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The Sheriff and the Undersheriff Will Testify Today at the Jails Commission

Today, Friday, Sheriff Lee Baca and Undersheriff Paul Tanaka are scheduled to testify
before the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence.

The Commission meeting begins at 9 a.m. at 500 Temple Street in downtown LA, but testimony will likely not commence until around 9:30-9:45-ish—at least if past patterns hold true.

The hearing is bound to contain some interesting theater, but for those of you who can’t attend (yet wish you could) you can listen to audio of the meeting live. Call (877) 873-8017, Access Code: 111111# .

And just as a reminder, podcasts for all the past commission meetings may be found here.

The jails commission members have heard and read a lot over these past months, and several of the commissioners, plus the commission’s legal counsel, Richard Drooyan, and executive director, Miriam Krinsky, are not at all afraid of asking the hard questions.

So stay tuned. We’ll be back with our impressions—likely several rounds of them.


  • This Tanaka sounds like a crook. “I don’t remember,” “I don’t recall,” “That’s not true,” “Everyone else must have misinterpreted me.” I guess he expects everyone to believe him.

  • He never keep any documents to ensure these meetings, with staff, he had? It’s hard to understand about a rational person did not to know? No procedure in place and ASSUMED everybody is doing their job! What a liar!!!! As I walked in I couldn’t believe how many brown nosers were all in one place! It’s plainly obvious by the questions that the board doesn’t believe him!! I can’t listen anymore!

  • And this Captain Nee who left the jail as a lieutenant and left behind over 50 unfinished force investigations! He should be demoted; TWICE! Not only should he not be a captain, he proved that he couldn’t be a lieutenant either. Is Captain Nee a paid contributor to Tanaka’s campaigns?

  • Re: Paul “I don’t recall/don’t remember” Tanaka’s appearance today – paraphrasing:

    Bert Deixler: Do you consider Lieutenants Nee, Sutton and Hebert loyal to you? Tanaka: “No, not to me.”

    Deixler: Knowing what you know now about Captain Cruz’s leadership and monitoring of force at MCJ, do you still believe he displayed strong leadership and did a competent job at MCJ? Tanaka: “I think he did a very good job.”

    “Misperceptions” — The Gray and Pay-to-Play — So Paul, in retrospect, you know it looks bad, but it really isn’t, huh? Simple-minded people are misinterpreting and misperceiving, huh?

    Paul — if Custody Chiefs, Commanders, Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants weren’t performing their supervisorial duties competently, would you expect each superior officer to hold their incompetently performing subordinate supervisor accountable and to remediate the situation created, as they were well-paid and trained to do? Or did you just think you were such a brilliant genius that you could “supervise” from atop the bureaucratic mountain? Since in your mind, there was such vast incompetence throughout the Custody Division, is that why you needed to keep “an open door” policy for a supplemental information flow , bypassing and usurping each level of superior officer — outside of the Chain of Command? How’s that been working out for you, Paul?

    Those three-hundred or so on-duty loyalists who showed up for Tanaka’s Commission appearance today didn’t believe his answers. Not even Commanders Christy “Hugs and Handshakes Hall Monitor” Guyovich or Jim “We’ve Got It Handled Boss” Hellmold believed them. They just want their next promotion or coveted assignment transfer.

    Paul Tanaka built his empire by finding pandering sycophants who would emulate him and most importantly, be loyal to him. He would then reward them with promotions, regardless of their experience, abilities, and/or sordid reputations. The Commission doesn’t seem fooled by Tanaka’s answers today, but only time will tell what impact their report may have on ridding the Department of this little power hungry punk?

  • What an embarrassment! Everyone is a liar according to Tanaka. His testimony left the commission with two theories. Either he is a liar or he is completely incompetent. The sheriff proved to the commission he is on another planet and unfit to lead the department. Of course in the sheriffs megalomaniac mind he was smarter than the commission members. It was a sad day. The sheriff, Tanaka and Cavanaugh need to go!!!

  • Embarrased, and interested party. Between the two of you, there isn’t much else to comment on. You both hit the nail on the head. I wonder where the other other pandering commander panelist’s were. I only saw the two you mentioned.

    Cavanaugh must be setting at about 40 years of service. Interesting guy, but out of touch and his day job keeps him outa the house.

    Having worked under three sheriff’s and a plethera of command staff, I have never seen such a mess of leaders, tan and green generation X what’s in it for me deputies and the lack of accountability that is going on.

    I hope I can hang for two more years, but dang, this job is burning me out from the inside out.

