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LASD Deputy Involved in 7th Shooting… Seeking Answers on Those CA Prison Sterilizations…Stop & Frisk Leads Young Adults to Distrust Police, Says Study


Michael Gennaco of the Office of Independent Review (OIR) wrote the LA County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday regarding his concern over a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy who had just been involved in his seventh shooting, this time a fatal one.

Reportedly, part of Gennaco’s concern was that the deputy, whose name is Anthony Forlano, was returned to field duty earlier this year after having been removed from active patrol twice before, specifically after shootings number five and six, at least one of which had been flagged as being tactically problematic. Moreover, three of men he shot turned out to be unarmed.

According to Gennaco, Forlano was returned to duty by former undersheriff Paul Tanaka. A few months later, the deputy and his partner shot a seventh suspect, this time fatally.

Jack Leonard and Robert Faturechi have more on the matter in a well reported story in Friday’s LA Times. Here are some clips:

In a department where many officers spend their entire careers without firing their weapons, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Forlano is an outlier.

Following his sixth shooting, Forlano was pulled from patrol duty and assigned to a desk job. He was also disciplined for “tactical deficiencies” in that shooting. But recently, he was allowed to return to the streets.

After a few months back on patrol, he got into his seventh shooting last week when he and a colleague fatally shot a suspect in East Los Angeles.


Seven shootings in the Sheriff’s Department is extraordinary,” Gennaco said in an interview, “compared to the number of patrol deputies and how many they get involved in, which is usually zero or one.”

A department captain identified the deputy as Forlano, an 18-year department veteran.

Capt. Robert J. Tubbs, who supervises the Community Oriented Policing Services bureau, said Forlano had done a fantastic job doing administrative work for the last two years. Tubbs said the deputy had been eager to return to the streets to “do the thing he loves to do, and that’s police work.”

As the Times reports, Forlano worked for Community Oriented Policing Services—or COPS—a program funded with federal dollars which is overseen by Capt. Robert Tubbs.

Tubbs, it is interesting to note, is one of the active department members who has endorsed Tanaka in his candidacy for sheriff against Lee Baca, and was one of those supporters seen standing behind the former undersheriff when Tanaka announced his intention to run.

Why Mr. Tanaka would be involved in returning a benched officer to active duty is unclear, especially since he was pushed into retirement in March 6 of this year, and last fall the former undersheriff was supposedly removed by Sheriff Baca from any responsibility for departmental oversight—either in custody or patrol—except for that of the LASD budget.

The shooting issue is the second controversial incident to spring out of COPS in the past few weeks:

Veteran department member, John Augustus Rose II, who was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of having sex with a 14-year=old girl, also worked at COPS under Capt. Tubbs.


This summer Corey Johnson from the Center for Investigative Reporting brought us the startling news that, during a four year period, from 2006, to 2010, around 150 women inmates had been sterilized in California prisons, against state policy. Many of the sterilizations reportedly took place under coercive circumstances, such as when a woman was prepped and anesthetized just before undergoing a C-section.

Paulene Bartolone reports for KUOW on new developments in the story that was originally uncovered by Johnson. Here’s a clip:

Sitting in her San Francisco living room, Kimberly Jeffrey is combing her son Noel’s hair. He groans, but she meets his energy with calm — and adoration.

Noel’s birth was not an easy time. While Jeffrey was pregnant, she served a six-month sentence for petty theft at a state prison. When it came time to deliver Noel through a caesarean-section, Jeffrey was also confronted with the prospect of sterilization.

“As I was laying on the operating table, moments before I went into surgery, [medical staff] had made a statement,” Jeffrey recalls. “I’m not even quite sure if he was actually talking to me or if he was just making a general statement to all the medical staff — that, ‘OK, we’re going to do this tubal ligation.’ And I said, ‘Hey, I don’t want any procedures done outside of the C-section.’ ”

Jeffrey refused the tubal ligation, but a recent investigation from the Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that scores of female inmates underwent the procedure, which is supposed to be prohibited for California prisoners, between 2006 and 2010….


The NY Daily News reports on a new Vera Institute study that indicates New York PD’s stop-and-frisk policies erode trust in police to the point that a significant number of young adults “won’t go to officers to report violent crimes.

The VERA study surveyed 500 young men and women from ‘highly patrolled neighborhoods,’ most of whom had themselves been stopped, most multiple times.

