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3 Indicted Deputies Say Baca & Tanaka Gave Orders to Hide Informant Anthony Brown—& Other LASD Deputies Smuggled in Drugs for Sales in LA Jails

A motion filed Tuesday, March 4, in federal court seeks to dismiss criminal charges against three Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies and alleges that former Sheriff Lee Baca and former undersheriff Paul Tanaka
personally ordered the hiding of federal informant Anthony Brown, an operation that has, thus far, resulted in seven members of the department being indicted for obstruction of justice and more in relation to the Anthony Brown operation.

The document, obtained by WitnessLA, lays out additional details of the alleged actions by several deputies working in LA County’s Men’s Central jail. According to Brown, a jail deputy—aided by other deputies—made one or more deliveries to him of methamphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana, which Brown would then sell to other inmates in the facility.

Brown’s story of deputy-facilitated drug dealing was supported by photos found on his phone of “what appeared to be illicit narcotics and a large amount of cash,” reported the motion. The document also described how Brown kept a highly detailed ledger of drug sales, money owed to deputies for favors, and brutality toward inmates by deputies that he observed or was privy to.

The filing suggests additionally that, according to Brown, undercover FBI agents may have supplied a deputy or deputies with the drugs to be smuggled into the jail, and that the FBI acted as part of a sting aimed at uncovering corruption and brutality inside the county’s jail system.

It was previously widely reported that former Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy, Gilbert Michel, was paid $1,500 to smuggle in a cell phone for Brown, with the promise of a total of $20,000 to be paid in the future.

The report of drug deliveries that then resulted in narcotics dealing inside Men’s Central Jail are a newer revelation.

Perhaps the most important bit of news out of the new legal filing, is the direct and detailed allegation that the two men then running the LASD—Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka—were, not only cognisant of the hiding of Brown, but directed it.

Here are more of the particulars:


On Tuesday, attorneys for three of the members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department who were indicted for obstruction of justice relating to the alleged hiding of federal informant and jail inmate Anthony Brown, filed a motion to dismiss their case, and laid out a lot of previously undisclosed specifics about the operation in the filing.

First of all, the motion states that the three defendants’ actions in dealing with Brown, were conducted “in accordance with state law and local procedure” and—this is an important part—“duly authorized and supervised by LASD Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, and numerous other high ranking Sheriff’s Department officials.”

Deputies Gerard Smith, Mickey Manzo and James Sexton were three out of seven sheriff’s department members indicted for their alleged role in the hiding of federal informant Brown from his FBI handlers and other federal agents. (The other four indicted were lieutenants Greg Thompson and Stephen Leavins, plus two sergeants, Scott Craig and Maricella Long.)

The motion also describes the reported involvement of various other higher-ups in the department, including Captain Tom Carey, at the time a supervisor in the LASD’s internal criminal investigative unit, known as ICIB (where Leavins, Craig and Scott also worked).

In its “Statement of Facts” the motion advances the theory originally put forth by LASD higher-ups that Brown was being so elaborately hidden because he was fearful that deputies about whom he had informed might hurt him.

It should be noted that, although Brown may indeed have been fearful of being harmed, according to multiple sources who worked on or near to the team tasked with the elaborate strategy of hiding the informant, the purpose of the scheme—nicknamed Operation Pandora’s Box— was first and foremost to keep him away from the feds until LASD investigators could find out precisely what he knew.

The most significant point that the filing makes is this: when three deputies were given orders by multiple layers of superiors to hide and question an inmate/informant as part of what they were told was a perfectly valid—thus legal—investigation into possible illicit actions by deputies inside the LA County jails, they had no reason to believe that they should not follow those orders.

The filing also makes a point of stating that, although the intricate Brown operation was reportedly directed by others at the highest levels of the department food chain, that most of those superior officers “have not been charged with any crime.”

The 31-page motion, which is likely to be argued before a federal judge in April, was primarily drafted by Smith’s attorney, William Gennego, with input from Sexton’s attorney, Thomas O’Brien, and co-counsels, plus Manzo’s attorney, Matthew Lombard.

O’Brien, who interestingly is the former U.S. Attorney who immediately preceded U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte, is expected to argue the motion in court.

Here’s the motion itself: motion to dismiss, Sexton, Manzo, et al

NOTE: We asked the U.S. Attorney’s office if they wanted to comment on the new motion. Spokesman Thom Mrozek said that a written response will be released next week.

Former undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who is running for sheriff, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing regarding the Anthony Brown case.


  • WOW…….just WOW!! How long before the little guy gets a matching set of bracelets??

