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Paul Tanaka’s Exit: the Sequel….and Possible Plans for 2014

The LA Times’ Robert Faturechi and Jack Leonard report that Undersheriff Paul Tanaka did not,
in fact, announce his retirement earlier this month because “he felt it was time,” (as department spokespersons then maintained). To the contrary, Tanaka left, not by his own choice, but because Sheriff Baca insisted rather firmly that his second in command pull the plug.

This revelation is not exactly news since the sheriff himself said as much to the LA News Group editorial board last week (which we pointed out on Friday).

Moreover, we reported on the issue more than two weeks ago, based on information from a variety of insider sources. We did so here at WLA, and on Warren Olney’s Which Way LA? (although, at the time, we were admittedly a bit more circumspect, in order to politely allow room for the “wanted more time for his family” meme put forth by department spokesman Steve Whitmore).

However, there is one genuinely meaningful piece of news embedded in Monday’s LA times story and that is the last sentence in this paragraph:

One source close to Tanaka said the undersheriff believes Baca views him as a political liability and is trying to use him as a scapegoat for the jail’s problems as the sheriff seeks reelection to a fifth term. That same source, who has spoken with Tanaka, said Tanaka has not ruled out running for sheriff himself, challenging his boss in the 2014 election. [Italics mine]

The fact that Paul Tanaka still believes he can be the next sheriff is both flabbergasting and, sadly, not a surprise at all. Despite the growing string of scandals that follow Tanaka like an elaborate and ever-expanding kite tail, as recently as February, according to well-placed sources inside the department, the undersheriff was still maneuvering to get his own loyalist slates elected to the various boards of the two LASD unions—ALADS and PPOA—–plus LA county’s main law enforcement fraternal organizations, namely BPOA (Black Peace Officer’s Association of Los Angeles County) and HAPCOA (Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association)—with the idea that their combined support could provide signficant help him in a bid for sheriff in 2014.

What a race that would be!—especially if someone untainted by the current scandals comes in from the outside, like Long Beach Chief, Jim McDonnell.


  • And the plot thickens in bizarro world! One question, IF, Tanaka runs, what happens if, and when the Feds indict him? We are already are the laughing stock of Law Enforcement. This will just solidify that assessment.

  • I hear Tanaka still thinks he can take over the unions and use their power and money to get him elected Sheriff. He already owns ALADS, BPOA and HAPCOA. The one he doesn’t own is POPA and he is working on that right now. Two of Tanaka’s guys just got elected to their board now and I hear Tanaka will have someone run against Moraguchi and Rhodes at the end of this year (just before the Sheriff’s election…hmmm!)

  • Just goes to show how these people delude themselves. Tanaka won’t get elected dog catcher much less sheriff, there are plenty would come out of the wordwork.

  • Tanaka wouldn’t make a move until the final word came down from the grand jury. Then, we’ll see.


  • To the so called “haters”……. Don’t stop!! Some of us enjoy reading your comments and insight into how you view the Department. The commentary section is for people’s opinion. This doesn’t mean we always agree with everything, but it sure is interesting to read and consider things from a different angle.

  • I think it is absolutely hilarious that Baca threw Tanaka under the bus, and then backed over him a time or two for good measure. Hey Paul, how does it feel? You’ve done it so many good people for shits and giggles it warms my heart to see you get a taste of the shit sandwich you have served up on so many good people just to garner support from deputies. Stand-by to stand-by, ’cause the Feds have a date with you down the road.

    What is so funny about this, and a lesson to all who “think they are in the car,” Baca tossed Tanaka out like an old fish sandwich because he (Too Tall Paul) became a political liability. So in the final analysis, Baca is a regular political hack just like the rest of them. It’s ALL ABOUT LEROY and not you, Paul. Baca cut you slack despite all of the unethical endeavors you have participated in all these years because you were not a liability to him personally. And then the moment the heat is turned up on Leroy where the media came out of their progressive trance and realized Baca was asleep at the wheel, as he has been from day one as Sheriff, he tosses Tanaka overboard to save his own skin. What does Baca call it with a smile, “finesse?” Well Paul, you have been “finessed” like a BOSS. And by the way, if you have ANY thoughts that you can survive an open election, then you are as delusional as your previous mentor, Leroy Baca. By the way Paul, I took a peek at your office, it is dark and starting formulate cobwebs. I expect a tumbleweed to blow through by Friday. How’s that Cigar Club working for you these days? “Your boys” are already looking for a new leg to hump. Enjoy your time at City Hall; while you can. It ain’t over, it’s just starting.

