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Open Letter to Mayor V about the secret police hearing


    And book a seat for Bill, too.

Dear Honorable Mayor V:

I’m one of the few people in Los Angeles who are happy you’ve been out of town so much this year. I applauded your efforts on behalf of Hillary. It’s important to get a Democrat in the White House to reverse years of neglect of urban problems and mass transit needs. And I even buy your justification for the quarter-million-dollar junket to Israel.
So, as a supporter of your travels, I am hoping you can squeeze in one little in-state trip to the capitol of your dreams this Tuesday. That’s right. Get yourself to Sacramento in time to testify before the Assembly Public Safety Committee on behalf of Gloria Romero’s bill that would end our secret police state. We want to restore some degree of openness to LAPD misconduct hearings. To make it easy for you, I’ve listed Southwest Airlines early-morning flights and provided the link to online reservations. Also, this is not the first time I’ve nagged you about this. I pestered you here and here. So get packing!

Happy travels, Mr. Mayor.

Los Angeles to Sacramento:
2625 6:00am 7:15am Nonstop 1:15 $149 $134
2284 7:45am 9:00am Nonstop 1:15 $149 $134
2357 9:40am 10:55am Nonstop 1:15 $149 $134
328 11:55am 1:10pm Nonstop 1:15 $149 $134

Go online and book your flight: /

Very Truly Yours,
L.A. Sniper


  • I’m surprised that this was posted this morning and that there is no information on the Friday deadline for the Water King.

  • Yeah, it’s pretty annoying that Villaraigosa sole purpose, as mayor, seems to be to use it as a springboard to run for higher offices. He stayed in the council, what was it, like two years, before running for mayor? Now, after the wasted efforts of campaigning for Clinton, he’s sucking up to Obama. He’ll pretty much ass kiss whoever’s in power. What a classy guy. Is he looking to break into national politics?

  • ‘Villaraigosa defended his Israel trip earlier this week, saying he is a global leader, not the mayor of “some small town in the desert somewhere.”‘

    From this quote, I think Mayor V’s a tad bit delusional. Can’t we get a guy to run this city, who doesn’t has a Julius Caesar Complex?

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