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BIg Mike Gets Wellness Foundation's Peace Prize, the LA Weekly Profiles Baca…and More


Last night, Michael “Big Mike” Cummings was one of the three winners of the California Wellness Foundation’s 2012 Peace Prize, (and the only winner from So Cal).

A mountain of a man with a commanding presence, a grand heart, and excellent sartorial taste in (very large) suits, Big Mike is a former Grape Street Crip turned paster who now runs his own tow-truck service, and is the founder of such community projects as Project Fatherhood, a remarkable program in Watts where, together with my pal UCLA’s Dr. Jorja Leap, he helps troubled men find themselves through becoming better fathers and, in so doing, help their communities.

Congratulations to the incomparable Big Mike Cummings.

[I’ll be at the Wellness Foundation’s Violence Prevention Conference all day Thursday, but will return with news and bulletins.)


The Weekly’s Gene Maddeus has a long, must-read story on Sheriff Lee Baca and his Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. Here’s a representative clip:

….The jails are just one symptom of a more general decline affecting the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Discipline is lax. Revelations of cronyism are routine. Investigators and plaintiffs’ lawyers are combing through every facet of the department’s operations.

“It troubles me deeply to see the reputation of the department where it is now,” says William T. Sams, a retired sheriff’s chief. “It’s a pariah in a lot of ways.”

Two men bear the greatest responsibility for the department’s low standing: Leroy D. Baca and his undersheriff, Paul Tanaka.

Baca is a nice guy. Even his critics tend to begin by saying, “I like the man.” Now 70, he has always been quiet, introverted and a little strange. When he was first elected sheriff, in 1998, supporters hailed him as a Zen mastermind. He was overflowing with ideas about how to make policing more humane.

Detractors called him a social worker with a badge, or Sheriff Moonbeam. But progressives adored him, and so did voters. Scandals that would have scarred others’ reputations glanced off him. He got another nickname: the Teflon Sheriff.

But Baca was beset by insecurities and self-doubt, which made it hard for him to see his own flaws clearly, much less confront them. He seemed to resolve his self-doubts by banishing them, closing himself off from anything that might disturb his sunny aura.

Early in Baca’s tenure, his deputies learned not to express reservations about his ideas — no matter how impractical they were. Eventually, the doubters retired. “Lee has surrounded himself with people who are going to say yes to everything he says,” Al Scaduto, a retired chief, says.

Tanaka has become his most trusted aide. In many ways the men are opposites. Tanaka is an accountant, good with details. He’s also a cop’s cop — aggressive and wary. Unlike Baca, his critics do not claim to like him. In their telling, he’s a full-metal asshole, a shouter, a “little Napoleon.”


Barbara Leonard of the Courthouse News Service has the story about this case. Here’re some clips:

The 9th Circuit voted to rehear claims that Burbank, Calif., retaliated against a detective who blew the whistle on abusive interrogation tactics in the department.

Angelo Dahlia claimed that he saw a fellow detective in the Burbank Police Department
stick a gun in the face of a suspect, while squeezing the man’s throat and saying, “How does it feel to have a gun in your face, motherfucker?”

Dahlia said he heard yelling and the sound of people being hit as the detective continued to interview suspects.

He said he told Burbank Police Lt. John Murphy that “things were getting out of hand, the interviews were getting too physical, and too many people were doing their own thing and were out of control.”

But Murphy allegedly told Dahlia to “stop his sniveling,” and the beatings continued.


Dahlia said he disclosed his colleagues’ abusive interrogation tactics in a May 2009 interview by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Four days later, Burbank Police Chief Tim Stehr allegedly placed Dahlia on administrative leave.


  • I have read the entire article and I suggest that everyone else do the same before making a post. I need to make a few more calls to people who were involved.

  • Today’s LA Times states Assistant Sheriff Marvin Cavanaugh will be resigning due to the findings of the Jail Commission report. Sounds like a good begining.

  • The LA Weekly article is without doubt, the most comprehensive examination of Baca’s “weird and pathetic” psyche ever published. It validates the theory so many people close to him have whispered over the years; Baca has some very significant mental issues. His “moonbeam” approach to traditional law enforcement is amplified by his sick, warped and degenerate concepts put forth in his PhD thesis. That in itself opens 14 dimensions of Lee Baca’s inner thinking that should scare the hell out of the public. His so called “progressive” intellect is a sham, a complete fraud, just like his so called leadership of LASD.

