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Witness LA Has Moved (Obviously) But We’re Still Unpacking (While We’re at Court)

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon


Hi everyone,

Welcome to WitnessLA’s new home. We feel like we’ve moved from a studio apartment into a two-bedroom house, which is great. But we haven’t unpacked all the furniture, and not everything works perfectly, so hang in.

We’re working on it.

And, yes, I know the comments have vanished from the December 19, 2016, story. We’ve told the developers of their importance and we should soon have them back. In other words, we’re on it.

In the meantime, I’m at federal court, the jury is still out, but they’re requesting read-backs and a number of things. More on that soon.



  • Congratulations, Celeste, on your new home. I have to figure out the nuances, but I like it. Kudos to your webmaster and you. And as always, thank you for giving the voiceless, a voice.

  • Hi Celeste,

    Could the number of comments possibly be included in the front page tile for each story? After initially reading a story, I usually only check back to see if there are any new comments. It’s tedious to have to click onto the story and scroll to the bottom to see if any new comments have been added (in the past, I just looked at the number of comments and knew if there had been any additions). Thanks for all you do…

  • Celeste,

    Ditto on “Still On’s” request. On some stories the comment thread is just a good as the story.

    Will the comments regarding the existing articles be copied over onto the new format?

    And most importantly of all, thank you very much for your great efforts to deliver information and to keep folks better informed.

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: The posts are supposed to indicate how many comments there are. But I’ll check to make sure that function is working. Also, I know comments are missing from the December 19 post, and we’re hectoring the developers to put them back. But let me know ASAP if there are others posts where you notice that the comments have vanished.



    Still On and Rick D., if you look at the top of this story, you can see the number of comments. You don’t see it on the front page where there’s just a photo and a teaser for each story. I’ll see if it’s an easy change to add that count on the main page. If it is, and it doesn’t look weird (which it might), maybe we can include the comment count on the front page.

    If not, it just means you need to click through to the top of the actual story to see the newest comment count. I’ll let you know what I find. And, yes, I agree that the comments are extremely important.


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