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LASD Commander Accused of Sexual Harassment Allegedly Bragged About Running Illegal Errands for Baca

As a part of the sexual harassment lawsuit filed in February by LASD Lieutenant Angela Walton against Commander Joseph Fennell,
Walton’s attorney filed a new motion on Monday requesting Fennell’s financial records, alleging that, in the course of trying to persuade or threaten Walton into bed, the commander bragged about running illegal errands for Sheriff Lee Baca, from which he benefited in terms of greatly enhanced power within the department, and also possibly monetarily.

WLA has previously reported that Walton, 44, a bright, personable department supervisor—who is also one of the “poster girls” for department recruitment—has alleged in a civil complaint for damages filed in mid-February that, for the past four years Fennell, who was Walton’s superior, “required sexual conduct as a condition of advancement” and engaged in a “lurid pattern of unwanted sexual conduct” toward Walton. The complaint further states that when she repeatedly dodged and refused his advances “in as respectful a manner as possible,” he “harassed, stalked, threatened and retaliated against” her.

Now in this new motion (that WitnessLA has obtained) Walton’s attorney, Okorie Okorocha, alleges that as a part of Fennell’s ongoing campaign to cajole/coerce/threaten Walton into having sex with him, the commander made references to power and influence he had acquired by running illegal errands during the period that he served as Sheriff Lee Baca’s driver.


To better understand exactly what is being alleged here, it helps to know that, to be the sheriff’s driver, while not an advance in rank, is generally considered to be a coveted jump up the department ladder, as drivers make a lot in overtime and, after serving the sheriff, one usually advances very rapidly since, among other things, the position gives an individual lots of chances to positively impress people at the top of LASD command staff.

Indeed, Fennell’s career appears to have been on an upward trajectory from the driver assignment onward.

However, the filing claims more, alleging that Fennell “explicitly told the Plaintiff that he was invincible and untouchable at the Sheriff’s Department and wielded unlimited power, because of the favors he did for Sheriff Lee Baca, while he was the driver/bodyguard” [for Baca] and this secret information he had on the Sheriff, was leverage…”

Some of the favors Fennell admitted to, according to the filing, are the following:

1. Being a courier for Sheriff Lee Baca, who would pick up and return with kickbacks, campaign donations, and bribes from various individuals in cash. As a courier, FENNELL would collect $30,000 to $100,000 in cash for the Sheriff and return it to him and would be compensated in many ways.

2. FENNELL drove Sheriff Lee Baca to engage in sexual liaisons and encounters with various women throughout the County of Los Angeles and while on the clock and witnessed the Sheriff’s affectionate tendencies towards these women.


In addition, the motion alleges that Fennell was part of his own kick-back scheme involving the “preferential awarding of contracts for the graphics placed on Sheriff’s Department vehicles.”

This allegation reportedly refers to special SUVs that are used for department recruitment and are “wrapped” with various recruitment photos. According to Okorocha, when Walton was working in the recruitment unit, she found that the quality of the “wrapping” done by the company that Fennell had selected, was inferior and tended to peel, so found other venders whom she concluded did better quality work, for a much lower price, and recommended that the existing company be replaced when the contract came up for renewal, but was told to back off, that the original company was inviolate.

Finally, the motion alleges that Fennell seemed to throw “large amounts” of cash around, including when, the motion states, he offered a “substantial amount of money in a failed attempted to purchase sex from the plaintiff,”, and booked expensive hotel rooms “on several occasions for the purpose of trying to coerce the Plaintiff into having sexual relations with him.”


Following the filing of the lawsuit, the sheriff’s department launched an internal affairs investigation, according to department spokesman Steve Whitmore. “It will get to the bottom of the allegations.” It was a statement that Whitmore reiterated on Monday.

Fennell again declined to speak to WLA directly, but communicated through Whitmore that he is “looking forward to the IA investigation that will show that the lawsuit and its allegations are not grounded in fact.”

