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Two Wisconsin Officers Placed on Leave After Disturbing Shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha, WI, Police

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Two Wisconsin police officers were placed on leave Monday while state authorities investigate what happened on Sunday evening that led to another Black man being shot by cops.

A little after 5 p.m., on Sunday, August 23, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shot 29-year old Jacob Blake multiple times as the man attempted to enter a grey Dodge SUV, after law enforcement was called to the area because of a reported domestic dispute.

Blake, who is still alive, and in stable condition, was reportedly not part of the argument that precipitated the call to the cops.

Instead, Blake was attempting to calm down two women who were fighting, according to multiple witnesses who spoke to local reporters.

A video that captured the shooting has been widely posted on social media. The cell phone video below  shows as Blake leaves the sidewalk in front of the grassy front lawn of a nearby home, and walks around the SUV, which is parked on a residential street in Kenosha. Two uniformed officers, their weapons drawn, trail him as he walks, as other officers yell at Blake to stop.

Blake opens in the driver’s side door and starts to bend down to get in the car, when one of the officers grabs his white t-shirt shirt and fires at him seven times at what appears to be close range. It is not entirely clear whether one or two officers fired the shots.

According to a press release from the Kenosha PD, after the shooting, officers “provided immediate aid” to Blake, who was transported via “Flight for Life” to a hospital in Wauwatosa, WI.

On Sunday evening, a growing crowd of protesters gathered outside the site of the shooting.  Overnight the protests continued to expand.

As news of what had occurred in the lead up to the shooting, KARE-11 News Minneapolis, broadcast an interview with a male witness who told reporters that Blake, who was shot seven times, was not armed, and was in no way aggressive, but was trying to help out with the arguing women. At the time of his contact with the police, said the witness, he was attempting to return to his SUV for his child or children.

Photo of 29-year-old Jacob Blake provided to reporter Sarah Thamer of WISN TV/via Twitter

(There are reports that Blake’s three sons were in the car and witnessed the shooting, which attorney Benjamin Crump announced via Twitter that he had confirmed later Sunday evening.)

According to the statement from the Kenosha Police that WLA obtained, both the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin State Patrol were requested on-site fairly immediately “so that the scene could be turned over to an agency, other than Kenosha Police.”

The KPD further stated that the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation, will be investigating the shooting, and that the Kenosha department is stepping completely away from the matter, as of Sunday night.

“Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha, Wisconsin,” the state’s governor Tony Evers tweeted in a string of tweets on Sunday evening.

“Kathy and I join his family, friends, and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries.

“While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country.

“We stand with all those who have and continue to demand justice, equity, and accountability for Black lives in our country—lives like those of George Floyd, of Breonna Taylor, Tony Robinson, Dontre Hamilton, Ernest Lacy, and Sylville Smith.”

Reporter Sarah Thamer of Wisconsin’s WISN TV posted a photo on Twitter of Blake (see above)  that Thamer said the injured man’s fiancée had given her.

Attorney Crump has also posted a video on his Twitter feed that show’s the shooting at closer range, and it is very disturbing to watch, even more so knowing that three little boys were reportedly inside that car.

Mr. Blake’s children who were been confirmed to be in the SUV during the shooting, are three, five, and eight years old.

On Monday, there were demonstrations and rallies, which have continued on Tuesday, some of the demonstrations violent, much to the destress of Jacob Blake’s family members who have repeatedly called for peace.

Tuesday updates

At a Tuesday afternoon news conference, Blake’s family told press that a Kenosha police officer’s bullet severed Blake’s spinal cord, and shattered some of his vertebrae.

There is also, we hear, kidney and liver damage, much of his small intestine had to be removed.

Benjamin Crump, the family’s attorney, said it would take a “miracle” for the 29-year-old Blake to walk again.

There is also a second video, which shows some of what happened before the video that we have all seen begins.

Late Tuesday night, Kenosha County Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told multiple news sources that one person had been killed and at least two were injured late on thursday, as white male militia-like individuals were seen in videos that appeared on Twitter, which have later been confirmed as genuine.  The militia men were carrying assault rifles as they stalked through crowds of protesters in Kenosha.  One of the men was visibly shooting gat protesters, one of whom was shot in the chest, while another victim was being helped out of harms way after being hit by a friend.

Wednesday updates

Early Wednesday morning, law enforcement sources updated the press with the news that a second gunshot victim has now died as a result of the burst of violence, which came amid the arrival of self-declared militia members on Kenosha’s streets,

By Wednesday afternoon a 17-year-old had been arrested had been charged with homicide in relationship to the two people who were killed and the third seriously wounded by gunfire during the overnight protests.


  • I don’t know what prompted the officer to fire at Blake, but what is obviously a common theme is the blatant disregard that young black men show toward law enforcement officers. Blake’s being ordered to stop what he’s doing, but he clearly doesn’t think the rules apply to him. Had he done so, it would have been a conversation.

    If everybody would just deal maturely and respectfully with cops, the odds of having force used against them is virtually zero.

  • WOW. “Dose of reality”— Are you saying that it is proper protocol for police to start shooting when someone “disobeys” them? Have we gone completely POLICE STATE when I wasn’t paying attention?

  • JACOB was shot seven times. He was shot seven times, in the back. He was shot seven times, not holding a weapon. He was shot seven times. The officer who shot him seven times in the back did not deal with this scenario responsibly or “maturely,” as you simply put it. A human being walking away from an officer while being ordered to “stop” does not warrant a gunshot. It certainly doesn’t warrant a gunshot in the back. It also doesn’t warrant SEVEN gunshots in the back. Think before you type.

  • But why shoot him tho did he do anything harmful to the police but you saw how many shots for an unarmed man come on get real that is clearly a racist cop the fuck you talking bout jackass this is a totally fucked up incident

  • He. Did. Not. Deserve. To. Be. Shot. There’s nothing else to say. How hard is that to understand? Not listening to cops does not warrant being shot 7 times at point blank range?.Are you out of your mind? And at this point. Respect is EARNED. At this point, cops need more than a badge to deserve ‘respect’.

  • @ dose of reality, did you read the part that says “…was not armed, and in no way aggressive, but was trying to help out with the arguing women.” this doesn’t call for shooting someone. it’s blatant disregard for a life is what it is. prayers to jacob blake for his strength. and prayers that he and his family are be comforted by love in this time.

  • i don’t know what promoted you to become a shitty human being but what is obviously a common theme is the blatant racism, discrimination, and undeserved self righteousness people like you have. cleary you’re white to actually think that if everybody dealt with the cops maturely the odds of having forced used against them is virtually zero. i’m white and even i can realize this is white privilege at its fucking finest. sad.

  • What is clear is that they wont show you all the white people that blatantly disregard cops and they live. Stop making it like it’s just a black thing. The media is favorable to you white folks. They won’t sure your dirt all over the media, created a distorted proportion.


    She lived and tried to KILL these cops. When you’re black all you have to do is walk away unarmed to get shot 7 times in front of your kids.

  • So we should now treat armed cops the same as an armed robbery? I don’t want to live in that dystopia!

  • You don’t need to ask how high. But you DO need to at least jump.
    Did this guy deserve to be shot 7 times? Or at all? OF. COURSE. NOT.

    However the most common occurrence you’ll continue to see in every single one of these videos is where the victim completely ignores 100% of any and all basic commands. Cop tells you to stop walking? Stop fucking walking. We live in a police state, it sucks, but learn to protect yourself. Never played Simon Says in elementary school?

  • Yeah, I’m not arguing that people ought to disregard orders from the police (that probably does contribute to things escalating in a lot of cases) but does that justify shooting an unarmed man who has not been aggressive in any way?

  • Lets see. Did not listen to police instruction. Went to his vehicle. Getting something from the vehicle?

    What was he getting from the vehicle?

    If you don’t know, you take precautions, and if someone is not cooperating, you are dealing with a potential problem.

    If he is a witness, then he cooperates with the police, not ignore them, that is acting like a criminal.

    And what was he trying to get from the vehicle?

  • wow really we are gonna go back down this rabbit hole again. It’s easy listen to the police and you won’t be in a body bag its just that easy.

  • So if you were shot 7 times at point blank for “not listening “ you’d be ok with it?? I think not!!

  • I have seen many videos of armed white males being aggressive with police and they go to jail safety.. He tried to murder him…the police officer was scared and ready to put the trigger. 7 times he was shot now because his tazer didnt work he decided to shoot 7 times 7 times come on people what if this was your son your brother white or black its to much hate in this world its sad

  • @dose if reality. you really think the negativity in this situation is the attitide of the victim? You honestly think a man not directly answering a cop means he should be shot 7 times infront of his children?

  • Why? Probably because he was entering a 5,000 lb bullet that could easily be aimed at any single one of the officers there. Endangering himself, his kids, officers and bystanders, resisting arrest. Clearly the racist officer would give him IMMEDIATE medical attention, immediately call for state level officials in order to get everything to proper higher ups. But ok pop off jackass.

  • You need to STFU. Even if the black man decides the rule does not apply to him, it does not give the police officer the right to shoot him in the back. Gone are the days when blacks were rounded up by bounty hunters of the slave masters. Check yourself before laying the blame at the feet of the victim.

  • I can’t tell if this is a joke or you’re actually just this ignorant. Police treat people like shit but if we disrespect them it’s grounds to be shot. They will bludgeon you for not immediately following unclear orders but if you touch them its a felony. If you think this is just a matter of disobedience, you’re completely out of touch. Shut the fuck up if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Re ‘Dose of Reality’. It is at least questionable that Mr Blake was disobeying a lawful command by the police, there is no suggestion that he was suspected of having committed any crime. Except (possibly) leaving his children unattended in a motor vehicle.
    How do you draw from this one incident that there is a ‘common theme?
    You could infer with equal evidence that the police shoot black men walking away from them

  • Stop and think for a minute. He had his sons in an unattended vehicle, windows up. MOST parents will put and think about their kids above anyone or anything else. He did not do anything against the law, nor should there have been guns drawn on him. THAT is not police protocol. THAT is police fearing the very existence of black men and the perpetuation and action upon that fear. THIS officer needs to be arrested and tried for murder. Gratitude to the people out there recording these incidents, because of you, we get to SEE what is happening to the black community. My heart and prayers to Jacob, his kids and family. Fight for your life Jacob, I stand with you.

  • Are you serious? So walking away gets you shot instead of tased? What the hell is wrong with you. This didnt deserve lethal force.

  • I’m disappointed in the statement made by the muppet who calls himself dose of reality. I hope none of your family members or even yourself experience this. You should be ashamed for showing a clear lack of regard for human life.

  • So because we don’t comply as you are assuming that means he should be shot seven times in the back. A weapon should be drawn and shots should be fired if you feel like your life is in immediate danger. Where was this danger? Where was the threat to life? So your tired narrative to justify what was done to this innocent man is not valid and people like you need to respect educated on how to value life as a civil servant to the community that pays them.

  • Maybe the answer is that no white males or females are allowed to be policemen or in any position of authority as their “implicit bias” is guiding all their decisions. Whether it be “Sleepy” Joe Biden who has has it all figured out regarding what it takes to be Black or the angry white suburban youth allegedly protesting in support for BLM and the while telling Black people what’s in their best interest. Come on already!

    If you want to make a listing change in people’s views, outlook, racial acceptance bring back ethics, morality and some form of spirituality in the schools. Peole need to be taught decency, respect and compassion for their fellow man whether they be black, brown, white, yellow or any shade in between.

    At the end of the day a condecending leftist liberal is no better than a bigoted segregationist racist. Both live in seperate neighborhoods and have a “unique view” on what’s best for “those people”.

  • Like the Floyd case, these all follow the SAME playbook. A relatively minor incident escalated into a serious confrontation because, as “Dose” correctly points out, Black men show a complete disregard for police, resist and escalate the incident.

    For those who think the cops were at fault in this incident, ask yourselves what YOU would have done as cops were telling you to stop AT GUNPOINT and not get in the car.

    I imagine (unless you have a low IQ) you’d DO AS YOU WERE TOLD. It really IS that simple.

    I’m a COP and I do EXACTLY what I’m told when pulled over, because I know if the cops do something really bad and violate my rights, there are ways to deal with it (file complaint, sue). I’m not STUPID enough to resist DURING the incident and I don’t want to die.

    What amazes me is that cops are STILL out there taking action. I sincerely hope they start disengaging and let society deal with the resulting crime surge.

