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UPDATED: Who let Roger out?

    Even water tricks won’t remove the stain of Roger’s reign

Cardinal Roger “I belong in Hell” Mahony, in a statement issued from his prison cell… (Ok, strike that. But we all can dream and hope for justice for this world-class pedophile protector!) attacked the very legal gay marriages about to be performed in California. But why should we be surprised that the Man in Red and his brethren refuse to embrace the law on gay marriages? Roger is the same guy who wouldn’t call the cops to report heinous sex crimes against children. Abiding by the law seems to be optional for him, and subject to the fund-raising whims of his corporation-like church.

In case you’re looking for some liner for the cage of your rabid pet pig, print out the archdiocese’s statement right here and hope your printer doesn’t cry in shame.

UPDATE: For a radical twist on my crusade for justice for Big Bad Roger, see Joe Mailander’s blog here.


  • Alan, is that guy in the picture wasting water?

    Speaking of gay marriages and crimes against children, it’s pretty sick to allow same sex parents to adopt kids. Two parents are better than one unless both parents are the same sex, in which case one is superior in that it doesn’t pervert kids.

  • Yeah, you anti-Catholic bigot. $600 million isn’t enough for you—you want jail time too.

    I’ll tell you what, you anti-Catholic bigot. Have your 600 newly-minted millionaires give Catholics back $600 million that they would use to prop up the State’s social services, and you can have the Cardinal.

  • I was going to report that Joe Mailander’s Street-Hassle blogspot has a thread featuring the “anti-Catholic bigot known as Alan Mittelstaedt,” but I guess he’s been here himself.

    Meanwhile, Joe’s been hammering at the Mayor for his trip to Israel, and somehow that figures in the comments on the subject again — like he’s a sell-out to the Jews or something, which many Mexican immigrants have been claiming. And Torquenada the anti-Catholic tormenter, whose ancestors were converts from Judaism, seems to figure in it, too. Joe has written that as a Catholic, Antonio should have gone to Rome, instead. Really? We’ve got an equally sizable Italian resident community here — permanent residents, that is? Most Europeans, including the French he adores as a Francophile, come and go, and some are frankly Eurotrash who contribute nothing to our society but their arrogance.

    Geez, can’t there be a rational discussion about this without anti- Semitism being thrown into the mix, to balance the perceived anti- Catholicism? If the guy knew and abetted pedophilia, it’s worse than administrators at LAUSD who are arrested for lesser crimes.

    Bankrupting the Church to pay off these lawsuits, instead of paying for the crime himself, is Mahoney’s fault, NOT that of those who want consistency in upholding the law. If he hadn’t hidden this issue, and played dance-of-the-lemons with pedophile priests for so long, he wouldn’t have subjected the decent tithers to the Church, to this waste of money. Money taken away from needed programs for kids and the elderly.

    I thought Alan too tough here, frankly, but these responders who attack those who want Mahoney to take the responsibility anyone else would have to, and throwing anti-Semitism into the mix, are turning the tables for me.

  • Woody, if you’re “not taking sides,” the source you cite sure is. As I was viewing, pop-ups for Ann Coulter’s book came up and the page has an ad to “Promote Diversity:” a girl wearing a t-shirt with a dozen or more different types of guns. Pro- McCain stuff, and the whole periodical is oriented toward debunking “leftist” media like CNN and Campbell Brown.

    They quote Helfand’s summary of a book critical on the Churc’s handling of the pedophilia cases, and I don’t see anything wrong here, although the commenter says Helfand’s take was “scurrilous” for claiming the author was criticized by the Church on three continents for claiming that the Church tried to cover up the issue; critic argues that author was praised in his home Continent of Australia for taking on the issue so bluntly. (But that’s just ONE continent, it doesn’t include America or his treatment here by Mahoney, and there may have been some in Australia who ostracized him. Helfand was talking about a pattern.) One would have to dig more deeply, but based on what’s presented here, it’s hyperbolic to decry “More Dishonest, Error-Laden Articles…” Maybe the Times and CNN have a certain bias, but this periodical screams its own.

    While I think Catholics may be put off by Alan’s tone here as well as by content — like with the guerrilla tactics of startling Nahai’s household for the water bill — they’re over the top in blaming “anti-Catholic bigots” and making clear connections here to “the Jews” for wanting to put away the Cardinal, when “they’ve” already gotten $600 million from the Church.

    That money wouldn’t have been paid out to victims if the Church incl. Mahoney had stopped abuse in its tracks, not turned a blind eye for decades. Even this paper you cite, Woody, doesn’t question that pedophilia went on, and in fact argues that the Australian Archdiocese praised the author for his work in exposing this. (They object to claims that the Church tried to silence or marginalize the author, and claim that such shunning was just for doctrinal reasons.) Pedophilia as a crime and doctrinal disputes are two very different things, and the Times was talking about the former.

  • I just wanted to point out to Alan that my “radical” take yesterday was out of line to the degree that it got personal. I’m sorry—I know, too little and too late and it doesn’t make it better—but I had too much alcohol yesterday and I get too knee-jerk defensive on the Catholic Church.

    I also mentioned as much back at the blog where I posted. I’ve loved Alan’s work for some time.

    Hell, I haven’t even been to mass in almost a year. But my experience with the Cardinal has not been bad, and I do think Catholics have had a bad deal.

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