Resignations required: There are no excuses that can erase Nury Martinez & Co’s vile & racist remarks – Updated

Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, courtesy of Nury Martinez
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Monday, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board—along with just about anyone with any sense—has called for the resignation of LA City Council President Nury Martinez. Most also called for the resignation of Council Members Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León.

On Tuesday morning Martinez announced that she would be taking a leave of absence from her position as a city council member, a position that seems to have satisfied nobody.

“This has been one of the most difficult times of my life and I recognize this is entirely of my own making,” Martinez said in the statement her office sent out on Tuesday morning.

By Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden has now officially become the highest ranking person to call for Nury Martinez, and the rest to step down, according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre,

Meanwhile, there was a growing demonstration outside the City Council meeting, in addition to the crowd inside.

Cedillo’s term ends in December, because the voters in his district elected rising progressive star Eunisses Hernandez to replace him. Yet, those calling for the three to step down, want new leadership now, not later.

Among those who called for immediate resignations are U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla, Mayor Eric Garcetti and both LA mayoral candidates, plus Congressman Adam Schiff.

Most city council members also spoke out for resignations. Some limited themselves to asking Martinez to exit. Others called for the rest to do so as well.

Shortly thereafter, the leaders of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party joined the group.

On the off chance you’ve been ignoring what this appalling mess is about, let’s review:

On Sunday morning, Los Angeles residents became aware of a leaked Reddit post that featured a recording of a 2021 conversation between City Council President Martinez, Council members Cedillo, and de León, and Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera.

As they talked, the council councilmembers strategized about how to maintain maximum power in the course of the city’s once-every-decade redistricting process.

Yet the conversation—which was recorded by someone who, as yet, is unknown—went far beyond a distasteful round of self-serving power-broking.

To make her points, Martinez, in particular, said vicious and racist things about a list of people. However, she reserved the worst of her bile for councilmember Mike Bonin, who is white, and his then-three-year-old adopted son, who is black. 

“That little bitch Bonin,” Martinez said “….he thinks he’s Black.”

After that, the group moved on to Bonin’s three-year-old, whom Martinez described as “like an accessory.” 

De Leon co-signed on Martinez’ comment with his own, comparing Bonin occasionally showing up in public with his child to Martinez carrying a designer handbag.

In describing the little boy, who evidently accompanied his dad on a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade float, Martinez used the words, “parece changuito,”  meaning, “he looks like little monkey.

 Martinez also criticized the little boy’s restlessness on the parade float.

“They’re raising him like a little white kid,” Martinez said.

“This kid needs a beatdown. Let me take him around the corner. I’ll bring him right back.”

There was more, but you get the idea.

In the recording, Council president Martinez’ casual racism was also splashed liberally on a list of others including District Attorney George Gascón. 

“F— that guy,” Martinez said of Gascón. Then, after a few words on the recording that are unclear, “He’s with the Blacks.”

In another section, Martinez referred to the city’s Oaxacan community, which is a significant part of the population of Korea-town, as “little short dark” people.

“Tan feos,” she remarked in passing. “They’re so ugly.” 

There is lots more. Check out the LA Times, which broke the story yesterday.

For another view, you should also check the story by Knock-LA’s Jon Pelton, who along with the Times, had a copy of the recording, (which was subsequently deleted from Reddit).

Pelton has his own take on the material, which features audio of the conversation. (The Times has also since added audio.)

By the way, for those wondering about the legality of the recording. Yes, it’s quite illegal to record others who have an expectation of privacy, without their permission. But receiving such a recording and writing about it, is not against the law.

The apologies roll in

At around 2 p.m. Sunday, Council member Bonin and his husband Sean Arian tweeted the statement below that stated very clearly that an apology wasn’t going to fix the kind of divisive and hateful points of view that Martinez had displayed, and on which de Leon, Cedillo, and Herrera had co-signed. 

Sunday morning, Martinez issued a statement to the LA Times that contained a semi-apology

“In a moment of intense frustration and anger,” she wrote in part, “I let the situation get the best of me. I hold myself accountable for these comments. For that I am sorry.”

Kevin De León also apologized in a statement to the LAT, although De León’s statement was far more of a mea culpa than Martinez’s offering of yesterday. He at least managed to sound genuinely regretful, as opposed to what Martinez wrote, which read as the-dog-ate-my-ability-not-to-say-demeaning-and-racist-things-about-my-colleague’s-three-year-old-child.

Eventually, Martinez sent out a more complete apology, which one presumes she wisely got some help in writing.

For Council-Member Marqueece Harris-Dowson, the apologies erased exactly zero of the damage done.