  • We need to change the laws and make this an acceptable tactic when dealing with those that won’t listen to authority. When the cops say stop you should be required to stop or be shot. It would make those cop shows on TV very popular with the law abiding set.

  • It’s funny how white people are disrespectful and rebellious to cops all the time and still manage to not get shot. Excessive use of force used here was not warranted. Not listening to a cop while having your back turned should not equate to a death sentence. What if he were your loved one? Your child?

  • This is so sad, How in the world you will think that is correct to shoot somebody because the person didn’t want to do what the police said? Off-course it depends the situation, but it is clearly that in this situation the police lives weren’t in danger, this is all messed up, and it shows how many men and women in the police force are not qualified to be there.

  • Hey “Dose of Reality”: You don’t even know what was going on! How can you say this guy had “blatant disregard” for the police??? It sounds to me like this young man was being a Good Samaritan by trying to break up a fight he was witnessing between two women. If the police showed up to take over, why wouldn’t they let Jacob leave the scene and get back to his kids? Because he was a black man so they figured he must be guilty??? He may have already told them he wasn’t involved and they just didn’t believe him! Those cops just showed their true, racist, egotistical selves by assuming the black man was guilty of something. No guns should have been used and these cops need to pay the price for their disgusting, violent actions. The police obviously didn’t want to discuss anything. They just wanted to shoot to kill.

  • Your. Talking rubbish. Even when they do stop for the police they still get shot. The police don’t like black people. And the racist white cops just. Loved shooting and killing black people. We’ve. Been talking about this for years. They. Don’t change. Look. Shot 7. Times in the back. Lock. The racist cops up.

  • Geezue!! Praying Mr Blake will be ok. He appears to be non compliant, why? There were enough officers on the scene where this man could have been tackled, or tasered and the situation still protected in the event there was a need for discharging a weapon.

    Children in the vehicle, not cool if so? 7 shots that man would have been dead. There is something way off here. I also noted the amount of blood on the ground where Mr. Blake laid. Just observing and waiting more details. I am glad the DOJ is going to handle the investigation. Internal Affairs is and has been a part of the problem within the institution, I am all for defunding this department and hiring an outside agency handling these issues.

    Peace, Love and May our Country Heal

  • Put. The. Racist. Cops in jail. They moan when one of there’s get shot. They don’t. Care. At all about black people. I sit. And watch what they do on the tv what. They. Do. To black people. Is. Fucking terrible. It makes me sick. And nothing changes. Nothing at. All just more racist cops joining the police forces. And there doing the same. As the ones before. Them. And it goes on and on and on nothing changes they say. They were. Scared for there life’s that’s. y they shot. Them. Jail every police. Racist. Bastards. Loads of them are quitting. That’s only because they can’t. Put black people in chock holds. And. Beat them up fucking racist bastards

  • HIS KIDS WERE IN THE CAR WTF YOU CAN IN NO WAY JUSTIFY THIS. This poor man wasn’t even the aggressor or aggressive at any time. This is inexcusable and I’m sad that you don’t understand this happens everyday to black men and women, seemingly for nothing at all. If this was a white person, they wouldn’t have done that. There were multiple officers on the scene why didn’t they just tackle him if they thought he was a threat before he got to the car? No need to shoot someone IN THE BACK 7 times. I’m disgusted! If you don’t see that, then you are part of the problem!

  • No common sense needed to be law enforcement just a high school diploma is about all you need

  • This is extremely assumtive & racist. Your comments have nothing to do with the facts presented this video & what your are saying is conjecture. Walking to your car & ignorimg the cop who is pointing his gun at you does not denote “immaturity” & anyone who entertains this kind of argument is being extemely dehumanizing. Being “mature” has nothing to do with whether or not Black people will experience violence at the hands of police. Please do some research & work on your racism.

  • Thanks for your advise John Burcher aka the former Chief of Staff to Villanueva who keeps sticking his F*$&in foot in his mouth. I think you have foot to mouth disease.

  • Most jobs are filled with the “best and brightest” society has to offer, this is not just a law enforcement problem. There are plenty of scumbags to go around in all professions. Where do you think the people that the police and law enforcement come in contact with everyday come drone? The Moon? They are the teachers, politicians, career criminals, doctors, computer programmers, engineers, lawyers, judges, police, firearm, movie stars, journalist, news anchors, athletes, etc., etc. that make up our wonderful society. Let’s just get off the the high horse and stop disparaging one profession, group or race. This is the very problem and mindset people are protesting against…right?

    Many law enforcement officers have degrees if that means anything. I’ve seen many educated idiots with numerous letter and initials behind their names and I’ve seen many intelligent and wise people with high school degrees or less. An education is not the cure-all. I’ll take good character, morals, common-sense, honesty, work ethic and decency everyday over degrees and letters.

  • a) switch the grinning picture to a more suitable grim one, you ae frightening as it is, no need to associate your frightening smile with murder
    b) ‘blake, who is black’, might have sounded hilarious to you, unless you’re a bot, which you probably are
    c) the USA is a shithole, and your situation is going down hill.

  • Not even that, “Constiguent,” a GED will do with most agencies. But you, obviously, are NOT a cop and I’d LOVE to see how you would do in a high stress, potentially deadly, encounter.

  • It looks like they shot him in the back as he got into his own car unarmed. Police’s excuse will be they thought he was “reaching for something” while getting in his car, bending down. This is not a felony crime situation. They should have backed off behind his car with their gun drawn on him without shooting, since it wasn’t clear if he was reaching for a weapon, which it looks like he didn’t. If he survives the cops who shot him will get charged with reckless endangerment.

  • An SUV is a several ton bullet when used as a weapon, that now has 3 children in the back seat, and the police have no idea what he’s going to do when he gets in. There’s probably 10 minutes of body cam footage and/or backstory before any of this happens, that explains why the police had their weapons drawn in the first place, but you won’t see mainstream media post that or talk about it. It’s not blind racism that makes 3 officers draw their weapons on someone entirely because of the color of their skin… the situation could have become much worse had he gotten in the car, and he put his kids at risk by bringing them into the situation in the first place. The officers acted exactly how they should have, but ignorance of the law causes people to assume this was unwarranted. The cops didn’t know if there’s a gun in the car, if he’s about to ram someone with the car, if he’s about to take off and use his kids as a human shield, or what was happening with the situation in the first place. The law protects police from incidents like these by viewing the events from the officers point of view, not with hindsight information. He was unarmed, and the witnesses nearby stated he wasn’t involved, but the police couldn’t have known that until afterwards. What’s absurd is he’s either going to get prosecuted to appease the public, or he’s going to get let off Bc there are no charges that can be brought up, and people are going to scream “defund the police”

  • Fuck you, you white supremacist piece of shit. No one should be shot in the back when they’re trying to detach themselves from a volatile situation even if they are being “immature”. He got shot in front of his children, so really, fuck you.

  • That’s all hindsight, not the view police saw at the time. At the time, they saw a man who was disobeying lawful orders reaching into a car with 3 children inside while they have 3 guns drawn on him, and I guarantee you they had good reason for the weapons drawn. He could have been reaching for a weapon in the vehicle, or could have gotten in the vehicle and now has a 3 ton bullet with 3 human shields inside it. You don’t see any of the context in this video, ONLY the shooting itself. Personally, I’m waiting for the body cam footage and the official DOJ police report to come out before I start screaming “ACAB” or “DEFUND THE POLICE”

  • Federal DOJ should look into it. The cop’s audacity and timing of the shooting are very suspicious.

  • he should have stopped. Should he have been shot? Hell no. Deadly force wasn’t necessary. Were the officers in the wrong assuming he could be reaching for or retrieving a weapon when ignoring their orders to stop and opening his vehicle? No. They were not. But should they have shot him? No. Dude do they even carry tasers anymore or…?

  • What a stupid response! There is no excuse to have drawn guns and to shoot someone in the back for not stopping. There appears to be many policeman around who could have tackled the man and restrained him safely.

  • Congratulations Los Angeles Sheriff’s your Sheriff has initiated 68 new Bandidos, Reapers, Executioners and Vikings into the Sheriff’s Department. Hey Democrat’s who voted for this shitbag “Congratulations”.

  • Obviously the police did not get the memo from the George Floyd murder or they totally ignored it.
    A direct disconnect that continues and continues further distancing the gap between citizens of all nationalities & police.

  • With all due respect to the nice white lady experts, I’m going to guess there’s more to the story, there almost always is. Hopefully we can wait a little before the burning and mayhem begin.

  • Idk, the Minnesota cops didn’t resort to deadly force and Floyd probably died of preexisting health conditions as well as several drugs in his system. Might be time to reevaluate those murder charges.

  • US law enforcement are trained by a foreign military to view citizens as the enemy and to shoot to kill!
    Why do the same politicians that fight against every labor Union FULLY SUPPORT POLICE UNIONS??
    Corrupt Politicians need corrupt cops to protect them.

  • The second these cops are forced to follow the same laws they expect tax payers to follow and are held responsible for for their actions, both criminally and financially things will change. That blue line of corruption will disappear. If faced with prison , these blue cowards will be offering their corrupt blue brothers up and stop protecting them.

  • Derek Chauvin.

    He had a Baccalaureate in Law Enforcement from Metropolitan State University, which is a part of the Minnesota State University System & is equivalent to one of our CSU campuses around here.

    Back in the olden days when the LAPD was under Federal Court oversight anytime something like this happened in the LAPD a “Forensic audit” was conducted to determine where the idea that something like this was O.K. came from.

    Trouble is findings were kept secret & kept within the confines of the Federal Courthouse, outside the realm of public scrutiny.

    Something like that–a forensic audit of the origins of police misconduct–needs to happen on a national scale, conducted by a strong investigative agency, and the findings need to be made public for public scrutiny.

    Time to shine light on this bullshit.

  • If I had two cops with guns pointed on me I would prolly does as they say. White or black you start walking to your car all frantic while they tell you to stop an odds are you gonna get shot!

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if we waited for the FACTS to come out? Of course if you so-called SJW’s were there and have proof! BTW: THERE IS NOT ONE STAT TO CLOSELY SUGGEST THAT AMERICAN POLICE ARE TARGETING AFRICAN AMERICANS!
    Remember, we had to wait for facts after Clinton said he never had sex with that woman “Monica Lewinsky.” Look at all the “Karens” complaining about being offended about being offended! LOL

  • Absolutley. No one wants to talk about obvious noncompliance and what that looks like from the cops perspective tho…..it goes against the narrative. Nobody is even asking if there was a gun in the car….its not clear…and that seems to be a big deal.

  • So we are just going to assume its racism with no evidence and ignore the fact he completely ignored the commands of police pointing guns at him? Got it….seems honest of you.

  • All cops are racist so we should defund them, and disarm them, and get rid of them.
    Let all the criminals police themselves under the honor system. We don’t need no stinkin’ cops no more.
    Put BLM in charge.
    And remember! Always vote democrat. Even if it’s for a man that should be sitting on a park bench feeding pigeons.

  • I am a black man with a black son, grandson and nephews. And, Dose of Reality is right. When you completely disregard respect for the police you escalate the situation. If you’re ordered to stop, get down etc…..it should be an easy response…..do it.

  • “Lois Arita”, I don’t think “Dose of Reality” is saying that. There is a level of disrespect that young black men tend to have with the police. I am a black man and had an issue with my 29 year old son a year ago when he went to the grocery store to get a bottle of wine and the police pulled him over. He went ballistic yelling screaming and shouting profanities at the officer….long story short, the office pulled him over to let him know his lights were off. I was in town visiting him and his family and when I was called by his wife’s cousin, who was riding to the store with him I went up. When I arrived there were 8 officers surrounding him with his hands cuffed and he was still shouting screaming etc. His wife and I approached cautiously and where we could be seen and I asked about the issue. The officer explained while my son, my child yelled about his rights and shouting profanities while the officers had their hands on their guns and some with tasers out. Long story short, I explained that he was headed to get a bottle of wine to celebrate starting a new job on Monday and the officer told me why he stopped him and that he could just take him to jail for anything…..he advised that it would ruin his life not his (the officer). And, all over this ridiculous attitude that these young men take towards the police. So, after yelling for my son to shut up, I continued talking with the officer. He decided that he would de-escalate the situation only because his wife and I came up to discuss and he didn’t really want to ruin his life but he wasn’t the one escalating the situation. So, after we arrived back at his house he held his new son and realized that he was wrong and that he should have handled it better…That’s the problem I grew up in the 80’s & 90’s in the south and my friends and I didn’t disrespect anyone police, teachers, etc

  • Apparently, you are the one that’s stupid to even utter that statement. Of course, he didn’t deserve to be shot. But, when you escalate the situation and you aren’t in the position of authority you can sometimes risk it going sideways. And, the police should be respected unless they lose the respect through their actions. But, it’s interesting this young man had assault and rape charges already on him so we don’t even know the whole story. Oh and I’m not a racist, but I am a black man, with black adult son and daughter and black grandson and nephews…..But, I see it as a lack of respect for authority. That is the origin of the problem.

  • Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend started shooting at the police. She was a casualty of dating the wrong person.

  • I hope you’re not talking about me, LC. I am a brother who grew up in the A, with a family of young and old black men. But, I refuse to fit the narrative that these groups and certain media want to put out

  • Nope. I agree he shouldn’t have been shot in the back or the front or the side. He escalated the situation by not listening to what they were saying and it went sideways. Should the officer be charged with something….Yes…of course. But, we have a responsibility to use common sense when dealing with anyone. Last week I was at a QuickTrip gas station in Atlanta, and was all of a sudden in the middle of a “slider incident” where young black woman was thrown through the air as a young black male jumped into her range rover as she pumped her gas. She chased the car because her daughter was in the back. He jumped out when he realized the child was in there and jumped into the car with his boy and speed off. This happened so quickly and all I could do was wonder why this didn’t even get new play. Her entire side was skinned up and the sliders boy almost ran into me as he quickly built his speed in an area where there were lots of cars and people and anyone could have been injured. It’s sad no play on this but everyone wants to come to the rescue of a holder of warrants for rape, assault, etc

  • I provided a story about what happened to my young adult male last year. So, don’t say if he were your loved one.

  • I’ve got to get back to work so this will be my last response. I live in a city where our police department is heavily black so my question is when a black cop is involved is it still racist or maybe prejudiced. Check out the stats actually white males have been shot more over the last 10 years than blacks. Don’t be ignorant and scream out stuff without actual facts

  • Last comment then back to work. You’re exactly right his kids were in the car…did he show any compassion for that fact, no. He went back over to his car for what???? He did something that I as a black man would never do…..reach into a car while cops are behind me with guns drawn….Come on people he bears some responsibility in this. If that was his wife or girl screaming you see she didn’t get too close yet he just continued to move. And, I don’t know if they knew he had warrants for assault, rape etc, but I would have done exactly what they asked with guns or tasers drawn on me (thinking do I want to get shot over some bullshit)

  • Alex, we haven’t even seen all of the video yet. We’ve only seen portions of it. If the police has a gun drawn on you would you turn your back and walk away? It’s not about immaturity its’ about making the wrong decision….If he had obeyed their orders he may not have been shot.

  • Uncle Ron…
    Are you serious?!! Where are your stats regarding young black men disrespecting police officers? Young white men have the luxury of doing so and living to tell about. There lies the problem—implicit bias toward Black boys and men.

    Just to be clear, you believe “yessir boss” is the answer to police brutality? Are you also suggesting we blame the victims of the racial and social injustices that have been tightly woven into the fabric of this country since it’s inception? African Americans can follow all the rules and still be shot to death in broad daylight by those who are to serve, and protect…those trained to de-escalate situations. I’m appalled and saddened by your comments, but encouraged by all those who are brave enough to take a stand against the systemic racism that is destroying the American ideal.

  • It’s interesting everyone is so upset about this, yet the media isn’t talking about the 64 people shot in Chicago this weekend (4 dead). Yet, everyone only wants to talk about this incident. We as a people are working on the wrong problem. Violence and chaos lives in certain cities like Chicago, yet the media and so-called protestors ignore this. SMH

  • Stop means stop. If he would’ve stopped none of this would even be here. Problem is not listening to what is being told to you. Pretty simple.

  • Now I don’t agree on the George Floyd case. I believe that the officer had some deep seated issues with Floyd (maybe it was the run-ins that they had at the club they both worked at). Who knows? But, I think he willfully killed him in his arrogance and hatred for whatever went down with them at other times.

  • First of all, white people are not always disrespectful and rebellious to cops all the time. Second of all, I don’t know the full story here, and neither do you. Just wait for the full facts before deciding what you think the cop “should have done”, or burning down some innocent person’s business.

  • Why is so much time spent arguing over individuals who could so easily have walked away, yet NONE spent on the THOUSANDS of innocents killed, including children, by their own race?

  • Is is possible that with the two women in the car arguing and screaming and in the confusion of the moment the police thought he was threatening the women and children? He refused to back down and comply while the police tried to get the situation under control. Then he goes around the car and even tried to enter the car. Is it possible that the police thought he was about to harm the women and children and took these extreme actions as a last ditch effort to protect them?

    It is very hard for me to believe these police officers got up yesterday morning with the intention of shooting an unarmed black man for no reason. Please let the investigation show us the facts and then let justice be served. One thing we all must agree with and that is rioting and looting have no place in this. Cooler heads must prevail and let justice work. If the calls of “No justice, No peace” are to mean anything, then we need to let justice work for ALL.

  • Watch the full George Floyd video that wasn’t released until later on. I’m not saying the cop wasn’t racist or have malice, but the original clip made out that he was just thrown to the ground without cause and held there. The full vid clearly shows the full interaction where George was showing signs of being on something. Very erratic, paranoid, hallucinating, and was in the police car screaming he couldn’t breathe while kicking at the cops and going through the other side of the car. All the while they were trying to calm him down and get him to just sit in the car. Hell at one point one says something about getting an ambulance for him. Because he might be overdosing on something. This all happened way before he eventually struggles his way through the car and is finally brought to the ground. At that point should he have been knelt on that long? Idk..but it was pretty clear the drugs had alot to do with his death if not the full cause. Wish they would have showed full originally and maybe we could have avoided this mess…but they show you what they want to control. Ron I’m glad to know another level headed person on here. The world would be a much better place with more people with common sense.

  • Please google the murder of Officer Dinkheller. It was captured on video and shows the hazard of letting a clearly animated subject, who refuses to obey lawful orders, reach into an unsearched vehicle.

  • The “nice white lady experts?”

    Moving on… I totally agree that we need to withhold judgment (to a large degree) until more facts are available & we can see the body cam footage for ourselves.

    But reserving judgment does not = reserving discussion. Nor does it = “postponing” our God-given, HUMANE responses to shocking acts of violence, whether carried out by the police or anyone else.

    BTW: Millions of people of ALL races/genders are fed up with the *unjustified* police shootings. Whether this shooting qualifies as such is TBD, but the days of non-Black people staying mum & foolishly assuming that any black man with 7 police bullets in his back *must* have deserved it are OVER. (Btw: I can’t seem to find all those posts in support of “burning and mayhem…?” Huh.)

    Also, please take your misogyny/ “mommy’s not the boss of me” issues out to the playground where they belong.

  • He fired a weapon because the police entered their home unannounced in the middle of the night with an archaic “no knock” warrant that has since been re-evaluated.

  • Hey Michael T- How’s that investigation of Andreas Guardado going with Los Angeles Sheriff. You guys are so full of shit. Is the investigation handled by Carl Mandoayn the “investigative deputy” brought in by Sheriff Bandido, or is it handled by the 2 child molester Captains.

  • Please google the shooting of Officer Quincy Smith. Another shooting caught on video. Officer Smith gave the suspect several commands, deployed a taser and was shot four times. He gave the suspect a chance. A benefit of doubt and nearly paid with his life.

  • The common theme is incompetent cops not knowing what the law is. You seem more than qualified under these current circumstances!

  • Your recounting of the incident with your son is spot on. How does anyone be react when they are immediately attacked and cursed for just doing their job. I can remember once driving behind a semi-truck with a blown trailer tire rack running on the rim and throwing sparks everywhere. The driver was obviously oblivious and even after trying to get his attention ignored me. If your not aware many brush fires have started this way. I ultimately had to call the police so they could stop the oblivious road hazzard moving down the highway.

    By the responses to your post, it’s clear that some people just don’t get or want to get. Keep going through live angry, confrontational and demanding? Good luck with that. Just remember you always have someone on the other side of the fence who can also be angry, confrontational and demanding as well.

  • How do you know he was not armed? Do you think you are pricey to all parts of a police investigation before it even begins? You can’t be that naive?

  • @apostle another county desk jockey get over yourself! We all know who you really are…

  • No, that’s not what he’s saying, when a suspect of any race isn’t complying after having a taser fired at him and with guns drawn on him, then turns his back to the officers walks away, opens a car door and reaches inside he leaves the officers not alot of choice. Those officer had no way of knowing he wasn’t reaching for an assault rifle or checking on his kids. By not listening to the officers he endangered everyone involved and obviously this could of easily been avoided. I feel badly for everyone involved including the officers

  • Not a good idea to disobey lawful orders by the police and then reach into ur car. How many blacks would be alive today if they just followed the orders like the rest of society. Evidently the law doesn’t seem to apply to these folks so they burn everything down every time this happens. Now if I saw a white guy doing the same thing and got shot. I would say what an ass. He got what was coming. I would not riot and burn down my city. So goes the disconnect which will probably continue. I can say with reasonable certainty if that happened where I live we would protect ourselves and our property. So continue to burn the inner city but don’t try that shit here.

  • By the way what kind of fool does that with his kids in the car. A fool who obviously has not care or responsibility for the care of his kids.

  • Does Mr. Blake have any responsibilities while in the company of his three children? Stop infantilising black men. As a responsible father, he should have stopped and dealt with police on an adult level and as a role model for his children. As for the police actions. We will see if they were acting within the scope of their training.

  • Farmer John took eight cows to market.
    He sold twelve.
    How many did he have left?

    If you got that right you just passed the typical police written exam.

  • I’ve actually heard and I don’t know how true this is but I read that only one of the three officers had a taser. It was a cartridge projectile type. When he first walked away from the officers can be heard saying taser taser taser fired and missed that’s when the officer began perusing him around the car. Witnesses have also said in media interviews that Jacob Blake was actually in a physical ultrication with 2 officer and the officers can be heard yelling drop the knife though no knife was seen by any of those witnesses. Again I don’t know how true that is but I think it’s very clear something was going on here, we just have to wait and see.

  • Lois Arata,

    No, is that what your takeaway from what I wrote? My message was simple; you missed it.

  • I’m a white woman, age 69, who grew up in CA an NY. By age 15 I had learned that the police had a lot more power than me. It would never occur to me to do anything other than what they said, and STILL realize I was in a vulnerable position whenever I am stopped. I do not know what will happen! That knowledge alone makes me respect the police 100%. I fear them. And, I believe anyone who does not, is misinformed. I surely feel safer than a young black man when I ask a direction or ask for help. But, I admire the black father (above) who suggests that police should be respected and obeyed, not necessarily because it is right, but because it is smart. Be safe.

  • oooo,

    Did you read the part where I said I didn’t know why he was shot? My point had little to do with Blake. Read it again, because if young black males would take the advice, they wouldn’t get shot.

  • HOLY CRAP! I thought this site was only for law enforcement personnel.

    I think Celeste made a call to Berkeley and the ACLU for back-up….how else do you splain all the ignorant remarks?

  • Paul Ashley,

    There is a common theme, whether you choose to admit it or not. As the name suggests, Dose of Reality, the truth is the truth. It isn’t “racist” to observe that young black males are highly disrespectful toward police.

  • Kobby,

    Not sure what a muppet is, except the puppets. None of my family would choose to ignore police yelling commands at us while we saunter away as if they didn’t exist. Is that what you or your family would do?

  • Fake Dose of Reality,

    Blake’s blatant disregard for the police is evident. You know it, and everybody else who watched the video knows it. They obviously wanted him to stop, and he couldn’t have given a damn less what the police screaming commands at him wanted. All of your other emotional comments have nothing to do with the situation.

  • Thanks for the truth I was really beginning to wonder
    It is to bad the media can only give part of the story
    Maybe they need to go to school longer and learn that when you report something REPORT
    All of it !!!
    I recently was at a nice restaurant and a older police officer was trying to escort a woman out because she refused to wear a mask
    Which was the rules for this restaurant
    She started screaming and swearing loudly and telling the older officer that he can’t touch her
    Yet she refused to move
    She was so theatrical I felt like telling her to go on reality TV
    Then I realized that is just what she wants a show
    Someone to video her while she acts like a spoiled brat ruining everyone’s night I felt sorry for the officer
    The abuse he was taking and probably takes all day long.
    There are a lot of lazy trashy people that think they are entitled
    Poor and rich black and white and all the other human skin( organ) colors
    A bunch of colorful trash

  • Do any of you, who THINK you can assess what happened from a few seconds of grainy video, ever wonder what would the outcome would be if these “innocent” black men complied? If they didn’t resist? If they didn’t assault the cops? Like other races generally do?

