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Two High-Level LASD Supervisors Demoted Over Charity Foot Race Cheating Scandal – UPDATED**

While it doesn’t rise to the seriousness of illegal juicing for the Tour de France,
cheating on the once-a-year, 120-mile charity foot race known as Baker to Vegas, a competition open solely to law enforcement agencies from all over the country, is considered to be something approaching a sacrilege.

So when it was found that a Baker to Vegas team from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department may have put an especially skilled ringer in as one of their runners, all hell deservedly broke loose.

The discovery of the alleged cheating resulted in an internal affairs investigation and, as of this week, disciplinary action is being taken against at least four LASD members, including the demotion of a captain and one commander—-both of whom work for the Transit Policing Services Bureau (TSB), which is one of the bureaus that the LASD is contracted to run.**

To demote multiple command staff members at once is close to unprecedented, said department insiders.

“It’s an A bomb!” one department source told us.

According to several department sources in a position to know, the two demoted command staffers are Captain Holly Perez and Commander Pat Jordan.

**EDITOR’S UPDATE: A second captain, Matthew Rodriguez, was originally slated for discipline, but after his case was revisted, it is our understanding that any discipline was fully rescinded. To date, Rodriguez has retired at the rank of captain. [Updated: Aug. 1. 2013]

An emergency meeting was reportedly held on Wednesday afternoon at Transit Policing Services to discuss the startling turn of affairs, which left staffers reeling.

The popular charity event known as the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Race, or B2V, is a competitive foot race through the Mohave Desert that has been in existance since 1985, and has grown to include law enforcement teams made up of probation officers and district attorneys along with the traditional police and sheriffs competitors. B2V is held each year on a weekend in March or April. (For instance, this year’s race was last weekend, on Saturday, April 13.)

The course begins 25 miles north of Baker CA. on Highway 127 and finishes inside the Hilton Hotel Convention Room in Las Vegas. It is run as a relay, with approximately 20 runners on a team, each running a leg, plus support team members to track and aid their runners with follow cars.

The highly festive event is a favorite of both the LAPD and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which each fields several teams every year.

The team from Men’s Central Jail won several years in a row from 2007 to 2011. Then for 2012 and 2012, the winning baton passed to the LAPD’s Elite team of runners.

Sources tell us that last year’s Transit team substituted a “ringer” for one of their officially listed runners. The alleged substitute runner was reportedly the son of a department member who did not himself work for the department, and thus was entirely ineligible to run. The ringer reportedly turned in one of the best times for any leg of the race.

When news of the alleged deception and the subsequent demotions surfaced, members of other law enforcement agencies expressed surprise and dismay.

“How freaking stupid can you be to do something like that?” an LAPD source wrote to WLA in an email.

According to department spokesman Steve Whitmore, the disciplinary action was made solely by Sheriff Lee Baca, although newly hired Homeland Security Chief Ted Sexton, who oversees the Transit Police along with Aero Bureau and other LASD units, was fully briefed on all stages of the decision making.

“The Sheriff takes matters like this one very seriously, and he acted accordingly,” said Whitmore, who also said he was prevented by the Peace Officers Bill of Rights from confirming any names or ranks of those disciplined.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While it’s commendable that the department took swift action on The Great Foot Race Cheating Scandal, we cannot help but note that it has seemingly been in no hurry to come to a conclusion on far more serious matters like, say, this one, which began in February of 2012, more than a year ago.


Although a 2012 civil grand jury in Monterey County was critical of the county’s handling of the additional inmates coming to the county’s jail, most of the county’s other stakeholders approved of the way Monterey’s sheriffs, DA, probation, public defender, and others, have effectively used methods such as own-recognizance release, pretrial screening and involuntary home detention, as well as pending plans to transfer inmates to other counties, according to a report by Jim Johnson of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Here’s a clip:

Monterey County’s already overcrowded jail is not more packed than usual due to realignment of state prison inmates to local control, contrary to a county civil grand jury’s findings.

The efforts of local law enforcement officials to use alternatives to locking up inmates have helped keep it that way.

But the county jail is facing the prospect of a growing inmate population because of realignment in the near future until the effects of treatment and rehabilitation programs are fully realized.

That is the main message the Board of Supervisors indicated Tuesday it wanted to send to the 2012 civil grand jury in response to its findings and recommendations. The supervisors approved a modified response to the grand jury’s suggestion the jail was suffering from “gross overcrowding” largely because of the “increased incarceration of serious offenders and the additional population resulting from the implementation” of AB 109, the state legislation that transferred responsibility for a large percentage of state prison inmates to local oversight.

Supervisor Jane Parker asked county staff to include a list of efforts local law enforcement officials have undertaken to manage the jail population. She noted the jail has been stretched beyond its capacity for years, long before realignment, and could have been a bigger problem without management efforts.

“They’ve done a lot of work setting up” alternative methods, Parker said. “They’d be even more overcrowded
under AB 109 without those efforts.”


City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer will hold a press conference Thursday at 2 pm with leaders of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, along with victims of gun violence, to discuss his plan to reduce gun violence as L.A.’s next City Attorney.

The press conferences is, in part, in response to the blocking by the US Senate, on Wednesday, of the assault weapon ban legislation.

Jonathan Weisman of the New York Times has a story on the Senate’s action. Here’s a clip:

A wrenching national search for solutions to the violence that left 20 children dead in Newtown, Conn., all but ended Wednesday after the Senate defeated several measures to expand gun control.

In rapid succession, a bipartisan compromise to expand background checks for gun buyers, a ban on assault weapons and a ban on high-capacity gun magazines all failed to get the 60 votes needed under an agreement between both parties. Senators also turned back Republican proposals to expand permission to carry concealed weapons and to focus law enforcement efforts on prosecuting gun crimes.

Sitting in the Senate gallery with other survivors of recent mass shootings and their family members, Lori Haas, whose daughter was shot at Virginia Tech, and Patricia Maisch, a survivor of the mass shooting in Arizona, shouted together, “Shame on you.”

President Obama, speaking at the White House after the votes, echoed the cry, calling Wednesday “a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

Opponents of gun control from both parties said that they made their decisions based on logic, and that passions had no place in the making of momentous policy.

“Criminals do not submit to background checks now,” said Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa. “They will not submit to expanded background checks.”

It was a striking defeat for one of Mr. Obama’s highest priorities, on an issue that has consumed much of the country since Adam Lanza opened fire with an assault weapon in the halls of Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.

Jeremy Peters of the NY Times reports here about the feelings of personal defeat felt by Senator Dianne Feinstein when she watched helplessly as her bill went down in flames, despite her efforts.


  • Like sporting teams, if you get caught in a cheating scandel, your team is either penalized or removed from participation for a number of years.

    Perhaps the event organizers need to go back 5 years and thoroughly audit the team lists.

    Ya know, in two weeks, we have seen two commanders and two captains in nothing but rediculous behavior. I’ll bet Ted Saxton is shaking his head big time.

    I know how Lee lives for Baker to Vegas. I ran for a team. Honestly, this one has got to be wrenching his gut. Very pathetic and an entire embarrasment for our Department.

  • One last thing. Last time I looked at the guide for disciplinary action, falsification of any documents is termination. Not 10 days or 15 day suspension.

    The fact these are captains and a commander says it all. even a previous station captain asked the range deputy to submit a shooting qualification card when he never shot. The result? The captain demoted for 6 months. Now he is a commander.

    A sergeant or lower would be going through civil service trying to get their job back

    Unfortunately, it’s a tough decision. When you’re at the top and might be privy to dirt, any attempt to roll up an executive might have some damage control when that person goes public with information they know on other execs. Think about it.

