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LA County Supes Order Plan for Closing Men’s Central Jail Within a Year

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

In August 2019, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors made the historic decision to cancel a $1.7 billion contract to replace the dangerous and dungeon-like Men’s Central Jail, and to commit that money and effort to a “care first, jail last” ethic, instead. Then, 10 months later, near the end of a board meeting on June 23 — amid nationwide protests demanding government leaders dismantle the criminal justice system in its current form and replace it with a system focused on community health and care — Supervisors Hilda Solis and Sheila Kuehl proposed the board take the next step toward decarceration.

This Tuesday, July 7, at approximately 11:45 a.m., after hearing dozens of public comments, the supervisors voted unanimously to approve the motion, which directs county departments and the Alternatives to Incarceration Workgroup (ATI) to come up with a plan for closing MCJ within a year.

While a large portion of the callers that the board took expressed concern about closing the MCJ, Solis noted that the supervisors also received 1,500 emails in support of closing the jail, and just 20 in opposition to the plan.

Youth Justice Coalition’s Phal Sok, who had been incarcerated in the crumbling “concrete box” that is MCJ, urged the supervisors to decarcerate and do away with the jail.

“Speaking as someone who is directly impacted, someone who is formerly incarcerated, as someone who caused harm in our community: that cage … that you spend millions of dollars a year on did not stop me from doing that harm,” Sok said. “It is about choices that people make. Ultimately, what I needed was somebody to guide me in those choices. I needed support from folks in the community to call me, and love me, and care for me,” not a “man with a badge and a firearm.”

Now, Sok said, is the time to “listen to folks that have been impacted,” who have been incarcerated in MCJ, and to have the courage to “move away from punishment and toward accountability.”

Tuesday’s action is the latest milestone vote down this new “care first” path on a 15-year journey toward replacing the jail, which Solis and Kuehl point out “consistently ranks among the ten worst facilities in the country.”

“It has been well-documented over at least the last 25 years, in lawsuits, federal investigations, court monitored settlement agreements, complaints, and grievances,” Tuesday’s motion stated, “that MCJ’s flawed design and infrastructure contribute greatly to the county’s inability to provide appropriate medical and mental health care, programming, recreation, and humane living conditions.”

In response to the pandemic, the LA County Sheriff’s Department has worked with other county justice officials to reduce the county’s daily jail population from 17,000 to closer to 12,000, bringing the jail system below 100 percent capacity for the “first time in at least 15 years,” according to the motion.

The fact that the county has been able considerably reduce the number of people held in county jails without increasing crime rates shows that reducing LA’s reliance on incarceration “is an achievable goal,” Solis and Kuehl wrote.

“I am committed to pursuing a path forward that allows us to no longer rely on incarceration to respond to the resident’s need for housing, nutrition, food, economic stability, treatment, healthcare,” Solis said.

On March 3, 2019, LA County voters passed Measure R, a historic grassroots-led ballot initiative to reduce the county’s over-reliance on incarceration and empower civilian oversight of the LASD.

Measure R required the county to develop a plan for reducing the LA County jail population, which had been hovering at an average daily population of just over 17,000 in 2019, with over 100,000 booked into jail each year.

Tuesday’s motion for a jail-closing plan directs a workgroup convened in June — to keep the county’s jail population at or below the COVID-reduced number — to collaborate with relevant stakeholders and report back to the board every 60 days with updates on what it will take to close MCJ in the next year “while continuing to ensure public safety and providing appropriate services for individuals released early or diverted from incarceration.” The motion calls for information about how those who would remain incarcerated post-MCJ-closure would be spread across the county’s other jails, and how that would impact the jail system.

When it was Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s turn to address the board, he informed the board that he had “sole and executive authority” over the jail system. “We had a plan to demolish Men’s Central Jail,” Villanueva said. Rejection of the plan “left us with the dungeon we have today — known as Men’s Central Jail. The 12,000 remaining in the jail, Villanueva said, are “a concentration of the most dangerous inmates in the system right now.”

Supervisor Kuehl stressed that half of the county jail population is made up of people who have not been convicted of crimes, but are being held pretrial, often because they cannot afford bail.

The motion also calls for an assessment of how much money the county would save by closing Men’s Central Jail by no longer having to pay for renovations and maintenance for the facility, by reducing jail staffing costs and how much the county pays for food and other costs of holding people inside MCJ, among other costs.

“In order to meet the needs to support the success of those being released, and to prevent future law enforcement contact,” according to the motion, “the County must commit costs saved from closing MCJ – including eliminating the need for renovations and the expensive attempts to provide medical and mental health care within a facility that was not designed for such care – to reinvesting into our most disenfranchised communities and increasing access to basic need and the county’s system of care, to further reduce the county’s historic reliance on its jail system to meet its residents’ health and service-related needs and embrace a new vision for the county’s future.”

LA County’s jail system is also known as the nation’s largest mental health care facility.

“Closing Men’s Central Jail will restore dignity to our communities,” Supervisor Solis said. “People are not made whole locked up in a decrepit cell.”

Approximately 30 percent of those in jail have open mental health cases. And, according to a January 2020 report from the nonprofit RAND Corporation, approximately 61 percent of the mental health population — on any given day, more than 3,000 people — locked inside Los Angeles County’s jails could safely be released into community-based care. The problem is that the county must come up with enough community programs, services, and housing to serve those who would otherwise be locked — unnecessarily, according to RAND — inside county jails.

Judge Peter Espinoza, the director of the Office of Diversion and Re-entry, told the board that he believed the county could come up with enough housing to divert a significant portion of the MCJ population.

“We can safely do this work,” Judge Espinoza said.

While Espinoza stressed that not everyone from MCJ would be appropriate for release, he said the the county had the capacity to create “real housing and real services” for many of those currently in the jails to be “safely maintained” in the community.

The five supervisors took additional important steps to build up these alternatives to incarceration on Tuesday.

A second motion, introduced by Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Sheila Kuehl and approved by the board, will allocate $30 million to continue the work of the county’s Office of Diversion and Re-entry so that “a minimum of 500 more individuals from the jails” can be diverted over the next year, and to “expand community-based diversion and reentry services, interim housing, and permanent supportive housing” for Angelenos. (ODR has diverted around 5,500 people from jails, and provided more than 19,000 individuals with reentry services in partnership with community and county programs.

“Four months ago, we embraced a comprehensive plan to improve community health and safety by building on proven treatment and diversion programs that have already helped thousands of men and women access mental health and social services instead of going to jail,” Kuehl said. “This motion ensures that we can build on that impressive track record, and build out our plans for this transformational office.”

The supes also voted to fast-track feasibility evaluations and other studies that will allow the county to quickly fund Restorative Care Villages on medical campuses. These villages, recommended by the Alternatives to Incarceration Workgroup, will give residents “access to a full continuum of community-based, non-custodial services, including: recuperative care, a full scope psychiatric facility, housing with wrap-around services, a recovery center, as well as educational and employment opportunities.”

Many of LA’s justice system-involved residents, “lack access to affordable housing and wraparound services,” said Supervisor Solis, who authored the motion with Supervisor Kathryn Barger. “Providing more permanent supportive housing units where individuals can receive community-based mental health care will give people hope for a new beginning.” It will also, the supervisors hope, reduce the county’s “need” for jail beds.


  • Was Isabella Cortes’ killer part of your pet project “care first?” Yeah….it seems we dont need jails at all. Let’s just let a man arrested for vandalism walk. It’s not a violent crime. Then a day later, he carjacked a family’s van with 13 year old Isabella Cortes and her younger brother inside, sped away on whittier boulevard with the van doors still open causing Isabella Cortes and her younger brother to be thrown from the vehicle. She died at the scene. Her brother is still in critical condition. “Care first”……

  • “Solis noted that the supervisors also received 1,500 emails in support of closing the jail, and just 20 in opposition to the plan.”

    Show us the emails. Nobody believes you. What if people want their tax dollars to go toward housing criminals? F-them I guess.

  • Was Deputy Samuel Aldama, part renegade clique of tattooed deputies a wonderful hard working Deputy. Oh wait under oath, Aldama described a tattoo on his calf featuring a skull in a military-style helmet bearing the letters CPT for Compton, along with a rifle, encircled by flames. Aldama said he got the tattoo in June 2016, about two months before he was involved in Donta Taylor’s fatal shooting.
    Wonder what jobs you guys will all get once you lose your Public Welfare jobs.

  • Would anyone believe Deputies who plant guns after killing people. What about adding Tapatio sauce to make it look like blood.

  • @Protect-When was the last time a deputy was convicted of planting a gun? Please tell me.

  • @Protect-Yes there are bad cops. Im not denying that. But not as much as you want to believe. Last year, cops killed 1,004 people in 2019. Sounds like a lot? All cops are evil. Defund police. So on and so on.

    Last year, doctors in america killed 44,000-98,000 people due to malpractice. So where are the protests for doctors demanding we take away their funding? Doctor errors is the 3rd leading cause of death in america after heart disease and cancer.

    For people to single out cops as being bad are dumb, ignorant and brainless sheep who believe what they are told at face value. Grow up Protect and Serve…its time for you to start using that brain God gave you for once.

  • One can always count on Protect and Serve and friends to stereotype approx. 10,000 Deputies based on the misconduct of a small number.