    I know exactly what would happen…..nothing. A citation or maybe even a warning.

    But…this will continue to happen over and over….

  • LASD Apostle,

    Yeah, where did all the ACAB, BLM, and ANITFA come from?

    Speaking of ACAB. That acronym means All Cops Are Bastards – a decided anarchistic notion. Not a username that should be allowed here, as I believe Celeste has family members in law enforcement. I doubt she believes her family members should be spoken of that way.

  • Editor’s Note:

    For those of you who wrote vile comments that were racist, extravagantly anti-police, or loaded with foul language, your comments have not appeared on WitnessLA because they are now in our trash.

    Arguments are fine. Verbal assaults are not.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


  • That policeman lost it. He was consumed by rage when Jacob Blake would not stop, there’s no other reason for his very exaggerated reaction. There are people who simply do not have the right personality or temperament to be armed civil servants. The trigger-happy policeman is one of them.

  • I don’t know all the details of this case, but for the most part people are making conclusions without knowing all the details.

    There is a concept called a fleeing felon rule, where the thought is that it is a dangerous to the community to let a person optionally ‘decline’ an arrest and drive away.

    If the police were aware that this person had an arrest warrant, and was wanted for strangulation – I hate to speculate some websites say exactly that, but I don’t trust necessarily what any side says.

    While I would want the police to use physical, but non-lethal force to overcome and arrest Jacob for not complying with their orders, the argument could be made that they did in fact attempt that. I saw several attempts to pull him back by hand. They failed at it, obviously, and he nearly got in his car to leave. Jacob really escalated this, and failed to cooperate in any way, and it isn’t correct to use a snippet of a video and ignore what was happening.

    Like others have said, if the police exceeded their training, then they will have to face the consequences. However, it is completely improper and in no way supported by facts to suggest only one race of police officers is facing the difficulty of making arrests.

    Diversity in the police force has increased, and will continue to increase, but the problem of uncooperative suspects remains.

  • Are you stupid: No but anyone who resists a police officer and reaches into his car obviously is. You are right. Police officers should always wait. Perhaps let the bad guy get off the first round. After all we are paid to get killed right. Why is it so hard for some people of color to not be an ass and gets urself killed. What kind of father puts his kids in that environment. A very stupid one. The law applies to all people. Even people of color.

  • Stupid: I can hear your response. Disobeying a police officer should not be a death sentence. But obviously it can be. We all have a responsibility to obey police officers when stopped. Even people of color. It prevents shit like this from happening. Don’t try to make excuses for an idiot who would be alive today if he did what we are all obligated to do

  • Interesting point. So what you’re saying is if people follow the law and listen to cops then they won’t get hurt? What did Breonna Taylor do?

  • How many times have you read about someone in the heat of the moment grabbing a weapon and killing their children, sometimes in front of spouses? Too often.
    The stark reality is, it’s a dangerous world, and officers are trained to provide the proper response to protect the innocent. And the proper response here is stopping a resisting suspect before he potentially kills someone whether you’re smart enough to know this or not. And reminder, most of you are not. You’re ‘expert’ armchair quarterbacks who have no idea whatsoever what it means to be a police officer. There will never be a time when a resisting suspect is allowed to reach into a vehicle to possibly grab a firearm. Never. Get this through your heads.

  • Leigh: You have no clue. If you will take notice both officers following him had the ire weapons out as I’m sure they all did. People that resist police officers are viewed as a threat as cops. It may be hard for u to understand but must people that injure or kill cops start by resisting. It’s a danger signal. Most people when stopped by the police comply and then go home at night. This idiot put his children in danger by his actions. Not much of a father if u asked me. More concerned with himself than his kids.

  • Wow. The Common Man does not seem to know the Law. Although details will be revealed eventually I would not want to be that Cop unless something far more compelling is revealed. When was the last White ( Iam White) Serial Killer that did not make it to Trial intact. Oh my Bad they are the type to be so respectful of Police.

  • Maybe he didn’t want to be a witness, he said his peace and wanted to leave. He may have had to be to work and if he was late would be fired to the new job he had just acquired to provide for his family during a pandemic.

    Maybe he wasn’t being detained, so he felt free to leave. If the cops felt he was a threat or a so called fleeing felon “ commented above” why wasn’t he taken To the grown.

    LE need to stop using “I was in fear for my life” that term is thrown around far to much. It’s a term that many use as a I didn’t do nothing wrong card. If you a scary ass individual and you can’t communicate with individuals of all races GET A NEW F _ _ _ _ _ _ career.

    I understand it’s our job to go home and make sure our partners make it home, but As I’ve said before this job aint for scary ass individuals whose mentality is always shoot first n ask questions later.

    IDK the Whole story, but what I do know. He was shot in the back etc etc etc.

    Ever heard of retreat, reassess, regroup….get him another day.

    @Ron I’ve never seen you comment on this board before so I’m gonna take your comments as someone trolling this site. Many individuals have grown up with a great disregard for LE, many work in LE and still have a disregard for LE. But you opinion is yours to have. If this was your son, your grandson, great grand son. You’d might feel different.

    Just cause someone, curses at, runs, walks, drives away from, or resist LE doesn’t make it open season to shoot someone. Every individual in LE has been trained how to react on paper and in a classroom setting, but when shit hit the fan the person you are becomes a reality.

    Again I don’t know the whole story, but I doubt this guy had planned on being in a shoot out with LE with his three kids in the car.

    We will wait for all the hoopla of how bad a guy he was….gang member, felon etc etc etc, even if so 7 to the back is beyond a training issue, it’s a humanity issue.

  • Mr. Blake has experience with hand guns. Was he reaching for and holding his hand gun when he reached into his car. Let’s wait for the complete investigation. Too many unknowns about Mr. Blake.

  • I’m not surprised that a number of Black respondents have posted their support of the egregious, racist act of Kenosha’s White Police shooting an unarmed Black man in the back seven times, for attempting to be a peace maker between two people engaged in an altercation. These ill-informed and accommodating Black respondents are afflicted with the generational, Uncle Tom Syndrome, which is chemically codified in their DNA. America’s Police forces are historically rooted in White Bounty hunters hired to hunt down run away slaves and return them back to their masters. The propaganda mantra of “respecting white authority” while subjecting one’s self to the utter indignity of dehumanization is as old as White Slave owners selectively using portions of the Bible to compell enslaved Blacks to “Obey and Respect” their masters, no matter how much their Masters brutalized them. White America’s 234 years old history is significantly defined by the demonic disrespect for human life, that’s created in the image of God, i.e., decades of genocide against Native Americans and the lynchings of thousands of innocent Blacks with impunity. Now throw in the Southern Police forces of the 50’s and 60’s under the likes of Eugene Bull Connor, and the results are folks like U.S. Rep. John Lewis being beaten within inches of their lives because they “disrespected” the White Authorities of Jim Crow. I would argue that the White Authorities of Jim Crow morphed into the White Authorities of this 21st century’s version of James Crow, Esquire, that’s culturally structured in America’s law enforcement and judicial systems. Chief Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The first step towards improvement is to look the facts straight in their faces” The facts are America’s law enforcement is composed of lots of culturally cultivated White mentalities that like Eugene Bull Connors, profoundly believe Black Lives Don’t Matter!

  • Young white men disrespecting police are shot, arrested, or beaten as well. Or do you just believe that it doesn’t happen?

  • That’s speculation by journalist. He had a history of firearm related offences and was known to keep a gun under the seat of his truck according to previous arrests.

  • Also, white men and women are also unjustly killed by police despite complying. Unless you honestly think Daniel Shaver, Sammy and Vickie Weaver, Jeremy Marvis, Tony Timpa, Kelly Thomas, Justine Damond, as well as thousands more were unjustified. For every one black person unjustly killed, remember there are 4 white people killed unjustly. And that’s unarmed and compliant and omits justified shootings. We 100% have an issue with police, but we need to drop the race issue behind it and be honest with ourselves that not every, or even most times a black man is killed by police, that it isn’t racially motivated.

  • Unless you’re a white man then you get taken to Burger King. White men draw down on cops, reach for guns, charge with knives; and still their cruisers and still don’t get shot… some do but not on the same scale. Even black men sleep at home or I. The ground with hands raised is still shot…. open your eyes

  • You realize as you say that that they don’t show you the thousands of white people who die for being compliant or the thousands of times blacks live despite attacking police. It goes both ways. Media only fields the racially motivated killing narrative.

  • So that’s a death penalty crime now. Worthy of murder?

    He had three young children in his vehicle he needs to check on.

    If they were able to grab him by the shirt, why unload their gun in his back?

  • I’m White and have shot White people, circumstances dictate response, not skin color, give it a rest.

  • The cop haters and morons are out in force here. Black guy gets shot, has to be a racist cop. Nope, sorry. He fought, video shows it. Taser was deployed. I heard from one source he said he had a gun in the car and if in fact that’s true and he was reaching in , sorry, legit shoot. Been there, done that.

  • No it’s a lot of mature adults responding! Funny how black people act like white people are racist! Black people are the most racist race in America. Teach your children that they can and will be something. Learn how to raise your children to be over comets instead of living with a victim mentality for fifty years! Help them with school work! Instill values and morals in them! Teach them how far America has come and that it is YOU and only YOU who is responsible for your OWN life and it’s outcome! It’s not the governments job to support you or take care of you it’s YOURS! Do something with your life instead of holding out your lazy hands!Teach them respect for authority!It’s not a cops job to handle a person with kid gloves just because their family chose to continue a generational curse of being the victim! Follow laws and rules and your life is so much easier no matter what your color! I’m over it! I am a black woman who did these things and yes I have one child that had an encounter with the police. He did as he was told and he is still on this earth! Cops have a right to defend themselves against all possible threats! If you don’t want an altercation then don’t create one! Black people stop playing the victims and take responsibility for your actions. I don’t see white peoples going omg they shot him! No they are like well he did I do this that idiot! The black community causes these issues not the police. Don’t open your mouth about this and act like it matters when you shooting and killing our own! Your double standards are a joke! Nobody gonna care about you when you don’t care about yourselves! Oh and voting democrat you are still on a plantation answering to your master that lives keeping you in projects and waiting on them to meet your needs!

  • Fife! How DAAAAARE you speak the truth and make sense….

    You’re gonna rile a LOT of people on this post who think cops LOVE shooting Black people.

    Again, this cop will either NOT be brought up on charges or IF he is by some cowardly DA, he’ll be cleared. I can say that after watching JUST the short vid that was released.

    Similarly, in the (Saint) Floyd incident, every cop that watched it knew, despite what the media was saying, that he HAD to have resisted. You don’t have three cops on top of a guy when they cooperate.

  • I’m not surprised that a number of Black respondents have posted their support of the egregious, racist act of Kenosha’s White Police shooting an unarmed Black man in the back seven times, for attempting to be a peace maker between two people engaged in an altercation. These ill-informed and accommodating Black respondents are afflicted with the generational, Uncle Tom Syndrome, which is chemically codified in their DNA. America’s Police forces are historically rooted in White Bounty hunters hired to hunt down run away slaves and return them back to their masters. The propaganda mantra of “respecting white authority” while subjecting one’s self to the utter indignity of dehumanization is as old as White Slave owners selectively using portions of the Bible to compell enslaved Blacks to “Obey and Respect” their masters, no matter how much their Masters brutalized them. White America’s 234 years old history is significantly defined by the demonic disrespect for human life, that’s created in the image of God, i.e., decades of genocide against Native Americans and the lynchings of thousands of innocent Blacks with impunity. Now throw in the Southern Police forces of the 50’s and 60’s under the likes of Eugene Bull Connor, and the results are folks like U.S. Rep. John Lewis being beaten within inches of their lives because they “disrespected” the White Authorities of Jim Crow. I would argue that the White Authorities of Jim Crow morphed into the White Authorities of this 21st century’s version of James Crow, Esquire, that’s culturally structured in America’s law enforcement and judicial systems. Chief Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The first step towards improvement is to look the facts straight in their faces” The facts are America’s law enforcement is composed of lots of culturally cultivated White mentalities that like Eugene Bull Connors, profoundly believe Black Lives Don’t Matter!

  • Why they just don’t shoot the leg when we have situations like that where people are walking away without listening police orders.