  • Can this get any worse? For those of you still supporting Tanaka or Rogers, Hemmold through Baca this is what is called as ‘The appropriate time to jump ship!’ If you are one of those that have had too much kool-aid I don’t think you can be helped. But, for those who want to keep your jobs and your families don’t be stupid and drink more kool-aid! Come forward and tell what you know. These indicted deputies are saving their all and good for them!!I wonder what the judge will do?

    Once again a special shout out to Myron, Stonich, Waldie, Tanaka and Baca for ruining the best sheriff’s department in the world! It could not have been done without you all!!

  • So is the record set straight or do I still have to go with the Paul tanaka gospel?

    And those of you in the legal know… Are you starting to see the holes in this case we have discussed before. The government couldn’t make the case on the big fish but had to bring something back to the dock.

    Way to go Mr and Ms AUSA dream team!!! Can’t wait to see the written response.

  • I would not place too much weight onto this motion to dismiss. It will have to play itself out in court where “facts and evidence” not spin (from either side) will be argued in open court and a ruling rendered. If I were Smith, Manzo and Sexton, I would be very concerned and give up the ghost, let the chips fall where they may.

  • I often agree with Searchlight but am not so sure here. The motion is pretty compelling to me. Obviously it’s biased and well constructed, but what do we realistically think was happening here? If these deps are pawns, then they were unaware, and unaware of what? We know Tanaka wanted to be one of the boys, which is why he condoned abuse/the gray. But Baca was in the loop and I think we all mostly agree, willfully unaware. So for them all to be on the same page and direct these actions, I think they were just pissed the FBI (or anyone) was messing with their facility/institution. I think what remains unsaid here and in all the recent public statements/legalese is that the Sheriffs Department wanted to control it’s jail and was pissed that anybody else was in/was jumping their handle, as perhaps they perceived the FBI to be. I don’t think there was a conscious effort to obstruct justice, which is why Baca’s position revolved so rapidly from anger to cooperation (as it has in other cases where his position was not so thought out). Having said all that… We need big change, Baca and Tanaka had to go, and abuses obviously did occur. But I think this motion poses a big problem for the Feds… It suggests the deps won’t lay out Baca/Tanaka more than they have and that the felonies the FBI directed may not have been outweighed by their judicial result.

  • Baca and Tanaka must now be indited. They are both guilty of ordering deputies to obstruct justice. US Attorney and Attorney General must act or the Obama administration will suffer.

  • The Truth: Baca and Tanaka must be indicted for obstruction? Or are they guilty of wanting to investigate why the feds were “facilitating” drugs and phones being smuggled into the jails. I’m no fan of either of those guys, but if I had been sheriff, Holder’s phone would have been ringing off the hook with me at the other end. I’d have used every expletive in the book toward that racist Obama lackey, demanding to know why he thinks he can do anything in my jails without a courtesy call first. Supremacy clause notwithstanding, those Famous But Incompetent fools crossed the line.

  • 10-33……I have followed you, and others, and respect your opinions, and most of the time, I agree with them. However, I differ with you on this one point……” I think they were just pissed the FBI (or anyone) was messing with their facility/institution.” I agree, initially, both Baca and Tanaka had this attitude……..where it drifts into criminality is once they KNEW Brown was an FBI informant, they actively recruited others to play Hide the Inmate……HUGE MISTAKE!! This is what will hang them in the end. IMHO, what should have happened, and what I would have done, is immediately put Brown in isolation, with a Deputy sitting in a chair outside his cell if I felt it was needed. Next, call the FBI West L.A. HQ, tell them I had Brown in isolation and WTF was going on! If they lie and deny, get it in writing, and let the chips fall where they may! My 2 and 1/3 cents!

  • Nice try London- Olmstead was promoted by Leroy D. Baca too.

    This story isn’t just about politics, it’s about the careers and livelihoods of deputies that Tanaka forsake. This article proves that Tanaka should never be sheriff. Plain and simple.

    Let’s not forget that it’s deputies that keep the department moving.

    veritas vos liberabit!

  • Unless these guys testify that they heard these orders straight from either Baca or T, or have any documented evidence, not sure if this is enough. We all assume that this type of conspiracy required these two to be involved, but we have yet to see any physical evidence or someone say they heard it directly from them.

    Doesn’t mean this not forthcoming, but I think either one or both of this scenarios will need to be played out for either one to face charges.

  • Baca and Tanaka will continue to point fingers at each other… We all know Tanaka and his loyalist handled this and just kept the Sheriff informed/filtered info. It is so Tanaka typical!

    I’m sure the Deps are vomiting all over the USA, hopefully it comes with enough substance to take down Tanaka. Baca and others will then fall too.

    Tom Carey was way over his head at ICIB, he was a Tanaka puppet.

