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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Criminally Investigated for Allegedly Demanding Sex for Coveted Days Off

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Did An LA County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Trade Hard to Get Days Off Work for Coerced Sexual Favors?

WitnessLA has learned that a 37-year-old sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was arrested early this month on charges that he forced female deputies to have sex with him if they wanted an extra day—or days—off. It seems that the sergeant, Michael Spina, had the ability to dispense that precious time off.

Spina was reportedly at the time the logistics sergeant** at one of the county’s big downtown jails, the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. .

The way things reportedly work inside the LASD, if a department member wants a day or several days off that are out of what is already normally assigned, he or she must talk talk to the proper supervisor. In Twin Towers jail, Spina reportedly had the power to grant such a request.

Getting extra days is a big deal…

“Right now,” explained a former department member who is familiar with the allegations, “because the department is understaffed, if you want days off like for a family vacation, or if you’re getting married, or if you just want to go to Vegas, getting extra days is a big deal. Things are so tight people people are working a lot of overtime, and really have a hard time getting much time off.”

That meant, he said, that a sergeant like Spina had the ability to dispense important favors.

It is alleged that Sergeant Spina used his power to force female deputies at Twin Towers who wanted time off to have sex with him in order to get it.

According to multiple sources, Spina would invite the women into his office, which was specially outfitted with a couch. Then he would allegedly lock the office door, demand that the woman watch porn with him, and then have sexual relations. After that, the woman’s time off would reportedly be magically approved.

Finally, according to sources, in the summer of 2016, one woman to whom Spina proposed the sex-for-days-off swap reported him.

An investigation by the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) followed, and Spina was put on administrative leave on August 15, 2016.**

Then when it became evident that criminal acts might be involved, the Internal Criminal Affairs Bureau (ICIB) stepped in to take the case.

“They searched his office, found the alleged porn, and tested his office couch,” said one of our sources, who asked not to be named.

On July 28, nearly a year after the first investigation began, Spina was charged by the LA District Attorney’s office with four different violations of the California Penal Code, including:

314 (1): Lewd or obscene conduct
243-4:(a) Sexual battery.
236: False imprisonment.
243-4:(e-1) Sexual harassment.

On August 8, 2017, Sergeant Spina was arrested and booked at Los Hills Sheriff’s Station.

And There Are Other Earlier Reports

According to other sources we spoke with, Mr. Spina’s alleged actions at Twin Towers were not his first unseemly exploits of a sexual nature while on duty.

WitnessLA interviewed two different women who described distressing encounters with Spina when he was a deputy assigned to the department’s Crescenta Valley station in approximately 2011.

I began to notice his questions were a little strange

The first woman we spoke with, whom we’ll call Nancy*, said she called the Crescenta Valley station to report a break-in, and two deputies arrived at her home to take a report. “One officer took down the information, and was writing it up,” she said. The second deputy, Spina, chatted with her about additional issues. “And, even though the other deputy had my contact information,” he asked Nancy for her cell phone number, “in case we find out anything,’ he said.”

Although the interview about her break-in appeared to be over, Nancy said Spina continued to ask her questions that began veering in a personal direction, like whether she worked or was at home most of the day, and additional inquiries about her daily schedule. “I began to notice what he was asking was a little strange,” Nancy said, “but I was feeling so upset and vulnerable because of the things that were stolen, so at first I didn’t see how weird it was getting.”

I’m looking for pretty ladies who are home in the daytime…

Suddenly, according to Nancy, after the other deputy was gone, seemingly out of the blue Spina asked if she played around sexually. “I’m looking for pretty ladies who are home in the daytime…’ perhaps for a sexual three-way, he said, according to Nancy.

Horrified Nancy told him she was really in love with her husband and did no such thing.

“It was unbelievable to me,” she said.

According to Nancy, Spina persisted. When she drew a harder line, he backed off, and eventually left. But Nancy was spooked. “He had all my information and knew my schedule. I worried about what would have happened if I didn’t say I had a husband who would be home soon.”