    From the minute he took office, he surrounded himself with “Yes men” that continually stroked his ego and reassured him that he is in fact, the world’s most interesting man, an individual of rare and superior intelligence. Day in and day out, Baca was told he was the smartest guy in the room and he needed to start laying the groundwork for a high level appointment at the State or Federal level. With that, Baca cared more about himself and his next job than he did about LASD. And that is the pathway opened for Tanaka to follow, completely unfettered. The comments by the retired executives are the most compelling of the absolute dysfunction of Sheriff Baca and the warped ego of Tanaka. What a great pair these two make. Unfortunately, the article did not explain despite all of Tanaka’s unethical and unstable acts of misconduct, why does Baca protect him, even to this day.

    To prove my point, it is reported that Marv Cavanaugh has been shown the door with Baca placing all the blame of the MCJ scandal at his feet, not Tanaka’s. It is also rumored that a Captain was shown the door today as well. The question is, will these two individuals take the fall for Tanaka because the Commission, the BOS and the employees of LASD know who the real puppet master has been within Custody Division. He is probably sitting back right now having a chuckle, smoking a cigar and sipping on a glass of fine wine telling himself that life is sweet. Hey Mar and Captain XXX, that “car” you thought you were in for all these years, just ran you over. And the little guy was driving. Enjoy your retirements. Oh by the way, those bushes that are moving, its not the wind, its the FBI.

  • Cut to the chase wrote:

    “The LA Weekly article is without doubt, the most comprehensive examination of Baca’s “weird and pathetic” psyche ever published. It validates the theory so many people close to him have whispered over the years; Baca has some very significant mental issues. His “moonbeam” approach to traditional law enforcement is amplified by his sick, warped and degenerate concepts put forth in his PhD thesis…”

    If this is true, why did he ran UNOPPOSED in the 2010 primary election? Where were you so-called defenders of the department back then? Well…

    Fact is Lee Baca always had his enemies in the LASD since he ran against Sherman Block in 1998 as an agent of change. At that time, with the Rodney King beating still fresh in their minds, people just wanted a change in direction of law enforcement- like you said a new approach. I was on of them. People were sick and tired of Neanderthals like Sherman Block and Daryl Gates and their 19th Century view of law enforcement. Since then, Baca has received 60% or better in each election.

    To me, all his enemies, you and others as well, complaining about how Baca does this, how Baca does that is no more than office politics, people with sour grapes gabbing and spreading false rumors over the water-cooler. So if you don’t like the guy put your name on the ballot in 2014. I’ll be waiting…

  • LA County Voter, or Steve Whitmore, corruption and incompetence are more than “office politics.” Sounds like you’ve benefitted from that corruption that has been documented so far, with more to come. I know it troubles you that your gravy train ride is coming to an end, but get over it.

    The new approach voters had in mind is NOT what Baca has given, which has been widely panned as useless bromides and quizzical musings that are more the ramblings of a troubled mind than the product of intellect.

    Block received more than 60% of the vote each time he was reelected, but we know how that turned out. Baca’s fifteen minutes are up, along with his merry band of sycophants. As illustrated by the uptick in recent mass shootings, we need competence, ethical leaders in law enforcement who can actually lead agencies to meet the challenges we face.

    Sheriff Moonbeam is not, was not, and never will be the transformational leader we need at this point in our history. Don’t worry about 2014, we are coming…

  • LATBG,
    I have to piss backwards a little bit. With all the problems, AND with Baca ‘s PhD thesis now public knowledge, I think he CAN be beat. It’s going to take a viable candidate with a LOT of money.
    I think, as sad as it is, that it will be his thesis that shows everybody just how truly out of touch he is.
    That’s sad because the people, and especially all the ” progressive” media personnel who thought he was some kind of Zen Master now realize he’s just a wierd dude with a lot of off the wall completely goofball ideas. They also realize now that he’s been an absentee Sheriff, going around the world preaching his goofball baloney, which has allowed Mr. Tanaka to take total control of the Sheriff’s Dept.
    They don’t like Tanaka.
    I think it will be these factors that finally cause the progressive media in LA to quit giving him a pass for his failures.
    Who knows, maybe he can come up with the latest Kumbaya theory or gobbledygook crap that will make them buy right back into his bunk. He’s already proved it’s easy to completely dupe these self proclaimed intellectuals. All he had to do was say “Hey, I’m an intellectual too, just like you, and I think outside the box” and they went all in behind his goofball crap. The catch phrase of the last 20 years has been “Thinking outside the box”.
    Yeah well, they’ve learned the hard way that there’s a fine line between thinking outside the box and being a whack job. lol

