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WLA ON WWLA? With Warren Olney, Tuesday Night, 7 pm, Re: Operation Pandora’s Box

I did a quickie 10-ish minute segment on Warren Olney’s Which Way LA?
that airs Tuesday night at 7 pm on KCRW, 89.9

We talked specifically about our story that broke Tuesday morning on Operation Pandora’s Box, the 18-day period during which members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department reportedly went to incredibly elaborate lengths to conceal a federal informant from his FBI handlers—and then claimed they were doing it for the guy’s own protection.

You can find the podcast, right here. My little news segment is the very first one.

Then continue listening for an insteresting segment on some of the activist “Dreamer” kids, who recently left the U.S. and then attempted to reenter, and have now been placed in detention facilities—the entire sequence of actions, planned and carried out as acts of civil disobedience.

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