Report Shows Disproportionate Number of Black Defendants are Wrongfully Convicted

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

African Americans are far more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder, sexual assault, or a drug offense than their white counterparts, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Registry of Exonerations.

While African Americans comprise just 13% of the population in the US, they account for nearly half of the 1,900 exonerations listed in the registry as of October 2016. (Since October the registry’s number has risen to 2000 known exonerations.)

According to the exoneration data, innocent black defendants are seven times more likely to be convicted of murder than innocent white defendants. The murder convictions that resulted in exonerations for black defendants were 22% more likely to involve misconduct by law enforcement officers than those of white defendants.

Black inmates serving time for sexual assault are three-and-a-half times more likely to be innocent than a white person convicted of sexual assault. The report attributes this to a high rate of mistaken eyewitness identification by white victims of violent crimes committed by black assailants. Black sexual assault defendants also receive harsher sentences for the same crimes committed by white defendants.

The disparities are also found in drug crime rates. While research shows that black and white Americans use illegal drugs at around the same rate, black people are about five times a likely to go to prison for drug possession as whites. Judging from the exoneration data, innocent black people are 12 times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of drug crimes than innocent white people.

African American exonerees also spent more time behind bars before finally being exonerated. On average, wrongfully convicted black defendants waited three years longer than white defendants and four years longer than Latino defendants to be cleared of their convictions and released from prison.

In 2016, there was a record number of exonerations in the US—166—breaking the previous record of 157 exonerations in 2015.

According to a companion report also released Tuesday, of the record-breaking 166 exonerations, 54 of the defendants were erroneously convicted of murder, 24 were convicted of sexual assault, and 15 were convicted of other violent crimes.

At least 70 of the 166 wrongful convictions stemmed from police, prosecutorial, or other official misconduct. More than two-thirds of the 54 cleared homicides involved misconduct by officials.

In 2015, 43% of the then-record-breaking 157 exonerees pleaded guilty because they were convinced by the prosecutor (and in many cases, their defense attorney and/or the judge) that failing to plead guilty would mean going to trial, which they were likely lose.

Back in 2012, a former Long Beach high school football star, Brian Banks, was cleared of a 2003 rape conviction with help from the California Innocence Project. Banks pleaded “no contest” to the rape charge in order to avoid a 40-to-life sentence, and spent six years falsely imprisoned and five years on parole. While on parole Banks met with his accuser, Wanetta Gibson, and secretly recorded Gibson admitting the accusation was false. (Read more about Banks’ harrowing story: here.)

The National Registry of Exonerations was launched in 2012 as a project of the University of Michigan Law School, Michigan State University College of Law, and the Newkirk Center for Science & Society at University of California Irvine. The registry contains data on every known exoneration in the US since 1989.


  • While grateful for the exposure of realization and facts, this is nothing new to Blacks. Be it Blacks from any culture or country, they’re still black with a background from Africa. Not enough ink or time to cite the innumerable stories of warped and misaligned justice in America for people of color, especially blacks.

  • True brother….But let’s not forget that blacks (13% of population) according to FBI statistics are responsible for almost 50% of violent crime committed annually in the US. Perhaps that is where our focus should be. Hopefully, the Donald will put the resources in the inner city that he promised…..

    • As stated…..More than two thirds of 54 CLEARED homicides, (not jaywalking or loitering) involved misconduct by officials. Mind you that this was AFTER the FBI statistics. The focus should be on firing unethical LEO’S. Sheriff McDonnell is being blocked to expose unethical deputies.

  • Brother:. I totally agree blacks have historically been mistreated by the criminal justice system. I also agree any law enforcement officer who commits misconduct should be prosecuted. But I think we should focus our attention on the issues plaguing our inner cities which contribute to African Americans being overly represented in our crinimsls justice system…..We need to treat the problem….Not the symptom.