Bizarrely, not too long after her own experience with then-Deputy Spina, Nancy was visiting a woman friend and noticed that the friend had Spina’s card tacked up in her kitchen.

Startled at the coincidence, Nancy asked her friend how she’d come in contact with the deputy. The friend, whom we’ll call Jane*, reported her own unsettling experience.

what if it was just me and you?

When WitnessLA spoke with Jane, she told us that she’d been interviewed by Spina and his partner after a crime had been committed in her neighborhood. Once she’d given what little information she had about the crime, Jane said Spina’s partner went to the car, while Spina lingered behind making small talk. As with Nancy, according to Jane, Spina asked for her cell phone number for what seemed at the time to be a legitimate reason. But, as he continued to linger at her doorstep, she said Spina’s questions veered in a personal direction, in which he inquired about her life, and relationships. Finally, as Jane reacted with increasing discomfort, Spina joined his partner, and the two left.

A few weeks later, however, Spina reportedly began texting her. At first the texts seemed professional. But then they turned very personal, according to Jane.

There were around eight texts in all, she said. And half or more were of an escalating sexual nature, one suggesting “a threesome,” and then “what if it was just me and you.”

“I sat there with my phone in my hand and stared at it,” she said. I didn’t know what to do.

At first, Jane said, she tried to push the deputy away with a light touch. “But when that didn’t work, I was much firmer.” And finally the texts stopped.

I just wanted somebody else to know, in case he decided to get back at me in some way

But, like Nancy, Jane said she was unnerved by the interaction, to the point that she said she held on to the texts.

“I didn’t know where he might go next with it, after that last text,” she said. “I mean, he didn’t know me, or what I might do, and still he did all this, and put it in writing.” Nancy was so spooked, she said, that the day after the last text, after she’d really shut him down forcefully, she told three friends at work about her alleged experiences with Spina.

“I just wanted somebody else to know, in case he decided to get back at me in some way. I mean, I thought, maybe this is a guy who won’t except the word ‘no’ very well.”

Alleged Criminal Conduct

In response to our inquiries, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida sent us an official statement on the issue that said the department “is aware of the alleged criminal misconduct involving a sergeant assigned to the Custody Services Division at a Los Angeles area jail facility.”

(Due to legal concerns they did not confirm his name, and certain other details.)

The department’s internal investigation resulted in “a criminal filing by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office,” the statement continued. “The misdemeanor charges pertain to alleged work-related criminal misconduct involving subordinate female employees. The 37-year-old sergeant was relieved of duty by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on August 15, 2016,** pending the outcome of the investigation and now criminal proceedings. The sergeant was hired in June 2001.”

The LASD statement further noted that the department “will be monitoring the criminal proceedings closely and will take appropriate and swift action when the outcome of the judicial process is determined and has concluded.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department expects all of its members to hold themselves to the highest ethical and professional standards at all times and has a comprehensive Policy of Equality for reporting alleged incidents of this nature.”

Spina’s next court date is September 27.

*At the request of the women who spoke to us, we are withholding their names and certain distinguishing details in order to protect their privacy.

** 8/21/17 – 10:18 am: We originally wrote that Spina was this scheduling sergeant. We have also heard he was the “logistics” sergeant. We’ll let you know when this is clarified.

**8/21/17 – 1:20 pm: After talking to multiple sources, department spokesman Captain Darrin Harris finally settled the matter for us: Spina was a logistics sergeant. Also, Sergeant Spina was put on administrative leave a year ago, not this year. In the confusion as the LASD kindly tried to quickly get us a statement very late last night, we each got a part of that date wrong. Now it’s correct.


  • It seems they ought to do something to the Deputies who participated in the Twin Towers escapades….A sworn officer should know better

      • I guess that takes away from what he did to all those women. They had enough evidence from multiple people and witnesses…. This comment is a good example of the good ol’ boys club mentality of the department. Hope pray your mother sister wife or daughter never have to deal with someone like this sir.

