The Filter

On KNBC’s The Filter Tonight – 7:30 p.m.

I’ll post the video later, but here’s the link to the online real time channel in case you want to watch it there. It’s on your TV at digital channel 4.2.

The topics are good ones.


  • Celeste,
    Maybe with all of your contacts you could get somebody to set up a fund to pay for Mr. Snyder’s court costs. I would donate, and I’m quite sure that even in spite of our differences of opinion, your other commenters would kick in. One thing we ALL have to agree on is Fred Phelps is despicable. Right gals and guys?

  • RIP Jaime Escalante, inspiration for film Stand and Deliver (not to mention Cartmen’s alter ego, “Cartmenez”, on South Park…). What’d you think of him, Celeste?

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