  • All of you haters probably never worked around Paul Tanaka. I had the opportunity to work for him for several years at a station, and there is not a more solid individual that should lead our Department! For those of you who continually attack,f-OFF

  • OK, Let’s do this. Actual names, and real comments. I want to see who’s onboard with this? If you have a comment, you should be able to back it up.

  • Matt Brady I won’t downplay your loyalty to Paul, but I worked around him and then for him from the very beginning and you have a false read on Paul Tanaka. Also, I find it a bit entertaining that you would disrespect some of the fine deputies that worked Lomita Station with your briefing slur, for I know a couple men that patrolled that station and sat through “Lomita Briefings” that would probably like to go heads up with you Matt over that comment. You have to understand Matt, that Paul Tanaka never did any police work, and never did anything that didn’t benefit Paul.

  • I just finished reading the aforementioned (16) comments and I don’t know whether to vomit or cry. After 30 years on the job, I have never seen a time, (I hope I never will again) where our department laundry is aired in open form such as this. You people need to get a life or maybe go 10-15…you might like it. Try this, if you have a problem, question or concern about something or with someone, have a pair and go directly to that individual and address it.

  • London, watch over Matt’s house. You know he wouldn’t dare live in Willowbrook where he works. It’s too dangerous. Can’t depend on the deps there to prevent a burg.

  • Oh, the bully shows up to the sandbox. Just what Tall Paul likes, an army of bullies surrounding him.

  • # 17 Tommy Tactical:

    While it is sad to see things going this way for the department, we have to face facts.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable” –JFK

    I think a non violent, media savvy version of the concept in the above quote applies to the LASD:

    “Those in command who refuse to deal with corruption privately, make dealing with corruption publicly a the only option” — 10-29 Henry

    We ran our concerns up the chain of command over, and over, and over, and over. About pay to play, favoritism, cover ups, gang like behavior by certain deputies in tattooed cliques, abuse of command authority, it goes on and on and NO ONE LISTENED. NOTHING WAS DONE.

    What choice did we have?

  • Some people just can’t keep from serving up the vinegar. Then they are surprised that they aren’t catching the flies. Amazing. Mr. Brady, your use of Lomita as a slur is a perfect example of why scores of people on the LASD are happy that Paul Tanaka, and many of his devotees are under scrutiny and in the grease. I thank you for your service. You are to be commended for it. But if you think the place(s) you worked make you a better man than some others who worked, what you obviously consider lesser places, perhaps you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself this question. If some SF guy from the military was to constantly berate you because you haven’t been where he’s been, made fun of you, and used your assignments on the LASD as a slur, how would you take that? Would you consider that guy an AH? Most people would.
    You are obviously offended that many people who comment here take joy in Tanaka being in the grease. But you shouldn’t be surprised by it. Really? With all your superlative street cop skills obtained over the years and your ability to read people, you’re surprised that some people can’t wait to criticize the people who, in some cases, have criticized them?
    This whole thing makes me sick. None of this had to happen. It’s total bullshit. Tanaka, nor any of “his people” are what many of the commenters here make them out to be. They are not bad guys.
    But many of them feel/felt the need to separate themselves and look down on others in the
    organization. Mission accomplished. The LASD is now split into factions. FORII people vs. the rest.
    How’s that working out?
    In the end, is the ego trip worth the price paid for it?

  • Celeste: The initials used, in the prior posts, by Brady are threats. A word to the wise.

    10-29: Great post! Many years ago at SLI we all talked about stepping up and coming forward to make us all better people. To look at what are we truly afraid of? Retaliation was mentioned. Retaliation is real and has been acted on by Baca and the gangs. But, if you have noticed not as must as when all this first started. Yes, many us us have come forward and testified and still the corruption continued. At that point I truly believed that Paul would dial it back! But, every once in a while I’m wrong. One can fight back and I think of Pat Gomez who was retaliated more than anyone I can think of. I hope Pat does run for sheriff.

    This past year I have spoken to many deps who have tattoos and asked why? I was not surprised top hear that if a dep didn’t get a tat he/she couldn’t advance at the station, which was all too true! Paul made sure that his brand of loyalty would be literally burned into your skin. I confronted the captain on the issue and I thought the captain was going to pass out!

