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PANDORA’S BOX GOES TO TRIAL: Is Paul Tanaka the “Subject” of a Criminal Investigation….or the “Target”


Last December, seven members of the LA County Sheriff’s Department were indicted for conspiracy to obstruct justice pertaining to the alleged hiding of federal informant Anthony Brown from his FBI handlers, and related actions, an assignment that came, unofficially, to be be called “Operation Pandora’s Box.

In total, 20 members of the LA County sheriff’s department have been indicted as part of the FBI investigation into allegations of civil rights violations and corruption, a probe that U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte described last year as “ongoing and wide-ranging.”

In May of this year, Deputy James Sexton, one of the seven obstruction defendants, was tried separately. The result was a mistrial. The remaining six—deputies Mickey Manzo and Gerard Smith, sergeants Scott Craig and Maricella Long and lieutenants Greg Thompson and Stephen Leavins—are on trial now.

It was near the end of Monday’s cross examination of former undersheriff Paul Tanaka that Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Fox asked Tanaka a curious question.

Monday was Tanaka’s second day of testimony at the federal trial of six members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The six—which included two deputies, two sergeants and two lieutenants— were being tried for obstruction of justice having to do with their respective parts in allegedly hiding a federal informant by the name of Anthony Brown from his FBI handlers, and other similar actions that, in the summer and fall of 2011, according to the government’s lawyers, were intended to get in the way of the feds’ undercover investigation into wrongdoing by deputies in the LA County jail system.

Last month, Tanaka testified at the trial of a seventh department member, Deputy James Sexton, who was also charged with obstruction of justice. (Sexton’s case resulted in a mistrial due to a hopelessly deadlocked jury.)

At the Sexton trial, prosecutor Fox made news when he asked the former undersheriff—who is also still a candidate for sheriff—if he was aware that he was the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Now, Fox seemed to be continuing that same conversation when he asked—mid-cross—if Tanaka “received the the letter that informed you that you that you were not the target of a criminal investigation before your grand jury testimony…?”

“Yes,” Tanaka replied. The jury and others in the courtroom already knew that the former undersheriff had testified before the grand jury regarding the whole obstruction of justice issue in December 2012, which pegged the “not-a-target” letter to around eighteen months ago.

Fox followed up. “You’ve not been given any representation about whether or not you’re a target since then?”

Tanaka’s expression shuttered.

“I have not,” he said.


The twosome of questions was particularly interesting in that last month, at the Sexton trial, Fox specifically said Tanaka was the subject of a criminal investigation, which is reportedly one step less ominous than being the target.

At the opening of Monday’s cross examination Fox again brought up that the former undersheriff is the “subject of an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Then some minutes later, while Fox didn’t say Tanaka was a target, he seemed to strongly imply that any not-a-target assurances the former undersheriff may have received back in 2012, were now null and void.

The remark was additionally provocative in that it came after a series of exchanges during Fox’s cross examination of Tanaka in which Fox confronted the former undersheriff with the fact that certain elements of his testimony at this trial (and at Sexton’s trial, for that matter), differed in important ways from his December 2012 grand jury testimony, and also with the way he answered in a separate FBI interview in November 2012.

In his testimony at this and Sexton’s trial, Tanaka had made a point of saying that an LASD team had moved inmate and federal informant Anthony Brown around to outlying areas of the jail system, and changed his name and other identifiers, as part of a “mission” to “insure the inmate’s safety,” which had been his and the sheriff’s primary concern, he said.

However in his November 2012 FBI interview and his 2012 grand jury testimony, it seems that Tanaka “never talked about Anthony Brown’s safety and security.”

“In assessing the whole situation over a period of three years,” Tanaka said on Monday when confronted with the discrepancy, he had the “clear recollection” of having given the order to keep Anthony Brown safe.


At another point in his testimony, Tanaka admitted to Fox that “it’s possible” that he and the other LASD higher-ups had the LASD executive offices swept for bugs, evidently out of the conviction that the FBI may have planted hidden microphones. And, yes, it was also possible they’d had the “task force offices” swept as well, meaning the temporary task force formed to handle the Anthony Brown matter, and related.

More on the trial later this week.


  • Paul, it’s only a mater if time. Mr. Fox was sending a very clear message to the jury that you are next. That exchange slams the door shut to the jury that those who gave the orders, you and Baca, are toast. Your ridiculous notion that Brown was hidden for his safety is not only laughable but it is insulting. Where has every cop killer been housed over the last 40 years? MCJ 1700-1750 or 2904. Where was Deputy Escallante’s killer housed during all of these shenanigans? MCJ.