  • The report doesn’t specify whether the ineligible runner participated in a previous year Baker/Vegas relay or the latest run last month.

    Because 30 days is quite speedy for an accusation, investigation, determination and disciplinary action.

    Of course, the offending TSB staff may have decided to camp outside of Sheriff Baca’s office in order to submit their signed confessions and beg him to initiate disciplinary action against them ASAP.

    In contrast to Sheriff Baca’s record-setting pace in this relay-ringer scandal is the snails pace taken to bubble-wrap and ship back the 2010 and 2011 trophies in forfeiture.

    It seems that Sheriff Baca has asked Michael Gennaco to prepare another report on the question of whether any rule was actually broken when several LASD relay team members recorded record legs with assistance from Air Rescue 5.

  • It certainly makes you wonder whether Sheriff Baca has an unrevealed motivation for handing out the demotions at TSB for Baker/Vegas relay ringer dust-up. Maybe he just needed to cut payroll.

    Because this problem could have been handled very quickly and efficiently without need for blemishing any employee’s file.

    Sheriff Baca could have asked the LASD Baker/Vegas participant to submit a short-form employment application on behalf of his athletically gifted son who substitute ran his relay leg.

    Sheriff Baca could have accepted the record run time by the son as sufficient substitute for any education/experience needed to meet hiring minimums.

    Sheriff Baca could have then ordered the LASD personnel dept. to hire the son as a full time deputy retroactive to December 31, 2012. Its not like this has never been done before.

    No demotions, no scandals, no shame. Just good old LASD Baker/Vegas tradition and pride.

  • The current posts on these blogs are eerily quiet. A year ago this would have been up to 100 with the kool aide drinkers and nay sayers. I honestly think department members are afraid to post here for fear of getting revealed.

    Very strange. amazing how a little discipline in the workplace sends employees running for cover.

    BTW, I will make a bet that LASD will get told to sit out BtoV next year as a punishment. I agree.

  • This is a very disappointing violation on many levels and, although a heavy discipline, one that is justifiable. It’s hard accepting the humility of the diminished pride of having had a long career with LASD. What I’m troubled with though, is the pattern of the Sheriff himself. Lee ran many years for the SEB team when he was not part of SEB nor was that unit in his line of command. Perhaps that is (was) allowed. As Sheriff fine, as did Chief Gates for Metro. Also I saw in his Contribution Statements that he accepted reimbursement by the race organization (LAPD) for his travel to Las Vegas. That should offend all of us who worked so hard to field teams, cover the team & personal costs associated. The Sheriff is a highly paid executive that pays for almost nothing, accepts gifts from all corners and then pretends that he’s at the very core of the B to V race history. The deputies scratch for every dollar to field teams and here the highest paid executive on the Department accepts money from the organizers, the deputies hard earned money, to bless them with his presence. It’s a measure of the man!

  • Is anyone else as sick of “Whitmore” as I am. “The Sheriff takes matters like this one very seriously, and he acted accordingly.” Apparently allowing your Execs to play favorites and treat your non-brown nosing employees with total disregard “isn’t” a very serious matter. It’s all part of the campaign. Sacrificial lambs are going to continue to be offered up so we, as well as the public, view him as trying to make things right. Once he’s re-elected, it will be business as usual.

  • Hey Bill (McSweeney), remember back in 2007 when you ordered an internal
    review regarding the lack of supervision at both Transit Sevices and Metrolink Bureaus. Both Bureaus were under the command of then Captain Patrick Jordan. Yes, the same Pat Jordan who consistently received very low
    leadership scores via ALADS. So you promote him to Commander and keep him in the same Bureau. Amazing how things come full circle. I guess it pags to be a Tanaka aide (or at least it did).

  • Celeste,
    Just to set the record straight, both the LASD and the LAPD field over thirty teams for this event. It is the largest single LE event in the world. Most important correction is that the LAPD has won the event for the past two years, not LASD as you inferred.

  • Nitmore is only doing what he is paid to do, to put a happy face on a turd. He just goes so over the top with his spin, but is directed at the public, not us. Baca is in full political mode right now. He is tossing any and all liabilities under the bus right now to hold onto power, his power. If this caper was related to the 2012 B2V, then I’d like to know when the allegations were made and to whom. Did Tanaka, Mannis or Abner have knowledge of the allegations and when. Did someone try to squash this in the initial stages or was it handled like any other caper at IAB. How long did it take to do this case, when was it submitted and when was it decided, those are very important questions and believe me, there is a paper trail. Did OIR have a role? It starts with the original person who brought this information forward and to whom did he/she advise? This is all so shameful. Don’t be surprised if one or two of them decide to call it a day. Open the flood gates so we can flush out the sewage, ALL of it and starting at the top, first. CORE Values rule, whatever.


    Hi 56, thanks for the clarification.

    Actually I didn’t say that LASD won the last couple of years, only that they won several years in a row (2007-2011, to be specific). But I see how that could easily be misinterpreted, thus have clarified so that the LAPD’s very speedy elite team is given credit for their latest two years of winning!

    Details are always better. So thanks for calling my attention to the matter.


  • #5 The blogs are quiet because there has been enough damage has been done.
    This really saddens me to hear that this would happen at this event. I’ve been praying for LASD since all this scandel broke and I’m sure Baca is just disapointed more than anything. I know that if my department was under alot of heat and under investigation I would be dotting my every I and crossing my T’s …
    Couldn’t they leave well enough alone and leave B2V off duty fun and untarnished?
    It’s just sad! 2 L.A. county deputies committed suicide this weekend. It’s too much pressure what you guys are encountering. God bless everyone!

    Couldn’t they leave well enough alone and leave B2V off duty fun and untarnished?

  • Just to clarify for those whose fitness program consists of jumping to conclusions – Jordan was NEVER an aide to Tanaka.

  • channel 7 coevering the race caper. wow. Mountain man. It doesn’t matter. Still a black eye. Real cute response “Jumping to conclusions”. But, you’re part of the mountain folk

  • Steve Whitmore carries out a role at LASD much greater than a traditional dept. spokesperson.

    Steve Whitmore is the conduit and representative of the most well concealed and fastest rising power base within the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department during Sheriff Lee Baca’s 14 year tenure.

    You cannot identify them by gender,race, ethnicity or any ankle tattoo.

    Their affiliation is not revealed on any disclosure form. They don’t talk about group stuff at work. But a close observer will catch a sign from time to time.

    Under Sheriff Baca’s reign, it appears they have risen to assume numerous positions with the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau and the detective ranks.

    I think Steve Whitmore works for LASD and works to exercise and spread influence within LASD under direction of Gold Base – the C.O.S.

  • #7 – Yes he did have an open IA and yes, this was that case.. Also, just to clarify #3, the allegations center around the 2012 race, not last weekends race. Very sad indeed.

  • I wonder if Whitmore is paid by the County or the Sheriff himself, because a spokesperson for the Department he is not. It appears that his sole role is to do damage control on all these issues affecting the upper brass. When is the last time anyone saw him addressing the media on newsworthy criminal investigations? That is typically left to SHB Media.

    So if he’s not addressing the media on criminal investigations, can someone explain his role and title again?

  • On  page 167 of the last OIR report published with cases up to Dec. 2011 , check out case number 23462. Sounds like a certain Captain’s golf  field trip. Love how OIR listed him as just an employee. Leroy and Paul’s way of protecting   their  corrupt administration? Interested to see what the final resolve listed on that is. OIR lastest report should be out soon. What a joke!

