen. After a few more less glamorous jobs, he is promoted and eventually lands at Lennox Station. Paul soon becomes the COPS Lt. Since its a newer unit, every swinging €<£* is kissing his backside for a job. Then it happens, he is going to run for public office. How can he achieve this while being a full time Sheriff's Lt. Eureka, he says, I will get all of my Lil minions together and have them knock on doors and campaign for me on and off duty. He has the meeting and many agree to help, some refuse. Paul is elected to public office. Eventually, Paul's career at LASD gets back on track and he moves up the ladder taking all his little door knockers with him. And those that didn't want to mix politics with Law Enforcement, well, lets just say they were blackballed from any promotion or good assignment. Now while the boss is away, Paul is going to play. He now runs the Department from the shadows and wants to be referred to as Mr. Tanaka. Is this Nordstroms, I always thought we were a rank and file chain of command organization. His creedo, "if you didn't train in region 2, you have nothing coming". BTW, I worked Region 2 so you don't think I'm snibbling about the region thing. There are good street cops everywhere.

    Now comes the master plan, Paul promotes people to positions they have NO business working at just so he can keep an eye on the Unit brass and all non-supporters. Correct me if I am wrong, but didnt some disgraced Politician do something similar back in 1939. Anyway, Paul ensures all his folks have the answers to every promotional test. Paul eventually gets into it with the Old Man and is forced out. Present day: this guy has the Gaul to run for Sheriff. He is a crooked politician in every which way or form. DO NOT ENDORSE HIM.

  • This is an interesting circus, isn’t it? I’m enjoying my popcorn, and waiting to see if the feds are able (and willing) to connect the dots between Tanaka:Italian Organized Crime and Baca:Armenian Mafia. Maybe we can even be lucky enough to watch them put together the Waldie:Asian organised crime link….

  • Ohhh #Bandwagon all posts are simply an opinion NOT for you to become so defensive its clear the C rating statement offends you its ok calm down WE all understand your a Tanaka hater. There isnt one post on WLA concerning Tanaka that is the truth, in fact when you have REAL facts and I dont mean your posting some news article “alleging” he did this or that OR SOME made up RUMORS or speculations do share it, so its FACTUAL not a biased angry dysfuntional rant because you or others have nothing concrete!! Its ok you werent considered the A team, even with Tanaka gone your still C….do us ALL a favor post the truth itll set us all free….a side note it was LEE BACA WHO PUT TANAKA AS THE UNDERSHERIFF keep your mental state in perspective TANAKA was simply asked to step down because he needed a SCAPEGOAT what planet are you on…oh ya C planet.

  • @21 “postthetruth”: Oh, I was noticed, I just wouldn’t play their games! I’ll tell you what, rather than us go back and forth all day long, like little kids. When this is all said and done and Olmsted is Sheriff we’ll come out with our real identities (not now because I don’t need to fight the retaliation). Then, we can compare our skills and talk about who really deserved their assignments. I’m confident you don’t have the experience to “tote my war bag” or the war bag of most of the anti-Tanaka crowd. When the election is over we could contact Celeste, independently, and give her permission to share our info with each other. Are you game?

    Don’t you guys get that the ant-Tanaka crowd are frustrated, not because they “weren’t” doing the job, but because they “were” doing the job (in most cases better than the Tanaka supporters), but wouldn’t sell out!

  • Louie Louie Louie. … Wow. So he’s “lawyered up,” eh??? He’s claiming the victim now. Well how fitting! I wonder how he’s going to look at a depo hearing or on the stand when the county attorneys grill him about his mafioso style of (mis)management? How will he defend himself for the incident at aero when he proclaimed in front of the entire bureau at the podium, that he was “the most dangerous man on the department” and that “nobody” could ever “touch him”???? How will Duran explain that he instructed and openly encouraged his ops sgt, (you know, the one with a colorful and checkered past) to bulldog his weight (no pun intended) around the unit by making threats to personnel? How does Duran defend his decision to keep his ops sgt in place while allowing him rule like a school yard bully to employees? Duran’s ops sgt routinely “warned” subordinates and some of his fellow sgt’s with inappropriate statements like: “my job is to protect the captain.” Or the repeated claim we all hear from many managers around the department with, “I work for Mr. Tenaka!” (…and Capt. Duran).