  • Fife you are not white and you have not shot white people. Take your FAKE NEWS to
    Q ANON. All your brethren will buy that shit.

  • Two points jump out after having followed news reports which publicized extremely limited facts of the incident beyond showing a video and reading the Witness LA article.  First, why hasn’t Kenosha Police Department released even minimal information of the potential lethal threats that one or more of the officers on scene saw? Secondly, why didn’t the individual who was shot comply with the police officers’ lawful commands heard in the video recording preceding the shooting? There’s something called officer survival tactics trained in LE academies and throughout one’s career during in-service training sessions. Because historically, many police officers have been shot or stabbed when a suspect walks/runs away and goes inside a residence or gets into or reaches into a vehicle to retrieve a weapon and use it on the officer, officer survival training emphasizes not allowing a suspect to walk away and retrieve that weapon. If you eliminate the element of race, of the citizen who was shot or any or all of the officers involved, can a non LE officer understand the concept of “officer survival?” Statistically speaking, traffic stops and domestic dispute situation calls are two of the most deadly for police officers. I implore non LE folks, please know that police officers do not start their shift each day with intent to find an unarmed male black to beat or shoot. And to those individuals who happen to be black and don’t like or trust or even hate the police, your contact with the police will be safer and much more pleasant if you comply with their requests and commands. You can always file a complaint with their agency after your contact with them. I suppose this post will fall mostly on deaf ears, but even if it persuades a few, it was worth the time to write.

  • That’s not so he seems to be walking to his vehicle maybe concerned about his children . Know Blackman deserves this unjustified treatment. Comply with the officers, maybe he should have been treated like a human being first in stead of like a wild animal shot to be killed 7 times really. Why not teased then or some other method. The officers had Know concern for for his life or his children same mess every time. I seen were officers run around a vehicle from a white man with a knife they didn’t shut him or were white had a gun talk to him. I’m seeing our blackmen don’t have respect or treated like human beings. Stop shutting our blackmen.

  • Just a few questions folks, are all police racist including black officers or is it just the crazy left trying to make us believe that even black cops are just as racist as white cops? I think not just like in any group there are a handful who shouldn’t be officers. Now the left keeps lying about our country, we are not a racist nation. That is a lie by the left to make minorities live in fear. No most minorities don’t want to de-fund or get rid of police, this is just a lie by those who don’t live in those blue cities that have a true crime problem of black on black killings daily. To many black families attend funerals for love one who have died way to early in live. 50+ year of democrat rule in these blue cities hasn’t fixed a thing and it is only getting worse and you think removing police is going to solve the bigger problem of black on black violence? Then you are a fool and will keep the status quo of ruling democrats in place and keep hoping for something to change. This saying applies to you. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

  • He was protecting his home. The officers walked in, in plainclothes, without knocking. Most would assume they were being intruded upon.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I wish more of this was shared in mainstream Media. I think it would diffuse racism and show it is misunderstandings between human beings, not whites and blacks. I’m white and grew up in the inner city with several black males I’m friends with. I know they’ve experienced bias on occasion from the police so it is definitely something we should be aware and try to make improvements. However, the media showing we have more differences than similarities isn’t going to help! Most cops are trying to do a good job by everyone but imagine putting yourself in their shoes. They are trained if someone doesn’t listen to you assume they are going for something to hurt you. Yes, there are definitely some bad cops out there as there are some bad teachers, bad postal workers, bad CEOs but those are the exceptions not the rule. The media blows these incidents out of control which I honestly believe creates more racism then there really is. Correct me if I’m wrong Ron.

  • Reading some of these comments makes me want to puke.

    1. How bad of a shot do you think the officer was to NOT kill him with a head shot or heart shot from 2 feet away? They weren’t trying to kill him; they were trying to neutralize him.

    2. He had an arrest warrant out — public record. I believe it was for rape of a minor. Also a long history with guns and violence (including against police) and the police knew who he was.

    3. He isn’t “getting into his car” by going head first (well actually “hand first”).

    4. There is a video from the OPPOSITE SIDE where the cops are trying to detain him. In that video they clearly believe he has a knife (which is why the one cop is holding his shirt but keeping distance to avoid being stabbed). Why isn’t anyone putting that one on TV?

    Put all of this into that mental blender sitting on top of your neck and ask yourself what other possible outcome there was for this situation? He’s no victim. He’s no martyr. That community is literally planning a candlelight vigil for a man wanted for raping a minor who the cops allowed to live despite his behavior. This is what we’ve become as a society now? Burning down cities because we’re too ignorant to seek out facts or think logically?

    Some of you folks are right. This guy should have been allowed to reach in his vehicle for maybe a gun. Or they should have told him he was free to leave so he could maybe sexually assault another young girl somewhere. If it were your daughter who got raped hours later at least you could comfort her by saying “well at least he didn’t get shot by the police honey”.

  • You are right! No one deserves to be shot 7 times so there is some issue to be dealt with after having all the facts. On the other side, there wouldn’t have been any shots if he would have listened to the police. It would be nice if stories about violence and all other issues that involve police would be reported without any indication of race on either side. Write the story as impartial, get the facts, after investigating and charges are made than find out the other details. Most stories from Media are written from one perspective and one perspective only. Take this story and write it as facts not presumptions and from a different perspective. The incident is being investigated. Those who made the wrong decision will be dealt with, God willing. DEFUND THE MEDIA!

  • The police represent the will of hundreds of millions of law-abiding citizens. Personal respect for the officer is not a requirement here; Respect for the law is. Law enforcement is not personal.
    Jacob was shot because he resisted arrest and acted like he was going for a weapon. The same thing will happen in a few weeks somewhere else. The pattern will continue for as long as people resist arrest and threaten the police.

  • EXACTLY! Mind you that the officer that could not physically stop Blake then shooting him in the back, speak volumes.

    No doubt,even with adrenaline, the officer was not capable physically or de-escalation wise to handle Blake, as a result from a lack of training and having no heart (balls) to act accordingly.

    That type of guy is on every law enforcement agency as you and I very well know, with no dispute.

  • Brother: I always appreciate your views although we often don’t agree. After George Floyd died everybody has labeled the incident a murder. IT WAS NOT MURDER. It was several officers trying to detain a resisting suspect who refused to enter the police vehicle and had to be taken to ground and restrained. He said he could not breathe prior to being placed in the vehicle. We now know he was on several types of drugs which most likely contributed to his death. There is no doubt in my mind the intent of the officer was not to injure Mr Floyd but to detain him. Mr Floyd died in police custody and certainly they will be held responsible for their actions.y personal opinion is they should be held civil responsible not criminally They did not intend to kill Mr Floyd no matter how many times people repeat the mantra. Ultimately if the officers can find a fair jury they will certainly be found not guilty of murder. At that point the rioting and looting will begin all over again.

  • Brother: Additionally when detaining a suspect with a hostile crown around you demanding you stop what u are doing. U normally don’t give in to those commands because u lose control of the situation. I do however feel the officers should have been more responsive to Mr Floyd after he became unconscious. The officer in question certainly has some issues in his background But I doubt his intent was to kill Me Floyd in front of a large crown filming what he was doing.

  • No, what he is saying is those cops do not know the background of the gentleman heading back to his car. Those cops are trained to protect the citizens as well as their own life. As a cop, I don’t know if a routine traffic stop will be my last stop not knowing who it is behind the will. It’s called being prepared. The man walking back to his car as he is given demands by the officers and his blatant disregard for their authority, he continues to do as he pleases. Those officers do not know if he’s headed for a weapon.

  • SO true. And that does not only apply to blacks but all other races as well. When my son was just a few weeks away from graduation, he got caught in a car with a bunch of friends smoking pot. He was the only brown skinned child in the car, the rest of his teammates in the car were white. Everyone else had attitudes and tried to get smart with LEO, etc. but guess what? My son was very respectful, said “Yes, Sir,” and was the ONLY kid out of the six in the car who actually gave LEO the right parental contact information with a “My mom is going to KILL me, Sir!!” (and he wasn’t lying haha) As a result, he was the only one out of all of them that they let go. Attitude, respect, and following orders are EVERYTHING, especially in today’s time when cops are being slaughtered by terrorist groups and their jobs are more dangerous as well!

  • So people are racist because they don’t agree with you? You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? I don’t think anyone here wants people to be shot, with that being said, cops put their lives on the line everyday not knowing what day may be their last. After shouting orders for someone to follow and that person disobeys then as well as walks to their vehicle (which also has his own 3 children in it) and reaches in the vehicle, what would anyone’s thought be?

    Take the officer out of the equation and insert yourself. You are arguing with this person and this guys runs to his vehicle and reaches in, what’s your initial though? I’m sure I know your answer. Thank you!

  • “We now know he was on several types of drugs….”

    Probably the same can be said for Jacob Blake–he certainly is acting like he’s high on God-knows-what.

    And there you have it: death for 647 (f) pc.

    Disorderly Conduct–Drunk.

  • No one is above the law listen to the law or you can be in trouble shot or zapped or thrown in jail

  • Did the cops know what he was getting was he getting a gun to turn and shoot on him why doesn’t he stop before so they can talk they weren’t sure they have to defend themselves

  • Thank you for sharing LeeLee! Why don’t we have more of these stories published by the media?? I would bet money there are more stories like yours then there are showing hate and racism. Unfortunately hate and negative stories get more attention. When is this going to change? Yes, we have to report the bad but also the good and everything in-between. If we had a balanced media I swear on my life we would me much less divided as a nation!!!

  • ooooo, exactly to your point, did you READ the part in the article that says “was not armed, and in no way aggressive, but was trying to help out with the arguing women.” First of all, this is written as opinion and not fact. An unbiased, balanced reporter for the media would state it as such: “man seemingly not armed, seemed to be going toward vehicle toward arguing women” How does the reporter know, “in NO WAY aggressive, was trying to help out”? Was the reporter there? Has the reporter seen all footage, reports, and facts? NOOOO. Even if the reporters perspective turns out to be true there is always more to the story and assumptions SHOULD NOT be made. DEFUND THE MEDIA!!!!!!

  • Well I think I have the answer to prevent any more blood shed to blacks from cops. One idea is that blacks cooperate with the police when stopped. The other idea is for the police not to stop detain or arrest blacks. Just give them a get out of jail free card. Minus those thoughts I am out of ideas. Rak he was responsible for his actions. He got shot because he was stupid not drunk in public. Not sure of the penal code for that.

  • When a cop tells anyone to stop, s/he should stop. Doesn’t matter what you think of cops…they have guns and badges.
    This didn’t have to go down this way. If all those cops couldn’t subdue Mr. Blake without shooting him, they need some training or a new line of work.
    On the other hand, if Mr. Blake had complied as he should have, he wouldn’t be in critical condition.
    I pray for him, the officers, and our nation.

  • When you KNOW, as well as Chauvin who KNEW, intensified pressure on the neck will STOP breathing and blood flow.

    Enough of the typical mantra “if you can talk, you can breathe” bullshit.

    Chauvin knew damn well that at “that time” not the morning when he awoke, that the continued pressure would be deadly on George


  • Additionally, know that I know that the majority of cops are not bad and not racist. I am not a follower of BLM and I am aware of the good and bad of police and suspects.

  • You are exactly right.
    Critical of the police, but do not dare mention all of the victims wrong doing right in front of his children.
    What did the father teach his children?
    In life there is consequences for your action.
    I have been stopped more times that I can remember. I follow the request that we’re given to me.
    And I have not been abused or shot.

  • “Not sure of the penal code for that.”

    I am absolutely sure–there is no penal code section for getting “shot because he was stupid.”

    You can get the California Penal Code on-line from Barnes & Noble for around twenty bucks, if you don’t already have one about the house someplace.

    Look it up & see for yourself.

  • That is BULLSHIT and you know it. The police belive they are above accountability . That is the reason this type of shit keeps happening. Also having an administration that could care less about BLACK LIVES MATTER doesnt help. We need to make sure this injustice does not go unpunished.Please pray for this family

  • That’s just dumb to say it’ss a case of you damned if you do and damned if you don’t. That didn’t call for his life to be disregarded and strucked multiple times with gun shots. I seen plenty of videos where someone of a different race (caucasian) fighting with police and taking their weapons from them and striking them multiple times and not being shot nor shot at at all..This is disgusting totally and I’m sickened by it..

  • Grow up and face reality. Listen and it would be a different story. I would never try to walk to my car with police in trail. It’s the same story over and over. Blatant disregard. Above the law.