Here’s a clip from the Daily News story:

A landmark study has found that stop-and-frisk policing leads to so much mistrust of cops, many young adults won’t go to cops to report violent crimes — even when they are the ones victimized.
The study, by the Vera Institute of Justice, found a stunning correlation between those who have been stopped and frisked, and an unwillingness to cooperate with the police.
For every additional time someone was stopped, that person was 8% less likely to report a violent crime, the researchers found.

“Our main finding is pretty plain and simple: Stop-and-frisk is compromising the trust needed for public safety,” lead researcher Jennifer Fratello said.

The study titled Coming of Age with Stop and Frisk: Experiences,
Self-Perceptions, and Public Safety Implication
s was released
on Thursday and may be found here.

Here are excerpts from the study’s fact sheet:

For many young people, stops are a familiar and frequent experience and also perceived to be unjustified and unfair.
• 44 percent of young people surveyed indicated they had been stopped repeatedly—9 times or more.
• Less than a third—29 percent—reported ever being informed of the reason for a stop.

Frisks, searches, threats, and use of force are common.
• 71 percent of young people surveyed reported being frisked at least once, and 64 percent said they had been searched.
• 45 percent reported encountering an officer who threatened them, and 46 percent said they had experienced physical force at the hands of an officer.
• One out of four said they were involved in a stop in which the officer displayed his or her weapon.

Trust in law enforcement and willingness to cooperate with police is alarmingly low.
• 88 percent of young people surveyed believe that residents of their neighborhood do not trust the police.
• Only four in 10 respondents said they would be comfortable seeking help from police if in trouble.
• Only one in four respondents would report someone whom they believe had committed a crime.

Half of all young people surveyed had been the victim of a crime, including 37 percent who had been the victim of a violent crime

Photo by Jaime Lopez,


  • As usual Baca knows nothing and Tanaka knew everything! There is NO difference between the two!

    Just like Tubbs said “bumps” in the road!

    Gennaco won’t do anything where he would lose his salary!

    How does Tanaka justify this one? Does Forlano have a tattoo? Just asking?

  • Gennanco is now concerned even though he has had this information regarding the shootings and the deputy being allowed to return to patrol all along? The Sheriff didn’t know anything at all about anything even though he is the leader of the department? Gennanco now writes letters of concern and sends them to the BOS? Bottom line is same old stuff. Baca is using an entity that is suppose to be “impartial” as his personal henchmen and Tanaka let the deputy back on the streets after the advisement of other execs. Same old point and blame game. Everybody had their hand in the cookie jar and have crumbs all over their mouths but no one ate the cookies. Ridiculous! We need to wipe the slate clean and start over.

  • As I sat reading the article in the Times this morning, I first asked, WHY was this story on the front page of the LA Extra section…. Then, I got to the portion where Baca says he “wasn’t informed” the deputy was reassigned! Really? Come ON! I believe, but won’t ASSUME, that everyone knows if you are involved in a shooting, you are removed from the field. In this deputy’s case, loaning him to another unit to cool his jets for over 2 years doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. He surprisingly went back to patrol in June of this year — LONG after Tanaka was “finessed” out & was off work, burning his time. The point is, a decision was made to allow him back in the field and with his history, there is NO WAY someone didn’t run it by the boss. Wasn’t Baca’s whole reason for getting rid of Tanaka so he could appear to be “numero uno” again? He continually spouts that he is the one who makes ALL of the decisions now. He is “running the Department” and in charge.

    Baca is the head of the organization (when it is convenient for him!), but distances himself from decisions made (when it is convenient for him!). The verbiage in the Times is nothing but political BS served up by Steve Dipshitmore to the reporters who will listen. Baca cannot pick & choose the incidents for which he is responsible & those he is not. A true leader takes responsibility for all of that which he commands.

  • Again Baca deflects and says Tanaka used bad judgement. Shouldn’t the entire history of the deputy been reviewed by oh lets see, I.A., Force Training, the unit commander and the Bureau Commander maybe the Chief? The article is classic Tanaka when it says, Tanaka put him back in the field after the deputy complained directly to Tanaka.
    I think this article articulates 90% of the problem. Tanaka took action without following sound procedures, when it went south, Baca blamed Tanaka, but also said Tanaka wasn’t in charge, not even when Baca was overseas. End result no accountability and a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.
    I am not judging the deputy or the shootings, but the leadership, or lack of it.