Civil rights lawyer Erin Darling, who is in a runoff this November with Traci Park to represent the council’s District 11, serving Venice and other coastal areas, also pulled no punches with his tweet about the fact that the apologies in no way fixed anything.

Assemblymember and justice reform expert Isaac Bryan, who is one of the state’s legislature’s youngest members, and also one of its 11 Black lawmakers, was unambiguous when he tweeted about what needs to happen now.

In case it’s unclear, absolutely I believe every single one of them should resign. And, apologize to every Black person whose lives they have had the power to adversely impact through the years.

Then this afternoon.


Late on Monday, we learned from the LA Sentinel, that Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera has agreed to resign “for engaging in intolerant and racist behavior associated with the leaked audio recordings between himself, Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon.”

Manipulating district lines to serve power not people

While most of us have been understandably focused on the racist and hateful remarks, by Martinez, Cedilla, De Leon, and Herrera, Jonathan Mehta Stein, the Executive Director of the California chapter of the grassroots organization Common Cause, pointed out that we should also be alarmed by some other critical democratic issues that the conversation also threatened.

“While the dehumanizing and appalling comments” of the council members “have grabbed the headlines,” Stein wrote in an email, “the manipulation of district lines to serve those in power, at the expense of regular people and communities of color, is not unique to Los Angeles. It occurred across many California cities, counties, and school boards during the most recent redistricting cycle.”

This manipulation, he said, “will continue if the state legislature does not take action to put an end to these sorts of democratic abuses through widespread reform of our local redistricting systems.”

More as we know it.


  • Is it just me, but does anyone else find it funny how the so called inept sheriff of L.A. County, who always loves to use his tax payer funded LASD social media platforms as well as his campaign Twitter and Instagram sites as his bully pulpit to call out numerous local area politicians when they are accused of wrongdoing, such as MRT, and Sheila, and Patti, and Max, and Bonin, and Gascon, and well you get the picture, yet he’s gone mysteriously SILENT on the National News Coverage of the LA City LaRaza Team and their undeniable racist and corrupt re-districting African American disenfranchisement schemes. Talk about “Public Corruption” for all to see and hear. Yet not a peep out of the Coward of the County Alejandro Villanueva.

    Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that tight, long standing friendship he has with Kevin de Leon? Could it be that Nury and Vivian are two peas in the same pod? Could it be that Alex has been working hard to gain the support of Union Labor Jefe Ron (not lil ron hernandez) Herrera? I’ll give him a pass on One-Bill Gil since he is done and out of office in a little while. That would be bad JuJu for weak sauce Allie.

    Maybe it’s because these racist comments by Team LaRaza sounds so eerily similar to Alex’s “Knuckle Dragger” slurs he used on a Black LASD employee a few years ago? Maybe it’s because they sound so eerily similar to the N-Word slurs that his #2 in command, Undersheriff Magoorakami, reportedly uses, in Japanese no less?

    I guess when the Alex’s Glass House is as fragile and vulnerable as it is right now, even he knows he better lay low and hope no one releases a recording, or two, or three, or four, of his inner circle conversations. Shoot, we already heard what he was willing to say to LA Times Columnist Gustavo Arellano when he thought the Brown Pride connection would cover for him.


    Look at the bright side Alex, all of this LA City drama gives LA Voters something else to think about instead of your weekly screw ups. At least for this week. But then again, it is only Monday. Who knows, even you are dumb enough to F’Up before the rest of these Clowns are forced to resign this week.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,
    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
    and the few remaining Skippers,
    and Bigglesworth Burcher,
    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,
    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team
    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • Come on, you’re making a great leap to bring this very enlightening moment about how Latino members of the LA City Council and others really feel about black people is somehow related to Sheriff Villanueva? I guess you are one of this who believe former President Trumps was somehow responsible for the Kennedy assassination as well? At least the Sheriffs Department has had blacks in high level executive positions and has actual policies to address employees caught having a “hot Mike” tell me how you really feel moment.

    We all know the councilman woman steeping down was only due to the local media hand being forced to actually cover this story since the initial focus was on the legal ramifications of how the recording was made and not the content of the colorful conversation. With such a long delay in this bombshell being dropped one can only think where there is smoke there’s got to be more embers waiting to flame up? Clearly this conversation wasn’t a one-off or isolated momentary lapse of digressing into becoming a racist by the group. Reflective of the broader issue of prejudice and racism that exist between “minorities” although Latinos are a majority in Los Angeles County and the state.

    Sorry but no! The LA County Sheriff has nothing to do with this, the members of that meeting and the two Latino LA City Council-members own this all by themselves. This is their moment in the sun not Sheriff Alex his wife or second in command. Nice try but no prize! If anything it sounds more reflective of the style of the Long Beach firmer Chief Luna and his former departments treatment of blacks in its ranks?