    I too once fell for all the BS put out by Baca, Stonich, Waldie and Tanaka. Thank God I stopped taking kool-aid! Who we vote for in the next election will determine the path of our commitment and sacrifice. Let not history say of us that we cowed down.

    Lastly, for those of us who have lost our way, remember the words of Medal of Honor recipient James Bond Stockdale who said “It is neither American nor Christian to drive a repentant sinner to his grave.”


    Interesting comments regarding Tanaka’s clan. Unless you have been living under a rock, it is obvious what Tanaka has done to LASD and he has been doing it for years. Paul has such tremendous insecurities that he never was able to overcome. He so much wanted to be loved and respected, yet in the final analysis, he was neither, he was used by the very people he used. Tanaka was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something so good for LASD and he squandered it. He turned his circle of sycophants into a group of bullies who flaunted their relationship with with him at every opportunity. Although not in my Division, if you look specifically what Tanaka did to Custody Division and in particularly, what tremendous damage he did to MCJ, it will give one a unique view of what he was trying to doi all throughout LASD. The Clark/Bald roll-up, the Cruz promotion against the advice of Olmsted, the secret emails from deputies directly to Paul, his retaliation against excellent supervisors and managers where were trying to keep the lid on, the cigar meetings, “I got your back” empowerment of the 2000/3000 Boyz, the berating of Lt. Gonzalez because he would not put up with the growing Viking mentality at MCJ, I can go on and on, but we all know what I am talking about. And ALL of this was at the specific direction of Tanaka, this was so very typical of Paul, it is how he operated, it is how he garnered back slapping from young deputies and outcast supervisors. His “hand selected” people reported to him on a continual basis and their reward? Promotions and job assignments. This has all been reported and discussed in this blog.

    And what came of it? Cruz, Abrams, Cavanaugh, Burns all “finessed.” Federal investigations in abundance and Federal indictments pending, that A-Bomb is about to be released and it will rock LASD like never seen before. Yes, this will be our “Rampart,” but worse, much worse. Then Tanaka starts his “Gray Zone” roadshow into Field Ops, I could not believe it. I had to clean that mess up as soon as he left. There was no way I was going to allow anyone within my command to fall to that nonsense. And there were the malcontents who sucked it up like a hype with a fresh spoon and a clean needle. No need to rehash all of this, it sickens me just to think about what the damage Tanaka has done and he amplified all of this with his promotions and placements. None of this was for the good of the organization, this was all done because Tanaka, the Justin Bieber of LASD, was so over his head yet aspired to be the Sheriff. He was placing all of “his people” into position for what he thought, would be the ultimate transition. Well in the end, he was “finessed” by the very man who let it all happen, Leroy Baca. God Bless WLA, The Times, Olmsted and the Jail Commission. Bravo, bravo. I can retire at any time I choose, but when I do, I want to see LASD back on the road to greatness again. To my peers who were a part of this stupid game, shame on you. To the young folks, just hold on, it really is going to get better. I never thought I would be able to say that.

  • The man who let it happen. Leroy Baca. Too busy schmoozing campaign donors and campaigning for Sheriff of The Year. Too busy traveling the world spreading his message on how other departments should be run. Yet, under his watch, his own department has become extremely dysfunctional. Not to worry. He got that Sheriff of The Year Award. Tanaka will take the fall and blame for all of the dysfunction. His donors will donate more. The LA Media will once again embrace him because he is progressive. He will be reelected. The man who let it happen will continue at the helm. I don’t see it getting any better. Not until somebody who is grounded in reality and is willing to focus on doing the job he was elected to do is at the helm. That won’t be happening any time soon.

  • #24: “I can retire any time I choose, but when I do….” I hope you’ll put your name in as candidate for Sheriff.

    I’ll vote for you.