  • OIR’s administration has been politically corrupt from day one. There is absolutely nothing “Independant,” about OIR and never has been. Oh, if you are line swine, they come at you with guns blazing, but if you are a Captain or above, they put on the Ray Charles shades and look the other way. Why? Who has championed OIR from the beginning and who took accolades on top of accolades as being “progressive?” Leroy Baca himself. Who actually sponsored OIR to outside agencies where contracts were actually awarded? Leroy Baca. As I understand all of this, the entire OIR staff are on contract approved and paid for by the BOS. In that case, OIR should have been exposing ALL of the internal corruption to the BOS and the public on a continual basis but they have not. OIR has been compromised long ago and are complicent in all of this. BOS, terminate their contract and bring in a crew with integrity. Shame on you, OIR. You have disgraced your office by your silence.

  • Last time I checked, oral reprimands were a thing of the past. Why then didn’t Pietrantony get at least a day suspension, but actually 3 days because of his rank?

    Alleged charges: Profanity in the workplace, racial insensitivity, and who knows how the cell extraction would be charged.

    If this were a line sergeant or deputy or both, the deputy would get 3 days, the sergeant 5 days for allowing it and so on.

    I am pleased to read that he single handidly brought the amount of force since he went to custody down to zero. At least that was mentioned by someone. For that, he shoulda been rewarded to chief or commander in field ops. Seems there might be more to the story.

  • #22: So, he messes up in one area, and he should be held to a higher standard then a deputy, sergeant or lieutenant, but and performs well in another area and for this he should get promoted to a commander or chief positon? Are you serious, this is the problem on the department, you have these individuals who push the right promotion buttons, work the high profile positions, align yourself with the “people in the car,” and suddently you get promoted. Meanwhile, you don’t know much, lack experience, knowledge and don’t know how to evaluate and assess employees and you have screw ups, because suddenly you are a primadona and know everything.

  • #23 you have touched upon a portion of the cause for all of this mess. Politics is in every walk of professional life, private industry, the military, government positions, local-state and federal jobs. Someone in a position of power likes someone and they get an opportunity they perhaps shouldn’t, that is life, and it should be the exception and not the rule. The “rule” should be for individuals to be provided opportunities based on merit, accomplishments, demonstrated performance and abilities. That was once the way of life within LASD. But as you have mentioned, being aligned with “people in the car,” pay for play, the Cigar Club are all things that Tanaka set into motion and was allowed by Baca.

    Tanaka has a very interesting psychological profile that is consistent with 80% of every tyrant I’ve studied. Obsession with power, thirst for absolute control, expectation of blind loyalty, promises of promotions and/or positions for information and the pledging of one’s soul to him, placing “his people” in virtually every unit within LASD, promoting weak individuals who are the ultimate “yes men,” screaming at subordinates, provocative orders (as in the ‘Hide the informant’ – Lt. Thompson caper), just to impress/intimidate subordinates with his power, the list goes on and on. It is blatant display of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). And then you have “those in the car.” who become “attached to the power,” and are a prime example of the allegations stated in the Fennell law suit. “I’m untouchable, I’m connected, I can make things happen for you,” etc. And this has become the root of the systemic problem within LASD. And then you have those who think they have power and influence via association, real or perceived, with the little man. They are fueled by pure arrogance and perceived authority and they become very dangerous.

    The wheels are coming off folks, and I’m starting to laugh at the “insiders” who are becoming a bit nervous. They should be because the Federal machine is just about to launch and man, it is going to get ugly.

  • To think any one individual brought down force single handily via policy is preposterous and unreasonable. LASD was forced into the 21st Century and installed cameras in the jails. Guess what happened as a result? Accountability to the facts as they occurred.

    There is no one out there who celebrates fighting or bravado more than Commander Peatrantoni. He can’t make it 2 minutes without talking about his vicious right hooks to body… Oh yea, I forgot this is one of the most important attributes of an executive in the Department according to “good dudes”.

    We don’t need granola eaters for executives either. I guess it too difficult to promote individuals who don’t value things like cheating, philandering, conspiring to cover up and intimidate, or upholding their oath to the law.

  • #23 and # 24, you just validated my comment #22. Tactician? fight to the end? Swat officianato? Well, those who know, know the profile.

  • Over the past several years, news reports concerning the Office of Independent Review have included reference to specific instances of the following practices:

    1. O.I.R. tasked with conducting investigation and report. Baca proscribes the specific source material/evidence/witnesses that O.I.R. will examine.

    2. O.I.R. submits completed investigation and report to Baca for review prior to release. Baca highlights sections to remain confidential/censored from public release version.

    3. O.I.R. submits completed investigation and report to Baca prior to public release. Baca returns report to O.I.R. with recommendations for edits/changes/reworking for final version public release.

    4. O.I.R. completes investigation and report. O.I.R. holds completed report for weeks or months after completion. Report is released to public. O.I.R. indicates delay due to wait for Baca to give approval for release to O.I.R.

  • I am shocked to see how LASD handles its investigations and ruins careers of employees who were not part of this mess. There were lots of men that could have stopped the B2V mess before it all started. Those who were there, had been involved and did nothing but get the fricken precious mug for beer, really? Is your ego so fragile that you would do something like this to win a mug? Really? At your pay grade you could have got up off your butt, disqualified your team, bought a case of mugs and put your names on them and handed them out to yourselves. How hard is that?
    To the person or persons who sent the anonymous letter to LAPRAAC. I see now why you did not come forward in person. But by doing this you did you pulled a supervisor into this man mad mess and made them a whistle blower. Ever hear of the ramifications to what happens when you get an anonymous letter that implicates a commander failed to do his job? Oh I get it, you wanted to stay silent and not get involved since you didn’t do something sooner.
    To the honest runners that were pulled into this man made mess, I am sorry you did not get to compete this year. To Sheriff Baca, I thought it was your vision that when someone stands up & does the right thing they are commended, NOT sucked into the mess and made to look like they had a hand in this stupid situation.

  • Wow Carson 83 well said. I too beefed a chief for conduct towards me. When the intake called me back, they said ” we will take your complaint, howerver, keep in mind that making allegations against a chief could have career consequences”. Really? I should have gone forward and shoved it up his A**. How pathetic that the top is so insulated. He’s retired now. Hope he is one miserable SOB.

  • A Commander and two Captains received demotions, the sergeant/team captain was fired, and the deputy who provided the “ringer” with his identity was given 30 days on the bricks, according to my CRI’s at my old unit. Where were the lieutenants at TSB while this was going on? Something doesn’t strike me as kosher with this whole incident. I don’t approve of what happened by any means; I ran for TSB and other units for many years, but I believe the discipline was too harsh.

  • The reason there are only 30 comments in this section is because the Department’s computer firewall specifically blocks Witness LA from being viewed on LASD computers. Lee can’t have his deputies reading any unflattering articles about his corrupt regime.

  • Unless an individual is ready to leave his job or retire, beefing a chief or commmander does no good under this regime. I remember when a commander went to Sheriff Block and told him he felt it necessary to reprimand the Sheriff’s daughter, a captain through her performance evaluation, and Sheriff Block told him to go right ahead and it was done with no repercussions. As we all know, that would not happen now.


    To those new to the site, if your comment doesn’t appear right away, in most cases, it simply means that we’re doing something else, and when we get back to the laptop/cellphone/ipad it’ll likely get approved.

    And, Dulce, we don’t favor Birkenstocks. UGGs on the other hand…..

