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Sentencing Delayed for 6 From LA Sheriff’s Department Convicted of Obstruction of Justice

Sentencing has been delayed by one day for the six members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
who were convicted in early July of obstruction of a federal investigation in connection with hiding FBI informant Anthony Brown from his fed handlers.

The sentencing, by Judge Percy Anderson, of Gerard Smith, Mickey Manzo, Scott Craig, Maricela Long, Stephen Leavins, and Gregory Thompson was to take place on Monday, September 22.

Anderson will now hand down sentences at 9 a.m. Tuesday, September 23.


  • Curious as to whether they have regret or remorse.

    I hope that the deputies during and after this fiasco learn to take a “Stand” and not a “Seat” when you sense that something is not right. (Starting from the Academy thru Retirement)

    Any deputy can be a “Yes Man” The deputy with the “Guts and Nuts” might “Stand Alone but he will “Stand Longer” There should immediately be a training video implemented to every Academy class starting ASAP depicting this Epic Failure.

  • If any of the Tanaka 7 has one single brain cell that is operational, they will instruct their attorney to schedule a meeting with the AUSA for Monday at 1300 hours, and spill their guts. Cooperate with the Feds, speak the truth and beg for a deal. If you don’t, then do your time like a fool and count the days.

  • James Sexton cooperated with the Feds and look where it got him!!! He met with them 37 times and was told he wasn’t a target. He was the FBI witness at the FGJ. They can’t be trusted.

  • Yeah Sachamoe!!! Lead the lynch mob that should take the Tanaka 7 to the gallows!!!!

    Except your knowledge of the federal system is just a touch off. First, deal time is over, and even if one of them decided to cooperate. They would not earn full cooperation credits and what is known as early acceptance of responsibility.

    Secondly, and most importantly, they forfeit their appeals. As you know, Judge Anderson and Real are the most overturned on Spring Street… So can we let the system of justice play out like the Constitution allows?

    By all means, keep posting in disdain of these guys. It’s your right, but don’t be shocked when you see something occur in Spring of 2015.

    Also, my math is the Tanaka 6 w one dumb redneck who overloaded his ass in the FGJ. After all, there is a Rathbun & Sexton v. LACO where ole PT cruiser is on the hot seat.

    I love the enthusiasm and the banter, but I am also a huge fan of facts and logic. See you later on in the thread.

  • Clearly there was an obstruction of justice however, I suspect that there were differing points in which these guys realized they were in fact violating the law. Some may not have recognized until they testified in front of the GJ. Even the legal resource book supports that informantion coming from a law enforcement should be considered reliable as it relates to PC for arrest and search warrants. So they placed there trust in Baca and Tanaka!

    These instruction came from what we would all initially consider a reliable source. Meaning what they were doing was legal and right. Baca and Tanaka were the sources and were giving instructions and direction based you would think on a legal opinion! Or perhaps, they did not get a legal opinion. Who knows.

    Regardless I doubt they ever woke up and said, I am going to obstruct justice today.

  • Jack, I don’t think anyone is necessarily dancing in the streets over all of this. Speaking for myself, I think this episode is simply a representation of the LASD Crime Inc. mentality that has been around for many years, displayed proudly by the coin holders and their leaders.

    I don’t know these folks, but I will agree with others, they knew exactly what they were doing. They did it to “get in the car,” and that car just went over a cliff. It isn’t like they were slinging rock, shaking down folks on T-stops or ripping off people Arco-Narco style, where I would be dancing the boogaloo to their demise. But these folks have no one to blame but themselves. I am pissed at the two lieutenants for putting their people in harms way and I hope they get some serious time. There were captains, commanders and chiefs, all aware what was going on and they turned a blind eye. They need to be exposed. I have not read anything over the months and months this story has been reported that looked anything like a “lynch mob.” But what I did see was a sorry ass excuse of “I was only following orders,” offered as a defense, and that did not go over very well with me and many others. The two responsible for all of this have yet to be held to answer, that day is long coming.

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