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On NBC’s the Filter, Tonight at 7:30 p.m.

I’m on KNBC’s The Filter tonight at 7:30 p.m. with Fred Roggin
—this time during the debate section that goes on just about at 7:30 on the dot.

We’ll be talking with Fred about a list of topics, among them the question as to whether 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Reinhardt should recuse himself from hearing the Prop. 8 Case because he’s married to the ACLU’s outgoing director, Ramona Ripston. (He didn’t. And the answer is, NO, he shouldn’t have. But more on that when we chat on the show.) And we’ll be talking about whether your genetics make you more likely to cheat. (Now there’s a novel excuse!)

And more.

As usual, I’ll post the video later, but you can watch it online in real time here or on your TV at digital channel 4.2.


  • Why shouldn’t Reinhardt step aside Celeste? He’s recused himself on other cases where the ACLU was involved so why not this one? His wife has participated in this case and so he should walk away from it.

  • The So Cal ACLU isn’t involved, SF. Period. Nor is Ramona, although she has obviously been vocal on the issue.

    He recuses himself when the So Cal ACLU is one of those who filed the lawsuit. Then it’s an obvious conflict of interest because it means it’s basically his wife’s law firm that’s coming before him, even if she’s not one of the attorneys.

    That’s not the situation here. He’s got plenty of precedent to back him up on his decision not to step aside. This is not going to be an issue. The pro-prop 8 people aren’t even making a big fuss. They tried it, got it on the record. He said no. We’re done. It does not appear they are taking it any further as they sense correctly it’s not going any where.

    By the way, when Bois and Olson first filed, the ACLU—national and CA—was one of those orgs who vociferously opposed the move as they felt it was too soon, that the timing was off, and they feared that the Olson/Bois move would do damage, that when it got to the Supreme court, that the Supremes aren’t going to be read to make such a big move this soon.

    I think and hope Bois and Olson have it right, but it’ll all come down to Justice Kennedy.

    Since then, No Cal ACLU has filed an amicus curiae—basically a friend of the court brief that says “we think so too.”

    Because of the fact that what the 9th Circuit panel decides will then be the paperwork that goes to the Supremes, any appearance of bias will be closely scrutinized, of point the Reinhardt is only too aware. If he doesn’t play this perfectly he could damage the case.

    It’s an historic moment. Whichever way the cards fall nobody wants to be the one who blew it, and certainly not Stephen Reinhardt.

    He was randomly picked, and he obviously wants to stay on. Who wouldn’t? Conservative or liberal—it doesn’t get more interesting that the constitutional questions being deliberated.

  • Ripston made the ACLU here a more national type of orginization and has spoke on Prop.8. It shouldn’t matter one bit that her office didn’t file a brief, her position has been clear and in the news.

    Like you, I don’t think it will matter in the long run because it will end up a SCOTUS case, but appearances count and Reinhardt should have recused himself.

  • By the way Celeste, she spoke on Prop 8 while still in charge, that’s “participation” in my book when she’s representing her orginization. If you want links I can provide them.

  • Celeste, it’s amazing they still have you on the filter. You’d think they’d find a dumb, liberal white chick in West LA that could actually put up a fight. You’re a punching bag on that show. It’s hard to watch. Most 12 year old girls here in Boyle Heights could put up a better fight against republicans than you can. Stick to writing. You’re the worst representation of progressive politics on television, hands down. They should just have a segment where you punch yourself in the face. Stupid white girl.

  • The only reason I’m leaving the above comment up, and another like it on a different thread, is to make clear why the person who has commented variously as Rob Thomas, Joe Rios, Sonny, Lee Plenty, Rocky G, Off the Wall, Script, Still No Script, Norwalquero, and a host of other anonymous noms de cyber….is banned.

    It’s a pity, because obviously you’re bright, whatever your name really is, and at times you have much to offer. But when all is said and done you cannot stop yourself from being an abusive ass whenever someone criticizes you in the least.

    I suspect you’ll come back to throw things under a different name and a slightly different IP, as you have repeatedly done in the past, so I’ll have to keep checking, which is frankly a crashing bore. You’ll no doubt slip a few by me, because I have one or two other things to do other than be a playground monitor.

    So, please consider doing us both a favor and just take your comments somewhere else. Start your own blog. Whatever.

    I wish you well.

    But you are no longer welcome here.

  • He has no tolerance for anybody who disagrees with him. If his opinions, conclusions or logic is challenged he immediately becomes disrespectful. Then comes the personal insults and accusations of bigotry toward those who disagree with him. It’s the lowest form of debate, and it’s the most juvenile of behavior. Lacking any intellectualism. Those who he makes the vile accusations against either have to defend themselves or let him continue unchallenged.
    Things then break down into a playground fight.
    Others have continually turned the cheek and attempted to play nice, but he won’t have it. He’s angry and wants to fight. He has even insulted you several times.
    Celeste, if you want intelligent dialogue, and not a playground battle, you have done the right thing by banning him. He is incapable of playing nice with others. He has proven that time and again.

  • ATQ, sorry about the fact that your comment ended up in the moderation queue. I’ve tightened some controls because of the above issue, which will sweep certain others up as well. It won’t last forever, and I’ll try to rescue the comments as quickly as I can.

    And, yes, the comments on this and some of the other threads got truly vile, far more so than you’re seeing. I deleted them right away as they were aimed at others in a way for which there is no excuse. Ever.

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