1A-1F….Those Annoying 6 Ballot Measures, Part 2



Okay, well, they are reasonably recommend-ish anyway, Or at the very least, a set of luke warm suggestions.

Ready? Here goes:


Let me qualify that.

I think you should strongly consider voting YES on 1A. When I say “strongly consider,” I mean that I would not simply reject 1A in frustration without careful thought, just because the past year’s irresponsible behavior on the part of most of the state’s lawmakers makes you feel understandably angry, bitter and vindictive.

Read some of the links I’ve got listed in the post below–like, say, read the recommendations by the San Diego City Beat, by the LA Times, by the SEIU, plus the statement by the UC Regents, and what Sheila Kuehl says.

That’ll give you a broad Pro/Con spread that will allow you to make an informed decision one way or the other.

Look, I’m not entirely convinced that 1A won’t cause trouble down the line, but I think it’s okay, and it is a short term tourniquet, which is the point, right now.

Bottom line: this is a hesitant recommendation for a YES vote on 1A.
(The alternative is a No vote, and that doesn’t seem so great either. )

My only other YES is on 1C, the Lottery Modernization Act. In fact, this is the single measure that I can support with less of a sinking heart. As Sheila Keuhl put it:

Of the six billion current dollars estimated to come from all the propositions combined (not counting increased tax revenue three and four years out), more than five billion is estimated to come from the sale of the lottery receipts. Although I do not support increased encouragement for gambling, this income could be the least damaging.

If “least damaging” is the best we can hope for, which sadly I suspect it is, I say let’s go for it.

However you vote, at least show up. No excuses.


  • Celeste, I’m taking your advice and counsel on this. I know you’ve hacked through it, mulled it over, bounced ideas around with other bright, good ones, and take consequences seriously, which is more than I am able to do right now. I trust you. Plus, who among us can doubt Sheila Kool?

    It would be fun to see the two of you in a discussion event sometime.

  • Not No, but HELL NO !!!! to any new taxes, cut every state employees salary by 20% and every state retirement/pension by 20%.

    My taxes keep increasing for fewer services, no way I am feeding the state legislature; I know crack heads who manage their crack money better than our state legislature.

    Only a fool would willingly hand over more of their hard earned money to continue the waste others, I would rather waste my own money on gambling, hookers and alcohol.

  • What California’s left has done to its state is what they are now trying to do to the entire nation. Without fiscal responsibility, eventually, the money runs out. You have it coming. Now, deal with it and make cuts.

    Also, as I’ve suggested before, sell excess state real estate — even your park, if that’s what it takes. It would make me mad if someone wouldn’t pay his bill or asks for money when he has substantial assets and refuses to part with any of them. Why does “the other guy” always have to pay?

  • My problem with 1A is that the GOV and Legislature has conspired to lie to the entire state by omitting in the proposition summary that the proposition extends tax increased for an additional two years.

    If they had been honest, treated the electorate as adults and said we need this money … I might have voted yes. But to me they are no better than swindlers.

    Being lied to by my government annoys me a lot more than higher taxes.

    1C is just more borrowing on our credit cards – bad advice for people and governments.

    Screw them all – Vote NO.

  • Vote no on every one of these stupid measures. We have a multi billion dollar cash crop literally growing in our backyard. Arnold has finally built up the MORAL courage to debate legalizing it. We could also free up tons of money releasing non violent drug offenders. As far as I’m concerned a discussion on the state’s budget has not even begun until excessive sentences for non violent offenders and marijuana legalization are on the table. All you have to do is look at law enforcement and the prisons in California to see where the money went. It’s paranoia that got us into this mess.

  • Woody’s advice is spot on. “Don’t eat it”. Might I suggest you SMOKE it. The result may induce a form of empathy that can relate more clearly the futility of incarcerating perpetrators of CA’s most popular “victimless crime”.

  • No, no, no, no, I won’t take it no more
    I am tied of being tricked by the state.

    No, no, no, no, I won’t take it no more
    I am tied of being taxed and irate.

    No, no, no, no, I won’t take it no more
    I’m just voting the swindlers down.

    No, no, no, no, I won’t take it no more
    I’m just giving them some sand to pound

  • SMOKE it Woody, and the Dalai Lama will dance for you too.

  • Pokey, contain your fervor! You don’t have to get on your knees and wet your pants for crying outloud.

  • “Find out how Miss California is voting and vote the same way”
    Gee, yeah Woody! Thats almost exactly what I say too. I find the same difference of opinion was found missing in all of the California papers except the OC Register. Your a marvel of logic. Smart move, very smart move, finally getting smart in your old age Woody.

  • Sorry Celeste, but Sheila Keuhl has a face like a busted sofa. She is strictly United States Kennel Club material.

  • “sell excess state real estate — even your park, if that’s what it takes” Who defines “excess”? What do you do when that’s all gone? You can only sell a piece of property once.

  • Kevin: Who defines “excess”?

    Excess real estate is when you owe billions of dollars but still have even one acre that can be sold. Ask a bankruptcy judge if he would allow someone to keep vast real estate holdings rather than liquidate them to satisfy creditors.

  • No the war on drugs is not working. It’s a pathetic, miserable failure. The problem is that remedies you and I probably both agree on are not yet acceptable to either the state or the voters.

  • Ishmael, you get this from one single poll taken. A lot of people thought the medical use law wouldn’t pass in ’96, for the same skeptical reasons. It passed, easily. Are you making the case that it shouldn’t even be on the ballot?

  • Prop 215 (Medical Marijuana) is a little different beast. It grew out of Democratic passed legislation that then Governor Wilson vetoed. Politically, it was much, much easier to promote 215 because it didn’t have a price tag by the legislative analyst to ‘sticker-shock’ the electorate. Prop 5 had big ticket start up investments…
    But, Prop 5 was on the Nov. 08 ballot. Same ballot in which there was enormous turn out to elect Obama President. That would seem to be a favorable election cycle to place a measure like Prop 5. It got 40%.

    Should it be on the ballot again? Sure. But in the current political climate it’s highly unlikely to pass. I think that’s too bad, but that’s the reality. Do you know of somebody or some group willing to risk $1-3 million bucks right now to re-ballot and campaign for it?

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