    All of your arrogance, your absolute abuse of authority and power, the good people who would not play your game and you destroyed, all of your illegal activities, a great department you destroyed, it’s all coming around and your worst nightmare will come true. All of your empire building, dirty campaign employee shakedown money you collected and the 10 year campaign you’ve plotted for Sheriff, is going to be pulled right out from underneath your feet. And finally, all the people who’ve been slapping you on the back, kissing your ass and carrying your water, they will be nowhere to be found. It’s over Paul. It’s just a matter if time. I’m sure McDonnell is measuring the drapes and office carpet and picking out colors for new paint.

  • @#1…..Your comments are truly prophetic. It is just a matter of time, for the h a mere to drop. This should send a dual message to the Good and the Bad in the LASD….For the good and the new deputies, continue to do the right thing, no matter how much pressure that is applied for you to do otherwise. For the deputies who are “in the car” and for those who want to get in……find your way to another agency. This is the dawning of a New Era for the LASD. (ALADS….YOU ARE NEXT) Your incompetent representation for deputies and the skimming of the membership dues will be exposed. How long did you really think you could pull this off? It’s just a matter of time.

  • Whether or not Tanaka is the subject or target of the investigation (and I hope he is), I think it’s helpful that the jury believe he is, or at least has not been discounted. That was one of the major flaws in the Sexton case, in my opinion–that you see this lowly deputy who did what he was told AND cooperated with the feds, and I just think most people have a hard time screwing him over when the shot callers are still running around high and mighty (influencing and campaigning and such). Moreover, Tanaka’s entire defense (such as it is) relies on his belief that what he did and ordered was legal. So if that’s cast in further doubt, it also doesn’t bode so well for these current defendants.

  • Wow, just WOW……Tanaka stepped all over himself. Perjury anyone? That will top the list of all charges they will lay at Tanaka’s feet. Having a little trouble sleeping lately? Nightmares of your impending doom? Hey Paul, I hear the tennis courts at Lompoc are pretty nice. Maybe you and Leroy can get adjoining cells with Corona.

  • Tanaka, where’s your dignity…?
    I don’t understand why you even bothered running for Sheriff in the first place…
    It seems to be that the more you open your mouth the more you contradict yourself…
    Hope you get indicted by the Feds in the not so distant future…

  • Well, the ICIB Sergeant who testified yesterday didn’t really help the defendants all that much either. Yes, they were his partners……

  • Tanaka believed what he was doing was so legal that he swept his office for bugs, blacked out meeting room windows, had his name removed from memorandums he authored and ordered personnel to call him on his cell phone if the Feds wanted to contact Inmate Brown for an interview. I wish the prosecutor would ask Tanaka that doesn’t seem strange that you went to these extreme lengths to PROTECT Inmate Brown for “snitching” for fear that deputies would harm him, but in the history of the LASD not once were these methods deployed to protect an inmate who has murdered a deputy or peace officer for fear of retaliation from custody deputies.

    It was classic when Tanaka testified that the reason he never stated that Brown was being moved for his protection in the FBI/Grand Jury testimony, but stated the protection scam on the stand yesterday, was due to him “Refreshing” his memory from documents his lawyer had him review!! You bush league goof!!

  • Everyone, everyone, please be patient with PT. What did we all expect from someone with so little experience working the field? He probably testified a handful of times on the stand as a hard charging Deputy. Give the guy a break, he’s slowly learning to to testify in front of a jury. Better late than never!

  • Not really…ever heard the expression, “The Feds can get a grand jury to indict a cheese sandwich?” Until they get Baca indicted or PT, these 6 will walk, just like Sexton. How many times did the Feds present this case to the GJ before an indictment was delivered? Three times? Four? This is all because the Sheriff tried to intimidate the FBI agent at her home, nothing more…But your precious LASD will be destroyed in the process. Be careful what you wish for – McDonnell is LAPD trained which means he goes C-7 for lunch while the city burns, riots, maims and kills…

  • @Interesting…go back to making calls for PT’s campaign. Shoot – write a check for $1500 more to try to get the loser elected. His 33 years of law enforcement is sooooo amazing. Just ask him how awesome of a leader he is as he will be sure to tell you. Here’s the deal…less than 15% of the general electorate voted for your man. They are calling it like they see it…the man is a lying jerk.