    I’m sure Protect & Serve would be happy to have the same unfair labeling applied to him behind the misconduct of others. It must get old being so angry and so ignorant.

  • Widespread corruption in the LA City Council. Defund the police is a nice distraction for these corrupt politicians. How many of these politicians will slither away during this drama.

  • So what? He got a tattoo that scares you? Guess what, a skull tattoo doesn’t bother me near as much as a bunch of letters, area codes, and LA symbols. You know the ones your kid has.

  • Seeking the truth,

    I suspect exactly zero will slither away. The FBI investigation has been active for quite some time. What you can virtually always count on when the US Attorney’s Office files charges is a slam dunk case. Englander was arrested just a few days ago and pleaded guilty today.

    Have faith.

    As to this “defund the police” Marxist nonsense, I suspect that the silent (vast) majority has grown weary of it and will get that message out to our elected officials.

  • You were asked a simple QUESTION, “when was the last time a dep was arrested/convicted for planting a gun?”…Not a question regarding alleged clique involvement. You failed to answer the question because It has not occurred.. So STFU and please stop with the personal attacks….

  • The entire LA County BOS needs to be recalled. They are an incompetent, irresponsible, rogue cabal that is accountable to no one. With some of the back story regarding Men’s Central Jail being “old, outdated and dungeon like” the BOS spent 80 million in tax payer dollars (for which they aren’t held accountable for wasting) to create teams to explore the options for building a new jail. Once Sheriff AV won the election, they despised him so much they decided to deep six the jail and build a Mental Health Treatment Center to be ran by and staffed by the Department of Health Services. Then a board meeting was held and the plan for a place to treat the mentally ill was immediately scraped. Instead of putting it on the ballot and allowing the people to vote the BOS decided it was in the best interest of the people to not build a facility purpose built and dedicated to treat an ever growing mentally ill population. Waste, pork, fiscal mis-management, petty personal grudges and corruption. All the makings of a great soap opera.

    Who investigates the BOS? No one it seems. Based on the recent turmoil with the LA City Council the FBI is the only law enforcement agency with the power to do it.

    Here we are today. Listening to the BOS, whose eyes are a deep shade of brown due to being so full of crap. Hilda Solis dripped this pearl of stupidity regarding justification for closing the jail, “Solis said the move is a step forward for efforts to reshape the county’s approach to community health and public safety. She added it would fast-track plans for permanent supportive housing units at “Restorative Care Villages situated on County health campuses.” Hard to believe she was part of the Obama administration and held an office of national importance? Her mentor Gloria Molina, taught her well. I guess anyone can be anointed with a title. Back to the BOS great plan. So in other words close the jail and house these inmates on county hospital campuses in “Restorative Care Villages”, give me a break. This sounds like “Prison realignment” or another way to create localized county owned, ran and supported half way houses, aka jails. A jail by another is still a jail. Talk about shifting the problem from but cheek to another. I’m sure the communities where these hospital are located will be happy to know, pedophiles, rapists, burglars and a host of other criminal offenders are living on the hospital grounds in “Restorative Care Villages” right in their back yards.

    Oh, and to use low jail population and that crime is not up is so devious. The sheriff lowered the inmate count (temporarily) as a way to prevent the spread of Covid 19 at the direction of Public Health experts, the Governor and judges. What if the sheriff had not lowered the jail population? We know the BOS would have been the first to criticize and use this for political attack’s. The courts have set 0$ bail for all but the most serious offenses (murder) and everyone who is arrested is given a ticket to sign with their promise to appear in court in 90 days. People are being arrested, just not taken to jail due to the parameters the Sheriff has been forced to work around. What a despicable bunch to use theses facts, which they are fully aware, to justify their devious goals.

    The entire Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors needs to be investigated and recalled for violating their oath of office and fiduciary responsibility to work in the best interests of the voters.

  • @Let’s near more-AMEN!! I never understood why the BOS can make all these decisions without a vote from the taxpayers?

  • SHOL you talk about kids. I will tell you, one has a tattoo of your former Deputy Carl Caren Mondoyan attempting to break into a woman’s apartment and assault her, while your Sheriff Villanueva gives him a thumbs up!

    Oh wait talk about bad Deputies one of your finest was just arrested today after he had a female inmate suck on his D***. How wonderful. Did your Sheriff say his constitutional rights were violated too because the female inmate snitched on him.

  • They did. The tax payers voted for Measure R by over 74%. I know your Sheriff can’t read or comprehend. So yes the taxpayers spoke loud and clear. AMEN to that since you guys are so in love with GOD all while murdering Blacks and Latinos.

  • @Protect-Lets talk about deputies. No deputy was arrested today for having a female inmate perform oral sex on him. It was a non sworn employee.

    So if you need help learning to read, I’m sure there are many adult schools that can help you get a better education.

  • Protest & Serve?…..thank you for the reminder of how the voting process works. Whether you agree with the voting results, the people have spoken and as they say “it is what it is”.

    For those of you old enough to remember here are a few examples of a transparent , fair voting process at work.

    The will of the people was ignored and overruled by the “state”

    Prop 8, officially titled Proposition 8 – Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry, was a statewide ballot proposition in California.[1] On November 4, 2008, voters approved the measure and made same-sex marriage illegal in California

    California Proposition 187 was on the November 8, 1994, general election ballot in California as an initiated state statute, where it was approved.[1]
    The stated purpose of Proposition 187 was to make immigrants residing in the country without legal permission ineligible for public benefits. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office estimated that the measure would save the state about $200 million per year.


    The deliberately confusing, fuzzy language of this one:

    California Proposition 6, Voter Approval for Future Gas and Vehicle Taxes and 2017 Tax Repeal Initiative (2018)

    Or as mentioned

    Measure R…

    A “yes” vote supported authorizing the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission to develop a plan designed to reduce jail population and incarceration and granting the Commission subpoena power to investigate complaints.

    It seems those strait shooting, above reproach, ethical sages that sit upon the throne at 500 W. Temple Street followed the rules and did in fact put the vote to the people. Not sure if the people (or sheeples) understood the results of their vote supporting the measure.

    Measure R, the BOS members and the Sheriff all share a common thread, they were all voted on by the people.

  • Yes, and she prefers to be called Bibi. It goes better with the rest of the AV Clown Show Squad of Bigglesworth, Batman and other Allie Brownosers.

  • So here is one of Celeste’s rules about commenting:

    “Rule #3: Racist, sexist, homophobic or generally hate filled comments have no place here.
    Ditto hateful or slanderous generalizations about one cultural group, religion, nationality, or occupation.”

    With that, I wonder why comments are allowed that state that law enforcement personnel are religious zealots and murderers of minorities ; not to mention calling the Sheriff’s wife a Chola.

  • What would you call Deputies who shot an 18 year old kid in the back. Outstanding Citizens. And, why would the Sheriff not release the autopsy in this case… oh wait he wants stonewall, wait to things to die down by using the entire… the investigation is ongoing. He is pretty quick to release names when it benefits him….. but oh no, we can’t do it because he does not want to look bad. Why is he protecting these Deputies. Oh wait… he talks about protecting their Constitutional rights… but is ok with Deputies Murdering young Latinos and Blacks because Deputies are afraid of young Latino and Black men and women. Guess the truth hurts.

  • If these Deputies are so afraid of these young Black and Latino men and women they need to quit. They need to pick another job. If they are that afraid, and quick to pull the trigger and kill them in fear of their lives.. the job of being a Deputy is not for them. …. oh not but they won’t they love that fat paycheck and all the benefits that come with it including that fat retirement.

  • Boy, you seem to have a lot of opinions regarding what it takes to be a law enforcement officer, do you have any experience along those lines? I mean other than playing Grand Theft Auto, and reading the BLM twitter feed.

  • The name is released ( click on “Related Content,” L/Side); it’s the official autopsy report that’s not being released.

  • That “18 year old kid” was unlawfully armed with a handgun. I think old westerns have done us a big disservice. At least some of us believe that the only way police are allowed to get into a shooting with a bad guy is if he’s actively shooting at the cop, while facing him, in a static position. If he suddenly shows the cop his back, game over – can’t shoot.

    I can tell you from personal experience that foot pursuits are the most dynamic, scary things for cops. And yes, we can usually tell when somebody is armed while they are running. There have been foot pursuits caught on video umpteen times, and invariably the bad guy spins or rotates his body to the rear to take a shot and keeps running. What would you highly experienced critics have the cop do? Wait until the bad guy turns fully around and faces him? Wrong answer.

    We aren’t talking about an ambush like Wild Bill Hickok experienced – deserved or not, that was an execution; we’re talking about a dynamic foot pursuit that resulted in a shooting. If junior hadn’t been armed, drawn attention to himself by making eye contact with the deputies and immediately running away while drawing his pistol, we wouldn’t be here arguing this case.

  • I don’t think that Latino or Black deputies on the Sheriff’s Department or any other police department for that matter are afraid of Black or Latino people they could me in contact. They are afraid of people with guns or weapons who try to kill them or other people no matter what race they are.

    It’s nonsensical to the assert all Black and Latino members of law enforcement are filled with self-hate and fraid of people that look like them. This is what your saying if you consider the LAPD and LASD are staffed to mirror the population of the city and county.