  • I see some of you castigating people , not siting any specifics and then doing it anonymously. I am referring to the inclusion of Paul Myron in the same degrading sentence as DOCUMENTED wrong doers. Do you really know him or are you venting because of a personal conflict. I had many dealings with Myron at several ranks…..yea, I know him and am compelled to defend his honor. Where you may have a 1st amendment right, so do I . Just for the record , I was never assigned to an Ivory Tower job, Did short ( very short stints in ops jobs in custody and Patrol . I Never donated to a member’s campaign, You might say i earned my promotions the old way. If anyone of you feel that strongly of anyone and have proof to back it up, then , by all means go for it. If you have those two components in your bag , then sign your name. i can and i did,

    John O’Brien

  • Let me clarify my position, you decide. We have all been in court with “motions to dismiss,” and listen to an attorney provide the court a compelling reason to toss the case. The problem is, it rarely matches the “facts” that lead to the arrest. So I look at this motion as an obligation of a defense attorney to make a procedural motion to toss the case. If you take what is in the motion at face value, it is very compelling. However, my only point is the motion may not match the facts that will be presented by the AUSA. Thus, this will have to play out in court.

    Now, lets all step back just a moment and take a look at a couple of things. Review the most recent “LA Magazine” article written by Celeste regarding the Downfall of Leroy. The part where Tanaka absolutely becomes unhinged when he receives the phone call about Inmate Brown, the cellphone and the discovery of the FBI’s involvement. That lays the foundation for the consciousness of guilt as far as I’m concern. Tanaka flamed out, his usual style, at the bad news. My opinion now, he flamed out because he now knows, the FBI have been investigating some very serious misconduct at MCJ. The very same MCJ that he ruled with an iron fist, the very same MCJ where he smoked cigars with the troops and told the to “F” Internal Affairs, “Ive got your back.” The very same MCJ where Olmsted told him the captain was out of control, force was off the charts and cliques were running the floors. The very same MCJ where Tanaka told Olmsted that not only was he (PT) NOT going to remove the captain, but he wanted him promoted to Commander. Tanaka knew his ass was now in a sling with the Feds. In a sling, because if the Feds found out that he (PT) has been calling all of the shots over the last couple of years at MCJ, his ass was grass and the FBI is the lawn mower.

    Now, fast forward to “Operation Pandora’s Box,” and what do we have. Baca in his normal state of lunacy, has no idea what is going on at MCJ, despite Olmsted’s warnings. Baca is force-fed a crock of shit by PT about the FBI just poking around and brought a cell phone into the facility and gave it to an inmate. Ok, Baca is pissed, but he is absolutely clueless to what is going on in Tanaka’s mind. Tanaka on the other hand, is probably in a panic couple with his psychopathic rage, and is the architect of Pandora’s Box. Everyone below Tanaka, and I’ve heard names starting at a Chief, going down to a Captain, do all they can to contain Tanaka and keep him happy. Tanaka is unhinged and issues orders that defy logic, “You go to that FBI Agent’s home and you rattle her cage! You find out what she knows.” Thus, the concern about himself as stated above, and not anything else.

    Custody is not my Division, but as stated before, how in the world can any executive stand-by and agree to absolute dangerous and unlawful orders, putting “their” troops in harms way?” That is an unforgivable sin, absolutely unconscionable. What did Smith, Manzo and Sexton know, when did they know it and were they (in their mind) following lawful orders? That will all come out in the wash. Are they pawns to get to the top for charges that will stick? Perhaps, but all in time. I do think they were used and that is a shame. And I have a feeling I know who did the using and if the facts prove my theory, it will not surprise me, nor you. Let this thing play itself out because there is a great deal that none of us know. But this we do understand, there is some low hanging fruit who are living a nightmare right now. Let the chips fall where they may.

  • “The FBI does not have a monopoly on law enforcement.”
    To me, that line should sum it up. While many of you on this site are joyous over this article, believing it will automatically indict the higher ups, perhaps you should instead reflect upon the absolute stupidity shown by the FBI in their “investigation.” If these statements are true, if in fact the Feds were indeed involved in the smuggling of narcotics into a custody facility, then every one of us here should be outraged. I could care less who any of you support for sheriff, but for gods sake, stop gushing over the news that those idiots directly endangered your partners!
    “We will never knowingly break the law to enforce the law.”
    Anybody remember that one?