  • This whole thing is ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to me that in this and so many other situations we have high-ranking executives having no integrity. I am disappinted that so many among us, including the top, are so unscrupulous. In this case, Jordan is an idiot on so many levels, but even this is surprising that he acted that stupidly. The one that I’m incensed about is Perez. She was not involved in this scam. The truth will come out, and hopefully Baca will see that is the case.

    If the Feds are coming, I hope they clean house. We should all be able to be proud of our organization, and there is no way now we can be.

    PS. The reason this article has fewer comments is because of the placement to add comments is not directly below the article.

  • Just what a certain Undersheriff was afraid of happening has come true — Baca allowing Abner & Mannis (& now Ault) to run wild with supposed investigations & screw everyone without really delving into facts & background of the incident(s). Commander who created an unhealthy & tense work environment to feed his own ego & surround himself with his sgt friends who put him in a bad place. Captain(s) pay the price for coming forward.

  • If anyone has the inside scoop to all of this, to include those who were demoted, and can provide specific involvement as best as known, I think it would be beneficial for all to read and draw their own conclusion.

    As far as Ault, Mannis and Abner running all of this, for some reason The Three Stooges comes to mind. These people have no honor nor no shame. Their backgrounds speak for themselves and yet, they are the first to cast a stone. Am I the only one who knows about their skeletons? I doubt it, because it’s a friggen grave yard of scandals and poor performance that so many know about.

    Chicken Wing (LOL) those of us who are hard working professionals all love LASD. It is a fantastic organization but it has been completely overrun by the Cigar Club crowd, Tanaka and Baca boot licks. I agree, the Feds (who I know for a fact read WLA daily) will “hopefully” clean house and indict all of these fools who have ruined the organization that we love, with their suck ass, boot licking, bone an executive for promotion (yes ladies, I can name the names) agendas. We need a new leader, probably from outside the organization, who will do a wholesale cleansing of these pathetic executives and replace them with folks who for God’s sake, have some as semblance of integrity and all will be well again. God I can go right down the list from Captains to Assistance Sheriff’s and tell you what they did to make rank and how they have tossed their integrity out the window. It’s an open secret.

  • Even when and if the Feds come in, the damage done by LeRoy and Co. is going to take time to clean up. Look at some of the recent hires from classes starting with class 385 to the recent class of 393. I came a crossed  a few files of DQ candidates from other agencies. Our own civilian  employees promoted to DST although there were questions about  their suitability for sworn positions.  I saw one file where a candidate had a number of questionable polygraphs, was DQ by another agency, and was caught no being honest with their B. I. We hired them  anyway. It’s a never  ending mess from the top of the organization to the bottom.

  • Truly, we are all saddened by these events. But, since the time of Peter J. Pitchess we have had trouble with misconduct. Is it just that Baca brought corruption to a new high or is it the social media makes it far easier to find out what is going on? A little of both. Why does this happen? First,INTEGRITY is not valued as a department goal to enhance one’s personal character. Instead AMBITION is the Department whore! And I don’t feel any better when people state that LAPD or others are just as bad. Second, We didn’t stick with the values we were hired with (most of us anyway;Tanaka excluded.) How many of us have done things we were totally ashamed of? Things we would never had done before coming on the job? IE Getting a gang tattoo on your leg;forgetting your oath of office. We were robbed or did we just give it up? Third, always remember we select (usually) supervisors from the deputy ranks. Currently, we have two outsiders who have come in for political reasons. One from CDC whose record is TEN TIMES worse than ours and she says “it’s just a few bad apples.” The next one came from Alabama and his deputies didn’t want him either and he came for the money. How are they any different from the brass we already got? Most of the crap has already been cleaned up thanks to public pressure and she will take all the credit. Watch it happen she already is looking at herself as sheriff! Regardless, if the deputy is a friend or not, if you see a fellow deputy going down the wrong path, get involved and stop it from happening! We did this to ourselves and this includes the voters as we keep voting these fools in. Get involved and set the place right! Whatever mistakes you have made, learn from them and kick yourself to ensure you got the message. Then change your ways by looking like and acting like deputy sheriffs! If you are looking for a constant pat on the back I suggest that you get a pet or become a fireman. One way to significantly push ourselves forward is too VOTE OUT BACA, get rid of OIR (GENNACO) and the judge!! True to my character to end with a little humor; don’t be a LIBERAL we have enough crime to deal with! LOL

  • Once upon a time there was this Team Captain who was friends with a Commander and a young man who could run like the wind. They were such good friends that they traveled and stayed together in a quiet little home in Las Vegas.

    As the story goes, there was a race across the desert where avid runners trained very hard to compete against other runners to win a beautiful, tall, glass trophy mug. If they won the race they could drink cold beer and share stories of the race with others.

    The commander who usually liked to run the final leg of the race decided to run earlier and return to said condo to get some rest.

    As the story goes, a runner failed to bring his shoes, an alternate ran in his place, and someone needed to save the team. While there were radios and plenty of time to find a valid runner, this Team Captain decided that in order to finish the race he would use the young wind runner to run the most difficult up hill leg of the race. Like magic this runner who happened to be traveling with him in the same car had running shoes on. Perhaps in the late night as a well experienced Team Captain he forgot the rules that using an ineligible runner would automatically disqualify the team that had been training so hard from winning the trophy mug.

    After the race, the North Captain, who had advised the Team Captain earlier that he was available to run if needed, found out about the ineligible runner and requested a meeting. At this meeting he confronted the issue in front of the Commander who was actually staying with the Team Captain and wind runner. The Captain advised the Commander of what happened and that it was wrong and something needed to be done. After reporting this to his Commander he left Las Vegas, possibility feeling that the Commander would resolve the issue and do the right thing.

    The North Captain, who works in the same office with the Commander, texts the South Captain who is acting Commander, since the REAL Commander is in Vegas, that they might be DQed because of this runner but never brings it up again. Sometime later, mugs are given out and everyone is told they placed 17th in what ever division they are in. I suppose most would believe the Commander had done something to fix the problem before leaving Las Vegas as neither the North Captain nor Commander mention it again to the South Captain.

    As time goes by and folks in the know are shocked as they realize the Commander, who was in Las Vegas and should have disqualified his team, had done nothing. He and his Team Captain, even when confronted, did nothing to stop this sure embarrassment to the team and department if discovered.

    Someone in the know tires of this and decides to right the wrong and sends an anonymous letter to LAPRAAC reporting this violation. I am sure that they were afraid to come forward because of retaliation. LAPRAAC realizing who was involved, sends the letter to the South Captain to check into. She does and finds that it appeared the Commander had done nothing so goes to him with the letter to confirm. He basically tells her to stand down and that he would take care of it. Several days later, he still has not done anything and leaving town for a while. The South Captain knows that something needs to be done as the rumors about the letter are now going around her building (quite a distance from the offices of North Captain & Commander).

    So, I figure she is in a catch 22. She goes over him to advise the department of what was going on or does nothing and when it comes out she was given this letter she is screwed for not reporting it. She chooses to go over him knowing it is a known fact not to challenge a commander. Was she right or wrong?

    The rest is history.
    The Commander who did nothing but collect his beer mug and lay out 2 Captains gets demoted.

    The North Captain who confronted the Commander about the violation probably should have followed up with LAPRAAC when they all returned form Vegas, but SHAME on this Commander for putting him in that position for a beer mug.

    The South Captain, who was not there, had nothing to do with B2V, was put in a horrible carrier ending position by this Commander and she is looking at getting demoted.

    This is my summary.