    • I Agree 100%!!!
      All parties should be held liable!
      Sugar coating @ its finest!!!!
      Unprofessionalism to the max! Same as Coworkers @ Lancaster Prison …
      Seargants & Staff …
      Medical Staff w inmates… Staff w PAROLEES…
      BADGES W/NO Morals ????
      Who can you trust?

  • CF, the cops caught this POS. Every profession has them. I seem to remember a young intern in the White House……..

  • Something has do be done to everyone who participated in this nonsense. Lets see what happens in court. Maybe Football Dan knows more than he is saying.

  • Its not hard to find out the sheriff’s policies regarding scheduling… really not that big of a deal you can just call in sick you don’t have to f*#* anybody. Great investigative journalism very professional as always

  • Celeste, I have a question.

    Did Jane and Nancy file complaints with the LASD or other agency? On the surface they seem credible and their complaints easily investigated and proven. If they did, how the fuck did this guy promote??

    • Would it have been possible that a complaint(s) was submitted at the station where spina was assigned and somehow never got entered into the employee permanent file or department accessible database?

  • Ownership, people have been promoted to even higher rank for far worse conduct than a few misdemeanors. It’s all about who knows you…

  • These female deputies, grown ass women given a gun and badge, think it is perfectly okay to have sex with a sergeant in return for a day off? These women aren’t victims, at all. They willingly engaged in a Quid Pro with their eyes wide open. I’d fire their ass. They are a disgrace to the badge and a disgrace to their fellow females in law enforcement. I’m more pissed at them than the sexual predator sergeant.

    • So the fact that he’s a tenured sergeant and they are all new boot deputies doesn’t make you think they were intimidated at all??

      • Absolutely not. That is pure bullshit. Boot or not, if a woman is that weak, and feels that “intimidated” that she thinks it’s okay to kick down for an F-day (and boy does that have a new meaning) then her sorry ass should be fired. Ask any female on this tread if 1. These females were victims and 2. Are they going to buy that the females were so “intimidated” to get a day off, they “had to” service this predator?

        That is insulting and disgraceful to insinuate these females were intimidated into disgracing themselves. They were so intimidated and after all the sexual harassment training they received, they just didn’t know what to do. I ain’t buying it for a hot second. They sold their body for a day off, period.

        • I would have gone in with a recorder running. Not giving some D-Bag my goodies for a day off. All my “F-Days” are for my husband.

          • Touché Female. You made my point and I’m proud of your response.!!! You just Called it a Spade

        • You’re obviously a male, using male mentality to sort this out. I do like the “F” day reference☺️, but you’re talking about 20-something year old kids here. And the thought of firing the female is what’s insulting. I know dozens and dozens of female cops, and I think you’d find that your opinion is in the minority.

          • Grip, yes I am a male and that is irrelevant, it is an insulting insinuation, to females.

            “Hey Sarge, can I have an F-Day, my boyfriend and I want to to a long RDO.”

            “You want an F-Day, well you are going to have to kick down over here on my Love Sofa, that’s how I roll here at The Towers of Love. Make it happen and you wish will be granted.”

            So Grip, you are telling me that a Deputy Sheriff, young or not, after four months in the academy and God knows how many hours of sexual harassment training, is “so young,” so timid, so afraid, so impressionable, so immature, so lacking in morals, so lacking in self-esteem that she is going to freeze, pee her pants, be faced with her first morale dilemma that she simply acquiesced to playing the skin flute for her sergeant to get that day off? She thinks that is how “the game” is played inside LASD? She thinks, “Well, if that is all it takes, he’ll, I’m in.”