  • I’m really curious why so many people like this site. An I’m also really curious why in the hell everyone here writes so well I mean a regular educated person wouldn’t go on here most have faith in the police force they have where they live or purposely move some where with a better police force. Which leads me to believe all who comment on these posts are all sheriffs deputy’s who either suck at being cops an are so incompetent at there job they just bitch on here because ohh too tall Paul didn’t give me a promotion :(. Well when ever it is the command staff does change there’s deps from reign 1, and 3 not to mention 2 who all have deputies, sgts, lts and cpts who know Paul personally an his family that will continue to deal exactly like him. If you ask me or ever happen to run in to deputy Alvarez at industry station or deputy Gomez at Altadena station or sgt Wilcox at temple you’d see that te supposed car that everyone has been in hasn’t run anyone over that wasn’t going to get run over already. It’s a fuckin convoy there will be another Paul tanaka beacause half the deputy’s on the force are exactly like him!!!! Baca is an was a good sheriff but he isn’t running the lapd he’s running the sheriffs department and everyone know you see a tan an green dep stay outta there way or you’ll get beat the hell up that’s the way they wanted to be know as an that’s the way they always will be known as! My spelling isn’t the best but for me being 15 Im young and still have alot to learn but i can definitely see past everyone’s bs

  • Answering The Question Wrote:

    “It’s going to take a viable candidate with a LOT of money.”

    Brilliant idea AQ! But money can’t buy my vote so get cracking! Personally, I’ll take a Sheriff Moonbeam over a Sheriff Woolly Mammoth any day. Hey maybe you could find a Sheriff Joe Arpaio clone to clean up the department given your obvious political bias.

  • Sorry the link doesn’t work but the Report can still be Googled, same search words: 10th Semi-Annual LASD Report

  • Answering the Question, I hear you, and hopefully voters will as well. SgtBuzzkill can’t seem to wrap his mind around the idea that ethical people who devote their careers to public service actually place the public’s interest ahead of their own. It’s a foreign concept for those who look for “tall paul” to give them their promotion instead of earning it on merit.

    I would shudder to think that half of the police force is like Tanaka. That would make us no better than your average banana republic praetorian guard.

    It would be refreshing if the administration defenders who troll on this site would actually read all the articles, digest them, and come up with some intelligent response. It’s pretty boring to read the predictable drivel about disgruntled employees because it only drives home the point that you cannot defend the indefensible.

  • Hey # 13 LA County Voter

    Maybe, since Baca is a Republican, you could tell us all what my ” obvious political bias” is. Of course, you probably didn’t know Baca’s registered voter status because you haven’t done one ounce of research, nor are you interested in having an intelligent debate. You just make statements like #13 and reveal your ignorance to the rest of us. You are funny as hell to those with some semblance of intelligence who are observing the conversation. You don’t address any points, don’t make any counterpoints and don’t cite any reasons why the candidate you like is/will continue to be a good Sheriff.
    You simply accuse somebody who has a differing opinion than you of being biased. What a lazy, boring and intellectually dishonest way of debating with others.
    Get back to me when you can address the topic being discussed like an intelligent adult.

  • Read the 1998 Merrick Bobb report linked above and then tell me how bad things are now. “Block did nothing to prevent 25 elite narcotics detectives from running amok and being convicted of felony corruption charges and sent to prison.” “Excessive force was rampant on the department.” The L.A. Times refused to back Block for re-election. How quickly some people seem to forget.

