Watch for an important new #MeToo Behind Bars story later this week

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

We have a new and disturbing story coming on Thursday of this week that is part of WitnessLA’s #MeToo Behind Bars series.

The story begins in mid April, 2019, when a teenage girl who was a resident Central Juvenile Hall, one of Los Angeles County Probation’s two remaining juvenile lock-ups, told one of the adults with whom she had contact that a male staff member had, on multiple occasions, allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with her when she was a resident at another juvenile hall a few months before.

There is a prescribed way for handing such an allegation, particularly when it is made by a kid.   Yet,  when it came to this particular report by this particular girl, the correct path appears inexplicably not to have been followed.  Not even close.

In any case, there is much, much more to this critical story, so, please….stay tuned.

Photo at top by WitnessLA