    And just to remind you, Latino police officers usually have family members that are Latino as do Black police officers usually have family members thst are Black. I don’t think these officers hate their parents, wives, aunt’s, uncle’s, grandparents and children. Do you?

  • @protect and serve
    Whaaaa. What a dork. You don’t know any facts of the case, you just argue, or should I say cry with emotion. Pull yourself together toughie. If your such a bad ass, why don’t you become a cop and pave the way. Oh wait, it’s easier to sit at your keyboard and be bitch !

  • Come on now, you can do better than that, can’t you? At least try to keep it cleverly entertaining.


  • AV Clown Show, You hurt someone’s feelings. They are now throwing tantrums. Can you guess who it is ….

  • Well, well, well, Sheriff Alejandro “Allie” Villanueva just got slapped down by the Supervisors again. Alex’s losing streak is the only impressive and consistent thing he has going for him during his entire miserable time in office:
    +Loses on Creepy Carl Mandoyan’s scandalous reinstatement
    +Loses on Creepy Carl Mandoyan’s “side door” rehire attempt
    +Loses his attempts to fend off Measure R (Subpoena Power) ballot measure by 70%
    +Loses his seat in the County Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) during a global pandemic
    +Loses his ability to manage his budget by having the Board decide how much & when he can have funds
    +Loses nearly $150 Million of the new fiscal year (FY20/21) budget due to COVID-19 economics
    +Loses Men’s Central Jail with no replacement plan like the one his predecessor had approved & funded

    What more does he have to lose? Plenty!


  • I would guess a member or two of the AV Clown Car Posse. Bibi riding shotgun with her crew doing social media drive-bys.

  • I am very interested in seeing all the details of the Andres Guardado shooting to come out.

    Given the demographics of both the LASD and LAPD, the argument the shooting was caused by systemic racist is ridiculous.

    Gun control is a big deal with the current political leadership and this young man seemed to thumb his nose at the States efforts to control the proliferation of guns in the hands of all citizens. He possessed a concealed weapon, with no serial number and an extended magazine!

    He was acting as a Security Guard but was unlicensed, untrained, not in uniform and underage. The State does try to regulated Security Officers so these things do not happen.

    Again let’s get all the facts out, including who put him out there to work Security? Who gave him the gun? What did he actually do and of course what did the deputies do?

  • Don’t worry, defunding the police won’t stop them from arresting your little wanna be gang banger kid. Unless a rival smokes him first. Considering the spike in violence across the country that may happen regardless. Good luck either way.

  • There it is….envy. One of the worst of the sins. Cops don’t come throw rocks at you while you’re mowing lawns or serving fountain drinks and Big Macs..which was it that pays the bills for mijo to dress like a thug?

  • No hurt on my part as your rants contain precious little truth. Facts are, there are thousands of Deputies on LASD and news flash for you – many are non-white. Deputies are not afraid of Latino and Black youth. They are afraid of people with guns, as they should be.

    Re the Guardado case, I would not call the Deputy anything; not sure what good that does. Second, I don’t know all the facts of that incident and neither do you. Just as if you were in a shooting , there needs to be an investigation and a thorough review of the facts on the part of multiple entities. Most cops do NOT want to be involved in a shooting. As posts from people like you clearly prove, regardless of the facts, they are guilty until proven innocent.

    By the way, it was not a Deputy Sheriff that LASD booked for sexual contact with an inmate, it was a civilian custody assistant. You failed to note that LASD got the complaint(s), conducted an investigation, found the allegations credible, sought a warrant and arrested him. How would you have handled it?

    You also conveniently forget that multiple cops across this country have and are currently being brought up on charges for serious acts of misconduct – willful or otherwise. I am no fan of this Sheriff and do support positive changes but name calling, blowing up isolated incidents as if they are daily occurrences and incomplete versions of the truth serve no one.

  • AV Clown Show, we all knew this day was coming; and boy did it come down hard. It all started from the day he got sworn in. At an early stage, Villanueva could have made an effort for a stronger working relationship with the BOS. However, his ego got the better of him. He failed to understand that relationships, are built on trust. In County politics, it helps break down the perception of ‘them’ and ‘us’. He could have built a positive relationship with all 5 or at least with 3 of the Sups. Damn even Barger, who is always pro LE burned him. She could have been very resistant to Budget cuts and closure of MCJ. He looked disgruntled yesterday. She treated him like a school boy and dropped the bell on him when his 5 minutes were done.

    Unfortunately, we will have a lot more pain to come.

  • Joliet Police Sgt. Stripped Of Powers After Blowing Whistle On Video Of Man Who Died In Custody.

    So here it is all you fans of Police Misconduct: If you snitch on that thin BLUE line you loose your job. So how many at Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department have the courage to do what this good Police Sergeant did.
    I’m still seeking the truth: Answer none: Why because you do not want to cross that thin BLUE line. That Badge is stained with Blood of innocent victims.

  • You ever step out in your own community and speak up on the slaughter in the streets committed by your own? Chicago is on pace for 750 homicides this year, over 90% will be Black victims and suspects. L.A, has seen a 5% rise recently in violent crime, all major cities are seeing greater increases with mostly Black victims and suspects. 7 kids murdered in one week in our nation, that bother you at all that they all come from communities of color? You do anything in your spare time to address that? No you don’t, don’t pretend you do. Your type is pathetic. Cop game isn’t all old White guys from the 50’s you dumb ass. Quit acting like you’re a step ahead, you’re not even close to the people working the streets here.

    Again, you lie about what happened to an officer. The Joliet Sgt. wasn’t fired he was placed on Administrative Leave you jackass. See, while they were investigating this in custody death, he accessed the video of it that he had no authority to do and released it, compromising the investigation being handled by another agency. Oh, he wasn’t the only one placed on leave, forgot that part as well dummy.

    You’re a flat out liar and nothing more. You just make stuff up like it can’t be fact checked. It’s what we do! What’s next, all cops, even my Black brothers in Blue and Tan are secretly Klan members?

    You’re out of your league here.

  • You guys love to deflect and change stories just like your Sheriff. Do they take your badge, gun and cut ties to the City when they were put on admin leave. . Really

  • You guys have no backbone. You do not like the one’s who call out the dishonest among you. Protect that thin BLUE line even you very well know your fellow Officers and Deputies commit crimes, are dis-honest, write false reports and so on… # That Badge is stained with Blood of innocent victims

  • Oh, you’re an expert on how internal affairs are handled at PD’s, that right? Can’t admit you’re simply wrong and a pathetic cop hating liar? No, that would mean you have some substance to you and it’s obvious you have none little fella. Cry to someone who cares.

  • Crying Clown Crying Clown all you do is regurgitate the same old crap. Come up with something that people will respect. Nobody listens to your Bla Bla Bla. You only wish you could have been in anybody’s car. Oh yea i just checked. yep He is still your Sheriff

  • Yea..Jealous u are, I was gonna fire one off at you but never mind, waste of keyboard time. I will have a sweet pension while u are wallowing in ur self-pity and I might add, in some nasty one bedroom rental somewhere very far from the coast. NOT me

  • Protect and Serve is trying to convince himself that his rap sheet is because cops are bad and not because he’s a lowlife POS. He can’t untangle his mind enough to realize his offspring will behave just like he has and will be locked up because apples and trees…u know.

    This whole BLM thing is just a bunch of people trying to convince everyone that black people give a shit about other blacks but they don’t. The proof is found in gutters and on sidewalks of inner cities all across this great country, every night.

  • The crimes and killings in these inner city ghettos are a big problem. We get that, we understand that, that solution should be addressed.

    It’s amazing how LE and the inner city killings are always brought up when LE is involved in a killing.

    It’s a separate issue folks, let us all address 1 situation at a time, especially when one has nothing to do with thee other.

    Imagine if we were all equal, everyone had the same education, dads at home “since some of you idiots like to bring that up, 2 parent house holds, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc all the finer things….clean water, good food, great education….etc etc etc etc. The issues of poverty in these ghettos would not exist. But at the end of the day people of color would still be a darker shade than others.

    So we have eliminated some of the killings, cause think about it folks. Whites kill whites, Asians kill Asians but a phrase was never put to theses killings. Black on Black Crime was phrased in the 1970s I believe and it stuck. So let’s give these ghetto hoods a even playing field and that’s resolved.

    Ok down in a fantasy world.

    It still would not stop racist ass looser I was never famous, couldn’t play sports, never got hot chicks, picked on for ever LE individuals who where the badge to be accepted.

    Before you all start the bashing, in my 20 years I’ve seen you all at some point, not all but some. Not all blacks are bad and not all whites are good.

    These communities are at war with each other to survive, I ask you all. If they took your badge and gun, you lost everything you had and couldn’t get another job to support your career however long. What would you. Some would find another job possibly, some may or may not get hired again, some would kill their whole damn family.

    I often say, don’t judge individuals unless you’ve walked in their shoes. You not from these streets, these ghettos, these hoods. If you are you know how hard it is to make it out, if you did make it out. You were, we were, they were lucky……but what goes on in these hoods should never be compared to looser ass LE that F up on the job. But then again, they were scared losers themselves often who have no communication skills.