Joseph Fennell was one of the five supervisors handpicked in the fall of 2011 by Sheriff Lee Baca for his Commander Management Task Force, a sort of super group sent into the department’s scandal-plagued custody division to “effect positive change within the Los Angeles County jail system.”

In the department’s very recently reorganized command staff (which eliminates the role of undersheriff) Cdr. Fennell is working as a high level supervisor in the Countywide Services Division.

Lt. Walton is a supervisor at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic where, according to the lawsuit, she was assigned punitively during a period two years ago when her father was dying and she requested to be stationed closer to home.

IN THE PHOTO ABOVE, Lt. Angela Walton is standing at the far left.


As we all still reel from the many-sided pain and confusion thus far wrought by the Boston Marathon explosions, here and here and here and also here are several moments in commentary from the New Yorker—all of which thankfully is not hidden behind a paywall.

Our thoughts are with Boston.


  • I wonder if the LA media has had enough of Lee Baca yet. Naw. Probably not. He’ll stroke their ego by telling them how wonderful they are. They’ll buy it because it feeds their egos. They’ll tell us all how warm and personable he is. He’ll continually bring up his Education Based Incarceration. They love this because to them it’s ALL about education. They love it. Then he will make them believe he is a progressive “just like they are”. He will continue to sell himself to them as a New Age guy and they love this above all else. They will back him again in the next election simply because he will make them believe he’s “One of them. They are on the same page”.
    NOBODY ever ran as complete a scam as Lee Baca and had so many so called intelligent people buy into it and support him.

  • This is actually not Commander Fennell’s fault. This is just another symptom of a horrible leader named Baca. Baca, the name that also brought you racist commander Pietrantoni. Why not sexual harassment too? Its all ok when you are on Baca’s team. Everyone knows of the exploits of Hellmold, another Baca driver. The bigger question is why aren’t any of these people being held accountable? Wait, I think I know. Roberta Abner is in charge of Internal Affairs. Its ok Roberta. Keep sweeping it all under the rug, Lee is eyeing Parra for the next A/Sheriff spot anyway.

  • Ok, let’s start by saying Obama really downplayed the Boston bombing yesterday, just like Bengazi. “Let’s not jump to conclusions” Really? Wish he had the same emotion he did with Sandyhook and his attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

    Now, hear is just one question I have: Why did it take four years for Miss Walton to go public with this alleged criminal conduct? You might say, “because she was in fear for her life or her career would be ruined”. Really? Now a lieutenant, she has decided to come forward. Not really clicking with me. We all have values, morals, and in a position of trust, we should know between right and wrong. Why did it take 4 years to determine this was all illegal?

    Perhaps someone close to this can elaborate, because there are many avenues outside of LASD that would have heard these complaints from the onset.

  • As I was driving up the hill this morning, I noticed a mushroom cloud hovering over the Sheriff’s Headquarters Building, just drifting around the 4th floor. Good story and quite a scoop (again) for WLA. Let’s see how the facts come out. I hear the Feds are ALL over this like white on rice. Hey Joey, for good or for bad, it is just a matter of time before the facts come out on this, and “other issues.” Let the chips fall where they may and the truth be told, and nothing but the truth.

  • Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe she knew going public may jeapordize her safety. It takes courage to tell the truth and sometimes people need to work up the courage, don’t judge her until the facts are established.

  • Of all the cases Baca settled, why not this one were those worse? Lt. Walton first filed a complaint with the EEOC years ago and finally got a right to sue.

    It takes a lot of guts for a woman to stand up to the SHERIFF’S MAFIA. You get ruined if you complain.

  • #5 and 6 you hit the nail on the head. Has anyone ever heard of the word “COVERUP”. From what I have seen over the years, people who bring things to higher ups attention are retaliated against like you cannot even imagine. Don’t judge unless u have been through it yourself.

