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LASD INVESTIGATIONS: AERO BUREAU – PART 1: THE CONTRACT. Did the Sheriff’s Department Over Pay Drastically for Work and Equipment on Its New Fleet of Helicopters?

EDITOR’S NOTE: A few weeks ago, WitnessLA acquired an LASD internal report that we have since been investigating. The report pertains alleged wrongdoing at the LA Sheriff’s Department’s Aero Bureau. Aero Bureau, as the name implies, is an elite LASD division that oversees the department’s aircraft—–mostly helicopters.

The report, by LASD Sergeant Richard Gurr, formerly of Aero Bureau, alleges that a $29 million Board of Supervisors-approved contract to do completion work on the LASD’s 12 new helicopters, may be loaded with overcharges and unnecessary equipment to the tune of up to $11 million. In addition, it alleges that some Aero Bureau supervisors, several of whom are reportedly close to Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, colluded to rig the bidding process.

The story below is a part of our ongoing LASD INVESTIGATIONS, a continuing prove into dysfunction and corruption in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Part 2 of the Aero Bureau story, soon to follow.


On May 11, 2010, The LA County Board of Supervisors was asked to approve the purchase of 12 new helicopters to replace the existing but aging fleet of 12, plus two extra helicopters, to be purchased, pending the sale of a certain number of the old fleet.

Law enforcement is hard on aircraft thus the replacement cycle reportedly occurs about every 7 years. The old fleet went into service in 2003. So it was time.

According to the document given to the Supervisors for approval, (and obtained by WitnessLA), the new fleet was to be delivered over a period of around 8 months, meaning that one helicopter would be completed about every 3 to 6 weeks.

The base price of each “green” helicopter—meaning the no-frills aircraft that comes straight from the American Eurostar factory in Texas without the additional finish work and equipment that law enforcement requires—was to be $1,969,161 per aircraft.

The cost of doing the completion work that the department required was listed at $2,085,250 per helicopter. An avionics company located in Carlsbad, California, won the competitive bidding process for the $29 million aftermarket outfitting job. It was comparatively new firm named HangarOne Avionics that reportedly got its FAA certificate in December of 2007.

It is this second part of the purchase process, the $2 million plus per helicopter covered by the HangerOne contract, that is analyzed in a highly critical internal report that WitnessLA has obtained. The report echoed, albeit with a far more detailed analysis, some very similar allegations made by a former Aero Bureau supervisor, Lt. Ed Cook, in a whistle blower lawsuit.

The internal report, which features around 30 pages of collateral material, lists “four areas of concern” that it contends support “initiating an investigation for violations of Department Policy” and “County Purchasing Code.”

(The report also alleges that Aero Bureau supervisors helped manipulate the bidding process for HangerOne. However this allegation is a story all its own that we will get to later.)

The four reported “areas of concern” are as follows:

1. Excessive labor costs,

2. The purchase of extra equipment outside the scope of what was approved by the Board of Supervisors, and often with hefty mark-ups attached

3. Standard equipment purchased in excess of what was required.

4. Charges for installation of basic equipment that conventionally should have been installed at the factory as part of the price of the aircraft.


The first area of concern alleged has to do with the $350,000 fixed labor costs for the completion of each aircraft.

In a previous service contract between HangarOne and the LASD, the report notes that HangerOne set its labor price at $90 per shop hour—reportedly the high side of the industry standard, but still well within the bounds of usual prices. Thus, noted the report, if that same hourly rate was used for the aircraft completion, then that would mean the department was being charged for 3,888 shop hours—which, using an 8-hour work day and a five day work week, would equate to 24 months worth of shop hours per aircraft.

Since the purchase approval document approved by the LA County Board of Supervisors, called for the helicopters to be delivered to the Aero Bureau from HangerOne at a rate of at least one aircraft per month, this meant the department was allegedly over-paying for labor by hundreds of thousands per heliocopter. (In speaking to sources inside Aero Bureau, we learned that the helicopters were delivered at a rate of one aircraft every two months, which is reportedly a normal speed. )

“Even at three months, (480 shop hours),” states the report, “the labor cost would only amount to $43,200 per aircraft.” This would mean more than $300,000 in excess charges per helicopter—X 12.

(WitnessLA is still investigating the labor overcharging issue, as it is a complicated matter and there are some other potential variables that we are told could come into play. We’ll have more shortly.)


Certain equipment is considered to be a part of the proper outfitting of an aircraft for law enforcement work (just as, when the department buys a fleet of patrol cars, there is a range of equipment—lights, siren, radio, floodlights, et al— that is considered standard. ).

However, according to the report, there was $1,716,156 worth of extra items purchased that were not installed in the helicopters but were shipped directly to Aero Bureau, reportedly at LASD Aero Bureau’s request.

An example of one such item is a FLIR Star Safire HD priced at $749,816.

The FLIR is a high definition thermal imaging system that, according to the company’s list of clients, is primarily used by the military, some border patrol agencies, and maritime search and rescue.

We are told the Star Safire is a swell gadget, as you can see from the video below, but according to those familiar with Aero Bureau equipment, it is a long way from necessary—especially at a time when the Sheriff was regularly in front of the Board of Supervisors asking for additional funds for overtime and other real necessities. Moreover, its price places it well above the monetary threshold that, if it was not bundled questionably into the price of the completion, would have required board approval.

To go with the FLIR Star Safire, is a companion item, the FLIR Ultra 9500, an infrared camera that cost the LASD $356,775. The two items together total $1,106,591.

According to the report, there were 15 more extra items that allegedly should not have been part of the helicopter completion price.

In addition, the report states that many of these extras were purchased at a ferocious mark-up. For instance, in the report’s supplementary material it shows the GSA price ( U.S. General Services Administration) on the FLIR Ultra 9500 to be $185,996 instead of the $356,775 paid by the LASD.


Another allegation the report makes is that, even with the standard equipment delivered with the aircraft, much of it was bought in inexplicable excess, or simply wasn’t needed in the first place.

For instance, the contract calls for the purchase of 42 pairs of night vision goggles at $491,473.

“Aero Bureau has 10-12 NVG goggles which are sufficient to support any LASD mission,” the report states. ” …Very few additions would be required.”

The report notes similarly high numbers of items such as binoculars, helmets and a list of other types of equipment that it contends the department already has.

Additionally, the report notes some odd items like 14 personal locator beacons, of the type used by backpackers and mountain climbers. When I asked one experienced Aero Bureau source when such a device might be used in the course of department work, he said the only possible application would be if the aircraft crashed in a remote area and the crew had to hike out over a long distance. (There’s already a locator on the helicopter that activates in the event of a crash, so to use these 14 items one would have to leave the aircraft.) I asked if, to his knowledge, a pilot and observer had faced such a situation.

“To my knowledge? Never,” he said.


The helicopters, while stripped down when they leave the Eurocopter factory, still must be “flight ready,” we were told. “After all, they had to be flown from the factory in Texas to us,” explained one of the bureau’s pilots.

However, according to the report we obtained, some of the items that would normally have been installed at the factory, were instead part of the HangarOne charges, which the report deemed an “area of concern.”

The report lists $3,619,813 in “factory associated” equipment that instead turned up as HangarOne charges.