  • RE: # 14, 17 although it is commendable to be stand up guys, the reason people stay anonymous here and avoid confronting problem supervisors directly is because the resulting retaliation can be fierce and not always worth the fight. If you do pick a fight with the wrong person who is in the car, the career and personal damage is irreparable. The problem with the Tanaka clique mentality is that being a “good dude from Region 1” got you in the running for promotion and a small donation closed the deal. It’s the elitist’s “group think” mentality where these loyalists have followed the “work in the grey” mantra that carries over into their management practices; driven by ego, devoid of objectivity. So if a lowly deputy who “has a pair” confronts a problematic supervisor, he or she will be destroyed by the entire loyalist chain of command. The process to wreck the informer’s credibilty in order to protect the offending supervisor(s) starts with the “snitch jacket” and getting put under a microscope. Then comes the false and exagerated allegations against the employee, bogus IA’s, bogus “discipline”, getting black listed from promotions and coveted units, admin transfers, time sheet audits, bogus psych evals, rumors spread and reputations ruined. It is the blame the snitch / victim defense with deep pockets and OIR and County Council attorneys backing all of the brass’ moves while the employee only has a scared, inept ALADs rep. supposedly trying to defend them. So, it’s a lot easier and painless to sit behind a computer and expose the corrupt practices of the administration anonymously, right here on the Internet. Make an allegation here, let the investigative reporters prove or disprove it. Sit back and let the chips fall where they may. It’s sweet vindication and a hell of a lot healthier than taking on the brass alone and ruining your life, reputation and career. Not everyone wants to be a Martyr.

  • For those of you LASD that are or were supervisors or managers and allowed any subordinate to step out of line, shame on you! The Sheriff, Tanaka, etc never told you all to be cowards. That was you choice to manage like you had No authority. Now, you sit in the dark and allege crap and drag the LASD through the media mud out of hate not loyalty. Continue to snipe from the dark. Grow a pair RO, WM, RW,RG, RA,TR, PM AN the rest of you cowards. The men and women of LASD known who you are. Throuhout all of your one sided slant on reality, the people you have accused have maintained their degnity and remained silent. If LASD is being maligned it it because of all you active and retired supervisors and managers who failed to your duty. Don’t blame the Sheriff or anyone else for failing to GROW A PAIR and honor your badge. You all have yournown skeletons which is why you don’t say who you are. SHAME ON YOU!

  • #28,
    You seem to throw out the word coward pretty easily. I’ll submit to you that if you can give an example of a more chickenshit, cowardly abuse of power than what Baca did to Ken Masse we’d all love to hear it. Pulling a guys CCW because he ran against you? You smack your gums like everybody should be a stand-up guy and not consider the consequences of their actions. Are they supposed to throw caution to the wind when they’ve seen how the sheriff uses his position of power to bully others who speak up because they disagree with him like he did with Masse? Pat Gomez? Remember him?
    Stall out with your “stand up guy” sermonizing crap on this blog. Take it over to the fourth floor and tell it to Baca. He’s the one who needs to hear it.

  • #29

    If you would walk out of the dark computer room a moment and look around, you would see all that your hatred is stuck in a time warp. KM running fro Sheriff took place in 1998 when most of the new men and women of LASD were in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Now you sit back collecting your 6 figure check and throw rocks at the Department. Again, for all you active or retired members who use this forum to drag LASD through the media Mud…….Shame on You……

  • Grow a Pair — As a matter of fact, Ken Masse was a 2006 candidate for LA County Sheriff in the June primary election against Sheriff Baca, not 1998. Ken was a stand-up man, full of integrity and ability, respected by both his peers and subordinates. Two days after the primary election results, Waldie sat Leroy down and sold him the CCW scheme to chill future resistance. Masse wasn’t fueled by ego, just a genuine desire to restore LASD’s operation and reputation to one of the great law enforcement agencies it had been prior to Baca’s ruination of it. ALADS endorsed Ken after their membership survey showed less than 10% of responding deputies supported Baca. The retaliation against Ken by Baca was petty and malicious and was meant to show others what would happen to them if they spoke up. Did you know many LASD members would not speak to the Jail Commission investigators in 2012 because they too feared retaliation from Baca and Tanaka? You are a provocateur; apparently someone who has benefited from your blind and undying allegiance to the two men who have maliciously retaliated against anyone who spoke up, or who didn’t work the gray at one of the “approved” ghetto-gunslinger, super-sized machismo units. Your handle reeks of macho ego, your comments of an uncomplicated mind absent any ability to analyze what has occurred under these jerk-offs. You’re either seriously misguided or, as I suspect, just a coin-carrying bully.

  • Grow a pair: Evidently you want to shut everybody up. But then, there is this quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Silence in the face of Evil is itself Evil…Not to speak is to speak.”

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed by the Nazis.