  • Funny thing, I’m pretty sure I saw statements from both the department and the sheriff’s campaign team denouncing this yesterday, but facts have never stopped the remaining foot soldiers of the Tanaka clan. I think you should pay attention to the anti-black antics of chief “Bunker Bob” Luna, who has amassed an impressive track record of discrimination and hostility towards African Americans:

    The Wren Family Tree, with the black man hanging from a noose
    Mr. Popo, the black genie
    The Obama trash can wielded by the deputy chief Luna promoted
    The firing of any black employee who complained about racism
    The banana peel on the hood of the black pilot’s vehicle
    Never promoting a single African American woman EVER to ANY rank

    So you think decades-old discredited claims against the sheriff and the undersheriff are going to help your flailing candidate, who can’t seem to muster the courage to debate the sheriff in person?

    It’s time to say ADIOS and Hasta La Vista to your pathetic failed chief. Now how many endorsements did he rake in from the discredited crowd? LOL. Our sheriff netted 86% of deputies and 64% of supervisors in ALADS and PPOA voting, not bad for someone you disparage at every turn.

    It’s your people’s days who are numbered. Are you milking a fake worker’s comp claim too?

  • @Hmmm and Toast,

    You failing Villanueva social media cheerleading trolls are funny. Don’t let the below listed facts slap you in the face. LMAO!

    Alex Villanueva sued for using “Knuckle Dragger” Racial Slur against LASD African American Jailer (lawsuit later settled for thousands of dollars)


    Villanueva brands Supv Hilda Solis a Malinche

    Villanueva’s top aide allegedly used racial slur to describe Black, Latino employees

    Sheriff Villanueva says Burcher ‘remains as captain’ after comments on Andres Guardado case (later promoted by Villanueva to the rank of Commander)

    L.A. County’s sheriff has a strange obsession with how much media coverage Black people get

    Villanueva’s Far Right Friends
    Why Does ‘Democrat’ Sheriff Villanueva Have So Many Far-Right Supporters?

  • Adios Alex & Sweatpee

    Pertaining to your link on the Andres Guardado shooting it should be noted that as of 9-23-2022 County Counsel is recommending an 8 million dollar settlement. Full particulars can be Googled

    Andres Guardado shooting settlement.

    This, you will remember, is the shooting where the two LASD homicide investigators assigned to investigate the shooting pled the fifth rather than give testimony at the Coroner’s Inquest.

    That, too, can be Googled.

  • @Hmmm…

    The POTUS traditionally doesn’t comment on active federal investigations or their targets.

    Check That!

  • Adios, Anonymous, Rakkasan, et al, you guys are always entertaining. Driven by an unhealthy hatred of our incumbent sheriff, you appear to be mad that he took away your privileged status as former Tanaka foot soldiers and want revenge. You have committed the cardinal sin of trashing the reputation of the entire department for your own personal gain, how utterly pathetic. Peter Pitchess and Sherman Block are the ones rolling in their grave because of your self-serving, immature, and wildly racist antics.

    Since you like links, here are some you should entertain:

    Jul 26, 2020 — On July 22 a U.S. District Judge ruled that Long Beach Chief of Police Robert Luna could be added as a defendant in a racial profiling https://beachcomber.news/content/lbpd-chief-luna-added-racial-profiling-lawsuit

    Dec 6, 2018 — The lawsuit alleges he complained after the recruit asked to be reassigned away from a high-crime area of Long Beach, wins $2.5 million in retaliation lawsuit. https://lbpost.com/news/officer-alleges-lpbd-retaliated-after-he-protested-special-treatment-for-recruit

    Feb 2, 2022 — A lawsuit filed against the City of Long Beach by a retired Black police helicopter pilot alleges that he was subjected to workplace discrimination, retaliation https://knock-la.com/retired-long-beach-police-pilot-sues-racism/

    And of course, you failed to refute or discuss any of the allegations listed above and repeated here for your consideration, in case you missed it:

    The Wren Family Tree, with the black man hanging from a noose
    Mr. Popo, the black genie
    The Obama trash can wielded by the deputy chief Luna promoted
    The firing of any black employee who complained about racism
    The banana peel on the hood of the black pilot’s vehicle
    Never promoting a single African American woman EVER to ANY rank

    BTW, the Rodriguez lawsuit and the $8 million verdict got tossed out on appeal, and ambulance chaser Alan Romero was sanctioned by the court in the process. The lawsuit you refer to involving the sheriff, wasn’t that dismissed for twenty bucks and never went to trial? LOL.

    Not only #FactsMatter, they never are your friend. Keep trying to embrace Luna, who was recruited specifically to dismantle the sheriff’s department. Apparently there are more than one hot mic scandal out there.