    You all are entitled to your points and I respect that, we all coMe from different hoods, ghettos, barrios and cities, lol suburbia for some of y’all. So many on this site ain’t never had a worry in there life. So already we have the upper hand.

    Smh, there are kids in neighborhoods with no WiFi, no laptop, no tablet and no damn computer. So they missed the pandemic school year. Is it their fault they parents couldn’t afford that over the light bill n some food. I think not,

    So what I am saying…EVERY1 Doesn’t Have The Same Opportunity.

    Y’all Stay Blessed and Continue To Pray For The World Rather Your Black, White, Jew or Gentile.

    I Don’t care about grammar so miss me with it to the English Teachers There.

    Stay Blessed

  • You guys are cowards who protect every bad apple within you. Hell the Sheriff even repeatedly tried to re-hire a woman beater. I mean not once but like 5 times. Good for the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County to put stop this re-hire.
    So none of you have replied if you would snitch on another COP doing wrong. None of you. You guys don’t protect and serve. You guys have blood on your hands. I have much respect for the Joliet Police Sergeant. None of you have the courage or the balls he has. Save me the trouble of … oh he impeded on an investigation. An investigation where the Chief and City manager will be gone pretty soon. The Chief wanted to shrug it off just the Sheriff in LA wants to shrug off the murder of Andreas. JUST LIKE HE shrugged off Kobe’s Bryant & Co burnt body pictures taken and shared by scumbag Deputies under the rug.
    What a piece of work he is.

    LOL- You sound like a sour woman. A woman who probably can’t have kids.

  • Protect & Serve?….

    Why not put your money where your screen name is. Join the LAPD since you seems to like their department goal statement?

    I have a suggestion, since you are so upstanding and brave (a virtual “boy scout….oh boy/girl scout) and have all the answers, why not become a member of a police department (if you can pass the backgrounds) and make a change from within? It’s far easier to stand on the sidelines in safety and security, criticize and play the “shoulda, woulda, coulda,” game. Most police officers are doers and chose their job because….wait for it…they like people and want to make society a safe place for themselves, families and people they do not even know. Police officers live in this world and don’t by fly in from another planet to wreck and pilliage a far away communities. Hard to believe isn’t it? Hell, most don’t even live in gated, ecured communities like most entitled politicians do.

    Until you are part of a law enforcement organization and trying to make a change, even small, from rust realize your words ring as hollow as a politicians promise to “put the people’s interest above their own”.

    Until then, your comments are duelly noted, filed and ignored. Respectfully.

  • Big problem, an understatement to say the least. More violent crimes like murders, robberies, rape and assaults are committed by citizen against citizen than any crimes police allegedly commit against citizens. I guess it’s okay if citizens kill citizens but if a police officer kills a citizen the earth should stop spinning. By this line of reasoning, it’s okay for Blacks to kill Blacks and in turn by defunding the racist police and reforming the criminal justice system, the kilkers should not be held responsible for their actions? This seems to be working out well in places like Baltimore, Chicago and New York were a Black male walking down the street or baby riding Inna car for that matter is far more likely to be killed by another Black male than randomly picked out for attacks, and “execution” by the police as they would have you believe. Again, I guess the unspoken rule is “it’s okay to kill your own”. Oh well I guess.

    Well okay, if you want to excuse decades of Black on Black crime and inner city dysfunction, but I definitely feel for the good, decent hardworking people that don’t deserve to be victimized. It’s definitely not a city, place or neighborhood I would want to live in.

  • Based on the latest evidence revealed at yesterday’s press conferences and Lil Alex VILLANueva going back into typical “duck & cover” mode when faced with a “BAD” event (ala Lancaster Sniper Fiasco) this shooting doesn’t appear to be so clean cut & dry as Allie had hoped everyone would believe.

    Might also explain why LASPA (deputy union that Alejandro is a founding daddy of) attorney Adam Marangell has been proudly posting loving comments about Lil Incompetent Alex on WLA. Appears that Adam may be trying to play to Allie’s fragile ego when he knows he has a stinker of a case to defend. Looks like Adam is way out of his league on this one and Deputy Vega may need to hire a much more powerful lawyer who knows how to handle much more serious matters than grievance hearings on competent performance evals.

    For reference sake:

  • Oh how could I not know this was coming. Black on Black crime. Yes there is Black on Black crime. There is white on White crime (Yes the wonderful White men who go POSTAL and kill even little kids ) …. what do we call that population reduction…. I know the Orange Donnie does not communicate that to you guys…… He is busy grabbing some woman’s P*88* (Hell look at EAST LA …The Sheriff’s Station ) aka the Tattooed Deputies what are called again the BANDIDOS right ( who I heard have the full support of the current Sheriff … oh and lets not talk about Latino on Latino crime. There is crime and it will not STOP UNFORTUNATELY. It is done by criminals …. AGAIN criminals. WE all know that… but if Deputies act and behave and KILL like criminals… then there is no difference between BLACK on BLACK crime and the Deputies who are trigger happy… have knees on peoples necks or MURDER young LATINOS by shooting them in the back or DEPTIES forcing female INMATES to suck their D**** ( yes I am talking about Deputy Scotti) . I guess it is ” okay when Deputies kill”…. somehow it is justified. How many video’s over the years were hid from the Public. How many MURDERS at the hands of Deputies. Hell why do you think the current Sheriff wants to hide the vidoes from the PUBLIC ( wink wink… ongoing investigation ) You guys just want the a okay… under the blessing of your Sheriff Villanueva. What did he say no matter what you do…. ” I will protect you guys”. I will personally order to delete video’s, or I will have other Deputies lie, frame innocent people… if the ends justify the means.

    [WLA edit.]

    You know who a hero is… it is that Joliet Police Sergeant.

  • Shot the kid? The security guard that ran away? I have never heard of a security guard run from the cops. That’s odd!!!!!! I work as a security officer at ghetto apartments and have never ran from the cops, why? Because I am not a criminal

  • The best I can offer is that the majority of America quickly grew tired of your typical ramblings, you and your BLM tards. My hope now is that police are defunded so quickly and absolutely that you get your wish.
    People get the law enforcement they deserve…good luck buddy.
    Trump will get re-elected and I can’t wait for the tears and riots because people won’t stand by idly again. Tell mijo to stay home for a few months when that happens, unless he needs new Nikes because that minimum wage slurpee slinger hourly isn’t cutting it for ya.

  • Ok Celeste, since P and S? is callin us shitbags then I am clear to call him a fucking asshole..U block my comment then u are a complete hypocrite…

  • Editor’s Note:

    Dear “Protect & Serve,”

    Dump the potty mouth.

    Dear, “Not in the Car,”

    Grow up.

    Thank you both in advance for your cooperation.


  • ” More violent crimes like murders, robberies, rape and assaults are committed by citizen against citizen than any crimes police allegedly commit against citizens. I guess it’s okay if citizens kill citizens but if a police officer kills a citizen the earth should stop spinning. ”

    Talk about some f-upped logic. Yes police should be held to a hire moral legal standard then criminals.

  • As much as I disagree with most, if not all of your ideologies I must admit at least you are fair and have integrity, I will now “grow up”….MAGA

  • Officers’ bodycam footage was released Wednesday from the fatal shooting of a San Francisco man who police in Vallejo, California, say was partially kneeling when he was killed last month
    More Murders by Police in California. More Blood at the hands of Police Officers.

    LOL… U are right. I will give you People get the law enforcement they deserve. I am soooo glad the people of Los Angeles County did not get Carl Caren Mandoyan again. Who knows if this time he would actually break into multiple women’s homes and do heinous things. Did your Sheriff not try to re-hire the guy like 5 times… and all 5 times the people elected to serve Los Angeles County STOPPED the Sheriff.

    Keep your fake news about Trump to some Alt Right idiot. Viva Covid 19. The best is yet to come.

  • Wow AVClown.. Considering the lack of real patrol time you have under your belt (and let’s face it, I know you and that is one BIG belt. But granted, not much room at all) you sure do a LOT of sniveling. Tell me, if you’re standing, can you see your feet? Too bad your IQ isn’t as big as your waist.

  • AV Clown Show, Villanueva has this uncanny ability to “shut his eyes and cover his ears”. He has stopped playing the role of Sheriff, and started playing witchcraft on Instagram. # Sheriff Allie boys and girls. Boy did he look lost, and irritated during his online meeting with the BOS.
    Here is the best part of that meeting:
    Supervisor Barger : Allie your 5 mins are up. Allie your 5 mins are up.
    It was a striking, and viral moment. She discredited him as unfit for the Office of Sheriff, and cut his off tangent ramblings. The clouds are getting bad, and getting worse for Villanueva. Meanwhile, Deputy Robles is still driving the County car at the behest of Assistant Sheriff VV.

  • Has Allie come out of hiding yet?

    Oh Allieeeeeeeee, come out, come out, wherever you are? The LASD walls are crumbling down all around the naked emperor.

    Sources have informed that even several of the Skippers are scouting out their exit strategies.

  • Riddle me this, how does a Lieutenant who just got promoted work 2 weeks in the field @ Lakewood, then mysteriously show up at the Office of the Sheriff ( thought LT’s had to work 2 years in the filed ).
    Another skipper …

  • @Tellin,

    LOL…. Keep tryin Gomer, you couldn’t even hold one of my many R2 B2V mugs! You AV Clowns are truly lost.


