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WitnessLA on Warren Olney’s Which Way LA? Re: Tanaka Exit – Thurs. 7 p.m.

I’m on KCRW’s Which Way LA? Thursday night with the always excellent Warren Olney
talking about undersheriff Paul Tanaka’s abrupt announcement of his retirement.

Peter Eliasberg, the Legal Director for the ACLU of Southern California was also on the show and Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore. The combination made for….a lively discussion.

To hear the show, you can either tune in at 7 pm at KCRW 89.9 FM, or listen online.

Here’s a direct link to the PODCAST. The segment on the undersheriff’s retirement announcement begins at about minute: 1.38


When you listen to the show, you’ll note there was a discussion about testimony given by Undersheriff Paul Tanaka at the Jails Commission hearing, and some dispute about what the undersheriff said and didn’t say, and in what context. Since these are all questions that can be quickly resolved by looking at either the transcript from the hearing or listening to the audio, you’ll find those links below.

Hearing Transcript: CCJV, July 27, 2012

Hearing Audio: CCJV, July 27, 2012, Part 2, Paul Tanaka Testimony

POST SCRIPT: Light posting right Friday. But back in full force on Monday.

As for the Tanaka retirement story, we are told there are more surprises coming soon, and we’re deep in conversations about these and related issues.


  • I just listened to the KCRW simulcast and bravo to you Celeste for your investigative reporting on Paul Tanaka!

  • Great job Celeste. Thanks for exposing the truth and encouraging people to listen to Mr. Tanaka’s testimony before the CCJV!

  • C: What people don’t know or forgot about Baca’s relationship with Sheriff Sexton from Alabama. Before I begin please note it was Sheriff Sexton who spear-headed the nomination for Baca to become Sheriff of the Year. Many years ago Captain Jeff Donahue was invited to give classes on leadership similar to those taught at the Supervisory Leadership Institute(SLI.)Captain Donahue returned and told Baca about his experience and Captain Donahue arranged for Baca to speak in Alabama and meet with Sheriff Sexton. Please note on how much Baca got from speaking fees from Sheriff Sexton’s county or the sponsoring entity. I recall that Baca reported some 50K in additional income much of that was FEES. I could be wrong and I admit that I’m doing all this from my memory and discussion with Baca. Hope I’m wrong! If not; it’s the same old S

  • Even with Paul going into retirement, I still think Leroy needs to go also. He allowed Paul to cultivate an unhealthy culture. What’s to say his new hires won’t bring more of the same? The house needs to be cleaned from the top with Leroy to some of the problem probationary DST’s recently hired. It’s hard for one not to think that some of the Sheriff’s moves are to sure up his 2014 campaign.

  • Could it be that county supervisors were going to with hold a boat load of money from the LASD’s budget if Paul T stayed.

  • London and other conspirators:

    In the same vein of same old S*#@, I bet I see you walking around the fourth floor or some other county facility every day. I bet you can’t wait to “grip and grin” with Sheriff Sexton and give him the “if you ever need anything sir, please call me sir…” Then rush off to the known rumor mill that is this blog to smear his character for your personal gain.

    Why is that? Are you missing a star or bar on your collar, because of his arrival? Your antics are familiar and correlate to those who have things to hide as well so they try to divert the spot light to the new guy or a more high profile individual. I am sure your story/career/resume could entail the pitfalls of an affair, broken marriage, 10-30 behavior, criminal activity, mismanagement of sensitive information, etc… Like I said in response to your other curt comments, step out from behind your socialist moniker and throw your name into the hat for office. The blogs and newspaper are eagerly awaiting your example of character.

    There is an “elite group” out there in the Sheriff’s Department with a few skeletons in their own closet who have an ax to grind with Sheriff Sexton. I don’t blame you for the preemptive strike, but I would highly encourage you to keep to your place whether it is the third floor, driving the Sheriff, or alphabetizing paper clips since your judgment has shown to be poor in the past as well. He is who is without sin cast the first stone….

    Sheriff Sexton has submitted his finances and decisions with money before the Alabama Attorney General and Ethics Commission with favorable evaluations returned. He has a history of doing so over his Six Terms as Sheriff (pattern of transparency). Maybe he wants to expose himself to a playing field that offers the excitement and competition found only here in Los Angeles? The only thing I saw on those Alabama blogs was a mention of Ted and huge discussions of Alabama Football and sweet tea. God Bless the South with all that progressive and forward thinking…. No wonder Ted wants to come out here, but he has to watch out for your blade between his shoulder blades.

    Julius Caesar stated, “Et tu Brute” before his best friend buried a blade in his back. Can’t wait to see the cloak dagger operations that are tried to run on Sexton…. God Speed when he catches you.

  • Steve, “Baghdad Bob,” Whitmore is in rare form during the Podcast. But like it or not, that is what he gets paid to do. Excellent interview and yet another window into the mismanagement of LASD by Baca and Tanaka. The evidence is so overwhelming about Tanaka’s shameful role within LASD and that is simply how he will be viewed, a shameful failure. Unfortunately, Tanaka has placed his cancer cells throughout the organization with his “hand selected” placement of minions in just about every unit. But, there is hope. I understand there is a plan for just about all of these folks as they have been identified and they will not be happy campers.

    “The Sheriff is going to run (for reelection) because he does not step down, he steps up to any challenge. And when it comes time to get an extension to his term as Sheriff the voters will overwhelming say “yes” to Sheriff Baca.” You gotta just shake your head and have a little chuckle because Baca is toast yet Steve keeps spinning like all of the events exposed by WLA, the Times and the Jail Commission never happened. Poor guy, I hope he is coming up with a spin for Federal indictments within LASD. I’d like to see that happy face of a press conference.

  • I heard that the sheriff threw out everyone from the fourth floor on Friday. He locked out Paul T and sent him home. So who will pay for his salary for the next six month. The taxpayer will pay for it. I hope someone keeps the sheriff in check. He cannot waste our taxpayer money and have Paul sit at home waiting for his retirement day.

  • Heard a similar story about Friday too. The sheriff was already in a bad mood after having another deputy make the newsdone in Orange County for more off duty misconduct. I have no problem with Paul sitting at home for the next six months. Maybe he listened to Paul’s testimony and has come to realize the damage Paul and others have caused to this department. I really do hope you are cleaning house Sheriff. Progressive thinking from the south? Just finished reading a book called Life after Death by Damien Echols. The South is far from progressive. I take a wait and see approach.

  • #7 @ Jack Dawson…. one of the least known but most intriguing of Titanic victims…? Just call me Rose!
    (Your entry very interesting!)

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