            These ladies have got to be totally ashamed of themselves. No different that a woman screwing the U/S for a stripe, bar or star, and you know there are plenty around. What in the world would a “young deputy” be thinking to do something like that? No one I want to work around. Mutual agreement, affair, dating relationship, a fling, those are of no concern to me, none of my business as long as it doesn’t affect the workplace. But Pay to Play for an F-Day? Get a grip. How about looking at it this way; Take 10 female deputies in a room, give them this written questionnaire:

            1. You ask your sergeant for an F day. He says you have to have sex with him on the couch in his office. What do you do?

            2. You learn from several coworkers that to get an F day, you have to have sex with the sergeant on the couch in his office. You want a day off and you know what is expected if you go in that office. Will you approach the sergeant and ask for the day off?

            3. You learn from coworkers that to get an F day, you have have to have sex with the sergeant on the couch in his office. Would you report this to the Captain, IAB, write an anonymous letter to IAB, the Sheriff, or any number of other options?

            I’m not cutting any slack to someone who willingly disgraces herself like that. If not termination, some serious discipline. No hand around the shoulder, “Oh you’re a victim, anyone would have done the same thing in your situation, it’s okay, get an attorney and sue, you deserve to be compensated.”

    • I agree. Since day one as a female with LASD, I did NOT , would NOT… A few of still have self respect, and believe should NOT … Finally done with LASD
      in retirement mode.

  • I call BS. I guarantee you he beats the case. These female deputies are all nuts. Then leave it Celeste to write some nonsense with non supporting facts. I wonder if she’ll apologize once proven wrong. Surprise us all for once and write something positive on our behalf or something negative about your candidate Mcbuckles. You won’t and that is why no one takes your stories seriously. Seems like a desperate effort to keep the traffic on your site from diminishing.

    • How can there be “no supporting facts” when the DA has filed the case? They obviously had something to go on other than rumor and inuendo. And the fact they found his stash of porn and did forensic testing on the sofa? I’ll take your bet.

    • No. We are not all nuts. Many of us are here because 1) we want to take the bad man to jail, 2) this job pays the bills and puts our kids through college and 3) it is our calling (just like you maybe?)…
      I take pride in the work I do every day. I would appreciate you not demeaning it just because my plumbing ain’t like yours.
      Yea, some chicks (deps) are nuts. And some want a ring on their finger. But for every one of those girls, there is a male dep (also crazy) looking to get his another notch on his bedpost or looking to save a damsel in distress…losers all of them.
      Don’t know you but you sound like just another swinging d*€k full of himself.
      As for the allegations in this story, I would have never submitted to the whims of a pos like this. But then again I came into this job a little older and wiser than the average bear. If he did it…I hope he enjoys the many years of prison in his future.

      • Female, Bravo!!!

        As with you, I’ve seen idiots on both side of this issue. Males of all ranks who really manipulated females, hit on females, not Quid Pro, just notches as you mentioned, and then moved onto their next target. Everyone was a willing participant. Then there are the females who willingly gave it up for promotion, job assignment, etc. I never liked either one.

        Age and wisdom is a virtue, but young ladies who Play to Pay for an F Day, that is scraping the bottom of the septic tank. And for this POS sergeant, he is lucky he is only facing a handful of Misdemeanors because all of this, reportedly, was with “willing participants.” I’m not sure, if convicted, these sections will qualify him for Sexual Registrant or not. He deserves his day in court, he deserves to be judged on facts, and then hung. These females are going to have to testify and then they will be known forever. My guess they will quit, he will take a plea with no jail time, resign/terminated, and this will be yet another disgraceful chapter inside of LASD.

        One question if anyone can answer, I can’t believe this was a secret inside of TTCF. Who all knew of this crap? How high did this information go up the food chain and what did they do about it? If ANY rank knew of this and did nothing, I want their ass too.


    Dear Ownership, I think you’re bringing up several interesting questions. These are both questions I hope the department pursues.

    And, Football Dan, thank you for the heads up on the “scheduling sergeant” issue. We heard conflicting accounts, and at 2 a.m. last night thought we had it right, but it turns out we didn’t. Now we do.


