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Sheriff’s Official Allegedly Undermined Probe of Deputy Misconduct…and is Still on the Job. Does He Have a Protector?

August 5th, 2012 by Celeste Fremon

Sunday’s LA Times story by Robert Faturechi is a doozy.

It involves a high level official inside the jail system who allegedly derailed an investigation into misconduct by a deputy and, in so doing, may have done damage to the careers of two jails investigators and put an inmate informant into harm’s way.

Since the story broke, department members have been asking why the official is still on the job.

We’ll get to that question in minute.

First, here’s the short form of Faturechi’s very well-reported story.


Sheriff’s deputies Michael Rathbun and James Sexton are part of the Custody Investigative Services Unit—or CISU— that, as the name suggests, in an investigative group that works inside the county’s jails.

Not too long ago, a trusted inmate informant who had provided solid information in the past, told Rathbun and Sexton that a fellow deputy had become good friends with a white supremacist inmate with the nom-de-gang of “Fritz.”

It seems that Fritz was allegedly engaged in, among other activities, co-running a drug smuggling operation going on inside the jail. His outside partner was another white supremacist gang member who goes by the name “Pest.”

Fritz allegedly persuaded the deputy—who like Fritz was a tattoo enthusiast—to contact Pest, originally for free tattoos, but soon after that to allegedly act as a go-between, passing messages and, in one case—according to the informant—a packet of some sort, that had allegedly travelled between Mr. Pest and Mr. Fritz.

Faturechi also reports that, in Fritz’s non-smuggling spare time he reportedly had so much influence among the white inmates in CJ, that he was the guy who “…had ‘ordered physical discipline’ against other inmates from his cell.”

In any case, the Times obtained a copy of a February 9 memo written by Rathbun and Sexton, in which the two investigators outlined all that they suspected, based on the information gained from the informant, whom they described as reliable.

According to the Times, the memo was delivered to Thompson who then, presumably, would pass the info along to ICIB—the department’s internal criminal investigative division—which would then follow up with a full-fledged investigation and likely a sting. (Which is how they caught the drug-stuffed burrito smuggling deputy).


And what did Thompson do with the memo? According to the Times:

Thompson allegedly revealed the contents of the memo to the accused deputy and asked him if the allegations were true.

Incredibly, Thompson also reportedly gave the deputy, not only Rathbun and Sexton’s names, abut also the name of the inmate informant—the latter an action that, if true, is unimaginably reckless.

In other words, if it is found that the above is what Thompson did, that means he:

1. Derailed any possibility of investigating a deputy who was allegedly engaged in criminal activity.

2. Grievously endangered the life of the informant.

3. Had a potentially ruinous effect on the careers of two deputies.

Here’s what Faturechi wrote on the matter:

Even more than most tips, this one should have been handled discreetly, experts say. In the wrong hands, the information was dangerous. Inmates who cooperate with police are violently targeted by fellow inmates. Deputies who report colleagues for misconduct can be ostracized. And, if the deputy suspected of smuggling contraband got wind of the tip, catching him in the act would become nearly impossible.

The Times has found that days after the informant’s cover was allegedly blown, he was moved out of protective custody and sent for at least several hours into general population housing, where he was more vulnerable to retaliation, according to internal custody records. Sheriff’s officials were unable to explain why he had been moved.

The inmate was brought back into protective custody at the urgent pleading of Rathbun and Sexton, according to Rathbun’s father, David — a retired sheriff’s official. A short time later, Sexton was confronted late one night in the employee parking lot by another jailhouse intelligence deputy who warned that Sexton and his partner had better keep their mouths shut, David Rathbun said.

And what has happened to Thompson?

According to the Times, the matter is being investigated, but while the investigation procedes, he was first transferred to the Narcotics division, a plum assignment in a unit that “…also handles sensitive informant information.” He has since, writes Faturechi, “been moved again, to the sheriff’s Temple Station.”

(Interestingly, we noticed that over the weekend that Thompson is already being quoted in the press as the Temple Station spokesperson.)


After reading the Times article, we wondered why, given the seriousness of the allegations, Lt. Thompson had not been relieved of duty until the investigation into his actions was concluded. We asked some of our LASD sources for clarification on the matter.

A recently retired department manager with extensive Internal Affairs Bureau experience told WitnessLA that, hypothetically, with a case involving an employee implicated in allegations of the same nature and seriousness of those reported by the Times, “the normal protocol would be removal of duty.”

Another retired IAB officer concurred. He wrote:

“The criteria for relieving an employee of duty (ROD) are the following:

- allegations are of a serious nature and may result in significant discipline up to and includindg termination;
- leaving the subject on-duty during the investigation may affect operation of the subject’s unit of assignment;
- leaving the subject on-duty during the investigation may endanger witnesses of complainants or cause them to not cooperate with investigators

“Based on Faturechi’s article’s contents, Thompson should have been ROD by now.”

Then why hasn’t that happened?

Are there extenuating circumstances of which we are unaware?


We have learned from multiple department sources that Lt. Thompson is a longtime friend of Undersheriff Paul Tanaka and that they have been friends since Tanaka’s Viking days at the Lynwood Station.

We’ve also been able to verify that Thompson was at Lynwood during the bad old days of the early 1990′s when the Vikings were a font of negative publicity and civil suit payouts for the department.

In fact, Greg Thompson is named personally in LA’s famous lawsuit involving the Lynwood Vikings: Thomas v. The County of Los Angeles. This is the high profile case that the county finally settled in 1996 for $9 million in fines and retraining costs, and which caused a federal judge to, in a fury, issue the much quoted statement about the Vikings being a “neo-Nazi, white supremacist gang.”

As it happens, Thompson is named in the complaint in two different places describing incidents of alleged misconduct and brutality.

You can read the original Thomas complaint here. For the incidents in which Thompson is named go to pages 26 and 31.

Certainly, we have no way of knowing whether or not the undersheriff would have reached down from his command staff perch to give Lt. Thompson a “soft landing” while Thompson is being investigated.

But we do know that such a thing would be in keeping with Mr. Tanaka’s past patterns of rescuing those whom he favors.


One last thought: We hope the decision to transfer the inmate informant out of protective custody to the jail’s main line was simply an unintentional bureaucratic kerfuffle that easily could have had—but thankfully didn’t have—deadly consequences. However, just to be on the safe side, we hope someone in an investigative capacity has preserved the trail of paperwork showing who ordered that transfer.

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119 Responses

  1. Mike the Saint Says:

    I am at a complete loss for words. The un-consciounable has become a daily reality….but we have to move on. The leaders have a handle on it and are doing a great job…….Reeeaally???

  2. Robert Peel Says:

    “Don’t elect me” “Don’t elect me? “Don’t elect me” Don’t elect me” Don’t elect me”

  3. Fed X and Up Says:

    I hope this transfer doesn’t surprise anyone. What is surprising to me, is that many years ago when I worked MCJ, you would have been applauded for turning in a dope dealing Deputy. Now you are ostracized. Typical Tanaka homie transfer. Much like when Lt. Choi was demoted to Sergeant and sent to Carson as the Operations Sergeant. I know Sheriff, you didn’t know.

  4. in the know Says:

    The statements in this news article are facts, all the way to the Lynwood Vikings lawsuit. You Temple deputies better think twice before telling “Lt. Thompson” ANYTHING! The IAB guys are correct, in fact the department relieves deputies of duty for a lot less that what Thompson did! Oh yeah, if Thompson did nothing wrong, why was he transferred?

