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Gov. Newsom Signs Executive Order Closing Prisons and Youth Lockups to New Prisoners

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

California’s 35 prisons and four juvenile facilities will no longer accept new intakes, at least temporarily, under a new executive order from Governor Gavin Newsom meant to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The order, signed on Tuesday evening, March 24, requires local jails and juvenile facilities to keep those adults and kids convicted of felonies who would otherwise be transferred to an adult or youth lockup run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The point, Gov. Newsom said, “to make sure we’re not mixing” our incarcerated populations and creating more opportunities for the virus to spread behind bars.

Newsom suspended new prison intakes for 30 days with the option to extend the ban “if suspension continues to be necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of inmates and juveniles in CDCR’s custody and staff who work in the facilities.”

Late on Sunday, CA prison officials announced the first confirmed case of a prisoner having contracted COVID-19 at California State Prison-Los Angeles County, in Lancaster.

In addition to the Lancaster case, two CDCR employees at California State Prison, Sacramento, three at California Institution for Men, and a sixth employee at Folsom State Prison have tested positive for COVID-19, as of March 24, according to the CDCR. A seventh worker at California Health Care Facility, a prison in Stockton, has also tested positive but reportedly did not expose other staff or prisoners before being quarantined.

“The State of California is responding in real time and fighting hard to deploy every resource to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and we are working with our public health experts, corrections system and our local sheriff’s departments to ensure proper protocols and procedures are in place to effectively limit risks in correctional facilities,” said Governor Newsom.

Sheriff’s departments running big jail systems, including LA County’s, have been working to reduce low-level arrests and increase early releases. Yet justice reform advocates say more could be done at the local level, and have called on Newsom and state officials to ramp up early releases, as well as compassionate releases for sick and elderly people, in the state’s overcrowded prisons where social distancing is all but impossible.

The governor has not indicated he will support earlier releases from prison, however.

Additionally, coronavirus concerns had previously put parole hearings, which are conducted in-person, on pause at least until March 31.

With Tuesday’s executive order, Newsom sets a timeline and requirements for the state to get regular parole hearings back on track by harnessing the power of videoconferencing tools.

The governor has ordered the Board of Parole Hearings to get remote parole meetings functional by April 13, at the latest — a little less than a month after state officials first suspended the hearings.


  • 1. Reduce arrest.
    2. Release large number of inmates,
    3. And attempt to shut down gun stores.

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

    Sheriff has truly lost his mind. Shutting down gun stores, apparently he believes he can change or overrule the 2nd Amendment.

    I have lost all faith in him.

    • Disappointed,

      I don’t know what you’re so upset about. Marijuana dispensaries are “essential” operations, so just get some product and blaze up. You see, a certain element of our society values enumerated rights outlined in our Constitution less than what’s popular with the peanut gallery. Votes are more important than protecting rights.

    • It not surprising the decisions he makes. Compare and Contrast. 1 is versed in the law, the other is versed in politics, liberal politics, literally.

      Sheriff Villanueva
      •Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of the State of New York
      •Master’s Degree from California State University, Northridge
      •Doctorate from the University of La Verne, both in Public Administration.

      Sheriff McDonnell •Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire
      •Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. •Graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Executive Institute
      •Executive Education Programs at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

      • Liberal studies does not mean “liberal” indoctrination. Liberal studies/arts is a term describing a broad education amongst several disciplines.
        More importantly, both of these clowns appear to have been “educated” by schools money grabbing from politicians with no education. Pay us money and get a worthless degree to inflate your actual education so you appear smarter.
        I’d put money neither of them actually stepped foot on a single campus for a class at those schools.

        • Well stated…online degree crap, nothing like actually attending and sitting an actual classroom,taking legit tests and meeting deadlines. Funny,command staff loves the online fluff!!

      • Military Service:

        Sheriff Villanueva

        1. USAF, an enlisted man in a troop-carrier unit.
        2. U.S. Army, officer in the National Guard’s 40th Infantry Division; a graduate of the National Guard version of the Army’s Officer Candidate School.

        Sheriff McDonnell


        • Military service is of no help in interpreting law and making decisions as the sheriff based on laws.

          • Military service gives help when you’re getting back-stabbed politically, as is happening with A.V.

            It gives fortitude to keep going forward when the going gets tough.

            A.V made it clear that his concern that the long lines wrapping around the gun-shop buildings were not meeting social-distancing guidelines established by the State (six feet as opposed to the six inches we all saw in the pictures so kindly provided by the local MSM).

            A.V provided a valuable public service when he gave voice to his concern, and I thank him for it.

      • Temple and Broadway-I get what you are saying. But then again, the one educated in law broke a lot of laws and violated many employees due process. He’s not a good example to use. Just saying.

        • Cognistator-Ok. Well this past weekend I was standing in a line wrapping around my local Costco not honoring the 6ft rule. I didnt see AV close all Costcos in LA county.

          • Standing in a long line no matter where is how you’ll get this thing; remember, this thing is deeply contagious.

            I only go to places with fast moving lines, which rules out Costco, Wal-Mart, etc.

            Stay well

  • @Cognistator

    Military service really. No self respecting military man would “brag” about rolling up a supervisor.

    I don’t care what branch!

  • @Cognistator

    It’s not something there will be a story about, but it happened and it’s out there spreading like a wildfire. I’m sure eventually you’ll get wind of it.

    He’s not exactly the type that would appreciate a leak like that, if you know what I mean.

      • @Cognistator

        In a meeting with TB, he said something was being done to his liking and stated “ that’s why I rolled up your last captain…”

        Paraphrase of course.

          • “That Captain” is more of a Deputy Sheriff than AV could ever dream of being. And “That Captain” didn’t have to sue for his stripes & bars…….

    • Ron Hernandez now acquiesced on ALADS Facebook to Villanueva’s antics with the Board of Supervisors. Incredible!

  • Cognistator- AV publicly stated his concern was that people cooped up in their homes and stressed out by the Coronavirus couldn’t be trusted to buy guns now and that gun stores were not essential. Your BS about his concern re:social distancing is ridiculous.
    He is a progressive- an obviously confused one, “I’m pro-second Amendment” but I am closing gun stores despite people wanting to exercise their constitutional right and buy guns to protect themselves not only makes him look like a man without legitimacy but a delusional one as well.
    Oh, illegally trying to close stores and then getting his ass handed to him by those more knowledgeable of his limitations doesn’t help his credibility/effectiveness as a LE leader either.
    You are obviously close to him and smitten (sycophant maybe?) so go ahead and attack me- I’m sure it will be as delusional as your favorite man’s diatribes are too.

