Race & Justice

Voices In the Storm

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

collected by Celeste Fremon & Taylor Walker

Charles M. Blow, columnist, New York Times

LZ Granderson, Los Angeles Times

Alicia Garza, co-creator Black Lives Matter

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Alex M. Johnson, Program Director, The California Wellness Foundation

Ava DuVernay, filmmaker, When They See Us, 13th, and more

Isaac Bryan, Director of Public Policy, UCLA Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies

Natalie Neysa Alund, breaking news reporter, USA Today, Nashville

Michel Moore, Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department

Jasmyne Cannick, strategist, journalist


Molly Hennessy-Fiske, reporter Los Angeles Times,

Mark Ridley-Thomas, Member Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Los Angeles City Councilmember, District 8

Ishmail Abdus-Saboor, Mitchell J. and Margo K. Blutt Presidential Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Pennsyvania


Matthew Ormseth, Los Angeles Times

Tanya Kerssen, researcher, author, Minneapolis, MN

Alex villanueva, Los Angeles County Sheriff

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder Black Lives Matter, co-author, When They Call You A Terrorist


Ibram X. Kendi, historian, author, winner 2016 National Book Award, nonfiction

John Cusak, actor, in Chicago

Sal LaBarbera, retired homicide detective, Los Angeles Police Department

William Bratton, Former Police Commissioner, NYC; Chief, LAPD; Police Commissioner, Boston

Dave Cullen, journalist, author, Columbine, and Parkland

Madeleine Brand, Host of KCRW’s Press Play

Kareem Abdul-Jabar, author, N.B.A.’s all-time leading scorer, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

via Los Angeles Times, via Elizabeth Colvin, Senior advocate, Children’s Rights Division, Human Rights Watch.


  • Lady Kong, they are not as brave as you, if that makes you feel better. You are the hero, as are all of your fine uniformed brethren. No, Lady Kong, the shine if off, and even your little princess is probably out there with the black and brown boys telling the world that Black Lives Matter. Remember the good ‘ole days when you could beat a black or brown boy, and then still arrest them for resisting arrest? Remember the good ‘ole days when you could kill a black or brown boy and all you had to say was that you feared for your life? Remember, Lady Kong, because each time your brethren kill someone we chip of away at the hero facade and the more you have to sit alone watching Fox with your beer in one hand reminiscing on the good ‘ole days.

    • Cf (Greg) if only you had this kind of passion for the Palestinian people, people really suffering under unbelievable oppression, your silence speaks volumes. You could be addressing your brethren, prodding them to behave better, instead you lash out, it’s all about your hurt feelings, very sad.

  • Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying.
    Didn’t take long to turn a legitimate protest into domestic terror. Any goodwill to support reform is being drowned out by looting and violence. This is why nothing gets accomplished.
    CF and his peeps. Savages.

  • Police officers, go home.
    Your life is better than any one of those terrorists.
    Go protect your family and let the cities burn.
    This is what they want.
    Let them have it.
    Protect your family and your friends.

  • LOL,

    As if you ever thought there was a legitimate protest against the police. Stop being a hypocrite. And, yes, the police should go home. But, alas, they will not because they need the job. They will not get a better one if they leave, just like you. And, besides, they live for the overtime. That is when they really milk the city or county. So, yes, let them go home, but on your way home clock out. I got money that says they will take the insults, the bottles, everything because they do not have the self-respect and dignity to leave a job they hate.

    • Cf always gets so upset when cops get paid, expects everyone to be a reserve officer I guess, how very strange.

  • So, as a white guy who believes he is not racist, I have to join the “protests”?

    That’s the most nonsensical drivel I’ve heard in a while. Are the communist BLM/ANTIFA/anarchists protesting the death of one black man, the entire system that is racist, or using the circumstances to justify lawlessness and looting?

    We all know the answer, but some are too terrified to speak the truth. There will be a breaking point when the virtue signaling whites will turn the corner and speak the truth.

    As I’m writing this, I’m watching on TV a semi being taken over by a mob, forcing the driver from his rig. Is this what any of you are advocating? If so, you are the enemy of freedom and America.

    • Wow, the protestors are all BLM/ANTIFA/anarchists? Who knew?

      And after all, it was only one black man. This statement reminds me of poor Mr Creosote in The Meaning of Life, who’s downfall was was just one little thin mint. It was just one, but it was the downfall of poor Mr. Creosote.

    • There’s nothing wrong with listening to protesters. That’s their goal, right?

      The ones I referred to ARE NOT PROTESTERS. It’s been pretty standard fare for any protest to be infiltrated by people with drastically different agendas than the primary group’s agenda.

      The young, masked up BLM/ANTIFA/anarchists are present solely to destroy property, cause chaos, and loot.

