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2 LA County Deputies & 1 Sergeant Convicted on All Counts for Beating Jail Visitor, Then Falsifying Charges in Cover-Up


The jury members sent their note to Judge George H. King, announcing that they had a verdict, just before 12 noon on Wednesday. The seven-woman, five-man panel deliberated for just about four hours before finding former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sergeant Eric Gonzalez, and LASD deputies Sussie Ayala and Fernando Luviano, guilty of a string of civil rights abuses for delivering a vicious beating to jail visitor Gabriel Carrillo, then conspiring to falsify criminal charges against Carrillo in order to cover up the abuse.

When the verdict was read aloud in Judge King’s courtroom on the 6th floor of the Edward R. Roybal Courthouse on Temple Street, Ayala and Luviano sat motionless next to their attorneys. Gonzalez, however, uttered a agonized guttural sigh before slumping forward into himself, his head in his hands.


Jury Foreman, 35-year-old Tony Tran, said that, from the beginning there were no dissenters among the jurors.“The whole case was dependent on whether or not the suspect was in handcuffs,” he said. “And that photograph that showed the marks on wrists erased any doubts.”

Tran, who is a student at Cal Poly Pomona, with plans to teach high school history, said that the jurors also found the testimony of two former deputies—Noel Womack and Pantamitr Zunggeemoge—to be particularly persuasive. “They were very credible,” he said.

When asked whether he and the others were affected by the defense team’s suggestion that Womack and Zunggeemoge—who made deals earlier this year with the government in return for their testimony—were simply telling the feds what they wanted to hear and lying to the jury, Tran shook his head.

“When we looked at the evidence, we had no doubts,” And nothing the defense said could rattle that certainty, said Tran. “We considered them whistle blowers, and trusted their testimony completely.”

And now that his job as juror was finished, did Tran hope the verdict sent any kind of message? “I hope the message does go out that this code of silence, and the feeling on the part of some law enforcement that they can violate people’s rights with impunity….it has to stop.”


Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisabeth Rhodes, and fellow A.U.S.A Brandon Fox were the prosecutors on the case and, in an impromptu press conference in front of the courthouse after the verdict was announced, they characterized the case as important one.

“I believe that an individual who carries a badge and a gun and who uses their authority and power to violate people’s constitutional rights, as was the case here, is one of the worse kind of criminals, and should be brought to justice,” said Rhodes. “We believe justice was done here.”


Peter Eliasberg, legal director of the Southern California ACLU, also talked about the importance of the case. “The thing that amazed me,” he said, “was that, not only were the deputies willing to savagely beat a jail visitor, who had done nothing more than not offer them what they believed was enough respect. Then they were willing to lie about the abuse, and those lies became the basis of the criminal case against Mr. Carrillo that could have resulted in years in state prison. That’s where he’d be right now if he didn’t have a really good criminal defense attorney.

Carrillo’s attorney, Ronald Kaye, was present for much of the federal trial and had a particularly strong reaction to the testimony of deputies Womack and Zunggeemoge, who, when on the stand, both described in detail the way the charges against Carrillo were falsified, and the thinking behind it, namely that anything other than backing one’s partner was considered absolutely unthinkable, no matter the lies or damage that resulted.

“It was so, so vindicating,” said Kaye. “In the criminal case against Gabriel, we were a week from trial. He was looking at a possible fourteen years in prison, if we lost. And in the case, we were facing five sheriff’s deputies and a sergeant who all had completely consistent reports.” But in that week, Kaye said, they found the photos of Carrillo’s wrists. “Grace took phone pictures of his wrists along with a bunch of other photos of him, but then she forgot about them, and didn’t realized how important they were.” Plus Kaye found a neutral witness who had been in the visiting center, sitting right outside the break room, a middle-aged woman with no criminal record, who was able to describe what she heard coming out of the room. “She was really important,” said Kaye.

Thus, instead of going to prison, Carrillo works in construction as a fork lift operator and is married to his former girlfriend, Grace Torres, who was with him on the day of the beating. The couple has two young children. And this past weekend, Kaye said, with their court appearances behind them, they were able to have a belated wedding reception, after which the two spent a few days in Las Vegas for a honeymoon. “That’s all the time they could take,” said Kaye, who attended the reception. “Gabriel had to get back to work.”

Last year, there was one more piece of very good news for Gabriel Carrillo when LA County agreed to pay $1.17 million to settle a civil lawsuit arising out of the beating and the false charges that formed the basis of Wednesday’s conviction.