  • Civilians killing civilians isn’t relevant! Police officers shouldn’t kill people , they should be properly trained to de-escalate the situation. But you have to know that right???

  • Tee -Are you kidding me?? Where are YOUR stats for that? The people I work with are all homeless and/or experiencing drug addiction. They go through hell with the police , 99,9% are white and 99.9 of their interactions escalate because of their behavior.
    Stop perpetuating stigma on black men!!!

  • How hard is it to comply with a police officer. We are victimizing cops over stupid people who don’t listen. Then more dumb people are using it as an excuse to loot…. sad just sad all the way around.

  • California just lowered the passing score on the Bar Exam so more minorities could become lawyers.

    You were saying?

  • EXACTLY!! i have two sons. both pulled over for traffic issues and had marijuana on them. both sons followed orders. hands on. car etc

    first son respectful officer dumped weed and let him go after calling me to come

    second son mouthy. handcuffed, taken to jail and booked

    the end!

  • California just lowered the passing score on the Bar Exam so more minorities could become lawyers.

    You were saying?

  • Cops are making the mistake of not using enough force, initially, when confronting a suspect whose resisting them. They need to take them into custody and get the incident over fast as possible. This is especially the case with Black suspects. This is leading to greater uses of force as they take off and do something stupid like Blake did. Cops are afraid of the backlash from Admin or City Leaders or over zealous DA’s if it appears they used even a hint of too much force against a suspect of color and it doesn’t matter what the suspect did. This needs to stop, but it won’t because we work for cowards and jackals. Many of their supporters are posting here, Celeste and Taylor are two of their cheerleaders who hide positive cop stories and instead push hate against cops.

    Or did I miss the story of the little white boy executed in his front yard by a Black man? Not newsworthy enough? Most of the Leftist media thought it wasn’t, go figure.

    Or the three cops ambushed just yesterday in Maryland by two Black suspects? I didn’t miss it, but WLA does not care at all about cops injuries or deaths. It’s all bullshit the ones they cover, it’s meaningless prattle. This is a cop hate site period.

    Don’t ever think otherwise.

  • True, except that that he is father of three boys and he knows that every black male is endangered when the police are around. Could he have done a better job defusing the situation? Maybe. Should the officers have been trained to defuse that situation? Absolutely. Let’s get our priorities straight.

  • Mr. Ron, you are very insightful. You seem to understand from all sides. You aren’t angry or bitter and cursing on here like many others. Ever thought of running for president? Our current two choices are less than stellar.

  • Ron and Bishop, I agree with both of you on your views of the Floyd case. you are both level headed and wish there were more people like you with good common sense.

  • “Brother” you can’t read minds, pretending you can is bullshit and lame. That’s how you talk yourself into stupid conclusions.

  • Yes, there is a statistic here that should not be ignored. HOWEVER, if you ignore an officers call to stop, then you are 100% guaranteed that is will escalate because they have no choice but to lroceed as though you are ignoring because you mean to either flee or attack – there are stats there as well. Yes, we need to hard look at the disproportionate number of POC victimized even when complying (tho, also, it is not 100% of the time so not a guarantee), but opting for complying de facto gives a better chance at not escalating because not listening *guarantees* escalation. Listen, do as asked, and if it STILL goes sideways then it is a clear case of racial injustice and/or police abuse of force. If you ignore them, that cas is not as clear cut

  • What an obtuse and willfully ignorant position. In what situation is it ever ok for a police officer to fire that many rounds at point blank range into someone’s back?

    Maybe, just maybe, black lives are learning a lesson from stand your ground. They’ve had enough of the harrassment… and its damn time we listen!

  • Seriously, please make more excuses for this. WTF. Its always the: “if he responded respectfully he would be ok”, I am sorry the man was shot for what seems like, opening his car door, and he was shot repeatedly. There is no time at all in that video for a cop to see him grabbing a weapon, he grabbed his shirt as he opened the door and was opening fire. I have no idea what the hell that was but it was seriously messed up. If you want to wait for more information on this that is fine, but instantly, based on these comments, it was that this man is fault for being shot for what seems like stopping a fight between 2 other people and walking away to get into his car.

    None of that video made it look like those officers lives were in danger. None. Do you understand why people are upset? Do you understand that part of the massive reaction to this is because of the whole “he must of done something wrong” or “if he just talked to the cops he would be fine”. I am sorry but what I saw there did not look like a life and death situation for those cops.

    Dose of reality…. really?

  • So at this moment, they all felt the need to draw their weapon on an unarmed man, and then once he opened the door one of them open fire, not just once or twice but really unload? Question is, could they have done it another way? Was lethal force needed then? Could they have tased him instead? The issue at hand is why did they need to shoot this man 7 times? You make all these what ifs about him using this car as a weapon or using his kids as a shield, he was unarmed and they shot him, when could there of been other options?

  • A black man named ron? Yea pack it up buddy you a white ally like the rest of em and nobody care that you got wife of kids either you obviously aint educated. It shouldn’t be our job to de-escalte the situation, we ain’t the ones with the gun and the taser an all that. Why we gotta think more to talk and act than they gotta think to shoot and take a life.

  • So I guess the protest where white people were holding guns and yelling at cops about having to wear a mask in front of the state building is is ok, but a black man walking away is a death sentence? You’re a piece of shit man.

  • Couldn’t the cop see the 3 kids in the car? Seven shots were fired. What if 1 of them had hit one of the kids?

  • This has to be one of WLA best post with all these responses. Haven’t seen these names on here ever before this but hopefully you all stick around for future discussion.

    Stay Blessed

  • The man was an innocent victim who didn’t deserve to be shot.If you bothered to take the time to read the article before judging him you would have seen that he was just trying to help break up a fight between two woman.All the cops seem to see is a black man not a human being and they didn’t bother to find out what was going on before shooting him 7 times in the back.If it was a white man this never would have happened.people like you make me ashamed to be white.wake up and stop being so ignorant to reality and try being sympathetic for once to how African Americans are being treated in this country.

  • And excuse me if I am mistaken, but it looked like the cop was trying to empty everything into the guy. All of you defending this cop need to explain WTF that was? How in any rational mind was that justified? Sorry, you are wrong, absolutely wrong. This is not acceptable policing, to unload like that. No, never, and it is going to change. To everyone on the same page as me, please ignore the enablers and justifyers, there will always be critics, skeptics, deniers, excuses and those who reluctant to give up entrenched power

  • Hold on! Hold on!

    Was it a responsibile man holding the gun. Would you trust that policeman to come to your house during a domestic!

    Everywhere around the world, people have walked away, turned their backs on police. They were not shot 7 times.

    Maybe one day you will see why they created the black lives Matter movement.

  • So far the best comment on this article.

    The other think it better that the officer shot a man in cold blood, in front of his children.

    These commenters don’t see that he walked away. Which is something we do when we’ve had enough. In his head, he’s lleaving. He had enough. He’s children are in the car. A rotten police shoots him 7 times, and these wonderful (sarc) non-human commenter thinks write it ok to shot him seven times instead of teasing him.

    I’m tired!

  • I know from 1st hand experience that there are many “Corrupt police” out there who respect nothing but themselves so please stop ✋ with the respect thing many of them don’t deserve it

  • I have a past I’m not proud of but have for the last 18 of my 40 years alive obeyed the law. I have had money stolen from me by the police numerous times have been beaten within an inch of my life whilst hands cuffed behind my back not resisting oh and by the way NEVER charged of anything in these cases and you expect me to RESPECT that!! Really

  • The effort to become a police state began long ago. The use of cell phone cameras just show it more clearly.

  • Apparently, you need a dose of reality. It’s usless talking, Your gonna believe what you want. Don’t matter what color you are. You have the same chance at everything. Racism is an individual thing. If that person wants to be racist, he will. White or black. I’m tired of all the crying. Nothing is easy, grow up

  • Jackass you are lady. Shut up . We have always been respectful their are children involved you racist jerk. He did not deserve ever to be shot . I guarantee if he were white there would be no shooting. You are insensitive and ignorant. That’s what happens when no one gets an education on the cruel history of America.

  • It’s time for education in everything there is to know about Cruel American History. It’s ugly but true.

  • Twice as many proportionally? By rough calculation, that would mean a little over eight times as many. Twice as many out of a population slightly more than four times greater means a quarter as many.

  • What is worrisome here, though, is that licensing exams used to be exempt from the strictures of Affirmative Action. Now, if it is found that, say, there are not enough minorities represented as Smog Mechanics then the passing score will be lowered from 81% to maybe 55% and the question arises:

    Is this really a positive development for the long-term societal good?

  • Thank you Jo. I am too frustrated to respond and I can’t thank you enough. As a black woman who often watched my friends snatched and beat for no reason, then grew up to work for NYPD for 23 years I know better. I wish it were that simple. I will never forget the pain my son went through. He grew up around officers I worked with and had respect until officers that did not know us personally gave him a reason not to. I know of Black officers that were beat before they could even announce who they were. Dose you opinion is totally unfounded and based on total ignorance.

  • We lived in Birmingham and our son was pulled over many times for no reason by white cops/sheriffs. Only thing we could figure was he had a tag saying b-ball and the cops looks at guys playing sports as party people, which is furthest thing from this sports guy. He was coming home from playing bb one night with 2 friends, they pulled him over for no reason other than it was late( we assumed). This ridiculous white cop/sheriff had them get out of car in wet bb clothing and stand at rear of car. Our son called and his dad went to where they were and he asked sheriff why he pulled them over much less make them stand in freezing weather wet. This happened many times to point my son lost all respect for police/sheriff. So I get how others feel when you get picked on for no reason. This is a free country last time I checked and being out late playing bb is not a crime, yet! We had to remind him, regardless of police/sheriff’s going overboard at times, he better always have a respectful attitude or you may get a result you will not desire….
    Another time while in Birmingham another boy was pulled over close to his home and he told officer he wanted to go get his parent and started walking toward his house. He was shot in back too and died. We no longer live in that place….there is something wrong with a place with sheriffs/police do such mindless acts. Both boys….were white! Doesn’t just happen to one race folks.

  • Brother and 1: I am not making excuses for Chauvin….but the simple truth is they were trying to detain an individual…not kill a black man….no matter what kind of spin you may want to put on it….he may have been stupid and will face responsibility for his idiocy….And 1. You and I both know shooting a suspect in the back does not indicate malice…..had he been reaching for a weapon in the car being shot in the back would have been justified. You KNOW that……also and this is the elephant in the room….how bout complying with the police and going home at night….I do…but I am white and don’t carry a chip on my shoulder…do what you are told and go home at night…you can always make a personnel complaint or sue the city later….

  • Brother and 1: Lastly lets compare another police officer shooting of a black man to the Floyd incident….it was a couple of years back and a suspect had ran from an officer into a park and struggled with him for his taser. The suspect ran from the officer and was shot in the back. He tried to cover it up but it was caught on tape. Now that was MURDER and he received in excess of 20 years in prison for that…how do you compare that to the Floyd situation where he is being detained by officers using their body weight to maintain control…..you both KNOW his intent was not to kill this man…he was an idiot and perhaps should be pumping gas somewhere if gas stations still do that…..the trouble in this country is that EVERY death involving a police officer and a black man is deemed racist…excessive force etc…no matter what the circumstances are and justifies burning and looting….the black community loses credibility every time that is done and needs to pick their battles….

  • You know Joe you are one of many privileged white men and women who refused to open their eyes there are numerous videos of unarmed black man cooperating with the police beating beating and shot and killed it doesn’t matter long as you’re black you are threat and your life doesn’t matter privilege those are the eyes you look through

  • I completely agree with this. Why is no one talking about the fact that these men are not doing what they are told. These are direct orders from law enforcement, if you disobey them, you are asking for them to use force. You are provoking them. This is not in all cases, but with George Floyd he was breaking the law by using illegal drugs, 7 of them infact all at once, and out of his mind on drugs, and behind the wheel of a car, as well as committed a crime by using counterfeit money, and resisting arrest. He didnt deserve to die, but why arent we holding people accountable for following the law, the rules and when they break the law, that doesnt seem to be important to anyone.

  • BS, more white men are shot by cops and even taking into account the larger white population, more black men are involved in criminal activities and hence more encounters with the police. In this situation Blake was stupid you never resist arrest and go to your car police are going to assume you’re going for a weapon. Too many cops killed in exactly this same situation.

  • How bout that. New video and witness statements say officers wrestled and tased Mr Blake before he was shot. Hard to believe I thought it was just a case of another black man being shot by a cop for no reason. What say you Brother and 1.