    Dear Ownership, I think you’ve brought up two very interesting questions. I have agreed not to offer any more details than those I have already printed about the two women’s reported experiences. Yet, simply speaking personally, I found both women to be very credible. That proves nothing, of course. But, I hope the department pursues both of the questions you have asked.

    Dear Football Dan, thank you for the heads up on the “scheduling sergeant” issue. We got conflicting information on the matter, but by 2 a.m. last night, I thought we had it right. We didn’t. Now we do.

  • Spade and Reality where have you been when all the grown ass male deputies got fired for doing stupid that their supervisors told them to do.
    Most new deputies in the jails are immature and takes time to figure things out. Not knowing the women or what they were told I would shut up and let the investigation continue.
    Save the judgement for yourself .

  • Csn83, you obviously misinterpreted my post. Just sit back in your retirement and keep playing armchair quarterback. It’s ones like yourself who did nothing to correct the wrong behavior in your days and now choose to sit back and chime in with your comments. If you recall the sex scandal a few years ago in TTCF, when female deputies were keeping score and competing with each other on who can sleep with more deputies and supervisors, until some idiot gave his with STD and blew the lid off everything. Then, this department just punished the girl and not the supervisors who participated. I’ve seen enough of cases where female deputies make false allegations against another Deputy after things don’t go their way. It’s sad, but unfortunately this culture has been occurring for decades. Just look at the past of some of the current executives. They should be THE LAST people passing judgment. I’m not defending this guy or anyone else, I’m just saying I’ve seen a ton of cases such as this and an overwhelming amount of them never foster into anything.

    • Your frustration with women is obvious. You have no idea who I am yet you once again are making assumptions about me.
      What bothers me is that you are shaming women from the present and past and saying nothing about Spina and what a jerk he is. Direct you anger at him, slam him just a little so it does not appear to me that you have an issue with women.
      If you know something, say something about the culture, man up… avoid being a cyber bully

      • Once again csn83, you misinterpreted my post. I don’t even know why I bother or even give you the podium. Cyber Bully? That comment says a lot about you. Nuff said. You’re right about everything… Pffft, such an empty suit.

  • Check into who vouched for Mr. Spina to be given the job over more tenured and qualified candidates for the position in the first place. The root(s) of the problem are never weeded out it seems.

    • That is what makes me mad. Where were his fellow sergeants to tell him to knock it off or hold him accountable. Nothing happens in a vacuum especially in a jail facility. Shades of Tanaka still around neutering sergeants to keep them from doing there jobs.

  • Call in sick, get questioned, harassed at home with a knock on the door and have your name but on Department e-mail shaming list. It’s not that easy to call in.

  • Having studied for my fair share of promotional exams, I never found the section that permitted sex on duty. Fire all those who participated. @uck, go 10-8 and find somebody to take to jail.

    Why does anybody have a couch in their office. Where is the Unit commander who walks around the station looking for stuff to correct before it becomes an issue.

    • Even More, you ask why does anybody have a couch in their office? And then say where is the Unit Commander? You might want to check and see just how many execs have couches in their office. Now ask yourself again why would anybody have a couch in their office?

  • My daughter works there. She would have kicked his ass as soon as the door was locked and nobody could help. Well, actually she would have told me first and then I would have kicked his ass.

  • I am a retired LASD scheduling sergeant. This son-of -bitch should be publicly flogged. How the hell did this horses ass get promoted to Sgt. ? This guy is a super predator, he was on the wrong side of the bars. This is assault under color of authority. Why wasn’t that charge added? I’m disgusted that this could even happen.

  • Let’s see if semen residue is found on couch. If so, he’s done! The department wouldn’t arrest him if they didn’t have good evidence.

  • Anyone remember Chip Shoemacher from Temple, just wondering? Ran through my mind as I was reading this. Not sure if the spellings right. Amazed any female in law enforcement would give it up for a day off, amazed. Lock that asshole up.
    Oh no asking Celeste to do what she promised and put out positive stories about cops, please don’t hold your breath. We’ll get that same time we hear about any troubles her any of her peeps ever had with the law.