  • “Truth”, not only do you have to be a driver for Lee, you can roll up the promotion ladder to commander after being in the “700” club promoting to sergeant. How can anyone hold such a position when they are dead last on a sergeants list. No wonder the blind lead the blind and wallow in custody division…..

  • The current Sheriff’s Department is so embarrassing, almost every day now you hear of some unethical or illegal violation of policy or procedure. Worst however, are the are those individuals who behave in the most stupid of manner. How can a sergeant, lieutanant, captain or an executive expect to be the leader of men and women when they behave like horses asses? I expect to hear many more violations and even criminal activity from deputies, who is to teach them, where are the good examples. This department is a laughing stock and Sheriff Baca needs to retire.

  • You old time, passed over, desk jockeys and Alzheimer’s ridden retires have a lot of nerve talking about racism and sexism! During your heydays during the Block era LASD was a hot bed of racism and sexism. You could not be promoted unless you were white. Females could not work patrol. They were told they were too weak. A federal judge had to take over the promotion process from Block because he wouldn’t promote women. Until Baca took over you couldn’t get to a specialized unit as a woman or a person of color. Now all you old white guys are bringing up the subject when you think it will suit your needs. Maybe you would have been promoted, or at least have a clear conscience, if you brought this up when Block and the white male club were running the department.

  • So much to write. First, one does need permission to sue anybody. Second, It’s easier to be brave when you are looking at a possible huge payout by the county. You are braver when you come forward when no advantage is at stake, for the hero! For example; all those who testified at the jail commission or those who testified, thus far, at retaliation cases against Baca and the county. This is not to say Walton is lying but when money is added, people’s motives will be questioned.

    These new accusations that Fennel was involved in illegal cash donations and taking Baca (on numerous occasions)to visit his girlfriends has many sides. If Fennel was taking illegal campaign money for Baca, the least of his troubles will be a case of harassment against him. If true, Fennel better run to the Feds before Walton beats him there. Many have known about Baca’s liaisons but were these visits during county time and using county equipment? Yes, it looks that way. However, if all Walton has are these texts from Fennel I don’t see anybody getting into trouble without Fennel coming forward. This now brings me to Walton. If Walton was informed about these criminal and Department violations, she is required by law and the Department manual, to report these violations immediately! If she didn’t she is, at minimum, an accessory to the crimes and misconduct. OOPS, on her part! This time lapse on her part appears that she was waiting for the right time to complain. Again, I am not saying that her allegations are untrue but he discernment will be questioned. Regardless of the answer she gives she is in trouble. I ponder if Walton had gotten her hardship transfer or promoted would she had still complained? My investigator sense says “no!” True, that Walton can subpoena financial records of Fennel. However, these records don’t have bearing on the harassment case. This will a difficult legal climb for her attorney. If I was Fennel I would get her phone records and other social media to see if she has had other relationships. The point, this is going to be messy but I don’t see the county backing down as Walton is now making unsupported claims of criminal activity. But, maybe she has more evidence that we don’t know about.

    Lastly, (Celeste) all deputy sheriffs are required as a condition of employment to work anywhere in the county. My family also suffered a huge loss of a family member to cancer and I ache for Walton’s family. Too bad all this happened they are both good folks just got pulled into the wrong headed ambitions of Lee Baca and friends. The county will fight and there will be NO winners!

  • What Says:

    As an old white retiree, I find your comments offensive and racist. Get over it! Piety, Hang in there. It’s really amazing how far the “Thought Police” have come in recent years. It’s like being in the Soviet Union back in the days when your children turned you in.

  • Now the condescending thugs are trying moral equivocation and drawing the race card in an attempt to deflect attention from the issue at hand? The lowest of lows, the dumbest of dumb.

  • Who Investigates the Investigators?

    ALADS has written many articles on this subject over the years. The bottom line is the Internal Affairs Bureau will always be subject to undue influence from the “Power Elite”. It would take an Investigator and Captain with very strong moral character to buck the system and do the right thing. Sadly to say, integrity and character don’t always rise to the occassion.