  • CF, you and Celeste/Taylor would be so happy in a police-less society. How disappointed you all would be when you’re victimized by those you’re defending.
    Nothing like grabbing a new pair of sneakers to make the oppression feel better.

  • So the second tweet, LZ Granderson posted a tweet saying that hes tired of brown and black people being killed by racism. But hes obviously ok with brown and black people being killed by any other ways other than racism?

    Hmmm….very interesting there Mr Granderson.

  • 100% Deputy.
    Don’t cite black on black murders.
    Don’t cite brown on black/black on brown gang murders.
    Don’t cite police killings of white citizens.
    Don’t mention the disproportionate amount of crime committed by blacks.

    The only thing that matters is when a black man is killed by police.

    Don’t mention his prior criminal history.
    Don’t mention the incident leading up to the shooting.
    Don’t mention he was high as a kite.

    Don’t let facts interfere with a good story. Focus on the fictitious narrative.
    It’s all white people’s fault. You get hammered with that narrative enough and eventually you’ll let all the facts slide and turn a blind eye to what’s really happening.

  • Celeste,

    Will you, in absolute and clear terms, denounce and condemn the actions of the rioters? I’m not referring to the actual protesters – unless they use any force or violence, block citizens from walking or moving in their cars, or commit others crimes such as vandalism of businesses or police property, or assault police or innocent people?

    Will you?

  • Celeste,
    What does it take to get booted from here? Thought you had rules? So many posts that CF uses the word “cunt” and nothing from you. Such a degrading term. Nobody gets tossed for any violation because I can step it up on that little guy.

    • Mr. Fife I noticed that, the cunt thing, very nasty, Celeste reviews my comments, perhaps this will help, she can’t pretend she doesn’t see my comments.

  • Editor’s Note:

    Okay, I didn’t see CF’s use of the word on this thread, but I have at times in the past. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll do a wider word search. The only people using it here are you, Fife, and Maj Kong.

    CF: If you’re back to using that word, and do it again, I’ll not just delete your comment, I’ll block you. Fair warning.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Dose of Reality, if you ‘d like to have a chat via email about the questions you asked, you know where to find me.


    • Celeste,

      It appears I have put you in an impossible position to call out criminals for what they are. You previously said you have family members in law enforcement. Maybe you can right yourself by consulting with them about the issue. An email conversation doesn’t satisfy the challenge. I’m disappointed that you can’t openly express your view on the issue.

    • He didn’t on this thread because Conquistador hasn’t posted here. I told you here because it’s your latest post. It’s a play he uses on his name. The guys a mental case and I don’t know how you could possibly be missing his use of it.

  • Maybe CF is really Celeste’s alter ego moniker. I mean think about it…Celeste Freemon…CF!! Haha

    • Food for thought. Celeste reviews my comments, and I’m sure she reviews “cf’s” comments. So although she often gives a “The dog ate my homework” excuse when we find a particularly nasty cf comment, rest assured, I’m sure she read it prior to approving it.

      In a prior comment I wrote something regarding a daughter I imagined cf had. Celeste spiked it, no problem I get it. But Look at cf’s comment regarding this story, cf refers to “ my little princess” clearly a reference to my imagined daughter. No doubt Celeste read it and approved it, along with a nasty little “pigs being turned into bacon” reference cf comment on a prior story. Happens all the time.

  • Celeste et al.

    My apologies. Fair warning. It must have been the auto-correct feature on my Mac and it may have misspelled Conspiracy. I guess “bad” words are not allowed but racist comments are so long as the n-word isn’t thrown into the mix. Some of the comments from my uniformed brethren are dripping with racism, but that is okay as I’m a big boy and can take it. I’m a little slow, but I think I am finally getting the rules.

    And, my apologies, Celeste, for making you work too hard. If these gentlemen only knew how much time you put into reviewing my comments so that I will not hurt anyone’s feeling they would not be as upset at you.

    Fifi, sorry if I hurt your sensibilities. I feel bad that you had to tell the teacher that CF said a bad word. Alas, you can still spew racist comments and play a tune with the dog whistle.

    Anonymous/LOL – Gentlemen stop trying to deflect with your constant drumbeat of black-on-black crime. It’s no different than white-on-white crime. The difference between you and them is that you are supposed to be professionals, doing a job, on the public’s dime, protecting the public, some of whom you beat and kill. You have a lot of power with the badge and gun, and you have the public’s trust in your hand and the benefit of doubt that comes with it. If a black man had killed another black man with a knee to the neck he would have been arrested on the spot, there would be second guessing, no administrative leave, no union-paid defense, nothing. You would not need video. In fact, you would have arrested everyone around him and charged them. So, stop whining, do you job, and, if you can’t, have some self-respect and quit. Is that really too much too ask? Seriously.

