• Just another take down from the Tanaka era. These incidents are completely driven by the arrogance of Tanaka people that we can do anything we want without consequences. When this happened in 2011 too tall Paul was going strong and ruled the kingdom. So sad. Sergeant is an idiot but young guys got sucked in by the OG Sgt in “this is how we do things here” mentality.

    Paul is gone but his legacy of losers carry on and will hurt this department for a long long time. Very disappointed in McDonnell’s first Captain promotion to OSS. A straight Tanaka guy who keeps on being rewarded for doing nothing as a LT. You might as well make Nee a Commander and Guyovich a Chief to make the Tanaka Trifiecta. Another T guy has the balls to come back. Chief Betkey AKA Commander Betkey is back. I hope he fully recovered after his year of IOD running 35 miles a week. You can’t make this shit up.

    Well Paul. All these guilty verdicts will definitely have an impact with your jury. Of course they will tell your lawyer that they can be fair and impartial muck like you were. I though it was funny today when I learned of your defense will be Baca told you to do it. You NEVER listened to him or anyone.

  • It disturbes me to know that at one time these Deputies were on the right side of the law and somehow lost the ethical standards that we all have when we graduate so proudly. I like everyone else am amazed that this could happen. Who was the W.C. That day, and where the hell was he/she. What Opertions staff allowed this type of behavior to exist in the jail. And who was sitting in their ivory tower on the 8th floor, paying no attention… You should all be ashamed.

  • I have the gut feeling that when they are sentenced the judge is going to give them a very long sentence..

  • Gonzalez was a very insecure person, suffering from the Napoleon syndrome. He was given the badge and the gun, and with that came his power. I have the gut feeling he may, later blame his training officers, and throw them under the bus. He may claim he is innocent because, what he did, was taught to him. That would open another Pandora Box 2.0…

  • In another courtroom at the other Federal Courthouse in town, two Santa Barbara Deps walked away when no verdict was reached in their trial for civil rights violations. 9-3 for acquittal was the vote. Don’t think they’ll be retried but you never know.

  • It’s sad when our comrades go through ordeals like this one. It’s also sad that we have turncoats associated with the Department that instead of taking their lumps, turned on their partners. If you do wrong and are caught, shut up, do your push-ups, and deal with the consequences. Never rat. I’m sure the editor of this rag is happy. My heart goes out to the families of these Deps. As far as the alleged victim, ain’t nothing but a gangster (now a rich one most likely). Hey editor, how come you haven’t reported on your friends at Homeboy Industries. You know, the organization that glorifies gang membership and allows its members to conduct criminal activities on their grounds. Just curious.

  • Instead of which agency makes the most or prolific arrests, it now boils down to which of the different agencies have the most or prolific officers that are arrested and convicted. Oh, the irony.

  • Well it’s official; LASD is “those guys.” I over heard a woman talking to fellow brother in Blue this morning about the verdict, and when she asked if that’s how law enforcement really is?!? He said nope that’s the Sheriffs….

    Way to go Paul T. Hey Jim McD, thanks for the accountability sound bite, but how many folks surround you in EPC that signed off on that force or Pandora’s Box?

    One of you Chiefs has been on every OSJ Ops Plan since he was a commander in 2010. Now you are letting them lie about other inquires…

    It’s hilarious folks.

  • Jack,
    I hate to break the bad news to you, but LASD has been “those guys” since about 2000. That’s about when every other LE agency in SoCal realized that our leader was a fucking ding and they all started laughing at him and his New Age bullshit. When you couple that with his Celebrity Reserve Program, Muslim Community Affairs Unit, that wonderful float in the Rose Parade and having Bishop Turner as a Field Deputy, we were those guys” for a long time. before any of the indictments came down.
    The other “Podunk” agencies have been laughing their asses off at us for a long time now.
    It’s been a long hard fall from the top in the eyes of our LE brethren It started LONG before those indictments came down.

  • @really and all you who just can’t figure out why so called “good deputies” got sucked into being dirty. That was always part of their character. Just like some children will follow the bad influences. Why do you think the prisons are so full of criminals? A lot of LASD have just always been dishonest and they followed their gang banger leader Tanaka so willingly down the road to distruction. I have no mercy for them. Just like I have no mercy for the criminals you arrest. You all lie and cheat and stick together with your lies and dishonesty. When an honest LASD employee does their job and doesn’t buckle down to do what’s wrong, then the dept members with their clicks ban together against the honest one. They bully the honest one. I’m waiting for those bullies to get theirs. What goes around comes around. A lot of you are cowards!

  • @ Intheknow – Honest LASD employees were very much victims of the corrupt Tanaka-machine, as were the innocent Inmate and Citizen LASD victims of abuse.

    No one dared to “cross” Paul Tanaka and his machine. Consequences meant personal destruction of careers, and much worse as they could so exploit. Yet, so many employees tried to stop Tanaka and his henchmen, for more than a decade. Each of us has paid personally, for doing so.

    The Tanaka corrupt did so much more than “bully” honest employees – they banded together and completely destroyed the honest employees. They very personally destroyed the careers and any future of those employees who did not sit silently, to allow Tanaka and his blind followers, do their “dirty work” unchallenged.

    As one of the destroyed – I say THANK YOU to the FBI and to all their hard work to expose Tanaka and his corruption machine.

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