    I agree with other bloggers who have raised the idea of an Independent Inspector General. At least a filter would be in place to slow and hopefully inhibit undue influence from above.

    I joined a family in 1982 when I first entered the Sheriff’s Academy. The current organization no longer resembles that family, and sadly, has not for many years.

  • @ “What” #10, so basically what your saying is that even though our department is a joke with all our “dirty laundry” being aired, every one should keep quiet because it has been going on for years. Unless, you were born yesterday, genius, there were no forms such as this to air your frustrations without the risk of retaliation. What I really don’t get, is I understand why people who want to vent about the ills of the department use anonymous names, but why do you people who defend the department use anonymous names. Wait, I just had a revelation! It’s because you guys need to play both sides. Advocates of the department and it’s ill ways, while trying to get promoted, and “part of the crowd” when the regime finally topples. Sorry, as you were!

  • Really Bandwagon – Because you and the rest of the old white guys can’t make the racist comments and promotions you got away with before Baca you think you are living in the Soviet Union? How do you think we felt during the Block era? How would you like your assignment and rank determined by the color of your skin, or by your sex? We actually had to work under the Soviet style policies you are talking about when your type was in charge.

  • London, Excellent post, well thought out. I did question Waltons timing, however, you spelled it out in a sensible manner, I tend to just type. Too bad you aren’t working in place of the 700 club members. We need more people like you

  • I am sorry you suffered under the old regime. I am sure you made up the difference with the current administration which is more in line with poliiical correctness. Didn’t I see you leaving the cigar club recently?


    The Old White Guys Club.

  • First it was Sheriff Pitchess that cause the department to be sued in the Sue Bowman-Perez lawsuite. He was the one that would not let ladies in patrol until the mid-1970’s and the department suffered for it for the next thirty years. I worked for black, female and hispanic captains, oh ya and a pacific asian one two..

    Every department has it problems but having worked on Block’s staff I can honestly say he was honest, fair and had he not died Baca would never have been elected Sheriff. I hope and prayer the Long Beach P.D. Chief run’s against him!!!

  • Say “What?”…your diatribe against us elderly and Caucasian folks plainly demonstrate who the true racist is……I know, the world just isn’t fair BOO HOO! MLK and Malcolm X died 25 years before you were born, and the nearest you’ve been to Cesar Chavez is Brooklyn Avenue.

    You can stop the oppression guilt trip because it’s the same old tune and I’ve already heard “Free Bird” too many times. Oppression has been going on since the beginning of time and every race and gender has participated in it.

    You’ve never been told that you can’t be hired because of your race and gender like LAPD told me in 1983. I choose to work for a better police agency, and I am still happy I did. I’ve been called names and treated badly at times but that’s human nature and I won’t let it stop me. I’ve had some of the greatest times of my life while working on the Dept. and met some really wonderful people.

    Block had some issues but I seem to remember a black guy named Morris was the Assistant Sheriff and a black female named Ashby was a chief, pretty high positions. Since females weren’t in patrol until 70’s, it takes time to gain the experience necessary to earn those positions.

    Back to the point. Most of us don’t like promotional test questions to be leaked to the favored (campaign contributors) or politically connected, or have our AP scores raised or lowered based upon anything other than performance. That is why the testing process should be done by a private outside company, as I’ve expressed to POPA.

    We don’t like campaign donations by Dept members or shady San Gabriel Valley business people corrupting the Dept. Otherwise, you might as well tax the motorist $50 before issuing a ticket like they do in Chicago, or skim some money from the local drug dealer ala Bonnie Bryant. That’s the example being displayed by the Baca, Waldie, Tanake crew.

    We’re better than that!

  • CrackerJack. yeh, it’s getting tiring listening to the same old crap. Try getting hired by the city of angels if your white. Look at the protests outside the board meeting yesterday by the seiu. Notice any whites?

    Iwas told by a particular captain at a station that he was going to pick a certain race as a new sergeant because of the demographics. That jerk later was a chief.