  • LASD is full of criminals, their hiring standards have significantly dropped in their push to hire more deputies. I am willing to bet that a majority of sworn staff would be considered unfit by their own “standards” for the position they hold if they did backgrounds every 5 years. Thats what happens when you hire a 20 something year old with nothing more thsn a HS diploma and give them a badge and gun then indoctrinate them with an elitist mentality.

  • These “victims” are deputy sheriff’s? They were sworn in and provided a gun and badge to put people in jail not coward to a POS sergeant demanding sexual favors for time off. The females I worked with would have pulled his balls off and served them up to the watch commander. WTF.

    I worked with one female who stopped a motorists, had the person exit the vehicle for whatever, conducted a search of the suspect who pulled away from her, pushed her down, got back in his car, and drove off. She said nothing, did nothing, and told other females she was scared of the people in the area she patrolled. Don’t need those types of people as deputy sheriff’s, male and female. This sergeant should have been fired after his stay in intensive care unit after the first attempt. Not sure what went wrong but something did. Somehow Mr. Sergeant thought this conduct was okay or thought he could get away with it.

    LASD is spending way too much time in the news. Buckles better get a grip on the department before the entire system implodes and the feds take over.

  • I hope the Sarge gets off. Many of these Female Custody Deps are prior Hood-Rats willing to do anything to move forward or get special treatment. There is more to this story. Now, it’s time to hit the street, sleeves rolled up, ink showing, chewing on my favorite tobacco product. Don’t like it, dime me off.

  • Tattoo bad boy, csn83, and cf ,all the same troll. I remember awhile back Celeste even called him out for arguing/agreeing with himself.

    • Hi Mr Goofy, got my first one last night. Me and your ole lady were knocking a few back and decided we’d get some ink.

  • Re the troll tt bad boy (as well as his other names) Same awkward attempts at humor. Notice the jokes are always a half bubble off, the tone always comes off as more shrill than funny, like he’s trying way too hard or something.

  • TTCF has 2 of the best captains Tanaka ever picked. They were both big $$ supporters and even redone his kitchen cabinets.

      • “…no more Tanaka supporters.”

        Looks like they’re being by-passed by the CPO (Constitutional Policing Advisor) as far as Personnel investigations go.

        Whose idea was that, anyhow?

        Orange County has one also, and the idea of the CPO seems to be catching on.

        Where did that idea come from?

  • Yes on the PT TT captains. They won the lottery. One switched jobs so many times I don’t think she ever finished anything assigned to her.

  • Yes, the Captains are weak. Yet, fresh eyes McDonnell does nothing but promote these morons. He obviously does not know how to surround himself with good people. Look at how many executives have been popped under him. And mark my words, more are going down soon.

    And the “CPA” or should I say Diana teran or the one who literally pinks commander and chiefs with 30 years on. She needs to go to.

    Lindsey 2018!

    • I hope eventually deputies who are being wronged by Diana Teran (Leichnitz), go after her civilly, take her pension, and Newport Beach Home….it takes a lawsuit to fix the problem. Filing complaints against her with the State Bar could be a start, after all, she is a practising attorney making judgements in her official capacity with extreme bias and prejudice.

      • The funny part about Diana Teran is that she is a typical liberal attorney who exploits everything to her advantage. Note she kept her Mexican last name instead of her married name of Leichnitz. The last name suits her better to advance her career and agenda. She is a champion of the criminal element, willing to commit criminal acts, such, as perjury, lies, falsification of evidence etc. to get a deputy convicted. The ends justify the means….

  • Question the manner these women deputies are portrayed in this article. It’s not easy to sympathize for them.

    I was a female deputy on for almost 20 years. I was raped by a deputy my 2nd year on. The rape was proven in IAB. The deputy got 10 days off.

    The mid eastern deputy rapist was later promoted to sgt. He’s prolly a Lt or higher by now.