    • Totally agree. The biggest issue/problem in the black community are the bad apples (all races have them) and the failure to address them, along with the “airing” of our “dirty laundry”. That’s a whole other subject and I’ll save that for the local Town Hall meetings. Personally I don’t agree with every wacko radical activist and/or groups who don’t produce.

      • Ethical Policing is another subject which has to be addressed. You can’t patrol as American Gestapo’s just because certain impoverished areas are the way they are. As I stated earlier.. Town Hall meetings get down to the real “Nitty Gritty” with the Mayor & Police Chief.

  • Brother, you will never get the learned Bandwagon to accept the facts. His world is one of alternative facts. He says we cant lose sight of the fact that Blacks commit most of the crimes. I bet the learned Bandwagon believes blacks committed the Bowling Green Massacre. I think he saw right past the facts that Blacks are disproportionately arrested than whites, all things equal, disproportionately over charged than whites, all things equal, disproportionately receive higher sentences than whites for the same crimes, all things equal, and disproportionately the subject of police misconduct and wrongful convictions, all F*^&^ things equal.

    Yet, he clings to his idea that they commit most of the crimes. He throws in the “historically been mistreated” because he does not believe they continue to be mistreated. I suspect he resists your idea of going after the unethical LEO because he may be one of those LEOs. I suspect the learned Bandwagon has smack a brother or two in his time, overcharged a brother or two, and, probably smacked one or two and then charged them with resisting arrest or assault on a LEO, all while humming a Billy Ray Cyrus tune.

    But, being the learned man and enthusiastic Trump supporter that he is, Bandwagon is banking on Trump having the solutions. The closest Trump comes to knowing the black experience is firing Little John on the Apprentice, and, like the Redneck he is, despite a billion dollars his daddy left him, blaming a black man for his problems, in his case the tapping of his phones. I would love to hear what Bandwagon thinks are the “issues plaguing our inner cities” are. Do share learned Bandwagon.

  • Again CF shows what a racist bigoted cop hating pimple of a gutter dwelling punk he is. Bandwagon clings to the “idea” that Blacks commit most of the crimes fool? For their percentage of the population it’s a huge amount they commit. He resists the idea of going after bad Leo’s? He agreed any that any that committed misconduct should be gone after and prosecuted. Your lies are consistent Troll and easy to show, all mouth nothing else.

  • News for you “Surefire” You too, are assuming that blacks commit the most crimes.Hopefully your information has real facts. Does that include before or after the truth. Does it include the setups, lies and trickery. You call C.F. racist, but you only flap your lips when a cop is killed a black suspect or blaming Obama for the world’s ill. Sit down and shut up.

  • Whatever happened to all those suspects of color that got their dope stolen by Rafael Perez and Nino Durden and then were framed for crimes (or shot)?

    • Let’s start in your own backyard with the Sheriffs Department. In 1982 with the “stiffed” phone call by Temple Station Deputy Robert Armstrong which resulted in the shooting of black female which killed her fetus. Mark Fuhrman lies backfired which caused O.J. to walk free.

  • At least O.J. wasn’t wrongfully convicted of murder. Chalk one up for a suspect of color! Oh hell, wait a minute. Michael Jackson wasn’t wrongfully convicted of child molestation either. Chalk two up for Lady Justice.
    It appears that progress is definitely being made, in spite of the multitudes of African-Americans we see hanging from street lights and tree limbs in every big city in Amerikkka.

    • Your humor fails you. The whole country knows that prior to video cameras and YouTube in addition to real time Facebook, injustice wouldn’t skip a beat. If LASD lied to a white federal agent (Leah Marx) and threatened her with an arrest, it proves the point of the author.

  • Learn to read Oh So Slow. I said for their percentage of the population it’s a huge amount they commit. Prove me wrong or stfu. Sorry idiot, while I know it’s open season on Whites, specifically conservative and cops, lots like me that speak and know the truth won’t be quiet, not ever chump.