    Everytime you look on abc7 it’s black heritage month, asian pacific month, latino month indian, etc. I don’t care about any of the promotions of race or heritage, but when a few come on here and keep blaming Block for everything, it really is a shallow mentality. I worked and was promoted under Block. i worked for Morris and I will say he was a straight up genuine person. I had alot of respect for him.

    The continuous perception of racism will never end, at least not in my lifetime. I really don’t believe most new promotees were picked up by color or sex preference, but I’m sure it helped. What is more credible, is the favoritism of exams floating around certain floors as well as skewed AP’s as many have indicated.

    If that isn’t the case, how has a driver for the Sheriff or aide to Tanaka ever failed a test? Odds of that are incredible

  • The case was Bouman vs BLOCK. Here is an excerpt:

    “Plaintiff contends that job experiences in the Sheriff’s Department were not gained in a neutral fashion, citing the discriminatory assignments she endured. Bouman was not permitted to serve in a solo radio car at night in certain areas because her supervisors felt it would be inappropriate. Meanwhile, male deputies were allowed to serve in such areas. The station commander also had a policy of having women deputies rotate on the station complaint desk. At one point, she was told to leave a radio car and work the station front desk. Men were not required to rotate on the front desk.”

    A federal judge ruled that these allegation were true and took over the promotional process for years. This was caused by Block and the same old senile white male bloggers that are now complaining about the current promotional process and complaining they couldn’t get promoted. You already had your chance and you blew it. Your redneck discriminatory ways cost you your good old boy past promotional system. Complain all you want about cigar club promotions. You are the people that caused that. The federal courts released the promotional process to Baca when he caused the discrimination to stop. People of all colors and sexes are now promoted. We reflect the communities we serve.

    Don’t hold your breath on high ranking federal indictments either. The Obama administration is well aware of the changes Baca has made moving away from Block’s racist and sexist LASD. At most you will see low level deputies who used unnecessary force rightfully indicted. Sorry to bust your pipe dreams old guys.

  • Wow!

    LASD Lt. Angela Walton is pursuing a sexual harrasment suit against the department and Commander Joseph Fennel for the four years her boss spent hounding the bootie.

    The storyline claims Fennel went through every lure in his tackle box trying to get a hook into Lt. Walton’s tail, eventually baiting up with the forbidden Lee Baca Dr. Love Worm.

    Lt. Walton’s attorney, Okorie Okorocha, has sweetened the publicity pot with a promise that Commander Fennel’s financial records are cover sheet for prime-time scandal scoop on Scientology Sheriff Lee Dr. Love Baca.

    Okorie Okorocha is back at the plate swinging for the bleachers. One year ago, Okorocha faced-off against the career of Scientologist John Travolta.

    The attorney represented first one, then two, eventually three John Doe male masseuses claiming Travolta tore off the towel and tried to force them on the table.

    But the facts could not be checked as correct, maybe Okorocha used a corked bat – the civil suits quickly dropped. Now Okorocha alleges Fennel spent four years buzzing Lt. Walton’s irresistible honey hive.

  • What: I know you truly believe in what you are professing. But,a fact you may not know about or have forgotten. I was present when a discussion arose about the Bouman case in EPC. Lee Baca voted right along with everyone else to continue to fight the case. Also, when Baca took office Baca hired a big time firm (Mullen as I recall) to continue the fight. So much so that Bouman’s attorney added Baca to the suit. Baca only promoted minorities because he was forced to not because he believed in minority issues. Ask Ray Leyva.

    Part of the human condition is to promote self image. That’s why the courts had to step in. I admit that racism exists but hatred or bias goes into all directions and to pick on male whites (or anybody else) is detrimental to the common good. I also admit that many promotional exams have been compromised but by all races and both genders. The point? We have always done a poor job of promoting INTEGRITY and a great job of promoting ambition which knows no color or sex. Be good!