For instance, the report lists “windshields,” for $59,232,

“Obviously the aircraft can’t be flown back from the factory without a windshield,” said another Aero Bureau source whom we asked about the charge. We also asked if law enforcement aircraft require special windshields.

“No,” he said. “The windshield that comes on the aircraft from the factory is what’s on it now.”

As we reported previously, the allegations contained in the report have been passed on to the D.A’s office for consideration although they were audited by the County Auditor Controller as well as investigated by the department’s own criminal investigative unit, ICIB. Both those probes found the allegations to be “without merit.”

Several sources inside Aero Bureau or those familiar with its workings have concurred with all or parts of this internal LASD report.

Given the radical disagreement that has surfaced thus far about the HangerOne contract and the allegations surrounding it, and given the amount of money at stake, WitnessLA hopes that the Supervisors will consider calling for a full forensic audit by an entity entirely independent of the county or any of its agencies.



  • Oh ny, where do I start? Now the nay sayers will come right back and say Richard Gurr is a disgruntled employee, and Sergeatn Hanley has issues, or whatever. The La Times has it all, and now we have manipulation of time records. At least that’s the allegation.

    What seems most troubling, is Louie Duran Keeps popping up on the radar. Any other unit with this kind of investigation would transfer the captain out, just like they did with Daniel Cruz at MCJ.

    I wonder what else it’s going to take to figure out a “shake up” at Aero is forthcoming?

    I look forward to comments to my post. Perhaps now, you will see there is quite a bit of validity to this story. Oh, did I mention in my previous posts about the way a unit can manipulate things to get their own personal contract? MM guess I’m not the bafoon some allude to.

    Since the times called Hangar One, and the call went unanswered, perhaps some of you still on the fence can get through to verify the story. Here you go (760) 929-2270.

  • I have been to Aero several times and walked the facilities as well as met some of their pilots. My take on all this is that Mr Ed Cook, is a very disgruntled ex employee who has nothing better to do. When his Captain before the current Captain was there the place was a mess. Care free atmosphere the tail was wagging the dog. Then a change came
    with some disipline and made sure the pilots had some accountability, and sure as hell, the ones that could not take change make noise. This is becoming a waste of money and resources all based on a disgruntled fool who was sub par at best when he was on the dept. All I can say is please quit wasting time and fishing for something that isn’t there. Lets start digging deeply into all the pilots backgrounds and see what we can come up with!!!

  • I say we try to come up everything possible, what do you have in mind about the pilots? Also, the previous regime you speak of, one is retired, and the other a captain in Region III. Are you saying he is responsible for the alleged mess? I peronally know JT and he is a stand up guy.

    At least they weren’t plastered in th LA Times like current personnel. And seriously, I can’t even visualize someone like you or anyone else walking the halls of Aero soliciting comments about Ed Cook. Too funny. What then is Rich Gurr and Paul Hanley’s excuse? Are they disgruntled as well? The numbers are stacking up against the disbelievers.

  • Let’s see…..Richard Gurr was a Sergeant at Aero Bureau flying, now he works Custody as a Sergeant……..Disgruntled..???????…You figure it out….

  • I feel the allegations in this case are very serious and embarrassing to such an “elite” unit. I am very proud of my friends who have earned their way to that unit by hard work, dedication and integrity. I am actually impressed by their “laid back” attitude and personality despite the dangerous job they do on a regular basis. I doubt it was simply the change and “displine” that started the noise. Sounds more like the person in charge has lost all respect as a leader. If you know the players and their past history and reputation at other work assignments, it becomes very clear what the real problem is. I suggest you do look into the backgrounds of these pilots. I strongly suspect they were selected because of their hard work and experience. Their ability to safely operate their helicopter is without question. These are the last guys I`d want to mess with simpily because they were not on “Duran`s team”. I don`t think these are the guys who are crashing helicopters, making “hard” landings that scare their passengers, violating L.A.X. airspace without communication with the tower, forgetting their call sign, Taking off without calling the tower, failing to communicate with other basin pilots because they have no idea where they are. I also suspect they are not the ones who made purchase and helicopter completion decisions that are being seriously scrutinized in articles like the L.A Times. Before anyone says the taxpayers should not be concerned about where their money has gone and that this is a waste of time or just a matter of disgruntled employees, Lets get some answers to the real questions like where did all the money really go?? And isn`t spending $14,000 a month to be at Bracket airport a little much to spend to be closer to home and have RV storage?

  • Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Anyone ever shot the ILS at KPOC. It really screws with Ontario’s departures, especially if you go missed, direct PDZ.

    I guess the Brackett issue and storage of an RV slipped under the radar. I wasn’t aware of that. Anyone care to chime in? I pay 126.00 a month to store mine.

    And FTF you figure it out, I like that screen name. Thanks for being such a follower of me to create my name in it. I feel touched. Almost like my left hand on the cyclic.

    What’s really amuzing, is everyone that brings up former aero employees assume they are all disgruntled. Really? The word disgruntled is so overdone and boring.

    Put it in perspective. If everyone at Aero was true blue, die on the sword, none of this would be coming out. Truth is, people are done with the BS going on.

    If you don’t believe me, just ask a female observer who had an open mike on L-tac about 2 1/2 years ago. Great conversation about certain people at aero, alot of profanity and hatred. If you don’t believe that there are a number of people from century and Compton who can direct you to that wav file.

  • Dave, you have no idea what you’re talking about, and I’m guessing you’re one of the bad Supervisors that work at aero and are trying to spin facts. One way to help understand the facts would be to have an outside entity interview the rank and file at aero. Having the LASD’s own Internal Affairs conduct this investigation is akin to having the captain at aero investigate himself for wrong doing! My opinion is that the “pilots” (as you claim to have spoken with) and observers would pretty much substantiate everything Cook, Gurr and Hansley have alledged. I’m sure more specific dates, times and locations of alleged impropriety by management and “company” could be discovered (like verifying if the top brass at aero has scheduled and/or attended themselves for additional and unnecessary pilot ratings in Arizona; Planned extended stay Super Puma helicopter acquisitions to Canada in the near future; allowing a certain “special” deputy to use a helicopter for personal use as a “commuter car.” etc…). It needs to be determined just how much the tax payer got billed for so much wanton waste by aero management, if in fact those things did occur. Wouldn’t it be better if both the LA DA investigators and the Feds interviewed every single person at aero at the deputy and civilian level? Interviewing only aero management is like interviewing a mafia boss’ own inner circle. Of course they’re all going to claim, “we did nothing wrong.”. I’m sure there are others that know interesting information, but are in fear to speak up. I’d bet you and the rest of the corrupt management staff at aero would be tossed out faster than Mike Carona was kicked out of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Well said Dave’s Alterego. Do you notice since this went to press today, how quiet this blog is? I guess some of us aren’t peeing dirty after all….

  • It appears to me damage control is underway, and could there be an addendum to captain transfers?

    Based on the very quiet environment, i suspect the majority of the bloggers are submitting saved time because they are being tasked to respond to the recent Times and Witness LA issues.