  • Mr. Tanaka, I am sure you’re reading this and I have some questions for you. Have you reached out to, telephoned, met with or contacted any of the three Deputies who were indicted as a result of Operation Pandora’s Box? How about indicted Sergeant’s Craig and Long? You admitted to being there when the decision was made to hide Anthony Brown. You were there when Craig and Long were ordered to contact the FBI agent. You were given a copy of the Department’s Policy and Procedure’s Manual. You’re aware of it’s contents. You must be aware of MPP Section 3-01/010.60 Conflict of orders and 3-01/010.25 Unity of Command. Let’s see, Tanaka blames Baca yet doesn’t tell Baca they shouldn’t be hiding Brown and they shouldn’t send Sergeants to do a job he or Baca should have done. Don’t give us the weak excuse that your attorney advised you not to or the AUSA ordered you not to check on them. Are you sure you’re a good choice to be Sheriff?

  • I agree with Searchlight (recent/clarification post), Thanks A Lot and Hardtimes… I am not sure that segregating, hiding or interrogating Brown, an admitted in-custody felon, was wrong, whether or not he was an FBI informant. A self-declared informant doesn’t an informant-make and, anyway, isn’t an agent. He’s just a guy–a multiple felon. But I completely agree that rather than hiding him and obfuscating, once there was any credibility to it (as established by the phone logs) the sheriff should have been on the phone with the FBI Director or Attorney General, and that apparently didn’t happen either. So I guess my sense is we already knew Baca was adrift, and Tanaka was scheming, and we’ve all been waiting for the Feds to save us, and this motion (which I COMPLETELY agree, like any motion, is simply a position based on convenient/supportive facts, arguments, inferences or hopes) suggests to me they aren’t as squared away as we’d hope they are. But I also stopped for quite a while on the same line as #14 (Hardtimes)–that the “FBI does not have a monopoly on law enforcement.” I don’t work Custody, either, but I think that’s a powerful point. If they prove something, then maybe the winner writes the history … but if they don’t … then it seems to me, maybe they just committed a bunch of felonies. (Which will pass, because we all agree change was needed, but are still worth our inside-baseball notice.)

    Anyway, for most of us it’s relatively a moot point. We need the change, and I’m glad Banaka are gone. It’s just despicable those guys–especially Tanaka, who claims to stand for the troops, to be on of the guys, blah blah blah–are still around, flush with cash, free to run for public office, and have completely abandoned their troops. At the ALADS debate, Tanaka had like 50 supporters there–drones wearing t-shirts and clapping at everything he said, and he’d throw them (like he threw these guys) in front of a train the second it suited his momentary interests. Does anybody seriously doubt that? Because the evidence couldn’t be clearer. Now and forever.

    I get that the FBI and I’m sure his attorneys have asked him not to talk. But, y’know, if you’re a grown-ass man, and a leader–screw it! Stand up, man up, and explain yourself. Stand tall and say, “Yeah, this is what we thought was happening, and this is what we did, because it was a reasonable thing to do.” And that Tanaka’s not doing exactly that is a HUGE testament to his lack of character, lack of spine and lack of integrity. And there are at least three deps in federal court to prove it, while Tanaka rules who-cares Gardena and chairs steak-dinners. I mean, what else is there to say?

  • For those of you that keep up the mantra for the indicted to tell what they know (which I agree with), I will remind you that James Sexton stated, in his lawsuit filed (before the indictments came down) that he, along with his partner, Mike Rathbun, blew the whistle on Pandora’s Box to the FBI and to the press.

    Sexton did stand up and do the right thing. He called out the wrong doing, without the arm twisting motivation of an indictment. That’s why those in the know are baffled by Sexton’s inclusion in the indictments.

    The others have no documented track record of coming forward and exposing wrong doing. James Sexton, along with Rathbun, has that. That sets him apart and he deserves recognition and additional consideration because of that.

  • The defendant deputies are trying to get out of the car with Tanaka by saying they were following orders and pushing the responsibility to the thin air at the top of the LASD power structure. Put aside the outrage and assertions of being victims of their own good work and what’s left in their motion is a claim that the highly unusual handling of the informant represents standard operating procedure. If this makes sense, then it’s symptomatic of the culture of misconduct brought in by the Baca/Tanaka leadership team. Let ’em all swing.

  • 9: blah blah blah

    The true legal (stick to legal) question will be: Can a Law Enforcement Officer commit a crime and say that he was following orders? This legal question has been answered many times. Whether the People’s case is strong or weak no one knows. I doubt that the AG will reveal all his cards at this time. I predict there will be a trial. For interesting reading Duty, Honor V. Moral Conviction.

    The more information that comes out the harder it will be for Tanaka to pass the sniff test. Frankly, I believe that Tanaka is done! If you were Hemmold or Rogers would you put out publicly that you are being supported by Lee Baca? McDonnell is also trying to defend his endorsement of Baca over the years. Will any of this be enough to sway voters? Wait and see!