  • So much b.s and smoke and mirrors.. I have never been so ashamed and embarrassed as I have been in the past several months.. I surely hope the Commission sees through the b.s. they’ve been shoveled by the Sheriff and Tanaka at the hearing..

  • It was all rhetoric and it didn’t work! They embarrassed themselves, the Department, and everyone saw through it. It’s failed Leadership at its best. Do they have the guts to place the video on the department’s website so, deputies can learn how they should testify? What a joke.

  • In the know, are you serious? Placing it on the Department’s website would be the noble thing to do, then personnel can make their own informed decisions. Just like Witness LA, its domain was blocked. Wow.

    The only comparison I see to this kind of behavior is the type of censorship you see on China government tv, Al Jhizira (sorry for spelling), and all the other entities that channel only that information to the mainstream that sheds a positive light on the issue.

    Remember, that’s why we have Sheriff’s Headquarter’s Bureau. It requires Captain Pappy Parker to review, filter, deflect and allow only the positive spin so when Stevie Whitmore jumps on the mike, only the fragrant smell of flowers will emminate from his mouth.

    I can honestly say, I never thought this day would come.

  • Further to follow, didn’t you get beat up enough on your last blog. Man you sure stir the pot. Everyone who wanted to see that tribunal yesterday could watch it live on the Internet. They can make up their own minds and brother on how the Sheriff did trust me you are in the minority. Tanaka that’s another story

  • Is the cure worse than the disease? After this episode, who will be in power? Once all this craziness ends, then what? I see the other bosses laying low and I wonder which ones are vying for the top spot when and if it becomes available.

    I’m hoping the next Sheriff, and her support staff, will be under so much regulation, that every move and every promotion will be under a microscope.

    Relax, I’m kidding. It’s coming regardless if she wins or not!

  • FTF — Interesting that you mention Mike Parker — Back in the day, he was a likable, idealistic, presumably ethical man, at the deputy and sergeant rank. Following the election in 1998, Mike morphed into an apologist for Baca’s and Tanaka’s shady, new promotional process — previous standards requiring high performance evaluations, higher education, diversified Departmental experience and maintenance of a sterling reputation, were all but eliminated. Aside from the obvious (ingratiating Tanaka, or one of his inner circle; demonstrating “loyalty” to Tanaka), the frequently cited and nebulous “hard work,” having your ticket punched at Lennox, Century or Carson Stations for several months and kicking down a few shekels for the Gardena campaign fund was all you needed to promote to the next rank. Mike Parker knows neither Baca nor Tanaka has ever reduced their promotional selection standards into written form, but he’ll defend each man relentlessly on this topic. I know – I’ve had at least a couple debates with him on this subject. Much like other “nice guys” such as soon-to-retire Chief Neal Tyler, Mike has failed to climb out of the sewer, step up to the plate and publicly repudiate these promotional practices or any of the myriad other obviously corrupt activities that have afflicted the once widely-respected and honorable LASD and its mostly worthy employees.

  • Fpk4ever, I agree, Baca did better, but I think people really feel sorry for him, therefore he doesn’t get the same smackdown as Tanaka.

    I wish everyone could watch on the internet, but you know how that goes in the workplace.

    Hey BTW, you up for a burger at Tam’s? Or remember the good old hotlinks at stops. Remember the 923’s on the units from the projects. Never did catch anyone, but what a show of mutual aid

    We broke bread together many times, even approved a few arrest reviews.

  • Further to Follow – You never worked under any any Sheriff. You were assigned inside desk jobs and supervised the steno pool. I see your typing skills are still sharp. Let someone with some field experience explain things to you. Maybe Piety can help you out.

  • Mac, I’m not going down this road again, but speaking of typing skills, what does “you never worked under any any Sheriff” mean? Are you stuttering?

    BTW, are you one of his many aliases boasting a 37mm head shot again?

    Again, if you respond back with the same rhetoric, we will be in the penalty box again. I’m here to post, I’ve been polite, so if you want to stalk from blog to blog it’s better to consult your Blackberry you have. You know what i’m talking about.

  • FTF you know when you are provided access to the internet at work they can restrict whatever they want. I have no problem with them restricting my access. If you don’t like it then don’t use the department’s internet but comparing work restricted access to a government imposed censorship on private citizens is ridiculous.

    Perhaps criticism of Tanaka is legitimate to a certain extent. However, I love the no nonsense attitude towards police work. I love that deputies can patrol and arrest without whiny ass supervisors nit picking at every opportunity. Police work should be done legally…no argument there. Let’s face it…chasing bad guys is a dirty job and the department needs supervisors who understand that.