    I wonder if the OPS Sergeant and Lieutenant are spinning with document requests from Ramona Blvd……

  • If Aero Bureau was adhering to County policy, they would not have been “bundeling.” A Bureau is supposed to go wthe the vendor that is least expensive unless the items they want are so unusual or so equipment specific that only one vendor will meet the need. I smell a rat in all of this, a big one. Any gifts small or large are prohibited, but the LASD has been violating many County rules and regulations for years and years. Look at all of the Employee Funds, Golf Tournaments, volunteer groups at the station holding fund raisers for stations, all of that is illegal according to County polict abd everybody including the Board of Supervisors look the other way.

  • Is FURTHER TO FOLLOW GOING to share a comment after every blog? This story will be like the story about Tanaka being demoted. Guess that never happened did it? This has already been investigated and went nowhere. This will go to the D.A. and go nowhere. This is a few people blogging with different blog names. FURTHER TO FOLLOW, blogging all hours 15 times on the last 2 stories… are a serial blogger. You have alot of free time. If you have so much factual information, you should join Cook’s lawsuit.

  • The term “disgruntled employee” is often used to question the credibility of the accusser. The definition is related to discontent: dissatisfaction, the desire for something more or different. It has no reflection on the veracity of the claim. AS far as Internal Affairs (ICIB) not finding any impropriety, I am not surprised. With all due respect to the investigators assigned to the unit, it has been my experience the truth is often shaded to refect the desired outcome of the Department. Hopefully, the DA will conduct an independent investigation and settle the issue for all concerned.

  • Actually, I just might do that. Like i said, the technology of e-mail, key logging, and the like is the nemesis of any organization that doesn’t walk the line. You know that, i know that.

    Shad-32a, electronic or handwritten? Everyone packages their trump cards. As this evolves, you will see more and more employees jump on the wagon. Especially, if this goes to a formal investigation, ie. Grand Jury. If you don’t think the board can’t request that, you are very naive.

    Then, no employee will want to purjure themselves, with knowledge of what has or hasn’t occured. Would you?

    Think about retirement, family, and your kids when you start lying and denying. In the world of technology, what you said, e-mailed or uttered 5 years ago is now discoverable. Think about it.

    I look at all this as a risk manager. If half of this wasn’t true, wouldn’t you as the target of this be hiring an attorney for defamation or slander? I would the minute it went to press.

    So to summarize my position. I like oatmeal,, so don’t accuse me of being a cereal blogger.:) After working more than 30 years, and being so close to the babies breath, I can assure you my validations are accurate.

    what i will guarantee, if i am asked about any issue, no matter what, i will tell the truth, be candid, and not stand in the way of any independent investigation.

  • And balance, who cares about the air 5 issue? Copter 19 or any other fire helicopter does the same and with Night vision technology. I’ll take that any day, especially if it were me in the canyon.

    Why wait for Air 5 to deploy at “first light” or leave due to darkness. It’s about the citizens and county fire has the edge on this. But according to the Times, with all the NVG’s in stock, they should be able to deploy to china with aircraft enroute re-fueling from the king air.

    Done for the night. It’s CARP day.

  • Hey Guys! With the last 2 post seems like ole “further to follow” got off topic and tried to justify, “SOMETHING”. It’s best he went to sleep! YOU DECIDE!

  • For “?” and his/her ilk, instead of trying to kill the messenger, how about addressing the substance of these serious allegations, which are covered by both the Times and this blog?

    All I here from you is the obsession about blogging time, but I have yet to see you mount a defense on the questionable practices laid out in pretty good detail.

    Cat got your tongue?

  • Well let me see. Hanley got admin transferred and did considerable days off for putting a few thousand miles on his county suv in one weekend while he was off duty. Did he pull a trailer to Canada on the County dime? And they had to tell him to stop driving around in his county hoop and showing up at work events with his wife as his “helper.” There’s a credible source.

    Gurr was using county helicopters to speed his family commute to various events around the county on a weekly basis. The deputies got fed up with that nonsense because he was a capital ‘H’ hypocrite when it came to trivial nonsense in the work place. More discipline. There’s another credible source.

    And further to follow is just either a tweeker or a cluck. I really think he’s lost what little mind he ever had.

    WitnessLa doesn’t have to hold itself to any journalistic standards because it’s a blog. Obviously the cub reporter from the Times is trying to make his mark too. I guess the editors over there just don’t care about even maintaining appearances either anymore. Trying to play off a personal, unsolicited memo from a guy with no integrity as an “official document” is….juuuuust a bit outside!

  • now look at hangar one for the same PFD Almost 1600.00 more for this simple instrument. Now add all the synthetic vision, heads up and other glorius instruments to the new pumas, not to mention all the patrol ships and you get one helacious overcharge.

    also, most avionics installs in the basin run in the mid 70 to high 80 per hour range. with this contract, they could have agreed to 70 an hour. For a startup company in 2007, hangar one would have been a fool not to accept LASD terms, but you know how that goes.

    As far as avionics, Aspen, garmin, Rockwell, etc. are all available to be installed by licensed companies. Hangar one is just one of hundreds. And by the way, who did aero use prior to 2007? they still needed helicopters and avionics….. mmmmm

  • After seeing Duran at the board of supervisors today (Tuesday) I am certain of one thing, he isn’t a leader. He tried to “explain” things by going right to the personal attack. Really, a Captain at a Board meeting going directly for the personal attack on “disgruntled employees” as an explanation into the issue of possible improprieties. Mr. Ridley Thomas had to stop him and remind him it that was more appropriate in closed session.
    That mentality shown right there is a current problem in the department. Its the don’t explain the problem blame the other guy.
    Sorry Captain you are the “leader”, lead or move so someone can. My kids blamed everyone until I told them they are responsible. Whats that on the business card? “I am a leader on the Department.”
    And by the by, its’ not just the one side throwing the “he did it” game. Those other so called leaders on the fourth floor are throwing gas on each other as much as they can.
    Someone needs to step up, and some should step out.

  • Someone mentioned JT. That was Lt Jim Thornton who was trasferred out of aero bureau for making applicants dress in costume and bring alcohol to their oral interview. He is a Tanaka boy and less than 2 years later made Captain at pico station. Once again Tanaka rescued a bad employee and promoted him and has his complete loyalty. Great core values and the sheriff allows this. Duran is also Tanakas childhood friend like Abrams and he should no way be a Captain but tanaka is Oz behind the curtain who is finally being exposed as the frail little man he is with a huge ego

  • Does somebody being a disgruntled employee automatically make them unbelievable?
    If that’s the case John Gotti’s convict ion should have been overturned.
    Sammy Gravano was a disgruntled employee.
    The Feds have long been using disgruntled employees to bring down criminal enterprises.
    If some of the accused in these stories are simply going to use the defense that it’s coming from disgruntled employees, they might as well resign now.
    Juries realize that because somebody is disgruntled it doesn’t automatically make them a liar.