  • Wow!!!!!! Am I the only one that can see the common thread here in the majority of OIS? Look real close with an open mind and it may sink in that none of the persons shot were complying with the LEO’s orders. You can clearly see them resisting, running away, fighting, etc.

    I refuse to believe that they are “standing their ground” or “rights against illegal detention or arrest.” It’s seems to always be a racial issue. If each of these persons would have cooperated, they would still be alive and could have used the legal system to file a complaint or lawsuit if they felt they were targeted.

    There are quite a few people on facebook that relate stories, of all races, that have been contacted by LE and have survived by cooperating, even while armed. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    Lastly, why would an LEO take a chance and presume an uncooperative person would not try to harm him attempting to get away? I would rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.

    Just my take.

  • From all these post show ignorance and Uncle Tom syndrome. How does any man who has nothing to do with the call for the officers to arrive to the scene turn into them questioning and asking him to stop when he had his kids in the car. He was trying to check on his kids and possibly lower the windows to provide fresh air for his sons. It was three officers there, they couldn’t have just arrested him without shooting him down like cattle. And why was his gun out and lock and loaded in the first place with an unarmed man. This just shows that the KKK and racist cops are deeply rooted in the police force and they have no respect for black lives and they think they can get away with shooting us down like that. We need to make it a hate crime to shoot and kill unarmed black men when especially they didn’t even commit a crime. This is a total shame and tragedy, thankfully he lives but will be paralyzed.

  • Oops, the left’s false narrative of a black man just minding his own damn business, only to be shot by the mean old whitey po-leece fell apart once again.

    The video from the other side shows Blake fighting with police, breaking away and being ordered to stop, Blake disregarding those orders, and either being armed with knife the entire time or attempting to retrieve it from his car. It was found on the driver’s side floorboard where he was rushing to go.

    If the new norm is for BLM and antifa-sympathizing whites to jump to conclusions every time police shoot an armed suspect and burn their cities, we have reached a point of complete absurdity that is unsustainable.

  • Hmm a near fatal dose of Fentanyl found in Floyd’s system. Wonder if that could have contributed to his death. Naw. Had to be systematic racism

  • Celeste-

    Before I post my 2 cents to give my uniformed brethren something to chew on, I wanted to see if you could clarify what you mean by “racist” and “extravagantly anti-police.” Are they the same in your book? What is merely anti-police and not extravagantly anti-police? I do not want to run afoul of your rules and have the ladies squeal and cry foul.

    And, not sure how you can read some of my pot-bellied friends’ comments and not find them racist? I think my potbellied friends may not know or have forgotten that a citizen has a right to resist excessive force. That means that if a portly uniformed welfare recipient uses excessive force on a black kid, that black kid has a right to make sure that security guard does not do it again. Now, I would not advocate this, but it is that citizen’s right.

  • I appreciate your point of view, but you are missing a crucial point…young white men are treated differently by police, even when they are belligerent or disregard orders. The police are not supposed to commit extrajudicial executions like what happened here. That is what due process is for. And it does not matter what this person’s past crimes were either. They are irrelevant to the current incident.

  • @ Bandwagon,

    Some points here, iI am very familiar with case in South Carolina, 20 years for murder, lying with cover-up, Wow, what a bargain!
    Along with Dylan Roof who murdered 8 congregants in church then arrested before getting a ride by Cops to Burger King, blurred lines of Justice, only in America.

    Do you think the same would be if the murderers in the above true example were black? No need to answer as we all know.

    For the segment of riotous and idiots who are Black wherever injustice happens (Kenosha,Minneapolis, wherever) I have no excuses for them and the optics are not good as they do not represent the majority of Blacks.

    The segments of fools, clowns and assholes are not limited to Blacks but yes, it does appear to be more prevalent in sociodemographic areas.

    Haven’t seen the latest on the Kenosha incident or updates but I’ll look.

    Our opinions differ at times but good to exchange thoughts and opinions without personal attacks.

  • You should be ashamed! What did George Floyd do? The cops had no body camera so you don’t know what transpired. By the way, stop and frisk is illegal and unconstitutional.

  • Just saw the video of the 17 yer old who shot the folks up in the disturbance..
    What (who) would encourage a 17 year old to go into another state with a weapon and then discharge it in such a manner. Was he intent on putting those people in their place, or protecting the suburbs? What was he thinking? Who, or what programed him to think that way?
    Very scary and most gross is, there was at least one police officer on foot who walked right by the rifle carrying suspect as he (the police officer) was actively looking for and poised to find a suspect. Why couldn’t he see the person holding a rifle in the middle of the street, and who everyone else was gave as much space as he needed? You know the only guy with a rifle and sling over his shoulder and everyone else was shouting that he was the suspect. Even more gross, the suspect walked pass two patrol armored cars and walked up to a patrol car with police inside while he remained armed with a rifle. He was totally dismissed. But it was obvious he could not be the suspect. What does a suspect look like? What was the expectation of what a suspect’s appearance should be? He walked from an area where a shooting occurred and up to the police car with a rifle!! The crowd continuously yelled, “he shot someone.”
    So based on the comments submitted on this page, please look at the original Blake videos again, and the video of the police response to the 17 year old. The discussions need to be more honest regarding the topic at hand with an emphasis on professional responses, not smearing after the fact. More honest regarding how our “impressionable in society” view this issue of race (I cant honestly say view law and order or cops because our crime stats were apparently at all time lows before this recent 2020 spat) and how they react (Zimmerman). This is a huge contrast and a good primer to ask “what is the face of crime, what are we expecting to see as a criminal and how does that expectation change how we deal with people and the escalation of force?” It is also a good primer to look at tactics and if the expectation alters the professional response. Wasn’t that obvious that he had a knife as he was shot with his back to the officer, was very obvious he had a rifles he presented himself with his face to numerous officers and no shots. Thank God the 17 year did not decide to shoot up the cops to get more attention.

  • Brother: I agree the cop in South Carolina got off easy with 20 years. I was surprised that was all he received. Justice is not always fair or impartial. I don’t know to much about Dylan Roof other than he is a sick MF. Perhaps the cops took him to Burger King in an attempt to get him to cooperate in the interview. It would not be the first time that ruse has been used.

  • What I say is and what I can stand on is, as you may know. lE are amped, they hate for the individual of any color to get away from, not listen to, over power LE….because if you do resist, get away from, fight or over power LE, it is an embarrassment. I’ve seen it for years, I’m not the trolls on this board who don’t have the experience or first hand knowledge. I’ve been there and seen that. Black n Brown men are considered threats all the damn time.

    I’m not justifying fight the police, resist the police…..but at some point when your boss at work who pays your wages keeps on pushing n pushing n pushing n pushing, eventually you gonna day f your boss, I’m tired of this shit and quit.

    Yes these things happen to all races of people, but when u look at the circumstances of how often and how these incidents are happening. It makes you wonder.

    I respect all comments but if you have worked the line, the streets, the field you see certain partners in LE who you know have racial tendencies.

    Do I agree with every incident, no…do I know tactics yes. Can I put myself in the situation in certain incidents that have happened “ hell yea” and I would have handled them different because I know how to deal with people.

    No text book, no academy, no simulation can teach you how to deal with people.

    It’s called communication and the majority that I have come across in LE lack it n surely have no grasp of the community the police.

    Just my few pennies I will through out in this pandemic.

    I can tell you story after story,

    I didn’t like LE as a kid, so I joined them to try and make a change. But when you try to make change you still get burnt. So what will my son think of LE, and his son.

    That question can’t be answered because that change of equality doesn’t even come when your wearing the same badge.

    We all have stories and this AINT no Mondaynight quarterbacking, someday you will hear the story of And1. I’m still waiting on the restore, reform, rebuild.

    But hell we been waiting for 400 years.

    Stay Blessed

  • Stop with all the BS folks about a persons record, if they were on dope, had did this and that. Does that justify his life being taken or crippled.

    So let’s change the narrative, does it take a individual of any color, clean record, outstanding citizen, a fellow LE partner of the blue, tan n green etc to get shot in the back for the world to see the difference.

    My experience in LE of more than 20 years says that if your of color, you are perceived a threat regardless of what the MDC spits out before LE arrives on the scene and it’s sad.

    To all my LE community, stay safe, go home at night, protect your partners…but not every person of color is a bad man.

    Stay Blessed

    PS CF I was starting to miss you, where you been. We got all these new folks on the board. You been on vacation or what.

    What other boards are there out there, I’m tired of the millennial boards. Get me up to speed. Lol

  • Because he was going for a knife on the floorboard of the car I’m a retired police officer and I would have shot him also Im going home at night

  • Hey Greg just pretend it’s some Palestinian kid getting shot by Israelis, and you’ll feel better.

  • How about them dealing with us respectfully. I don’t understand why you people don’t get it. You continue to ask these ridiculous questions. Wow!!!! How do you have the nerve to dictate how a person should act or respond if you have no idea what that person is dealing with? Where is your empathy? Where is there’s?

  • Just over 20 years eh? Not exactly a full career, what happened? Did you and the county come to a mutual agreement that you shouldn’t work there anymore?

  • U are obviously not black. U or ur children or their children obviously have nothing to ever worry about when dealing with police. You obviously are blind to not see the pattern of violence. And you obviously have no heart to make such a stupid and cold comment like that.
    Shame on you.
    Not doing what a cop says..especially as an innocent man does not give the police a right to shoot him in the back.
    Being a cop isnt a free pass to kill.
    Their lives were in no way threatened.

  • Why are you so special that you don’t have to obey the same rules as a white person who is told to stop by a police officer? Compliance is the key here. If he was compliant this would not have happened. If he didn’t tell the police he had a knife and then attempted to retrieve it, this wouldn’t have happened. Black, white, purple, orange or green, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t COMPLY with the law there will be consequences, as there well should be. It’s about time ALL people start taking responsibility for their own actions. For every action, there is a reaction. If you told me you had a knife and attempted to retrieve it, i would shoot you too and i can promise i won’t care whether you are white or black, latino or asian etc….I’m sorry this man was shot, I’m sorry his poor children had to witness a domestic dispute between their parents and i’m sorry they were put at risk by the police shooting within inches of them. I think 7 times in the back is excessive and i hope these officers do face some discipline for excessive use of force, however, using force in itself was clearly warranted in this situation.

  • Yea, that’s what they always argue, “he should’ve complied with the officer.” So what? That’s an offense called “delaying or obstructing an officer in the lawful performance of their duties.” Penal Code 148. The penalty is up to a year in jail – not death or traumatic injuries for life. The question is always: Did the officer have a justifiable right to pull the trigger?, and the unequivocal answer is NO. Officers are trained to use only so much force as is needed to accomplish their job, no more, no less. Shooting a person for an act of disrespect is excessive, and a crime. The officer should go to jail.

  • And 1,

    Are you that fired LAPD cop who wrote “One Time”? The book with enough typos to choke a horse? I suspect you are. Writing that that – how the hell did you get off training? You are a disgrace and did NOTHING to try to change LE. You were a corrupt cop yourself, and you have no moral high ground to stand on.

  • Ana Quadros,

    Where did you get that “rape” misinformation you’re spreading around? Nice try.

  • Totally agree. I have been pulled over multiple times for speeding, illegal turns etc. I am always cooperative and respectful. Most times they say take it easy now, and have a nice day.

  • The guy was tazed and it had no effect. Cops dont taze people for no reason. I just dont understand why he wouldnt just comply with the cops. If someone is tazed you cant just expect the cops to let you drive away….

  • Dose you need to give a dose of reality to your friend, rape suspect, and domestic violence restraining order recipient Carl Caren Mandoyan. Guess you do not like the truth about your convicts

  • They did taze him and he walked away from it! Should the cops just give up and let him get in the car and peel off with kids in the car??? Obviously he was all worked up if he’s not complying with cops that tazed him!! Maybe just comply with police?? Dont run from them??

  • No, not in my neck of the woods. Attitude dictates so much. Believe what you want. Too many Blacks today start off as if they’re at war with us, that’s on them, not on us.

  • He fought before getting to the door, that’s called “resisting.” Should I send you a dictionary Einstein?

  • Still speaks to thinking minorities need help where people like me think they don’t. They earned the degree on their own now they need a leg up to pass the test, bs.

  • Truth. Respect goes a long way. Something most kids and young adults of all colors in this country know too little about.