  • Well, they have smart attorneys. They’re going for a “blame Tanaka/Baca defense.” Now, my reading of the motion is that they’ve probably offered to testify against Tanaka if the FBI charges him but been turned down, which probably means Tanaka either won’t be charged or they don’t have any useful information on him.

    Now, they’re trying to send a message with this motion that their trial strategy will be to embarrass the LASD higher-ups as much as possible. Good.

  • To Proud Ole Retiree: John I think you should consult with Paul Myron before you defend his honor. We get that you’re a fan & it would be fair to say Paul has a substantial fan club. I haven’t seen anything in the WLA blog that says he’s quite as challenged as some of the others in the Baca overthrow club. The old saying that you are known by the company you keep applies here. Paul was a central figure in the preparation of the very bitter stew cooked by the crew.
    So John get in touch with Paul & then get back to the WLA blog & lets us know if he & you would like to hear the details of less than perfect ethics practiced by Paul. Suggest though, you focus on solutions for the future of LASD & allow for the venting about those that engineered the train wreck.
    P/S, no criticism of your loyalty, it’s commendable but a bit misplaced.

  • WIth all the politics and lies flying around, I wanted to share this special testimonial from a Tanaka supporter, with many more to come. It’s apparent that some of you have had bad experiences with Mr. Tanaka, however, their are also many of us who’ve had great experiences with Paul.

    Like all of us, he is just a man and falls short from being a saint (as many of us do). He is a man with alot of good in him which he’s displayed with many department members throughout his career. Despite all the drama and differences, I still respect you all. I hope the LASD family repairs itself in the years to come…..I miss it.


    I would like to share something about Paul Tanaka the human being. No politics or Department functions. I met Paul when I was a trainee at Lennox Station and he was our Lt., Watch Commander. Hard work and making the community safe was number one, but he cared about me.

    My wife was on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant. He asked me what shift was best for me and my bride. He made that happen. Many years later I was to be promoted to lieutenant and my bride’s first kidney transplant was failing. That failure process went on for years and Paul always called me on a regular basis. When I promoted to lieutenant I was prepared to go to custody. I was ready to shower before I left the jail and put my uniform in a plastic bag. Basically make my life as sterile as possible. Doctors expressed I should consider retirement for my wife’s health as they did when I was a custody deputy or sue for the best shift and assignment. Not, I a proud Deputy Sheriff.

    Paul Tanaka sent me to a station not because of my skills, but for my wife’s health. Many don’t know the truth and view that as favoritism. During the academy, the Department preached how we would all be taken care of. Us, family. Paul Tanaka did the best he could do for an employee. My wife got her second transplant is very healthy now. I just think it’s important for people to know the real Paul Tanaka. Not the boss. mayor, or politician, just a caring person.

    When the chips are down its so enlightening when a person comes to your aid just because he or she feels it’s the right thing to do. He doesn’t know it and would humbly tell me to shut up, but Paul Tanaka has had the biggest impact on my life, personally and professionally. I think it’s important for people to know Paul Tanaka the person. I’m just saying…..

  • #22,

    Thank you for the story. I’m serious when I say I’m glad to hear your family is in high spirits after overcoming adversity. I am also glad to hear PT has it in his heart to be a compassionate individual.

    My reality of him is a nightmare.

    Sgt. Craig is also a public example of someone with similar if not worse circumstances.

    Scott, I’m praying for you and your family. Stay strong.


    Stay in the fight!

  • #16’s last paragraph hits the nail squarely on the head. Those of you arguing the strength of the case are missing the point. The point is that a sheriff’s candidate has based his whole career and current candidacy on “having the backs” of the troops that “work hard”. That translates to the troops working the way he wants them to work. Now that five of them are dangling in the breeze for doing just that, he hides behind plausible deniability and uses the excuse of “I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation” for not coming to their defense.
    There isn’t a cop on the LASD that believes one candidate running for sheriff didn’t run the operation that five of his subordinates are now indicted for. His refusal to stand up and take responsibility and get his troops backs proves that his words ring hollow. His prior claims of having the troops backs was just talk. Bluster. Machismo bullshit. Now, when it really counts, when five of his troops are facing the courtroom, he’s nowhere to be found. Why? Because it would most likely cost him the election to man up and admit that they were following his orders. It’s time for all those hardcore, hard working ghetto cops who worship this man to have a come to Jesus moment and admit to themselves that he is just another politician.
    He may win the election, but he’s lost his honor.

  • To yup: We all can appreciate the heartfelt compassion Paul T. did for you and your family. I am glad things have worked out and health is the number one priority in anyone’s life.