    • Gov. Newsom just stated that he’ll defer to the Sheriff on gun store closures. Full particulars can be Googled

      S.F. Gate: gun store closures

      S.F. Gate is the on-line version of the San francisco Chronicle.

  • @Cognistator

    Military service gives help when you’re getting back-stabbed politically, as is happening with A.V.

    His military service didn’t help him recognize the bus Newsome threw him under regarding gun shops.

    • What bus?

      Governor Newsom said “I’ll defer to the Sheriff in this instance, and I’ll defer to sheriffs in their respective jurisdictions….”

      Letting the Sheriff do his job is NOT throwing him under the bus.

      The County Counsel, OTOH, has not publicly released the legal grounding of its opinion.


      S.F. Gate: gun shop closures.

      It can be Googled. S.F. Gate is the on-line version of the S.F. Chronicle.

      • The bus the public is currently running him over with.

        Defer doesn’t mean authority. For instance.

        Alex closed gun shops.

        County counsel says you can’t do that.

        Alex re-opens gun shops and says he’ll leave it up to Newsome.

        Newsome says he’ll defer to county sheriff’s. He did not clarify that his order did or did not include gun shops. Newsome deferred to absolve himself from any blame or backlash.

        Alex again closes gun shops because he thinks when Newsome deferred, that meant county sheriff’s have the authority and not I don’t want to make that decision. Closes gun shops after county counsel, a lawyer said that can’t be done. County counsel would come to that conclusion after reviewing the governors declaration, based on the 2nd amendment, and any county ordinances that may apply.

        Plus, the back and forth really makes him look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing in the public eyes.

        • Has it ever occurred to you that county counsel’s move, to email the ASSOCIATED PRESS of all people, without conferring with the sheriff, was designed exactly to do what you claim? County counsel is supposed to represent the sheriff, not oppose him publicly. Those are grounds for disbarment.

          • Has it ever occurred to you JB that we know you’ll defend Villanueva on everything even when he’s wrong. We know you’re afraid to lose your COS assignment because you stated the truth and that upset County King Villanueva.

  • Come on there’s a lot of shitbirds in the military. They aren’t exempt from bad personnel and bad leaders, sorry.

  • Who is kidding who The Sheriff has repeatedly shown that he has no Leadership Skills. None, Zilch, Zero. If he did he would have came in and started leading people but instead he came in like a disgruntled kid that never got to be the Quarterback. Had he not brought in some of these tools he surrounds himself with, he would not be in this mess with the BOS. Case in point he sounds like an idiot when he speaks in public. Do any of this stellar stars tell him? You know they don’t just a bunch of yes men/women. I am so disgusted that I supported this clown.

    • The sheriff is in unchartered territory not by his own making. A worldwide pandemic and a BOS bent on ignoring well established emergency management rules, issuing poorly planned and executed health orders, and creating mass confusion in the LE community. I suppose you could have had McIdiot blathering away saying nothing while the BOS spays and neuters him, but our guy is doing what he can with what he’s given. BTW, he looked pretty good on Spectrum and Dr. Phil.

      Your analogy of the quarterback is pretty funny. In reality the assigned quarterback is being forced aside by Barger, who wants to grandstand with her fellow politicians. What can go wrong, right LOL?

      • The uncharted waters began when Lt. Alex was sworn in last year. Since then he has proceeded to waste millions, yes, millions of tax payer dollars with his boneheaded decisions. Here’s short list of 3 high profile idiotic decisions by the rookie sheriff in training:

        1) Unlawful reinstatement of legally fired former Deputy Mandoyan. The Board and County Council said you can’t do that. Lt. Alex fought and loss that court battle when the judge ordered Lil Alex to take back Creepy Carl’s badge & gun and stop referring to him as a deputy sheriff.

        2) Lt. Alex thought he could fight the Board and County Council by hiring his own high priced attorneys to fight them. When the Board and County Counsel B-Slapped little Alex with a letter informing him that he would have to personally foot that bill himself, he crawled back into his little HOJ Batcave with his tail between his legs quietly gave up on those big money attorneys.

        3) And now, Lt. Alex in an effort to use the COVID-19 Crisis for public attention to feed his “fragile ego” by throwing a public temper tantrum because the Board and the Director of Public Health wouldn’t kiss his arse while they appropriately handle this public HEALTH emergency, he decides to order a shut down of all gun stores with ridiculous and illogical justifications. County Counsel again tells the illiterate Sheriff, that order would be deemed unconstitutional, so Lt. Alex tries to plea to the Governor for backup. The Governor basically says, you are on your own with that one lil guy. So the illiterate Sheriff takes that statement as backing to move forward with his unconstitutional gun store closure order. But wait, he decides to try to gain support from the rest of the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs and over 90% of them tell him to pound sand you dumb knucklehead trainee. So the smartest man in the room defies all logic and moves ahead with his unconstitutional order and in nearly record time is promptly served with a FEDERAL LAWSUIT.

        Now he will waste millions in additional tax payer dollars to defend his idiotic attention grabbing decisions, and for what purpose?

        Dear Board of Supervisors, please protect our hard earned tax paid funds from this illiterate Sheriff. Since he defied the County Counsel’s sage legal advice and directions, please send him a message that any “Punitive Damage Awards” that come out of this lawsuit judgement WILL NOT be covered by the Board with our tax payer funds. Once he has to personally feel the pain of his idiotic decisions, maybe then, he will listen to the much smarter people in the room.

        • @AV Clown Show- First off, your #1 example is still going on. It hasnt finished yet. That’s the Sheriff’s upcoming court date.

          #2-The BOS attorney fees doubled what AV was paying his attorneys.

          Finally, you asked the BOS to protect our hard earned tax dollars? Uh you do know that a few years ago, Mark Ridley Thomas spent $400,000 to remodel his office downtown. Where were you then?

          You know, AV brought one valid point up in the past. Every branch or government service has some sort of watchdog over them to ensure they are following rules and laws. The BOS has no such thing. They are also the biggest BOS in the COUNTRY handling the most money. Do you believe there should be some sort of watchdog over them making sure they are handling those hard earned tax payer dollars you are talking about?