  • Well Sexton did assist the FBI, he had a very smart attorney and $$$ sure helps. Just waiting to see another movement list in addition to the other two.



    We who are watching this case (and who watched Sexton’s case) kept hoping that somebody would call Baca. From what we hear, though, one of the main reasons no one has called him is due to the assumption that the former sheriff would simply take the 5th. The thinking is, he has little motivation to do otherwise. Thus he would not do the defense—or the prosecution, for that matter—much good.

    I should say, however, that while I’ve talked to a couple of the defense attorneys, I’ve not talked to anyone who has talked directly to Baca’s attorney, so this is just reasonably informed speculation.

    Hope that helps.


  • Am I a criminal? The world knows I’m not a criminal. What are they trying to put me in jail for? You’ve lost common sense in this society because of religious fanaticism and dogma.- Jack Kevorkian

  • @Makehimstop…nope, not a fan of PT or Baca. The real issue is that these six were used by those in power. And, those shot callers have escaped (to date) prosecution…..my comment on McDonnel is only meant to say he’s no Messiah for LASD. The jails will always be a violent place because it reflects our violent society with the worst of the worst housed in the LA County system….it is apparant you have personal issues related to Tanaka and i hope this message board provides you the method to vent your feelings… a blind man can see that PT has no chance to win the November election.

  • Remember how long it took for the Feds to file charges against Michael Carona? A lot of information has come to light about Paul and Leroy’s running of the dept.   I would not be surprised if they have to worry about more than Pandora’s box. One of the charges Carona faced (although he was acquitted) was he misused his office to enrich himself and others.   Hopefully the Feds are looking at  all of Paul and Leroy ‘s shenanigans.

  • I wonder if the sheriff taking the fifth would help the prosecution, though? Because it would rebut Tanaka’s claim that everything he did was a the sheriff’s orders, and he only follows lawful orders.

  • I saw the dedication of the new BC today and it was very eye opening. Old photos, old brass and words of tradition and history. Bob Edmonds, Beth Dickinson and words about BC and its tradition. That was yesteryear. When Sheriff Baca took office he had a vision of LASD2. Well we know how that turned out. Sheriff Scott is the right man at the right time. Tradition has been peaking its head up. Things aren’t perfect, nor with they every be, but we are on the right track. A lot of people are being checked and reminded we serve the public, not the man. Remember why we’re 10-8..

  • Trust & Believe. ….Baca stepping down, has very little to do with Pandora’s Box. Just like Bengazi, the smoke screen was that the people there, were upset over a movie depicting Muslims in a negative way. When it was all over, that was not the case. Likewise in this scenario, this federal case is just a diversion of something 10X bigger than Pandora’s Box. Wake up students.

  • Boomer, you’ve gone from quoting Churchill to Kevorkian, and you’re making less and less sense. Pill call on the 7th floor bud. Take your meds.

  • LASD2, the BC rededication is just the last salvo of Baca’s insane plan to recreate the department of 1960. The taxpayers were stuck paying $27 million for refurbishing a small facility that was abandoned in 1984 because IT WAS TOO SMALL. Guess what? It’s still TOO SMALL! In fact, even smaller because the operation is considerably bigger. There are only a few fools left on the department that view the BC Academy with any fondness, and they should be fired.

    The facilities are horrible, parking is non-existent, there is a critical lack of bathrooms, lockers, classroom space, and oh yes, the methane alarms go off periodically and you have to run for your lives – great place to host a POST academy! Just learn to step over the landmines when you PT and its all good!

    Baca hatched this horrible idea about the same time he decided to go back to HOJJ (at a cost of $260+ million). He also dropped a cool $2 million for the BC range that sits empty, unused. The real kicker is that the STARS Center in Whittier cost $1 dollar and Baca gave it away, piece by piece, to a variety of public entities, all for the privilege of going back to a place that was abandoned for good cause.

    The funny part is listening to executives sell this boondoggle as a cure-all for “getting tough.” Memo to all execs: it’s the program, not the location.

    And lastly, I read Sheriff Scott’s explanation for all the leadership movement, and I have only one observation: you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  • LATBG. Obviously you have very little time on the Department which explains your lack of fondness for the “old academy”. Sorry, I retired before I got fired. Respectfully: the Old Fools Club”.

  • is it safe to surmise that there will be no facilities adorned with Baca’s name, e.g., Sherman Block HQ Bldg, PHR, BC?