    The Commander had a choice several times to change this outcome.
    *He is told his roommate ran in the B2V and ineligible and the team needs to be DQed.
    *Months later he is shown a letter about the violation and again he choses to do nothing

    So now I believe this “group” or panel, who decided on the demotions of the two Captains & Commander are Commanders. Surely they themselves looked hard at this — or did they? What is the reasoning for making the Captains take as hard of a hit as the Commander? Are they sending the message not to mess with a superior even when he is clearly in the wrong? Do they have the courage to right this wrong or will they just allow this killing of careers?

    It is really okay to take another look at things. Did the Sheriff read these reports or consider talking to them to try and understand the pressure these Captains were put in. I feel the Sheriff has made some bone headed choices in the past and probably just listen to the wrong advice.

  • You forgot to mention the North Captain was a Lt. At the time acting as Captain. Also you forgot to mention this is not the 1st time the Commander showed a clinical level of misdirected loyalty to the team captain (the Sgt.) and his Co-Catain sidekick (the Deputy). They were got with their hands in the cookie jar BIG TIME and the socially inept Commander swept it under the rug!!!

  • Shucks Carson, they shoulda contacted pietratony. According to comments, he single handedly brought the use of force in the jails to zero. This no doubt would have been handled informally by cutting out B to V runners out of milk cartons and autographing them for all the runner commissioners.

  • Commander Jordan deserves his demotion. The other two parties (captains) deserves a second look. I think Baca may have over stepped here. I think Perez is an awful human being, with that said she did nothing wrong. She didn’t deserve to get demoted, but wait a minute why the heck was she ever made captain to begin with. Well give her her bars back, she didn’t deserve this.

  • 1st Question: Do any of you really think the two CAPTAINS would really risk their captain’s bars and careers for a 17th place B2V mug in some unknown category or any category for that matter?

    2nd- Do you think it was coincidence TSB didn’t have a runner for leg 14, which everyone knows is the toughest leg on the race? A non-runner had been “penciled in” before the race. Do you think either CAPTAIN knew this or that the commander had travelled and stayed with the unethical team captain (sgt and best friend) and non Department college track star and his retired father?

    3rd- Do you think the captains knew the commander had cause to cover up the cheating when they first reported it to him?

    4th- Does anybody really believe the captains deserved to be demoted when they had nothing to do with this as known by everyone at TSB?

    5th- Does this sound more like a political witch hunt during an election year or an objective investigation by IAB?

    6th- Should the captains who are respected and beloved at TSB be demoted for the actions of a deputy (co-captain), sergeant (captain) and an involved commander who failed to take action and had to attempt to cover it up to save his own ass?

    7th- Does anyone believe a commanding officer should ever allow his subordinate captains to fall for his misconduct and shortcomings? He obviously never attended West Point!

    8th- Does anyone really believe Baca has any clue about the truth or did he just listen to the IAB investigators with their own agenda?

    9th- Does anyone think the commander should stand up and apologize to the LAPD, LASD, and hundreds of other agencies who competed at B2V?

    10th- is it just me or does anybody else think this is a travesty for those two captains who have dedicted their entire lives to the Department and citizens of Los Angeles County only to have their names and reputations sullied due to the actions of a self-serving, hollow, unethical, and cowardly commander who refused to take responsibility for his despicable conduct?

  • 10 questions. The captains could even have gone to the Sheriff himself and dimed the commander. They didn’t so they get what they deserve period.

    Just like other captains, they get demoted and now they are commanders. Just give it time. The department rewards employees who are less than competent and don’t play in the mainstream of the workplace.

  • To FTF —

    Pretty easy to make such comments from the “cheap seats” I would say. We all know how well that worked for Olmsted…! Just saying….

    To Truth (#46) — bravo for being objective. Even when you dislike someone, for others to throw them under the bus is just wrong.

  • Carson, I actually ran into Bob at a function. Knowing him for 20 plus years, I don’t see any negative impact on his whole person. In fact, his comments were instrumental in the onset of the investigations, and fast forward now, Tanaka is leaving.

    So as I see it from my premium seats (I have never bought cheap seats for anything), I thing Bob did just fine.

  • FTF- If I’m a Sgt and I run some impropriety that is above my pay grade and rank to deal with (which this was) up the chain to my Lt., the onus is on him to either deal with it entirely or take it to the next rank. I should not have to keep tabs on whether my higher command is doing his job. The Commander failed miserably and it was not the Captains fault!! Plain and simple this is dead wrong!! They did what was required by every standard of ethics and policy.

  • To FTF: The captains could have gone higher but reported the incident to their immediate supervisor, Jordan. They were not aware at the time, that he was involved. It was only thought to be the sgt and the deputy team captains. Once it was known that Jordan was sitting on the info, Chief Grossman was informed, and the IA investigation initiated. Quit blaming the captains. They, especially Perez, did the right thing.

  • Enuff already. Stop the whining. We’re talking about captains, not boot lts., sgts., or deps., but tenured supervisors, who have sat in enuff seats and assignments to be the chief of police at a small agency. After all, isn’t that the resume they tout when they go job hunting after retirement? — unless (of course) u are a TANAKA/BACA Captain. And your rank is predicated on your campaign contributions as opposed to proficiency. Perhaps they were waiting for the undersheriff to tell them what to do. Was there anything stopping either of them from making a decision and initiating an investigation as soon as they had knowledge? Isn’t that what grown folks do? What, did they check to see which way the wind was blowing first? Then leave the area and wait for somebody else to do the right thing? That’s what’s wrong with the whole shooting match in the first place. Good riddance to bad rubbish. If u want it that bad, u don’t deserve the bars in the first place. As for the commander, no words! When do we stop following bad leadership? Somebody please draw a line in the sand, man or woman up, and do your frickin’ job.

  • End This Madness: #38

    I can only comment on Commander Mannis. I also found her to be lacking
    in integrity and honor when she was the Captain at the Internal Affairs Bureau. I made a complaint against a IAB Sergeant which should have initiated an investigation. Instead, a “review” only was conducted which determined no improprieties by the investigator. No suprise there. I would be interested in any similiar unethical or improper behavior you are aware of.

  • Wow GG. Sorry you have so much hostility towards the department. Maybe YOU should go to the Sheriff and be honest. Tell him how you feel about him and the department.

  • Well, let’s put it this way, if there was an electronic paper trail, ie. “Commander Jordan, just to recap our conversation today regarding the race, please review the following bullits we discussed………etc etc.”. Then you have the world by the balls. Try to demote me? Yeh right, wait till the Times gets my e-mails and makes a fool outa the investigation. That’s how you screw the pooch boys and girls. Documentation. That’s what you were taught in the academy.

    And #52 “your wrong”, please use the proper contraction for “your” it should read “you’re” as in you are. Your is possessive. Thank you

  • Doesn’t everyone have serious aspects of their lives they would do differently given 20/20 hindsight? Those captains didn’t deserve equal punishment of a demotion as the commander received. The commander and sergeants were fully culpable and responsible for this disgraceful scandal. It was planned and carried out by them solely. It was covered up when help was offered by the captain to let him help in any way he could. When it was revealed after the race was over at the finish line, then the commander was informed about the ringer. Supposedly, he was supposed to DQ the team, but having prior knowledge about the kid and obviously and wrongly not thinking it was a big deal, did nothing. I had heard that teams do DQ for various reasons. So unfortunate two captains had the same level of reprimand without being privy to the runner or forethought of cheating. They did not deserve this and have been scathed by the real plotters. I think days off would have been more appropriate for reporting it to the commander not knowing he was involved. They have long, devoted careers to the department — love the department, and it’s shameful those fully responsible didn’t step up fully and solely. Lesson learned for many on the periphery of any future scandal or potential scandal. Sometimes circumstances don’t allow for human perfect choices until you look back with 20/20 vision and say I should have — only then we all get to be human perfect.