  • Let me get this straight a Deputy who has been involved in seven shootings and all were justified and no criminal charges against him, is now being publicly persecuted and condemned through the media for his acts of bravery and heroism. Really….he was doing his job, protecting and serving the community at large from these street urchins/thugs/terrorists. Instead of the Sheriff defending the deputies action he is distancing himself from him. What kind of loyalty is the Sheriff showing to his personnel.

    Tanaka for Sheriff 2014…….

  • I wonder if Tanaka took the deputy out to the smoking deck, lit up a Tiparillo with his small, gray and nicotine stained fingers, blowing a couple of smoke rings and said, “Go 10-8, I got your back.” Just like he did with the 2000 and 3000 Boyz of MCJ. Can’t wait for the next EPC.

  • I agree with CSN83, Tanaka had been removed from decision making long before his retirement date in July and Baca or should I say his “minions”, continue to use every political opportunity to lay blame with him. It’s obvious this story was leaked to the LA Times by Baca’s camp and they have reached and all time “low” by throwing Tony Forlano under the bus for political gain. In case you’re thinking, no I didn’t contribute to Tanaka’s campaign or receive any favors/promotions from him. I’m just fed up as a lot of hard working deputies are with Baca’s leadership or should I say “lack of”. I know Tanaka has his share of blame to own up to but at least he’s not pointing fingers and saying “I didn’t know” or “I tied to tell them” like Baca and Olmstead. Tanaka would certainly be a far better choice for sheriff than Baca or Olmstead.

    One last parting shot, the ever inept Whitmore referred to Tony Forlano in the Times article as “This guy”. Whitmore didn’t even have the courtesy to call him by his name or at least title which is deputy and something Whitmore is “not”.

    LA voters do the right thing and choose someone “other” than Baca.

  • @CSN83: I agree with most everything you said, except we all know Tanaka is still making some decisions, retired or not. Why else would people put their careers in jeopardy and stand behind him at his press conference, thumbing their nose at the Sheriff. I am in no way making excuses for the Sheriff, but I believe guys like Captain Tubbs will listen to Tanaka until he is indicted or loses the election.

  • Is this the same Deputy Forlano who once worked at Compton Station…..well, he should have been FIRED for the crap he was pulling of in that city. This guy was bad news.

  • Forlano is a diligent hard working street cop. Most of you that criticize need to unhinge yourselves from that desk and do some Policework. Best of luck Tony.

  • Yes……..that ghetto gunslinger (admin paper clip shooter) Paul Tanaka is REALLY standing up for HIS decision and BACKING Deputy Forlano…..

    “Tanaka said in a statement that he was the one who decided to put the deputy on desk duty after the October 2011 shooting. He said he only agreed to allow him to return to field duty after receiving a strong recommendation from command staff.”

    I wonder if TUBBS saw that dump truck backing over him as he stood behind THE MIDGET on the hilltop as he announced his candidacy.

    WAY to stand up for your decisions, SNITCH!

    Hey Leroy!!! You’re the Sheriff DUMMY…..You’re supposed to be running things, REMEMBER????? Moonbeam has this deputy’s back even before the investigation is complete,

    “This guy is [now] removed from patrol and very possibly will not ever return to patrol,” he said. (Whitmore)

    Of course the East LA unit commander, Captain Backstabber, who can insert a knife into a sergeant’s back in both English and Spanish, claims that he didn’t know this deputy’s background when he approved him to work overtime. That’s your JOB! How about asking Tubbs about him?

    Deputy Forlano went directly to the Undersheriff to get approval to return to the field……I like this streamlined chain of command……I remember this same streamlined chain of command at MCJ. That worked out real well, didn’t it Paul! The little MIDGET always seems to be in the middle of it all. What a GRAND CONSPIRACY in the making over years and years, to make Paul the scapegoat. I wonder who the genious is that thought of it??

    I love the TRANSPARENT Tanaka campaign. He appeared on KABC with Larry Elder. Tanaka was asked why the captains involved in the recent scandals were allowed to retire with a full pension without any punishment. The Dear Leader responded by saying when you work 30 years, it’s time to retire. Slick Dan and East Coast Mama Bernice had planned to retire all along. An honest candidate would tell the truth about the situation. I guess Mr. T couldn’t say the investigations against his friends were purposely dragged out over the statute of limitations to protect his friends.