  • Sure Fire, I am beginning to think you do not like me and would rather I not join you on this site. Be honest, if you were to stop me for a “broken” tail light and I spoke to you the way I write, what would you do? It sounds like you are one of those cowboy cops looking to teach them coloreds that don’t know no respect a lesson. Yes, your fellow cowboy Bandwagon states that bad LEOs should be prosecuted, but you failed to read the follow up, where he said the focus should be on the problems in the inner city, not those rogue cops. And, be honest, what do you and your fellow broke back mountain cowboy think are those problems in the inner city? Besides, of course, them no good lazy, thieving, drug using and drug dealing coloreds. Do share?

    Oh Well, I know these issues are complicated and I do not expect you to pick up a book in between your donuts. Its much easier to pull shit out of your ass. Of course there is progress, that is why we can have this exchange and every once in while you have an uppity “black” who is not willing to take your shit talk back to you. That is why now when you shoot someone you “thought” had a gun or “reach for his waist” you get sued and the city pays a pretty penny. Its been a while since a black man was lynched, you are correct, but now they are just wrongly convicted. Look, I have explained it to you before, but you are too hard headed to understand. If the kid at Burger Kid drops my order, he may get in trouble. That is life, you can’t do the work, you lose your job. If a LEO shoots someone who he thinks had a gun but does not, he fucked up and should lose his job. If he gets pissed off and starts being disrespectful, there should be consequences. You would not take it from the kid at Burger Kid, why should we expect less from those on the government payroll who are supposed to protect and serve.

    I have no problem with you and sure fire and any other redneck on the force wanting to be racist. That is fine. This is America and its your right. If you are, however, you are not qualified to be on the force, especially in a city like Los Angeles where you are supposed to protect and serve the very people you hate. You may be more suited for a job in a small town in Alabama.

    • Easy on Sure Fire. He’s one angry white guy who seethes with every forum mentioning Blacks, Democrats, Liberals and Obama. Obviously a bad experience in his lifetime. His only redemption comes through Donald Trump. He’ll be the first to tell you about black friends.

  • LMAO…Same old same old. “Pick up a book”–Meaning of course that I’m not as well read, informed or enlightened as the scholarly and circumspect CF. Then of course we have (Again? ho-hum, yawn) “In between donuts”—An insult that is so tired and worn out that it’s confounding how somebody as worldly and witty as CF would throw out the same insult as some soccer mom in the burbs after she gets a ticket.
    Keep carrying the torch CF, someone’s got to. Deflect, deflect, deflect. Keep bringing out the shiny toy for your myopic coffee house friends. God forbid the day one of them actually points out what’s happening in LA County/City and asks the question that puts your whole agenda in checkmate. If the cops in Los Angeles are a bunch of racist assholes, why do those in charge tolerate it? The BOS and the LA City Council allow this to go on? Doesn’t Mayor Garcetti gives Charley Beck his marching orders? The chief answers to the mayor, right? Isn’t Beck Hispanic? Isn’t it the job of the BOS to hold the sheriff accountable? Yes oh yes boys and girls, LA is run by Democrats. Republicans were neutered long ago and have absolutely no voice in Los Angeles County/City politics. Democrats are at the wheel in LA. If they allow a bunch of racist assholes to enforce the laws they enact, that’s on them. Take it up with them. It’s fucking hilarious to hear you bitch about the system in LA being racist and the cops being assholes, and then try so valiantly to blame it on Republicans. That’s rich. Whatever you do, get it out. Get it ALL out now! You’ve got to try and sell your bullshit narrative now, because soon, very soon, the obvious realities will be pointed out by not only your compatriots at the coffee house, but your neighbors as well. It isn’t white racist Republicans in charge in LA.
    As far as me being more suited to being a cop in a small town in Alabama, how would you know about that? In all your world travels have you ever lived in a small town in Alabama? Anywhere in the south for that matter? I thought you were from Chicago. What would an enlightened person with a world class education, holding multiple advanced degrees like yourself possibly be doing living in Hicktown Alabama?
    Oops. Your elitism and that huge ego of yours is showing….along with your ass.
    Now you can switch gears and pull out the “You’re a blog hog” card and then comment under different aliases to back yourself up.
    I get it. I understand. Your narrative is old and isn’t working anymore. You’re frustrated because you’ve got nothing new. And you’re absolutely apoplectic over Trump being elected.
    Sound off! Be loud and proud! Do your part to keep the movement moving FORWARD!