  5. InterestedParty Says:

    This is a typical scenario for Tanaka cronies — seek and provide them cover — from Lt. Thompson on behalf of the deputy alleged to be committing crimes, and the soft landing from Tall Paul for Thompson, despite policy dictating his immediate ROD under these circumstances — then, of course, smear the reputations of the messengers. Classic Tanaka conduct, emulated by one of his sycophants. This incident is reminiscent of Coward Tanaka’s rolling up of the Ops Lt at Crescenta Valley Station when the Captain ends up at the bottom of the ALADS Management Survey in May 2011, and leaving the odd-ball Captain in place. Real smart move, Paul — Again!

  6. Notsurprised Says:

    I am so embarrassed at the continued stupidity and incompetence of management and executives on the department. The promotions that Undersheriff Tanaka made will affect the department negatively for the next 20 years. The executives are so arrogant that they think the employess are not aware and are not watching. Meanwhile, the executives who could have made a difference by standing up to Tanaka sat there quietly, turned their face and collected their paycheck waiting for their retirement. What happened to you Neal Tyler?

  7. LATBG Says:

    Anyone care to run down all the bogus transfers to coveted assignments that should have NEVER happened, and all the midnight transfer out of coveted assignments by those who demonstrated honesty, integrity, and too much competence for the comfort of those in the cigar crowd?

    From what I can tell, the list is huge. Rewarding incompetence and punishing competence is a trademark of the Baca administration. So how is that whole “loyalty” thing working out for the dynamic duo?

  8. InterestedParty Says:

    Notsurprised – Go easy there on retired Chief Neal Tyler. The word is Neal’s coming back as a reserve to do special projects for Leroy! Is this guy sick, or simply misguided, or just infatuated with Leroy? You can’t expect a man like this, who gets free piano lessons from the dork who completely alienates his troops at Crescenta Valley Station and who is rated at the bottom out of 50-some captains, TWO out of THREE YEARS (’09 & ’11) in the ALADS Management Survey, to have any backbone whatsoever to advocate with Waldie or the Sheriff to correct the wrong Tanaka visited on his rolled-up lieutenant…you know, that lieutenant who Neal personally asked to fill the very position as Ops Lieutenant that opened three years earlier. Neal, and the rest of the chiefs, along with Cecil and Marv — all have been co-opted, none have a spine and they are all willing and necessary components to the problem — Tanaka and Baca couldn’t flourish if these snails weren’t as silent as they’ve been. The entire executive command staff must go!

  9. Do Your Homework Says:

    Celeste, you said Thompson is “already being quoted in the press as the Temple Station spokesperson.” Inaccurate and a bad attempt to prove he is being taken care of. Fact…he’s a Watch Commander which means he oversees the operations of a shift (usually an entry level position at a station). It’s his job to answer questions about robberies or notable events that occur when the media calls. No smoke here…move on.

  10. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Dear Mr. Homework,

    I meant exactly what I printed, which is that Greg Thompson was already being quoted as a spokesperson—no more, no less. My implication was….he’s indeed at Temple, working away. (Which is a confirmation of what Faturechi reported.)

    Moreover, FYI: “spokesperson” in media terms, is a general designation used to mean the person authorized in that instance to speak for the organization—which in the case of a station, is usually the watch commander.

    If it was the station’s captain or a detective, the reporter would have said so.

    (I tell my journalism students that watch commanders are the keys to the universe because they nearly always know what’s going on at the station, and they’re mature enough and of a high enough rank to be comfortable knowing how to talk to the press, so always call them first—preferably after midnight when things are slow and they have time to talk.)

    It was logical to think that Thompson would land as a watch commander at Temple. Those who effected the transfer were hardly going to do a second body swap, like they did at Narco.

    However, I didn’t know for sure that he was a watch commander, so I printed what I did know.

    Listen, I fully welcome corrections to any factual errors we make here.

    But to do so, you might want to do your own homework.

    As for implications, those that are to be found spring directly from the facts of this story, no spin needed.

  11. Robert Peel Says:

    C: You are correct!!Have you ever seen the motion picture Serpico? If they touch Rathbun or Sexton, there will be a mutiny!!!!!!

  12. R U Serious? Says:

    #9 “Do your homework,” Come on now are you serious? He is already being taken care of because if it was anyone else at a lower then Sergeant rank, that didn’t kick into a campaign fund, is in the car, with the boys from 2000 or 3000, the kid of some executive, or any other cronie you could imagine from this mess. Then they would be “R. O. D.” It sounds like you are trying to do damage control and protect your butter bars or stars from something. Stop, you know it’s wrong when information of that nature stops at somebody who is suppose to be a supervisor and instead takes care of the wrong people, who are you trying to kid “No smoke here…move on.” Go shine your cigar coin.

  13. Cognistator Says:

    Robert Peel: Rather than watch the movie “Serpico” it might be more instructive to read the N.Y. Times article, which can be Googled & was published a few years ago. In the article Serpico states that things in the NYPD haven’t really changed much, even after the work of both the Knapp & Mollen Commissions (both of which can be Googled if you don’t know what they did).

    A most enlightening article and eerily similar to what we now see happening in the LASD.

  14. Investigative Mind Says:

    Well, the next questions are who is next to be ROD,transferred,forced to resign, terminated and/or criminally filed on for criminal misconduct? I can only imagine the civil lawsuits right now.

  15. Robert Peel Says:

    Cognistator: Thanks for the tip

  16. Mike the Saint Says:

    Appalling, arrogant and plain stupid. All the way around. Another systemic failure. Taking care of our people is meant for the ethical ones. Not those involved in criminal behavior. What was Thompson thinking??

    Gee, I wonder who called captain Duane Harris (former ops Lt and captain of MCJ and now current captain of Narco Bureau) and told him to take Lt. Thompson?? Hmmm?
    (A few days later)…..Not a good idea….. Where else can he be hidden?? How about Temple station??…. Ring ring…..Hello, Captain Chris Nee(former MCJ loyal Lt.)…need you to do me a favor…..

    Let me guess….the sheriff doesn’t know and the under sheriff doesn’t remember….

  17. Your on the patch Says:

    #9 Homeboy, Celeste just handed you your ass. Please, my friend, save the back slapping comments for the Cigar Club Lounge. We are all adults here, save your provocative comments about “move on” for the locker room. The wheels are coming off of this Tanaka taxi and we really owe a big thanks to Olmsted, who had the guts to come forward after Baca and Company, blew him off, the Times and especially to Witness LA for giving us a forum to vent like adults.

    Thompson’s actions are just so in left field, what in the hell was he thinking? What did his sergeants do about this? Burry their heads in the sand? Turn their back on good deputies doing the right thing?

    Why in the world would Thompson approach a potential dirty deputy and give him a heads-up? Did he talk to Paul first and get marching orders? An update from the Times indicate the Jail Commission is going to target this situation and they are asking for information regarding this incident. I strongly recommend the recall Paul Tanaka to the witness stand and ask specific questions. In particular, who specifically decided to move Thompson from his unit to Narco on a midnight transfer? Chief Yim can substantiate one way or the other? Why was Thompson NOT Rod from jump street as opposed to a “promotion” as Thompson called it, to Narco? Then, why was Thompson abruptly transferred again to Temple Station? Again, who specifically ordered/authorized that move? Why? Again, why was he not Rod? What about all the deputies who jammed their coworkers who turned in the memo to Thompson? Are they Subjects in an Admin investigation? We need specific answers as to who ordered the soft landing for Thompson? Let me guess, Tanaka will say he was unaware and the two deputies who brought the initial information of misconduct to Thompson are “liars?”