  • How does any of this pretain to the allegations made by Lt. Walton. Why do you crazy people get on this site to talk about issues related to other things? Do you suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome from your own careers? If so go see a therapist and leave the rest of us sane people alone.


    The argument about racial issues stops here. I'm not calling anybody specific out. Some of the comments were substantive. But it's jumping the tracks.

    Any more comments continuing this conversational thread will be deleted.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  • How about folks give Walton, for the moment, the benefit of the doubt. She has the burden of proof, she has to prove her case. I don’t know anything about her attorney, good, bad, or indifferent. Lieutenant Walton better have the intelligence to reel back her attorney if for one single moment, “he” decides to go off the reservation with some embellished or concocted allegations just to make her case sound better. She better stay with 100% facts in her law suit and POE/IAB complaint. If she does that, then she has absolutely nothing to fear. We have all seen pure bogus allegations made against folks, “He made me feel uncomfortable, he looked at me funny, he didn’t really do anything but I felt he was leering at me in an inappropriate manner.” Those allegations are purely spiteful with retaliatory and monetary motivations. Walton’s allegations, dare I say, do not fit that “profile,” but rather are specific allegations she is making based on incidents and situations she is alleged to have witnessed/experienced. So lets all be adults and not second guess anyone, either side of the coin, and let the facts develop, documented and verified as much as possible.

    I remember the army of Tanaka Cigar Club members and misguided loyalists coming out of the woodwork, spewing vile and hateful statements about Commander Olmsted. “Liar, traitor, punk,” etc, etc, via bogus rumors, sandbox conversations, character assassination campaigns and the like about his allegations. And then, the facts came out. And in the end, Tanaka was finessed, the Jail Commission published their findings were published and the FBI are doing their thing. I remember reading a statement made by Olmsted that I will never forget, “None of this had to happen if the Sheriff and others had only listened.” Walton and Fennell will have their day to put up or shut up via the POE/IAB investigation, presumably an FBI investigation and of course, depositions and of course, their day in court, if it ever makes it that far. When the facts come in, speak your piece, until then, give both of these parties a break unless you have facts. If you have facts, speak up, but be prepared to back it up. And if you were a witness to any of Walton’s specific allegations, do the right thing and speak up.

  • Mo: great post and very true about Okorocha and Scientology. Got to fly for a meeting. Post later. Funny comment ‘Dr. Love Worm.’ LOL


    Ok, since the above link is public knowledge, and we are talking about commander conduct in this blog, I am really shocked by the comments Pietrantoni made to the Times regarding his conduct in two incidents. The abhorrent comments are similar to the outbursts by Louie Duran during the Board hearings.

    As a commander, one would consider themselves at a high position in an organization, therefore their conduct follows suit.

    As a supervisor in meetings, especially with executives, I wouldn’t dare let my hair down using profanity or joking about ringtones. The following is most disturbing:
    1. My daughter’s fiance placed the ringtone on my phone. Ok fine, but the mere fact it wasn’t removed is indicative of his personality.

    2. Must be Paul Tanaka. I won’t even comment on that. With all the asian cultures in our Department and advisory groups close to Lee, you have to ask why?

    3. The accuser is a nice lady and regrets what she did. I don’t know, maybe someone should ask her.

    4. The jewish jail incident. A commander personally engaging in that conduct and then joking about it is way above the top. And then he says “my best friends are jewish”, How many times has someone said” how can I be prejudice, some of my best friends are..(fill in the blank)

    5 Finally, to make reference that people are jealous of his promotion and are heathens is absolutely juvenile. What’s even worse is the allegation the Times is aiding and abetting in the conspiracy.

    Just like Tanaka, times have changed, the department needs to move forward and bring us back to the respect people had of us. Upper management is instrumental in this. If they continue to be in the news about their conduct, then they need to find a new career. This will follow Mr. Pietrantoni until his retirement. With our new civilian chiefs onboard, this has proven to be another black eye for them to see.