  • CF: You saw right through me brother. Just another racist cop planting dope on people in between eating donuts and attending my weekly clan meetings. The world is so simple……just black and white…right….keep up the good work…see you at the next anti this….. anti that meeting…

  • Oh Well: If I remember correctly CF said he grew up in south Los Angeles or Compton where he was stopped daily by the police for being “brown in public”. He boasts he made it out of the ghetto….but did not leave the big chip on his shoulder behind. He will criticize the systematic racism in our country yet will reap it’s benefits…….yes, he is a hypocrite who will bend history to suit his own agenda……but that is what is great about America……everybody can be a racist…even liberial Hispanics….right CF?

  • Bandwagon you are correct. The Chicago reference was a poor attempt at veiled humor. CF is self admittedly “The son of wetbacks”. A self admission that he’s just another guilt ridden part white guy who’s on a crusade to disassociate himself from his European roots (Except when he brings up Denmark as a model for the perfect system to his fellow Capitalism hating brethren lmao).
    Perhaps if he took a few more anthropology classes and a few less political science classes on his way to his PhD he wouldn’t be referring to Hispanic as a race. Oh, I’m sorry, I’m showing my Redneckism again. I should know by now that apparently race, like gender, is nothing more than a social construct, and if the mestizo loving, conquistador hating CF wants Hispanic to be a race, then it’s a race. I suppose by now it’s considered “Settled science” in the bubble of academia. Otherwise him and his fellow La Raza and MEChista members’ feelings will be hurt. They will be disenfranchised and will have to beat a hasty retreat to their Safe Space where they will be offered counseling and treated for their PTSD.
    Me? I’ll just simply take a look at Yasiel Puig of Los Doyers, and then take a look at Jorge Ramos of Univision. Call me a racist, uneducated Redneck. but I’m not the baboso who claims that those two Hispanics belong to the same race LMAO.

  • @Oh Well, its quite the contrary. I do not think I am smart or cosmopolitan. In fact, I know I do not know a lot of shit, a lot. You, on the contrary, seem to know even less, but think you know it all. Just to give you an example of your simple reasoning, albeit one that would make you look like a genius on FOX, is the issue of democrats running the city/county so therefore cops cannot be racist asshole cops. You miss the influence of interest groups, in this case your unions, those of the LAPD and LASD. Those unions are perhaps the strongest unions of any government employee group. They have done a great job of protecting their members. Unlike Levon and Juan, regular saggy pants kids from the hood, your union has tremendous influence on local politics. That is why the LAPD can command over 50% of the City budget. That is why, despite it being a Democratic city, its almost impossible to charge or fire bad cops. You may bitch about the government and unions, but you fail to recognize that you are one of those of whom you bitch, and that is why you may still have a job and a nice pension, one that you would never be able to get in the private sector.

    And, you may think I comment under different names, but I do not. Your little mind cannot allow you to accept that there may be others that think you are full of shit, that some of you are racist or at minimum biased up the ass. Finally, I am heartened that we may be able to make racial progress now that I know white suburban soccer moms also use donuts to piss you off. Alas, you may end up bringing people of different races together.

    @Bandwagon – you sound like one of those “America – Love it or Leave it” yokels. For me to accept your statement, I would have to accept that America should be as you say it should be. As I mentioned to you before, I am as American as you. The world is not Black and White, as you think I believe. Be honest, are you not one of those that says that because a black man was elected president that means there is no more racism and blacks have it just as good as whites. Actually, you would probably say that blacks have it better than whites. Be honest. That is your black and white thinking. But, I am sure your commander in chief will rescue the inner cities. Now, be honest, is it not your solution for the inner cities more law enforcement? Be honest.