    Dose of Reality, you got your answer from Celeste. You’re not bullying anyone to say anything to pacify you. You want to throw a tantrum, go ahead. And, what is this about communist? There are no communist out there. They are not demanding a return for labor instead of capital, ownership of the means of production. You are living in a different era. Just like your claim about the white guy in a semi. I think you are watching reruns of the 1992 riots and seeing Reginald Denny. Join us in the 21st Century. There is no going back.

    Once again, I bid you good night. My chickens have, once again, come home to roost. Good night.

    • Cf speaking of deflection. You making any progress with your brethren figuring out the Palestinian question? I mean seeing how much you care about racism and all. Kinda of looks phony, like a personal grudge, you know what I mean?

    • Because the odds are much more likely that a black man will die at the hands of another black man. A white man is more likely to be killed by the cops. Much more likely in fact but that’s ignored because nobody cares about white people apparently.
      Rioting and looting are indeed your chickens. The setback this will cause any progress is tragic but you got your new sneakers so I guess you’re up for the day.

    • Little Man, you could never put up a racist post of mine, good luck finding one. Your special word you love to use is one guys who like to slap around and beat women love to throw out. You probably use it daily. Got that Little Man?

  • Wait! So the bumbling, fumbling SHERIFF of Los Angeles County says Chauvin MURDERED Floyd? Ah…Well, I hope he’s contacted the authorities in Minneapolis and informed them.

    There’s a lynching happening alright….but it looks like it’s gonna be a cop who’s main crime is being white.

    I sincerely hope cops across the country STOP enforcing the law. Continue responding to calls (which are dangerous enough) but STOP trying to look for crime, particularly when blacks and latinos are involved (no one cares if whites get beat up).

    If any of you have friends or relatives who’re cops, you NEED to have “the talk” with them. Tell them their lives and freedom are more important than arresting people. Tell them society asks them to perform an impossible task and crucifies them if they make a mistake. Tell them it’s no longer a noble profession, but one despised by both the bad people AND the good. Tell them they’ll have NO support from their supervisors and government leaders if they screw up. Tell them to get out of patrol as soon as they can and, if possible, find another occupation.

    • Peddling more B.S., eh?

      1. “So the bumbling, fumbling SHERIFF says Chauvin MURDERED Floyd?”

      That’s what the D.A. THERE says, and Chauvin is in fact being charged with “Third-Degree Murder.”

      2. “Society…crucifies them if they make a mistake.”

      A mistake?

      Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly NINE minutes while Floyd was prone on the ground, on his stomach, hands handcuffed behind his back, pleading that he couldn’t breathe.

      At minute six Floyd became unresponsive and Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck an additional three minutes.

      Then Floyd died.

      A mistake?

      THAT is what all the rioting is about.

      • While I agree Floyd was murdered the rioting is not about this incident.
        Rather, this incident is a nice cover for opportunists to rob and loot. Nothing more.

        • Think about this: were it not for bystanders recording the event on their cellphones nobody would even know that this even happened.

          Chauvin would’ve gotten away with it.

          Another reason for the rioting.

          • Rakkasan – The question we have to ask is; Would the other 3 told the truth. I think they would have defended Chauvin actions, and he would’ve got away with it.
            Good for the videos.

          • Beat Cop:

            According to this


            Two of the three helped hold George Floyd down, while the third stood & watched

            Also reports now coming out (KTLA5, L.A. Times, etc.) are that the independent autopsy commissioned by George Floyd’s family show that death was indeed caused by asphyxiation and not by an underlying heart condition; the heart, in fact, was found to be healthy.

          • Rakkasan-Im sorry, but there is never a reason to riot and damage businesses and/or peoples people’s lively hood for something they had no part in.

          • Anonymous Deputy:


            But there is GOOD reason to protest, which is a constitutionally protected right.

            Come down HARD on the looters, but let the protestors protest, because they are RIGHT!

    • With all due respect LASD Apostle, if you are referring to Chauvin as the lynching victim, you clearly haven’t watched the video or read what happened. To make him out as a victim is pretty inappropriate.

      So why should everyone take their bat and ball and go home because someone with a badge acted like an idiot, needlessly took a life and is being held accountable? Why would anyone else stop doing their job – unless of course they act the same way in which case, you are right – they should find another job as fast as possible.

    • “but it looks like it’s gonna be a cop who’s main crime is being white.”

      Honest question, is this really your take on this? Derek Chauvin as a victim?

  • Again, let’s differentiate legitimate protesting with domestic terrorism.
    The news interviewed a thug yesterday who LAPD snatched up looting shoes. Not angry about Floyd. Not angry about injustice. His words, he was trying to make money by grabbing free shit.