  • I too had the pleasure of working for Assistant Sheriff Morris and he was a fine and hard working individual. I remember having a conversation with him about improving the Sheriff’s Department and I never forgot what he said, “we need accountability, continuous accountability from every strata of supervision” is what he said. The Department has lost that ability because when a supervisor tries that now, they are ignored or punished in the many ways we know how it can be done.

  • Finally Accountability:

    A person should be judged on his character and accomplishments, not on his sense of humor. The world went south when schools could no longer punish recalcitrant behavior and cops could no longer joke with each other. Don’t give me the politically correct BS about “times have changed”. I’ve supervised the “new cops” who want to be coddled and can’t take a verbal lashing without crying to ALADS. Again, respect is earned, not granted.

  • Bandwagon, I just comment. Seriously, the way things are in the department, shouldn’t a little common sense be used? Especially since his new boss is teri McDonald, not Alex Yim?

    So your argument about respect wasn’t earned here. Wrong place wrong time. He was called out, and rightfully so. If you disagree, call Lee, I’m sure he’ll join you in your solice opinion.

  • We all know that where there’s smoke theres fire. There are 3 sides to every story…One side, the other side, and the truth. We don’t know the accuracy of the statements from Mr. Fennell about the kickbacks, picking up campaign contributions, and driving Mr. Baca to places to receive sexual favors from several women but it’s quite obvious that there were several policy violations and some unethical behavior going on. The author of the core values which if violated are policy violations, seems to have violated his own rules. Hipocrasy?? Hey Baca, YOU KNEW THE RULES RIGHT?

  • Don’t Finesse: Sadly, you are so right on with numerous people having their careers ruined by rumor and innuendo.

  • Sheriff Baca must be furious to demote a commander and two captins over cheating in the Baker to Vegas Run, because as we all know, he loves the sport. I remember when he was a commander at Custody Division, he would recruit deputies who ran well to work one of the facilities under him. Well, I’m not surprised, when it comes to repeated violations of department policies and procedures, he looks the other way or did not know about it. Now, because he has been humiliated in front of other police agencies, he takes swift and immediate action after a thorough investigation. He is a big, big joke.

  • Finally Accountability:

    So let me get this straight. You have never made a joke with another deputy that would violate the current Policy of Equality. You have never driven after drinking a couple of beers or ran a red light or committed any violations of law or policy in your career? Must be great. I guess you would be the guy throwing the first stone.

  • Anyone wonder why this Teri MacDonald character isn’t in the Outlook yet? Teddy Sexton is in there but she’s not. Hmm, either DSB simply “forgot” or she’s a figment of our imagination. One would think a newly hired “assistant Sheriff” would have been in Outlook before a Chief right? I want to send her an email to let her know how good of a job she’s doing! (sarcastic)

  • Finally Accountability:

    Let me save you from another comment. If you follow my comments at all, you would know I think the Policy of Equality in its current form is idiotic. There should be some room in the policy for fellow human beings to be able to joke with each other and enjoy each others company in a work setting without suing each other.

    I would also add that Piety making a joke in a room full of his peers would not rise to the level say of ……a former Under Sheriff ordering that certain individuals would not be promoted as long as he was in charge. Lets be mindful of mistakes of the heart versus mistakes of the soul.

  • Bandwagon, I agree,however, given the environment we work in I question Piety and his determination to flirt with policy violations. How come we don’t see commanders of other agencies talking smack to the Times. LAPD wouldn’t allow it nor would this rise to that occasion.

    Why was he making religious ornaments out of milk cartons? Where the hell was the watch commander?

    Also, last question for dissapointed. When did the BtoV cheating go down? Who were the players?

  • Bubba Ho Tep:

    Maybe if you looked for her under her correctly spelled name – Teri McDonald, you’d be able to find her. Now you can send her that email. I’m sure with your attention to detail, it’ll be a doozy.