    And, you are right, Blacks and Hispanics can also be bias. As I mentioned to you, I care not whether you are racist or whether David Duke is racist, just do not do it when you are on my dime. The difference is that David Duke does not have a badge and gun. In fact, I have more respect for the David Dukes of this world of whom I know where they stand, than for the racist cop that pushes around 13-years because he has a gun and a badge and merely blows on the dog whistle because he is afraid to come out of his racist closet lest he loses his pension. Say it loud, I’m racist and I’m proud.

    • No CF….You are not the first nor the last to recognize that “Oh Well” has swam with sharks, has all the answers and tries to impress others with sources/info from Wikipedia & Fox news w/nickname of IKE (I know everything). Bandwagon always jumps on everyone else’s wagon.

  • CF:. I would more willing to engage you in “intellectual conversations” if you could stop labeling every white cop a goose stepping Gestapo who wear white hoods in their spare time. I don’t know if you are capable of that without calling into question your preconceived (bias) views of law enforcement. But I enjoy the debate and satirical comments……Regardless! Your up!

  • CF,
    FACT: The cops unions can’t “command” jack shit. The mayor and the BOS have the checkbook. Any monies spent on policing your neighborhood is at the discretion of your mayor/city council or BOS.
    Sorry. I know that fact is not only inconvenient for you, it’s frustrating. Of course, there IS (Has been for decades) an incestous relationship between democrats and unions. Once again, take it up with your mayor or BOS member.

    You can come up with bullshit excuses and try to continually deflect the reasons for all those racist assholes being on the LAPD and LASD. Anybody with half a brain sees right thru your position. The responsibility for who wears a badge in the city or county of Los Angeles rests with those who run the city or county.
    Next thing you know you’ll be coming up with a reason for how it was the Republican racists who ruined Detroit LMAO.

    FACT: The people, the “System” in LA isn’t run by white racist Republicans. Your people are responsible for who gets hired, fired, and how much they get paid.
    That’s the bottom line. You’ll have to live with that.

    Wasn’t it a Democrat icon who once opined: “Every society ends up with the government it deserves”?
    That would apply to your law enforcement agencies also.

    No matter. Keep preaching it. Do your part to keep moving FORWARD!

    • Now CF, you now know what I’m speaking of as to “Oh Well” and his wisdom “Your people” is “code”
      and concealment (not cover) by several references. The lip always slip before the neck turns red. He fails at bring “undercover” under the cover.

  • “Your people” simply means liberal Democrats. But by all means go ahead and make that a race issue also. Lol. Throw out the “Code” and “Dog whistle” references. Your lack of addressing the content of my statement or that it is indeed factual is noted. That’s what “you guys” (How’s that for “Code”?) do. It’s ALL you’ve got.
    And btw CF, what’s with the “I don’t know shit” routine all of a sudden? Now you’re claiming you don’t try to come off as a highly educated, well read “learned” man of sophistication? Of course this is after your multitude of posts demeaning others thru innuendo, insults and statements like: “Pick up a book” etc. What’s the matter? Are you all of a sudden trying to wear the mantle of a man with a limited amount of knowledge? After bashing others for their lack of being “learned” individuals? After you claim to know what kind of cop would be better suited to small town Alabama than LA, when you’ve never lived there and know absolutely nothing about what type of personality/demeanor is required for a small town cop in rural Alabama?

    • Unless CF told you that he was a Democrat, why would you assume that he is. For all you know he could be a “Independent”. Your deflection trumps your defection. “You guys” should update your generic playbook. You’re killing me!

  • In case you haven’t noticed how this is working or the dynamic that is taking place here, I’ll explain it to you.
    You enjoy assuming the role of the fly in the ointment for the cops who comment here. You enjoy commenting just to annoy them. Cool. Whatever.
    I have assumed the role of the guy who points out the flaws in your positions, your hypocrisy and that you’re not the only intelligent, educated, “Learned” person commenting here. I’m the guy who annoys you.