  • That is a very good point Fact Check. Block became too old and too sick to be effective during his later years. He wouldn’t let go of the reins of power, even after he became ineffective. Hmmm. Sounds familiar, no? These guys get elected and it becomes almost impossible for them to give up the reins of power. What is needed more than ever is term limits for the Sheriff. We have term limits for the POTUS, but not the Sheriff. How much sense does that make?
    You won’t hear me praising Block like he could do no wrong. They are all just men. Once they become inneffective, they need to go. Everybody knows that for the last few years, Tanaka has run the Sheriffs dept. behind Leroy’s back. Baca was too busy “Trying to see that which is not able to be seen” to see what was happening right in front of his eyes. His absenteeism didn’t help.
    You can’t be globe trotting the world preaching your political messages and raising money, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, etc., and still have your finger of the pulse of the day to day operations of the Sheriff’s dept. Impossible to do when Baca has been gone as much as he has.
    The sad truth that nobody wants to address is how those in the know had the attitude: “Just let Lee run around telling his wild wacky theories to the world, and Paul will run things”. THAT is why so many deps. gave money to Tanaka. They knew he was the man in charge.
    Baca hasn’t minded the store. Consequently, he lost control of it and Tanaka began running things
    his way, with his people.
    Why should Baca be elected for another term and get paid to do a job that he hasn’t done for quite some time now?
    Paul Tanaka has been running the LASD for quite some time now. ALL the evidence tells us that.
    People can choose to turn a blind eye to it if they wish. In my opinion they are ignoring reality. Since Tanaka began running things Baca is nothing but a figure head.

  • ATQ – Get out of the 1990’s. We have progressed far from the Block/Graham/Harper days. The Sheriff or any business can run operations from anywhere in the world and stay in constant contact via a number of electronic devices. Force and discrimination is way down from the Block days as documented in the Bobb report. I get the fact you hate Tanaka.

    That is your opinion. An equal amount of deputies hated Graham and his anti-deputy attitude. An equal amount of deputies were embarrassed and did not like Harper when he was rolled up in a ball in his office crying during mental breakdowns as the Undersheriff.

    I don’t know where you work, but many good things come from the Sheriff’s travels in the form of equipment and funding to many units, and goodwill for the entire department. You can disagree with his positions and how he runs things, but it has nothing to do with his travel. He and all the department execs are in constant contact no matter where they are. Whether they do what you think is best during that contact is subject to debate.

  • Sgt Buzzkill, good to see you admit you can’t spell, nor use proper sentence structure.

    This obviously tells me you’re in one of the protected groups and got sucked up in the whirlwind of diversity. Glad to have you aboard as an illiterate.

  • I’ve got a newsflash for you Fact Check. I don’t hate Tanaka. If I was an LA County Deputy Sheriff I would probably like working for Tanaka.

    Now, as far as the assertion that Baca can be just as effective of Sheriff when he is absent as he can be when present, BALONEY. You know it and I know it.

    Also, could you please give me an example of the equipment or funding for a unit that has resulted from Sheriff Baca’s travels around the world?

    And it would be good if you could find it in yourself to drop the primadonna attitude that causes you to open your comments with statements like your opening sentence in your above post. Then maybe the conversations wouldn’t have such an adversarial tone from the get go. Or not. If you choose not to, in that case you can kiss my ass. Not everybody who disagrees with you is hateful or a Neanderthal. I don’t mind a healthy dose of sarcasm. Big difference between arrogance and sarcasm. And the tone of your posts that suggest anybody who disagrees with you is either clueless, hateful or a dinosaur reek of arrogance.
    Maybe I’m wrong. You could be a very nice humble guy.

    (See, it is possible for a person to contemplate the possibility that they could be wrong).

    Quit acting like everybody who disagrees with you is either “hateful” or a Neanderthal

  • Fact Check, in all seriousness, I apologize for my derogatory comments towards you. I tend to react a little bit harshly when I feel somebody is “Talking down ” to me. I feel everyone deserves respect until they prove otherwise. Even me.

  • Reading this entire string, I see it is most fair and balanced kinda like the repeated personal attacks in post 13. Ok, how’s this “good morning everyone, I hope you all have a super sparkly day”. LASD can do no wrong, the jail commision was wrong, Tanaka is and will be the most trusted and revered leader imaginable”. How’s that everyone? Oh by the way I tore up my Dick’s credit card cuz they sell guns that are responsible for human life. I also went to my local police station and turned in all my guns, ammo and went to logistics to surrender my baretta. I don’t think I like carrying a tool that is 100% the cause of human life.

  • #27: “I don’t think I like carrying a tool that is 100% the cause of human life.”

    Public opinion seems to be coalescing around the idea that the problem is not the tool, but the person using it, and a way must be found to keep guns out of the hands of wackos.

    Case in point: Gabby Giffords (the Arizona case). Her shooter had tried to enlist in the Army, was rejected because he failed the drug test, and then–this is what’s really hard to comprehend– went to a regular gun store to legally purchase the weapons he used in his crime.

    Surely if you must pass a drug test to join the Army or work at Wal-Mart then it is not unreasonable to pass a drug test to purchase a firearm.