  • You can only run 1 class of 70 recruits at BC . Figure out how many classes a year. Also STARS academy isn’t closing. So tax payers can thank Mr Kanabe for the additional 500k cost per academy class held at STARS. There isn’t a PT field. Recruits need travel time. All this was documented and fell on deaf ears.

  • 70 recruits only per class at BC. STARS will not close causing tax payers 500 k per academy. All this was documented and submitted to baca. There is no PT field at STARS. Recruits have to commute to a local high school. 1extra week in the academy

  • #23..and there will continue to be matters, as a result of bad past decisions, that we will contiune to deal with and rectify. Recongnition is the first step in moving on. Most agree as to how we arrived at the crossroads. Continuing to blame, point fingers and promote personal attachs will not move us forward. It’s nice to vent but there comes a point in time to move on. As for the Sheriff’s explanation, what do you expect a person in his position to say. No matter who the boss is, there will always be the disgruntled and pissed off with the direction. If you have as much courage as described in your “chicken shit” comment, go up to the Sheriff and provide him with some fact based wisdom.

  • Well I’ll be damned….Lt. Leavins took the stand in his defense. I guess I can’t really blame him considering other supervisors (former executive) and an ICIB Sergeant threw him under the bus this week during their testimonies.

  • @ #23.> Don’t trip Bro….It’s all about tradition. We’ve spent millions & millions on lawsuits for use of force settlement. LAPD still use their original academy. Itssymbolic. Let it go.

  • I understand there had to be some changes from the old regime, but some of the changes Scott made appear to be very simular to what the previous regime did. Moving certain people that did not deserve to be moved and at the same time moving certain people to units without any experience required for that special unit. If you remove someone from a position because he does not have sufficient administrative experience, but then move a captain to a specialized unit without any prior experience for that unit, it looks fishy. I have noticed a strong pro Carson movement since Scott assumed control, hmmmm!

  • #31: I agree. Sheriff Scott, I thought you came in to get rid of the nonsense PT was doing? The “I’m always right, I’m always perfect, I’m the supreme being” attitude? What happened??? You let some Jerks make moves for you then you insult your Deps by writing an email explaining none of the moves were “retaliatory”? Give me a freak en break Sir! I’d have more respect if you would have told us the truth. You want to rid the Dept of leadership related to Mr Baca and PT, ok! But to write some bull crap about moving people based on their strengths? Please Sir! Maybe you aren’t making these changes, and let someone like Mr Rodgers do it for you? What a shame! I actually like Mr Rodgers, but this nonsense of moving some good people out and moving some inexperienced people in their place, based on friendships/politics, that’s NOTHING MORE THAN THE CRAP PT AND HIS CLOWNS WOULD HAVE DONE. AGAIN, THATS THE CRAP PT AND HIS BAFOONS WOULD HAVE DONE!!!! Don’t sell us that nonsense that you (a very smart man) and MAJOR Execs worked on for 5 months! Please Sir! Moving a Capt into Narco who’s NEVER even written a SW? A Capt into SLA who might go out on stress because he can’t handle it again? (Us Century folks especially appreciate that laugh!) You need more? I like the new Capt at MCB! Great man, loves his PT too. Interesting, get him out of his current spot to get him out of Mr Rodgers hair? And make it look like retaliation was a “nonfactor”? These moves are needless Sir. I can guarantee you most of us can’t stand and don’t care for the execs that were moved or “Appointed” to a new loc, but PLEASE, it’s vindictive. Just like Mr Baca, you are in charge, so it’s on you Sir. I’d be careful who you trust. Ask around some, you’ll be surprised.

  • Notice to ALL LASD members….. If you haven’t worked Carson, you ain’t getting to specialized units, like Arson. POW!!

    Carson is the new Century/Lennox/CPT

    You better recognize!!!!

  • How is it that a Deputy finishes the Sergeant’s test in band 4, beefs his oral score and ends up in band 1 and now on the intent to promote list? Is it that he happens to be one of the Sheriff’s drivers? Is it that he also happens to have a brother who is a Captain? So the oral panel that scored him was that screwed up? Did they not know what they were doing? Sheriff Scott, why don’t you answer that in a department wide email?

  • Real Deal, LAPD never abandoned their Academy but expanded to Westcbester. I doubt anyone is advocating closing that and trying to cram back into the original one. And no I am far from being “new.” STARS started in 1984, meaning the first graduates are already retiring. In fact, tradition as known by 99% of the department IS Whittier.