  • Oh, I don’t know why I would assume that CF is a Democrat. Maybe it’s his incessant references and insults to republicans, rednecks and FOX News LMAO. Maybe it’s because it’s obvious to anybody with at least the perception skills of a lemming. I don’t know why I would assume that without CF telling me that. Oh wait a minute. Maybe it’s for the same reason(s) that CF assumes Bandwagon and myself are Republicans. Get it? Come on man, you’re grasping at straws now.
    Btw “Talent Scout”… It’s so nice to know that you just hang around waiting for me to put the brakes on CF’s bullshit before you come with your standard run of the mill “See, I told you he thinks he knows everything” LMAO.
    I’m not killing you….you’re shooting yourself in the foot. That’s why I just let you roll with your shit (Oops, I mean CF’s shit) for a while before I comment from time to time. You dig your own holes. I simply wait to bury you.
    Perhaps a debate class at your local community college would sharpen your “Talent” in this domain. If you want to do better here, take that feria you get from all those gavacho renters in your several properties and spend a little bit of it on debate classes instead of buying the mole’ and horchata at your MeCha meetings.
    It’s been somewhat entertaining, but it’s becoming a blowout now. It’s time for you to step up your game.

    • BTW “Oh Well” Before I finish my Jack & Coke, no need to step up my game. You’re easily recognizable not only by myself, but by a Boy Scout, Scout Sniper or anyone who can identify different types of wood. Here’s a hint….it’s not your tight Levis or your sunglasses with a crew cut.

  • I have to admit “Oh Well” you are pure entertainment for myself and other readers. At least you have comebacks without the sadistic anger of your blog mate “Surefire”. He’s more of a friggin “time bomb”. Put the brakes on and get back to Fox News. Don’t forget to follow Donald for his latest tweets. I’m sure you’ll repeat them.

  • CF, your assumption of how I would handle you on a traffic stop is based on your own hate of White cops who don’t take static from people like you, not on any racism on my part. Learned that at a young age and served me well. I can’t help what crime look likes anymore than you can and will comment on it truthfully
    and as I please. I could care less that you’re here. You’re the type who would have talked like a tough guy on a stop and I would have happily engaged you as I signed you up. You would have let it go at that, talk. I’ve known plenty like you, plenty. Keep talking, it’s amusing to deconstruct your bs.

  • Let’s end this forum (more to come,I’m sure) knowing that “Bandwagon” is a follower, “Oh Well” is the “Great Swami” (reference @ Johnny Carson) and “Sure Fire” is a angry white male full of diatribes who dares any person (especially of color & non-cops) to call him on his thinly veiled racism and bullshit.

  • @ Sure Fire: Wow, Sure Fire. I “would have talked like a tough guy on a stop and [you] would have happily engaged” me as you “signed” me up? Sounds like I hit a nerve. Do tell me how you would have “engaged” me? Sounds like you’re are one of those cowboys I’ve mentioned. I’m curious, are you actually good at traffic stops when you spot a negro or Hispanic? In other words, can you spot the negro and shortly thereafter spot the violation before you make the stop, or do you first make stop and then look for the violation?

    @ Oh Well- Are you or are you not a Republican? You say, I got you wrong. Do tell? Maybe I am completely off, as you are when you label me a Democrat. And, you seem to assume that my new friend Talent Scout and I are one an the same. Even in text form we all look alike to you. Finally, please do not hold back, you do not annoy me. I have actually found you to be quite amusing. In fact, you remind me of one of the officers in those documentaries from the 1910s and 1920s, the Keystone Kops. I have a friend in the industry (Hollywood) who may be willing to do a remake with you, Sure Fire and Bandwagon, something like Keystone Kops, meets the Three Stooges, but we’ll throw in Denzel to make it current and so you can have someone to shoot/kill/frame (your creative license).