The conviction of the three LASD defendants, which will almost certainly be appealed, could mean 70 months in a federal prison for the deputies. Gonzales, who was the group’s supervisor, and signed off on all the falsified reports, and who could receive a an even longer sentence. The statutory maximum sentence on such charges, however, is up to 30 years, Gonzales could face up to four decades, although such lengthy sentences are considered unlikely.

Judge King will sentence the threesome on November 2, the day that the trial of former LASD Captain Tom Carey, and former undersheriff is due to will begin jury selection.

VIDEO NOTE: The video above shows Carrillo being interviewed a few hours after his beating by then LASD Sergeant Eric Gonzalez, who had, a few hours before, supervised the beating and the cover-up. It was shown at trial and the jury watched it with rapt attention. ABC-7 News producer Lisa Bartley obtained the video, so we have her to thank for being able to show it to you. For further insight to the trial and it’s aftermath see these excellent reports by Bartley and ABC-7 reporter, Miriam Hernandez here and here.


  • It’s sad when our comrades go through ordeals like this one. It’s also sad that we have turncoats associated with the Department that instead of taking their lumps, turned on their partners. If you do wrong and are caught, shut up, do your push-ups, and deal with the consequences. Never rat. I’m sure the editor of this rag is happy. My heart goes out to the families of these Deps. As far as the alleged victim, ain’t nothing but a gangster (now a rich one most likely). Hey editor, how come you haven’t reported on your friends at Homeboy Industries. You know, the organization that glorifies gang membership and allows its members to conduct criminal activities on their grounds. Just curious.

  • Wow, now keep in mind the Lieutenant on this force investigation is a Homicide Lieutenant. That is the most piss poor interview I have ever heard. I guess that comes from 18 months on patrol and being rolled up from Brady issues to becoming the sheriffs driver then to Chiefs aid positions for the remainder of his career. Never did any field work at any rank and it showed. It is unknown what really happen because he was never asked to describe the events that occurred or what was his mind set regarding his brother. Don’t get me wrong this smells bad, but come on…shitty investigation…

  • I find it strange that with all the jail beatings, nobody in a supervisory position or Internal Affairs were able to get to the Truth ? Not one person in a authority was able to see a pattern of behavior ? There were stories of ACLU monitors, religious figures, etc who came forth and told of these abuse stories. Yet, everything has the appearance of being rubber stamped. These supervisors have years of experience to get to that level and Internal Affairs Investigators are suppose to be very good, but nobody did anything ????

    As for these recently Convicted Criminals and the other Convicted Criminals, one has to wonder which of them will be trying to ” Cut A Deal” behind the scenes.

  • @just observing not all those convicted prior should have been. Conviction is easier to accept it the FBI and the Prosecution team didn’t taint the evidence. Those convicted fate has yet to be determined pending appeals, but you can’t ever change the facts of the Sexton case. HE WAS THEIR WITNESS AND THEY (FBI! PROSECUTION) LIED!, CHEATED AND TAINTED!!! You will never change the truth. Brandon Fox may have won a few cases but that means nothing if you have to cheat to win. Good luck on appeal Sexton!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

  • Well Paul Tanaka, once again, you and your disgusting followers must be proud, real proud. This entire trial is all about you and what you have done.

    Questions were asked, how did this investigation pass through, how did IAB not take action, how did this caper get signed off by MCJ Operations and their Captain? ALL of them were controlled by Tanaka, they carried his water, they did his bidding, they did as they were told, they were all rewarded. Hopefully McDonnell pulls the trigger on ALL of this cover up and deals with all involved.

    This disgusting sergeant was a blind Tanaka loyalist, dropping “Paul’s” name like a farmer throwing corn to feed the chickens. He felt he was untouchable and he was. He was going to “clean up” Visiting Front with his hand selected crew. His Watch Commander was on-board, the Operations Lieutenant was on-board, the Captain was on-board, IAB was on-board. Gonzalez was in the car, untouchable. Well cowboy, the ship has sailed and you are left holding the bags. Take heed, the judge is fully aware of the back story on all of this, all of it. And he is going to slam you and your crew of Tanaka boot lickers so hard, you are going to gasp. How fitting this is scheduled to happen on the day your idol is scheduled to start his trial.