    That’ll be a good first step in keeping guns out of the hands of wackos.

  • Cognistator, I was being sarcastic. I agree, it is not the gun that kills it is the finger on the trigger attached to the human being.

    I was making an illistration for the narrow minded and often liberal agendas of some who would prefer nothing more than strip one more layer away from our amendments.

    I am not opposed to banning assault rifles, under one condition: you get caught with one, it is a mandatory 5 year sentence with no good behavior. Good people will adhere to that, the scum of society will be the one’s using them. Sort of like all the guns that ended up in the hands of scum during the fast and furious debacle. That was the most criminal act any president has allowed during their term, but the majority of us know it was nothing more than cover ups, lies and democrat blame games.

  • Now I know why Baca travels to the middle east so much. Abu Dhabi is recruiting up to 32 instructors to revamp their police services. Quote: They are looking to model it after LASD. If you don’t believe me, ask around the Department. It was posted and conveyed to me from a retired buddy who get’s the daily e-mail. case closed

  • Still waiting to hear how an LASD unit got funding or the LASD benefitted from the result of Baca’s trips.

    That’s great for those folks in Dubai. They’ve obviously benefitted. How does the LASD benefit? Bragging rights? I guess Baca can run around bragging about how the folks in Dubai are modeling their PD after the LASD.

    And the LASD (or one of it’s units) benefits from that exactly how?

  • LASD units that work in the counter-terrorist area have benefited greatly from the Sheriff’s trips. The Sheriff has established the closest relationships with the muslim community of any law enforcement agency in the US. These relationships are essential in keeping terrorism out of Los Angeles. These relationships allow investigators to pick up and phone and speak directly to police in Middle East countries about leads developed in Los Angeles. Middle East countries visited by the Sheriff have funded trips by LASD Bomb Squad and LASD tactical personnel to visit these countries to see first hand what we are up against when dealing with terrorists. They were able to study the tactics and technology used first hand. I could continue, but space limits the listing of all the benefits LASD has received through the Sheriff’s travels.

  • Wow. The first question that comes to mind is this.
    The LASD is relying on personnel from middle eastern countries to train it’s personnel regarding explosives, instead of the U.S. military?
    I would think the U.S. military is familiar with every kind of I.E.D. there is, considering their personnel have encountered them first hand for the last 10 yrs.
    I’ve heard that the LASD SWAT team trains with the military. What about the bomb squad? Does the military refuse to train the LASD bomb squad? If they do train them, is the training received by the U.S. military not competent nor sufficient?
    Some of the countries over there can’t get their own shit together. I hope we’re not getting training from them.
    I’m a lot more confident in the training that the U.S. military could give the LASD than those third world clusters.

    Intelligence re: terrorism?

    Sheriff Baca’s relationships with these copuntries are essential in keeping terrorism out of Los Angeles?
    So what you are saying in essence is that if the people the Sheriff has established relationships with were to gather intelligence that indicated a terrorist attack was going to take place in LA., they would notify Sheriff Baca?

    What about if the intelligence indicated the attack was to take place in another county or state?
    Would these people the Sheriff has these relationships with NOT pick up the phone and call him to notify him of those attacks?
    If they would, the entire law enforcement community and this entire country owes Sheriff Baca a great deal of deep gratitude. I haven’t heard any other law enforcement officials thanking the Sheriff, nor any politicians.
    If they wouldn’t pick up the phone and notify him of an attack outside LA, what does that say about them?

  • In other words, you can’t have it both ways.
    Either these people the Sheriff has relationships with are allies to the U.S. or they’re not. If they are, his relationship isn’t what keeps terrorism out of LA or any other place in the country.
    If they are not our allies, well, that brings up a whole new kettle of fish, no?

  • ATQ – Sorry, but I just realized you are not a deputy. LASD gets training from many agencies, including the U.S. military. However, LASD is not the military and the U.S. is not a war zone. LASD can’t and shouldn’t drive around in huge armored vehicles to avoid IED’s. Fortunately the terrorist problem isn’t that bad in the U.S. Training with Middle East countries that police terrorist ridden areas is important to our safety in Los Angeles. They provide valuable insight into the terrorist problem and how to police it. LASD also provides them with insight on policing operates in Los Angeles. It is mutually beneficial.