  • How does Nury Martinez really feel? Obviously the truth always comes out usually sooner than later. At least we know where she stands.

    “Little Bitch Bonin with a son who looks like a monkey being raised a white kid” …….

    “The little dark people in Korea Town”…….

    “Gascon is with the Blacks”…..

  • These idiots are NOT sorry for their racist comments, they only show remorse because they were caught on tape! Team LA RAZA!!! This same bullshit has been going with LASD for years but only got worse when AV was elected. From day one, AV and Captains, commanders and chiefs have been putting Hispanic deputies in powerful positions. LA RAZA!!!

    Gil Cedillo is related to LASD Commander Edward Ramirez. Imagine the racist comments that go back and forth between them. AV needs to ask for his resignation.

  • @Luna is gonna be Toast..ing, on November 8th.

    If anyone has been paying close attenttion to Alex’s rants about Tanaka the last few years, it is so clear he took the following right out of Tanaka’s play book: the lieutenant exam cheating, the pay to play, the deputy clique groups empowered and undermining authority/rank, only to blow up, etc.

    The only difference I can surmise is the people Tanaka placed in executive positions, foot soldiers or not, actually had the qualifying experience and knowledge.

    You call it privilege and entitlement, but these individuals earned it the old fashioned way. Unlike you.

    If the military operated the way Alex hands out promotions like gifts to his unqualified (no line time for a few) sycophants, the United States would see the same low morale and embarrasing incidents Putin is now. And like this regime.

    It’s obvious we are currently dealing with the effects of that poor management and leadership.

    I understand you’re heartbroken and angry the gravy train (wreck) is over, sputtering to an inexorable halt. All of you will be rightly scampering away with your tail between those weak legs.

    I’ll Toast to that and to Luna.


    P.S. I’m almost certain HMMM…is Alex himself.

  • The term “perseverate” comes to mind along with “fatal attraction”, infatuation and TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) when it comes to posters on this site and their do or die determination to make any and everything that is bad within LA City/County Government somehow related to one lA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. It’s scary to think some of these people are past or present law enforcement as their comments affirm what has long been viewed as what is bad about law enforcement. An unyielding and dangerous fanatical view that they are right, inflexible and know everything.

    You would think this recent incident with the LA City council might make some pause and think maybe Sheriff Villanueva was right about the abuses of power exercised by some members of the LA County Board of Supervisors instead of keeping their head in the sand.

    Seek help and move on!

  • Gotta love the desperation of the Inept Alejandro’s social media cheerleaders squad. Since they know Alex & Sweatpee live in a very vulnerable glass house, they are trying the old “Flip the Script” alternative facts strategiery.

    Truth is, the LASD employee victim of Alex’s racist “Knuckle Dragger” slur lawsuit agreed to accept a TWENTY THOUSAND settlement check (that’s $10K for each time illiterate Alex voiced the slur).

    As for the over $8 MILLION dollar jury award verdict case involving, then captain, and now Alex’s undersheriff, Magoorakami, as the Prime Defendant, the county attorneys had no choice but to try to continue appeals, under orders from none other than Alex & Magoorakami themselves, and their current next level appeal strategy is for a jury instruction technicality after a judge UPHELD the the original verdict and awards.

    Yes folks, Alex and Sweatpee’s campaign cheerleaders will try to do or say anything to save a little face before the inevitable historic and embarrassing election loss is a reality in a few short weeks.

    Enjoy the ride as the AV Clown Car is driving full speed towards the proverbial cliff. Hey Alex and Javier, please slow down just enough to pick up Nury, KDL and One-Bill Gil on your way into oblivion. As for Labor Jefe Ron Herrera, he’s gonna just hang out with little retired ron for the time being and attempt to stay relevant in their own ego inflated buffalo heads.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,
    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
    and the few remaining Skippers,
    and Bigglesworth Burcher,
    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,
    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team
    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • @Adios yes it’s pretty funny seeing all the long pitty me faces on those who got bamboozled by Alejandro’s and bibis bs. You better start dusting off those class A’s and for some class B’s. Hot damm ! This is going to be Hillarious too watch. Tic-toc Tic-toc 27 days left and counting.




    Sleepy Tim

    Lying Blanchard

    Creepy Carl

    Creepy guy from Instagram
    I think he knows his boy is toast lmao ROTFL….


  • Does this mean Nury Martinez will not be grand Marshall of the next Martin Luther King parade ?

    BTW , Nury esta gorda y fea

  • @ Adios Alex & Sweetpea….