    And Paul, your intended defense of blaming Baca? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Don’t let anyone talk you out of that strategy, please, stay with it. Strut around your home and the cigar shop in Beverly Hills and brag how you are going to beat the wrap ’cause you got it all figured out. While everyone else gets a Federal booking number and years to serve behind bars, you got it all figured out, as always. Be proud, Paul, be proud. And the best part, your trial will start and conclude just before Thanksgiving and what follows will be whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, just before I retire. The best gift I and those like me can receive. We watched you and yours destroy LASD and now it’s all coming full circle. And the best part, it’s all just starting because the Feds are not done with their indictments, they are just starting.

  • Yes! A huge step forward in making the world a safer place for belligerent a-holes. Giving the guy 1.1 mil is also a genius move. Call it a stimulus program. Give him a year or so, everyone but him is going to get their hands on that cash, the lawyer, his new soon to be ex wife, every retailer he runs into in the next 12 months.( remember Rodney King?) “A fool and his money” comes to mind. Not to excuse the Deputies , they were very naughty. Unlike FBI agents, politicians, “community leaders”, and just about the rest of humanity , Cops are not allowed to lie.

  • One look at Tony Tran and I know I don’t want him deciding if I go to jail or not. God Bless America! Give a thug a million and send deputies to jail….at least the shitty cops deserve it this time.

  • Anyone who knows Gonzalez, would agree he had it coming and he deserves it. How does it feel Gonzalez. Do you remember how you use to mess and torture new personnel? Do you remember how you use to mess with the public? Pay time, hope you pray and find God, you will need him to get through this one. The U.S. Attorney said you were the worst kind of criminal, it is sad how you developed into one…

  • Lasd, just suck it up and stop whinning. Do your job honestly and you wouldn’t be crying for your dishonest, lying comrades. A lot of you need to go to prison.

  • Don’t know Gonzalez. Crossed paths with him several times at Temple where he was a sergeant. Observed him not being an AHole, but being a SERIOUS PRICK! towards another sergeant one time and a deputy another time, apparently just because he didn’t know them. Looked to me like a dude that was probably a skinny weakling as a young man, who discovered roids. He had the whole angry looking and acting, mood swinging, puffed up tough guy going on.

    I can only imagine how he treated the public he was suppose to be serving if that was they way he treated other uniformed deputies and peers.

    Was he the one that was sending the pictures of the prisoners he beat to other deputies …and saying this is the way you do it?

    I heard he did something super stupid at temple before this visiting thing from the jail caught up to him. Something about not following a lieutenants direct orders and leaving the area in the sergeants car, in civilian clothes, to roll somewhere WAY out of the area… or something…maybe someone else know if and what…

  • #10 I disagree with you statement a lot of you need to go to prison? It is a very small percent that fits your statement. There are many Deputies that work hard and never get in trouble. The sad thing is that Tanaka kept all of the honest hard working Deputies that would stand up against his crap or would not work in the gray area stuck in a holding pattern of a career. Now that he is gone nothing has really changed. To many boot lickers. I would rather leave the Department as a Deputy looking at myself in the mirror, than as a commander who basically sucked up to Tanaka to get promoted……?????

  • The people in charge when this occurred should be held accountable for covering this issue up and sweeping it under the carpet. I would like to know who was the w/c & ops staff?

  • # 10……….I agree with you totally. Most truest thing I’ve heard yet concerning these federal investigations involving LASD.

  • @Really: Held accountable?? LMAO!!! Execs and upper command staff are never held accountable! That’s why this department is in toxic condition it’s in. The shit always falls on the backs of line staff. I don’t want to slam all the execs because most do care and do the right thing. But there are a few who who should not be running a command, bureau/division because they don’t have the desire and/or the management skill set. It is totally obvious and frustrating to those who come to work daily and work hard to do the right thing for this department and the people of this County. That is the biggest travesty! How many lieutenants, captains,commanders and probably chiefs knew there were red flags? I feel for Sheriff Mcdonnell because this is a toxic department. Its going to take a huge decontamination effort to make things right. He has a lot of fixing to do.

  • Really, spot on, and then some. The boot lickers who worked the Tanaka game to perfection are still in place all over the department. They even have a name for it, the “pecking” or “batting” order, where successive waves of bootlickers vie for ops, chief’s aide, and executive aide positions. Each unearned promotion they receive bolsters their belief they earned it, yet it never dawns on them they did not compete against their far more qualified peers throughout the department. It’s political patronage at its’ ugliest.

