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On “The Filter” Tonight

I will be on The Filter tonight (Thursday) at 7:30 on digital channel 4.2, (or online here) with a replay Friday on KNBC Channel 4 at 11:30 a.m.

This time, my sparring partner (along with host Fred Roggin) will be Melissa Rivers. The topics we’ve been assigned should provide plenty of sparring fodder.

This is part of The Show’s four-week, midday try out on the main KNBC Channel 4 before The Filter takes a break in February while Fred covers the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.


  • The article only demonstrates that someone was shot, non fatal, at that. Doesn’t even prove it was gang related, let alone race related. Should Obama stop what he’s doing to address a non fatal shooting in Monrovia, California? And just where do you get the idea that nobody cares about racially motivated gang rivalries? There’s been plenty of coverage on the few gangs in LA that have been involved in such disputes, and as far as we know, it is just a few gangs. There’s even been a Time Magazine article on it. Where is your criteria to back up your claim that families have been terrorized and chased out of Duarte and Monrovia? Cite some numbers, please. Where is the outrage? Outside of your imagination, nowhere, obviously, as well there shouldn’t be. Your SGV Tribune rag says that a shooting happened to take place in the same neighborhood where police have said that two rival gangs live near. Tabloid journalism. They have no proof that the shooting was gang related. I feel sorry for anyone who relies on this paper for current events. They obviously have an agenda.

  • I guess since a person was “only shot” it’s OK in the twisted mind of R.T.


    In May, a black family was forced out of an otherwise pleasant neighborhood by suspected Latino gang members who broke into their home and covered the walls with racial slurs.

    This, I learned from the locals, was the climax of a series of killings in Duarte, Monrovia and neighboring communities born of conflict between black and Latino youths.


    Two alleged Latino gang members accused of shooting a black man and trying to run him over with a car in in Duarte last month appeared in court Friday to face attempted murder and hate-crime charges, authorities said.


  • Hey, Celeste. During the taping, tug on your right ear to signal a hello to me. Now, everyone will watch The Filter to see if you do it.

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