    • There is indeed a clear bifurcation: the criminals and the valid protestors. And the Sheriff said it best–the criminals hijacked the valid protests for criminal purposes.

      But that DOES NOT invalidate the legitimacy of the protests.

  • Watching BLM liar whatever her name is on tv now. Never accepted offers to meet with law enforcement because they would have to face the reality that the black community needs to change as well.
    Cops can be better, no doubt.
    Black community can be better, proof is live on tv.

    • According to your numerous posts, you appear to care more about what you say you don’t care about.

      You don’t care so it doesn’t matter, so why are you still yapping.

      I’m sensing something very personal that triggers you, possibly a loved one who is dating a black man…

      Btw there are more whites who are in or aligned with BLM than blacks, all in the name of justice.

      Patiently waiting on your warped response and detailed deflection.

  • Madame Kong (Can I say madame or will you go tell the teacher), I am in America and I’m taking care of my house. That deflection may work on Fox with folks with short attention span but does not work with me. Once we have exhausted and solved the issues here, I’d more than happy to engage in that dialogue. In fact, I am merely sharing my 2 cents on whatever Celeste posts. Maybe she’ll post on the issue in Palestine and your antisemitism can shine through.

    LOL, you cannot possibly be that ignorant. The data is clear, a black person is more likely to be killed by a cop than a white person. In fact, a person of any race with the exception of Asians are more likely to get killed by a cop than a white person. Now, do not be a simpleton and look at absolute numbers. Look at that them as anyone with an 80 IQ would. It merely requires a very basic and elementary understanding of probability and statistics. Why don’t you stick to writing citations and let your smarter brethren chime in, like Madame Kong. Even he would concede that a black man is more likely to be killed by a cop than a white man.

    LASD Asspostle, you have that “talk.” Better yet, tell them to have the dignity and self-respect to quit if they refuse to do the job as ordered. Do you think the kid at Burger King gets to make the burger his way? No, he makes it my way and if he won’t he will be fired. And, if he doesn’t want to he’ll probably quit. You and your ilk have this sense of entitlement. No one owes you a law enforcement job. Go work for yourself so that you can be your own boss. Please, have as much self-respect and dignity as that kid at Burger King.

    And, his main crime was being white? Really? Even some of your ilk have conceded he did something wrong. The world saw what he did. I don’t give a F@#& how you slice and dice that video, how you slow it down or speed it, what he thought or didn’t think, there is a serious problem. When you are supposed to arrest the man, who is not armed, and he ends up dead, you screwed up….big time, and its time to pay.

    Finally, at what point do you concede and ask yourself, maybe I am wrong, maybe it’s me, maybe I am part of the problem. The whole F$@#& world thinks there is something wrong with the way you police communities of color, especially how you treat black people. London, Copenhagen, Milan, around the world, people are coming out against your ilk. For god’s sake, even in Berlin, home of the “Arayan” race, they’re coming out against you. And, to add insult to your injury, many white kids are out there – your kids.

    And, where is Captain Orange? He did what Hitler did when his time was up, he turned off the lights and went into the bunker. I got money that says that if continues blowing that dog whistle, the kids are going into the White House lawn.

    The shine is off, boys. Now you see its not just me talking S@#*. People, many people, don’t like you and are willing to tell you and show you. The shine is off, boys.

    • Cf (Greg) nice to see you behaving yourself a little better. You say the Palestine question is a misdirection? Funny, your comments are usually an exercise in misdirection, exaggerations, insults, racism, and pretend outrage, so your complaint rings hollow, to say the least. And why not bing up Israel and the Palestinians? if you’re going to howl about how awful policing in America is why not compare it to somewhere else in the world? and BTW BDS Israel is an American issue.

      Greg I see you evoking the worlds opinion of the death of Mr. Floyd, ok, what’s the the worlds opinion regarding the treatment of the Palestinians? Finally, you accuse me of antisemitism, well actually I’m talking about Zionism. To use your terms, you and your “ilk” know this and use it to misdirect the conversation. This shows when it comes down to who you feel are your real “brethren” ok “ilk” you have zero problems with policies that make what happened to Floyd look commonplace. I can only conclude your rants against the police are due to some personal grudge because clearly you don’t care about people being abused by a truly authoritarian apartheid government. You’re a phony

  • CF? Trying a different tactic?
    I actually do care. The whole thing is exciting to watch. My boy Trump doesn’t even need advertisements or debates at this point. 4 more years are guaranteed as Americans watch weak willed liberal cities burn.
    I think the whole thing is fantastic.
    The only part that saddens me is the overall message for reform is now a whisper because it was hijacked by domestic terror groups. I really do mean that. There’s definitely racial issues that need to be sorted out but it’s clear one side isn’t ready to be grown up yet.
    Maybe in 30 more years we can try this again.