    They are an interesting group of self-absorbed people, and at one point in time may even have been decent human beings. That all changed when they learned the game and became willing participants in a ruthless bid to climb the ladder. It’s all about face time with the execs, and cutting down the competition at every turn possible. If you look carefully at their resumes, they tend to be curiously short on actual line experience. They seldom work without a safety net as there always seems to be an executive or manager that will clean up the doo doo when they step on it (which tends to be often).

    The line swine, however, will work their entire career without the safety net of the bootlickers. They toil away tirelessly, in virtual anonymity, doing the hard work that makes the department complete its mission to the public, yet they will never be rewarded for their efforts beyond the 15th and 30th of every month. They are but an inconvenience, an obstacle to work around as department leaders accommodate the career ambitions of their protégés, and forcefully place them in leadership roles they have no business occupying.

    The sheer size of the department provides cover for the incompetence, corruption, and run of the mill mediocrity that is seen in our supervisors, managers, and executives. Sheriff McDonnell has a slim window of opportunity to change this dynamic, but if his first announced captain promotion is any indication, the outlook is grim. To paraphrase Chick Hearns, McDonnell’s chances of being an effective reformer are Slim and None, and Slim just left the building.

    Bottom line, there is no substitute for ethical, experienced, and respected leadership. The fate of the department depends on the leadership. It has been measured and found wanting.

  • Answered my first question about Gonzalez. Just read in the Times the FEDS got a text message from his phone that he sent to another deputy who had been involved with the arrest of Carrillo’s brother, which also involved a beating, saying “Looks like we did a better job. Where’s my beer big homie,” with an attached photo of Carrillo’s face after the visiting beating.

    Makes me wonder. How on earth did Gonzalez and his people pick out Carrillo at visiting, and Gonzalez knows he’s the brother of another dude arrested wherever, by one of Gonzalez’ BIG HOMIE’s, so they could compare who delivered the better beat down on which brother??? Coincidence?? Does that make Gonzalez LITTLE HOMIE.

    Well Eric, your obviously DOWN with it! LITTLE HOMIE. I can’t believe SLEEPY from South Side aka Carrillo, didn’t walk away after his beat down and just suck it up GANSTA style. I mean this was just one Gang Member to another Gang Member, right? A street thing. LITTLE HOMIE vs. SLEEPY. Oh wait… you needed to handcuff him and have 4 other TINY HOMIES help you…. maybe SLEEPY didn’t think that was fair LITTLE HOMIE.

    And since when does anyone unhand-cuff one hand to finger print someone? And why would we be printing him in a break room, when there’s a perfectly good booking facility next door. If your gonna say we would cite him out from the break room, then why wouldn’t you just completely unhand-cuff him to print and sign. At which point why would he fight with you, if he knew he was being released.

    Celeste, I hope there’s some way for you to get the arrest reports and force investigation and post them. Would they be public record from the trail now? Morbid curiosity make me wonder how this crock of shit was justified in writing, and like some others have stated, how on earth some supervisor could see glaring grand canyon size holes of logic on the 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.

    Does anyone know if BIG HOMIE is still out there recruiting new LITTLE HOMIE’s like Gonzalez.

    Un-F@#king believable! Yet SCARY believable!

  • @ 13 &17 …..Both of you are correct and right on the money. The transition to correction and a promotional process void of political posturing will take time.

    Our numbers of qualified supervisors, management and executives is at an all time low.What do we do based upon limitations of qualified people. Your thoughts?

  • @18 excellent points, about the one cuff, booking in the break room, who does that? That is to show this guy, Gonzalez was being protected. The Federals should come after “Big Homie” for conspiracy, accessory, or whatever. Gonzalez, used to act tough, but he is not, he is weak and a coward. If the feds come at him with a deal of lower sentence, he will sing like a bird, come on Mr. Fox, work this guy for information. You will get surprised…

  • It starts by establishing standards for each rank, and qualifying experience for each position. Do I really want a newly promoted commander to be assigned to a custody environment they haven’t seen in 30 years? Do I want a newly promoted captain assigned to a detective or patrol unit when they have virtually zero experience in either?

    The biggest problem with the current system is that it places a premium on bootlicking and minimizes line experience. Hence the drive for people to abandon line jobs and seek high profile positions with visibility for promotional decision makers.