  • Next time some poor criminal breaks into ur home. Don’t send him to jail. Send him to Taylor’s home so he can be properly cared for and nurtured. They are all liberals until they become victims. Except for the hard core liberals where there is no cure.

  • @ClownShow

    A comment from LT Bigglesworth on FB. Can the guy lie or can the guy lie? LT Villanueva places a hold past the time when holds are usually placed on an autopsy, but the ME wouldn’t release the hold yesterday cause LT Villanueva wanted to release the results yesterday.

    “It would depend on the stage of the investigation. The Sheriff would want the autopsy report held until all of the witnesses have been interviewed to avoid biased testimony. On the flip side, the Sheriff wanted the autopsy report released yesterday regarding Robert Fuller, but met resistance from the coroner.”

  • @Temple & Broadway,

    Bigglesworth Burcher is trying really really hard to change his nickname to Baghdad Bob. He was the laughing stock at TSB which is why he went on an AV Brownnose mission like no one done before him. In fact, his nose still drips like a 70’s era disco king.

    Unfortunately for Burcher, Baghdad Bob had way too much hair so Mr. Bigglesworth will stick for life.

    Oh yeah, and those FB posts are golden, right along with BiBi’s and her P-Posse. Screenshots are being saved for future depositions. Those silly rookies!

  • Not only the county car but also working over 160 hours of overtime in a month. Her side kick; the bonus two striper (G.D.R) who was getting paid to wipe the podiums during press conferences also had 160hrs of overtime. County car, county gas, county cell phone. Can I apply?

    Why not send these two back to a station and find some civilians to do the job for half the pay. Would save the department money right?

  • Why should they? Really? All I hear people saying is the police are no different than anybody else and should be treated the same? The laws in fact have been changing to ensure police are treated like everybody else. The concept of “qualified immunity” should be wiped out of your mind as it only applies politicians, DA’s and Judges. Those folks higher up the food chain.

    Police officers have a difficult job because idiots like to shout “they should be held to a higher standard” while they themselves act recklessly and without any regards or standards. The British learned after receiving heavy losses during the colonial war, you can’t win a war by abiding by the “Queens Rules” if your enemy has no rules.

    Most police officers will abide by a code of honor and moral decency but in the end the will to survive trumps it all. If you are confronted by someone who wants to act like savage sometimes you have to lose your “civility” and sink to the level of the savage. Meet them on their terms.

  • Thank you, I wish I could have articulated my views regarding Protect and Serve ? as complete as your post but I was so fed up with him/her I digressed..LOL

  • [WLA edit]

    On another note did you see your Daddy Villanuvea get B**** slapped by the County Coroner Lucas. In the name of Public justice he released the autopsy which showed Los Angeles County Deputies from Compton Station Murdered Andres Guardado. He wanted to hide this shooting under the run with his ” Security hold” wink wink in order to protect the Deputies. He wanted things to cool off so people would forget about this Murder at the hands of Deputies. So tell me what lies did the Deputies write in their report.
    Andreas was a Large Latino man armed with a gun. Andreas was a danger to our innocent lives. We were afraid of this Latino man ( even though we are Latinos from East Los Angeles .. Courtesy of the Sheriff’s wife ). We shot him and then ripped off the cameras from the surrounding property so the evidence will never come out. The Sheriff will protect us.. just like he protected the Deputies who took burn’t body pictures of Kobe Bryant and Co. He will stand up and say “I asked them to delete the pictures”.
    # MAGA # MAGA # Viva Covid 19
    Much respect for Joliet Police Sgt.
    Much respect for County Coroner Lucas.

  • Celeste do your damn job. You are being a hypocrite if you allow the above comment and not allow me to return my thoughts in kind. They are trying throw S**t against the wall and see what sticks… unless you work for the Villanueva’s

  • Editor’s note

    Dear “Protect & Serve ?” et al,

    If you don’t want to find your comments trashed, don’t write hate-filled diatribes that are littered with creepy sexual innuendos.

    On a related note, if you think someone else has written something that’s out of line, and that I’ve missed it, please let me know. I always appreciate such a heads up.

    (Surprising as this may sound, I don’t read every word of every comment. I’m busy. Thus, I skim, which sometimes means my eye skips over things.)

    As for telling me to “do your job,” a friendly warning, being a playground supervisor is outside of my job description. Thus if a commenter repeatedly puts me in that position, they may find themselves blocked.

    I hope the rest of your Sunday is a good one.

    PS: 9 Adam, and others. If you recognizably refer to and talk smack about individual people who are not public figures, you may find yourself deleted without notice. I’m not in a good mood.


  • Celeste.. here is one from Anonymous Deputy. Guess you are ok with her posting stuff… but oh no I can’t reply in kind to her false accusations. People I know have told me who she is. Guess it’s not hard to figure out who she is .. haha…
    July 10, 2020 at 5:23 pm
    @Let’s hear more-Protect cant apply. Hes got a prior child abuse case 8 years ago haha

  • Getting back to the original topic of this post, is anyone truly buying the fake and whiny “outrage” by the Fake Shameful Sheriff? I guess he wants all of his unknowing underlings to buy into the old and tired cry of “the Supervisors and the CEO are just picking on me” by eliminating our beloved MCJ and some of their jobs in the process. But wait, didn’t the retired lieutenant who was campaigning for the exalted and all powerful Office of the Sheriff say many times on the trail that the Board approved and funded ‘Baca & McDonnell Plan’ to rebuild and replace the old and antiquated MCJ with a brand new and shiny Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility (CCTF) was a “BAD Idea” as he attempted to garner the loving support of the anti-jails crowd as the “Progressive Democrat” candidate?

    What? Some of you don’t recall that? Really? Well let’s refresh your collective memories:

    How Sheriff Villanueva’s Election May Have Doomed LA’s New Women’s Jail

    As they say many times in court proceedings; Atty Q: Lil Allie, after reviewing your report, have you refreshed your recollection now? Lil Allie A: “But, but, but, that was before I knew what I was talking about. Now I see we need a new jail but since I released over Five Thousand (5ooo) inmates to appease the ‘No Jails’ activists and ACLU crowd, they are all taking advantage of my ignorance. That’s not fair!”

    And furthermore, morale has never been higher than under my sage and narcissistic leadership!

  • @Clown Show

    Start at 14 mins for the jails discussion. The BOS is following LT Villanueva desires as he described here. He was indecisive on a new jail and even said “push it out to the community” when referring to the housing of inmates.

    This is an example why the political machine in LA have given him the nickname Sheriff Bait and Switch, Sheriff Flip Flop.

  • Lieutenant Villanueva, Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. To make matters worse, his skippers don’t know what they don’t know.

  • I bet Bob Ohmstead is having a drink and smiling. This is AV’s Costa Concordia. The ship hit the rocks and flipped.

  • Sooooooo ur one of those guys”I heard it from a friend of a friend who is friends with the other friend”…..I would like to hire you as a fact checker…MAGA!!!!!!!

  • Editor’s Note:

    Agreed. A “like” button is sadly missing from the comments function of our particular Word Press theme.


  • To AC Clown…

    WOW! Talk about a bitter, vindictive, hyper focused, “victim”, jilted at the alter syndrome sufferer. Just because the regime changed at LASD with the election of a new sheriff and the fact you were put out to pasteur and did get the promotional bump you feel you earned by all your hard work of brown nosing, boot licking and knob shinning, you should learn to get over it. You just chose the wrong cart to hitch your team too. It happens to the lowest of you. I’m sure you were one of those executives who willingly embraced and followed the lead of the last evil Sheriff, his devilish Constitutional Policing henchwoman and the rest of the members of inner pentagram.

    Where were you when countless sergeants, custody assistants and deputies lost their jobs, livelihood and homes for often minor policy violations? Why were the guidelines used for discipline just thrown out the window? You just drove around in your clean charger, enjoyed your Megaflex, said I’m glad it’s not me and continued to do the masters evil bidding. What kind of a real leader operates on a philosophy that his own troops are “guilty until they prove themselves innocent” and fires them first before all the facts are in (if facts are even considered) and makes them fight through civil service to get their jobs back? Many folks had families, lives and bills to pay and often could bot financially wait out the deliberately drawn out civil service process “game” the lawyer heavy and deep pocketed county is so willing to play.

    I believe in Karma, and am glad you got at least a little bit that was coming to you….you did not next the promotion that was so dear to you. I believe you have done many evil deeds and ruined many lives throughout your career and hope you get everything coming to your pathetic soul as you draw your taxpayer funded pension.

    Go volunteer somewhere. I’m sure some organization would appreciate all your years of executive experience….I think the homeless population could use a leader. They are almost 200k strong. Your skills and talents slithering through the filth, slime and ooze of the “executive ranks” would make you feel right at home.

  • @Temple & Broadway,

    That link to the ABC7 Newsmaker interview is golden. Thanks for sharing as it reminds everyone of the complete incompetence and utter failure of the clown who is currently sitting in the HOJ. His name is, Shameful Sheriff Alex Villanueva.