    I certainly hope the media willnturn on the afterburners on this scandal? I strongly suspect there is more to the story and most of it is ugly. The Tanaka regime will go after the deputies and drop multiple character assanation bombs on them. As Sean Connery stated in The Untouchables,”That’s the Tanaka way!”

  18. Trained has Derailed Says:

    This is almost comical if it wasn’t so sad. The question is why does it take the Times to expose this stuff and not a Manager on the Department. As I have stated before, until current Leadership is changed, the times will keep getting these stories. What a slap to the other 300 plus Lieutenants on this Department who would most love to go to Narcotics.

    Thompson committed a crime, Obstruction of Justice. He jeopardized an inmates life and potentially ruined up to three deputies careers. The decision was made to move him out of the jails, Daddy Tanaka swooped in and said not my boy, off to Narcotics. Thompson was even bragging about the transfer. The Times started poking around and he was transferred to Temple Station. Once again, Tanaka thinks we are stupid and the “Arrogance of Power” shines even brighter. In 2010, Lieutenant Mike Rodriguez was accused of sexually assaulting an employee, he was also about to promote to Captain, as he was one of Tanaka’s Aides. The promotion was stopped but Tanaka gave him a very coveted job as a Lieutenant in Homicide Bureau. Rodriguez was in the front row at Tanaka’s hearing on the 27th. Support Daddy. A lot of people showed up but a lot left when Sheriff took stage. Tells you were the perception of power is.

    Sheriff Baca: When are you going to take control of your Department back and start lopping off heads for hiding misconduct from you. Your the one who is taking it in the rear on this stuff and furthering our reputation of becoming a Department who has a systemic corruption issue.

    I am glad this was exposed at this time so the Jail Commission can examine the sequence of events which will only bolster their findings. The Sheriff should immediately relieve Tanaka of duty and have an outside investigation over all these matters. By doing this, people would not fear Tanaka and tell the truth.

  19. Answering The Question Says:

    Ol Verbal Judo Thompson has a lot of accolades throughout the LE community. Required class in a lot of LE departments.
    It wasn’t just Block that was “fooled”.

    Persheeate that sir yep yessirree sure do.


  20. in the know Says:

    Tanaka didn’t come to work today. Word is; he is out “stress.” Stressed because he got caught lying, and because the feds are closing in?

  21. Trained has Derailed Says:

    WOW large statement In the Know – we will see how good your info is this week. Thompson may have driven him over edge and realizes end is near. I Don’t see the Tanaka supporters raising up anymore. They were even embarrassed by his testimony as he abandoned all of them with no knowledge. PT turned 54 last week and has 30 years on. 50% tax free plus rest of his retirement is not bad living. I think Baca has run out of “I didn’t know” excuses and will have to aggressively do something on the Thompson issue.

    Evil can never prevail in the long run and it will be proven with Tanaka. To the majority of LASD great employees hang in there, change is coming. Thank you to all who had the courage to stand up and sound off.

  22. Answering The Question Says:

    In the know,
    The last “word” was that McSweeney would become the U/S, Cavanaugh was retiring, yada yada. Remember when that was the “word”? Based on “reliable” sources. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    woo shaaa.

  23. 10-29Henry Says:

    Robert Peel:

    The time for the mutiny has already come.

    Why is no one mentioning what’s already common knowledge throughout LASD?

    These kids are already getting hammered! Rathbun, got himself popped for DUI, a misdemeanor. Shame on him, but here’s where it get’s hinky:

    It was kicked up to a felony months later, and a day before his court! (WTF?) If he hadn’t had been tipped to appear in court, he would have been taken into CJ on bench warrant. To be “safely” escorted to his cell as a high-power inmate by who else? OSJ Deputies from MCJ, Thompson’s little thugs, the same ones who apparently intimidated Sexton in a parking garage. Nice setup.

    Sexton’s got closed, IAB approved uses of force reopened mysteriously for investigation by ICIB. Not to mention his parking lot encounter. How weird these two kids are paying extra for making mistakes. If I had Thompson for a commanding officer, and got hung out to dry like these rookie Deputies did, I’d drink too much too. I’m glad I left the department when I did, but I’m sad to see it has gotten waay worse, not better.

    All this info is circulating via email amongst the retired guys, get your hands on it!

  24. Don't smoke cigars Says:

    My goodness, why would we want McSweeny as U/S? One that enjoys cocktails and driving home to Westlake Village, toasted, in a county vehicle…

  25. 10-29Henry Says:

    And Do Your Homework:

    So you are going to say, based on your semantic argument over what the definition of spokesperson is and what it means in the Department, that there is “no smoke”? None at all? Really? Then why is Thompson being bounced around on a suitcase tour? For fun?

    Look over your shoulder Do Your Homework. Thompson has a correction he wants you to make in the comments you post on his behalf.

  26. General Hut Hut Says:

    What the hell has been going on at CJ? I remember when dope dealing deps were the rare anomaly. Now it seems like a new one comes out of the woodwork every other month. And these are the cases that make the public forums. I shudder to think what the confidential ops logs contain. With the lowering of hiring standards, the debacle at the academy regarding passing unqualified recruits and the departments quest for numbers over quality, I think the chickens have come home to roost. It’s only going to get worse me thinks. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

  27. Investigative Mind Says:

    To #16 “Mike the Saint”

    How that movement of Lt.Thompson was made from JIU to Narco to Temple in about three weeks is pretty accurate. I can pretty much agree that is how the movement was done. Good Obs

  28. Rumor Mill Says:

    I heard Baca is demoting his command staff?

    It won’t be long before Tanaka is demoted, and I’m NOT lying !!!

    What is Bratton doing these days?

  29. Robert Peel Says:

    Mcweeny is the WORST choice for U/S!! The guy has no soul and no moral compass other than to serve himself! Mcweeny also has founded stuff re harassment and he and Dennis Burns (now there’s a couple of nitwits) would drink to all hours down at the Code 7 in downtown. Those two would laugh about the careers they ruined and spread rumors to no end. I have personally witnessed Mcweeny lie and ruin lives for the sake of Baca. I’m sorry but, Mcweeny is the talk too much version of Tanaka! Yep! I hear Tanaka is sitting at home.

  30. InterestedParty Says:

    Robert Peel hit the nail on the head re: Bill McSweeney. Bill’s superb intellect and aptitude in persuasive articulation is unfortunately, usually used with the underlying abysmal purpose to further himself, and not the organization or the people it serves. His thoughts and actions have little to do with integrity-based management. In his own unique way, Bill operates much like Tanaka does — he surrounds himself with sycophants he has encountered along the way at Malibu, Lost Hills or IAB, who are either not as smart as he, or who know reward comes to those who are loyal to him, regardless of their experience, abilities and integrity. With Bill, it’s always about his ultimate Machiavellian scheme – positioning Bill MsSweeney. Baca would only be extending the era of corruption should he select Bill McSweeney as his 2nd in command.

  31. Answering The Question Says:

    I wasn’t advocating for McSweeney, I was merely saying that was the “word” back a few months ago.
    My guess is that if the U/S is demoted, Rhambo will take his place.