  • You are an idiot for saying this. What about the disregard the police have for the lives of black people. Was George Floyd being disrespectful. You do not know what you are talking about. Maybe if you were black and lost a member of your family or friends by a white policeman, maybe you would be able to understand. Otherwise, please shut the hell up. You are what is wrong with this country. It is you with your hatred and you bigoted views that is making this country what it is.

  • What amazes me is nobody, unless I missed it, has talked about what happens if he gets in that vehicle and drives off with those kids. Cops are just suppose to let that happen? Sorry, no way. If he’s allowed to do that and something happened to them people will be screaming that it was that Black guy the cops should have shot.

    But we all know as cops today…You can’t win.

  • Sonia,

    Please don’t be tired. I know it can be disarming. They are trying to break us, but we are not going to let the. This is what is wrong with this country, bigoted, disgusting racist trump supporters who want nothing more than to take America back to the days of slavery, but alas, there is no going back.

    Vote in November, vote to get that disgusting piece of filth out of the White house.

    Be well and stay safe.


  • Hey Dose is Carl Caren Mandoyan, Detective Neil David Kimball, the recently charged 2 Sheriff’s Captains, one of whom is going to be charged with raping a minor, the executioners from Compton Sheriff’s Station and the Bandidos gang from the Sheriff’s East Los Angeles Fort Apache Station role models. I see you were pretty quick to accuse the Black man shot by Cops of rape. Since you are free to make accusations, guess it makes me free to spew accusations too.

  • Where did it say he was on drugs. You are ignorant. The police should step on your neck or one of your family or friends, maybe this would make you more empathetic. I cannot believe the total lack of respect you have for black people. This is what is wrong with this country. You are sick and you need serious help.

  • Aye, Aye Schwartz. I do not understand how they believe what the policeman did was justifiable. This is what is wrong with America, too many people feel as they do.

    It is a sad day, when you see these kinds of comments and how many people actually feel this way.

    Be well and stay safe.

  • He was probably going to check on his children. Why do you and the policeman assumes it is going to be a weapon. There were children in the car. The total disregard the policeman showed for these innocent children is unbelievable.

    You are justifying a policeman shooting a man in the back 7 times. You are what is wrong with this world.

  • Why can’t we respond to Aunt B. I would like to know why no one is allowed to respond to her racist comment.

    By the way, the majority of people on welfare are a lot of poor white trash, Trump followers.

  • You are such an idiot Maj Kong, King Dong.

    How stupid are you. You are among a few who life was not affected by watching George Floyd being murdered by that racist cop. There is a special place in hell for people like you.

  • Ana,

    Read the thread above again. I wasn’t the one who accused him of anything. But others pointed out that he had a warrant for his arrest for rape. That means prosecutors filed charges against him.

    No, none of those you mentioned is a role model. Thanks for asking.

  • Well, you certainly sound very educated. You told him, huh? He has an opinion different than yours. Thank you so much for demonstrating tolerance. Turned around, of course, it would be called racism.

  • @Dose negative that’s not me, I could care less about typos on a site like this. Training was easy, you should know. Most idiots in LE get off just fine then they dumb ass shoot somebody in the back because their scared of their shadow.

    No proofreading here Sir Sir

  • And I’m was in fear of my life, same story for weak ass scary I wanna be a hero I got my ass handed to me please don’t embarrass me ass looooozers.

    No proof reading

  • It’s a good enough career when you own and operate your own business on the side. 20 is enough to see the BS, hell you can see the the BS at 5, to exact you could see the BS before starting a career in LE.

    What you suggest a career starts after 30-35 and on your 3 wife, barely have life left in you to enjoy your pension.

    Not my cup of tea Sir,

  • To all you ignorant racist cop supporters on here even if he did have a knife what good would it have done him they could have pepper sprayed him instead shooting him in the back infringement of his kids when he was clearly unarmed that’s that white power that white supremacy that white privileged that untrained mentality
    Police officers should be able to stop any one with a knife they have taser and pepper spray

    How about this every time a black man is shot an unarmed black man is shot by a white police officer that white cop and his family needs to die and his family should die I guarantee you the killing of unarmed blacks will stop then

  • Hence goes the saying you never bring a knife to a gun fight

    These officers that shoot want to shoot they want to kill and they are not strong enough nor properly trained and should have never been in uniform secondly the department and the higher up and cities that train these officers and their way of thinking should be questioned also

    Obviously it’s ok to kill unarmed blacks because it keeps happening who is training these cops
    Who is in these police academies giving these modern day kkk members and modern day lynchers
    Their syllabus

  • So Is it equally easy for The 12 year old playing on the playground or the woman sleeping in her bed or the man eating ice cream in his living room to “just do what the police tell you to do?

  • “…And you have no moral high ground to stand on.”

    A person’s moral character can be discerned by what bothers him, and using that as a gauge the moral ground he’s standing on is higher than yours.

  • “Life effected by watching George Floyd”, you’re not talking about reality, you’re talking about a tv show you’ve been watching. The tv has instructed you that the cop is the bad guy and Floyd is the victim, you’re responding as programed. You don’t know what you don’t know

  • Blake was charged July 6 with felony third-degree sexual assault and misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct. All three offenses carried a penalty enhancer because they were connected to domestic abuse.
    The charges — which have not gone to trial — stem from a May 3 incident in Kenosha County. A woman Blake knew told police he came into her house about 6 a.m., sexually assaulted her and then took a debit card and car keys before fleeing in her vehicle, according to a criminal complaint. Contrary to many social media claims, the woman involved in this case was an adult.
    A warrant for Blake’s arrest was filed the day after the criminal complaint, online court records show.

  • Thanks for that up-date; much appreciated.

    Another up-date: the warrant for Blake’s arrest has been vacated because bond was posted. This occurred just today (8-28-2020; Friday) so things are still evolving.

    Again, thanks for the up-date.

  • So what do you think should have happened instead? I am sincerely asking. What would have been a better response to someone disobeying police orders and reaching into a vehicle? Wait to see if he pull a gun? Wait and see if he pulls the knife he told he had? If you were the cop, how would you have handled it?

  • Hey Donald: How bout obeying the lawful orders of a police officer and go home at night. Or do the laws and constitution of the United States not pertain to blacks.

  • The BAR notice that in the last two years or so of exams the results regarding the pass rate was lower overall. That includes all races. Previous three day test was cut to a two day test. They also noticed the test was not a prefect measure of the performance of lawyers (continuing debate). One of the recent test yeilded a 26% pass rate. Not that many minorities taking the test to blame them on that result. The BAR has been very particular not to lower the score to solely allow more minorities in. They also are considering how the virus has interrupted the preparations of the bar takers. The latest article said they created a temporary certification for recent ABA school graduates. That does not sound like a break just for minority applicants.

  • Are we done not waiting for the facts? Like I said before to wait! But, no the crazies neo-progs/ socialist and their lies. The guy had a knife, fought with officers and had one officer in a had lock and only then tried to taser the suspect. His lawyer paid his bail for the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT CHARGE.
    Suspects never change and never will. Anyone who has witnessed and knows that history of law enforcement that being a street cop has changed and for the better. One last question: Had the woman that was sexually assaulted been been white rather than black woman would you then have outrage -KAREN?

  • Quit letting FACTS get in the way of the approved narrative of the left – an unarmed (except for the knife) black man was shot by a white police officer! They should have done something else, like go hands-on first (they did) or use a TASER (they did, twice) or give him verbal commands to stop (they did, but he acted like they weren’t there). They should have done something else!

  • Rakkakakakakakka
    Do you think it’s possible the warrant was vacated because homie is damn near dead, very least paralyzed? Handcuffed to bed or not, he ain’t fleeing lol.

    Don’t see anything stating the charge for sexual assault was vacated. So, he’s not wanted anymore, seven bullets brought him in.

  • And white kids kill other white kids in schools for unknows reasons. What did those babies at stonyhook do to u white folks. Im just curious Tina?

  • with a knife in hand ( photo shows it) after you told police you had one and the reach into the car after wrestling with police, being unfazed by tazer. Yeah… I’m going to wait to see what you turn around with. His fiance called police on him for violating a tro and as he’s in an issue with the cops he still leads the fight to where his children are. Father of the year… oh, and warrant for raping a minor female. DAMN those police for disturbing a saint.

  • When cops lives are threatened, hell yes they are entitled to shoot till they no longer feel threatened! The big problem stems from the blacks who Disrespect officers because they don’t like authority and that’s mostly because most have grown up without an authority figure or father…Think about that!

  • Don’t be side tracked by that, when he knives a police officer is that what we will think …oh but it was one of his kids birthday, lmao

  • There is such thing as tasing, shooting the leg and tackling and that is how the system supposed to work as officers. There was NO excuse to pull him by the shirt and shoot him seven times when he had nothing in him and witnesses say he was leaving the scene after breaking up a fight. Even if he resist, the way the officers behaved was NOT supposed to be the approach. Officers supposed to be trained to deescalate via words, tackle, taze, and if the person is running- aim for the bottom. Not aim for death. No no

  • Typo. I mean, it is the other way around. The cops need to remember how they must approach. Again, HANDS UP, TALK By de-escalating (usually that helps if you lessen your yells and calm down as an officer), if not respecting officer and walks away – tackle it taze and arrest. But this was just an argument that this young man tried to stop while children were in the car. He was trying to de-escalate an argument. Instead she. He decided he will just mind his business and go, he gets pulled out of his car and shot times. The villain here is the officer. That was attempted murder.

  • Officer you are wrong. I work in the same system as you. Don’t try to manipulate with informed information. Thank you.

  • Melanie,

    I guess you missed a lot of info:

    The “breaking up a fight” is a lie. Police were called by one of the women at the scene.

    He had a felony warrant for rape of a minor, so he needed to go to jail.

    The police tried to subdue him via hand-on, but he got one of the officers in a head lock.

    They tried to subdue him via a Taser – twice, but it didn’t work.

    They tried to “de-escalate” him via verbal commands after that, but he pretended like they weren’t there and walked toward his car.

    And you have no training or experience to determine how or where to shoot a suspect. Your aim low comment is TV silliness.

    I’ll bet you still believe the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie from Ferguson that was disproven by black witnesses, too.

  • Melanie,

    The info you are relying on is wrong. Stop embarrassing yourself with your uninformed, liberally distorted false narrative.

  • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Whitemen get shot and killed by cops too when their life is at risk. The black man Trump pardoned at the RNC convention said the FBI agent who took him in took him to get something to eat first. He said his kindness had a huge impact. Sometimes cops just try to show grace. This man is accused of rape, many charges and video shows he had a large knife in his hand. Not a good man. A criminal engaging in ctiminal behavior and endangering his children. I just watched a video if a scum bag who got away from two cops trying to restrain him, ran around to his vehicle, reached in, pulled out a gun and shot both officers multiple times. They should have shot him before he had a chance to do that.

  • My can understand that nerves and fear in the moment caused the finger to just keep pulling till aggressor is subdued

  • Justify putting yourself in that situation and not knowing the unknowns how would you honestly react….
    Honestly now, if you believe you have the discipline and restraint to accurately know Blake’s thoughts and intentions then you are in the wrong profession..not listening was not his only mistake….CANT YOU SEE THAT!!!!got to do with what…

  • oh Yea, getting up in the details of number of shots ,,,well so you agree that shooting was warranted but too many shots for your taste.
    That’s progress. Why no admit that his actions were the only cause of what happened and weather seven or two it is his fault..

  • Yes if he was white he would have been shot by the police it’s called not doing what you’re told to do when a cop has his gun drawn on you if he says get down then get the fuck down it has nothing to do with race that’s just something all you far left people use as ammunition is race if you ask me the people always bringing up how something is racist are the racist people

  • Omg are you Freaking serious? Yes he didn’t listen to the cops, but that, in NO FORM OR FASHION, gives them the right to shoot someone, ESPECIALLY in the Back!!! Oh yeah & in front of his kids??? I can only imagine what would’ve happened had Blake ACTUALLY did something… Cops would’ve probably shot up the car with his kids in there. When is it going to end?!?!? Sadly it looks like NEVER… UNLESS citizens overthrow the government! They’re the WORST “LEGAL” MOB in the world!!! The pd will probably say some BS to clear the cop(s), AS USUAL… Like ALWAYS! So sad! For friends & family of The Blake family!

  • Did you not understand the statement? Quite simple, ignore the police and risk yourself. That’s the problem, think you don’t have to comply? It’s simple and only an idiot doesn’t understand. You go to police academy, get a badge and face the work; but I’m sure you’re busy with your humanitarian Pulitzer.

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