    Regarding chicken salads, for those demanding facts to present to the sheriff, here is a simple fact: the entire management staff was appointed on a non-competitive basis through political patronage. If YOU have evidence to the contrary please share with all. Pay for play speaks for itself.

    McDonnell has two choices: retain the current incompetent management staff and weed them out slowly through attrition, but that will saddle the department with lost productivity, reforms delayed over decades, and internal resistance to reform that will cost $$$.

    The other option is to fire those you can for cause, allow to fail those who have been shielded from responsibility, and for the remainder to apply for their current positions based on criteria established by the sheriff. There will be a lawsuit or two from the incompetent and/or corrupt, but it will be a bargain compared to the first choice. Sweeten the deal with some golden parachutes.

    The ball is in Mcdonnells hands, bold reform immediately, or painfully protracted reform that will cost ten times as much.

  • Poor winners taunt and ridicule losers after victory. People do not respect poor winners. Classy people are modest and considerate after victory. It’s called good sportsmanship and shows one has positive character. Anybody care to guess which executive has called all the recent shots to have people demoted and rolled up in a viciously retaliatory manner? Hint- He once said he knew who “those people” are, claimed to be the “inside-outsider” and fancies himself to be a victim of bullying. Today he hides behind his friend with the muscle (figuratively) to carry out the payback. Anyone care to tell me how this can be construed as moving forward? I’m curious. Boomer

  • LATBG, your proposed solutions for Jim McDonnell are a scorched earth approach which ignores the fact that members of LASD are not “at will” employees as in much of private industry. You say a “few law suits”, I say you’d be enjoined. I think you’re saying that there is not a single competent, honest or ethical employee above the rank of Lt. I guess your solution is to fire for “cause” which you don’t define, & suspend the rank of the rest pending a new standard yet to be determined. That approach has a certain logic but even you can’t believe is possible. Jim McDonnell will struggle in his leadership role with the presence of the Inspector General & looming Federal intervention. There will be a lot of cooks in the LASD kitchen. I don’t envy Jim McDonnell as the new Sheriff, I just hope he has a long horizon & the constitution of a battleship.

  • Boomer, Classy people with positive character don’t threaten to ” Dispatch people to Mira Loma” for not being in your radio car of trust either. Something you just were boasting about, remember?

  • Boomer,
    Re: 36
    Is this the same Boomer who talked eight truckloads of shit before the primary? Is this the same Boomer who ridiculed others on a regular basis? Is the same Boomer who said he would be getting people promoted “while shuttling punks and clowns”?

    “Classy people are modest and considerate after victory”.
    You’re half right Boomer. Classy people are modest and considerate all the time. It’s the way they conduct themselves on a regular basis. Even before the game begins. They don’t talk smack before the contest. You got spanked in the contest. And now that the game is over, some of the winners are pointing at the scoreboard and saying: “What’s up now bitch”?
    Of course they’re going to talk shit back at you. You talked plenty of it before the game began. You taunted them on a continual basis. You promised them you were going to spank them. And now you want to tell them how to be classy and modest? Lmao.
    Maybe the huge helping of crow you got served up for dinner on June 3rd, along with the humble pie you were forced to eat on June 4th has given you a new outlook.
    Now they have YOU telling them to be classy and MODEST. My gawd, you can’t make this shit up.
    It’s like getting popped for deuce and having to go see Waldie. Hilarious.

    But it’s never too late to learn Boomer. Did you learn anything?

  • Boomer thank for the lesson on sportsmanship. It was in short supply when Paul and his team were in charge. Paul made it clear, whether you worked hard or not, if you were not loyal to him you have nothing coming. If you were not one of his boys, you languished forever in some meaningless assignment. His boys went to coveted assignments whether they had experience or not, sometimes right off intent lists. Vindictiveness was the name of the game under Tanaka. Some of his thugs got religion after he was forced out. Others continued to support him. Regardless they all willingly played dirty to benefit themselves. Now he lost and he is out and suddenly we now need to make decisions based on experience and capabilities!

    A great many of good people got marginalized under Paul. I was not one of them. Many benefited under Paul. They need to accept their assignments with grace and a commitment to the organization. Finally, the notion that the only workers on this Department come from Reg 2 was just plan goofy. And I spent 20 years of my 30+ in Reg 2. Paul’s Captains and commanders being moved all make a lot of money. Twice a month they will get a reminder of how they benefited under Paul.