  32. Robert Peel Says:

    Answer: I know you were not advocating for Mcweeny. It’s just that as soon as I hear Mcweeny’s (no misspell) name I recall all the crap and hurt he inflicted onto others for his own self gain. Often Mcweeny would brag and boast how he fooled Shinee of ALADS and screwed innocent deps.

  33. 10-29Henry Says:

    Fellas, I’m just an old guy, but let’s not forget who we should be talking about. Two poor rookie Deps who took it on the chin behind this whole machine.

  34. No Mercy for Tyrants Says:

    Ms Freemon, will you be calling the sheriff for an update on the status of this case as well as whether Lt Thompson has been relieved of duty?

  35. Celeste Fremon Says:


    A number of people are keeping a very close eye on this case, WitnessLA very much among them.


  36. Answering The Question Says:

    As they say in the Bronx, lemme tell ya a couple three things.

    1. If half of what has been reported is true, Sexton and Rathbun are going to be rich young men.

    2. They won’t have any problem lateralling to another agency, which they may not realize right now, but that’s probably better in the long run for them, considering the shape LASD is in.

    3. These things have a way of being a blessing in disguise when the light of day is shined on them.

  37. DOE INC Says:

    Henry, you know that innocent employees have been victimized by this “machine” for years.

    We can only make a difference if we restore our department’s leadership to the high ethical and moral standards, that each of us are held to.

  38. Notsurprised Says:

    #36: What you say may be true, but it is unbeliveable that a LIEUTENANT would jepordize the life of an inmate and two deputies because of his stupidity or ???????????

  39. 10-29Henry Says:

    # 37 DOE INC:

    I agree with you 100% my friend. I just can’t stop thinking about what it must be like to have a few years on the department, have your “trusted” LT hang you out to dry, and have a massive target on your back.

    One can only hope that under pressure, Thompson will roll over on his sponsor, Tanaka. Then all the Tanaka sycophants promoted by him will be without a protector.

  40. Speakerphone Says:

    Ok, let’s not make old earthbound out to be a saint. He just got busted for felony deuce.. He injured two people and the cops almost had to taser him. He is fighting for his job and I am sure his dad told him to throw out the law suit flag in the hopes of keeping his job. That was his style.

  41. Speakerphone Says:

    Should be rathbun


    Cock a doodle doo. That’s what all the brass will be hearing in the morning when it’s their time for pill call.

    This should be interesting if Tacocka goes off on stress and they grant him a disability retirement. hopefully, they will all read through it, and hey, guess what? If he get’s a stress retirement, he has to resign his position in Gardena. He doesn’t know that yet, but he will and Lacera will make sure of that. Also, it’s illegal to hold public office with a felony undr his sally browne

  43. No Mercy for Tyrants Says:

    Speaker, that may be so, but how does that mitigate what Thompson and those that are protecting him did? It cant. Thompson is looking at obstruction of justice and potentially civil rights violation. No one has to tell anyone to sue. Its pretty obvious. You sound like a thug pretending to be a deputy. Crawl back under your rock. Your kind are on the way out!

  44. 10-29Henry Says:

    I don’t think anyone ever said these two kids were saints. It seems strange that you would bring a DUI into this. I agree with # 43 “No Mercy for Tyrants”.

    It almost seems as if you want to cloud the issue by casting aspersions on those who came forward. What does it matter if he got a DUI? Does that mean Thompson didn’t hang him out to dry? If you can make that argument, I’d gladly listen, but I suspect your motivation is to smear the whistle-blower, not to debate what’s going on with department brass.

  45. Answering The Question Says:

    #40, let me ask you flat out. IF these allegations, and I say IF….are you defending the Lts. actions on the basis that one of the deps. is not a saint?

    Really? I guess if you’re not a saint, and if you’ve ever screwed up in your life, if you’ve got any discipline in your jacket, does that mean, according to you, that the brass can do whatever they want to you with impunity?

    That would fly in the face of believing that all those hard charging ghetto cops who “work the gray” so hard, you know, the “hard workers” are the guys to be looked up to.

    You can’t continuosly “work the gray area”, “work it hard”, “walk right on the line” or “straddle the razors edge” without ever getting a scratch.

    I doubt there are very many saints among the agressive hard chargers who work the gray, and work it hard. A saint would make sure that they never even got close to the gray area. That’s what makes them saints. Because they’ve never even been close to doing anything that can be interpreted as against policy.
    Get it?

    Let’s forget about the “he’s not a saint” defense. Otherwise a lot of good cops are subject to some very unfair persecution. So is everybody in society.

  46. Mike the Saint Says:

    Houdini used misdirection which made him the most famous magician in history. He would focus the audiences attention elsewhere when he performed an illusion so they wouldn’t notice what he did to perform his magic trick. Sound familiar???

  47. Bandwagon Says:

    I too feel compelled to speak about the character of Chief William McSweeney. I had the opportunity to meet with him for about an hour in 2010. I found him to be arrogant and lacking integrity. He was also unwilling to accept responsibility for the failures of a unit under his command, instead placing the responsibilty on his subordinates. No surprise there considering the behavior of the current administration.

  48. Where does this end????? Says:

    Does anyone know who the are the sergeants assigned to this unit? What were they doing when the lieutenant was placing a roper around “their” people? Did any of them have the integrity to say anything to Thompson? Did any of these sergeants have the integrity to make a phone call to their commander or their chief? Or is this just considered no big deal, a “Gray Zone” infraction?

    Is there anything new to report? I will bet money that Tanaka was fully aware of all of this. Does the Sheriff have a position on this? I don’t work anywhere near SHQ but I’m curious what those close to the throne room are saying about this incident? Did Cavanaugh have a role? Is Tanaka going to call the deputies liars to the Commission while Baca shouts, “Don’t tell me how to run my department, and if you don’t like it, don’t re-elect me!”

    My son is making the application process within law enforcement. I told him not to look at LASD and he took my advice.

  49. Where does this end????? Says:

    And if I may add this as well. The most vocal advocate for all of this should be ALADS and the Office Green and Shinnee. Do they have anything to say about this? If they don’t, who will? I expect to see a front page story about this in the next ALADS Dispatcher?

  50. 10-29Henry Says:

    Word circulating amongst the retired guys is Baca has reached out to both kids to request face to face meetings with them (so he can tell them he didn’t know this was going on, I’m sure).

    What a face to face meeting is going to fix now, I don’t know. Their careers are already tainted, the damage has been done.

  51. sucks Says:

    Hearing this story, am I annoyed? Yup. Frustrated? Yup. Irritated? Yup. Surprised? Nope.

  52. Speakerphone Says:

    Gentleman, I am no way defending Lt. Thompson for his action when I mention the young Rathaus arrest. I am saying that now he claims retaliation on a case that happened 6 months ago. He has never been retaliated against otherwise you would have heard about it. Sexton said one guy made a remark some six months ago. Believe me felony DUI, is a career ender. Rathbun is going to blame everyone and even this incident for his arrest. This is an orchestrated plan to keep his job. I believe they did the right thing, but please ask the other guy if he has been retaliated against. I think not.

  53. Investigative Mind Says:

    #49 “Where does this End”

    My exprience with ALADS and Green & Shinee are both are in bed together with higher ups and try to bury illegal activity. Some deputies just recently have been told to leave criminal violations against them in the past and let it go. If not, their careers will be ruined and no body wins. Supervisors are the ones doing the violations and we as sworn peace officers (subordinates0 are to look the other way? DISGRACEFUL!!!!