  • AV Clown show, this is noting new. Villanueva came in with a chip on his shoulder. He wanted to play rebel, a disruptor, and living outside the rules, contemptuous of them.
    Here is the rundown of all his fiascos.
    #1. Dismiss the Department’s top executives and replace them with lieutenants.
    #2. Insult and alienate entire command staff within days of being elected.
    #3. Immediately begin insulting the people who control your money and declare war on them, investigate the body that provides oversight of your Department.
    #4. Re-hire creepy Carl.
    #5. Allow two badly needed jail projects to die, abandon two newly-renovated locations (HOJ and Biscailuz Center) because they were legacies of former Sheriffs who kept you down.
    #6. Dismiss your newly appointed top aides when they tell you the truth…and on and on.
    #7. Go back on the Creepy Carl crusade.
    #8. Getting rid of Bob Olmsted.
    #9. Getting rid of Ray Leyva.
    #10. Crusade on wanting revenge against those that allegedly wronged him.
    #11. Making decisions, promotions and the like, cosigned by his spouse.
    #13. Complains about favoritism, cronyism, and then he goes and promotes people that worked on his campaign.
    #14. Last but not least. Bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Also, an “EDIT” function like the one over at “DISQUS,” where a commenter can go back & correct a punctuation mistake, grammatical error, misspelling, etc. discovered after pushing the “Post Comment” button.

  • @Pathetic,

    What an appropriate screen name by the way. Do you feel better now after your Alex inspired tyrannical rant. I noticed you could not refute one single Villanueva failure that I and many others laid out about your incompetent and Shameful Sheriff. Maybe you should go back and give it another try. Also, maybe let Bibi or Brownnose Bigglesworth proof it for you before you click the post comment button. As you were, Recruit.


  • Wow!!! Pathetic. Interesting screen name. Since you are apparently guessing as to the circumstances that drive Clown Show, unless of course you know who he/she is and aren’t willing to confront him/her in a private setting and not as a keyboard shit talking warrior.
    So since we are guessing, my guesses…. you are a person who believes in “hitching onto a cart”. How political and shallow of you. Commenting at 0400 hours, are you unable to sleep or a lazy slap dick who is assigned EM shift but is too lazy to complete your assigned duties and instead spends time trolling this sight and throwing out insulting language to a current or past deputy sheriff?
    I respect you as a public servant but sure don’t agree with your treatment of others!!! As a suggestion, maybe your loyalty, blind or otherwise to AV, is something you should discuss with someone whose judgement you trust. Many folks were blindly loyal to a vertically challenged man of Japanese descent that was on our department. Some are now convicted felons because of it. Better to defend the department as a whole rather than the one individual who happens to be the Sheriff. It could be the ruin of not only him but also, of many others.

  • AB, does anyone remember what happened to the Captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia in Italy.

  • Following a week-long fight by Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and more than a dozen state attorneys general, the government has agreed on Tuesday to “rescind” a policy that would have affected international students who are attending institutions that have opted to go completely remote over the fall.

    “For the hundreds of thousands of international students across this country who enrich our institutions and strengthen our communities – we celebrate this victory with you,”

    A week long fight because some people cared and are stereotyped a certain way…. The promise of “how long, not long” for others to have the government and their nieghbors remove the knee from their neck… WOW!!!! A whole week of intensive protesting. I bet they are exhausted and their community and nation can’t stand them walking in the streets,,,,please explain…….

  • Anthony Brown…..and AH Clown Show…

    Must have struck a nerve. The truth hurts doesn’t it.

    STFU….and go cuddle up somewhere with your little wench. I do work, unlike you and your BFF who sleep bankers hours and troll for WLA. Your done, your day in the sun has come and gone. Resign yourself to what you are and what you got or call a PET team as reach out for some help.


  • I guess respect is one way for the likes of you. Tried to give it but you don’t see that. Figures. My nerves don’t get
    struck by keyboard warriors. Besides, you are way off target on your assessments- you must not have any investigative experience.

    Best of luck staying out of harm’s way and trying to earn/get any respect as you continue your job. Seen plenty, who seem like you, come and go. Maybe someday you can learn to be comfortable with letting your actions speak louder than your words. Might take some time, if ever, given the example you set with the cowardly and disrespectful ones you anonymously spout here.

    Guess I don’t take too kindly to a keyboard warrior telling me to STFU. Try telling someone else what to do. Bet they see right through you too.

  • Other than punctuation, grammar and sentence structure, most posts are the first things that come to mind.

  • That’s all you got? Yeah. Figures.

    BTW- maybe your boy John B. shoulda STFU. Sure doing good helping his boss with his keyboard warrior actions.
    You two must be cut from the same cloth – unless you are John B..
    Again, actions speak louder than words. Buckle up there tough guy. You gotta bumpy road ahead of you.

  • Thanks AB and T&B,

    That was some insightful coverage of the Office of the Sheriff. What an utter embarrassment to all of the hardworking and honorable members of our once proud organization.

    This Bigglesworth Breakdown is emblematic of Lt. VILLANueva’s entire psyche of not only himself, but his entire inner circle. Looks like the AV Clown Show Circus is cracking good under the pressure of all of Alex’s fumbling, bumbling and public mumblings.

    It is obvious that the Narcissist in Charge does NOT like the media’s attention on his internal scandals i.e.:
    * Getting caught trying to reinstate Creepy Carl the campaign bagman
    * Trying to obstruct the Inspector General’s oversight by announcing a scam and bogus criminal investigation against him
    * Trying to duck and run from the ‘Lancaster Sniper’ hoax; demonstrating Allie‘s true crisis leadership under fire
    * Obstruction and destruction of the Kobe Bryant crash site investigation evidence photos
    * Getting kicked out of his CEOC throne chair and replaced by a WoooooMAN.
    * The BOS putting Alex the ‘drunken spender’ on probation by restricting his LASD budgetary driving privileges. Yet, he keeps violating his probation. Gee, so it must be in his DNA.
    * Alex’s public neutering by the Board as they strip his FY20/21 budget of over $150 Million
    * Getting “played” by the Board of Supervisors for constantly talking $#!+ and losing MCJ without a new jail replacement. (An actual loss of BILLIONS as well as hundreds of ALADS dues paying positions)
    * And now a rash of “questionable” Deputy Involved Shootings, from Lancaster to Compton, that have exposed Alex’s leadership faults and incompetence at the most crucial time for our beloved profession.

    As the Hall of Justice implodes under the pressure, Alex’s tenured and hand picked Chief’s of Staff (Del Mese, Kneer, Burcher, next?) have been able to guide Allie through all of the daily challenges as his Executive Star Skippers spend their time in staff meetings watching undersheriff Magoorakami fall asleep after coordinating another Chester Chong paper mask photo op delivery.

    So how will the formerly retired lieutenant who is now playing sheriff, Alejandro VILLANueva, handle this significant and high profile (on or off duty?) misconduct that has brought discredit and embarrassment to the entire organization? Something of this magnitude would normally result in a Resignation. But there’s a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN and his name is Alex The Clown. My guess (or bet) will be that Bigglesworth Burcher wins a nice star pinning promotion by Allie & Bibi for his impressive social media warrior heroics.

    Anyone watching this Alex’s circus act willing to take that bet? Anyone?


  • T&B, the LASD ship is taking in water. The Captain says enjoy the Patron “we are in calm waters”.

  • Watch the rest of the story unfold. Burcher was sent to East Patrol Administration. Well, we all know there is no place for a Captain at a Division HQ. Could he quietly be promoted to Commander once the dust settles? Why not? His exceptional experience as a Patrol Captain (1/2 a cup of coffee at TSB) and success as Chief of Staff certainly qualifies him (sarcasm intended). SIB Captain “Kobe debacle” Valdez coming in to take his place. Any odds on how long he will last?

  • WOW!!!

    That raises the question: what criteria (NOTE–that is PLURAL) did A.V. use to choose the Chief of Staff of what the Guardian, a British publication, has called “the largest County police department in the U.S.”

    How, exactly, did Guardado choose his fate?

    He has no criminal record; he was a student at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, a top-ranked California Community College where you go to learn a useful trade ( I personally hold an Associate’s degree from there in Motorcycle Mechanics, and I think it a top-notch school).

    So how did he choose his fate?

  • So the question is how did Bigglesworth slither to Chief of Staff? Was he the Sheriff’s choice, or was he the handpicked loyalist of Assistant Sheriff Bibi. Just wondering. Who’s laughing now

  • The AV Clown Show
    July 15, 2020 at 7:47 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thanks AB and T&B,

    That was some insightful coverage of the Office of the Sheriff. What an utter embarrassment to all of the hardworking and honorable members of our once proud organization.

    This Bigglesworth Breakdown is emblematic of Lt. VILLANueva’s entire psyche of not only himself, but his entire inner circle. Looks like the AV Clown Show Circus is cracking good under the pressure of all of Alex’s fumbling, bumbling and public mumblings.