    Looking back at how the department has evolved I pray it doesn’t revolve back into a state where deputies are catching cases for no reason and IAB sits on them until the very end. It is not good for morale and not good for the citizens of LA County. People on this department NEED to go…there is no doubt. However, it isn’t Tanaka…it’s the “other” side of the building who are working to destroy a proactive department and run it into the ground so deputies are scared to work. Take a look at LAPD…what a sad, hollow shell of an organization they have become. Windows up, chasing calls…bad guys running amuck because officers just don’t care anymore. I feel for them and the good people in LA City who are suffering because LAPD brass and city leaders are too busy apologizing for police work.

  • Further to Follow – Really, a burger at Tam’s and hotlinks at Stops. Those must have been chow runs for the desk. You really aren’t qualified to make comments about running the department from your very limited point of view. I know you are bitter about your exit, but you brought that on yourself. Don’t bring the rest of the department down to your level.

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: Mac and FTF, I’m shutting this tit for tat down now. I realize Mac had the last volley. There’s no perfect way to be fair. I haven’t read these comments closely enough to know if one person is more of an instigator than the other. Don’t care. In the interest of civil dialogue, I’m going to delete any further rock throwing from either of y’all.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Have a good Saturday evening.


  • All good. Perhaps my anology of govermnent censorship might be a little stretched, but, yes, i agree, we in law enforcement are srutinized, second guessed, and then at the end if you have too many entries in your file you are a problem child.

    I watched the LAPD chase the other day with the hit and run driver. LAPD was correct in going into surveillance mode. This guy was about as dangerous as they come, and you know as well as I do, the department would be number one on the lawsuit if people were killed.

    The one side of me says, the suspect needed a serious taste of reality, but that’s not my sworn duty to be judge and jury. I will be the first to give the deputies the benefit of the doubt, but won’t tolerate short cuts or “street side justice”.

    We all were trained and continue to be trained in case law, laws of arrest, etc. Any crook will fall to the justice system as long as we are smart and know our work. I don’t think anyone will disagree with that.

    The days of the “windwing justice” are gone, cut and paste reports are non-existant and flying station memories like “the nox” “the stone”, etc. are just distant memories. It’s time for those who care to upright the wrong and do the right thing for the organization.

  • The corruption (executives lying to destroy current supervisor careers), nepotism and pay-to-play promotions. After eight years you’d think the bullies would let up on past victims – but there must be just too much sport in it. Who knew they’d get so much enjoyment from destroying their own partners.

  • Now that Gloria Molina’s buddies in the City of Cudahy got popped ~ Baca is forced to find new locations to conduct county code compliance checks and enforcement ~examine those massage licenses are in legit order.
    Regarding Tanaka, his just trying to beat his brother’s IQ, having a brother who is a judge is harsh on the ego- especially when your trying to figure out which of the two is the biggest clown in the judicial system. I believe sheriff Tanaka is much more dangerous – carries a gun – has a temper and has a loyal gang to cheer him on into believing his ways are/were the proper righteous policing policies that should be acceptable throughout the department-in custody and patrol. In another life, sheriff canals would have made a great facist.

  • Opps….typo “sheriff Tanaka would have made a great facist.”
    Next time something goes wrong at LASD ~ Baca will say, “look, i know i messed up, i know we are not perfect, i know that we need to fix this and nip it in the butt. You guys are a group of very intelligent professionals that combine years of wisedom and i respect that . But, to be honest to you all ~ you can’t do jack shit to me or to my road dog Tanaka. I’m an elected official _elected by the people for the people and by the way ~take your commission. Report and sholve it up your tight rectum. “

  • #16 All Good says

    “LAPD brass and city leaders are too busy apologizing for police work.”

    Isn’t that what Baca and Tanaka did in front of the jail commission? They could have told them to kiss off, that they know how to run the jails better than the ACLU and the people on the commission. Baca could have told them if the citizens of LA County don’t like how he’s running his jail they can elect somebody else in 2014. Yes, they could have done that but they chose not to.

    Let’s not pretend that the LAPD brass and city officials are the only ones who are willing to make sacrifices concerning aggressive police work for political purposes.

  • Please visit the LASD website and go to newsroom archives 4/19/2010 “marijuana siezed on shore of Catalina Island” Log 104

    Please read the narrative, it sounds illogical and improbable.