  • CSN83 I love the Department. My disdain for the turd(s) running it is legendary. And I have voiced my dissatisfaction up close and personal more than once. I’ve been investigated and interviewed. My emails and phone have been monitored. I even received a pretense call from an idiot who didn’t know any better. My jacket has been thumbed thru and annotated with post-its. I have been shunned, snitched off, told to find a new home, and I’ve distanced myself from friends to keep them from catching the same stink eye. Having said that, I admit I don’t know jack about this case, but it smells. The new regime is the old regime. All the players are still in place. Al Lee Baca and his forty thieves have made some personnel changes, but the game continues. Stupid is as stupid does, everybody knows exactly what happened on this caper except IA, ‘cuz they have an agenda. Yeah right….perhaps Al Lee Baca is culling the herd–reorganizing his harem, I guess. Or it’s payback time for some of the folks who got cut from the herd and managed to worm their way back in. Meanwhile, why don’t some of the folks who say they really know what happened speak up? Or, as is always the case, they’ll sit around bumpin’ their gums…watchin’ their own a$$. The door swings both ways. Oh,I know — IA didn’t ask the right people. Been there, seen that. Lemme know how ur interview goes. By the way, therapy has been very good to me. Great discount. Tootles….

  • GG. #60 I think that when you as a young deputy go through an academy, study, try to understand all that is taught and carry those values into your years of service it has to be a crushing blow when you are knocked down.
    While I try to understand the political side to this job, I am disappointed with Baca– that he to knows the ins and outs of this job and how it works. Must be honest that while I think he has some people around him with their own issues, he has chosen them over people who he has known for a long time and did not ask his own questions. I guess I am sad that while he has done things I am sure he is not proud of he can sleep at night knowing he himself did not ask questions he wished had been ask of him.

  • C83: “I guess I am sad that while he has done things I am sure he is not proud of he can sleep at night knowing he himself did not ask questions he wished had been ask of him.”

  • I was assigned to IAB for many years. I never, ever had any suggest I do anything but a full, honest, impartial and complete investigation on any employee I investigated. Nor do I have any personal knowledge of any of my coworkers who were ever asked as well. If any executive had even remotely suggested such a thing I would have reported it to my captain and chief, it never happened. The layers of review from within IAB, the Advocate’s Office and now OIR (which I have no faith in) and then the Case Review Board. I have NEVER seen an employee shafted, not once. I’m not saying it has not ever happened, perhaps in years past. If an IAB sergeant ever played dirty pool, then he/she is a prick and should be removed from IAB and severely disciplined. And then the huge test is the Skelly Hearing and Civil Service. If Mr. Shinee ever found IAB investigator out of bounds, he would make that point clear during the hearing and then file a complaint. Not his usual attorney hocus pocus but an actual impropriety. He knows IAB has a job to do and so does he.

    My point to all of this is demoting someone has never, ever been taken lightly. If reports are accurate, Baca made this decision himself and that is scary because he is a loon. And he is a loon who is also a politician who is becoming desperate to be reelected in the face of the most significant prima facia case of LASD mismanagement and corruption ever witnessed in modern time. And has all been done with Leroy’s blessing. My point, a group of people were in the EPC boardroom when this particular case was heard and decided. Someone presented the “facts” of this case to Baca. Every represented group, as in all Case Review settings, pro/con is obligated to give their judicial review of the meritts of this case AND an opinion if the punishment fit the crime. Either the facts were there to support a “Founded” investigation or not, it is black or white. And then a decision was made that demotion was in fact, appropriate. Or there was debate on the finding and the punishment to be suspension only or Unfounded. After the smoke cleared, if reports are correct, Baca alone decided on “Founded” on all counts and Demotion for the three managers. Either the facts support all of this OR the facts did NOT and Baca decided to “send a message, set the tone, make a point.” if the later is the case, Baca is the biggest prick in the history of LASD. If it is true, it will in time, be revealed and exposed. Either Abner, Mannis and Ault sat by and allowed a huge injustice to occur, or, they all did their job and the punishment did fit the crime. Only until one knows the facts can one pass judgement on this case and only few have read this completed investigation. I have not read any facts in this thread so someone needs to fill in the blanks. The Subjects, actual Witnesses or their inner circle would be a good start. Until then, we won’t know for a while. Let the chips fall where they may and the truth be told. Thank you for your time.

  • PS, “auto correct” changed some of my words, sorry about that, there is no edit feature on this site, but you get the drift in my posting. I just wanted to speak out and make sure an honest decision was made by Baca and people understood the process. I don’t trust his judgement but will give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise by the facts.

  • JLondon — I guess you didn’t catch the sarcasm. Just meant, it must be nice Baca can sleep at night feeling like he’s never made a bad decision or failed to ask the right questions (a lot of this “supposed thorough” investigation hinges on people not asking questions). It obviously doesn’t bother him to screw with hard working, dedicated people’s lives.

    11-Boy — yes, we will see how this process plays out. It seems interesting that one of the panel members (Cmdr) announced his retirement shortly after the kangaroo panel convened on this “case.” Baca does make the final decision & it does seem that he is trying to send a message OR reshift focus away from the bigger issues on the department where HE has some culpability. OIR is a joke and a big waste of department or county money. I think there are some good folks at IAB, but the way Baca has been padding the roster there lately to finish up cases, there could be some people who don’t really have a clue how to put a case together. Good for the people who appeal.

  • Now it has come full circle. Under Leroy Baca’s stewardship the LASD has become the complete package. LASD has become a complete cesspool in the eyes of the other Southern CA LE agencies.
    There’s the Pay to Play scandal where campaign donations determine promotions and coveted positions, a dirty exec. hooked up with drug dealers, sex scandals among execs.,, the jail scandals, giving guns and badges to campaign donors, city councilmen and celebrities, etc. etc.
    Now the LASD loses iwhatever integrity it had left among it’s fellow LE agencies over the B2V race. Now the LASD is the butt of the jokes among cops at the watering hole. From other departments execs. talking about Sheriff Moonbeam and his touchy feely new age crapola at management level LE functions, to street cops at the bar talking about LASD cheating at B2V.
    Thanks Sheriff Baca. Under your stellar leadership LASD has taken the place of the Compton, Maywood and South Gate PD’s as the joke of LE agencies in SoCal. Thanks to you, all the honest hard working cops in the LASD now show up at inter-agency functions hoping not to be asked about the myriad of scandals and corruption plaguing the LASD.

  • 11-Boy:

    I must respectfully disagree with your comments regarding the unbiased
    and thorough investigations conducted by the Internal Affairs Bureau. I once heard an IAB Sergeant testify “we just write down what people tell us” I’m sure you would agree the job of an investigator is to determine the truth, which would require a little more effort than just writing down what people tell you.

    Also, I would submit the checks and balances you listed are based on the assumption that the investigations will conducted in an environment free of
    politics and interference. With the current state of affairs of the Department exposed by the Los Angeles Times and Witnessla, we know that not to be true. I don’t doubt your honesty and integrity, but certainly others must be questioned.

  • 11-Boy

    I would add, why would the Internal Affairs Bureau, be the only unit within
    the Department insulated from the biases and undue interference that affect the rest of the Department?

  • C83: Thanks for posting! I have known Baca for thirty plus years and I can tell he isn’t sleeping well anymore!