    It is obvious that the Narcissist in Charge does NOT like the media’s attention on his internal scandals i.e.:
    * Getting caught trying to reinstate Creepy Carl the campaign bagman
    * Trying to obstruct the Inspector General’s oversight by announcing a scam and bogus criminal investigation against him
    * Trying to duck and run from the ‘Lancaster Sniper’ hoax; demonstrating Allie‘s true crisis leadership under fire
    * Obstruction and destruction of the Kobe Bryant crash site investigation evidence photos
    * Getting kicked out of his CEOC throne chair and replaced by a WoooooMAN.
    * The BOS putting Alex the ‘drunken spender’ on probation by restricting his LASD budgetary driving privileges. Yet, he keeps violating his probation. Gee, so it must be in his DNA.
    * Alex’s public neutering by the Board as they strip his FY20/21 budget of over $150 Million
    * Getting “played” by the Board of Supervisors for constantly talking $#!+ and losing MCJ without a new jail replacement. (An actual loss of BILLIONS as well as hundreds of ALADS dues paying positions)
    * And now a rash of “questionable” Deputy Involved Shootings, from Lancaster to Compton, that have exposed Alex’s leadership faults and incompetence at the most crucial time for our beloved profession.

    As the Hall of Justice implodes under the pressure, Alex’s tenured and hand picked Chief’s of Staff (Del Mese, Kneer, Burcher, next?) have been able to guide Allie through all of the daily challenges as his Executive Star Skippers spend their time in staff meetings watching undersheriff Magoorakami fall asleep after coordinating another Chester Chong paper mask photo op delivery.

    So how will the formerly retired lieutenant who is now playing sheriff, Alejandro VILLANueva, handle this significant and high profile (on or off duty?) misconduct that has brought discredit and embarrassment to the entire organization? Something of this magnitude would normally result in a Resignation. But there’s a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN and his name is Alex The Clown. My guess (or bet) will be that Bigglesworth Burcher wins a nice star pinning promotion by Allie & Bibi for his impressive social media warrior heroics.

    Anyone watching this Alex’s circus act willing to take that bet? Anyone?


  • Well, usually, Rakkasan, people who want to live generally don’t work illegally as “security guards” while carrying an illegal ghost gun with an illegal extended magazine. BUT….because life is sweet, if you DID accidentally take the aforementioned ill-advised actions, you probably shouldn’t run from the police when they approach. So yeah, actions have consequences.

    Burcher is a numbskull and it’s amazing to me, as well as many other people, that AV ever even CONSIDERED him as Chief of Staff. It MAY have something to do with Burcher’s considerable campaign contributions.

    Thanks, JB….making yourself look stupid was expected, but making the entire Department look stupid and providing more ammo for the anti-cop mob is truly despicable

  • Good God, man!!!

    “Work illegally as ‘security guards'”….


    Explain–how big a deal is that?

    He was a “security guard” for one auto body shop located in an industrial area of town.

    So tell us–what are the licensing requirements for that, and are they even necessary?

    As far as the “illegal ghost gun with an illegal extended magazine” goes as D.A. Lacey asked:

    “Where did it come from?”

    Lucky thing this investigation is being monitored by

    1. The California Attorney-General
    2. The FBI

    because that might give us an honest answer to D.A. Lacey’s question.

  • I bet cabin stewart Magoorakami will be first to jump off the ship and into the life boat. Subsequently he would file for disability for his escape (oops fall) from the 8th floor of the Ship.

  • Capt Moordakami stubbed his toe and has taken a LOA as he can no longer stand at attention when LT Villanueva enters a room. It is wholly inappropriate to salute while sitting down so we’re not gonna go there.

  • I always forget, Rakkasan… have difficulty with simple logic and reasoning. I’m being honest and don’t mean to insult you. My response was to your asking how Guardado chose his fate. When you do illegal things, sometimes bad things happen….the more illegal the “thing” or the more illegal “things” done together increase the likelihood or severity of the consequence….up to death.

    If the implication is that the gun was a “throwaway” that the deputies planted on Guardado, guess again. They may have been used in the movies and the 1950’s, but in 31 years, I never even HEARD of a cop using one. And even IF the deputies had one, it wouldn’t be a large gun with an extended mag.

  • Let’s see now, McDonnell’s Chief of Staff was accomplished, intelligent and well respected by many, however, because of an old email forwarding transgression at a prior agency, he had to resign from the LASD because the standard of the Office of the Sheriff, and the LASD as a whole, had to be maintained at the high lest levels of professionalism.

  • The constant defending of LT Villanueva on Witness LA paid off. JB keeps his job, keeps his rank, and is only re-assigned. Not to worry, JB will be back on a TSB beat in December 2022.

  • Under the VILLANueva Clown Show Circus act, a barely competent captain, who is laughed at and mocked by the line staff as the #1 @$$ Kisser in the command ranks, is assigned to one of the most important positions in the LASD to sit as the trusted advisor and confidant of the Sheriff, goes on social media, many times mind you, and hurls profane insults to numerous members of the public, and what does Lieutenant Alex do to demonstrate accountability to all within and outside the organization?

    Alex cuddles and strokes his hairless and purring Mr. Bigglesworth, in his best Dr. Evil voice: “Don’t worry my trusted feline, I’ll just move you to East Patrol Division HQ and once the bad bad media and Max Huntsman look away at a new and cleverly disguised diversion, I’ll pin one, maybe two stars on your collar to reward you for all of your impressive social media attack dog (uhh, umm, cat) efforts to defend my battered reputation. I always take care of my most loyal nosers. Take notes A/S Gross!”

  • Oh, I forgot to add that Bibi did sign off on this “reassignment” (finger quotes added for dramatic effect). Mr. Bigglesworth, don’t forget to pack all of your notes on your way out. You’ll need them for those future depositions as this is also going to cost the department & county a big fat settlement check, or two, or three down the road.

    Screenshot This!

    Sheriff’s Chief of Staff Reassigned After Social Media Posts on Andres Guardado:


  • Let’s see now:
    ABC7 Eywitness News – Check
    LA Times – Check
    KNBC4 News – Check
    KCBS2/KCAL9 News- Check check

    Excerpt: “That’s offensive, and it’s vulgar,” Spencer Lucas, the Guardado family attorney, said. “We have to ask the question, if the chief of staff is coming out socially making these vulgar and offensive comments, what’s going on inside Alex Villanueva’s department when they’re trying to conduct this investigation over the last month.”

    Answer: Total Chaos & Corruption


  • @ AV Clown

    I won’t go into what has already been said. However, I must add the obvious. That by sending this “Captain” to EPD, into a made up spot, an unfunded item, the backlog for the people waiting to get promoted, on the rushed list, just got longer. And to add insult to injury, he will probably move another skipper to his staff. That, in turn, will require another back fill to the position that person vacates. That will probably be an acting person. Again, not getting the proper compensation. And so on down the line. This captain should have been sent to the position the new chief of staff currently holds. Even swap, no fiscal impact.

    For those that don’t understand how the LASD budget works, you just saw a huge waste of money. You have a $150,000 plus employee, working a position that probably doesn’t exist. And every spot vacated to fill in behind him, will require overtime, or run without. So the next time Lieutenant Villanueva complains about not having the funds, we should start with asking him why this captain, that is being compensated with a Megaflex. position, isn’t filling a budgeted item.

    It is really way more complicated than that, but I tried to explain it for those that don’t know, as simply as I could.

  • Who’s the new “Skipper?” Can we get their time in all ranks? and their education level?

    I hope this stuff is not true, if is, this is indeed a sinking ship. This is what killed morale in past administrations.

  • Unless he is being sent there as an Acting Commander. That would be even worse. Talk about rewarding bad behavior.

  • Villan’s circle of vultures ( I mean trust ) Bibi, Creepy, Batman, the CA, JB. So yes I would say he is there as Acting Commander.

  • I don’t know what the “stable genius” has in store for Burcher but it’s not promotion. Even Villanueva can see that Burcher is radioactive….he even LOOKS like a super villain. He’ll put him at East Patrol Division and wait for a captain spot to open up somewhere in the cornfields.

    Moron lieutenants and commanders are much easier to deal with, but incompetent captains are much harder to deal with….what bureau do you sacrifice by putting them in charge?

    The Guardado shooting has made NATIONAL news and AV has been fighting tooth and nail to resist the forces of evil (Huntsman and the BOS) from doing an independent investigation. Having Captain Mole Rat completely scuttle that effort by showing LASD has already determined the outcome of the investigation, had to REALLY burn AV’s frijoles.

    “Boy am I glad I’m gone,” you make some great points about how much money Burcher is costing the taxpayers, it’s amazing. The way I read the teletype is that the captain of Sheriff’s Information Bureau is moving to the Sheriff’s Office (as chief of staff?). So doing a swap (putting Burcher in charge of SIB) would be like putting Homer Simpson in charge at the donut factory.

  • @Juan, he also has a new “Trusted Advisor” another Lt. with his Doctorate. he was brought over by yours truly, Mrs. Sheriff. I won’t throw his name out, but his initials are JS. Apparently this one is so trusted he sits at the right hand and is reported to constantly lean over and whisper in his ear.

  • “I never even HEARD of a cop using one.”


    Google “Shaffer v. Field.”

    Everybody heard about THAT one.