  • LATBG: What is your issue with us “old timers”, Didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders. What is your opinion on the “greatest generation”. You know, all those old World War Two veterans. Out of sight out mind huh?

  • @Mutal Assured Destruction

    Funny how favoritism changes the scale. Guess if you’re one of the boys your score goes up during the appeals. Over 30 other undesired deps got bent over and lost points on their appeal. Just curious how someone can be in band 2, then dropped 60 points! Not to mention dropping people with exact amount of points that will disband them? How do 2 seperate raters find a difference of 60 points? Anybody? Maybe that can be in the next email too.

  • Bandwagon, as I observed a while back, Baca and Tanaka read the “old timers” correctly and exploited your vulnerability: ambition. Too many of your generation bought into the “What’s In it for me” and forgot to give a shit about the entire organization, thus corruption took hold and set in. Deeply. That’s why we have an outsider poised to take over, how sad.

    There are a few honest people left at the rank of captain and commander, but they are a decided minority. That’s what happens when you promote at any rank based on connections, not qualifications. Extend that theory for over a decade and you have a rotten leadership, prone to catastrophic failure. Did we not hear that term ad nauseum in the debates?

    My opinion of the greatest generation is that they would be embarrassed at what befell of the LASD. They were defined by putting the interests of the country ahead of their own, even at the cost of their lives. Look at our current leadership (or lack thereof), they were only worried about one thing and one thing only: their next promotion. They didn’t give a rat’s ass about all the bodies lying all over the place, as long as there was no blood on their shoes. This includes unfortunately Todd Rogers, the professional Silent Sam.

    Corruption doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It takes the willful participation of many, and the quiet acceptance of those who could have prevented all of this from occurring. Pandora’s Box would have been nothing more than a shouting session on the fourth floor of SHB if a brave ANYBODY would have told Baca and Tanaka that it’s illegal to obstruct a federal investigation in any capacity, including any act of furtherance from that point forward.

    You may not like my approach, but the choices are clear. McDonnell can fix it in one term and move forward, or we can deal with it for the next twenty. As we speak, sergeants and lieutenants are lining up to follow in the footsteps of all those who failed at their most basic obligation, yet were amply rewarded with metal on their collar.

    It’s time to embark on an entirely new direction, and McDonnell HAS the mandate, much to your dismay.

  • @Stuff, @Oh Well, and @Handicapper. Apparently my posts are a little above your heads. You simpletons just don’t get that it’s not about me. I don’t whine or complain, I educate and if that doesn’t work regulate. It’s been well established that I’m an Adam Henry who believes in a good Region 2 ass whooping and Willowbrook tosses when the situation calls for it. I’ve never hidden that fact. Trust me when I say the “radio car of trust” is alive and well. I predict a “one-term wonder” from this so-called regime. My point was that if PT had pulled this move you whiners would be crying foul all the way to the FBI. The recent shenanigans will do nothing but further the dissention and erode the morale of all who saw through the BS memo from Scott and Rogers. It was highly offensive to anyone in tan and green. One huge step backwards just like the move back to BC. Hopefully you morons understand power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I didn’t make it up. Boomer!

  • If PT would have pulled this? You educate and regulate? Those Willowbrook tosses you speak of, you’re smoking the rock from those tosses and not booking any evidence!!! I would love to meet you for coffee and see exactly how your résumé reads Boomer. You’re an out and out POSER.

  • LATBG: You are right partner, obviously anyone older than 40 has no integrity. If it makes you feel better, you can blame me personally for all the Department’s ills. I will strive to live up to your expectations in the future.

  • LATBG, your analysis is perfectly stated and spot on. PT had one goal, absolute control of LASD via his unchecked empire building through ruthless and measured tactics. Thugs, cowards, bullies and self-serving zeroes carried his water and executed his orders to include, the unlawful orders now playing out in Federal Court. And to this moment, he could care less but for his own narcissistic agenda. Paul, the fall will be long and hard.

  • Hey boomer regulate this: ALADS is going to endorse Jim McDonnell next Tuesday. Try to lie about that toss…

  • That awkward silence when the supposed “Big Man On Campus” (Boomer) is called out for his BS while hiding behind the anonymous screen name, and his friends just stare at him because they realize his is all talk.