    Tenaka, Duran and dozens more within, ran the dept like a real life mafia family. Tenaka really thought he was the “Don” within the LASD. Tenaka and company used threats, intimidation and transfers and who knows what else to keep people quiet, when those few tried to point out a “wrong” from within. Well, finally the internal investigations began to open. People throughout the department started to get sick and tired of the mafioso like management style of “Mr. Tenaka” and his secret and exclusive cigar club challenge-coin (aka: “Nazi arm bands”) carrying thugs. The Sheriff was able to get a picture of what “Mr. Tenaka” was doing behind the scenes and saw to it that things needed fixing. Duran got righteously booted out of aero due to lies, cover ups, threats and all of his other misdoings. For one, he COULD NOT MANAGE. He lacked leadership and professionalism.

    Another thing, Duran cried to the LA Times that he’s in”purgatory” now??? Seriously? He goes off IOD on some alleged injury or is it stress? How can he be off on an injury, unable to work yet probably has been seen flying and working on his personally owned airplane? Yes Louie, regular swine know how to use cameras covertly too!

    Isn’t it ironic how in the past, Duran would walk around aero and openly claim that some of his former sgts and a former Lt (that he wrongfully booted out of the unit) were just acting like “little b!tches,” (a favorite label Duran used to use frequently) because they were fighting to get their aero jobs back???
    Most everyone at aero would testify and concur with the opinions presented here by this writer.

    Louisssss, why don’t you take your own advice you graciously used to dish out to subordinates? Shut up and “Take it like a man!”

  • Oh no, your play on words is neither amusing nor remotely factual. Maybe you should discuss your concerns with Bob Olmsted in person. I’m sure he’s willing to make the meeting, anytime.

    I suggest you come prepared, however, to apologize on behalf of the Tanaka campaign that you work for…

  • “Huh” anti T’s didnt want to sell out FOR WHAT & FOR WHO??? You & the anti’s werent noticed for simple reasons “LAZY” WHINING little sniveliing babies whaah its always ” what about me” mentality….oh & theTANAKA supporters not being able to carry your war bags comment, your right!! the TANAKA supporters wouldnt because they are too busy carrying you on their backs….as for comparing experience after the election i see no bennies to it your C & im A sorry….

  • #19. Bobbi: Interesting link; I have found your posts in the past to be based on solid perspective & deep insight and am wondering if you could use those personal attributes to connect the dots in your link?

    Years & years ago, when the rules of military service were different from what they are today, I served as a Marine Reservist, and the action depicted in your link sounds like the kind of prank that Marines would play on sailors; is there, in your estimation, anything more than that to the incident? Was there a final resolution to the police investigation?

    Your thoughts?

  • Keven Hebert, I hope the allegation of you filing a lawsuit is not true. It would be so unlike you. Your a god fearing man, who often said to people , who were down on their luck (people not in the car with Tananka) ” It’s Gods will.” I also remember you as a Lieutenant often saying “The Sheriff and I have one thing in common, we are both as high as we are going to go.” You have made many mistakes as a Lieutenant and a Captain. You should just be happy that you made it to Captain and support and respect the Sheriff that you were promoted under….

  • @ #32 cognistator, I think a more appropriate term for the situation involving that particular person would be “a code red”

  • @31 “postthetruth”: Great response! You just showed everyone hear that you are immature, closed minded and a coward! And, as far as being an “A,” I guess you and your cronies were so busy carrying me and my whiney friends that you didn’t have time to learn how to write a correct and complete sentence. Your response just got an “F,” but I now understand why you are a Tanaka supporter, because under his rule all you have to be able to say is “how hi do you want me to jump, Sir,” and next thing you know your a Captain.

  • Jesus H. Christ fellas. Really? Are you going to be reduced to arguing all over again about “Who work(s) (ed) the hardest, who the best cops are, AGAIN? When everybody is anonymous? What a bunch of juvenile schoolyard bullshit from both sides. What happened to quiet professionalism and letting your actions and performance speak for itself?
    You smack talkers from both sides are the reason the LASD is in the shape it is in. Your shit gets old real quick.
    We know. If not for you and your select group of homies the LASD would have ceased to exist long ago. We know you guys are the only ones qualified as competent Deputy Sheriff’s. We know you’re (not “your” for Christ sake) the absolute bomb when it comes to police work. WE KNOW YOU CARRY THE WHOLE LASD ON YOUR BACK!!!!! We get it Supercop. You and your type have told us time and time again. We hear you.
    Really? You’ve got to argue with him about whether or not you’re a “C” player? Seriously? You don’t realize that guys like him who crow the loudest are usually the ones who can’t do anything but crow?
    You don’t realize that there’s nothing you can say to a guy like that that isn’t going to convince him that he and his few homies aren’t God’s gift to police work and the LASD? Or do you find it necessary to argue with him because you believe it’s you and your type that are God’s gift to the LASD?