        • Clown Show, you really need professional help. AV is living rent free in your head, and you just can’t help yourself. You probably haven’t kept pace with what’s going on, but the entire Mandoyan case has been thoroughly discredited and now the legal crisis is in the board’s hands, not our sheriff. It turns out that members of the McDonnell administration engaged in criminal conduct by concealing exculpatory evidence, and now the board is spending millions of dollars in attorney fees to try to conceal that. Yeah, that’s not AV’s problem, but the board’s.

          AV’s attorney’s are paid the same rate as just one of the THREE law firms the board hired, including one Skip Miller. If you don’t know who he is, he represented Anthony Pellicano when he was convicted of illegal wire taps. You might want to educate yourself before you speak.

          Now that third item on your agenda list, again you fail to educate yourself. The city of LA has shut down all gun stores, and the city of Pasadena has done exactly what the sheriff has done. Now where did you determine that 90% of the police chiefs are in disagreement with the sheriff? You don’t think they have their own little conference calls and work on a consensus? Notice how Mike Feuer, LA’s city attorney, didn’t jump in front of a camera and countered the decision by Garcetti and Chief Moore, or did he? Oh that’s right, he stood right behind them and backed their play.

          You’re an idiot if you think there is any legitimacy to what the board and county counsel does with anything related to the sheriff or the LASD. The sheriff understands emergency management and all the rules, the board doesn’t, and it’s quite evident.

          • Lil Dreamer, you and the rest of Alex’s clowns truly take B.S.’ing to the next level. At least those who have been watching Lt. Alex fail at every turn can easily provide facts and evidence of such failures:

            Judge rules against Sheriff Villanueva, fired deputy fighting for reinstatement

            Federal Judge Shreds Fired Deputy’s Lawsuit Claiming Political Retaliation, In The Latest Chapter Of The Never-Ending Carl Mandoyan Drama (Thanks Celeste)

            Lawsuit over fired LA Sheriff’s deputy costing county taxpayers millions in attorney fees
            Here’s an excerpt to help your comprehension of facts: (UPDATE ON JANUARY 22, 2020: About a month after this story was published, Sheriff Alex Villanueva parted ways with his attorneys at Quinn Emanuel who were charging county taxpayers up to $1120 per hour in legal fees. Villanueva’s new attorney, Stanley Friedman, has agreed to accept the county-approved rate of $495 per hour. Villanueva says his decision to change attorneys was not about the dispute over attorney fees.)

            4) As for the LACPCA conference call, lets just say I know a few people who were on that call. We all know the liberal leanings of L.A. and Pasadena. The rest of the 40+ chiefs basically told Alex he’s a fool and you do you! Somehow they were smart enough to avoid the obvious costly litigation that was sure to come. As for Lt. Alex, well we all know he’s not very wise:
            NRA and 3 other gun groups suing L.A. County Sheriff Villanueva over shutting down firearms dealers

            So Lil Dreamer, with all of the above provided for reference sake, I look forward to your head spinning responses. And please, don’t try the “Fake News” way out. SMDH

          • You still trying to resuscitate a debunked accusation? Give it up, you can read the entire LASD response to the OIG report online, just like I did. Try a real reference for once, LOL. BTW, it’s curious how much time you spend cheering on the wisdom of the BOS and assailing the efforts of the sheriff. Deputies are thankful you have their best interest in mind.

      • Hey Dreamer, yes the Sheriff is definitely in unchartered territory, but because he has no knowledge of the big picture with regards to the entire Emergency Management System, and becuse he has surrounded himself with others who have no knowledge, he is failing. It is not just the BOS that is upset, he is driving wedges between other County agencies. He can’t put his ego aside and just step back. Talk about creating mass confusion, how do you publickly announce no gun sales, then take it back, then take that back. This is not an elementary school playground.

        As far as being the quarterback, lets see in the last year this quarterback has lost the new MCJ Project, got subpoena power for the oversight committee and will most likely now be removed from the CEOC. That is just to name a few things. Yea he is getting his ass sacked by not just the BOS but now here comes the NRA. Oh and Yea I watched the Dr. Phil Show, what a straight embarrassment. For someone that touts his Doctrorate, he sounds like he has nothing more than a GED. Oh and one more thing, none of us liked buckles, so quit referring to him.

        • So Lil Dreamer basically waved the white flag when he has nothing to refute what I provided above. Time for Lil Alex to step aside and let the professionals take over.

  • Professional Tip Only:
    To ALADS Board of Directors, you MUST do better when making decisions concerning the members wants along with how THEIR money is spent politically.

    Most deputies would differ with you on many of your money spending expenditures, particularly politically.

    Look no further than the entire LASD family, past and present for the truth of the matter, more so of those who reside in Los Angeles County.

    • Ultimate deflection, get your head out of the sand and open your eyes. Ask tenured LEO’S, you can learn a thing or too.

      In the interim, work on YOUR spelling so YOU’RE not looked looked upon as slow.

      • Wowzer,

        Learn when to use apostrophes and capitalization. LEOs is not one of those cases. Using a comma to link to separate sentences is incorrect. Use either a period or a semi-colon. And finally, don’t confuse too for the numeric two.

  • What is the point of the link? To show that some news talking head, going for his “gotcha moment day in the sun”, doesn’t even know the correct terminology used to identify an individual in the LA County Sheriff’s academy? Or, is it to show that even though a pandemic is raging on, first responders, even in training, have to get up, go to work and keep on moving while jeopardizing their own health and that of their own families.

    If that’s your point, I SMH in agreement that medical personnel and first responders aren’t home with their families sitting out the virus.

  • HMM…. Interesting perspective you have there. Here’s another one to consider. Under the current failed leadership of Lieutenant sheriff Alejandro Villanueva, he and his hand picked “tenured” command staff are incapable of following the basic rules that all health professionals nationwide have been trying to drive home, for several weeks now, to maintain at least 6 feet from each other. You know, the justification that Lt. Alex tried to use for his unconstitutional shut down order of legal businesses that sell firearms in L.A. County.

    I guess this photo will be used as EXHIBIT 1 when they hand Lt. Alex his lunch in federal court.

    • How do you suppose two law enforcement officers are supposed to accomplish the “recommended six feet distance” as prescribed by “health department experts” while riding in a car together, responding to a call…..just doing the routine things a police officer has to do in support of each other?

      Oh, it’s going to be really tough for fireman, having to live in such close quarters an all at the station and riding together on the engine or paramedic truck when responding to emergencies. Heck, ambulance crews…..what will they do?

      Get out of here with your nonsense.