    • LOL – I bet this whole thing is exciting for you to watch. I also bet you grew up in a household, where your dad kept reminding you that Blacks and Latinos are inferior to you. I also bet your Dad probably beat the living s*#** out of you. I also bet you need antidepressants to make it through the day.

      Yes, I know you pray to the Orange Baboon in the White House. Wait a minute, did you see your Lord trying to hold the Bible outside St Johns, which is one of the most sacred Churches in DC. Yes, the same shithole who probably never read a page from the Bible. But it was a “dog whistle” for you, right?

      Lastly, I know you must have strong ties to the Klan… that tide of hatred and racial animus you carry along. Now go pop that happy pill. It may make you feel better.

      • We need someone who is a healer, someone who has a positive message. In this Country the President is the Leader, and he needs to unite not divide. This is not the time to play politics, it is time to heal, a time to bring people together. There are hostile nations waiting to tear us apart. They know too well that race is Americas achilleas heel.

  • The second of two independent autopsies…so what did the other say?
    County said significant fentanyl and methamphetamine use.
    Coronary artery disease.

    Maybe they weren’t the cause but they sure as hell didn’t help him live. The cops killed him, no argument. But contributing factors are what they are. This sounds like the heart diseased, diabetic, with cancer who had corona when he died and corona was the cause of death.

    • Lol,
      You backpedal more than a clown on a unicycle.

      The discontent and rage within you concerning Blacks are duly noted.

    • “The second of two independent autopsies.’

      Floyd’s family commissioned one autopsy; who commissioned the other independent autopsy?

        • “If not, it doesn’t change anything.”

          It changes a lot: the County autopsy said an underlying heart condition; the family autopsy said asphyxiation.

          This means that while George Floyd was pleading “I can’t breathe” he was suffocating to death.

          • Exactly….two autopsies, two conclusions. If there is no third autopsy then nothing changes. A third autopay could’ve supported one of the conclusions. No third autopsy, no third opinion. Nothing changes.

  • No discontent, I simply put facts out there. Ignoring them does not help paint the overall picture. My opinion changes as information is obtained which is a good thing. I suppose I could triple down on every opinion and defend them against all facts like you and CF.

  • Besides, trolling you and CF is time consuming and it’s hard to keep up with my positions. The more i can trigger You guys the better. It’s hard work but it’s rewarding.

    • Typical how you pass off of you “being checked” as trolling you. Typical response when someone speaks not agreeing with you.

      The days of being silent allowing only you and your kind to talk are over.

      Turn on your television and listen to today’s America in ALL colors (since you disdain Rappers & Black Athletes) and not the idiots who are looting and shooting.

  • You lack the facts to check anyone.
    Your chickens are roosting John Q/CF, roosting in a nice jail cell with a side of Covid.
    I do disdain rappers, and your point?
    I never mentioned black athletes why did you go there? I’m a huge fan of Colin Kapernick he’s very entertaining.

  • Celeste, you have to stop these unjust attacks on me and my character…and my IQ. I’m minding my own business, ain’t doing nothing and I’m continually getting harassed. My voice needs to be heard!

  • Ok…who is leading this protest movement, what are their issues/demands and grips beside “We Hate the Police” and what is the end game/goal? Okay..America gets it, but someone step forward and lay out a wish list for all the peaceful protest, looting and destruction. Maybe if these disorganized, fractured protest groups had a “reasonable agenda” some progress could be made.

    Do you want all police departments and law enforcement disbanded?

    Do you want a national “one size fits all” code of operations for all police departments in the country?

    Do you want money to bring ethics and morality classes into public schools and date teach people codes of conduct and acceptable behavior toward their fellow man?


    Do you just want to keep protesting, destroying communities and advocating hate for the police?

    What do you want that is within the realm of the county “reasonably” accomplishing?

    Oh..if the two parties that control our country and the “so called leaders” in charge of our country can’t work together and behave civilly toward one another what should we really expect???

    What Do You Want???

  • Best Cop: You were obviously expressing those same thoughts during the eight years of the Obama administration as he drive a wedge between black and whites with his anti police rhetoric etc. Plz post those comments also. Thnx!

  • Lady Kong, to answer your question, I detest all racists, whether they are white snake handlers or they wail at a wall, whether they wear a badge or yarmulke, whether they beat and mistreat blacks or Palestinians. Antisemitism is vile, whether against Jews or Palestinians. And, I think the oppressed have a right to shake off his oppressor whether with a sling shot and rock on the West Bank or up a building in Houston. Does that answer your question?