    Here is a sample:


    Report prepared by: Captain Mike Parker
    Approved by: Captain Mike Parker

  • Please visit LASD website news archives 4/19/2010:

    “Marijuana siezed on shore of Catalina Island” – UPDATE

    Log 104 Update is a photograph loaded in sideways. There is no text, title or explanation.

    Why did the Sheriff supply a staged photograph without caption or text for LOG 104?

    Why does the Sheriff always arrange square drug bales in a deliberately haphazard manner for news release photographs? This makes it impossible to verify the number of bales from the photograph?

    Can Sheriff Lee Baca’s Department pass an independent audit of their major drug confiscations, documentation for transfers to other agencies and courts, and their current in-house drug inventory?

  • I have a news flash for all of you. Regarding Tanaka’s testimony; he just threw Assistant Sheriff Cavanaugh, Chief Sammy Jones, Chief Dennis Burns, Commander Dennis Conte, Commander Bob Olmsted, Captain John Clark and Captain Dan Cruz, all of you, under the bus. Then he backed up and ran you over and over again. This was all done by design to protect his own ass. Then he picked up another load with Nee, Hebert and all of his “hand selected” sergeants and lieutenants as well every deputy who was involved in the questionable force incidents that are being investigated.

    All of you were thrown under his fun bus and ran over as well. Tanaka did ALL of this when he testified before that Commission and repeatedly stated, “No one ever told me of any problems with force at MCJ. Not one Captain, Commander or Chief ever told me of any issues with force at MCJ (paraphrasing). All of these statements against me are lies, people have a personal agenda against me. I’m an easy target.” He just gave all of LASD a preview of coming attractions if/when he is ever questioned by the FBI or called as a witness for any and all civil or criminal cases pertaining to force incidents at MCJ. He just turned his back on you and walked away from the nightmare he created. And you folks are going to be left holding the bag. Yep, that is some real leadership. How’s that cigar club working for you now?

  • #23- Baca did say just that. He said if they didnt want to hold him accountable then dont elect him. He also told them they will not dictate how and when deputies will be disciplined. I see him accepting blame but also telling them they will not decide the future of the department. Weve all seen random acts of LAPD being aggressive but not nearly as good as they used to be. We can all cite an example or two. I never said police were supposed to judge suspects. However, we should do all we can to bring them to justice and chase them where they hide. Thats the difference…its one thing to have a bad guy jump out in front of you. It’s another to go looking for them where they live…thats what makes the LASD aggressive. It has nothing to do with using weapons or getting in force. It’s about finding the bad guy and delivering him for justice.

  • All Good,
    I’m ALL FOR agressive proactive police work. Many times you’re dealing with predators who only understand/succumb to one thing, force.
    I’m with you as far as wanting honest cops who work hard. Forgive me if my post implied something else to you. Not my intention at all.
    Here was my intention.
    Since 1994, between the ACLU, Bobb, OIR,and BOS 244 recommendations have been made regarding jail policy. 202 have been implemented.
    That’s what I meant. Between all of these “watchdogs” they are telling the sheriff how to run his jail and he is complying with them.
    Let that 202 of 244 sink in. Let that marinate.
    Hell, process it that the ACLU, who never met a cop they liked or ever heard of a force caper that was justified, has recommended 32 changes, 27 of which have been implemented. TWO haven’t been implemented, and 3 are “in process”.

    Hence my statement that the LAPD and the city aren’t the only ones who give in to the squeaky wheels in order to keep the political heat off.

  • Prophet, you ‘da man, or woman. I think we are getting a little taste of the Narco Bureau, hence Bonnie Bryant.

    Seems there might be some other things like did the current and past lieutenants comply with the money confiscation policies, video, etc. Is the current lieutenant who supervised Bonnie still at his UOA?

    Since arco narco, there are strict guidelines in place. man, I’m glad I don’t have a bar on my shirt and have/had to supervise rogue sergeants like Bonnie. The problem is the Department is going way back and looking at all the seizure cases. They have to or every case goes up in smoke. Literally and figuratively.

  • There are many people willing to work very hard to make Baca’s wishes come true, as in “don’t elect me!”

    Be careful what you ask for. The sheriff and his corrupt sidekick have soaked themselves in gasoline, gathered all the firewood they could find and are now standing on it. They have spent the last ten years arming 90% of the department with matches and twitchy fingers.