  • Bob U. Hanley didn’t do ANY days off, and the mileage on the car was made by another employee it was assigned to while Hanley was on vacation. A drunkard Lt (now retired after being arrested for DUI in another State in HIS County vehicle – not on county business, though) and and overeager Sgt with an axe to grind did a half assed investigation and didn’t bother with interviewing anyone before jumping to a conclusion. They put him through hell for a year before the Chief settled the whole thing to make it “go away”. I personally think he should sue, but Paul isn’t that kind of guy.
    Gurr has his issues, but he keeps records. Cook is straight up, and the pilots I talked to say his big problem is being too honest. (?)
    FTF, this should be an interesting year……

  • I personally knew JT. Don’t know about the interviaew, but i like that spin. I don’t have anything negative to say, so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Duran’s career is finished. He is guilty of everything he has been accused of. An audit will reveal much more. Tanaka’s attempted white wash didn’t work. The Board of supervisors will order another investigation that will cover the board’s butt ,not the sheriffs dept. Added to that, Duran is a fool plain and simple. The board of supervisors aren’t his friend and they are not going to cover for him. The LA times is now competing with witness LA to see who can break the next Aero scandal first. The lawyers are salavating and lining up for the big pay off that is sure to come when the county tries to back this fool in court, or more than likely settle out of court cleaning up after his wake of incompetence . The only question is how far is Tanaka going to dig his heels in before the enevetiable, that is getting rid of Duran one way or the other. Tanaka is showing himself to be every bit the fool Duran is.

  • Mr Ed Cook who started the whole fiasco of an investigation claims to be pro-dept and a moral driven person. Let me ask a few questions? Is Mr Cook, he no longer has a a rank retired or not in my eyes, the person who was a subject of an investigation for using County Helicopters, flying his female friends and their families for joyrides in North County while he was there? If he claims they were ridealongs, then lets check the log and see how many calls he took while on those shifts with these fine ladies, I’ll post their names soon enough! Is this the man that while on Catalina was with a significant other (and it wasn’t his then wife)! Is this also the man who took personal flight training lessons at LA Helicopters while on duty? FURTHER, you mentioned to Dave we should come up with everything possible, you seem to be connected, how about lets check Mr Cooks on duty time cards and compare them with the records of LA Copters when he was flight training (PERSONAL) and see if we have any inproprities!!! Then give this BLOG an update.
    ETHICAL MAN??? COYOTE WAITS “Give me a break”!!!!

  • Speaking of facts, lets keep them straight. J.T. did not “make” anyone dress up or bring alcohol. Lets remember there were more individuals involved in this incident and it appears none of them took any action. Bad judgement? yes. Criminal? No. Once again lets look at the real allegations here and stop trying to deflect the attenion from the real problem. Accusing other people of wrong doing does not justify or explain ones own actions. As far as the Board of Supervisors meeting, truly incredible but not surprising. How do you justify that one? Having a sergeant fly his family in a county helicopter doesn`t explain $59,000. windshields, time sheets not reflecting accurate working hours, excessive camera and downlink equipment, a new lunch truck, trailers and using a very expensive downlink vehicle as a take home car to be “on call”.

  • KPOC- your posts are very entertaining! So what you are saying with your last post is: Gurr taking his family out for a ride on the county and taxpayers dime is OK? Like being just a little pregnant! Were his actions right or wrong? If you are not sure think of this “you are not a little bit wrong, you are wrong”!! Why should we trust the word of a man that knowingly disobeyed rules and was reprimanded for such. As I said this was what Aero was until someone with the balls to straighten out these Goof offs actually made them accountable. They are weak men!!!
    I take that back, they are weak, not men. This stuff about over paying or bid rigging is for now just a figment of 3 knuckleheads imaginations. Until it is proven “you should not pass judgement.

  • Dave- I`m glad I can entertain you. We must all remember life is short and laughter is the best medicine. If you reread my last post, you will find I have not said what Gurr did was right or appropriate. Apparently an investigation was conducted and that situation was delt with. To imply that a person who has made a bad decision or violated policy has no credibility is the question. There is no information to indicate Gurr ever lied or displaced blame for his actions. It is not until he fights what he believes is unfair punishment that his credibility is stated to be in question and it is suggested he cannot be trusted. I agree with your statement about not passing judgement until it is proven. Things sound like they are going to remain off track until the serious questions are answered and justice is served.

  • Bob Uecker? Seems you have the 411 on discipline and relevant information on the violations. Take a look at the new social media policy. If i were either Gurr or Cook, you would be first on my list for slander and defamation under my pobor. Hopefully you are a county employee, cuz any lawful service to Witnssla for your IP address will be honored.

    Then, we get into a civil suit against the county for negligent retention (you) and guess what? The county will hand your ass to you on a platter.

    There are alot of things to be said, and to call me a tweeker or cluckhead, well, I won’t engage a GED graduate on that level. I encourage Gurr and Cook to explore this violation of policy and giving out of information he is so near and dear to.

  • And one last thing. Gurr, Hanley and Cook were never the subject of public scrutiny such as what is being covered in the Times, and Witnessla. Louie Duran is, he has to answer to those allegations, and in my humbl opinion will be replaced. If he doesn’t, th gas on the fire will increase as there are people in the circle of long beach blvd who will continue to leak information.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder why these articles are many of a series?

    I hope I’m wrong and don’t wish this on anyone. But, if allegations are true, even to the point of a felony, alot is lost. Peace officer status. Faa notification and revocation of flight privleges, etc.

  • Well, once again the dots have been connected as revealed in the Los Angeles Times articles the last two days regarding Aero Bureau and Captain Duran’s outburst at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting yesterday. Here’s what I indicated several weeks ago in one of my earlier postings.

    “On another note, several issues of corruption, misappropriation of money, and other illegal activities have or are occurring, again involving several of the top executives and their loyalists who have knowledge. The following are examples to investigate:”

    “Recently, a large amount of money was found missing and misappropriated from the Aero Bureau. Current Undersheriff Tanaka, with his experience and degree from Loyola Marymount University as a certified public accountant, has swindled money from several recent helicopter contracts and by other means. He has done this with the assistance of the Captain of Aero Bureau, Louis Duran, and his Operation’s Lieutenant Robert Wheat. Wheat’s connection to Tanaka goes back to the days when Tanaka was a Lieutenant at Lennox Station and Wheat was a deputy there in the early 1990’s. Also, some select and loyal supervisors to Tanaka, with Lieutenant Wheat being one of them, have been the recipients of at least $70,000.00 in unjustified overtime. Tanaka uses this money from the Aero Bureau as his “slush fund.”

    It’s amazing that many of us have been CARPing for two plus years while this type of garbage goes on. Where’s the money going? Probably, covering the minting fees for the cigar club’s serialized coins. Yes, it’s yet another embarrassing week for the LASD. As Tanaka said recently at EPC, which was included in my earlier posting, see the below comments.

    “At the February 22, 2012, Executive Planning Council Meeting, which was chaired by Undersheriff Tanaka, the last bullet highlighting the meeting’s agenda was the following: “Mr. Tanaka advised EPC that Captains should be having discussions at briefing of “Right and Wrong.” Any inclination to cross the line should not be tolerated. We should be reminding our personnel what a great job they have and that it’s a privilege to work for this Department. Mr. Cavanaugh advised that lieutenants and sergeants also have a responsibility to monitor personnel, be proactive, and take appropriate action.”

    Well, let’s see what happens now!

  • I just read the latimes article today regarding the Board and Duran. I just posted about the liability of disclosure of discipline. Duran tried to deflct all of it off him and fillet three supervisors. Even duran was warned he was walking in an area of revealing discipline to the public. Especially saying two were affirmed for fraud. What the hell does that mean? affirmed for fraud?