    HMMM, you have been watching too much Fox. What do they want? Who is “they?” The brown kids on the street? The black kids on the street? The white kids on the street? You are ignorant if you are looking for a representative of “the Blacks,” as you call them. It’s not Sharpton, or Jesse, or Maxine. Its not Obama. There is no King of the Blacks, no spokesperson. There is no one at the master controls. This is what a grassroots uprising looks like, what democracy looks like. They saw an image of a black man dying with a white man’s knee on his neck – what do you think they want? And, Mr. Floyd was just the latest. They want to be treated equally, with respect, they want your dirty white knees on their neck or back, they want some of the money that goes to the cowboys with badges to be redirected elsewhere. They don’t want to be stopped merely because they are brown or black or because some racist or cowboy think they look “suspicious.” Just like we’ve come to learn we have spent too much on prisons, we’re waking up to the fact that we spend too much on police. Bottom line is that if you don’t know what “they” want, you should shut up and step aside as you have nothing to add the conversation.

    Bandwagon, yes, it was Obama’s fault. Blacks and whites were living in perfect harmony until Obama came along. Do you still want to see his birth certificate? Ignorant fool.

    Oh, Ladies, how scared, pissed, and frustrated you must be. The shine is off, boys. The people see a little clearer now and are less willing to take your crap Even your kids. I bet you your kids are even embarrassed to tell their friends daddy is a cop. Now, I think we beat this horse to death. Let us move on, as at this point you are merely throwing tantrums.

    • CF……

      You are the last person to give a lecture on “…..this is how…”. All you have done is consistently criticize, belittle, insult, mis-categorize, demonize and disrespect an entire profession. Is this not the epitomy of racist, ignorant, prejudicial and desive idealogy.

      You are probably one of the very people using the cover of peaceful protestors to throw rocks, bottles or worse at police officers being the coward that you are.

      No….your blather is nothing more than offensive white noise to my sore ears.

    • Cf what’s with the name change? You planning on denying you wrote the “o” comment? going to pretend it was someone else? Maybe you and “o” can argue with each other, then back each other up later, you know just like the old days.

      Well at least you’re admitting the oppression of the Palestinians is bad, but how about a few words on who those oppressors are. You know, that thing you guys are so fond of pointing out, systemic oppression, and the government that is responsible for it. Your statement reminds me of those middle aged white ladies who claim they’re not racist, “I don’t care if you’re white, black, purple, green, or polka dot” , how lame.

      I hate to break this to you “o” or “cf” or whatever you want to call yourself, the revolution is not here. BLM is being co-oped by the corporations. It’s being turned into white lady Facebook cover pages, mega cooperate “feel good” tv commercials, and establishment politician buzz words. They have their Emmanuel Goldstein and their two minute hate. (1984 reference) the cops aren’t going anywhere, there is no threat to the establishment. The establishment will give up a few nobodies as scapegoats, but they’re not giving up their protection.

  • Bandwagon,
    Here is a statement from George W Bush. Yes Obama was not good for us but I hope this helps. It pains me to see the fabric of our Country torn apart. Hope this helps.

    “It remains a shocking failure that many African Americans, especially young African American men, are harassed and threatened in their own country,” continued the former president.
    Bush then stated that protests are “a strength” of America, before offering criticism of those opposing them.
    “Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of America,” said the president, “or how it becomes a better place.”
    “America’s greatest challenge,” Bush continued, “has long been to unite people of very different backgrounds into a single nation of justice and opportunity. The doctrine and habits of racial superiority, which once nearly split our country, still threaten our Union. The answers to American problems are found by living up to American ideals.”

    President Donald Trump pinned a post at the top of his Twitter feed that referenced former presidents. It read in part: “My Admin has done more for the Black Community than any President since Abraham Lincoln.”

    Statement by President George W. Bush:
    Laura and I are anguished by the brutal suffocation of George Floyd and disturbed by the injustice and fear that suffocate our country. Yet we have resisted the urge to speak out, because this is not the time for us to lecture. It is time for us to listen. It is time for America to examine our tragic failures — and as we do, we will also see some of our redeeming strengths.
    It remains a shocking failure that many African Americans, especially young African American men, are harassed and threatened in their own country. It is a strength when protesters, protected by responsible law enforcement, march for a better future. This tragedy — in a long series of similar tragedies — raises a long overdue question: How do we end systemic racism in our society? The only way to see ourselves in a true light is to listen to the voices of so many who are hurting and grieving. Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of America — or how it becomes a better place.
    America’s greatest challenge has long been to unite people of very different backgrounds into a single nation of justice and opportunity. The doctrine and habits of racial superiority, which once nearly split our country, still threaten our Union. The answers to American problems are found by living up to American ideals — to the fundamental truth that all human beings are created equal and endowed by God withcertain rights. We have often underestimated how radical that quest really is, and how our cherished principles challenge systems of intended or assumed injustice. The heroes of America — from Frederick Douglass, to Harriet Tubman, to Abraham Lincoln, to Martin Luther King, Jr. — are heroes of unity. Their calling has never been for the fainthearted. They often revealed the nation’s disturbing bigotry and exploitation — stains on our character sometimes difficult for the American majority to examine. We can only see the reality of America’s need by seeing it through the eyes of the threatened, oppressed, and disenfranchised.
    That is exactly where we now stand. Many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason. Black people see the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response from American institutions. We know that lasting justice will only come by peaceful means. Looting is not liberation, and destruction is not progress. But we also know that lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice. The rule of law ultimately depends on the fairness and legitimacy of the legal system. And achieving justice for all is the duty of all.
    This will require a consistent, courageous, and creative effort. We serve our neighbors best when we try to understand their experience. We love our neighbors as ourselves when we treat them as equals, in both protection and compassion. There is a better way — the way of empathy, and shared commitment, and bold action, and a peace rooted in justice. I am confident that together, Americans will choose the better way.

