Juvenile Justice

EDITOR’S NOTE: WitnessLA Will Be on Haitus Until Friday 4/27

WitnessLA is going to be dark for a few days this week while I am in New York City to take part in a juvenile justice fellowship and symposium sponsored by the John Jay College Center on Media, Crime and Justice and The Tow Foundation.

The fellowships brings together 31 journalists from all over the country to meet with some of the nation’s best experts in the myriad topics related to how we treat our American young people when they come in contact with the criminal justice system—all stuff that WLA will be digging into more deeply in the next year.

AND…..FOR THOSE OF YOU INTERESTED IN WLA’S ONGOING COVERAGE OF THE SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT, WE HAVE LOTS MORE COMING. There is another chapter still to come about Aero Bureau. And we’ll be publishing a new chapter in May of Matt Fleischer’s Dangerous Jails series. Plus there are more threads we’re investigating after that.

In any case, see you on Friday.


  • Juvenile justice concerns should start with the sorry parents who have kids and then don’t train them to do right and to stay out of trouble. How can the justice system do worse than those parents? Oh, wait. It’s the fault of Republicans who want to ban access to contraceptives to women.

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