      • Let me simplify it for you. It’s about how you manage the safety and well being of your potential newest members of the LASD while they are in the academy. You know, those young kids just starting out in seeking their professional careers while many of them still live at home with the parents and families. The ones who are not allowed to make any independent decisions unless directed or blessed by their D.I.’s.

        You sound as clueless as Lt. Alex and his entire executive team.

        • Speaking of clueless, you should spend more time learning what the training bureau is doing to accommodate social distancing while working with POST. Oh wait, you saw a post on social media, so that’s all you need to know, right?

  • LMFAO at you disgruntled rejects/cowards venting in your safe zone here, where no one else other than you 5 read or gives two shits about. While you bitch and complain, AV is running away with the highest percentage of public approval from the recent political poles taken during the primaries. But you’ll never admit to that because that will just kill all your stupid rhetoric.

    According to a campaign manager representing a political candidate, AV scored a 60%+ approval rating. He also has the support from all of his constituents and those that supported him from the onset. Here’s a little example of it in case you missed it. A strong message from the President of LACDP to the BOS.

    Chew on this one for the next several terms. Finally, keep underestimating the man and he’ll keep shoving it up your arses.

    I’m sorry you’re no longer relevant and you stay up late every night re-reading your “Your services are no longer needed” letters. Hahahaha

    Go ahead and let me hear all your, “whaaaaa, whaaaaa, whaaaa, this isn’t true. It can’t be true! This is not possible. How can this be? You’re a AV supporter. I’m smarter than you. This is absurd. No way he can be doing a good job. We have to lie and manipulate the truth. I want my executive position back. I was promised the world for not doing any work. I use big words when I write. The truth can’t be true because it doesn’t fit our agenda. How is the public liking this bad bad man. Nothing we’re doing is working against him. Whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa. I’m going to stomp my feet now. ”

    Annnnd, go. Dying to read your nonsense now. This is as easy as having a crook walk himself in the back seat of a radio car and open the door himself.

    • Not calling you a liar, but please post the links to the polls you cite, the name of the campaign manager, which candidate etc. Spent some time on Google but dont see anything. Hard to separate fact from fiction on this site.

    • Say What?? Thanks for the link which basically says nothing except a feeble attempt to blame the motion to turn the county’s executive director of emergency management operations over to the capable hands of the CEO from the current disaster called Alex (I cried & sued to get promoted to lieutenant) Villanueva, on the lone Republican on the Board, Supv. Katherine Barger, when in fact, this motion was started by their fellow Democrat supervisors last year. Weak and wont mean a thing.

      The fact that Alex has reacted by throwing a public temper tantrum like an impulsive three year old child provides all of the justification that the BOS needs. Not to mention that this CEO led management model already exists and functions extremely well in many other counties.

      So lil Alex better get his pacifier cleaned off as he is about to be sent to his “time out” corner with a 5-0 vote. This is probably one of the first times Lil Alex can appropriately claim the title of “Five Oh!” Oh no, say it ain’t so.

      In these serious and troubled times, at least the BOS will be able to easily deliver some positive and good news as we move forward from, Alex’s ineptness and incompetence, to a professional and intelligent director of emergency management, for the residents of Los Angeles County.

      • Wow, your quite the intellectual giant. Would that be the CEO with zero experience or training in emergency management, a financial analyst named Sachi Hamai? So the board plan will add a layer of bureaucracy and they claim will cut red tape – this is hilarious!

        BTW, your hatred and rage over the fact Villanueva is Sheriff is duly noted. Please seek help.

        • Please add to your trusty old “duly noted” note pad that the help we are all seeking will take place today when the Board of Supervisors B*%ch Slap’s Lil Lying Alex off his ego thumping perch so he can focus on passing out soap to the inmates in his virus infected jail.

          Time to leave the big management decisions to the educated and competent professional adults!

          Oh no, say it ain’t so. Maybe you should have stuck with “Olmsted Instead?” What an absolute clown show.

          • Surprisingly ALADS can’t reel
            Villanueva back in, the worst part being no refund for the 1.3 million.

        • KD, since you’re COS for King of the County, is he going to take all his deputies and go home now that’s he’s been removed as head of EOC? I mean, being the only one concerned for everyones public safety, he did threaten to do just that and you know he fulfills his promises as he did with his campaign.

  • Former Sheriff was interviewed today.

    He spoke snd was on point about Covid 19 concerning 1st responders and their impact related to the job.

    Too bad he went soft on campaigning but chances are obviously much better next election.

  • Former Sheriff of Los Angeles County Jim McDonnell was interviewed yesterday.

    He spoke and was on point about Covid 19 concerning 1st responders and their impact related to the job.

    Too bad he went soft on campaigning but chances are obviously much better next election.

  • @ Say What?

    I’m most definitely not disgruntled. My point on the link was simple. Gun stores and gun possession are just as essential as recruits, but if your gonna make a point that they are not, then put the recruits on hold like other agencies.

    Secondly, I support 100 percent all first responders, they are most definitely essential and necessary. I would have no problem working in any of those aspects.

    Lastly, I agreed with some of his changes, but I also strongly disagree with some views. Nature of the beast I guess. He does come across as a person with a chip on his shoulder and loves to brag about his background. I guess I’m just more humble and was raised differently.

    • I must be missing something. Trump loves to brag about things, whereas I’ve never heard AV talk about himself or his education. His detractors seem obsessed for sure. Please share a link to make your case.

  • Well, the AV Clown show was in full effect this morning. Lt. Alex was competing for the Greatest Show on Earth title with his ill-informed live feed on Facebook. To be able to sit back and watch lil Alex get his arse handed to him while the Lady Supervisors took turns B*#ch Slapping him up and down and side to side, as they proceeded to hand down the predicted 5 – 0 unanimous “historic” decision to boot him out of his little CEOC Throne.

    Who ever convinced him to host his call and comments to the Board on Live Facebook, please keep up the great advice. You provided us with pure gold entertainment. Even Lil Dreamer wont be able to spin “Five-Oh Alex’s” performance on this one. Damn that was fun to watch!

  • Clown show tell me how it’s going to be in the next few weeks when the body bags start filling up, the ICU’s are crammed with patients on ventilators, and people dying because they can’t get one. Let me know how fun those ER waiting rooms are going to be, and the fact the BOS was responsible for the ability to respond to a pandemic.

    That’s going to be an interesting AAR, don’t you think? Can’t blame the sheriff for that one, eh? Have a good day.