    Ok, let me have it, I’m not allowed in your “radio car of trust,” “you laid the first brick at all Region 2 stations,” “blah, blah, blah!” Let’s here it J.D. Buck Savage!

  • Boomer,
    You could have the best message in the world and 90% of those you deliver it to aren’t going to hear it. The problem isn’t with your message. The problem is the messenger.
    Apparently nobody ever gave you this advice.
    Be confident, not arrogant. Be strong, not abrasive. Be empathetic, not emotional. Be intelligent, not a know-it-all. Be determined, not pushy. Be truthful, not spiteful. Be kind, not weak. Be knowledgeable, not a braggart.

  • Boomer and Dulce… The current team is trying to clean up the mess Tanaka and Baca left. Several executives were complicit in many of the scandals. Some will be demoted, others will be transferred and a few will be encouraged to retire but I doubt when the current disruption is over that any of these guys will treated with same lack of professionalism as many good people were treated by Tanaka.

  • #49, “Frank Murphy”…now that is funny re: toss. If Alads is going to endorse McDonnell….aren’t members supposed to vote on it? I haven’t seen anything in the mail regarding this.

    Anyone else have info on this…..

  • #57 Investgative Mind, “Willowbrook tosses when the situation calls fo it” as boomer puts it got several young impressionable deputies fired. I was joking about that but only partially. That kind of working in the grey is hopefully gone with pt, who’s ppl condoned the grey. Multiple patrol trainees were pressured to “work the grey” or be labled a snitch. I can proudly say I never instructed my trainees to lie on a report to solidify resonable suspision. I was trained early on only incompetent cops work backwards to bolster their statistics.

    As far as ALADS goes, I don’t know how it’s supposed to work re voteing, but I don’t think the majority will have a problem with ALADS endorsing McDonnell.

  • @Investigative Mind: In case you don’t remember, the membership did vote on it, and McDonnell won the endorsement, but ALADS chose to be cautious because the vote was really close amongst the Top 5 candidates. So now that it’s down to 2, it makes sense to endorse the guy who already won the memberships vote. In fact, if they had endorsed Tanaka I think the people who took the time to vote would have cried foul. Just my two cents.

  • Investigative Mind………you are totally correct. Membership should have a say so in the endorsement process. Once again those who pay have no say. This is typical of ALADS. They should at least mail out a ballot.

  • @Investigative Mind. If the ALADS bylaws are anything like PPOA, the Executive Board or Directors have the right to make their decision of endorsement on “behalf” of their membership. Even if they polled their members, it would only be an advisory vote. PPOA and ALADS are going to back a winner, not a loser. They were wise to not endorse anyone during the primary election, simply too many candidates. Now it is just down to two players, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Tanaka will come within a hundred miles of McDonnell come November. The PPOA and ALADS endorsement will open up a couple of million dollars for “Independent Expenditure (IE)” money to be spent on their endorsement, no limit to IE donations. PPOA and ALADS can absolutely burry Tanaka with negative media ads. It is their money, they can do as they wish. With their kind of bucks, they can and will expose Tanaka for every scandal he has every been involved in, directly and indirectly, via television and radio.

    This will be sweet, very sweet. Fasten your seatbelt Paul Tanaka, you are about to fly into a Level 5 hurricane. Read it and Weep.

  • Okay thanks everyone re: endorsements. I remember receiving a ballot back in March for candidates running for Sheriff, but didn’t hear anything about recent one after election night.

    Then again with the trial, transfers, demotions, promotions, retirements, etc….I probably missed something.

    Happy Father’s Day everyone.

  • It’s a fact that Hayhurst & Divis received visits from Tanaka earlier this year. ….All fact. It’s going to be funny to see how that works. If Hayhurst is involved any form or fashion. It will have a spin to it. When Paul Tanaka and Floyd Hayhurst leave for finality, then ALADS & LASD can breath a sigh of RELIEF

  • Seeing that McDonnell will be the next Sheriff of Los Anngeles, Does the endorsement mean the whole enchilada of PAC money also. Every deputy should be kept abreast of money that is spent on politicians. The majority of members were kept in the dark regarding the ONE MILLION given to Mark Ridley Thomas. Funny how so called “Conservative Republicans” talk shit about Democrats on the Board of Supervisors, yet ALADS compromise and throw out money like it’s not theirs.( It’s not. It is the 7000+ members money). Straight Sham-A-Lam. More accountability from ALADS should be mandatory with actual indicators showing the complete financial status of ALADS.

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