  54. Where does this end????? Says:

    Henry, Okay that is fine. The Sheriff wants to meet with these deputies and say what???????? Tell them he is sorry? Got it, apology accepted. Then I would look the Sheriff right in the eye and ask him what in the hell is he going to do with their lieutenant, why was given a soft landing to Narco, why was he moved again to Temple Station, why is he not ROD and…….. if he (Sheriff) didn’t personally place these wheels into motion, than who did.

    IF, and I say, IF Tanaka was involved in any of this, then I would hope these deputies would look Baca right in the eye and ask, “Boss, how much more does Tanaka have to do before you fire him? Your legacy is going to be Tanaka, Tanaka’s tattoo and all that it stands for. All of his unethical conduct, his management through tyranny, that is what people equate to you NOW and what they will equate to you in the future.” Baca would shit and go blind. Ok, I’m done.


    where does this end, I agree with you. For now, refer only the inept and GED candidates to LASD. At least there will b consistency. LAPD, Torrance, Santa Monica etc, has much higher standards, therefore higher quality candidates. I too suggested a friend of mine look elsewhere. He is now a t/o with a respectible agency.

    Thanks to all who have ruined the reputation of the tan and green and putting us on par with the former Compton Police Department

  56. Answering The Question Says:

    You would think Baca would get tired of just being a figurehead. You would think he would be upset at everybody
    in the org. knowing who really runs things. You would think that. HOWEVER, Baca obviously doesn’t give a damn for one reason and one reason only. Being Sheriff of the LASD has NEVER been as important to him as being Sheriff To The World.
    He’s just been too busy with all that other important stuff he’s had going on to keep on top of what’s happening in the LASD.

    Is there another way to explain his “I didn’t know” excuses?


    I just peed my underarmour!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gLAwgwcjfzdDPw9Hf3dAswNjcyCDLRDwfpwK3CyRwib4ADOBro-3nk56bqF2Rnpzk6KioCAMV4niQ!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfOTAwMEdPQlMyRzZNOTBJQ1Q2S1Y0UDFPMzA!/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/lasd+content/lasd+site/home/home+top+stories/the+grey+area

  58. No Mercy for Tyrants Says:

    Baca should retire and seek a sheriff or police chief position in Saudi Arabia or some other country where he is spending most of his time anyway. It would be a win win for everyone.

  59. Had to happen Says:

    Traffic cite or warning?
    647(f) arrest or release to responsible party?
    That’s called the spirit of the law vs. the letter of the law. I don’t interpret that as the “grey area”.
    The grey area is that area that some would interpret as right, and some would interpret as wrong. That’s why it’s called the grey area. Because some say it’s in the black, it’s WRONG, (by the book types) and some say it’s in the white, it’s RIGHT, (those who value “hard work” over following every little detail of policy). A mixture of black and white makes grey.
    It’s finding creative ways to bend policy and the law right up to edge of breaking them. To tell somebody to work in the grey is absolutely nothing more than telling them not to be restrained by the finer points of the policy, as long as they can justify verbally and in writing why they did what they did. How many times have you heard the phrase “if you can write it you can do it”?????????
    Now, if your supervisors are in line with the philosophy that their people should be working the grey area, and working it hard, they aren’t going to question your actions as much as those by the book types that believe you should be following policy (and the law, obviously) to the T.

    The problem with the LASD right now (just my opinion)is that some deputies and supervisors know (or at least believe) they are going to receive cover from above them if they screw up once in a while and break the rules, as long as they are productive. You know, the “hard workers”.

    The 2000/3000 boys?
    Telling young, inexperienced, aggressive deputies to work the grey area is asking for trouble. They are bound to lose their way.
    Then they’re protected from above and aren’t diciplined early on when they go too far and break the rules during their innovative/experimental ways of “working hard”. Then they don’t know where to draw the line. Pretty soon there is no line, so in their minds eye they aren’t crossing it.

    Then anything goes, as long as they get the job done.
    Because we all know how right now the LASD values “hard work” over everything else.
    HOW you get it done takes a backseat (waaay in the back) to “just get it done”.

    That’s the grey area. I’m an average Joe, so how many other average Joe’s do you think interpret the grey area the same way I do? Yep. A helluva lot.
    They encouraged the deputies to make a lot of omelettes, and instead of having the philosophy that some eggs will get broke once in a while, they promote the philosophy of “we don’t care how many eggs you break as long as you get the omelettes made”.
    Of course the cook isn’t going to be too careful under these circumstances.
    Lots of people aren’t going to know when to say whoaaa. Let’s back up here and reevaluate how we’re doing this.

    Then eventually the shit hits the fan. This was all predictable, because it was inevitable.

  60. Coyote Waits Says:

    Other than from Mr Tanaka, the ONLY place I heard encouragement to “work the gray” in the last 40 years has been on stupid Mel Gibson, Sly Stallone, and Arnold Schwartzenager MOVIES. Maybe that’s the Department’s problem. Our top brass has been so “Star Struck” that they actually believe the BS lines that actors spew out to impress 13 year old kids. Hey Paul and Lee, its a MOVIE, it’s not real. That someone in a position of authority and trust would encourage the reckless behavior seen in films is criminal. If you want to spew that verbal vomit, go be a technical advisor to 20th Century Fox. At least they will know you are talking trash and not take you seriously.

  61. Robert Peel Says:

    Rathbun and Sexton: Don’t meet with moonbeam!! Baca will do to you what he has done to others that are weak of mind. Baca will hold your hand, act like he will cry and pretend to to something for you! Does this sound familiar, Ann Rice, of the ACLU? I’ve seen Baca practice this crap in his office! If you meet with Baca consider you will be talking to a guy that thinks that windmills are his enemies!! ALADS: where are you??!!

  62. Investigative Mind Says:

    I will tell where ALADS is at: Running for cover because of all the phone calls rolling in to the office. Spoke to one and the person was FLUSTERED/OVERWHELMED.

  63. Cheap Advice Says:

    Re: Robert Peel #61: Sir, you are absolutely correct. Baca will want to meet with the goal of glad handing and sweeping this under the rug, making it all go away. My best advice to Rathbun and Sexton – Hire a good attorney and under all circumstances, do not meet with anyone from LASD without that attorney present. That includes IAB/ICIB or whomever is doing this investigation. Regardless if you are a Witness or Subject of an IAB investigation, you CAN have an attorney present with you during any and all interviews. And obviously, that goes for any criminal investigation as well. This attorney must be with you regardless who you meet. If Tanaka or Baca, or anyone else for that matter, wants to see an IAB case come tilted in the Department’s favor, trust me, since “Paul” stacked IA with some of “his” people, there will be no objectiveness. And the goons will use character assassination tactics to smear these two deputies in anyway that they can. We have seen it happen too many times.

    This attorney needs to start building a strong civil case and now is the time to do it, not after the fact. I would recommend perhaps the attorney that Pat Gomez used, he knows the inside of this Tanaka machine better than most. And when someone gets to the bottom of how this Wobbler went from a Misdemeanor filing to a back door Felony upgrade at the time of arraignment, now that is going to be the brick that will collapse this house of cards. Rathbun and Sexton, be careful of who you trust. Check for nicotine stained fingers and yellow teeth from the Cigar Club crowd, they are throughout the Department.