    I was blackballed throughout my career until I was finally fired for allegedly calling someone a “bitch.” Because I denied the accusation, I was accused of lying and therefore fired.

    If this POS spina was arrested, its because the department cannot deny whatever evidence there is against him so they throw him under the bus. Anyone else with less significant evidence can be covered up.

    Looking forward to the department imploding.

    • You are right they clean or tarnish anyone according to their agenda. They are crooked, corrupt individuals. Ironically, it is now the justice warriors, fresh eye, constitutional bound crowd, where their favorite tool to screw deputies is “false statements”…keep the faith

    • “Because I denied the accusation, I was accused of lying and therefore fired.”

      When you fight the Department you need a GOOD lawyer, somebody like Brad Gage or Steven R. Pingel.

      If you are right, they will win your case.

      • Yes, we need good attorneys willing to take on the bullies…that has been a problem. None of the unions are willing to hire attorneys willing to fight the corruption within the LASD, the unions become part of the problem. We need deputies willing to take on ALADS reigns, and then fight the executives, expecting no favors, as it appears the current ALADS deputies do.

        We need to elect Bob Lindsey, he has suffered the previous and current corruption first hand, and understands what needs to be done.

        Imagine that “fresh eyes McBuckles” ivy league educated girls or Diana Teran Leichnitz’, the “Undersheriff” likewise ivy league educated girls had gone through what you went through, or what Bob Lindsey’s son went through. Do you think they would be upset and willing to do something about it? The current administration, ran by the two individuals above are destroying good working deputies and their families. It is time to stop the mayhem this two are committing against deputies and turn the heat toward them….

        Yes, Bob Lindsey cannot solve all the problems within the organization, but I bet he can do better than McBuckles….

  • Mr. Spina is representative of all the bad LASD has to offer but let’s not lay the blame solely on him. He was hired, promoted, watched over and taken care of by a Department “benefactor/guardian”. Based on the information, the female deputies aren’t victims to me but pathetic and weak losers who were willing to do whatever it took to get a day off. Come on..seriously? Should someone carry a gun who is so morally weak and so easily convinced to perform sexual favors for a day off worthy of being a peace officer? The music will continue to play on and the drama will continue.

    I hope Mr. Lindsey does run but it’s always hard to unseat an incumbent, no matter how bad they are. Former Sheriff Baca was an example of that. The BOS and liberal political machine has too much at stake to let the current Sheriff be voted out.

  • Female on the Thread and Calling It a Spade – bravo to both of you. Everyone involved in this sordid mess should be looked at and appropriate action taken. Bad enough what occurred on duty in his office but his conduct in the field was reprehensible too. I wonder if this sorry excuse for a supervisor will plead out? If it does go to trial, you are so right – will be some resignations, perhaps an expedited transfer or two to another county agency and an unemployed ex-Sergeant.

    • Don’t bet on it.
      Perfect example is the Pico Rivera Station captain.
      I’m sure he is looking at his next promotion soon.
      All the Tanaka loyalist have disassociated them self from the Tanaka name but continue to stick together.
      They are the plague of the once great department.
      Wake up McBuckles.

      • “All the Tanaka loyalists have disassociated them self from the Tanaka name but continue to stick together…wake up McBuckles.”

        Could that be one purpose of the CPA (Constitutional Policing Advisor)–to bypass the current Chain-of-Command?

        If so, it looks like McBuckles has awakened.

        Look at LASD’s Table of Organization (it can be Googled): she speaks directly into the Sheriff’s right ear; no Chain-of-Command whatsoever to deal with.

        • Awakened?
          I don’t see it.
          He may have brought in his outsiders but continues to promote the same loyalist.
          Diana Teran is the same as Tanaka was to Baca.
          The muscle to a political blind weak moron.
          I leader should lead, not go purchase a leader.
          Knuckles has made the Tanaka loyalist stronger in numbers. There is 40+ more executives now than when he took office.
          2 captains at a unit is just another one of his moves to turn LASD into LAPD.
          LASD use to be a proactive department. Great job neutering the department McBuckles.

