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8.8 in Chile and the Tsunami Threat: Where to Get Info

Since CNN is—again—reduced for a good part of its coverage to basically putting up a huge computer screen and showing you—the viewer—what websites it likes best for online coverage of the earthquake off of Conception and the Tsunami it has generated, I recommend you skip CNN and the networks and go straight to the source.

Mashable is doing a particularly good job in aggregating all the social media coverage plus other good web-based sources and tools, such as Google’s newly-launched people finder function.

So check here to monitor the disaster that we hope is not about to get worse.

Sending prayers to Chile—-and still to Haiti. And we are glad that Hawaii appears to have dodged the bullet.

NOTE: I took out the Livestream from Chile as I found it plays all the time, whether you ask it to or not. Sorry about that.


  • Celeste, I don’t mean to be overly pedantic but the country that was hit by the earthquake this AM is called “Chile”.
    Chili is what Texans consume and then brag about how hot is was.
    Chilly man, chilly!

  • With the global economy, events like today will have a drastic effect on America. Chile was seeking to become an outsourcing hub. Back when America had money, exports, and a strong union workforce, we could watch stories like today and have the good fortune to not have to worry about it affecting us, which freed us up to focus on generosity. With the global economy, we’re now at the mercy of such events. I’ve overhead people talking about what would happen if such a quake hit America. It wouldn’t have to hit America. If it hit China or India, we’d be fucked, considering our workforce is in India and China is our benefactor.

  • It’s astonishing how quickly your commenters will rally to a tragedy. We have dq noting your typo with such comic correction, soon after RT with his usual doom and gloom economic predictions. These unsympathetic faux pas might lend a little insight into how the electronic media capabilities have affected our emotional sensitivities.

    Either our priorities are skewed or we’ve been desensitized to the point where we off-handedly note political stances and spelling errors to intentionally lose focus of the shitstorm that’s flying around us. A form of self protection?

    Thanks Celestew for not letting your ego sway your focus.

    Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress, then it’s possible she’s doing what comes natural. Where will she strike next? China, India, or the Pacific shelf?

    We can count on our own “quake dogs” to keep us apprised of aftershocks I’m sure.

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