    Old. Tired. Divisive. Juvenile. Arrogant.

  • the comments about tanaka supporters are the only workers on this department are completly ignorant. I know of a bunch of tanaka supporters that are following his foot steps doing less than two years in patrol and hiding on lame teams or units not doing any work. I by no means am a tanaka supporter and joined this department and still work patrol to work…..not be a politician. I know a few tanaka supporters well enough to call friends, and I also know for a fact they are NOT A team material.
    Either you are going to work to work or you are following tanakas footsteps and just want to be a politician and see where his coat tail will get you. Lead by example, and that seems to be the biggest problem with these canidates. Their examples are soaked in corruption and lies. If I had a vote, and I’m glad I don’t, I wouldn’t vote for any of them. Bad and corrupt across the board.

  • #38-

    You may want to check your FACTS. Each of the candidates you speak of have at least 8 to 10 years in patrol, not two years.

    Nice try.

  • Deja Vu and Tanaka Who? Well said fellas, very well said.

    But if you look at the psychology of Tanaka, which is actually quite transparent and easy to figure (narcissistic and psychopathic in every sense of the meaning), he wants division and he has generated a great deal of it. You want more of it, elect him. The man has no soul and it truly is all about him, not you. Never was. His quest for Sheriff started long ago and virtually all he has done was to simply manipulate deputies and sergeants to make them think he, Too Tall Paul, is the only one who understands police work and the only one who supports it. His chess moves, roll-ups, screaming and yelling is all part of his plan to establish power, his ultimate aphrodisiac. It is the only thing that interests the little man. His power grab of ALADS and PPOA, all part of his chess game. It will work ONLY if the rank and file support it.

    If folks wake up and realize what he has been doing along with his henchmen, right under your nose, they, the line, will realize they were being used all along and all for the little man’s self-serving goals, not for the betterment of LASD. Manipulation at other’s expense. Ask the folks who are about to be indicted in a couple of weeks. Ask them where the little man will be while they are being taken before a Federal Magistrate for their bail hearings. Where will the little man be? In court arguing for an OR? Telling the court, “They were only doing what I asked of them?” Nope. Just wait to hear his “media response” when the indictments come down. Don’t be shocked. Narcissists simply use ANYONE and EVERYONE for their own self-serving agenda. You are expendable, he is not. You have been warned.

  • There are a few simple reasons why a cop, amongst other cops, would feel the need to continuously point out how they work harder than everybody else.

    1. They know their peers don’t believe that to be the case.

    2. They know that based on their performance, unless they blow their own horn, nobody is going to blow it for them.

    3. They realize that the ONLY chance they have to be perceived as a hard worker is to keep on telling people they are, and hopefully those who haven’t actually observed their performance will believe it.

    4. If they are in fact a hard worker at their current position, or were at their prior position, that is the only thing they can hang their hat on. They can’t articulate why they would be superior at a desired position other than to say: “I am a hard worker”.

  • The biggest blowhards about hard workers and others being lazy are usually guilty of their very accusations. Especially when the stats are pulled and compared. It’s been that way for a long time. I’m certain Post is some region II 2 year ghetto wonder cop who has police work already figured out and wants to make sure everyone else knows it. When there’s nothing substantive to his/her arguments or nobody really cares or believes him, out comes the “they’re lazy” or “we do all the work” comments. It happens all over the dept. Every station, bureau and crew has the “they’re all lazy” deputy. I think most deps know it’s usually a diversionary tactic to take the focus away from their shortcomings.

  • I know a captain who likes to tout, “I worked XYZ Station for 6 years as a deputy. ABC station for 2 years as a sergeant and ZXR station for 5 years as a lieutenant.” All sounds very impressive, right? As a deputy, this individual struggled (to put it politely) just to get off training. A few months in a T-car and a bit over 5 years as jailer, dispatcher and complaint deputy. From there, to a Field Ops Hq assignment. As a Sergeant, this individual performed so poorly on probation and was about to fail, executive intervention occurred and a station administrative assignment was created just so this sergeant (still on probation) could succeed. And then as a lieutenant, this person was so inept and blundered so bad (not honest mistakes) once again through Devine executive intervention, this person is moved to an Admin assignment just to survive. Pays to be “close” to an executive I guess. And now a captain, telling folks how it should be done and how it was in the hot years.