    He is stressing really bad, and will probably go off on 4850 for stress. Then oklahoma city gets a call and there goes his medical.

    I hope Gurr and company are seizing this board meeting for more cash in their pockets. Jeez I love this.

  • And thank you Zev for asking for a wider audit, And hopefully and independent audit. This will be the nail in the coffin. I can hear the field deputies getting calls now tipping off more info for the board to consider

  • Post 16- FTF Follow the Fool – A woman has her life saved by Air 5 and you criticize. By the way, Air 5 does have NVG capability, but who cares, someone is alive because of them. This was all over the news except here. The blog with the agenda. Here is another life saved that is in the news on legit news sites.

    Deputies Cut Meeting Short to Save Woman…os_angeles_ca/
    Do you have some criticism of their actions or equipment also.

  • The only thing that might make this story even crazier, is if some of those (alleged) overpayments made to Hangar One through their front door, somehow made their way out the back door, into certain political campaign accounts.

    But that couldn’t happen…could it???

  • I know this is off topic, but why are we calling these “executives” Mr.(IE Mr. Tanaka). I didn’t realize I worked at Nordstroms. I know I’ve pounded more pavement than most of the Mr’s on Ramona. Just sayin.

  • FURTHER TO FOLLOW 30 blogs in the last 2 LASD stories. Last eight non-LASD related stories in WitnessLA, 14 blogs. If these were facts, a major network would be covering it. News stations are very competitive and always trying to out perform each other, in a responsible manner. You have a personal agenda that causes you to blog in a very impulsive manner. You have engaged in name calling (Louie the Scroat, GED graduate, etc.) that is adolesent at best. Yet you warn others of civil suits for their comments on this site. It is possible to share an OPINION without being so venomous. If put in a position of power, I can’t imagine how you would do with subordinates who disagree with you. Your blogs have become extremely hypocrital considering how you would like others in power to act.

  • Uh, can you show me where I said Scroat? I can blog all I want, because it seems when I started the link, I was accused of being in bed with witnessla. Wow, I think Celeste can vouch for that.

    It really seems lately, that all the protection e-mails calling us idiots and we know nothing are really starting to subside. Perhaps no that the Board is involved with a wider audit, things might make an abrupt change. and hopefully, the one’s who degraded Gurr, hanley and cook with inuendos, accausations and comments only IA investigators are privy to are slandering these guys all over the network. If I’m wrong about that, why did Louie get called out at the board meeting and Whitmore making the statement regarding protected personnel issues.

    The attorneys, now that a presedence was made in an open board meeting need to file for a supoena to release the IP addresses of the previous posts who specifically commented on privacy issues. If you need legal council that is familiar with this, especially dealing with facebook and google, let me know. You have a very good case building and the players will be most interesting to see once revealed.

  • I want to wave a big crystal ball in you guys faces and say “Focus”.
    Look at the issues. Don’t throw mud and slime. Don’t do what you say the “liberal media” does, and throw slime or slant the facts to suit your needs.
    Capt Duran has some issues, some serious issues. Some of those may be perception issues.
    The Department has some serious issues. So instead of taking a shotgun approach to all the problems at once, lets deal with them one at a time. And here is novel approach, lets be adults.

  • Just re-reading the posts and something struck me! FTF do you actually have a job??? You ramble like a bumbling idiot,
    can’t spell worth a darn and have way too much time on your hands. I have some yard work I need done! NEED WORK???
    When it all shakes out and regular citizens and taxpayers like myself see all the wasted man hours and money spent on the 3 stooges and their allegations, I hope we can somehow get Moe, Curly and Larry to foot some of the bill!

  • I must admit, I do not know, how is someone “affirmed for fraud”? and saying there is a “common denomination” ??? I thought the discussion was regarding contract purchase. Not religion !!! maybe someone can explain.

  • Which one of you Aero Bureau dudes didn’t go to a officer shot call because you were out of the area having dinner with Dad?

  • Dave, I didn’t report the article, I’m not an editor, and I’m not a Board member who ordered a wider audit.

    All I do is is help support the underdog who keeps getting labeled a disgruntled employee. Seriously, is that all there is?

    And I would like to help with your yard work, but I think it would be a long commute from Lihue every week. Try someone closer.

  • Left at the ball, what topic would you like to start with? I agree 100% we need to discuss the relevance. That being said, there is the issue of the audit, personal use of aircraft by the current staff, and I guess timesheet reporting as indicated in the Times article.

    Lemme know. Gotta grab coffee in Kapaa, will be back in a couple hours.

  • Hey KPOC the common denomination as far as Duran is concerned is the almighty dolla bill apparently

  • Geez- FtF you were going to do this BLOG a favor by staying away for a couple of hours to get your Joe, but true to form you can’t help yourself. I hope you do realize you are in Hawaiian Gardens not Hawaii? I still have that work available if you start getting bored! My Goodness!

  • GeneralHutHut- Now it all makes sense. Thanks for straightening it out. And to FTF- Contrary to how others may feel, I`m very open minded and believe you are entitled to voice your opinion. Those that do not agree are welcome to not waste their time reading this blog. If what you are saying is false, some will be very happy.

  • I haven’t said anything that’s not public information… I’m not the one who makes comments about the 3 county employees in question. I just expand on what is going on. With over 30 years, I have budgeted, justified and dealt with ISD too many times for my liking.

    So, in other words, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to make personal confidental comments that would arise to civil liability. Look at all my posts. I said before, I don’t care whether Loui, Joe Blow or George Bush is involved. It’s what’s playing now, in realtime and I would jump on anyone in that position.

    If I am incorrect in my comments, I won’t hide, but rather openly say, I was wrong. Is that too much to ask?

  • Despite all the crap that is being slung around, I think everyone in LA County should just get down on their knees and thank God every day that FTF doesn’t work for the Sheriff’s Department. That is truly a blessing.

    (if he/she ever really did. But then again, in what ever previous or current position in life he/she has or had, I think we’ve figured out his/her work ethic from his/her posts)

    If I was one of the peoples he had slanderered, I would definitely file a habeas dubious lawsuit on him/her. He/she is definitely not getting invited to the bumping pajama jammy jam I got planned either. No baby boyz.

    Now if you will excuse me, I have to go down to the little Parisian cafe I see out my window and get a croissant.

  • well the problem is I do. 32.6 years and counting. Im a aupervisor and enjoy working with young lads and ladesses.I also, have blister on my hand due to the cyclic, since nomex was on back order. I’ve had high turbine enlet temperatures and augered a 727-200 series in the drink off malta. Long story on rotation

  • FTF, I think it is a problem if you do have 32.6 years on and you are a gossip monger like a little high school girl. Most of the people on here are. I read a whole bunch of I know a guy who said this and that happened; or name dropping of people who used to work where ever…. I bet most of you couldn’t name more than two people that work at Aero Bureau that you personally know, or name any without looking up the Aero user group on the department email for that matter.