    Anybody with any objectivity knows the only person telling the truth in this whole mess is Olmsted. All of you BANAKA leeches are trying to position yourself to find favor with the next king. How about just doing the right thing and dumping these two wingnuts for the sake of the Department and citizens of L.A. County.

    Olmsted Instead!!

  • Even if all his shootings are justified, even if Deputy Forlano is a hero and a good street cop, if he was in fact disciplined for tactical deficiencies, coupled with the need to consider he had been in six shootings, he had business being on the street. It’s not a good decision for anybody. Not for Deputy Forlano (who, if involved in another shooting that in any way can be questioned as righteous, will be put thru the ringer), not good for the LASD and not good for the taxpayers, who will foot the bill for the likely wrongful death verdict.
    Terrible decision. Deputy Forlano deserved better.
    In my humble opinion, a true leader would have told him:
    ‘As bad as I know you want to go back on the streets, you’ve done your time. You’ve been in six shootings. Even though you might not like it, it’s best for you that you’re not on the street. You need to wrap your head around that and accept it. I won’t allow you back on the street again. I’m making this decision based on what I believe is best for you. That’s my job. To protect my troops”.

  • Correction in first sentence of my above comment. It should read: he had NO business being on the street.

  • Fort Apache Alum, your quote:

    “Tanaka would certainly be a far better choice for sheriff than Baca or Olmstead.”

    The public record on both Baca and Tanaka is pretty thick with case after case of corruption, incompetence, and unethical conduct unbefitting a deputy, let alone the leader of a law enforcement organization.

    Bob Olmsted stands head and shoulders above these two buffoons, and his conduct has been of honorable service to the department, the county, and the nation during wartime.

    You are entitled to your opinion on Tanaka, but not your own facts. Mark my words, when the editorial pages of all the major news outlets start their rounds of endorsements, it won’t include either the incumbent or anyone who the Citizen’s Commission on Jail Violence recommended firing (for the record, that would be Tall Paul).

    Bob Olmsted intends to clean house, and I mean in a way that will make all the dirty deputies, supervisors, managers, and executives feeling nervous. Tall Paul represents their only hope at retaining their ill-gotten gains so it’s understandable they’re backing his play. It’s just plain to see where their priorities and loyalties are.

    Having said all that Fort Apache, why don’t you step up to the plate and explain why Tanaka would be a better choice than Olmsted? We both agree Baca is toast, but Tanaka was his right hand man and orchestrated all of the problems that are beginning to bear fruit.

    Let’s hear it. FYI, I just heard Tall Paul on KCAL 9 being interviewed about the decision to allow the deputy back in the field. Again he got caught in a lie. Can we say not ready for prime time?

  • Man what a tough week! Deputy arrested for 288, The Sgt test joke where the Dept tells everyone that cheating occurred and still release their scores and now this. What is next?

  • I would really like to see one of the news channels sponsor a debate. Bob will dominate..
    Bob Olmsted is the only one that will not only clean up the nonsense, but restore the dignity to our great organization

  • This is another example of Supervisory Cowardice by all the supervisors/managers involved; from the deputies poor judgement to all his Sergeants, Lts, Captains, Commanders, Chiefs, Ass Sheriff, Undersheriff and SHERIFF!! Not to mention OIR and Judge Bobb!! Once in a while, as a supervisor, you have to do what is good and right! Not what is popular or trendy. Neither Tanaka or Baca has the Cajones to put this guy in his place and leave him there in order to save his career AND HIS FAMILY! But, oh no! What did Tanaka do? Paul wanted to be popular and be a friends with all his ilk and whala! We have another ruined career and Deputy Forlano paid the price because of all the (again) supervisory cowardice!! Just what Tanaka wanted is another investigation into LASD! Thanks Paul!!