    Did Sheriff Villanueva somehow channel into Nury Martines’s brain and cause her and all the members of that meeting to express their inner racist? Did Sheriff Villanueva and his crew use https://www.cnn.com/2022/10/12/us/la-city-council-crisis-reform-expansion voodoo or black magic (no pun intended) to cause Nury Martinez to all of a sudden blurt out the garbage festering deep within her soul? I don’t think the LA County Sheriff has it like that?

    I know you’re angry you can’t somehow twist and tie these Latino LA City Democratic Party powerbrokers and their episode of politicians behaving badly to Sheriff Alex Villanueva but facts are facts and “unicorns, leprechauns and gremlins” are what fairytales are made of. There is a difference.

    LA City Councilmember Nury Martinez resigns from office, two days after stepping down from leadership post


    Clearly the LA City council and LA County Board of Supervisors are foul and need a deep cleansing.

    That’s a fact!

  • Adios, you seem to be fact challenged. No wonder you are attracted to supporting the corrupt candidate Luna. Was the sheriff ever disciplined by former sheriffs for that incident? I’m guessing not. Does the sheriff control litigation and when to appeal? Pretty sure county counsel makes those decisions in consultation with the board, not the sheriff. The fact you can’t admit the case got thrown out THREE WEEKS ago as you’re using a news article from TWO YEARS ago illustrates the depth of your desperation.

    BTW, a 20K settlement is a nuisance settlement to avoid further litigation costs, and the plaintiff was suing to try to get reinstated as a deputy. His straw-grasping ploy didn’t work, but you can call that a victory I guess. Luna has a long track record of discrimination against African Americans, and it’s coming to light much to your dismay.

    Out of curiosity, why do you refer to the sheriff as illiterate? He’s one of the most articulate politicians I’ve ever heard speak and holds a PHd. What are your qualifications to assess his level of literacy?

  • @Toast

    Toast stated: “Out of curiosity, why do you refer to the sheriff as illiterate? He’s one of the most articulate politicians I’ve ever heard speak and holds a PHd.”

    THAT right there, is one of the most hilarious comments posted here in recent times.
    Congratulations! You Sir, get the Allie & Bibi social media cheerleader of the month award.
    That’s a Fact, Jack!


    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,
    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
    and the few remaining Skippers,
    and Bigglesworth Burcher,
    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,
    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

  • @Hmmm…

    You stated: “I know you’re angry you can’t somehow twist and tie these Latino LA City Democratic Party powerbrokers and their episode of politicians behaving badly to Sheriff Alex Villanueva but facts are facts and “unicorns, leprechauns and gremlins” are what fairytales are made of. There is a difference.”

    The ONLY difference is Idiot Alex knew he was making the below statements to an LA Times Columnist. One can only imagine what he says behind closed doors with LA RAZA Sweatpee & Javier. Shoot, he probably even feels comfortable making those kinds of comments with Commander Satterfield, Commander Burcher, and Magoorakami.

    READ IT HERE: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-03-24/sheriff-alex-villanueva-black-latino-race

    Now who thinks Alex and his inside crew are any different than Nury, KDL, Gil and Big Ron?

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,
    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,
    and the few remaining Skippers,
    and Bigglesworth Burcher,
    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,
    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

  • Interesting how the article was about members of the L. A. City Council, yet the replies / posts pertained to the Sheriff.

    Nonetheless, here is a post that did not age well:

    “Once again Trump’s racist policies against immigrants, people of color and the Constitution comes to light. We’ll see him in court again where he’s not doing good as of late!”

    Utterly hypocritical, how some of these so called saviors of a certain political group can make such outlandish, unvetted, mendacious, follow the narrative statement(s) and then get caught in their own BS.

    I am not relishing in the fact that Ms. Martinez & Mr. Herrera are out of a job. What I am relishing is the fact that they got caught, spewing hateful, racist comments, which they so boldly claimed to be against. They project as uniting the people, when in fact they are dividing the people..

    The cliche, Karma is a B—- is so wonderful and true.

    De Leon & Cedillo also need to resign and or be removed from office.

  • Hey Alex, now that one of Sweatpee’s BFF’s (Nury Martinez) just retired, oops, I mean resigned, you should probably get Baghdad Bob Satterfield working on your December 5th, 2022, arrogance filled farewell letter, detailing all of your historic successes during your one and only failed term in office.

    Make sure to insert a heartfelt message of narcissistic inspiration to all young Polish-Rican Boys out there, pointing out how they too can LIE their way to positions of power and influence and quickly piss it all away, on Day 1, with dumbfounded and corruption filled actions and coverups.

    You can probably plagiarize Nury’s letter, just like you have demonstrated you are prone to do with the way you have claimed or exploited all previously enacted successful LASD programs as yours (ex: HOST), while accomplishing nothing of substance of your own.

