WitnessLA is a Finalist for Three LA Press Club Awards

WitnessLA is very happy to report that we are a finalist in three categories
for this year’s Southern California Journalism Awards given by the LA Press Club.

The categories in which we are shortlisted are:

Best Online Investigative Story or Package….for Matt Fleischer’s Dangerous Jails Part 3: The Prince.

Best Advocacy Journalism…….for the coverage—reporting and commentary-–documenting a complex system of corruption inside the LA Sheriff’s Department.

Best Group Weblog….for WitnessLA in general.

You can find a full list of all the finalists here.

The winners will be announced on June 24 at the 54th SoCal Journalism Awards Gala at Biltmore Hotel.


  • CONGRATS to you guys. Your reporting has exposed the dirty Tanaka and Baca machine to the public and FBI that otherwise would never have seen light.

  • Congratulations, Celeste. I really appreciate your shining light on issues and people that might otherwise get left in the dark.

  • I love how this blog puts the “hook” in ya for a good story and then never airs it. I also love how they spread the rumor about demotions, which never happened. Can you say, “Yellow Journalism”. I’m sure the writers here at this great periodical heard about that in their JC journalism class.

  • We may not agree with how you present certain stories, especially the ones about LASD. However, we do respect your attempts to make government more accountable. Our only recommendation is you look at both sides of the issue and allow for fair journalism with a good perspective.

    Remember, there are always two sides of an issue. Just because one side is more vocal than the other, does’nt mean their right. Regardless….. Great job and congrats.

  • There must not have been an award category for craziest threads from commenters, for you surely would have been nominated for that. Congratulations, Celeste.

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