    We cannot have 2 Americas. Abe Lincoln said” united we stand divided we fall”.

  • Madame Kong, not sure about the “o.” You have to speak with Celeste about that. May she thinks I should be protected from you and the huckleberry peanut gallery. Of course, BLM, as every other movement, will probably be co-opted and become mainstream. They may go the route of Jesse and Sharpton. It/they serves its purpose, it/they get co-opted and someone or something else comes along.

    This is a marathon, not a sprint. So long as we are making progress, we are ahead. Look at where we were at just 30 years ago. You should have seen the crowd today at City Hall. It was beautiful. And, to add insult to injury Councilman Price is making a motion to reduce the LAPD’s budget by $150 million. Albeit, a drop in the bucket or trough, but it would have been unheard of one month ago and its a start. Once you take a little one year, you can take more the next. Human progress never happens overnight or without a struggle, but it happens. I’m telling you, the shine is off. Only you think you are heroes.

      • @ Rakkasan – What about the 3 other Generals who came out. What about former President George W Bush. I think people who have sacrificed their lives, and spent over 50 years fighting for the Country are standing up. These men did not hide under the I’ve got “Bone Spurs” to dodge the draft.
        They are Patriots, and they feel the Country they fought for their entire lives is being destroyed by a man who cares about nothing else, but himself.

        • “What about…?”

          The Presidential election is now only months away & these other people you cite, if you go down about eight paragraphs in the stories in which they appear, will usually turn out to be Obama acolytes/appointees/sympathizers.

          The Deep State at work.

          We already know about the President & Bush from the Presidential primaries in the last election.

          Axes to Grind.

          I regard the “Bone Spurs to dodge the draft” as a true Horatio Alger story: from draft dodger to Commander-in-Chief of the entire U.S. Military is a true up-by-the-bootstraps story.

      • Uh, no, sorry, he resigned because he could no longer stand the stupidity of The Donald. Of course if you believe Fox news is nothing but truth and light, you might not be aware of this.

        • Hitchcock, you are correct as Mattis was not fired.

          General Mattis resigned because of a prime example, he led the jackass to the water and you know the rest.

  • @Rakkasan- So buy the entire Trump being Gulliver tied down by an army of American establishment Lilliputians. Deep state BS.

    • Your source is CNN & tying down The President seems to be its main goal, along with the rest of the MSM.

      The upcoming election will tell us how that’s working out.

      • Your source must be Breitbart and Bullshit Mountain aka Fox News.
        Let us clear one thing about Trump. He isn’t religious, has no need of religion, and doesn’t care about the devout, except insofar as they serve his political needs. He has failed miserably to project any of the higher emotions or leadership desperately needed in every quarter of this nation during this dire moment.

        • You just described the typical politician. As fas as news sources, I trust none of it: gleaning the truth is basically a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff–a truly big chore.

  • This moment shows how gullible and easily led most people are. After the incidents involving Treyvon Martin and especially Michael Brown all I remember is President Obama espousing platitudes all over the media. Many members of society took it all in, even though it inspired more violence and division amongst the people. Lest fast forward as former President Obama decides to weigh in with more platitudes. Sit back and ask yourself what did President Obama during his entire 8 years do to improve the plight of black people or address the divisions? Protest, looting, attacks if law enforcement (even worse than now) and fires took place then and nothing positive came out it.

    I guess if you like flowery language, empty promises and no real substantiative changes you feel soothed by that kind of lip flapping. Definition of insanity, continue to do (listen to) the same thing (empty promises) over and over, and still expect a different outcome.

    Change….Yes We Can….I must have slept through it.