    That said, as a supervisor myself, I have never witnessed a unit commander or higher look the other way when someone is in need. There have been countless times when an off duty injury, severe medical problem or other job impacting situation has caused us as managers to re-arrange the card deck to accommodate that person. It’s just something we do without drama or debate.

    I respect Paul for his treatment towards you and I won’t take that away. What Paul’s downfall is exactly what is being played out now. People who rule with a big stick will eventually have it broken in half and inserted in one of many ways.

    Unfortunately, unless you were someone who would perform without regard for consequences to your career, livelihood, but more importantly your family who depends on you, trusts and loves you, then you weren’t an asset to him.

    This is not the Hoover era, the days of Putin or even some of our previous sheriffs (excluding baca). So, yes, he was good to you, but you could have worked any other region or unit and good people would have stepped up to help you

  • I know quite a bit about Myron, and i stand my ground, To lump him in with the others mentioned , i believe is unfair not to mention inaccurate. Inasmuch as he was only the U/S for a year before retiring, other than having to be the messenger of bad news to those members of the Command Staff who were axed by Baca…how are you judging him. ?
    all I am hearing is vagaries. None of us are perfect and in response to your statement, I am proud to call paul a friend for whom I also have a ton of respect. Yes ,we are sometimes judged by the company you keep. Why judge him by his company such as Priemsberger, Von Minden., Ray Morris., Bob Edmonds and the list goes on, I would love to be judged by m their company., Let me not overlook Maria either
    I have known him for a long time too and my opininion has always been the same

  • THE PASH your personal opinion. And I suspect that deep down you respect mine.
    If my guess is right, I suspect you are/were at a management level. So with that in mind, I ask you, were you ever in a position where you had to discipline someone? I sure was and i did not enjoy it. i suspect the same would be with you . I tried to never personalize it and made every attempt to let the recipient leave with his/her dignity in tact. That’s the way I I was treated and God know I was the recipient too many times. i appreciate your dialogue, I just don’t agree with your assessment ? i think it s the nature of to defend our friends. Maybe we are preaching the choir.

    We ( active and retired) really when you cut through all the layers want the same thing ,
    restoration of LASD to it’s past prominence. I believe a lot of the blogs on this site are born out of frustration. I would submit that the roasting an individual for roasting sake accomplishes nothing. I have to believe that the Sheriff either reads or is briefed on the contents of this site. With that in mind the good that can come of these comments if kept objective, can go a long way to that restoration.


  • #22, sorry to hear about your wife’s medical issues. A job of a boss is to take care of his troops. In this case, Paul took care of you. But, Paul has messed with many deputies life’s. Many were FIRED because of his actions. Is Paul now going to pay for their food and shelter????

  • Simple Question: What caused such an outrageous reaction from Tanaka when the cell phone was discovered? Cell phones in custody are discovered all the time. Why was this one different?

  • Wonderful story, yup. Unfortunately, each nice one doesn’t make up for the hundreds of bad ones, and we are not even counting the damage he has inflicted on the organization as a whole.

    Tanaka is a deeply troubled man, driven by some inner demon to obtain power at all cost. Maybe he had a rough time growing up, I don’t know and only hope he gets the help he needs. It’s like that scene from the movie “Tombstone,” where Doc Holiday describes to Wyatt Earp how his nemesis can’t kill enough people to fill the void in his heart, he wants revenge from being born.

    I wish no harm on anyone, I just hope he fades away and focuses on his immediate family’s future.

  • Hey “yup” stop drinking the Kool aide. How much have you donated to tall paul and how many doors have you knocked on to get preferential treatment. Proof is in the puddin. He is allowing a group of his followers swing behind his BS. Wake up pal.

  • yup: I’m glad your wife is doing well now. What you’re glossing over (if you really knew the man well), is that you must have been in Paul’s “good book.” It was your good fortune that you weren’t in his “bad book.” Many here know exactly what I mean.


    Dear Yup,

    Thank you so much for telling us about your personal experience with Paul Tanaka.

    For me your story is a much appreciated reminder that situations and people are complex, and cannot be viewed from a single perspective.


    PS: I’m very glad that your wife is doing well.

  • Folks, #22’s declaration is also posted on Tall Paul’s FB page and website. It was written by a current LASD Lt. One good deed doesn’t absolve all of your BS Paul.