    • Well now that they dont have to be side tracked by the Lil Clown’s temper tantrum, they can focus their efforts on working with the County Team of Department Heads. Nice doomsday threat but that only works with fools who don’t know any better.

      Everyone will learn that everything will remain intact at the County’s Emergency Operations Center. We just wont have to depend on the bumbling fool of a Sheriff trying to explain what he has no training on experience with. And that is Emergency Management. Heck, Alex couldn’t even manage a pursuit as a watch commander.

      All will be fine now! Bye Felicia

      • Clown show, when you try to make stuff up to see what sticks, you reveal your true hatred. Sheriff V at one point worked as a supervisor and instructor of ICS for the entire command and management staff of the department. He understands emergency management far more than most, including the BOS, the CEO, and appointed department heads. I know this may come as a disappointment to you, too bad. He also has a solid reputation for supporting good police work, something haters like you will never admit.

        • Great! He should have no problem then carrying out the directives from the new Director of the County’s Office of Emergency Management. Like always, I’m sure the smartest man in the room will be able to demonstrate his executive team building, teamwork and problem solving skills.

          I’m sure all CEOC workers will be as impressed with his performance based on what we have seen to date. Only problem and probably Lt. Alex’s biggest fear is that since they won’t be LASD personnel, they wont know that they are supposed to stroke his fragile ego by saying “yes boss” every time he makes an asinine recommendation.

          If his performance today is any indication, we will all be entertained every time a camera catches him in action. LMAO (I’m sure you know what that means). ;-0

    • @Keep Dreaming- I can agree with you on that one. BOS never take the blame for their mistakes. They always pin it on someone else. But unfortunately, I feel that something bad will happen in the future and the BOS will still blame the Sheriff.

      Gee, I hope the sheriff can have that day in court with the BOS soon. I have a feeling that he and his attorney are going to expose them with all the dirt they have on them.

    • Yo Bro, relax Bro. Seriously, all will be fine once you reach your bunker. Don’t worry, now that Lt. Alex doesn’t have to waste time pretending that he was running some sort of operation at the CEOC, he can now focus on dealing with ALADS‘ demands to take care of his adoring personnel. You know the ones who’s morale is so high, that they are willing to follow him anywhere. All will be okay.

      In Alex we Trust!

      • @Clown Show- After reading a bunch of your comments, I really feel that you have a personal vendetta against the sheriff. If that is the case, it’s best for you to forgive and forget. You holding onto those kind of feelings will drain you. Move on in life and dont worry so much. All of this will past if you let it.
        Take care and enjoy life. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

        • Skippy, I’m glad you took the time to read them. I’m sorry they might have hurt your feelings or challenged your glowing admiration of the FORMER director of emergency operations.

          Please get back to holding Alex’s hand and keep that ice pack firmly against the back of his head as I’m sure Sheila Kuehl’s B@%ch Slaps this morning must have left a mark or two, or three, or four.

          Now, dust off that pacifier and take solace that I am totally enjoying The AV Clown Show as it’s has been the Greatest Show on Earth during these trouble times. Guaranteed 🙂

          • @Clown Show- Your comments didnt hurt my feelings at all. I just pitty you as a human being. Like I said before, your anger towards AV clearly shows that he has affected you someway in your life. You stand out as someone that did receive a “your services are no longer needed” letter. Your vile hatred for this man is far more potent than that of some concerned citizen. I get it. It must have sucked getting that letter.

            I dont agree with everything AV does, but on the other hand, he is better then that joke we had before. You of course will disagree obviously because the last clown we had for sheriff probably promised you the world.

            I’ve heard rumors that Jimbo the clown is considering running again. If he does decide to run again, i hope he takes some time and think about how he fucked so many things up before and tries to correct them if he wins in the future.

    • Leibrich, he has been IOD for the past week as he was following strict “stay at home” procedures because he is a man who LEADS from the rear by example. According to the SHAD-92, that he had his poor lieutenant “hostage” aide drive into the Hall of Justice to fill out for him, he was involved in an important tele-conference call, providing sage advice and strategy to Alex and the rest of the CEOC executive team on how to maintain control of Lil Alex’s throne in the face of an enemy “Coup d’etat” by those evil woman Supervisors.

      In true Timmy style, five minutes into the call he was overheard snoring. After repeated attempts to wake him by calling out his name, one of his doggies came in and began licking his ear. The startled Timmy quickly returned to consciousness but accidentally dropped his bowl of cheerios onto his foot causing a severe (6) blood drop laceration to his little toe. After letting out a few choice expletives over the phone while withering on the floor in pain, he was able to valiantly climb back into his sleeper lounge chair and regain his composure as he struggled with the life or death decision on whether to call 911 for those simple fire guys or go direct to ABD (aero bureau dispatch) and summons Air-5 for a videoed hoist rescue. Luckily for all, his radio battery was dead.

      After weighing all options, and considering his high risk health status vulnerability for contracting the severe form of the COVID-19 virus if he were to enter a hospital, he smartly found a bandaid and took the rest of the week off to speed up his recovery time. Unfortunately, without his on-scene hand holding guidance of Lil Alex, the enemy BOS Top-5 Swat Team violently overran the CEOC Bunker Room and evicted Lil Alex in a heart pounding, edge of your seat, televised fashion that will go down in Los Angeles County History as a day that will live in Infamy.

      I know most reading this are probably saying, oh geez, this guy and his April Fools Day jokes. But seriously folks, Tweets Don’t Lie!

      Edited since the 1st post must have gotten lost in the moderation que.

    • A few years ago when he only had double bars on his collars, coming down the home stretch of a mediocre career. He was bent over holding his back in severe pain gearing up for that tax free medical exit……Fast forward and now miraculously AV anoints him U.S. and his back pain is no more……Hallelujah !!!! It’s a miracle even after gaining 75 pounds……

      • @Conquistador, Good Obs!

        I’m sure Sleepy Tim is quietly holding out to gain a few step raises at the undersheriff pay scale before that mysterious back pain re-emerges again. Then he’ll sit it out at home in his flip flops, oops, I mean “slippas” as he prefers to call them, for a year before cashing out with that tax-free disability. That is, unless Asst. Sheriff Gross gets impatient and pushes him out of HIS chair first?

  • @Skippy, seriously? Pity? Anger? Vile Hatred? Geeezz, get a grip man. You have to admit that watching the daily fumbling and bumbling antics of AV The Clown has been funnier and almost as interesting as watching The Tiger King.