    If I had my druthers, I would set minimum experience levels for each rank, starting with patrol. You should do a minimum of four years in the field pushing a radio car, I don’t care where. Not 2 years IOD, 1 year as watch deputy, 1 year FMLA. Four hard years answering the MDC, calls for service, making decisions in the field, LEARNING along the way. For sergeants I’d set it at two years in the field, not 3 months and then off to be the chief’s pet. Same with lieutenants, 2 hard years in the field as watch commander, and only THEN take on the operations or specialized assignments.

    Captains? Even easier. They should have a solid TEN years of progressive experience in the field combined at all ranks before being eligible to compete for a unit commander position. That is pretty much what chiefs of police are required to possess in order to apply for the position.

    How many current LASD unit commanders fit the bill? Hardly any, which is why we are surrounded by the corrupt and the incompetent. Being a bootlicker with a Masters degree in ass kissing from a corrupt administration provides NOTHING for Sheriff McDonnell to rebuild the leadership ranks of the department, and he knows it.

    The key is setting a standard, and sticking to it. Experience and education should be the foundation of our future, as both serve a vital purpose in rebuilding the department. Having one without the other is like they say in Texas, all hat but no cattle.

  • #20, I have read the blogs of many qualified people on this site. I believe the department is rife with potential leaders. At this point, it’s imperative for the Sheriff to carefully assess candidates for promotion to every rank. Most anyone on the Dept can fairly compete if the rules are laid out and FOLLOWED. This whole idea of modifying the process to allow the picking and choosing will have to be completely dismantled if survival is to be achieved. there are a multitude of fail safe promotional processes to pick from . The term transparency has been bantered around ad nauseum when it comes to how the public should be treated, it’s about time that supervision and management extend that same consideration to the troops. they must realize that seasoned cops are no dummies. They will find BS eventually. Maintain your ethical bearing and you ( troops ) will prevail . Ignore it and you will certainly be doomed. Seen a lot !

  • OOOPS That should have read “rife with UNQUALIFIED managers and supervisors, as well as deputies ‘, however, the Department is REPLETE with potential leaders.

    I think you get my drift.

  • @24, Figures, same people always getting into shootings. Finally, it was figured out how they happened to get into shootings all the time…

  • @22, speaking of looser commanders, there is one in the south who is what you described. Ass kisser, certainly unqualified, and is notoriously known for ruthlessly retaliating against sworn and professional staff. But he would have his sgts and Lt’s do his dirty work. They are loosers too! When he was captain at a station, the moral was really at an all time low, and personnel were leaving left and right. The station has improved since he has been gone. But unfortunately he now is commander and still corrupt.

  • @LATBG: Well stated and would definitely be a solid blueprint.

    With that being said, McDonnell could have brought in some (not all) of his own choosing outside of LASD who would fit the bill.

    Unfortunately, right now, LASD is just marking time.

  • Just mirror the military promotional process. Time in grade and no exceptions. Years ago Captains could not get to an investigative spot unless they had worked a patrol station and to be honest it was a nice assignment from patrol to Narco/Gangs etc. Why did it change? Because the City Council or Manager would not pick the person the department was shoving down their throat. So how do we fix that? We place newly promoted Captains in spots where they will not have to interview and the Department makes the decision (CURRENT GANG UNIT CAPTAIN). Then you move them to a new position where they can get promoted again. How does the Department promote Lieutenants to Captains without Operations experience? Then they become Captains/Commanders/Chiefs without the knowledge they need to make the appropriate decisions. Well that is where the Department is at this time. It would be similar to assigning a Sgt/Lt to supervise the FTO program without ever being an FTO, has that happened? This works all the way up the ranks. Think about it, how many Captains/Commanders/Chiefs have operations experience? Very few and if they did most only did it for months before they become aids. Operations Lieutenant 2 to 3 year requirement. The only ones that get stuck doing it that long are the ones not in the car. It should be across the board everyone has to commit to the years required.

  • Many of you are using too much common sense, besides, it’s business as usual, while the Sheriff is distracted and leaving the “closet” Tanaka followers to do their thing!

  • @30 – Unfortunately Sheriff McDonnell has chosen to leave numerous “closet” Tanaka followers in place – where they will absolutely continue do “their thing” by furthering Tanaka’s corrupt “teachings” (“Grey Area”, etc.) – which has included harming so many Truthful and Law Abiding LASD employees. SHAMEFUL!

    Sheriff McDonnell – CAN YOU HEAR US YET?