    11B: I too worked IA and the investigation is only as good as the experience of the investigator and his/her willingness to see the case through. At the end of the case, the respective chief would call me in and ask what my view was on the case. I gave my thoughts on mitigating factors v. reliability of witnesses etc and doing what is right. Case review was, normally, done within bounds. However, I did have one case where a chief tried to brow beat me as the case had racial overtones. I stood by what I reported and spoke to all concerned and came up with a solution that everyone agreed to.

    However, when Baca and the gang took over things changed and there were cases where execs intervened and told investigators who to interview and who not to in order to protect Baca. In other words if the case could embarrass Baca, Stonich, Waldie or Tanaka things were always moved in their favor. Do you truly believe that a thorough investigation was done on Tanaka and the jail scandals? I don’t! All this makes sense and if you have all of EPC frightened to speak up control of the group becomes easy. OIR is a JOKE!! T do pray for better days!!

  • Let’s face it most of the voters, don’t or didn’t  have any idea or care how bad the Department has been run during Baca’s years in office. Look at what happened with  County Assessor John Noguez. He still  collects his hefty paycheck from the County despite some serious criminal  charges. Non – elected County employees from all 35 departments  are suspended and lose their checks  when charged with a crime. It might be time for term limits for our elected official beyond the BOS and  a equal discipline process.  The fact that the public hasn’t called for a recall of Noguez and no one of substance  has stepped up to campaign for Sheriff in 2014, tells me  Los Angeles County voters may give him another term in fourteen short months. He’ll run his campaign around his  Sheriff of the Year award and have the public look at what he has thrown under the bus. I really do hope a candidate steps up and voters  wake up to tell Leroy it time to head over to Pasadena to fill out his LACERA paperwork. 

    As far IAB, yes there are people with integrity, but there clearly are some cases where it seems the discipline process was a bit lax until the problem was exposed by CCJV testimony, the LA Times and Witness LA.

  • Internal Affairs Bureau was not insulated from anything and not all, but specific investigations were most definitely conducted in an environment of politics and interference. Tanaka specifically assigned investigators and supervisors at IAB to have control over this. Tanaka (prior to being finessed) met with the IAB Captain twice a week! Now 11-Boy I don’t question your honesty and integrity either, but if you believe that cases at IAB were not “Farmed Out” to specific Investigators and navigated to a specific outcome, well Son you must have had a desk in a very small and insulated cubicle!

  • We obviously have some folks with inside knowledge of the inner workings of the Internal Affairs Bureau. Sounds like a good place to start another FBI
    investigation. Nice try 11-Boy!

  • I spoke of my personal experience during my time at IIB long before Tanaka, a time when LASD’s administration had integrity. It makes me sick to know what both Baca and Tanaka has done to LASD. I put nothing past Tanaka and I can only guess what he did to IIB. Leave me out of it.

  • Now we are hearing that IA does a great job over all. It is not just this investigation but one more screw up.

    I heard that Jordan was interviewed 1 time for a half hour or so.

    These stellar investigators really did a detailed job on this one.

    Does the Investigator decide what is important to ask or not , or is he told what to ask? He then has the power to interpret what people say in his summary even though they might not remember the incident, what they said, thought or felt 6 months ago. We all know that the investigator does not hand down the discipline. Someone else gets to interpret what the investigator means, they then add their spin and decide the punishment.

    How about having a lottery with the big wigs names in bucket. Have someone out of the loop draw the names for who will be on the panel instead of the same ones each time. That way the ones who have nothing to do but sit on panels could do other jobs like sitting in for the ones on the panels. Kind of like vacation relief.
    I think it would benefit the old panel as it would but put them in touch with folks in different areas that they might not otherwise never meet. They might discover that things have changed since they left the jail, patrol or where ever they came from. Don’t like this idea, then you come up with one, I am open to conversation since that is all this is.

    I hate feeling that things could be a lot better. But nothing can be done because of Bacas command staff hanging all over his legs . We need to stop the “us against you “mentality and do a better job at doing our jobs.

  • Interesting article. Eventually, wrongs will be corrected. Don’t be intimidated in doing what is right.

    SANTA ANA – In a judge’s ruling that details former Sheriff Mike Carona’s campaign of intimidation and retaliation against an election opponent, former sheriff’s Lt. Bill Hunt has won reinstatement to that rank and back pay in a lawsuit against the County of Orange.

    Hunt, who headed police services in San Clemente, ran against Carona for sheriff in 2006 and lost. After the election, he was demoted three ranks to deputy and assigned to patrol in Stanton. He retired rather than take the demotion.

    Judge David T. McEachen of Orange County Superior Court ordered in a Dec. 7 decision “that Hunt be reinstated to his previous position at the same, or a geographically equivalent location without delay, with full back wages and benefits, calculated at $280,619.00, plus performance-based raises for the years 2004 to 2006.” McEachen also awarded $50,000 in penalties and said Hunt is entitled to attorney fees.

    While finding that “Carona’s conduct was egregious and despicable,” McEachen lamented that he was “unable to award any damages payable by Carona himself,” saying the applicable law “excludes individuals from payment of penalties – even those that result from their own malicious behavior.”

    Hunt intends to return to work at the Sheriff’s Department, said his attorney, Richard Levine. “We were very pleased with the judge’s decision,” Levine said.

    Hunt, who runs a private investigation firm, couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday.

    The amount of back wages awarded by McEachen is the difference between what Hunt would have earned at the Sheriff’s Department and his actual income from his pension and private sector work, Levine said. The case was brought under the Peace Officers Bill of Rights.

    County spokesman Howard Sutter said “the county is carefully reviewing the judge’s written decision and will be evaluating its options.”

    Carona, 57, was sheriff for nine years before he was indicted in 2007 on six felony corruption counts, including theft of honest services of an elected official, conspiracy and tampering with a witness. In 2009, a federal jury found Carona not guilty of five counts, but convicted him of witness tampering for trying to persuade a former top aide and one-time friend – Don Haidl – to lie for him during a federal investigation of corruption in the Sheriff’s Department. Carona is serving his 66-month sentence in federal prison.

    After Carona resigned, Hunt applied for his job, but the county’s Board of Supervisors in 2008 appointed Sandra Hutchens, a former Los Angeles County sheriff’s division chief. Hunt sought to oust Hutchens in the 2010 election, but lost.

    Hunt’s lawsuit against the county and Carona went to a bench trial before McEachen in September and October. “Trial testimony graphically and convincingly demonstrated the power wielded by Carona, although it was Hunt who was endorsed by the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs,” McEachen wrote.

    Hunt’s campaign website promised to “restore integrity and trust to the Sheriff’s Department.” His campaign “advocated fairness and loyalty to the department, as opposed to an individual, and promotions based on merit instead of friendship,” McEachen wrote.

    After Carona decided to run for re-election, he denied Hunt a merit-pay increase for which he was qualified, removed Hunt from various committees and ordered Hunt to submit the names of supporters, who then suffered consequences, McEachen wrote.

    “By way of example, supporter Lieutenant Bardzik was involuntarily transferred to a far less desirable position, denied a merit increase and denied promotion; Sergeant Nin was hounded by his supervisor … removed from his 12-year assignment in the mounted horse detail and demoted,” McEachen wrote. Other supporters were denied transfers or reassigned because they supported Hunt, the judge found.

    Hunt initially sued the county and Carona in federal court for violating his free speech rights. That case was dismissed in 2009 by a federal judge who found that, as a policymaker within the department, Hunt had limited free speech rights. The dismissal was affirmed in February by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which found that Hunt wasn’t a policymaker but Carona could “reasonably but mistakenly” have believed that political loyalty was required for someone with Hunt’s job.