    Too Tall Paul is absolutely no different, not in the slightest. A cup of coffee in patrol as a deputy and off to admin. A cup of coffee as a Field Sergeant, a horrific shooting and a tattoo on the ankle, bam! Into admin as a Traffic Sergeant and then Ops Sergeant. Same story as a lieutenant. Who is fooling who? The Gray Zone crowd from MCJ. Standby folks and take a look around you.

  • @#37 “DVAOA”: I should have ignored him and let him go away, but you know how it is when someone continuously spouts off, sometimes you feel the need to check them. But, you are absolutely right, we are all anonymous and it will continue to be that way.

  • Sorry Post been busy lately. My first time to respond to your
    post. Your lack of writing ability is obvious. I can see your dope
    arrest report now. Arrested for 12500 and found dope incidental
    to arrest. Always wondered how you gunslingers would of found the
    dope if the suspect was licensed. Like a ghetto cop once told me
    “A mans gotta know his limitations “. Trouble was the ghetto cop
    was always riding the pine because he did not know his. Just like you
    my friend. Like I said you need to fine a new career and leave police work
    to the professionals.

  • @39–Lol

    Candidates I speak of? Only mentioned one. Secondly, just because you are assigned to a station DOES NOT mean you are working patrol. Thanks for letting me set your confusion straight.

  • I have read all these comments and all the arguments about post election effects. It appears you are all concerned about what the new regime will look like. Whatever rank you are currently at, the answer is simple “DO THE RIGHT THING” after all every single deputy is a member of the new regime . It saddens me and many other retirees to see the discord within the DEPARTMENT. Spend as much energy towards righting the administrative and other wrongs as some of your are bitching about the other guy, who knows, maybe positive change will come about. Don’t worry about who is suing whom . It’s their decision

    Frankly, I haven’t heard many comments on this post which typify leadership.


    A number of recent comments have pertained to department members’ personal lives, while still other comments have made the kind of very direct accusations about named individuals that are not appropriate here.

    All those comments have been trashed.

    Also, #29, I let your uninformed and offensive comment through once. Your additional comments of that nature have been trashed.

    For anyone else who wishes to pursue this same topic, I strongly recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the Federal Rules for Civil and Criminal Procedures (rules 45 and 17 respectively) as they relate to subpoenas. The fact is, with regard to the federal trial that WLA posted about a few days back, Mr. Olmsted was not called as an expert witness, which is discretionary. He was subpoenaed as a witness in a federal trial, meaning his appearance before the court was not at all discretionary. One is compelled by law to appear, or face being held in contempt.

    I would assume that someone working in law enforcement would understand that distinction.

    Evidently not.

  • Other than your personal bias, what is wrong with #29’s EMEsted instead. It is political satire. It offers no suggestion of any facts. Referring to a federal rule is ridiculous. It is up to the reader to decide its meaning and validity. Some may think it is funny. His supporters will not.

    It is funny you censor that, but allow numerous negative nicknames for Baca and Tanaka on a daily basis. Should you censor the the term “Too Tall Paul” because in fact, if you measure Tanaka, he really isn’t too tall? He is short. That is a mistake in fact. Why don’t you refer your readers to his actual height and ban the comment for not being factual. You don’t because it is not meant to be factual. It is satire. But Tanaka and Baca are not your boys, so you allow that. It is only funny and allowable when use names against someone you oppose. That is journalistic bias at its worst.

    What you don’t realize is you hurt Olmsted’s efforts by being his shill. Unbiased readers, especially cops, quickly pick up on the fact that funny, or unfunny for that matter, names are okay for Tanaka and Baca, but not your boy. That bias destroys your credibility when you comment on Sheriff candidates. It also turns voters away from Olmsted that won’t support a candidate associated with your politics.


    #51 As it happens, most of the inappropropriate comments trashed last night were aimed at people in the Sheriff’s camp. I’ve also trashed plenty of exceptionally creepy personal comments aimed at Paul Tanaka. You simply don’t see them.