  • Politics and personalities aside, let’s cut through the BS. The LAT reports that a woman is heard screaming, a witness flags down deputies, a shot is heard, a confrontation with an armed suspect ensues, resulting in a shooting. What was Deputy Forlano and his conspicuously unnamed partner supposed to do? Drive away? Come back later and put up the yellow tape after the suspect killed the victim. Why not … that is the easy PC thing to do. Then call the LAT so they can write about another poor victim of “gun violence” to further advance their liberal agenda. Many of you have been sucked in and castrated by politics and the liberal media. You forgot what it’s like out there or never worked a violent high crime area to begin with. You want to politicize a heroic act by a veteran street cop who was reportedly at the right place at the right time and did the right thing, then turn it into a political turd. These deputies may very well have saved innocent life. That’s a deputy’s fundamental purpose, right? Protect life and property, remember? Some of you have lost your way and forgot what the essence of police work is because you can’t see past your next promotion or position you’ve been drooling over. As a deputy on the street, it doesn’t matter who the Sheriff is or what liberal journalists say. Doing nothing is easy, but you are paid to take action. Do your job … confront the wolf, take bad guys to jail, dispatch them if given no other choice, go home alive. If that doesn’t suit you then get a cushy spot somewhere or promote, but don’t try to burn the few left out there that make patrol a career and get into inevitable shit over the years. If the investigation proves that these deputies murdered an innocent man, then I’m wrong. But I highly doubt it.

  • Is it me, or is the COPS Bureau blowing up. I remember when COPS deps were under station control handling all the quality of life crap patrol couldn’t get to. Then they got turned into a Bureau. Wasn’t Mr. Tanaka their first captain? Matter of fact he went from there to Commander, didn’t he? Never had a station under his belt, did he? I remember Capt Johnson, too…and Mr. Rhambo. Anyway, what’s up with these countywide H.I.T teams, now? I thought everybody was carping. They get O.T.? How do u get on that list?

  • #17: “I would really like to see one of the news channels sponsor a debate.”

    Don’t forget the final filing deadline for the Sheriff’s race is March 7, 2014, so there’s a ways to go yet before the final playing field is completely clear. After that….

  • # 19, I totally agree with your post. It seems that most of the people on here are brass, former brass, and disgruntled wanna be brass members. Having almost 30 years, I still enjoy doing what Cops do, talking people to jail. As most good street cops know, brass members are not your friend. Best of luck Tony.

  • I’ll take a patrol deputy with 7 shootings over the risk-averse patrol cowards any day of the week. Yep. I said it. Cowards. Those that are always last to the high-risk call even if it is their handle. Those hoping to “survive” patrol for a year or two before they can wander off to their hidey-hole of courts, parks, county services, or worse yet, promote beyond their abilities. We need more of those warriors unafraid to run to the sounds of gunfire (as in this case for Dep. Forlano) rather than away from it – circling the wagons and waiting for a supervisor to make a decision. Tanaka’s time working a patrol car (did he even do two years off training in the FIELD? Anyone?) pales in comparison to those dedicated 10, 15, 20 years or more to patrolling and protecting the community every single day. Praying for the indictments of Tall Paul and his band of malfeasants before the election. Olmstead for Sheriff.

  • What T F:

    I agree with you 100 percent. This site and LAT will always be used to bashed our department. The author posts controversial issues regarding our department and even though the foucs is not on Baca or Tanaka, people make this into a Baca/Tanaka war.

    This site is like a horrific car accident, I don’t want to look but I keep coming back.

  • Deputy Forano was bad news in CPT. He shot an unarmed man there. This is why we need changes in management. TALL PAUL returned this gun slingling shoot first ask questions later cop back into the streets. I am voting for OLMSTEAD.

  • During an interview Friday, Tanaka emphasized he did not order Forlano be returned to field duty, but agreed to meet with Forlano at the request of his commanding officer, Capt. Robert Tubbs.

    “After I was done, I told the Captain, ‘If you want to put him back in the field, and there’s no objection from your chain of command, I certainly have no objection. He’s done his penance,'” Tanaka said.

  • #24, tall paul needs to step up like a man…a little man and tell the truth. why would anyone with a right mind want to vote for him.

  • 10-35, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Lord knows our beloved department’s brass is chock full of posers who worked King Adam 1 cars for a minute, and then spend the next 20 years telling everyone how it’s done. Pathetic. It’s unfortunate Forlano is being thrown under the bus, but we need to realize that unless he’s actually dodging bullets on all seven shootings, then it becomes a slippery slope of credibility and risk management, with each shooting diminishing the department’s ability to mount a good legal defense.