    ALADS you ask? They had an opportunity to step up to the plate at the Commission hearing and show some real leadership by acknowledging there is in fact, a cultural problem with “some” deputies/sergeants/lieutenants at MCJ, particularly with the 2000/3000 group of idiots and their 10-30 force incidents. ALADS could have been a part of the solution and acknowledged for the betterment of their membership as a whole, there was and still is a problem at MCJ. This problem does not exist at any other facility, just MCJ. But instead, as usual, ALADS once again became an enabler to the problem, providing hollow “excuses” of the favorite Tanaka buzz-line of “morale problems.” ALADS did nothing but pander to the minority problem children as opposed to doing the right thing and calling the problem what it is, and embarrassing, catastrophic dirty culture that was implemented at the hands of Tanaka and spoon fed by Cruz. ALADS, your membership should be ashamed of the leadership testimony to the Commission.

    Rathbun and Sexton, you will experience many a dark and lonely days/nights ahead. But if this incident is exactly as reported in the Times and the letter Mr. Rathbun published on your behalf involving Thompson and Company, then the truth will come out, one way or another. This scandal has gotten away from Tanaka and he cannot control or contain it, the world knows of this dirty little caper. Thompson deserves his side of the story to be told as well, and then let the chips fall where they may. This corruption has got to end and it WILL be outside forces who will make it stop. I hope the FBI is on this situation.

  64. 10-29Henry Says:

    # 52 “Speakerphone”:

    “He has never been retaliated against otherwise you would have heard about it.” This is some deeply flawed logic. What do you call exposing the memo to the accused and to their peers at OSJ, if not retaliation? That action, right there, is intimidation/retaliation. And it occurred before your arbitrary six month deadline.

    Address that assertion in your next post. Or just throw the phrase “felony DUI” into a post a few times, which is becoming your pattern.

    What is this bizarre statement “I am saying that now he claims retaliation on a case that happened 6 months ago.” So because the point of origin of this mess was in February, it needs to either come out immediately or it doesn’t count? That’s asinine.

    We all know how long ICIB investigations take to develop, especially when they are being swept under the rug and into a dead end, as Tanaka ordered this investigation to be handled.

    If you had read all the open source information on this case, you would know that within the same month (Feb) these two Deputies took their concerns to ICIB (before this DUI you love to mention so much). Once the case was ripped away from ICIB (and it was, it’s open record) it was handed to “special investigators” that answered directly to Baca. This also occurred before the DUI-which-has-no-relevance.

    White supremacist (the area of OSJ Sexton and Rathbun were working at the time) literature showing up on Rathbun’s front porch isn’t intimidation?

    Sexton didn’t suffer a passing “comment” as you tried to state. He was approached in a dark parking garage, late at night, but a deputy who was waiting by Sexton’s car, and told to “keep his mouth shut.” That’s a mere “comment” in your mind? So you’re a total apologist for gang like behavior by deputies? That’s not intimidation either?

    It’s becoming painfully obvious that you’re an apologist and a smear artist, trying to cloud what’s really going on here. That’s why no one (except me) responds to your comments. Because they’re inane to the point of being laughable. I’d be laughing too, if I didn’t realize, all the way out from retired-land, that you have your own (or someone else’s?) agenda you’re working with your smoke and mirrors effort to downplay this on going incident.

    Seek life elsewhere. We’re not in the business of nitpicking the whistleblower to death, as you clearly are. The rest of the guys here see the problem for what it is, which you can’t (or won’t) do.

  65. Speakerphone Says:

    #64, great read Dave

  66. Investigative Mind Says:


    Outstanding post. Obviously “Speakerphone” has never been put in a situation like this because if he/she had been; a post like that would never have been made public. Majority of people know, many sworn/civilian who have been threatened and/or retaliated against for standing up for themselves are afraid to come forward. How disheartening and shameful. God Bless those deputies who are trying to do the right thing.

  67. 10-29Henry Says:

    Swing and a miss Speakerphone, I can confidently assure you. Sorry to disappoint you. Truly sad how low you’re going in your efforts.

  68. 10-29Henry Says:

    Not to mention how neatly you side stepped all the points in my last post, by hazarding a poor guess at who I am (which has nothing to do with the content of my posts). Can’t you just support your argument using articulation instead of attempts at cheap thrilling posts that fall flatly off the mark?

  69. Answering The Question Says:

    A very interesting statement you made.

    “Gentleman, I am no way defending Lt. Thompson for his action when I mention the young Rathaus arrest.”

    Really? Then why EXACTLY do you feel the need, on this particular thread, to bring up Rathbun’s DUI? His claims against Lt. Thompson are true or they are false.

    Why did you feel the need to state: “This is an orchestrated plan to keep his job.”

    As far as your explanation/assertion that Sexton has not been retaliated against….are you saying that his claim that he got told “to keep his mouth shut” by another deputy is a lie? I guess that doesn’t qualify as retaliation to you per se. But is that not a threat? How EXACTLY would you qualify that incident PER SE?

    If you’re not defending Lt. Thompson’s actions, it seems strangely coincidental that you’re bringing up Rathbun’s DUI while at the same time playing down the incident where Sexton was told to keep his mouth shut.

    Tell us what your motivation is for making these statements if it’s different than attempting to defend Lt. Thompson by implying, in essence, that it’s not really that big of deal.
    It’s just a plan for Rathbun to keep his job.

    Explain these things to us if you can. If you can’t, we’ll chalk it up to you trying to bullshit us with your assertion that you’re not trying to defend Lt. Thompson by smearing Rathbun while at the same time trying to play semantics and minimizing the incident with Sexton.

    When DEFENSE attys. have a client who is guilty as hell, is that not nthe tactic they employ? Try to bring into the question the character of the victim(s)?

    That’s Defense 101.

    Nice try, but strike three, you’re out. Go take a seat on the bench. Your attempt at pinch-hitting for Thompson’s atty. was a complete failure, and as transparent as a showroom windshield.

  70. Answering The Question Says:

    BTW Speakerphone,
    If your intent is simply to smear the two deps. because they aren’t your favorite people, you can thank Lt. Thompson for the big payday they are going to get from the county.

    lol..that’s some funny stuff in post #52….”one guy made a remark”…yeah, that’s all it was. Just a remark.

    “Keep your mouth shut” is just a remark to you. It in no way implies a threat….or…. implies that Thompson is believed to be guilty by the party making that “remark”. Otherwise why would they feel the need for Sexton to keep his mouth shut?

    C’mon man.
    Weak. Pathetic. Really not even a nice try.

  71. Robert Peel Says:

    Speaker: What kind of Kool-Aid are you drinking?

  72. Speakerphone Says:

    Ok, once again, sexton did not get retaliated against. Straight from he mouth. One guy said one thing six months ago and if you want to know the truth sexton called him to the parking lot and it was over. I was there the very next day and got the whole story from him. He does not want to get dragged into this whole mess. It got blown out of proportion after one of the deps got arrested. Demote Thompson but don’t try and make it a big scandle because a deputy who was 390 is fighting for his job. If you know sexton just ask him.

  73. Speakerphone Says:

    And by the way, the deputy who made the comment and then bitched was rolled up

  74. Answering The Question Says:

    Good enough re: Sexton. I have no reason not to believe you, so I’ll assume you’re correct. Good for Sexton.
    He needs to realize he’s a part of this, he’s not being dragged into it. At the very least, Thompson violated policy, and Sexton is a witness. Policy says he doesn’t have a choice whether or not to get involved.