    Last I heard, airplanes don’t have cyclics, helicopters do. That would be “rotorcraft” if you knew what you were talking about. I don’t know what highspeed new fangled helicopter you have flown, but if you are operating the cyclic with your left hand, you didn’t even get off the ground. Even the French helicopters are controlled with the cyclic in your right hand, since your left hand is busy on the collective, imposter. The only names you throw out, besides Duran, Impy and DG is Jon Brick. Do you even know what Brick’s capacity is down there, aside from his rank? God help any young lads or ladesses you mentor in your alleged supervisor capacity with your behavior and investigative skills displayed here. I’m assuming you meant lasses, not ladesses, and you definately aren’t Scandinavian. Instead of looking up and posting avionics websites with equipment that isn’t being used, how about comparing apples with apples. Why don’t you find out what PFD units were installed in the aircraft and check the prices on those.

    Air 22 says he wonders if Duran got his turbine transition on the county dime. Well I guess Air 22 is an imposter as well. Everyone at Aero gets their turbine transition on the county dime during flight training, unless they were prior military. And it isn’t a FAA certification because the light aircraft doesn’t require a type rating.

    KPOC says Aero Bureau is wasting county money at the Brackett hangar for RV parking. Well, last time I looked, there wasn’t any RV’s parked there other than LASD vehicles. If you had any knowledge of why there is a presence at Brackett, you would know contract city officals requested it as well as diversifying Aero’s ability to respond during foul weather. If Long Beach is fogged in, launch from Brackett and vise versa. Everybody wines when Aero is down due to weather, but now it’s a waste of tax payer dollars to try to remedy that.

    For allegedly being cops, I hope you all work at ICIB or IIB, so when real cops get investigated they’ll have nothing to worry about with you crack investigators.

    By the way FTF, the department hands out medals to whoever can get a supervisor to write a recommendation for one, so they aren’t that had to come by. Especially if you do the fire department’s job. Also, I arrested a guy once. Does that make me cool like you?

  • By the way, feel free to get a subpoena for my IP address and come on after me. That way I can find out who you really are and out you for the imposter we all know you are.

  • Such anger. Harry Jones, Jim Schuler, Julie Cabe. Do you remember Julie. Probably not. Peter appointed her the first female pilot and flew the then Hughes 300’s.

    I will say this again. Who cares who is in command. If it’s as bad as they say, then we will find out. Not my call. My question is why would a captain need a turbine endorsement and why would he be allowed to collect flight pay? Would the captain of SEB put himself through paramedic training and get that bump in pay? At the Unit commander level, it is a perk, not a necessity.

    I have run across everyone you mentioned that I said, I won’t pubicly critisize any of them, because I have havn’t anything bad to say that couldn’t be validated. That’s the difference.

    You fell into the trap which was predictable. You have said too much and you know too much about what’s in hangars, the poc lease agreement, etc. For years, people whined ( you spelled it wine) about the cost of the KLGB contract, but because everyone lived south they complained about going to KPOC. That was a huge reason. Besides, LACO fire, has a fully equipped copter for the east end, so it make sense to keep aero at LGB.

    BTW, since you know so much about aero, at this point in time, is Air Rescue 5 certified and approved to fly NVG technology in rescue conditions? It’s a simple yes no answer. I don’t need a long drawn out explanation. If I was trapped in my car like earlier this week on hiway 2 with the lady, could Air 5 leave at 0200 hrs in the dark and fly into the canyon and get the victim out? Again, yes or no,

    Also, IIB is now IAB. And you’re right, the medals are interesting. An analogy would be like working swat and everytime there is a hostage rescue, a high profile swat callout, the supervisor writes up a medal of valor for the team when in essence this is what swat teams are supposed to do in their scope. Look around at people in Class A’s sometimes. they look like a 3rd world general with all the medals. I do agree with you on that. In closing, keep the ramp clear and don’t forget the grounding clip when refueling.

  • Baca and Tanaka don’t let the punks at the La Times,Witness La,Board of Supervisors,Civil Court ect.ect. Tell you who to make Captian at Aero Bureau. Louie Duran is YOUR guy.Who cares how much this decision costs and is going to cost (especially in civil court). I mean it’s not like it’s your money right? The game is spend all that taxpayer money anyways right? Fire Whitmore.. Louie duran for LASD SPOKESMAN !!!!

  • In talking with people from Aero, I believe it’s all true. I also wonder if Captain Durans Ops SGT. Sgt. Dowling is getting pilots pay still after failing flight training. How Sgt. Haughey gets all the surveillance OT, Dep Ryken all the Deputy OT? DUran stated when he got to Aero he was buddies with Tanaka, and his wife went to school with him (Tanaka), and they couldn’t touch him. Morale sucks down there, and it’s a shame.

  • FTF…, IIB, SRC, whatever dude. And you are really going to spell check me on whine when you can’t spell highway?

    Yes is the answer to your NVG question. And how about mentioning some folks at Aero that have been there in the last decade? Yes I know who Julie Cabe is. In fact “I’ve heard” her photograph scrolls through a photo slide show in the lobby at Aero, along with a lot of other retro photos. Maybe you should go down and take a look to see if you can match faces to names. That’s if you can get on the facility.

    Flying captains have been an option since your golden boy DG when he was captain and probably before. Necessary? I don’t know about that, but not my decision so I don’t worry about it.

    Like I said before, you talk like you know something, but you know very little when it comes to details. For instance your comment that LACO Fire has a fully equipped copter for the east end. What does that have to do with patrol operations? Is LACO Fire going to go handle requests for patrol air support? I guess you didn’t know that there are currently several patrol crews staffed out of Brackett. The hangar wasn’t obtained for Air 5 to be there, it is for patrol. Air 5 had positioned on standby at Brackett in the mornings long before Aero rented a hangar. Since you seem to know all things Air 5, do you know why Air 5 is on standby at Brackett in the morning at the request of LACO Fire? Probably not.

  • Yes, Because of the crew change to pacoima? DUHHHHH. Really, And do you know why Air 5 is limited on H-3 flight hours? Because they are milking the long overdo helicopters so there is a system failure and all the good people perish. That’s why.

    Been at Aero more than you know. Been to the lounge, Stepped up to dispatch looked in the bins of parts, the avionics area, even the hangar where someone decided to kick on one of the helicopters and Well, you know the rest, I suppose…… Been across the tarmac where Air 5 does their thing. Nice offices. been to Catalina when all there was is a jetranger with floats. You know, the same stuff you supposdly are privy to or read about.

    Would you like to know the previous entry gate passcodes? Nice try, even i wouldn’t jeopardize any of that stuff.

    I think you might want to be looking at “nut”. He has some good stuff in his POST. Seems fairly reliable and to the point.

    Now get back to work and finish your timesheets so you don’t get a violation. This is obviously striking a nerve with you. that’s what happens when denial is the moving force in your day to day life.

  • Any unit in the vicinity and 1-Adam-12, a 415-Bloggers with chains and knives, beating a dead horse. 1-Adam-12 handle Code 3.

    Lets give this a rest and await the Part 2 (which is really the Part 1 and is supposed to be out today) of this investigative report. That will give everyone time to reload with their mud balls and arrows. Just a suggestion.

  • 1-Adam. Funny. And, yes, I know I keep promising, and said it’d be posted today, but I try to avoid posting the more important stories on weekends and holidays, and I’d forgotten this was Cesar Chavez Day. It really will be up Monday morning.