  • A couple problems with your synopsis pal.
    #1. Those people you labeled as cowards in #28 weren’t in junior high in 1998 when Baca pulled that shit with Masse. Most we’re supervisors on the LASD. They got the message loud and clear that if you “grew a pair” and voiced any criticism of the sheriff, Baca would use his power to bully you.
    #2. The guy that pulled that shit in 1998 is still the sheriff today. Do you think that because “it was a long time ago” it means he wouldn’t do it today? I haven’t heard him issue any apology for it or even acknowledge that it wasn’t the right thing to do. Pat Gomez? How much did he win in court because Baca screwed him over?
    #3. Olmsted tried to tell the sheriff, more than once. He didn’t want to hear it.

    Lastly, I notice you didn’t dispute that what Baca did to Masse and Gomez was a chickenshit abuse of power. You simply pointed out it was a long time ago in an attempt to redirect the conversation. Is that because subconsciously you know you can’t dispute it without losing your credibility?
    So before you go labeling people as cowards and telling them to “Grow a Pair” maybe you should schedule a meeting with Baca and tell him the reason the LASD is taking so much heat in the press is because he doesn’t want to hear any criticisms, concerns or differing opinions from his from any underlings on his department. Tell him not to surround himself with a bunch of “yes men” that nod their heads and tell him ALL of his crazy ass ideas are great. Nobody is right all the time every time. Tell him his command staff new his Special Reserve Program was a disaster waiting to happen, but nobody had the balls to tell him. Tell him his command staff all knew giving guns and badges was a terrible idea, but none of them had the balls to tell him. TELL HIM YOU HAVE A PAIR AND WILL TELL HIM WHEN ONE OF HIS IDEAS IS A REAL DOOZY THAT IS GONNA BACKFIRE!!!!!!
    Yessir Mr. Man With A Pair, SPEAK ON IT TO HIM and see where it gets you before you tell others to grow a pair and go against the grain.

    Or are you going to tell us that you didn’t know those ideas of his were bad?

  • How about guns and badges to city councilmen? Where was your “pair” when he decided that was a good idea Mr. Studly Man With a Pair? Or was that a good idea in your opinion?

    Have you agreed with ALL his ideas and policies? Are you one of those of “yes men”?

    If not, why haven’t you spoken up yourself?

    You’ve obviously got a lot to learn.
    COWARD is a mighty strong word pal, and maybe you should be more circumspect before you throw it around because you’re pissed off or frustrated. And before you use that word, you should demonstrate (not with words, with actions) that your actions would be different, under the same conditions/circumstances than those you you so freely accuse of cowardice.

    Thanks for your service. Be safe.

  • Pot, homerun. He is a coin holder, without a doubt. Lashing out because his gravy train has just derailed. Listen Junior, LASD is an institution and it is made up of people. Tanaka is who he is and is as evil as they have ever come. He is a power hungry bully, plain and simple. He was the man behind the power and he abused it at levels which you do not have the ability to comprehend. You have the audacity to claim solid folks never spoke out, Junior, you are talking out your ass. Baca simply did NOT want to listen. He was too busy building bridges to Sacramento and Washington DC (at least in his mind) with every minority group you can think of. He only did things for those who could do things for him. Hop onto YouTube and run Baca’s name, listen to his speeches with the Scientology crowd and before Congressional committees regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. Do you think you can reason with a person like that? Do you think I or my peers can walk into his office and tell him the truth (yes we can and have) and then have him listen? Absolutely not, he has issues. And all the while, Tanaka was setting up his camp for the ultimate transition. Tanaka did not want to promote people as I and many others have on merit and abilities. He wanted “Yes men,” just like you. Tanaka knows that when he was in a position to control promotions and assignments, he controlled LASD. Baca knew it and allowed it. The results have been reported in-depth so I will not go into it. It was not until Baca got a phone call and then took a meeting when he realized how bad things were and how he, “The Sheriff,” was going to take a direct hit. Well, it is too late, that Sidewinder has been launched and its guidance system is “locked on.” Baca ditched Tanaka like a hot rock, oh, excuse me, Baca “finessed” Tanaka. There is a story behind that as well, and it will come out. So Junior, I will have to give you the benefit of the doubt you are 647K (Kool Aide) or a coin holder who has been cleaning ash trays on the patio throne room for a while with a promise that good things were coming your way. Well, its not going to happen. Hopefully several years from now, you will mature a bit and realize good folks really did stick their neck out and attempted to do what you claim we did not, to no avail. And great people like Commander Olmsted did what very few could. One thing I am really looking forward to are the next promotional Break-up meetings were we can for once, have a say so in promotions for those who deserve it, not those who carry coins or pay to play, and yes, we know exactly who you are.

