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Supes Vote to Create Office to Protect LA County’s Immigrants

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to create an Office of Immigrant Affairs to aid the 3.5 million immigrants (including hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants) living in LA County. The creation of the new office is one of several steps the board has taken to protect the county’s immigrant population in the event that President-elect Donald Trump follows through with his promised mass deportations.

“As we head into inauguration, I want to remind our communities that the county will continue to stand against hate and provide exceptional aid for our immigrant individuals,” said Supervisor Hilda Solis, who proposed the motion with Supe. Sheila Kuehl. “This is one of the many steps we are taking towards protecting the immigrant communities that are so essential to Los Angeles County.”

The Supes approved the motion 4-1. Supervisor Kathryn Barger voted against the creation of the office.

The multi-lingual office would work as a “one-stop-shop” for immigrants and their families to connect to county services and access legal help for deportation cases. In December, LA County and city officials announced $10 million in funds earmarked to ensure that immigrants facing deportation have legal representation.

The Supes also voted in December to convert the County Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Task Force into an Immigrant Protection Task Force and requested an analysis of the feasibility of creating the Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Tuesday’s motion directs the Civilian Oversight Commission to oversee the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s compliance with immigration policies and state law.

“Today LA County is reasserting its commitment to upholding the federal and state constitutions for all our residents and ensuring that every resident is provided with adequate legal defense and that the County will not be forced to collaborate in federal immigration enforcement,” Supe. Kuehl said.

At the board meeting, LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell stressed that the department’s job is not to enforce immigration, and that immigrants should feel safe reporting crimes and otherwise engaging with law enforcement without the fear of deportation.

“Here is what I want all communities to know: my deputies will not initiate any police activity, nor arrest anyone, based solely on their immigration status,” McDonnell said at Tuesday’s meeting. “It’s our promise. It’s written in our department policy, and it’s the law.” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has also said the city’s police force would not help Trump deport undocumented immigrants.

A detailed plan for the new office, which will be within the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, is expected later this year.


  • I cant wait for these new elected BOS members to put their heads in their hands and say “what did we do.” You can play all liberal now, but when facing a loss of federal grants, highway monies, minority program assistance, etc: you will come up with some great political excuse to fold your previous decision…

  • Unless MyGoodness is Native American, he came from immigrants, just like the ones here now. Regardless of what you think of immigrants, the economy would stop if they were all deported – your lawn wouldn’t get mowed, your spoiled kids wouldnt be taken care of, your food would not make it your table, your elderly mother would not be taken care of, your software wouldnt be upgraded, etc. This country was stolen from the Native Americans and built by immigrants. I wouldn’t mind tough immigration laws, but I would make them retroactive and put the pilgrims and their descendants back on a boat. Personally, I would rather have a kid who rode on top of a train thousands of miles to get here, or young man who joined 30 others on boat for 3 to cross the Mediterranean than the bitter and angry folks in Trump country that that have a sense of entitlement and think they are special and worthy by the mere fact that that the vagina they came out of was born here. I am sorry, but the immigrants aren’t going back across the border, gays are not going back into the closet and women back into the kitchen. These 4 years might be a step backwards for human progress, but this too shall pass. I can waited it out.

  • Can I submit to this department for monitory reimbursement for the damages suffered during my collision with the illegal, undocumented, unlicensed, untrained (driver), uninsured, immigrant. I’m out thousands of dollars with absolutely no recourse. LAPD wouldn’t even take a police report, and my insurance company says there is no one to go after, as they aren’t identified, and can’t really be tracked, moving around nomadic in plain sight.

    Some “exceptional aid” at a “one stop shop” for this legal, USA born, ALL forms of taxpaying broke, citizen, and his legally immigrated, waited in line, fulfilled all the requirements for a decade spouse could REALLY use a hand up from our elected officials spending OUR tax monies.

    This is ridiculous. Fund this by a “go fund me page” and stop wasting my tax money. Sure sucks being a honest citizen.

  • I think people either deliberately or unknowingly interchange the terms Immigrant and ILLEGAL Immigrant. The later descriptor in most people’s eyes refers to someone who enters the country by by-passing the normal, legally established and recognized immigration process. There are processes in place at embassies around the world for people to utilize to exit/enter countries. It is not only illegal but disrespectful to ignore these rules while others wait their turn. I’m sure folks across the ocean feel it’s unfair when they someone from a boarder country slide ahead of them and enter illegally.

    Since we are a country of laws I never understand how some people rationalize to themselves that it’s okay to ignore and not enforce certain laws they don’t agree with. I’m sure everyone person that was ever arrested feels the “law” was unfair to them.

    Every country in the world has a sordid past. All of the America’s were invaded, “conquered” and it’s indigenous population suffered indignities. The Spanish, English and Portuguese should all leave I would guess. However, the great thing is that time and knowledge allow use to come to terms with the past and move forward. South Africa is one of the most recent examples I can think of.

    The country and it’s people are resilient. The economy has suffered many bumps and no one group can make or break it’s ability to adapt. If there are no illegal immigrants the country will not fall but instead the market/economy will adjust. The benefit of 50 United States is that if one is down the others will help boost it up.

  • CF, your obvious ranting caused you to miss the point. Nowhere in my writing did I ever give an opinion on immigration or status of illegal immigrants; I simply find it humorous that the BOS is playing tough until the “fat lady sings.” Thank you for the history lesson and the possibility of doom and collapse… Oh and by the way-my family was here from the start; yes 1/8 true American, not on a boat or travelling from north or west…

  • Protect hard working immigrants from what? If they work hard, stay out of trouble nothing will ever happen. Same old scare tactics. We are all going to get deported. Elementary school teachers tell their students this, ridiculous. My father came here from Mexico legally. Enlisted in the Army and fought for the duration of the war with his three brothers. So don’t tell me poor illegal immigrant. The people that work in Mexico, cutting the grass, serving you food, picking up the garbage make 8 dollars a day. So if your are willing to work here in the US you can make a living. If you want to help the immigrants open up an office to help them complete the paperwork to legalize their status. Because many of them have been victims of businesses who take their money and run. Help them with the process and be useful. Maybe you can cite some cases where illegal immigrants have been deported for no reason, without cause.

  • When the Feds not rigorously enforcing immigration laws, these local politicians said immigration is a Federal issue as an excuse not to do anything. Now the Feds is serious about enforcing the laws, the same group of hypocrites challenged Feds’ authority over this issue and using tax payer money. Unbelievable

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