    Here you go: https://news.yahoo.com/nury-martinezs-little-latina-girls-160700418.html


    P.s.: On December 6th, 2022, when all of your EPC Bobbleheads and ELA Banditos have vanished, you should probably seek some help with your disorder:

    De Nada!

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,

    and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • I’ve gotta give credit where it’s due. You deserve credit Alex, for this post:


    I hereby present you with the Hypocrisy Honorary Award. An award you have earned through your commitment to obfuscation and inequity.

    You disciplined a sergeant and refused to do so with Murakami, your number 2, who was found guilty (a founded investigation by the Equity Oversight Panel) of using a racial slur.


    Let me guess. Another conspiracy, this time by independent folks against Murakami.


    You know, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    And while we are on the subject of birds, you, Nury, Kevin, Et al. are birds of a feather.

    You are as racist and untruthful as they come. You have become everything you stated you stood against in your memorandum to command staff in 2004. Maybe it’s time to pull that two-pager out of storage.

    C’est la vie Alex & Co.

  • Alex why don’t u just come out swinging at these so called posers? U have nothing to lose, I think u have done a great job in four years, u may have lost d war but, u know d rest, this adios guy should have run f he thought he could have done a better job, u notice no one uses their real names, but hide under fake names, what’s up with that?

  • @Luna is gonna be Toasting November 8th.

    Nice try at propaganda.

    However, a search of the Court of Appeal for the last 60 days of unpublished opinions yields the following:

    “We conclude that although there was substantial evidence to support the verdicts, the judgment and attorney fees order must be reversed in light of the trial court’s delivery of erroneous and prejudicial jury instructions. We will therefore remand this cause for a new trial.”

    The verdict IS supported in the Court’s eyes, yet the jury instructions regarding the amount was not. Lastly, the case wasn’t thrown out, rather sent back for trial.

    In layman’s terms, Murakami was caught red handed, and Rodriguez’ case prevailed, BUT Rodriguez just ain’t gonna collect a cool 8 million.

    This regime is corrupt and incompetent.

    Here’s the link to the PDF file:


    [Be Real takes a bow, as Toasting turns pale, having been exposed as a pure propagandist for AV]


  • Is it just me or all the Villanueva haters and sounding more desperate and shrill by the day? Yeah, the Times and the haters trying to spin the sheriff’s point that black and brown kids are dying disproportionately due to gang violence as something “anti-black” doesn’t pass the smell test. Average Joe on the street understands this reality all too well, something politicians want to run away from by deflecting.

    So ultra liberal Jeff Katzenberg and cop-hating anarchist George Soros have funded Luna’s campaign, since he can’t seem to raise money for himself. What’s their donations to date, $1.5 million? Pretty impressive for a candidate with a long, documented track record of real anti-black racism, bigotry, and not even a hint of a plan of what to do as sheriff. Oh wait, didn’t he say he was going to build relationships with the board of supervisors? After firing 4,000 LASD employees for not being vaccinated, he’s going to need a lot of “relationship building” with those who bankrolled his candidacy.

    As we speak failed candidate Eric Strong is “testilying” in front of the oversight commission, claiming he’s been unit commander four times now! Who knew? And newly installed on the commission is none other than Hans Johnson, chair of the East Area Progressive Democrats, Luna endorser and fundraiser! Isn’t that a conflict of interest? None other than Hilda Solis nominated him as she guided Luna on a leash throughout her district events.

    Now maybe Adios, Be Real, and Adventure can explain why Luna is deathly afraid of debating the incumbent sheriff in public. It’s becoming pretty obvious he’s an empty suit, slow on his feet, and doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

  • @Toast-

    “Is it just me or all the Villanueva haters and sounding more desperate and shrill by the day?”

    It’s just you.

  • @Be Real,

    You really TOASTED the Toaster with that judicial order find and posting. Facts have NEVER been VILLANueva’s false propaganda friends.

    I predict as long and Murakami’s ethical and integrity challenged testimony remains a part of this case, millions will still be awarded to this plaintiff. Either by a new jury award or a wise and generous settlement offer by the county.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee,
    And please take costly Magoorakami and his “Brady Baggage” with you.

  • Let’ see, overturned verdict from a previous sheriff’s administration, yeah, I’m pretty sure the sheriff is losing sleep over that one. Since you’re on the topic, care to comment on all the lawsuits naming Luna as the defendant? He brags about his “twenty years” as a LBPD executive, that should make him responsible for all the shenanigans against black LPBD officers over the last few decades. Case in point:


  • Unbelievable what some of you selfish entitled embarrassment to the profession People will do.
    Attaching yourself to the hip of Robert Luna ? And for what ? A personal vendetta ? A job to stroke your egos ?
    A job none of you earned or deserve.
    Most Cops hated Robert Luna in Long Beach. He was a joke with authority because he was Garcia’s Puppet.
    You all should be ashamed.