    Next thing. I think you’re missing the bigger picture. Why was the DUI bumped to a felony at the last minute? If that was orchestrated, well then, once again, LASD has only themselves to blame.
    IF what you say is true about Rathbun just doing this to keep his job, he wouldn’t have to do that if it wasn’t a felony, right?

    Last thing. It didn’t get blown out of proportion. If you think this is no big thing, that Thompson telling a deputy the identity of two deps. that are trying to initiate a criminal investigation against him….and then giving up the CI who gave them the info., you’re sadly mistaken.
    IT’S A HUGE THING!!!!! Thompson may very well end up facing charges.

    This didn’t get blown out proportion because Rathbun got the DUI. Maybe it was exposed because of that, but this was a huge thing the minute Thompson did what he did.

  75. 10-29Henry Says:

    I suppose it’s good that a Deputy who made those threats would be rolled up, but to be honest with you, I’d rather see the department stop going after the “low hanging fruit” meaning Deputies with 3-5 years on the job who are doing Thompson’s bidding.

    Why isn’t Thompson ROD? It just sickens me that they go after the line Deputies only. This department refuses to take the top offender to the woodshed because it tarnishes their image.

    And again, Speakerphone, it’s nice to hear you step back a little from you outlandish comments and approach reality again, but this Deputy took these issues to ICIB and was told to pound sand all before he got arrested. There’s just no tangible connection between the two, partner. Stop carrying that torch.

  76. 10-29Henry Says:

    #74 “Answering the Question”

    I couldn’t agree with your comment more. Anyone who thinks that this wasn’t a big deal is kidding themselves either because their mind can’t handle the enormity of just how bad this was handled, or they have a bet on Thompson’s pony, and don’t want to see him burn.

    Exposing the identity of an CRI, and the two Deputies doing the right thing? It exposes the CRI to MURDER, and it tells the Deputies trying to do right “don’t bother, we’ll bend you over the barrel in front of everyone”.

    And you’re spot on with these phantom felony charges. 36 hours before his scheduled court date? Two months after the misdemeanor arrest? Not notifying his attorney of record? It stinks!

  77. Don't smoke cigars Says:

    I have always dug this: “The danger is, you’ll become like a moron. You’ll become incapable of learning from most people in the world, no matter how much experience they have in their particular areas that may be much greater than yours”. (Daniel Ellsberg to Henry Kissinger). Years later, I believe he was speaking to our upper management as well. And that kinda sums up our department…

  78. Investigative Mind Says:

    There are many supervisors not being held accountable and lie so badly about it. They are so horrible about their lies, statements end up being very inconsistent. More and more I have witnessed and heard: If there is no evidence, it never happened!!!

  79. Robert Peel Says:

    I agree that this case is a HUGE deal! Thompson needs to be ROD but it won’t happen. Ironically, years ago Baca wrote a position paper on the “Inconsistent Application of Policy” where Baca made sure that anyone and everyone got a copy. In this paper Baca complained about the very issues discussed on this blog. Maybe I should show it to him? Naw! Baca would just say he didn’t write it and no one told him. LOL

  80. Robert Peel Says:

    C: Side note; I see that Lacey was dumb enough to seek the support of the most corrupt sheriff in LA County history. I won’t vote for her for any reason. She (with this endorsement) has sealed he fate, in my view!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Cognistator Says:

    Robert Peel: “Years ago Baca wrote a position paper on the ‘Inconsistent Application of Policy’ where Baca made sure that anyone and everyone got a copy.

    Also years ago there was a unit called the Research & Development Bureau. I just happened to know a Deputy assigned to the Bureau at that time. He was extremely intelligent: he held a Baccalaureate from the University of Minnesota, a J.D., and he passed the Calif. BAR, an excruciatingly difficult three day exam, on his first attempt. But he couldn’t find a job as a Lawyer because his J.D. came from one of these Law Schools that’re down the alley & ’round the corner.

    So he was in the LASD’s Research & Development Bureau. His task there was to write Doctoral dissertations & Masters’ theses for LASD personnel picked to receive Advanced degrees.

  82. Don't smoke cigars Says:

    .81 – Wow,just F#@$%ing wow! But, not unexpected.Thx,M8…

  83. Answering The Question Says:

    Unless what you guys are saying is provable, or you have seen it with your own eyes, your comments are beyond good taste. If it’s just ” something you heard”… know…..” common knowledge” as those who keep the rumor mill going like to say, you need to stop.

  84. Celeste Fremon Says:


    Thanks for the heads up, ATQ.

    Indeed, a couple of you were—just for a moment there—slipping into the realm of unsubstantiated character assassination.

    I’ve deleted those comments.

    Thanks for understanding.


    Thanksas usual for the delete Celeste. You may want to start monitoring the fools who are violating POBOR. In other words, if my kid were hooked for duece and getting slammed here, I would have a bit of a problem with that. To the point that I would pressure Shinee from ALADS to look into the employees who obviously know everything about the case. Kind of puts a spin on a fair trial doesn’t it Celeste?

    Let’s not be a hypocrite.

  86. Trained has Derailed Says:

    FTF: I back the two deps. but you really have things confused. Him getting hooked for deuce is public record and not protected by POBR so its fair game. Has nothing to do with his allegations, but fair. Discipline the Department gives him for the deuce is covered by POBR.

  87. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Thanks, #86. You beat me to it.

  88. 10-29Henry Says:


    Anything new on this issue coming through your grapevine? Can we expect an update?

  89. Celeste Fremon Says:

    10-29, Thanks for asking. I’ll have an update next week.

    It would be earlier, but I have to leave town tomorrow (Wed.) for the rest of the week to work on other WLA-related business.

    But I will indeed have an update next week, during the week, plus a story from Matt (on another LASD issue).


    Train and Celeste. Public record is one thing, sharing intricate internal “personal information” as many of the posts seem to have is another.

    Say for example, and only for example, I completely fabricated a story about an individual, used his name and left it for all to read. As in the case with every sworn person that is the subject of these posts.

    Not one person here can deny that upper management monitors this site, reads what the disgruntled snitches are saying, whether true or false, and form an opinion of that subject person.

    Their careers are done, whether it’s deserved or not. And before you bag on me for my posts, elected officials and top executives get the big bucks to be scrutinized and hammered in a forum. What’s gonna happen to them? It’s the little guys like Rathbun and Sexton who are buried for life.

    Everyone talks smack about the DUI issue. Again all hypocrites raise your hand and acknowledge how many times you drove home duece and got away with it.

    For some, alcoholism is a disease or brought on by other stresses in life. I don’t wish that on anyone, their families and career. Think about it.

  91. Investigative Mind Says:

    #90. Bravo and well printed here on this website. Issues for a civil case for libel can possibly be negative for these two deputies. Sad thing is it happens all the time.

  92. LATBG Says:

    Re: Cognistator, you are on the right track! When Baca was the cheif of FOR II, he had a lieutenant under his command help him with his dissertation. How much he helped is the big question, my understanding is that there should be no help unless it’s a joint publication, I could be wrong. The lieutenant retired in bitter disappointment as Baca elected to never promote him.

    The weird thing though is the topic of Sheriff Moonbeam’s dissertation. Published in 1992, I read the abstract a while ago and it was a study of father-daughter incest. The most astonishing conclusion was that Baca argued for the situation to be treated as a MEDICAL CONDITION and not a crime!