    In fact, the majority of the comments I trash, as general rule, are slanderous statements or very personal attacks aimed at either Baca or Tanaka or people in their respective camps—or worse yet, their families.

    I let #29’s original comment through without a problem, as I do most of his comments. Occasionally, however, his (or her) comments stray into the inappropriate, personal and/or straight up abusive, which was true of his comment last night that I trashed—a comment that, again, you didn’t see.

    You’re right, however, I could have simply trashed the thing without issuing the cranky legal lecture. For that I apologize. (An aspect of his comment, unrelated to any of the candidates, got on my last nerve. Once in a while it happens.)

    As for Blue Piggy, for some reason your comment was snatched by the spam assassin. If that happens again, you might want to drop me a note—either personally or online— so I can search for the thing, rather than shrieking about the First Amendment.

    (UPDATE: Drat, I see that Blue Piggy’s comments are on another thread. Oh, well.)

  • Biased much WLA, reality tends to have a natural bias. I’m sure there are people working overtime trying to dig dirt on Olmsted – opposition research, I believe it’s called – and that’s all fair and well in politics, including satire.

    If the writer was a cop, there is an offensive element to associating any honest cop with organized criminal enterprises responsible for killing cops.

    Too Tall Paul is satire, so is Sheriff Moonbeam. I trust we will see one on Olmsted that you will enjoy.

  • I’ll get this one Celeste! @ “Biased Much WLA”: First off I have seen Celeste admonish people on this sight for derogatory remarks on Baca, Tanaka and Olmsted, if they are insulting as opposed to funny, and/or if they reveal too much personal information on one person or another.

    Using myself as example, lets just say we’re all in a room having this open discussion and you joke about my height, my weight, my mom dresses me funny or anything that I have probably been teased about before, I will most likely laugh with you. But if you try to proclaim I have an alliance with a particular notorious prison gang or any dirt bag just because I was subpoenaed, and compelled to testify, there’s a good chance you and I would be having a serious discussion.

    With as hard as we all work to stay on the right side of the law, there is no joking when you insinuate one is “hanging with” or defending dirt bags!

    Also, this is her blog and she has the right to be a “little biased,” if that’s the case, but at least she doesn’t delete all bad allegations about Olmsted. Lets be honest you are only bothered because the majority of posters, and “maybe” Celeste aren’t favoring the “little man” who you guys all worship.

    Changing the subject, over and over, one person or another has asked “a Tanaka” supporter (I’m now asking you) to explain why he is the best candidate. And, you all talk about his ability to balance the budget. Although, that is important, morale and good honest police work should be the priority. Both of which he has ruined. We are not an accounting firm.

    An unbalanced budget doesn’t get COPS killed, per-se, but low morale, which leads to public disrespect, and shoddy police work does. AND, if he’s so good at balancing the budget why have we been “CARPing” for the last ten years?

  • @51. Get real, dude! The EME “satire” was NOT satire, it was a cheap shot and a lie. No one is laughing, except at you. The specific testimony Olmsted provided, what he was compelled to provide via Federal subpoena, head NOTHING to do with the convict Southsider inmates, nothing. It was mostly about the significant performance problems of ONE of the Defendants.and his previous public record testimony before the Jail Violence Commission, not the thugs at the Plaintiff’s table. Ask some of the thugs that were seated behind the Defendants. I’ve yet to hear one of them contradict anything I’ve said. You want to know who is really going to help the Plaintiff Southsiders on this case? Let’s put the blame where it belongs and it has a NOTHING to do with Olmsted. How about the stupid decisions made by the so called “leadership” of this entire cell extraction operation? How about the stupid “anything goes” mentality that took place in that operation, while being video taped. How about the video taped “high fives” their captain was giving the deputies. How about the “missing video tape” that was viewed by all and a part of the original force package that somehow managed to go MIA during discovery? And how about Lieutenat Daviren’s statements to the brass at aha. Custody Division right after the incident? “That operation was horrible. Man, are we goo a be sued!”

    Really? And you want to blast Olmsted for his non-event testimony only because if fits your MO of Viking Charachter Assasination? You know, make up a fabricated story to impune a person’s integrity and then pass it along as fact with the infamous lead line of “I heard……Everyone says…… ZMan, it’s all over the Department that……..” And the victim of this bully tactic never has an opportunity to defend him/her-self, and now the rumor becomes fact because thugs like you and your kind will stop at nothing and do or say anything, any lie, any fabrication to destroy good people who do the right thing for the right reason while you are shining Paul’s shoes, rolling his cigars and cleaning his ashtray.