    Now at least I didnt say or post something like, “I’m feeling sad and mad watching Alex on FB live. I’m sadden by the ignorant comments. I’m mad that the BOS are not held accountable to anyone. Barger couldn’t even mention him during roll call. The Lord will deal with the haters internal and external!”

    How pathetic is that to post? Although I have to admit, I’m glad Viv did because her posting has gone viral with behind the scenes sharing. What a pathetic self pity of victimization household that must be to live in.

    Skippy, the walls are crumbling down. Take cover while you still can. Oh yeah, and enjoy watching a Real Sheriff, Jim McDonnell, on KABC Ch 7 Eyewitness News as he provides a nice tutorial for bumbling Alex on how to speak intellectually and in a articulate fashion while providing expert and fact based information for all in the vast ABC viewership sphere. A hellava lot better than AV’s live Facebook broadcast.

    Viva La McDonnell!

    • It is indeed interesting that former Sheriff jim McDonnell is making frequent appearances on ABC-7 News as that station’s resident “Law Enforcement Expert”–that characterization comes from the station itself–rather than the current Sheriff A.V.

      Air time to get the public ready for another run in the next election?

      I wonder….

    • It’s bad enough watching Alex brawl with the Board of Supervisors but Ron Hernandez is not a referee or mediator.

      On behalf of my fellow constituents I have this to say to ALADS President, “Sit yo ass down” and mind your business!

    • @Clown Show-Well McDonnel probably gets on the news the same way he had good stories about him printed in the LA Times…he paid them. Funny how they label him a “law enforcement expert” knowing that he was a cancer to every agency he was in charge of.

      By the way, you are telling me to get a grip? Have you seen how much detail you put into your stories in this comment section? Talking about the BOS 3 women members bitch slapping the sheriff? I really think you need to get a grip and move on with your life.

      Yes AV was removed, we all know. But like I said before, which you never replied to, you most likely got that letter on your county email days before AV was sworn in. You have a personal vendetta against the guy. We get it. Now move on.

  • @ Clown Show, you are right on. I must say it was entertaining to watch the rambling, head shaking, finger fumbling and eye rolling.

  • So now, after yesterday’s beat down by the likes of Supervisor’s Barger, Kuehl, Hahn & Solis (MRT let the ladies give the beating), the petulant child Sheriff thinks now is the time to take on another very intelligent female county executive, Sachi Hamai. Yes, Sachi Hamai, the CEO! The lady who controls and smartly manages all of the monies for the entire County of Los Angeles.

    Is this some kind of April Fools Joke? No folks, Lt. Alejandro Villanueva believes the timing is perfect to publicly go after and attack the CEO regarding Coronavirus related leave time. But not quietly and professionally behind closed doors in a respectful manner. Nope, no sir. Not the smartest man in the room. No way, Jose!

    Lil Alex believes going public to try to embarrass the CEO into giving up what the current county codes, state and Federal laws do not currently allow, and outside of the unions bargaining process is the best way to go. Ignorant Alex believes he has the public’s love for our 1st Responders to rely on in his underhanded and unprofessional tactics.

    But wait, aren’t there many other front line hero’s out there dealing with this pandemic? Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, truck drivers, grocery workers, etc…. You get the point. And what about all of the recently unemployed who are currently captive in their homes wondering how they are going to pay their rent, car notes, other bills and feed their families?

    Alex says, no worries: “I am the most respected leader of the largest Sheriff’s Department in the nation. The people have spoken when they elected me in the closest of margins when they harvested all of those crucial hidden ballots. They probably already forgot about my feelings on Sanctuary Policies and that pesky 2nd Amendment. They will back us all the way and my line deputies will lift me on their shoulders and cheer Viva Villanatti!!

    I know, you think I’m just making stuff up again. Don’t you? Be honest now…..

    Well, here it is:

    Oops, but that CEO didnt blink. Did she just call out Lil Alex’s amateur move? Don’t worry all, I’m sure this won’t hurt the LASD in the long run.

  • The once proud Organization in shambles…..walls are crumbling down from within. In Villanueva’s fit of anger and rage, he looked incoherent, disconnected, confused and muddled. He got schooled by County CEO.
    Sorry guys if you thought this ship was rudderless, it just hit the rocks yesterday.

  • JC, once again you nailed it concisely. Inept Alex seems to enjoy showing us why he is completely unfit to lead the honorable men and women of this great organization. He once again highlighted why he was repeatedly denied his demands for an executive aide assignment when he was a shift watch commander. Every executive back then knew he had zero administrative acumen for such a position and needed to simply try to work his way up the ladder by gaining necessary experience in operations at the unit level, first. Unfortunately, some of the partisan voters didn’t realize the extreme importance of executive experience necessary to hold the position of Sheriff and this is the “Hot Mess” we are left with.

    Lt. Villanueva, please ask one of your hand picked executives what an “A” letter is and how you can easily assign an employee to remain at home, “on-duty” and with full pay and benefits while they follow the quarantine mandates in hopes that they are not infected and are cleared to return to full duty. It’s really simple and even an operations sergeant can show you how it works.

    And Inept Alex, thanks again for showing the world that the BOS’ decision to replace you NOW with the CEO to manage the County’s response through the CEOC was the very important and wise decision.

    • Once again the Sheriff tries to embarrass the BOS and CEO. Once again he gets owned and looks utterly incompetent. A call to Pay and Leave, DHR or CEO Hamai could have resolved this in just a few minutes. Alex here’s a little advice you wont take: BEFORE you go to the press and make a fool out of yourself, have your facts straight. But I guess when you’re the smartest guy in the room…..

  • If you guys want to be taken seriously or even have any credibility, put your real names behind your comments. Other than that, no one will take you serious. If you’re retired like me, even better.

    I have two sons in the Department and both of them tell me how much they like their boss. So whatever nonsense you guys are spewing here, means absolutely nothing to me, because what i hear from the those in the front lines is completely opposite. The Sheriff in my eyes is doing a great job and isn’t afraid to lock horns with these filthy, lying politicians who as long as I can remember tried to take full control of LASD. Look how bad the probation department is. That’s what happens when politicians lead a law enforcement unit. Keep fighting these bastards Sheriff and stand your ground. Everyone I know agrees with me.

    • Craig, I wish nothing but the best for your sons and all of the men and women of the LASD.

      The problem is with the failed leadership of Alejandro Villanueva. If everyone around you thinks that Alex is doing a great job, I respectfully suggest you step outside of that current bubble and take a long hard unemotional look and assessment of the long term ramifications and professional reputation damage this inexperienced and narcissistic childlike guy is doing to a once great and respected organization.