          • “Diana Teran is the same as Tanaka was to Baca.”

            Her position is indeed unique, but the same as Tanaka?

            I really find that a difficult pill to ingest.

      • Sadly, you could be right….but with no disrespect intended, I hope not. The Deputies that complied with his demands will be viewed, at best, as weak – and a whole host of other things. Those that are smart will get out as the job isn’t for them if they couldn’t handle this situation properly. Those that want a “fresh start” need to try it again someplace else. Between the supporting witnesses from the community and within LASD, at least one complainant that works for the Department and the evidence collected from his office, I think he’ll be convicted and due to the publicity, thrown out like trash. Hoping against the odds that LASD does recover over the next several years. The appointments from outside sure don’t appear to be helping…

  • After reviewing the comments, it seems no one has given sufficient credit for this scandal to either M.Spina or Lee Baca.

    Spina joined LASD in 2001, approx 2 1/2 years after Baca became Sheriff.

    Spina’s professional development parallels the absorption of the Baca new paradigm overlayed on to the culture and practice at LASD .

    It is predictable that an individual with the temperament and personality of Spina is sometimes found among the hundreds who are hired annually by LASD.
    And sadly, it is utterly predictable that 15 years after joining Sheriff Lee Baca’s LASD, that Spina is charged under the type of allegations listed.

    I will explain how sheriff Lee Baca, acting on his sincere desires to help people and do good things, could become the essential enabler to criminal acts of a sgt. spina.

    But first, let’s take a new estimation of the true human damage caused by sgt. spina.

    The many comments above stretch and strain to reconcile the incongruity presented:
    the quid pro quo of exchanging sexual intimacy for a desirable scheduling adjustment doesn’t match up for most of us.
    That’s an indication there is more going on behind the facade.
    More than simply a kinky sgt. abusing his authority over a gaggle of horny newly-minted female deputies.

    As Spina’s rank and job title change over the duration of his LASD career, his job description has not changed.
    The only change is that Spina has improved his job skills.

    His job:

    Job duties:
    capitalize on his natural gifts of physical attractiveness and his communication skills to exploit the opportunities available through his official position in a law enforcement agency where ethical standards and boundaries have become severely distorted under the misguided leadership of a misanthropic Sheriff Lee Baca.

    Identify suitable female targets for manipulation and coercion into sexual activity for the ultimate purpose of inflicting severe and long-lasting damage to their psycho-emotional well-being .

    Where trust can be found – cultivate it, sustain it, and then violate it. Shred it.
    Where innocence can be found – lure it, disarm it and then steal it. Yank it out by the roots

  • @ Cognistator, well put the pill in your mouth and take a big gulp of cool aid because it is true. Although I will add that I believe Carrol Lin, plays just a big of role as Teran.

    • “Carol Lin plays just a big role as Teran.”

      She is LASD’s Director of Strategic Communications. According to LASD’s Table of Organization (remember–that can be Googled) she, too, speaks directly into the Sheriff’s right ear.

      She is a UCLA graduate; before working for LASD she worked as a reporter/correspondent for such organizations as CNN & ABC News.

      And she “plays just a big role as Teran.”


      Tell us about that.

  • Spina appeared to be coddled by the Captain at TTCF who Spina said was his best friend

    Said they were buddies in patrol as well.

    Had more ADMN days than most Sgt’s at TTCF with the least amount of paperwork

    His paperwork was reassigned at his request by his best friend to other Sgt’s because he had stuff to do

    Spina got fast tracked off the line to a flex schedule

    Spina was supposed to be the scheduling Sgt until his best friend left TTCF

    He forced himself onto the B2V committee and took $ for a party nobody wanted

    His corruption was facilitated.

  • So, not that he was convicted of misdemeanor battery, I believe, what has the department done with this clown?

  • If I have a picture of this guy (with his wife at the time of the photo), where can I email or send it to? It’s from his high school reunion.

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