    How about this little jewel of information you failed to pass along. The Plaintiff’s attorney asked Olmsted if he had an opinion about the MCJ force incident he was subpoenaed to testify about. Now if Olmsted was the EME lover you pathetically claim he is, you would think he would have ran through that door. But he didn’t and let me te you something. He does have an opinion and so will the jury. But Olmsted answered, “No.” But that fact doesn’t fit your narrative, does it? You must not have realized who all was in the court room that day. I speak from knowledge not rumor. It is people like you and your mindset who have made LASD a mockery in the eyes of the public. But this garbage needs to be exposed before we can rebuild. And every time you spew a lie about anyone or anything on this blog, you and your kind are going to get called out (for once) and your ass is going to be handed to you. By the way, don’t forget the edge dressing, he likes his shoes that way.

  • I am looking forward to a Tanakless Department. Even if Baca wins, I pray he moves alot the Tanaka satellites to spots where their teeth and claws are removed.

  • Huh and Get real – Relax old timers. You will give yourself strokes. I didn’t write the comment EMEsted instead. I questioned the journalism behind letting Moonbeam, Too Tall and other pokes through while blocking Olstead poke. I have to admit the WLA editor gave a reasonable explanation after my post.

    But don’t don your tin foil hats too quick and jump into the conspiracy theories. I do not work with you. I do not support Tanaka. I couldn’t pick him or Olstead out of a line up. I work for another large local agency. We sometime stop by this site to get a kick out of your arguments. To tell you the truth the Sheriff race is very low on anyones interest list.

    If I were to guess I would say at this point most us will probably vote for the current Sheriff. Half out of being lazy voters and it says Sheriff next to his name on the ballot, half out of the issues you argue about have not affected us. None of us care about the jails or who you promote. We receive good service whenever dealing with your department. Sorry to bust the conspiracy, and WLA, thank you for the explanation.

  • To # 56. Weak bro. not even a nice effort. You might as well have said “These aint my pants Deputy”.
    Whatever you say dude. LMAO.

  • @58, my brother in blue, I apologize, you were not the individual who fired the first round, it was #29 “Oh No.” I just picked up on the EME line you posted, so I divert my reply to the original writer. Imagine Rampart all throughout LAPD, and you can place the blame on one Deputy Chief, and now he wants to be Chief. It is just about that bad. I retire soon, but there are thousands of folks behind me stuck with what Dr. Frankenstein (Baca) created, Frankenstein’s Monster (Tanaka). Anyway, thank you for allowing me to correct my error. It is what adults do. But to the rest of the Tanaka crowd, if you want to post an adult comment and support him for reasons you think are valid, have at it. We can have an adult disagreement. But if anyone wants to spew the bullshit and play the character assassin’s game, you are going to get called out. The local villagers are fed up with 14 years of Tanaka’s bullshit (about when Leroy took the helm) games and chess moves all designed to screw over good people. The villagers all have torches, pitch forks and rams, and we are going to storm the castle. Act like adults or prepare to have your ass handed to you.

  • I like the fact that every time someone can’t come up with a good rebuttal to a valid point they refer to me and others as “old timers,” (as if that in itself is offensive) which happens to be pretty far off. But, I’ll take it as a compliment because clearly they see some “wisdom” in our writings.

    Here’s a little tip to you who assume, you become wise from being open minded and honest, not only from growing old.

  • There exists a proven theory which states : “you can only be loyal to the organization, not an individual “. This kind supports my earlier comment of “doing the right thing ‘”

    Support whomever you like, but your loyalty must be to the organization. You raised your right hands and swore to uphold the Constitution etc. You did not swear loyalty to any one person I rest my case folks and truly wish you the best. If you truly believe in principals and want to defend them, then leave your name.

    Oh, my name is John O’brien

  • #48- proud ole retiree: Thank You, John. Sometimes a simple, but obvious perspective is the most obvious solution. Selfless, not selfish, rules the day…

  • incidentally, my comment in post # 63 is actually a loose translation which suggests the same concept. In that one the author spoke of loyalty to the Country and not to the politicians. The author was Teddy Roosevelt.
    And thanks for the note, “Don’t smoke cigars ” ( neither do I )


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