    Hunt’s claims under the Peace Officers Bill of Rights were severed from the initial case by a federal judge and later pursued in state court, Levine said.

  • Kinda out of the loop since being retired. Anyone know the results of Ray Leyva’s civil suit?

  • So Sexton and Rathbun officially filed a lawsuit against Baca, Tanaka, Lt. Thompson, and Det. Perkins. I hear Rathbun has been suspisciously scarce at IRC theses days. This is going to get worse before it gets any better, if it ever does, for Baca. Chief Sexton must feel a little awkward at his new home by now.

  • I hope these two deputies win their case. Especially against Lt. Thompson who endangered the deputies by breaking confidentiality and outing them to their peers, inmates, public. If in fact the allegations are true. Very scary indeed, one of many lawsuits to be filed…..Lord.

  • Well said Justice 4 All!!
    Seems to me that there are people diverting attention from themselves running this department now that have turned into big Bullies. Lets remember that when the Academy scandal broke (a few years ago, NOT the most recent stuff) & the then Captain (Abner) knew or should have known about the issues, she skated & was promoted to Commander. Where is she now? Chief.

    Interesting too that Sexton’s son just filed his lawsuit yesterday! That’s another one to watch & monitor closely!

  • Wow! Just finished reading the lawsuit filed by Sexton and Rathbun. The floodgates are opening. It always amazing me that we DQ candidates in background at times from coming into to law enforcement for integrity issues. Yet once a sworn member, we vilify people who try to have integrity and do the right thing. I hope their are more lawsuits.Those of you that testified before CCJV and the Federal Grand Jury, and have filed lawsuits, Thank You.Hopefully your efforts will bring the change that is needed. You are among the true leaders of this department, not those on the fourth floor who let this mess happen.

  • It’s amazing how swiftly the Department moves on a violation of the rules for an off duty, out of area, amateur event that holds no real consequences. Especially when a Commander steals County services and materials for his own personal motorcycle and nothing happens. Or when personnel lie on overtime records and again, nothing happens. Wow.

  • We all have heard rumors on the B2V incident. Some of the information is good and some is tainted . We don’t have all the information but like to think we do. We go to our corners and talk both good and bad about all the folks involved. But then we have those who take this chance to slander even more because they don’t like someone. Although I am not privy to the e-mail your referring to, it seems to have sparked a chord in YOU “Answering.” Sometimes as teachers one must use big letters, color accents and exclamation point to get children’s attention. Usually this is limited to children but some times adults need friendly reminders.

    I believe the intentions of most supervisors is to take teaching moments and illuminate them even more. It does not mater if you like someone but if they got your attention, and you did not forget, then lesson learned.

  • If Baca is so transparent, why does he not hold monthly or bimonthly news conferences at SHQ? Come out, make his statement regarding current events and then open the floor to answer any and all questions posed by the media. According to the incredible spin master Steve Whitmore, Baca is a leader, he takes decisive action regarding misconduct and he is transparent. Then the media can ask all of the questions everyone has been asking about double standards, cover-up and unanswered scandals. But Baca won’t because he hasn’t the guts nor integrity to answer for his massive mismanagement of LASD and hands off approach to Tanaka.

    By the way, I noticed Captaid Duran was transferred from Aero Bureau to TRAP. Any comments?

  • I too was assigned to IAB, and 11-Boy, with all due respect to your #63 post, I must state my different experience with Executive interference in two very noteworthy cases of mine. One case involved a sworn supervisor assigned to 4th floor SHQ. A day or two after I was assigned the case, my captain informed me a directive came down commanding that several people I identified as witnesses for pending interviews would NOT be interviewed — that the subject would be my only interview and he was going to sit without representation and admit the allegations. I was also told my captain would replace my regular partner who would typically be sitting with me on the interview, and all questions to be asked, had to be pre-approved by my captain. In that same case, I advised this same IAB captain another higher ranked sworn employee needed to be named a subject – I was again told, “Cmdr. —- said you only have one interview.” The subject received minimal discipline and transferred directly to another coveted assignment. In the second case a few years later, during the first of multiple meetings with my captain and OIR regarding this case which involved multiple subjects, when I stated a particular sworn manager needed to be added and interviewed as a subject, I was told, “The Sheriff loves the guy, so no, that’s not going to happen.” Both cases were high-profile, high media interest cases and yes, there was interference and intimidation from above. Both of these cases occurred during the Baca Years. One might suggest, “Grow a pair, and tell your captain you’re not handling the case,” or do something heroic so the Sheriff and his princes know who’s in charge. The reality? Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka were then, and are now, in charge and they call the shots. Loyalty over merit promotions and loyalty over integrity actions equal the mess the Department is in.

  • #85, I spoke the truth, the unvarnished truth regarding my tenure at IIB under the Block administration. By the way, how is Mannis doing these days?

  • #85…I knew it!!! Thanks for the clarification. I have also witnessed over the last four years in a certain unit these kind of the same scenarios. I completely believe what you have typed here on this blog and I know not everyone in I.A.B. were told to cover up certain investigations. But I know others were ordered like you to only question certain people and God forbid if you deviate from it.

    In a way, I feel bad for some of the investigators in I.A.B./I.C.I.B. Tough place to be if you are trying to do the right thing.

  • # 85 I hope you and others on this site are giving this information to the current federal investigation. Leroy and the guys he loved are the ones who caused this mess, not the ones who are talking to the feds about all the corruption that has occurred and destroyed good men and women over the years.

  • 11-Boy — I salute your service at a thankless job and believe your post accurately reflects your experience at IIB — but mine was different; it was during the Baca/Tanaka Reign.

  • Kung Fu you are correct, Duran is finally out of Aero . The stupidity and corruption that man left in his wake is nothing short of amazing. It’s kind of bittersweet, great that he is gone, but depressing he was allowed to get away with it for so long. He ought to have been fired .

  • Louie left in a big hurry, nosurprise. He can kiss his flight bonus goodbye and pension spiking.

    Andy rramirez will be interesting down there . He wont play games or live the drama and the ship will run tight and on course. Unlike under duran

  • Interested Party #85

    Your post gives the impression you were asked to “go along” with some unethical and possibly illegal decisions made by your supervisors while assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau. Yes, it is easier to “not rock the boat” and rationliize that we have no power.

    We all face difficult decisions throughout our lives which test our character. Some times we the past the test and other times we don’t. At my daughter’s school, they have a sign that reads “character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.” How do we teach ethics and values to our children, yet fail to practice those same values? How do we hold Sheriff Baca and Tanaka accountable, yet exhibit the same behavior.

    It is not too late to reclaim any lost integrity. Go to the FBI and do the “right thing”. Yes, you won’t get promoted, but I think with the FBI in your corner, you won’t have to worry retaliation either.

  • Your department is a JOKE! Your brass cares more about pleasing the ACLU and educating criminals than it does about its deputies and the law abiding citizens. Most (not all) of your supervisors are in-competent. I never knew a police department existed where one could promote to sergeant and above with out ever making an obs arrest. HA!

  • 253A: Andy is a good man and I pray that he can withstand all the crap at Aero! Also, I suggest that Andy be able to select his own Ops Lt. Usually some jerk from EPC selects the Ops Lt. who can’t wait to inform on the captain. Brass have a tendency, like Liberals, to eat their own.

  • Agree london, I worked with him in the 80, s. I think he will hold his own. I agree get a new ops and new ops sgt. JB will try to feed him the aero way, but that wont last. Andy is not going by chance, so aero best read the writing on the wall

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