  • Celeste, time to balance all of your LASD hit pieces with a few positive events and efforts by the hardworking members of the LASD that occur everyday. I know it goes against the Anti Baca theme that generates the most comments on your site, but its the right thing to do. A little balance won’t hurt. A lot of balance would add credibility. Thank you

  • I read these comments and have to laugh at guys like “Matt Brady” and “Grow a Pair” who comment out of anger and fear that their brown nosing world (trying to keep it clean) is in jeopardy. How can you two knuckleheads even think of trying to dispute the well thought out inteligent comments made by “Star Chamber” and “Pot,” incidently I noticed you Baca and Tanaka loyalists always seem to disappear, for a while anyway, once you get slammed with facts. Although I’m confident you continue to read the remarks, but now have nothing to say for fear of being “intelectually slammed.” “Star Chamber” for Sheriff 2014. Oh, and Matt a word of advice, stop the threats and name calling. I know who you are and just because you worked (and I use the term loosly in your case) a “Ghetto Station” doesn’t mean people are afraid of you. They weren’t then and they aren’t now. No one really likes the fact that we are airing our dirty laundry, but let’s all think back to Sherman Blocks final years and how we had become a little disappointed with him. Well given the opportunity I would gladly turn back the clock. He had his political games too, but at least back then the hard workering opinionated Deputies were getting promoted (not always, but more often than not)and the “brown nosers” were frowned upon. Now it’s the other way around.

  • Hey truth. The problem is now that they have all this tax dollar education from EBI. what are they going to do with it? Are you aware our wonderful piss pot of a state is dead last in unemployment.

    Are you aware that effective january 1, 2014, the affordable (yeh right) health care act is going to suck more money out of the working class and cause more businesses not to hire.

    So, just like college graduates, you can have all the degrees in the world, but you aren’t gonna find a job until the republicans once again rule the roost. Go LASD

  • To “Huh” 39; You do a great job of making my point, because once again, you are one of the many that are not willing to identify yourself. This gives any comments you make absolutely no credibility, as you hide behind a screen name. This is my last post, as I’ve noticed no one stepped up and is willing to truly stand behind their comments. It’s easy to remain anonymous and attack people. So long, and get whatever enjoyment you get out of this crap!

  • Matt,
    Because someone remains anonymous, it doesn’t make them wrong. You are retired. You have nothing to lose. Your conditions/circumstances are different than many of the people making comments. It’s easy to speak up and ID yourself when there’s no possible repercussions for it. It’s only ballsy when you’ve got something to lose. You do not.
    Quit selling wolf tickets.

  • Why should anybody identify themself (Matt) when you guys and your fellow hate groups exits within the department. Are you trying to harass other deputies who are going against your point of view? Its just plain sorry how valley boys who work ghetto stations brag so much. Why haven´t any of them lived in these ghetto areas as youths? Is it because they were not tough enough. Nerds becoming deputies are the worse kind. They brag about patroling the ghetto areas, but never had the balls to lived there.

  • I am relieved to know that such an outlet exist for our respective law enforcement officers to be able to express themselves.

    And the variety of aforementioned comments whether perceived as positive or negative are within the constraints of our Constitutional rights.

    Closing comment: Go Matt Brady for having the boldness and bravery to speak out in support of Undersheriff Tanaka, especially being that he could use genuine support and loyalty at this point in his life.

    And to all the men and women of LASD who are committed to integrity of heart and service, continue being bold and brave in all that is good and we pray the good Lord will always have your back or cover you in your times of need.

  • Please pardon, there were others who used their real names and very possibly real life situations who also deserve recognition for their bravery and boldness as well.

    Also, recalled seeing ReednMalloy.

    Although, we personally don’t know any of those named but maintain love and respect for what GOD has ordained. Therefore, it is a given that we maintain respect for all brave and upstanding
    Law Enforcement Officers.

    Needless to mention, it’s obvious that bravery is a necessity as it relates to your assignment.

    Our prayers are with you.

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