    • Craig, are your sons proud of Villanueva’s latest plot to bring back his campaign bag man through the side door, or are you trying to stroke his fragile ego. If you continue promoting his ego he might just promote your sons.

  • Why is everyone complaining about Alex when he was touted as the cure to LASD woes?
    That is who you wanted and that’s who you got, backed and thanks to a hefty donation by ALADS.
    Let Alex do his job and if not satisfied then don’t reelect him. Until then, power down and do your job.

    • Based on what he has shown and done in only 16 months, AV is a guaranteed 1 termer. And his downfall started before he was even sworn in when he tried to get Creepy Carl reinstated by the prior administration. Luckily, prior execs with ethics and morals said no way Jose.

      Now AV tried to sneak Mandoyan in through the side door when he thought no one was looking. What went wrong Alex? I thought your court case to back your authority to reinstate Carl was a slam dunk?

      Right now Captain John McBride is panicked that someone under his authoritative command tipped of the media to AV’s latest plot to hit back his campaign bag man. Don’t worry McBride, since you filled all of those vacancies last year, there’s no way Alex would move you.

      But this is embarrassing:

  • Hey Clown, we are tired of hearing from you. My guess is you are a disgruntled Captain that is out IOD. Your getting plenty from the County so just go away.

    • @10/3, show some respect. That’s Mr. AV Clown Show to you. I know it hurts to have so many point out the glaring inadequacies of your hero lieutenant who is trying so desperately to play sheriff, but someone needs to point out his corrupt b.s.

      I’m just trying to live up to and fulfill our Tradition of Service motto. Based on inept Alex’s history, i won’t be “going away” anytime soon. Enjoy the show.

      Your Welcome

  • Get a grip and you need a hobby. Even that old wacko CF has been quiet. Probably hold up somewhere in a bunker ….aka mom’s basement.

    You definitely are a retired, bitter ex McDonald leg-humper with a lot of extra time on their hands. Enjoy your golden years, let the bitterness go and do like most of the retired executives and double dip in the civil service trough and become a chief of police somewhere to satisfy your ego and make you feel important again.

    Get a life and stop obsessing on the current Sheriff.

    • @Jesh…. So based on all of the recent headline grabbing idiotic decisions by Egomaniacal Lt. Alejandro Villanueva, why should anyone ignore what he is doing to our beloved organization?

      I’ll make you and all of the rest of Lil Alex’s cheerleaders a deal. Convince the idiot in charge to stop embarrassing the LASD, locally, statewide and nationally, and I wont have anything negative to point out. But you and I (and the rest of AV’s ass kissers) know that is impossible.

      I promise you, I will stop once the Inept Alex stops!


  • Keep Dreaming (JB?), as someone very close to AV, you never responded to my question about the female deputy responsible for a 17 million dollar (so far) payout to the parents of two boys killed while she was on training at ELA. What, exactly, is her job in the Sheriff’s Office and why does she need a take-home Dodge Charger?

    Did you ever ask AV if he would post his “Mein Kampf” memo he wrote to Department executives as a lieutenant complaining about not being promoted, DESPITE his Latino-ness?

    Now, like herpes, Mandoyan is BACK and getting hired as a recruit! Was that orchestrated by AV or by Mandoyan’s attorney?

    Lastly, with ALL that’s happening now, and as AV continues his (embarrassing and losing) struggle with the Board of Supervisors and the CEO, I hear he’s taken another CRUCIAL step at improving the Department. He’s eliminating the “Legendary Lawman/woman” award…you know, the award given to very few people who’ve worked 10 or more years in patrol. It would seem that, for a guy who so highly values “doing hard time on the line,” this would be a contradiction. Could you ask him, or do you know, if it’s true and, if so, why? And why at THIS TIME?

    Ron Hernandez, do YOU know anything about this? Was ALADS consulted?

      • Keep Dreaming, please answer the question Apostle has been asking for over a month. Do not claim ignorance and deflect the question.

    • @LASD Apostle,
      Ironic that you called out ALADS Ronald Hernandez aka Station Detective Ron Hernandez.
      He’s still attempting to salvage that 1.3 million. LMAO!

  • “AV is a guaranteed one termer.” Hmmm, coming from the same camp who said McDonnell was a slam dunk. How did that work out? Speaking of embarrassing decisions, any comment on the BOS spending $400K on two PR firms in the middle of a pandemic? Was that to ensure they are cast in the best light possible? LOL, that’s going over real well while people are struggling to survive.

    Clown Show, stop pretending you’ve ever loved the LASD. You only loved what the organization did to your ego and pocketbook, and you didn’t give a rat’s ass when McDonnell was busy destroying it. Singing his praises now is pretty funny, since all the poorly buried bodies are coming to light. They have a far different take on McIdiot than you do.

    • Lil Dreamer, you are getting old and tired. Lieutenant Alex has left you nothing to fight with or for. You should have just stuck with “Olmsted Instead.” (For those who forget, here’s a little reminder clip: )
      Hey Dreamer, do you still keep in touch with good ole Bob, or did you cast him aside to attach yourself firmly to Alex’s backside?

      Oh, by the way, what did Alex do with his trusted mentor Bob Olmsted? Hum, I guess Lil Alex didnt like the advice Bob O. was giving him so he was also unceremoniously shown the exit door. For all of you Villanueva loyalist, take a long hard look at what that loyalty truly means to Lil Alex.

      Roll Call:
      Ray Leyva?
      Bob Olmsted?
      Maria Gutierrez?
      Larry DelMese?
      Eli Vera?
      Sandy Crosthwait?


      • @ The AV Clown Show…..The roll call list is spot on and filled with good people. AV could give a rat’s ass about LASD. His entire career he was the nerd, outcast, whiner & always pulling the “victim” card at every stop. He & the first lady are on a worldwide reckoning tour and have a long list of all who have perceivably “done them wrong.” Enjoy the five minutes of fame & get all your vindictive assassinations done in time because time is running out.

          • AV Clown Show. The best part about that video, is a 6 year old comment. If only the public saw King Villanueva for the creepy guy we all know him as.

            Bob couldn’t run MCJ, how is he going to run the largest sheriff’s dept in the country? Picking Villanueva to speak on your behalf shows poor judgement. Villanueva is a chauvinist and has a horrible reputation as a supervisor. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if a sexual harassment case pops up in the future. He was investigated for calling an African American employee a “knuckle dragger and told a female that she was needed to get on a diet. Bob, maybe you should do a background on your team members.