    As a matter of good practice, once someone hits the 4 to 5 mark, they need to find another avenue to satisfy their hook and book hunger. Good street cops make the best detectives, and that is where this young man should have been several shootings ago. That is a failure of leadership in not sitting him down and explaining the big picture, putting his talents to use in a more productive way.

    Hopefully your prayers are answered with indictments for the Baca and Tanaka camps. I’m confident voters will play cleanup in 2014 and we will see Olmsted sworn in as the next sheriff…

  • At the request of his commanding officer, Capt. Robert Tubbs. So what will the Captain’s penance be? This was a clear lack of leadership and poor judgment on the Captain’s behalf.

  • Well, I have to say there are some people willing to throw this deputy out with the bathwater. Being that he had his past shooting in 2011 and served the past 2 years penance riding the pine, there must be some balance brought to this equation. First off, the notion that someone could be moved to a detective spot or other specialized position with the current system in place (i.e. the coveted testing process), is flawed. Even if that someone is loaned to a unit, eventually the position must be filled with a person on the list. To put a person, regardless of how well intentioned the supervisors are or how deserving the deputy is, on loan or transfer him or her to a coveted position without going through the process is asking for a lawsuit. I don’t agree with the system, but we all have to live with it unless it is changed. Besides, some choose to be street cops and only aspire to be better street cops. Thank goodness for them. They are the ones who should are the most deserving of praise. They are the ones who hold the line.

    Second, this deputy paid this penance for what reason? Because he chose to protect himself from an “unarmed” suspect who was attempting to take his service weapon, and probably his life. Sorry, but I don’t see some peoples’ logic. The man was doing his job. Every one of the incidents he was involved in was investigated, and found to be justified by OIR, the D.A., and the LASD. This one, on its face, seems just justified as well. Yet, people jump right in and suggest this man should not have been in the field. How’s that for “Independent Review.” Shouldn’t each incident be judged “Independently,” based on the facts of the case and not on the deputies past “justified” incidents? If the deputy has a history of bad conduct, fine; then let the facts be known. However, saying a deputy should be punished by sitting behind a desk for an undetermined period because he sought out crime and got involved in protecting the public, is completely contradictory to why most people become peace officers. And, if you think sitting behind a desk isn’t punishment, from a street cop’s perspective, it is like doing time in purgatory. We love you communities, our families, and want them to be able to walk the streets without fear of being victimized. That’s why we chose public service. I would rather have a cop in my neighborhood being proactive, as in this case; not one riding around blindly waiting for the next call to respond to.

    As for the individual who suggested this deputy should not have discharged his weapon when the suspect involved in a past-justified incident was “unarmed;” I have to question whether or not you have ever been involved in a fight for your life. Fortunately, most people have not. But, as a peace officer, when you work hard to seek out people who intend to do harm to your community, you will. And, if it does happen, I hope to god people would stand behind you; not turn their backs. This incident and this man are both being used to further politics. It is shameful! Period!

  • I hear some anti-Tanaka posts on this blog. The reality is, his campaign is going very well and is STRONG! There is no doubt he will become the first Japanese American Sheriff in LA County! 🙂 As for Deputy Forlano, THANK YOU for doing the LORD’S work. May God be with you and your family during this difficult time. The politics will soon pass. Hang in there!

  • Baca/Tanaka it just doesn´t matter! Have you noticed that neither one ever takes responsibility for their screw-ups! Of which there are many! You can sign in with as many different names as you want but it´s still a donkey with lipstick!

  • Tanaka is going to distance himself a hundred miles from “his” decision to allow this deputy to go 10-8. The media is not going to let this one slide, this is going to haunt him and haunt him big time. Because it just shows what a piss poor manager he is and has always been. Why? Tanaka has absolutely no experience, except in being a bully. Did you see how angry he was in answering the news media’s questions? He was angry because he is not use to anyone every questioning his decisions. Well get use to it because the earth movers are hard at work exhuming ALL of your grave yards of stupid decisions and questionable conduct. I personally know of three media outlets that are hard at work.

    Paul’s angry response is just like the one he made at the Jail Commission. “Not one single Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Chief or Assistant Sheriff, EVER told me there were any force incident issues at MCJ. No one ever told me and if they said they did, they are a liar.” The “bumps in the road,” Tubbs, are all the deputies Tanaka is going to back over with his fun bus once the indictments roll out. He is very quick to do the Michael Jackson Moon Walk when fingers are pointed in his direction. And by the way Tubbs, you are now in the crosshairs. You stood with the rest of the clan at Tanaka’s coming out party and now you are left holding the bag for this recent fiasco. I can’t wait for this weeks EPC, it will be a doozy.