    Things that make…. We were holding 2010 and 2011 to release as part of Matt’s next story, but we’ve had a longer than usual delay, because of one story element that’s taking more time than we thought. If the delay goes too long, I’ll post ’em. But, at the moment, we’re still planning to do it as a package.

  • Bunch of flaming yentas on here!! Bunch of old farts and hasbeens whining! Get a life!!!p

  • You go girl, whatever you have is obviously from the moles of the Department or employees just pissed off at the knuckleheads in control.

    The 2010-2011 release wil be predictable. High roller Reserves who have take home cars, former SEB guys who are now captains and SEB staff who wanna be captains. Region II stand alones, and Aides to Chiefs that pray they will get the nod. Other than that, the hard working men and women don’t play that game. You won’t see them on the donation disclosure, just like me. I make more on stock trades, so the bump in rank would make me lose big time.

  • Hey Celeste, since you’re answering questions… the story is interesting to those of us that don’t work for the County. But there are several parts of the story which, on their face, would seem relevant and haven’t been answered. You may already be working on them, so the question may be moot, but I am curious. For instance, the labor charges in the sergeant’s calculations seem to be based on 1 person. That seems a bit unusual for an aircraft. Is it standard for one person to work on an aircraft? Also, the questioning of the purchase of the 42 night vision devices is interesting, because the rebuttal is that the “10-12” already at the unit are sufficient. With yearly advances in technology, that is a very curious statement and would never be accepted in the private sector.

    Those are just two of many. Hopefully the whole report by this sergeant is being dissected by you guys. I know it is good to hit the controversial highlights but, as a taxpayer, I’m more interested in the substance rather than the fluff. What are the qualifications of this sergeant? Was he involved in drafting the contract, or did he do an independent analysis on his own? Sergeant is a low level manager, so was he privy to any internal information or the substance of the information he critiques in his memo? Who did he direct his memo to? Was his report requested, or did he do it on his own? Etc., etc.,

    This seems to be a mess on its face, but we really don’t have much of the story yet. The captain of the unit seemed very frustrated at the Board hearing and you say he probably violated some personnel rules. If that is the case, why the heck were the Supervisors grilling him in a public forum? That would seem idiotic on the Supervisors’ part. Why antagonize a County employee in a public forum if you know that privacy issues may arise? That liability comes out of our County budget, because the Sheriff’s Department is a County department.

    But it’s equally sad to see that so many County employees are just looking to enrich themselves these days. If nothing else, this blog has exposed the fact that many in law enforcement aren’t deserving of the respect we afford them by the mere fact of their position. If I’m to believe that many of the commenters here are current or former supervisors, I think it shows a basic self-centric theme that is really sad. The public has given them way too much credit for too long. I’m sorry, but their hypothesis doesn’t stand up to critical analysis (that’s the one blaming the Sheriff and this Tanaka fellow for all ills.)

    Your blog comment section is dominated by an obviously unstable person, so that is a distraction. But hopefully we will get some more answers on Monday.

  • NUT! That’s exactly what you are! Did you check your post before you sent it? Do your due dilligence and post when appropriate!!! You GOOBERS can look into background and know Capt Duran and Tanaka went to the sam e High School, did you go there? So Por Favor, stay your sorry butt away from facts! I will just go ahead and write you off as someone who is just posting and who is the same guy using a new name with a new email address. You tried! Please be more careful in the future OK? Mom cannot be proud!

    I am a patient and open minded man, but for crying out loud, and let me qoute a line from “National Security” starring Martin Lawrence from his newly appointed partner,”Do you really believe the S**T that comes out of your mouth”? Soon you will see that being a Dork and a sister, you will be exposed. Justice be told!!! Good Night Pal!

  • Oh, now I’m being threatened. I can tell you my name, but you wouldn’t know me know matter how hard you try, but breakups, promotions and transfers are really a no brainer. Also, common friends complain all the time about the promotions, or lack of. This isn’t top secret stuff my friend. LASD posts all the captains and higher all over their public sight.. duhhhh Now the Nut seems to have the day to day 411 on Aero, and the common man has some good points, however, in a Board meeting, the point being made by zev was relevant to the contract. What came out of the mouth Of Duran was unsolicited and not relevant. That was the issue.

    If the audit comes clean, then so be it. If everyone in this matter is clean, why worry? I not worrying. And MOLE, don’t call me Bro. I select my friends and I doubt I really know you for you to chime in that way. My tenure started long before you, and what are you going to do if you knew me anyway? Slander, threaten, or attempt to gain access to my gated community? If that’s your intention, wow, you may want to consult a blood brother or something on that. I make comparisons, analogies, but don’t personally attack. If you work with the County your post will serve me well in the future. I appreciate it. BTW, I don’t wan to sound stubid, but what’s a “sister”? Is that a slang cop term?

  • Dear Patrol,
    On behalf of the the flight crews at Aero Bureau who actually fly patrol every day, I apologize. You are getting the shaft.

    FACT: Aero Bureau has more bodies than its likely ever had.
    FACT: Captain Duran is intentionally withholding service to you by employing staffing gimmicks in the hope that HQ will give the bureau more bodies and or overtime.

    I am sorry that you don’t get a helicopter when you need one. You are pawns in this stupid game.

  • # 64.Things that make you go hmmmmmm. Says:
    March 30th, 2012 at 2:05 pm
    Where are the 2010 and 2011 Tanaka donor lists Celeste.

    Political Donors- Some our mentioning a donor list that has been circulated on this site and quite frankly, it’s no big deal. Many American politicians accept legal contributions from friends, co-workers and subordinates. Barrack Obama’s administrative staff is made up of political donors to his campaign. In fact, many federal department (Including law enforcement agencies) heads were political donors to
    Barrack Obama, George W. Bush and all the previous presidents. Look at our own California governor’s staff, all political donors.

    So what’s the big deal? Answer: Your opinion

    Is this right? Answer: Your opinion.

    Is it legal? YES

  • “Of course, at least the LAPD’s probable Peace Officer Bill of Rights violator wasn’t a department captain who, in a fit of pique, blurted the existence of an IAB investigation against an LASD sergeant formerly under the captain’s command, all this in front of a very full and public board of supervisors meeting. Making matters worse, the captain failed to include in his blurt (that had a wild-eyed county attorney looking to be on the verge physically tackling him) the information that the charge had already been resolved in the sergeant’s favor—but instead inaccurately implied the exact opposite.” -WitnessLA article. PRICELESS!

    All I can say is that I’m happy I work for LAPD and not LASD’s air support. The LASD’s captain and Sheriff sure make Charlie Beck look intelligent. Why on earth does Lee Baca continue to allow the captain of the air unit to remain at his command? Does the Sheriff like to pay out with law suits and such? Does the Sheriff feel some type of obligation to continually protect a captain that doesn’t know how to manage a division within the department? Seems like everytime that captain opens his mouth, the department does damage control. Either a county attorney has to tell the captain to shut up, or the Sheriff makes up some excuse or weak explaination on why that captain said what he said. In the end, the elected Sheriff looks like a fool because he’s getting fooled by his lower management staff. This reminds me of when Bernard Parks was Chief. He was played like a fool too.