  • Mo: It’s been my experience that all complainants, subjects and witnesses lie a little or a lot depending on the level of their involvement in the misconduct. Using this as a starting point let us consider the following, hypothetically of course: If Walton is telling the truth about Fennel picking up illegal money for Baca (I believe it to be true) I don’t believe that Fennel would be the first driver to participate on this type of illegal activity. It would be prudent to extend the investigation to include all of Baca’s drivers. If you look at who were his principal drivers what a collection of arrogant personalities. Many of them were always boasting about their position and self-importance. I.E. one of many acts where Baca’s driver was drunk at an off-training party and assaulted a wife of a deputy and the undersheriff handled it as a ‘conflict resolution.’ So, there is certainly enough PC or RC to call for an investigation into illegal cash going to Baca! Now this is where Celeste comes in. Should not DA Lacey start an investigation like right away? DA Lacey can call Walton in and determine if a more detailed investigation is warranted? Side note: As all these drivers worked max overtime, each and everyday, when did they have time to study for promotional exams? And pass with flying colors!

    Dr. R: That investigation is not going well!

  • For #15 HUH, You’ve made several posts over the last few weeks and apparently you are either unaware or ignorant to the fact you have slandered individuals on your posts. In one of them you made reference to a name and said that they were abusing the disability system. Bad idea, you made a huge mistake which can result in a civil claim. One would think you would be smarter than to continually “shoot your mouth off” when you don’t even know who you are speaking about. In the case I am referring to, you have the wrong individual in mind. If you think for a minute that these posts aren’t discoverable, you’re mistaken.


    The offending comment was not by #15, HUH,” but by someone else. Be that as it may, it is now in the trash. But it remains archived.

    So whoever posted it, watch it, please. PC is dead right about the legal implications of such comments, and I don’t want them on the site.

    This one slipped past me.

  • [EDITOR’S CUT].. Go away! You haven’t a clue of what we’ve been dealing with. Go ride your personal motorcycle with [EDITOR’S CUT] Deps. Go binge drinking. Just go away and leave us soldiers who didn’t take advantage of [EDITOR’S CUT] alone!!

  • The above is just another example, copied and pasted from a previous board of “slanderous” comments which are allowed to be posted.


    Dear “This” #50:

    Okay, so you pointed out the slanderous comment, which I appreciated, since I missed it (as sometimes I do, in that I’m rather busy these days and less than crazy about being a playground monitor). In any case, upon your flagging it, I found and deleted the thing, as I don’t want that kind of thing on the site. AND left an Editor’s Note, as you can see, for the person who posted it to begin with, warning him or her.

    So now you repost the slanderous thing and take a swing at WLA? Really? And this improves matters how exactly?

    Sincerely yours,


  • @ Celeste I don’t mind being told if and/or when I get out of line, but I don’t recall ever posting a comment regarding someone “abusing the disability system.” Feel free to contact me and refresh my memory.


    Dear, Huh,

    Arrrrggghhh! I owe you an ENORMOUS apology. The person who put up the problematic comment was not you at all. I’m very, very sorry. (And I’ll correct it in my earlier comment.)

    After the other commenter accused you, I found the comment in question, and glanced at the identifiers too quickly, and thought yours and his (or hers) were the same. I see your IPs are quite different.

    Please accept my sincere apologies. Your comments are in fact consistently level-headed.

    And thank you for correcting my mistake in such a kind fashion.


  • @Celeste, apology accepted (although it didn’t have to be ENORMOUS). I really try to post “level-headed” comments and was more disappointed in myself thinking I “may” have spouted off, showing my true anger towards the department. Now@#47″PC,” did you say something about “shooting your mouth off when you don’t even know who your are speaking about.” Unfortunately, you do not appear to be a level-headed thinker. Celeste was gracious enough to apologize, are you?

  • All of these posts and accusations are reflections of individual choices and self-greed. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and its members, is a great organization with many quality employees. What we are seeing is the infection and greed of individuals to self-promote their own agenda’s. We all need to call out these sullied individuals and stand up for what is morally correct.

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