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The American Idol Green Dot Charter School Girl


Yesterday I got a note that one of the American Idol contestants
in last night’s elimination round was a sixteen year old from one of the Green Dot schools, Animo South LA. Animo Ralph Bunch, and a “founding student,” to boot, meaning she was one of the first batch of kids when the school was just getting started.

So I TiVo’d the show and watched.

Here name is Allison Iraheta. She has hair that’s dyed a Woody Woodpecker red.

(For the record: No. This isn’t a social issue. It’s a support-the-local-kid issue.)

Last night, she sang Alone by Heart. And she blew the doors off the auditorium.

Even at 16, she’s not a naive newby. Iraheta has already won a similar competition run by Telemundo

The three contestants who go on from this round will be chosen by the American public, so there are no guarantees. But if talent has anything to do with it, Allison will be in the top 12.

Anyway, keep an eye on LA’s hometown, charter school girl.

PS: There’s also Adam Lambert the Hollywood kid, also a wild and wooley talent.

Okay, that’s it. Back to series issue. Just had to give a shout out for the local kids.


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