  • BN’s Please explain the difference between Baca and Tanaka ? ( I don’t mean that, just an expression) They both are using the same excuse over and over, “I didn’t know”.
    Every time the news breaks and another scandal is exposed we are guaranteed that neither one will admit knowledge. Do any of you remember that question about integrity in the academy when asked if you were ordered to do something illegal would you do it?
    If you have done something in support of Baca, Tanaka or anyone else that can bite you in the Butt, stand by. It is being proven over and over that those who have followed illegal orders from above are being left out in the cold. It appears that you forgot to read the small print, If caught or exposed the,” I didn’t know “excuse will be used for the incident in question. The department (Bacas click), will do an investigation and feed you to the wolves . Fear not Tanaka camp as if Baca hears Tanaka is going to expose his camp he will do the same his own camp.
    When this happens to you read that investigation over and over as those are being written in away to make you retire, or take the chance in court. At any rate they will distance themselves from you, and because you didn’t “dime” them off in the original investigation you are done and left asking, “who’s my daddy now”?
    On a side note I have yet to hear anyone in support of Baca, anyone there?

  • Forlano deserved to return to Patrol if that is what he wanted to do and Tanaka approving it was the right move. I knew one deputy who was in 15 shootings I believe killing 5. All good shootings. I have seen some too quick to shoot in my opinion but on a whole, especially in today’s world, having a host of shootings under you belt comes down to the luck of the draw and where you work. Gangsters seem very willing to shoot it out with the cops, so there it is. When I worked the field my mind told me I was going home to my family if I had to shoot every bad guy I encountered. Those of you who haven’t been there cannot comment on the issue in an educated manner. And all the lack of leadership comments are BS. There are 1400 Sergeants and Lieutenants out there and frankly they don’t need the brass’s permission to lead. This blog is just blowing smoke on issues that really have no impact upon department leadership unless someone just doesn’t want to do their job. As a Sergeant I did not give one thought to the brass when I made a decision. I knew the law, the policy, and my subordinates abilities. Oh, yeah, I was questioned and even investigated but I left with zero discipline in my jacket. Anyway, the job is about questions. We ask, they ask, the DA asks, The PD asks. Get used to it.
    Mike Gennaco and his people in the OIR will never be happy. For one, if something is working well, he takes credit for the improvement even if he wasn’t involved. If something is perceived to be bad by him, then it’s someone else’s fault even though he has been in the job for ten years or so. In reality you will come to the conclusion I did years ago if you research his background, he and his associates hate cops and that is where their focus is. As long as they claim there is bad they still have a job. The cycle continues. It’s beautiful. What a moneymaker. If I had only known.

  • @41 I don’t even know where to start on this one. Thank goodness you never promoted above the rank of Sergeant and than goodness you landed in that cushy office chair over at POPA where you could sit around all day dreaming up opinions such as the one above and have no impact on a hard working deputy’s career.

  • Let’s just say, I saw something very interesting on ABC7 a few minutes ago regarding Sheriff Baca’s endorsement & spokesmanship for a product called “Yor Health.” The ABC segment is set to air Monday night at 11PM, but if you are curious, google Yor Health Baca and you might be as astonished as I was about this. In the past, I heard that he hardly ever eats, etc., which I believe play out with his zaniness & thought process. Now we know why he doesn’t eat & is whacky!

  • Has anyone been able to confirm OLMSTEAD is scheduled to testify as a “USE OF FORCE EXPERT” on behalf of 2 (TWO) LIFE SENTENCED for 187, CONFIRMED “EME” members.

    Testifying against Captain Dan Cruz.

    I’d like to confirm this then sit in the court to hear his testimony.

  • Pink Owl White Swan, you have information that Olmstead with be testifying for gang members? I would like to know the date of the trial and be there. Thanks very much for the heads up.

  • John Stites, thank you for your very valuable insight into the Forlano affair. I am not sure what #42 Stuff is talking about ??? Probably an IIB guy or Gennaco employee who doesn’t understand police work.

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