    And no, just because someone declares certain countries to be our allies doesn’t necessarily mean they will report anything to anyone in the U.S. Personal relationships are key to gathering intelligence and investigative cooperation. This is true even in Los Angeles. There are many witnesses to crimes that never come forward. The best way to solve crimes, prevent crimes and to get people to come forward and work with the police is through personal contacts and relationships. This is why it is important and beneficial to the residents of Los Angeles for the Sheriff to maintain Middle East contacts and relationships.

    Many agencies have been assisted by LASD investigators using Sheriff contacts during counter-terrorist investigations. This is not publicized because of the sensitivity of the investigations.

  • fact check you are in dream land. If there was so much benefit from the muslim community, at the lasd level, why are we still losing so many soldiers? Baca has an interesting twist whether it’s Asia, Muslims, Koreans etc., his special volunteers and reserves hook him up big time in their respective countries so he can play the bigshot and his constituants get a CCW and badge. It’s quite elementary

  • Fact Check, I guess we will have to respectfully agree to disagree.
    Of course the LASD isn’t going to drive around in armored vehicles. What has that got to do with training for the bomb squad?
    Again, our military personnel have been encountering, and studying, I.E.D.’s for 10 yrs. now in the field, real time.
    I would think that if the LASD personnel received training from the military, it would be the best training in the world.
    Hell sir, our military trains the people over there in those countries most of the time. So to say that our military can’t train LASD people adequately seems a little bit ridiculous.
    By far most importantly, I’ll submit this to you. If Sheriff Baca has personal relationships with people who would NOT notify the authorities of any state, anywhere, in this country, of an impending terrorist attack, where American lives will be lost, the Sheriff has no business having a “relationship” with those people. I find it unbelievable that you would advocate the Sheriff actively seeking to have a personal relationship with people from foreign soil, who would, for any reason, not notify ANY U.S. authorities of a planned terrorist attack. Do you realize what you are saying here?
    That Sheriff Baca has personal relationships with enemies of the U.S.?
    I’ll break it down a little bit and make it closer to home.
    How would you feel if there was a deputy at the LASD Century station who was seeking to develop PERSONAL relationships with certain people because he/she wanted to prevent the ambush/murder of deputies at Century station. Yet, those people the deputy had a PERSONAL relationship with knew that there were plans to ambush/murder deputies from Carson station, and they told no one?
    Should that deputy have PERSONAL relationships with those people?
    How do you think the personnel from Carson would feel about that deputy?
    The Sheriff has no business consorting with people who, FOR ANY REASON, would remain silent about any terrorist attack, any place in the U.S.
    Hence my assertion that you don’t get it both ways in your explanation of why it’s beneficial for the Sheriff to have these relationships.
    As far as other agencies benefitting from it, yet it not being publicized due to sensitivity?
    Well sir, I submit to you that the same claim could be made about anything, any time. “You don’t know because we can’t tell you” is a claim that carries no weight.
    Much like the old “big picture” argument, you can’t expect anyone, even me, to accept this as the gospel when there is no evidence of it. You might as well just say “Trust me”.

  • BTW Fact Check, I fully understand your point of witnesses/informants etc. being developed through personal relationships. That’s how it’s done. FBI snitches etc. are handled this way.
    What do you think would happen if an FBI handler found out his informant allowed cops to be murdered and his informant didn’t tell him?
    It seems to me that what you are saying is that the Sheriff is trying to do the job of the CIA and/or the NSA.
    They are the ones best capable of doing that job. Sheriff Baca needs to concentrate on being the LA COUNTY Sheriff and what is happening in the department he IS responsible for.

    In a nut shell, what I am saying is that if Sheriff Baca wasn’t so busy trying to develop these relationships and having to travel extensively out of the country to do it, maybe he would have more time to concentrate on what is happening in his own house. I’ve found his own admissions that “I didn’t know” of the problems in his own department to be fully indicative of him having his priorities completely out of place.

  • ATQ, right on! Our military is the finest anywhere. Unfortunately, Baca is similar to Villaragosa and Obama. Go to any site that does research and see how many times all three have travelled and the percentage of time they have been absent from office since elected.

    They are nothing more than junkets spent on the taxpayers dime under the pretense it will help the local economy, will help with terrorism, etc. Really?

    I heard since the cost of a first class ticket on Emirates is going up, Baca may be hooking up with Louie and getting approval to fly the King Air to Dubai direct Maine, direct Greenland, direct London, etc. etc. I’ll bet to save on costs they are going to stock inflight meals from the ODR and entertainment from the inmate library. Just my opinion

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