    When these two fools are a distant memory after 2014, they can debrief each other on the wisdom of kicking people in the teeth repeatedly and expect loyalty to follow…

  • Oir is part of the problem not the solution. They have a silly complaint and I mean real frivolous and they transfer 12 deputies from Cj. Because the inmate said he saw them in the hallway and made a face at him. They should have just transferred the inmate to wayside rather than transfer 12 deps. Then they have good people on band one of sgt and lt list and carry a year long investigation which nets 0 results. The prospective Sgts and let’s we’re in band one but the list expired. Oh well too band for the cops. OIR wants to become the new super stars of the country. Going all over saying how they fixed LASD, FULLERTON, ANIHEIM, ETC. so they can take there show on the road. They are posers who don’t care if buring a case hurts someone.

  • Not true lawyer. People still get promoted under IA’s, it depends on the allegation. I was promoted with an IA and promoted again as a supervisor. Not saying this always happens, but it did with me.

    I will say, my division didn’t block my promotions. Based on the complaint and my work history, they were comfortable.

    MCJ has and continues to be a hotbed of force, complaints, etc. We encourage the complaint process through the boxes on each floor. Inmates aren’t stupid, well they are in jail, but a complaint has no bearing on them, but everything in a career for a new deputy.

    I empathize with the new kids, as in my generation, more respect was given towards the deputies. As a teenager, my butt got kicked by deputies, and we knew it was time to leave a party when the sheriff pulled up.

    We see Anaheim dealing with the people who have no connection to the shootings, but disrupt the city vandalize businesses and mass overtime for what? Because a documented gang member threw an object and it wasn’t a gun? Big hint. Don’t be a crook, don’t run from the police, and be an ethical, moral stand up citizen and the result is: Less crowded jails, fewer force issues, less innocent victims injured or killed and law enforcement can be respected for the thankless job they have, until someone needs them.

  • All these issues of corruption, loss of organizational integrity, loss of community support, law suits and making a tough dangerous job even more dangerous thanks to Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka! I have always known that bad guys do what bad guys do! That’s why we took this job! What I didn’t expect was to have my legs cut out from under me so Baca could lie and make political hay! So, Lee and Paul, the next time you two are out with the girls, giving out badges and guns, attending dinners and award ceremonies from the comfort we provided remember King Herod!

  • Well today no one gets promoted with an open I.A. and that is a fact. 13 months after fact two separate I.A.s had run out of time but it was to late for promotion. They do this on purpose to punish people who legitimately made band one.

  • Lawyer, you might be right. I was involved in three promotions, one numericaly, the second banded and the third, well, you know that AP role.

    My promotion started in the early 80’s and perhaps it was different. I know, that when names are submitted under my command, I instruct my staff to argue for those personnel who have done their job irrespective of the alleged complaints.

    It’s a no brainer, the more citizen contacts you have, the chance of a “beef” is expected.

    Each case is to be looked at. Just as some will say shooting an unarmed person is crap, I can’t argue that. I wasn’t there, I don’t know the mindset.

    I will say that I look at the OIS report, the DA findings, and the rollout teams feedback. That said, we all have to rely on the facts. That’s all any of us can do. When it’s presented to the shooting review team, we can only hope no inside motive is present and the deputy can breathe a bit easier

  • FTF….What rank are you?? In one post you say “I’m glad I don’t have a bar on my shirt and have/had to supervise rogue sergeants like Bonnie”. The last post you mention deputies under your command? I’m confused

  • Robert peel, you need a time limit to protect the innocent. Case in point. A guys makes band one Lt. List with 30 other guys. He has an I.A. And gets passed over. They keep his I.A. Going for a year just to keep him from promoting. All band one gets promoted and the list is closed. His year is up and I.A. Dismisses the case for time issues. Does he get to promote with the rest of band one like he/she should have? Nope. He gets passed by. Every investigation should take three months max. This will get rid of the bad ones and let the good one go one with their life.

  • Lwyer, unfortunately, they do have a 12 month statute. Bus as you say, it does and will affect those who are in line to promote.

    I agree, don’t protect the guilty, rather weigh each case for its merit. To whitewash everyone and drag these cases for a year is wrong and definitely creates a major moral issue.

  • The following is not considered the purview of this commission. Asking about it in any format is quite tricky.

    Still, in the interest of disclosing any influence on the department that may conflict with the public’s interest in a functional, professional law enforcement agency which offers individual career development founded in best practices, we must ask —

    Has anyone employed at LASD or desiring employment at LASD been informally advised or pressured into participation in coursework offered by Scientology or any Scientology-affiliated group?

    Has anyone employed at LASD been advised or recommended that participation in or completion of any Scientology conducted or Scientology-affiliate conducted program can have a beneficial effect on career advancement within LASD?

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