  • @Thumper-

    From what I gather from most comments, there aren’t so many Luna fans here as there are AV haters. Luna is simply the alternative to the manchild who has run this Department into the ground. As all the other candidates have done, people are simply coalescing behind the alternative to AV, as would surely have happened to any candidate who emerged from the primary.

    I haven’t the inclination to go into AV’s many sins, and the wounds both intentional and negligent he has inflicted on this Department. They are laid out extensively in the posts and comments on this site, and well-chronicled in the media these past years. He’s actually made national media on more than one occasion due to his lack of judgment and petty vindictiveness. If you aren’t aware of all this, you should not be commenting. If you are aware, and support AV despite it all, then you are the one who should be ashamed. Spare us the righteous indignation.

  • All of you LASD active and retired Alex Villanueva supporters and cheerleaders really need to check yourselves.

    As of this date and time (10/16/22 @ 1930 hrs), not a single word of sympathy, recognition of service, or a simple message of condolence has been conveyed by Alex on any of his personal, campaign or departmental internal or external social media platforms, for his 1st UNDERSHERIFF of HIS newly elected administration, Ray Leyva.

    Nor anything posted in remembrance of Active Duty LASD Captain Eddie Hernandez.

    Eddie passed away last Sunday, 10/09/22, and Ray passed on Wednesday the 12th. There’s been plenty of time for Alex to be a leader of the LASD Family and express at least a simple thank you and recognition of the service these two well loved and respected LASD career professionals gave to L.A. County.

    But you know Alex, if he somehow thinks either of these individuals did not fully support him 100% for every idiotic decision he makes, then he has zero respect, and I guess, zero regrets on their recent passings.

    I get it that Eddie Hernandez was a mere deputy product of Century Station, and a well known Homicide Bureau lieutenant before being midnight transferred under orders from Alex, out of the coveted Major Crimes Bureau Captain’s spot, and banished to Court Transportation Bureau for some unproven and perceived lack of blind VILLANueva loyalty.

    But Ray Leyva has ELA cred, and was Alex’s campaign braintrust during his 2018 run for office, and trusted to be Alex’s Undersheriff in the beginning. I guess when Ray smartly advised Alex to give up on the boneheaded Creepy Carl rehiring attempts, that was it. Sweatpee says he’s gotta go! So Ray is fired on the spot and forever forgotten by the VILLANueva’s who would never have made it to where they are now without Ray.

    Shit, Alex even sent out messages of condolences via LASD social media platforms to recognize the passing of 81 year old Mexican singer Vicente Fernández late last year. I guess the potential political benefits warranted such Alejandro Pandering Acknowledgments.

    For all LASD Family who love and support our members, you need to open your eyes to the true narcissistic fraud of a Sheriff we have and welcome his exit come December.

    I can’t sign off on this one with my typical Adios Alex as that is too kind. This latest obvious disrespect by Alex of two very respected LASD professional warrants a:

    GTFOH you POS!

  • @Thumper, You must have your tongue inserted deep inside the Villan’s arse. REALLY!!! HE is going to go down as the worst Sheriff in the history of Los Angeles. Villanueva has always been a joke on the Dept. He played the Victim card all his life. I am a Latino and ashamed of AV who plays the “Oh they are picking on me because I’m Puerto Rican”. Are you kidding me?

    All he did was skipped and hobbled all the BANDIDOS and REAPERS to the top. Duly note they did not earn any of their positions. Just like you John Burcher I mean Romper.

  • Let me guess Alex… this isn’t your fault either? You put a less qualified male who worked ELA and made him Director of PSB. And….Danny Batanero (head of the Banditos) is friends with him. You kick out the qualified female for a less qualified BRO…. But, I know, I know- it’s not your fault….it never is AV.


  • @Adios, well said!

    And, no I’m not trying to change your opinion about me. I just call it like I see it.

  • If true about that poor dog dying cause of heat, that Officer should be held accountable. What is that officers name ?

  • The Villan knows without Ray Leyva he would have not stood a chance. Ray was at the Fundraiser and guided AV for the first debate against McD. And Yes the $3000 Donation. They are one rotten couple who feed on negativity. And, then they fool the world with Bible verses. Every time AV and Mrs Sheriff walk into Church (like the one AV made a campaign video at) Christ probably shrivels on the Cross.
    @ Adios you are on point. When Vicente Fernández passed away late last year, the VILLAN went out of his way to pay tributes, NOT because the VILLAN is a fan of Vicente Fernández, but it was a DOG & PONY show for all the MEXICANS from Compton to ELA (the mariachi listening Bandidos). He knows it and guess what AV; we all know it. AV did not give a s**t about VF or his music, all AV wanted to do was tweet, and make it known that AV (the Sheriff) was remembering the MEXICANS for the loss of one of their own. The man has no class or Gratitude. AV is about AV and that is it.
    Democrats & Latino’s, he fooled you once (THE TRUMP LIE). Republicans & Conservatives (SCV) it’s your turn around this time. He is out to Con you. DONT be FOOLED!!! by this FRAUDSTER!!