  • Breaking News: I read the motion and see nothing against the deputies or command staff. They were investigating crimes in the jail and protecting the inmate at his request. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for all you haters that never amounted to much and crave blood. So now let’s allow the democratic election process take its course and may the best LASD candidate win (no K-9 whistleblowers or outsiders looking for a trifecta retirement). London, you’re broiling and Searchlight your wick burned out. Enjoy your LACERA benefits and try and get past the fact you never tasted the fruits of Megaflex. Deputies aren’t guilty when doing their jobs and supervisors aren’t guilty for allowing a necessary ass-kicking once in a while. Sorry to offend you liberals climbing on top of the Constitution to step on deputy backs. Whistleblowers who host dinners to celebrate deputy indictments have no place in my world. The thought of someone like that leading LASD is nauseating!! I’m sorry. Become a referee if you like blowing whistles. Boomer

  • To Proud Ole Retiree: OB, before you blow the smoke out of your six-shooters a la Yosemite Sam lets throw a little water on the shrill piccolo Pete.
    You view Paul Myron’s role in the Baca Boyz crew like many view the Original Sin, sin without guilt. I & many others view it different. You interestingly bring up Ted VonMinden as a foil. Do you think for a second that he endorses any member of the crew that set the course we now enjoy? He used the analogy that your career is like a piggy bank, you deposit hard work & good will, make withdrawals when you screw up. If the screw up is bigger than the deposit, then you’ve got a problem. Paul has a problem, unless, of course, you believe in sin without guilt. Paul hasn’t earned absolution.

  • I gave up years ago trying to make sense of the human condition. Everytime I would start believing “again” in humanity, some atrocity would take place and disappoint me. What I concluded is: we are a complex and conflicted animal capable of extreme acts of kindness and extreme acts of evil, depending on the environment we are placed in. Just my philosophical two cents.

  • #26 proud ole retiree
    OB, the one thing the men you mention did NOT have in common with Paul Myron is that they would NOT have disregarded the future of the LASD by joining in Leroy Baca’s bid to unseat Sheriff Block in order to secure a promotion (or for any other reason).

    And he DID join the effort as evidenced by the secret meeting he held with his division Commanders and Captains prior to the infamous meeting at PPOA. At the PPOA meeeting his entire division came out against a command staff vote to support a candidate. The result of the PPOA meeting was to seal the election and seal promotions for Myron and his entire division once the election was won.

    Granted, unlike Stonich and Waldie, Myron could only stomach Looney Leroy for a year, he was still guilty of selling the LASD down the river for that fourth star.

    Sorry OB, can’t argue with history.

  • Why not post the document and let your readers decide for themselves? When you say you “obtained” the document, does that mean someone handed it to you? Why didn’t you go to the courthouse yourself?


    Dear old editor,

    We did post the motion. If you read a bit more carefully you’ll find the relevant link.

    As for our choice of verbs, we generally try to be precise in our word selection.

  • #26 Proud Ole retiree: What about the rumored six figure personal contract given to Paul Myron for his return after his retirement. Lets see, probably got a six figure payout for time not used when he retired, a $200,000+ a year retirement, then a mega fat personal contract to return for God knows what. There is more to this story but don’t you see a pattern here. Think Tanaka was the first to use “pay to play”, maybe he just studied his surroundings and thus is no more or less ethical than the others.

    Paul Harvey, think your notion of Myron not being able to “stomach Looney Leroy” was overcome by obvious financial need and his dedication to the organizational good.

  • We all want a clean department.. without favor or undue influence…. and when one of us is “dirty” we are quick to excise that person…. as it should be

    What I found interesting was commnets about two people I worked with at several different assignments.. that being Bill Stonich and Bob Olmsted…

    If any of you have evidence that eaither of these people were involved in baca/tanaka wrong doings please let us know..
    otherwise.. dont smear them with the same brush as tanaka/baca

    I worked with or for both of these men at FPK/SEB/WHD and found them to be men of honor… loyal to the department and loyal to deputies..loyal to the public… neither of them would have tolerated the silly little (criminal?) games tanaka played out

    If the evidence plays out on tanaka and baca with the allegations that are all over then they should receive the appropriate punishment.. jail.. yep.. maybe.. think baca will squeak away as incompetent and out of touch

    All the tattoos..cigar clubs.. pay to play…squashed investigations.. fail to promote… that my bretheren.. that tanaka will have to answer for

    I think he is done no matter what.. too much stink.. the question is.. will he go to jail?

  • I’m amazed how many of those making comments do so based on information from this site. So much of what is printed is lie and inuendo printed as if it were fact proven and unequivocal. This blog is about hate mail. Anyone who believes the tripe written hear is responsible for many problems facing the Department today. Let this case play out in a legal sense. The truth what ever it is will come out and those if guilty will be punished. Quit feeding into this hate blog it serves no purpose. Do something constructive and do your part to bolster the Departments reputation instead of spreading lies about others. If you know a fact state it with your name and source or STFU. Or are you afraid of a Slander Suit.