    Hey, LASD Air Support, did you guys know that ALEA’s website is posting the fiasco your division is going through with this mess? Great job LASD management staff! You’re #1 !!!!

  • Wowza. And I thought my meek comments were overbearing. I love LAPD and their new Astar paint scheme is the bomb.

    And yes, it’s true political contributions are totally legal, and I won’t dispute that either. But, when the tail is wagging the dog, I guess everyone will formulate their own opinion.

    Looking forward to the next part Celeste. It’s lunchtime HST. Later.

  • LAPD – Really, you are going to jump in? You make the sheriffs look like boy scouts.

    Rampart scandal refers to widespread corruption in the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (or CRASH) anti-gang unit of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Rampart Division in the late 1990s. More than 70 police officers either assigned to or associated with the Rampart CRASH unit were implicated in some form of misconduct, making it one of the most widespread cases of documented police misconduct in United States history. The convicted offenses include unprovoked shootings, unprovoked beatings, planting of false evidence, framing of suspects, stealing and dealing narcotics, bank robbery, perjury, and the covering up of evidence of these activities.

    MacArthur Park rallies were two May Day rallies demanding amnesty for illegal immigrants which occurred at MacArthur Park, in Los Angeles.
    When protesters began blocking the street, police ordered the crowd to disperse. Members of the Los Angeles Police Department responded with less-than-lethal weapons in a manner described as excessive brutality and included beating reporters. A 13 million dollar settlement was eventually paid to settle the ensuing lawsuits.

  • Ok, Ok, let’s not do the stone thing in the glass house. Every agency has issues. Sheriff has arco narco, Isla Vista, the iranian riots, too many shootings of unarmed people. Pasadena is living it now.

    LAPD is a good organization. One thing I will say, when a help call goes out, you will see at least 20 LAPD units. I know, because I have requested assistance near Imperial Courts and there were more LAPD than our own guys. All I heard was 10-22 your code 3, 10-22 per the watch commander. Really? What is the fear of code 3 or helping LAPD when their ass is one block out of our area? It’s called paperwork, and supervisors hate to write it.

  • I have been patiently waiting for more stuff from Celeste and Matt, however “Common man” and “Public” are crying for much-deserved attention. Common Man, you made several efforts questioning the veracity of the information divulged by the memo, and reported by the Times and this website. Judging by the content of your statement, you are definitely not a disinterested member of the public.

    To wit, you clumsily try to score points undermining the gist of the info regarding billable hours and night vision goggles. You suggest that it would be unusual for one person to service each aircraft, yet the amount of hours in question, given a 2 month turnaround, would indicate that more than 8 people worked on each aircraft. That seems high to THIS taxpayer.

    You then target the night vision goggles, suggesting that it is common to replace old equipment with new equipment as it becomes available. Well no 5hit, Sherlock! A truly concerned taxpayer would have asked a better question: If 10-12 NVG’s worked before, did we increase the number of people wearing these things almost fourfold? Last time I checked, you can only wear them one at a time!

    And the best part: “I know it is good to hit the controversial highlights but, as a taxpayer, I’m more interested in the substance rather than the fluff.” And then you follow with a full scale assault on the credibility of the author. Really? I’d be more interested in knowing, as a taxpayer of course, why the sheriff is paying for windshields on choppers that were purchased with windshields, and flown here from Texas WITH WINDSHIELDS! Something about standard equipment, like buying a new car with a windshield? Double billing on this item alone cost the taxpayer $58K, but the “common man” wants to kill the messenger.

    You then question the mental stability of FTF, I assume, and take a swing at most of the bloggers who are not department cheerleaders. I think they are well-intentioned, hardworking, and not supporting the corrupt few ruining the department. You and “Public” need to take a step back and appreciate the fact nobody is buying what Steve Whitmore and Mike Parker are trying to sell. Have you ever seen the dynamic duo step up in front of a microphone and defend their conduct? Of course not, and you won’t.

    I saved the last for best: “I’m sorry, but their hypothesis doesn’t stand up to critical analysis (that’s the one blaming the Sheriff and this Tanaka fellow for all ills.)”

    Ahem, not only does the hypothesis stand, it’s worth repeating: Sheriff Baca and Undersheriff Tanaka are a hopeless combination of corruption and incompetence. The sooner they leave the stage, the quicker we can fix the damage caused by these two and their willful band of minions.

    Common Man gives a whole new meaning to the term “critical analysis.”

  • Neither one of you are a good organization. You are both overpaid and have outrageous pensions. Just read some of these comments, flying girl friends around, drinking on duty, buying promotions, non-stop arguments about who is the best etc. Go to:

    Sign the petition to end these obscene police pensions. We are currently paying cops making these juvenile comments million dollar pensions.

  • Celeste, please publish or attach a link to the memo authored by Sergeant Gurr. I believe it would be a blessing for all to see as much as the campaign donor lists were. I commend you for uncovering the memo. It was great to see Supervisor Zev Y. angered by its uncovering while I watched the board meeting last week on TV. Rarely does the public have an opportunity to see such inside info. But, just like any other major investigation dealing with whistle blowers and the uncovered corruption, the associated emails and internal memos rarely lie. Whether you have to redact names or not (which I doubt you would have to) I’m sure others would echo my request and equally implore you to release it. Thank you.

  • the public says you are a complete idiot to think that police have 1,000,000 dollar salaries is ludicrous california will never pass pension reform you know it I know it the democrats love law enforcement and firefighters since the democrats are bought out by the unions you will never see this happen so if you don’t like it move to another state latgb thank you for the support you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and if you are the public you’re well informed we’re not cheerleaders and don’t intend to be we just want the best for the public, employees and hope people wake up to see who the real players are

  • Wow, LATBG, you really are defensive. Read a lot into anyone questioning anything but your side of the story 🙂

    Me thinks thou doth protest too much!

    But I really don’t have a dog in the fight and I really want to know. Sorry you think my questions were contrived. That makes me wonder about your side. I think I had some really legitimate concerns. Unfortunately, they weren’t answered with the newest story, as it went off on another tangent, but brought forth a whole bunch of other legitimate questions.

    I have gone back and read your posts on all the stories. You obviously have your own agenda. You may be on the right side, but have a hard time hiding your contempt for anyone that doesn’t agree with you, and that hurts your credibility. (Now go ahead and lay into me for that one too! But don’t say I didn’t try to help you!)

    I will wait to see all the facts come out. Forgive me for questioning you. You are, no doubt, a gentleman and a scholar!

  • Wow, you don’t have a dog in the fight? Yeah, 10-4 partner. My only contempt is saved for those who support corruption or try to rationalize it. It won’t do.

    But thanks for reading all my posts.

  • Here’s what you have to do. Resurrect and beef up the dead Sky Knight program, train and toss some motivated deputies in some leased, police equipped R-44’s for a fraction of the Aero cost, and get contract cities to refuse to pay for county air support while diverting some funds to SK. Heads will roll.

  • Greedy snakes and backstabbers . All the money you make quit bitching be glad you have a good paying job and that your greedy spouse didnt hide money from you,you are all professional liars trained excuse me i gotts go because after 22 years being married to one of you snakes i gotta go to a food bank to get food i hope you all get what you deserve
    Ps… you are all s bunch of pussys why dont you use your reall names

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