  • The Clown, is sitting home IOD, and scared not to step outside because he is being watched and he knows it, so he has become a little keyboard bully. His entire career he tried to bully people, and people would just mock him. He was not one of Buckles favorite people, as Buckles new he made a mistake with him. I am no fan of what the Sheriff is doing, but I don’t come on here and cry the blues. Clown, go back to your next Netflix show and just retire already.

    • @10-3, you and Lil Dreamer putting out the assistance request for Alex’s ego going “man down” is hilarious. You probably need to change your WLA call sign to “10-33” because you are apparently pleading for me to stop. Did you forget what a REAL Lieutenant taught us back in the day? Lt. Mike McAndrews demanded that you never give up! You fight until the end!

      I think I’ll follow Lt. McAndrews’ mantra. You go ahead and stick with that embarrassment of a lieutenant Alejandro Villanueva. He needs the likes of you and Lil Dreamer to keep stroking that fragile ego of his.

    • @ 10/3, how’s that leg humping going. Do you really think AV would watch your back when you go through that door. I would not trust AV to have mine. The problem is no one trusted him to watch their back. Name me one person who would trust AV to watch their back.
      It’s all about TRUST.

  • KD: You are the king of deflection. Since you are obviously an insider you receive many questions from the rest of us. Why wont you answer any of them? For many months now, you have been claiming, in one statement or another, “the buried bodies are coming to light”. Its been 16 months; where are they? Where are the 200-400 deputies the Sheriff said were coming back? Where are the cases against Huntsman, Teran, Tyler, the County Supervisors and all the executives that were “fired” for corruption? Was the “public corruption unit” able to make the cases or not? Constant fighting with the BOS may look good to the new guys but those of us who have been around see the position of Sheriff being weakened by the day. Civilian oversight with subpoena power, removal from CEOC leadership, budget monies being sequestered and doled out like a kids allowance. Check the election results for each Supervisor. They are not going anywhere and with Wesson coming in the MRT philosophy continues. If this continues it could very well be the office of the L.A County Sheriff becomes an appointed position. Its already being discussed at the county and state level. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was AV and not McDonnell that turned the LASD into the LAPD?

  • Hey Clown, or should I say Little Eddie Munster, Lt McAndrews was a real Lt. you were nothing but an imposter hiding behind the skirt of a certain Commander, who was actually a pretty good guy. Although I too believe he is a one time Sheriff, He is still the Sheriff and all you are is a disgraced crybaby that even Tanaka tossed out of the car. Mr. propaganda no need for me to leg hump as I wont even take a test, I’m good right where I am. I just hate listening to all the disgruntled folks. If you can’t make a difference where you are at, then step aside and let somebody else do it for you.

    • @ 10/3, you have not named a single person at LASD who TRUSTS Villanueva to have their back when they go through that door. The guy somehow manages to keep stooping lower and lower everyday. Prove me wrong.

  • 10/3 says: “I wont even take a test, I’m good right where I am. I just hate listening to all the disgruntled folks.”

    The ultimate statement of mediocrity and complacency. Part of the reason our beloved LASD is now sinking so fast under the current failed leadership!

  • @prop, first of all let me get this straight I am no fan of what AV has been doing. I did not like who he brought in, I do not like who (at least the Tanaka folks or just the plain incompetent ones) he has promoted. But, he has taken the handcuffs off those in the field and in line positions. Lt’s/Sgt’s/Deps are not afraid of doing the lords work any longer. So, I would say those are the ones that trust him to have their backs. And he does. Say what you want about the Kobe incident, but the Sheriff was truly trying to do the right thing by the Deps. Buckles and people like the clown would have nutted up and began relieving people. A firm grip should never be considered a use of force where people get demoted and fired over. Thats what was going on in the past, but no longer. Its just unfortunate that AV’s inner circle can’t advise him correctly . That and he wont listen to ANYBODY. Besides Carl.

  • 10/3, First off AV has poor impulse control, and an itchy media finger to make a fool out of himself. And, why take advise from CM. AV will go down in history as the Sheriff kept trying to re-hire creepy Carl. He is like the herpes … which keeps coming back to the LASD. I bet somewhere deep inside your soul you feel a twinge from time to time that his command staff has lost confidence in him to lead. He has opened the floodgates of bullshit, and laughably bad excuses, which are inexcusable for a once proud Department.

    • I find it highly unusual that Carl Mandoyan attempted to come through the back door as a Deputy Sheriff Trainee.

      Questions remain as who allowed this to happen and why? What did Mandoyan do to merit Villanueva’s favor?

      Even the Sheriff can’t be both the Judge and the jury for Carl. Taxpayers be damned!

      I truly believe that many actions within LASD by Alex is reminiscent of “How do you like me now” & “Who’s your Daddy” to those who oppose him. In the end the response will be “Who’s crying now”…

      • Knowing CM could never pass backgrounds normally, you have to wonder what was the deal? Was it just to get CM on the eligibility list so that the Department could push him through the hiring process? Was Personnel going to do a “FOS” background and decide all of Mandoyan’s issues were unfounded? For justification, they could point to the Department’s own “report” that decided there was a lack of due process? If so, when Mandoyan goes to court he could say, “See your honor, I passed backgrounds and I’m eligible to be hired.” Interestingly, the Director of DHR acted rather quickly ordering the Sheriff to take CM off the eligible list. I agree that you have to wonder why the Sheriff fights so hard for Mandoyan yet apparently is doing nothing for the 400 deputies (his words) who might actually have a case against the Department.

  • @skippy,
    Details? You don’t like details? We don’t need no stinking DETAILS! Please don’t provide details while you hammer my hero idiot sheriff.

    I’m sorry Skippy. Which details bothered you the most? Was it this one? (“I’m feeling sad and mad watching Alex on FB live. I’m sadden by the ignorant comments. I’m mad that the BOS are not held accountable to anyone. Barger couldn’t even mention him during roll call. The Lord will deal with the haters internal and external!”

    How pathetic is that to post? Although I have to admit, I’m glad Viv did because her posting has gone viral with behind the scenes sharing. What a pathetic self pity of victimization household that must be to live in.)

    Did that little detail hurt your feelings or embarrass your Car-1 stable household image? So tell me, what do you think about the Psychology of the household leadership that is guiding our beloved LASD into the rocks?

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