  • The hits keep on coming with the self proclaimed King of the County. He tries to somehow explain or contextualize his decision to keep Biggles around.. when asked about the status of Jb with the department, the VILLAN said, “Well, we don’t comment on personnel matters. However, he remains as a captain and it’s a administrative investigation and we have to keep in mind though, he made the comments as a private person, not as a public official”. Does he realize that whether JB made these comments as a Public Citizen or as the Sheriff’s well the former COS his words carry weight.
    The hits keep on coming from the self proclaimed KING of the County. While there is plenty more that can be said, the idiotic ways, and the pettiness behind some of his, or Bibi’s decision making only adds to the circus which has come to be, the reign of the current VILLAN on the 8th floor at HOJ.

    Enjoy the Show!!

  • So here is an odd one. Another PhD ( oops Doctor who got his doctorate ) while at Training. Coincidently am I the only one suspicious here: JS just got elected as one of the newest Directors at PPOA.

  • @JC,

    You noted and caught how the corrupt sheriff plans to protect one of his trusted campaign donors and most vocal social media warrior commenters and spy. Let’s try to shalamalam the unknowing studio reporters with the old, “Well, he made these comments on his own time as a private citizen” so it’s probably all good. Lt. Alex Villanueva would hope that this incident fades away now that he has gone on the record and blew off the reporters with total bullshit.

    Unfortunately for scandalous VILLANueva and Bigglesworth Burcher (aka: JPB Murphy), investigative reporters Lisa Bartley and David Goldstein don’t appreciate being lied to. I’m sure they will want to know if Biggglesworth Burcher (aka: JPB Murphy) truly made these “work related” postings while “off-duty” considering that as CoS he is on a mega-flex schedule and his time records will rarely document his true hours while working (save that for deposition time). Also, they will want to verify when those social media posting were made, as well as many others that Bigglesworth Burcher (aka: JPB Murphy) has made routinely when he makes public appeals for all to call and harass the Board of Supervisors at the behest of Lil Allie & Bibi.

    Lastly, they will want to know what communications device(s) he used to make these various and many inappropriate and unethical social media postings. Were they made on his work office computer? How about his LASD iPad and/or laptop? I wonder if his LASD issued cell phone has been used for such postings?

    Good thing these electronic records are required by law to be saved for production for at least 2 years.

    Hey Alex, Lisa Bartley, David Goldstein, and any others who will be investigating the “alleged” serious misconduct of the now former Chief of Staff, here are some potential LASD policies that may have been violated by the Subject Captain:

    3-01/000.00 – Policy and Ethics

    The function of this Department involves the responsibility for the protection of life and property and enforcement of the law.  Toward this end, all employees have an obligation to the public we serve to develop and maintain the highest ethical standards in both personal and official conduct.  Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of the Department’s ethical standards.  These high standards for all Department members, both sworn and professional staff, are in accordance with our affirmative duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the California state constitution.

    3-01/000.10 – Professional Conduct

    All Department members shall be held accountable for their utterances, writings, conduct, and visual representations, including electronic and web-based communications, when they conflict with our Core Values, our Mission, or our Creed and personnel can reasonably be identified as Department members.  Personnel who cause undue embarrassment or damage the reputation of and/or erode the public’s confidence in the Department shall be deemed to have violated this policy and shall be subject to counseling and/or discipline up to and including discharge.

    3-01/030.05 – General Behavior

    A member shall not act or behave while on or off duty in such a manner as to bring discredit upon himself or the Department.

    3-01/030.07 – Immoral Conduct

    Members shall maintain a level of moral conduct in their personal and business affairs which is in keeping with the highest standards of the law enforcement profession.
    Members shall not participate in any incident involving moral turpitude which tends to impair their ability to perform as law enforcement officers or causes the Department to be brought into disrepute.

    3-01/030.15 – Conduct Toward Others

    Employees shall observe the following rules of conduct:
    * Members shall conduct themselves in a manner that will foster the greatest harmony and cooperation between themselves and the Units of the Department;
    * Members shall not intentionally antagonize any person with whom they come in contact and shall treat all persons in a respectful, courteous and civil manner;

    3-01/030.85 – Derogatory Language

    Members shall not use coarse, profane or insulting language nor use threatening or uncomplimentary terms of speech, or use terms which would defame or demean the nationality or culture of any individual.

    3-01/080.05 – Public Relations

    To facilitate accomplishment of the Department’s objectives, each member shall strive to gain public support and win friendly citizen cooperation in Department programs and procedures.
    The attitude of each member shall be one of service and courtesy, but not of servility or softness.  In nonrestrictive situations, the member should be pleasant and personal. On occasions calling for regulation and control, the member shall be firm and impersonal, avoiding an appearance of rudeness.

    3-01/100.45 – Use of Communications Equipment

    Members shall not use County communications equipment for personal, social or unofficial purposes. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, the County’s radio, telephone and computer terminal equipment.

    That’s a short list. I’m sure there may be other policies that I might have missed. No wonder Alex wants to keep Inspector General Max Huntsman out of his koolaid.


  • @ Clown

    Please expound on the two reporters being lied to. I am sure it was a daily occurrence with this group, but you have mentioned it again, so it must have some specific relation to this latest mess. If you explained before, I apologize, I missed it.

  • Re-assigned to East Patrol.. Do the people in the media know that Biggles is still at HOJ. The cat is purrrrring under the VILLAN’s desk at HOJ.
    Re-assigned say’s Leu Tenant Alejandro as he tires to collect himself. Whom is trying to fool. Well there is a new a** kisser in town and he is Leu Tenant JS.
    This circus keeps on givin!!

  • So u gotta bash TSB with ur comment….Bet u are one of those station blowhards who is the king of 212, kissin off paper and never takin the handle, assclown for sure. You most likely sat at courts or in the jails ur whole career. You are the reason LASD has so much chaos. Oh yea, u work days and run around tellin war stories…get a life bro!

    Lastly, save your return fire of fast stations and “how much work you put in”. This comment h as nothing to do at all with the current sheriff and JB incident( I really like JB seems like a very competent Capt) but how would you know ur too busy taking people to the house at Lennox oops I mean SLA, bet that one went right over your little melon!

  • “You are the reason LASD has so much chaos” you talking about chaos. Currently we are the joke of all LE. Open your eyes or did you get fed the COOL AID with some patron added to it.

  • @Glad

    It’s become a routine process with Alex and his media “strategist” Elizabeth Espinoza. When Allie is getting hammered on any one the numerous leadership failures of his, Liz will reach out to her old TV newsroom producer contacts to offer up an “exclusive” right to interview the sheriff “LIVE” during a broadcast. This is usually at the same time that Alex and crew are refusing to comment to any print media interviews as they are usually much more intensive and ask detailed and follow up questions when provided B.S. answers.

    The “Live” TV exclusives are usually very limited in time and are practically scripted by Liv with softball questions on which topics Allie will be “allowed” to comment on. Then when Alex is allowed to provide his disingenuous responses on just about any controversial topic, the TV studio broadcasters rarely challenge him and quickly move on to the next topic before the 2 – 3 minute “Live” broadcast interview concludes. The extra benefit for VILLANueva and strategist Liz Espinoza is that those impromptu “live” appearances rarely make it into any final news story that will be posted onto their website for future or repeated viewing. If Alex, Bibi and Liz really like something that he was able to say, they will record that little snippet and post on his social media platforms for his “look at me” moment.

    Some recent examples of his rarely challenged bullshit are:

    * The Board and CEO are shorting him $400 million from his budget because “they don’t like me.”
    * The Board won’t deposit the $30 million into my accounts for the Body Cam Program
    * Deputies were forced to shoot the armed Suspect Guardado during a foot pursuit
    * He didn’t know nuthin about the public complaint on the Kobe crash photo scandal
    * The CEO is refusing to pay the potentially COVID exposed deputies on home quarantine
    * He was forced to promote the Malibu/Lost Hills Captain, without his promised city selection interviews and who was previously rated #10 out of 10, due to the emergency need for him to remove the “Acting” Captain title because of all of the protests and marches that never came anywhere near Malibu or Calabasas.

    I mean, the list could go on and on and on. It’s just part of his DNA.

  • I would be more concerned about David Goldstein taking an interest in the department than the FBI. Goldstein is going to find all of LT Villanueva’s dirty laundry and put it on a clothes line on Spring Street.

  • @ Clown Show,

    Thank you for the update.

    I can only imagine having to deal with “Liz.” I had a hard enough time with Carol and “Baghdad Bob” Whitmore. It is strange because Carol seemed so good while at CNN, and was very polite, but didn’t transition well to the media side of the department. I battled with her many times about a very positive story for the department and deputies, that she shot down. I guess it just didn’t fit her narrative if it didn’t involve new buckles or snaps or didn’t feature McBuckles. And of course no one would dare cross her. Just like you knew you were going to war if you crossed either of those so called “Constitutional Policing Advisors” on discipline they didn’t approve of. The later was my downfall.

    Baghdad Bob was just on an ego trip. The most dangerous place to be, was between him and a potential national news story camera.

    Boy am I glad I am gone!

  • Been around long enough to see this pendulum swing both ways several times. When this fails, they will build a new jail. Its just the latest fad.

  • I think it’s soo sad how some of these people that are incarcerated have families that need them and are locked in there for “crimes” but they don’t have a chance to fight it in court. Stop locking out people away to make money for the city. We get taxed for everything. And incarcerations is one of those things. It’s time to let people out with their families. Be decent humans. Not slave holders. It’s not fair.

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