  • Boomer, I gave you a challenge to answer two simple questions and you failed to respond. You continue with your one-man parade bashing Olmsted, which is your right. Again, who do you endorse and why?

    Your failure to answer these two questions means only one thing: you have something to fear with Olmsted as sheriff.

  • The motion clearly stated that Lee Baca said he believed the FBI had conspired to entrap deputies and had itself violated several Federal Codes.

    The FBI only arrested these deputies who were only doing their jobs as retaliation for the LASD investigating them.

    The FBI conducted an investigation on jail violence. They used a a guy sentences to 439 years as an informant to arrest the aforementioned Sheriff employees.

    Then they arrested brothers for a real estate caper, a guy who had an alleged modified rifle. What do these arrest have to do with jail violence?

    It was all a dog and pony show and this whole thing will go away by June.

  • Fair Minded,
    Here’s some facts for you.
    1. Leroy Baca hasn’t publicly come to the defense of the indicted deputies in an attempt to restore their dignity and honor.
    2. Neither has Paul Tanaka.
    3. They point fingers at each other, instead of getting the backs of the deps. who are in the grease.
    4. One or both of them had knowledge of what was happening with the FBI snitch. Greg Thompson and Steve Leavins aren’t at the top of the flagpole on the operation.

    Rather or not this site is based on hate, lies, rumors or inuendo has no bearing on the above facts. The motives of thoseposting on this site has no bearing on the above facts. The above facts are indisputable. They are fact. You can make excuses, accusations and try to minimize them. That doesn’t change the facts. You can’t dispute the above facts, because they are facts and irrefutable. Even though it’s make you uncomfortable that your hero has acted and is currently acting less than honorable, it’s a fact you’ll have to deal with.

  • #46 “Fair Minded” what makes you think some of the comments on here are ALL lies and no one is trying to improve things? You have no idea what is going on right now behind the scenes to right the wrongs.

    Your are correct regarding people can say, write, text, email anything they want.

    When a person has emails, voice recordings, documents, video footage, etc as evidence….stand by. I have dealt with many higher ups who thought they could intimidate, threaten, take your belongings (personal property/ department equipment) and were put on notice and tightened up right quick.

    Before you judge about every person on this sight, you better check your facts. And by the way…..what is your real name????

  • Oh, here we go. A troller swings by, tells everyone to “STFU” and asks everyone to quit feeding into this apparently useless site.

    Well Mr Fart, excuse me Fair minded, Your interest was peeked by showing up in the first place. If you don’t like what you see, leave. And slander? Yeh right. The slander would have to be waged by the same people who are the topics here, so a jury of their peers is unlikely.

    Have a nice night and please go visit pinterist or something.LOL

  • Un “fair minded”…..mighty large broad brush you use there bud….You related to Senator Harry Reid by chance? Apparently he feels the same as you do…..everyone is a liar. Why dont you cite each and every “lie” that you have reported being spoken here? I would suggest that before you tell ANYONE to STFU, you back up your smoke blowing with FACTS!! Then show us all YOUR real name tough guy!!

  • Re; sideway critics of Yup for acknowledging Tanaka. It was caring thing to do and considerate of Yup tp put it on this board.

    I cannot vote because I am not an L,A, resident, does not mean I ma not entitled to an opinion. I am certainly clear of Baca’s history , however ( and I am not a supporter ) I had a similar incident with Baca, My 33 year old son died in hospice care 8 years ago, Within no more than an hour, Baca called me from his cell offering his condolences and anything he could do for me and my family. Note: he had nothing to gain by making this call and offer to help. I had been retired for several years at that time and had no personal or professional ties to LASD . This gesture was very kind and thoughtful.

    Several on this site have suggested in different terms that I ” go back into retirement and use Moon’s site if i want to vent. Others have suggested that I let others “do the heavy lifting .

    That last time I looked WLA is a public forum, not the STAR News.

    I would submit that until you personally experience retirement, that reserve judgement. Everyone faces the decision to retire differently. My career span more than three decades and and it is a large part of I am,

    Believe me when I say i harbor no animus towards anyone of and wish you all the best.

    You have a tough road ahead, but will be responsible for turning the ship. I think I speak of most retirees who are watching and very hopeful of the future of LASD.

    Law enforcement is unlike any other career and adjusting to “retirement” more difficult than most.

    I like to define retirement in military terms ; Withdrawal from a force according to a plan and without pressure from the enemy ”

    The burden os restoration will be a daunting task, but you will do .


    I don’t mean to disappoint , but I intend to continue on this site. r

    Keep your eyes on the ball and not on each other and you will accomplish the mission of restoration.


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