    So, on that note, I must agree with Talent Scout. Let us wrap this one up. We can pick up after the next police shooting of a black man or man-handling of a 13-year old. I’ll jump in after your posting of how it was the black man’s fault for using his head to attack your billy club. Damned blacks. Auf Wiedersehen.

  • Talent: More poor little sheep has lost his way. Obama is gone…..the House and Senate are in Republican hands…and his long awaited liberal Utopia has faded away. I know you are hurting little brother. Not to worry…plenty of anti-Trump demonstrations you can attend …..please feel free to burn the American Flag and destroy other people’s property….or whatever else you do while the rest of us are working for a living. The difference between Oh Well and people like you (code for people like you) is he has put it on the line. He goes out every day with a target on his back why you sit in the safety of your cubicle typing your liberal bullshit. Not to worry…..though……cowards die a thousand deaths….brave men only once…..I know they didn’t teach you that in school. By the way…….you don’t have to hold on to CF’s shirt tails….be original and form your own thought and opinions…….

  • All racism and racists ALL the time. That’s ALL you’ve got. So 2010. You indeed do need to step up your game. Even the comical geniuses can’t keep putting the same show on for over one tour without it getting stale.
    Think about it.
    The Keystone Kops thing?…..C-……and that’s grading on the curve. Not humorous at all, but at least it’s a departure from your norm.
    Work on it.
    Put some facts in once in a while. You know how it pisses you off to the hilt when I provide FACTS that rebut your opinions? The same would work for you.

    So what have we learned thru all this?

    1. That you can’t refute the FACT that Democrats are in charge of the city and county of Los Angeles.
    2. That it isn’t racist white Republicans who decide what cops in those agencies in LA get hired, fired, paid, or the policies that guide them.
    3. That your only position is—-“You’re a racist”.
    4. That you can’t provide any facts to back up your position—it is strictly your opinion.
    5. That you’ve either never attended a basic debate class, or if you did you apparently slept thru it, because you obviously have no idea how it works.

    Like I said early on, and it was the knockout blow to your position—While you’re busy ranting, whining, bitching and opining about the white racist Republicans, while at the same time suggesting THAT’S the problem with the racist asshole cops in LA city/county: It isn’t white racist Republicans hiring those cops you’re bitching about ad nauseum. Nor are they giving them their marching orders. Furthermore, like I pointed out, you’ll have to live with that. It’s a FACT.

    Boom. Goodnight Gracie. All this other bullshit, by you AND by me, was just shit talking while you were being counted out. You had your chance to get up off the mat. You couldn’t do it.
    Later bitch. Scoreboard baby.

  • CF: On the way out please shut the front door and take your annoying little brother (No Talent) with you. Alpha Mike Foxtrot!

  • Have never been much on writing a lot of tickets but initiated a ton of stops. Worked a lot of special enforcement type things. Stop a gangster with vehicle violations and warn him so later partners will have pc to stop them when they might be carrying, get it? It’s how we catch bad guys Einstein. Oh, works on White guys as well.

    • Yeah yeah yeah…..The typical resume of I did this and I did that. Blah blah blah! And you’re trying to impress who?

  • here is a notable statistic on exonerations:

    Los Angeles County contains approx 3% of the U.S. total population.

    The Los Angeles County District Attorney office actively worked to sustain the wrongful convictions of most of the individuals listed on the National Register whose conviction and sentence originated from a criminal court in L.A. County.

    Since L.A.D.A. Lacey announced the formation of a Conviction Review Unit two years ago, the number of wrongful convictions which they have assisted in the process towards exoneration: 1

    The number of cases of possible wrongful conviction which the L.A.D.A. has announced are in the process towards a potential exoneration: 0

    • Great to get back to original topic for this thread.
      Surely L.A.D.A. has personnel jumping “all over it” to assist in exoneration of those who are “wrongfully convicted”. Maybe more video or pressure is needed to “light some fire” under their ass. Not surprised.

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