    Now you know why Baca’s doctoral dissertation was not prominently displayed in his campaigns, as it obviously would never be compatible with the current political climate.

  93. The Public Says:

    Regarding post 90 Further Follow. In reading your past posts I see that you spent your time on the sheriffs working desk type positions which may have shielded you from the seeing the results of drunk driving. I hope you are wrong about officers driving drunk and getting away with it. They should be held to a higher standard and fired. Drunk driving causes death and destruction every day of the week. There is no defense for this officer getting arresting for a SECOND drunk driving and fighting off fellow sheriffs during his felony arrest. I don’t think you would be so quick to call it a disease or brought on by stress if I had been arrested for drunk driving and resisting. I think I would be quickly thrown into jail with no former sheriffs sticking up for me.


    Well public, not sure where I ever said I worked desk jobs. Maybe you saw Mac and the FPK posts thinking I worked the desk based on their erroneous observations.

    I’m not supporting his actions, nor do I condone it. My point is this website is not the place to slam someone who most likely will lose their job anyway.

    For the record, you might want to access the courts and do your own research. Most of the felony DUI’s, and regularly the misdemeanor filings are unlicensed drivers, no insurance, which is quite prevelant and predictable in the County of Los Angeles.

    Again, look at the number and crunch them to your liking. The end result is the same.

  95. Supermax Says:

    Further to follow, you are such a phony. You slam people all the time and make false accusations about people and then get checked, and make some lame excuse. Burns checked you and you and he are not good. When are you going to stop. We all thought just maybe we heard the last of you when so many people checked you giving their real names and not hiding like you do. Celeste, when are you going to shut this guy down please

  96. 10-29Henry Says:

    # 93:

    DUI’s must always carry consequences, no matter who gets arrested for it. I agree on that. That’s the long and the short of it.

    That being said, there’s another thing. This was his first DUI. His first. Not his second. So that’s either inaccurate, or deliberately fabricated. And from what I read through the report, he was mouthy and disrespectful, which is atrocious, but never got in a physical fight with anyone. So, The Public, are you wrong on purpose, or just mistaken by accident?

  97. 10-29Henry Says:

    # 93:

    Oh, and another thing. It wasn’t a felony arrest. It was for a misdemeanor. It’s in the report, on the face page. The felony wasn’t added until 36 hours before court, without any notification to his attorney, yada yada, I’ve been down this road before.

    Someone’s feeding you bad info, or you’re trying to feed it to us. Either way, do some fact checking, and stay honest.


    10-29H, good post. As far as post 93, we are held to a higher standard, but even more the elected officials.

    Take for example, Kennedy. He should have been held to a much higher standard if that is the platform post 93 is alluding to.

    The elected officials are responsible for making crimes more lenient, prohibits impounds of un-licensed drivers, allows for an individual to have 4-5 DUI’s and then kills someone before they do 18 months in prison.

    Yes, I agree with a higher standard mister public, but maybe you need to re-think the people you cast your ballet for. There might be a logical explanation.


    Speaking of real names, did your parents really name you supermax?


    Celeste, time to monitor the ugly heads that are arising again. Post 95 is a prime example.

    Let’s all remember our core values.

  101. Really Bro? Says:

    Whats the standard for a “claimed LASD Commander” coming onto a blog and spouting falsehoods and engaging in adolescent rants filled with untruths, rumor and mere innuendos?

  102. Celeste Fremon Says:

    EDITORS NOTE: I’m out of town on meetings so have no time to monitor this closely, therefore, with regard to the two (or more) commenters who each want me to check the other, I’m simply deleting any further personal comments from either.

    Hope you understand. This is an inexact science.

    Have good weekend..


    Celeste, you should have let the boys enjoy their spirited discussion. Since your censorship it has been 48 hrs and no postings. La Times lets us go balls out on their blogs. Maybe you should consider lightning up on the purse strings.

    Rumors got it something is rolling down the pike fast and furious. Further to Follow.

  104. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Further to Follow,

    Since you were one of the two commenters who each asked me to delete the comments of the other, I’m a bit perplexed that you’re now complaining.

    I took both of you at your word and DID delete any additional tit-for-tat personal attacks from either of you. You both dealt the play.

    Everyone is welcome to comment. Personal mudfights with each other, however, get wearisome and will be shut down.

    Have a nice night.


    So what youre saying is we can post as long as it’s clean and our pants are on?


    And post 100 was request to monitor only 95 and 101 were getting a bit testy I didn’t request a delete only to enforce your rules I’m gone Tuesday anyway for a 7 day gig in Algeria wish me luck shots are up to date

  107. Really Bro? Says:

    FTW…My question is legitimate without insult. Part of a blog is questioning the content of other posts and calling said posters onto the carpet. It seems you get to rant at will, spouting innuendos and falsehoods, and when called out you whine to the monitor?

  108. Investigative Mind Says:

    Further to Follow: Please go away on your trip already.


    OK, thanks. See you later. This trip isn’t cool. People arn’t liking the USA


    Investigative mind. you post #91 giving me kudos for #90.. not sure your motive but why post #108?

    See you all in 9 days. going to bed.

  111. Investigative Mind Says:

    Just tired of the back and forth mud slinging, I think I need a vacation myself. All this drama on the department is just too damn negative. I just hope something positive comes out of this entire disaster.

  112. 10-29Henry Says:

    If anyone has any idea how to bring this forum back on topic, the time is now…

  113. Cognistator Says:

    10-29Henry: While on the subject of different topics, this is what is happening up in Oakland

    Thoughts, anyone?

  114. 10-29Henry Says:

    Sadly, it sounds like a situation that our department could be in sooner than we think, if things continue. If the Department ends up under a federal watchdog agent, hired by result of a court order, many of our beloved traditions will be smashed. Better for our brass to bite the bullet and make the necessary reforms now, before they are mandated.

    Oakland PD is in a tough spot. I have sympathy for anyone trying to make law enforcement popular with the public in the East Bay.

  115. Si, Se Puede!! Says:

    So I think Oakland is inbig trouble but I am glad they have the trial of the L.A. jail. I am proud of my heritage but get upset when we are always beat down might familiar is important to me so I don’t like to see brothers getting beat inthe jail no one cares about our race, idontnknow why Perot I believe the bosses looking at the crimes are protectingnthemselves and blamingnitnon the blacks an Latinos

  116. 10-29Henry Says:

    (Scratches head) Sigh

  117. 10-29Henry Says:


    What are you hearing on this issue? Recently I heard Thompson had been relieved of duty finally, now I’m hearing that was a planted admin rumor to quell the outrage!

    Any plans for follow up?

  118. » Blog Archive » WitnessLA on Warren Olney’s Which Way LA? Discussing Jump Out Boys Planned Firing, Deputy Gangs in General, and More Says:

    [...] people like Lt. Greg Thompson, who last we heard was being investigated by the LASD for this incident inside Men’s Central Jails, and by the feds in this incident, was named multiple times for [...]

  119. William Craddock Says:

    If the allegations regarding the C.I. being shanked with a deadly weapon, just after his transfer from P.C. to General Population are true, with that transfer being caused directly or indirectly by Lt. Thompson, plus with him divulging confidential investigative material to the very officer being investigated, then why hasn’t the Lieutenant been indicted for Obstruction of Justice/Conspiracy to Commit Murder ?????

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