    • @ Really- It is not about President Obama or President George W Bush. In times of crisis, both these Presidents led the Country. Yes, you may not like their politics; however they showed compassion, humility, leadership and united the Country in times of crisis. The “bunker boy” aka Orange Donnie does not know how, and adds fuel to the fire. Yes, I do not get my news from deranged Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or the flamethrower from Info-wars, you know the same guy who beats his wife up.

      • A little advice, please take an English class and learn proper writing mechanics if you are going pontificate on this site….Hopefully, if you do work the field, your crime reports do not contain the same errors as displayed here…..

        • Not in the Car…

          If you don’t like reading a post and want to be the “grammar police”, I suggest you close your eyes and skip over it. It’s a free country is it not? My freedom of speech and Constitutional right to express myself cannot be infringed upon simply because you want to critique syntax and style. Don’t ignore the message (protest) because of looters (side distraction).

          Get over yourself and go cuddle up with your grammar book.

          • Ahhhhh got a little frazzled over my comment???Grow the fuck up!! Yes of course u can express urself as I can and just did. You indirectly identified yourself as a patrol trained commentator so I would only expect your writing skills to be proficient. Reports are reviewed by DA’s, private counsel, and i think you understand where i am coming from. I am by no means telling not to express yourself nor did I imply that in my comment.

            Do I agree with your posts??Hell no and so my reply to you is “go cuddle with your pacifier ya thin skinned libtard,whomever u are today( missing the point or beat cop)…..LOL

  • Beat Cop..

    I would agree about being united, but President Trump was never given a chance since the day he upset the pundits who had already called the election for the other candidate. Even if you did not like the winner, he is the President and deserving of the respect the office should garner. If you think the President is not “Presidential” and takes the low ground, maybe you should take the high ground and not sink to the “juvenile” level you proport to condemn. It has been a race to the bottom on both sides. Not sure if either one has the will and disposition to make nice.

    Ergo……we have a disrespectful and divided society which both sides can share equal blame for cultivating.

    Let us not forget that President Trump’s election was a referendum on the “status quo” and the American peoples disgust with both political parties which were clearly out of touch with the people. Also, a loud vocal minority and strategy of alienating an entire death of the country does not necessarily “Trump” a quiet and watchful silent majority.

    • Really: President Trump was “never given a chance”- seriously? He’s arguably the most powerful man in the world. He’s had every chance – and blown nearly all of them. Trump has lied when the truth would help, made some very poor decisions and has fomented anger throughout this nation.

      Consider reading the written version of his public statements. His remarks often simply don’t make any sense – literally.

      How many other Presidents have had four bankruptcies, settled cases pertaining to housing discrimination, questioned the birthplace of another President, paid off women in order to influence an election, boasted of committing sexual battery and had a record number of people around him sent to prison?

      Let us also not forget the fake university that swindled so many naive people. Then there’s the little matter of the misuse of charity funds going to the Trump Foundation and being court ordered to repay a couple million.

      This is to say nothing of the hundreds of small business contractors that have filed lawsuits alleging that he simply didn’t pay them. Do you really believe they all did shoddy work as he claims?

      And I’m barely bringing up the fact that he denied Russian election interference despite all US intelligence agencies indicating otherwise. More recently, he replied to the Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to the coronavirus by saying “this is their new hoax” and also downplayed the severity of the outbreak, comparing it to the common flu and said it would be over soon. We’ve now lost over 112,000 people. This is a man with information at his fingertips from the leading experts in the world.

      There is much more but you get the point. And this is your idea of a qualified, capable President?

      If President Obama had done any one of these things, the outrage would have been endless. I realize that historically, many Presidents have engaged in less than flattering behavior at times but Trump makes them look like choir boys in comparison. His actions and decisions are always about his self interests and his arrogance appears to be limitless.

      I’m all for shaking up the status quo when things get stale but if Trump is the best Republicans can do, this country is in dire straits. The majority of Americans in this country do not support him and rightfully so. A shame General Mattis won’t run – now there is a leader.

      • If President Obama had been successful and unified the county after Ferguson, Baltimore and Florida we wouldn’t be in this situation now would we? If you think giving billions with a ‘B” in cash to Iran, bowing to China, North Korea, Russia, allowing the hostile takeover of Crimea, the downing of a commercial jet by Russia, the takeover of the Egyptian embassy, death of a US Ambassador, “Fast and Furious” and doing absolutely nothing to improve the plight of “Black Lives” (well maybe his life and that of his inner circle) in eight years is a glowing report card you must be blind. Fear by our allies in the China Sea we wouldn’t be there to supportvthem.

        The banks were bailed out and big corporations received massive bailouts under President Obama’s watch when the housing market crashed, while many folks lost their homes.

        Let’s be honest and real. How quickly folks have selective memory and dawn the rose could lored glasses to avoid the truth. I’ll take brash, harsh, unpolished and truthfull versus a trained lier everyday.

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