    1) Your Lawful Employees, and –
    2) Your Former Employees

  • LATBG, proud, Really,
    While were at it, can we add a puppy and pony to the wish list? You guys know that it isn’t going to happen. If it did, certain demographic(s) wouldn’t be represented proportionately at any rank above deputy. If there’s one thing you guys have learned working for a government agency in LA County, it’s that diversity takes priority over qualifications and experience.

  • Oh Well, I agree with you, the question was a hypothetical, an exercise in wishful thinking. I know what demographic you are speaking of, and it is the only one specifically that has demonstrated a curious inability to succeed in examination processes without having executives provide them with the written examination in advance, softballing the scoring of oral interviews, and when all else fails straight out change the results at will and place these undeserving individuals in reachable bands. And of course, promote them ahead of all other demographics who actually achieved an honest result on their own merit.

    This one particular demographic enjoys a certain soft glove treatment from the department, where EPC believes they have to be represented at every rank, regardless of merit. An obscene exercise in fake diversity, I guess. You would have thought the social engineering was left behind when they were advanced through the K-12 system without ever having to learn how to read or write…

  • @ 32 & 33……You can thank the arrogant and cocky “Good Ol’ Boys” Club (WASP) of LASD for screwing over Sue Bouman for that demographic.

    Being a white female did not fit the criteria for admission. Tough cookie to bite is no one’s fault except for their own. Dr Frankenstein?

  • Hey look, another new commenter. Rest assured it isn’t Brother From Another. Just somebody randomly checking out the comments and adding feedback. Happens all the time. This blog has a viewership of tens of thousands. There are lots of guys who consistently refer to WASPS and Woods without hoods when they get their panties in a bunch. Pure coincidence.

  • Because I’m trying my best to be an amenable sort of guy, I won’t disagree that the reason for the promotional process of LASD being the way it is results from Sue Bouman being so richly deserving of a promotion and being denied.

    The reason for rest of the big government agencies in the country would be exactly what?

    An ignoramus would simply say it’s because it’s PC. It’s the way of the nation now in every metropolitan agency across the country. An ignoramus would also point to how Baca and Tanaka aren’t WASPS. They would tell you that now you can’t blame the LASD’s total dysfunction and collapse in the eyes of our fellow LE agencies on WASPS or Woods without hoods.

    But that would definitely make that person at the very least an ignoramus. Yes, we know, and a racist too. We know. It’s ok. That’s how it works now. We get it. You will use that weak ass excuse even when you yourself know you’re full of shit. We understand you do it because you’ve got no further excuses when people of color fuck shit up. Then it’s “Institutional racism”. For somebody in LA County to incessantly infer that racism is the problem in an LA County agency is hilarious.
    Those three recently convicted ? The five involved? We know. They are just victims of brainwashing by the racist WASPS and Woods without hoods who really hold the reins of power and influence the mindsets of LASD personnel. We understand perfectly. Except of course that one WASP who was involved. He is just a plain old racist. It’s just the others who are victims of the brainwashing and “Institutional Racism”. Just like those cops of color in Baltimore. They are victims of it too.

    Oh shit, I need to STFU. I’m trying my best to be amenable.

  • Sir I didn’t know that WASP was regulated for use by only one commenter.
    I also don’t know what Sue Bouman has to do with racism. Tanaka also had nothing to do with Bouman. My question to you is…… Do you drink?
    Obviously by your response, more than one person has struck your one nerve and substanciates your paranoia. I don’t know you but I knew Sue.

  • #37,
    Right, it’s that I’m paranoid and drunk. You just happened to check this blog and decided to comment after LATBG’s comment. First time anybody’s ever heard from you. Pure coinkydink. I figured we would be hearing from Brother From Another after LATBG’s comment. It’s the type that tweaks his jaws. But I was just paranoid. He hasn’t had anything to say about it. We heard from you instead, and like I said, for the first time too. You’re good. You really know when to pick your shots. Welcome aboard. Lol. Comical.

    So you knew Sue eh? Care to tell us a few of her work assignments that gained her the experience that qualified her for promotion? Just a thumbnail history. Units worked and stuff like that. Or her husband Bouman’s first name. What years did you know her? What unit was she working?

  • I can only imagine what the Deputies have to deal with these A holes…not saying its ok… but these guys ain’t choir boys…u no ot must have put the fear of God in them for not ratting out the Deputies

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