  • What will you all do when the voters decide your internal self inflicted soap opera doesn’t mater to them as much as public safety, holding corrupt Politicians accountable, the proven successful HOST Team doing their incredible work, The MET Team doing their incredible work and the outstanding Community Outreach of this Department ?
    Robert Luna ?
    Tells me all I need to know about some of you. God help us all of Bunker Bob is Sheriff of 88 Cities. You all obviously did not do your due diligence on Incorporated ELA Bob’s time in Long Beach.

  • Wow, the vitriol and hatred oozing from the Luna cheerleaders is truly pathetic and illustrative of who they want to shoe horn into the sheriff’s job. Now how on earth did Villanueva net 86% of ALADS members and 64% of PPOA members in a nine-candidate field? Wait, let me guess, they were all hoodwinked by that rascal of a sheriff, LOL.

    I realize it must bug the living daylights out of the disgraced former Tanaka bootlickers to see our current sheriff celebrated and appreciated across the nation, while being vilified by all the usual cop haters such as the LA Times and the board of supervisors. So it appears Villanueva is hated by Adios and his ilk for taking away their unearned privilege, while they hope Luna will restore that same privilege they believe is their birthright. Hilarious. The sad thing is this misbegotten band of treacherous misfits have been banking on trashing the reputation of the entire department for their own personal gain.

    Hey Eli, got any more malcontents you can recruit for Vince Miller so he can squeeze in another lawsuit before election day? Weird way for Luna to be campaigning, relying on the dirty work of others, but I hear that has been his style for decades. Just ask the North Town Rangers, LOL.

  • @Thumper.

    AV won the lottery, and as a result you and your ghetto friends won the lottery. Sorry to say, but lightning never strikes the same place twice. That means I will enjoy the same priceless moment on November 8th, that I did when I saw AV and his chola with their jaws hanging, staring at his pitiful results.

    Man, that was satisfying, especially after hearing the groupies bragging they would continue their freak show by AV taking 50 plus 1 %. Just like Thumper’s comment about the people choosing public safety. In fact they did, when they chose anyone but AV.

    Thumper et al, save your self-serving unqualified selves from any further shame by your incessant fear mongering and propaganda posts.

    Like @Really and Adios put it, you should be ashamed…and GTFOH you POS’s.

    Now, for the grown ups here…it’s time for the qualified to come clean up @Thumper’s & Toaster’s, and all the other groupie amateurs’ mess.

  • Chumper, you need to get to your boy, Creepy C…! Boys’ got diarrhea of the mouth. Texting all these people behind Sheriff Potato’s back? Phone records and texts will ultimately clear things up, but the guy is sick. Just can’t shut his yap. I’m sure there will be several damning text messages, emails, phone records, from all kinds of folks to prove stuff. Reminds me how the Creep used to try and roll up on peoples gf’s or fiancee’s at SLA, slithering like a snake. Take a puff, inhale, ……., exhale now. Snuggle with mommy, cry the blues. LOL.

  • Thumper

    Your link is indeed an interesting read.

    So, too, is the reader commentary at the end of the story.

  • Can’t be explained better than Luna is Toast.
    I’ll leave it with that.
    But seriously, Robert Luna is your guy ?

  • Dear Adios,

    Thank You for your Oct 16th post as so many were unaware and your post ultimately shamed Alex into having his staff publicly post tributes, weeks after Ray and Eddie’s passings.

    Simply amazing at the true lack of leadership and character at the very top of our once well respected organization.

    Also, thank you Celeste for doing what Alex initially refused to do.

  • Adios Alex,

    You are 100% right that POS doesn’t have enough class in his little finger to say something about the loss of two of his troops. Nobody cares if there was bad blood, get up in front of your department you weak POS and say something. You are the Sheriff of LA County and god only knows how that happened. You had zero respect or credibility on this department as a deputy. Alex is no different then Tanaka and all his Nazi Soldiers who ran the department on fear and retaliation. If you supported another candidate or donated to their campaign, your career was over. Alex runs the department the same way!!! What happened to coming to work to work and not having to suck ass or walk on egg shells to keep your position. There are no true leaders on the LASD, only bitch ass climbers and future corrupt politicians who are looking out for themselves. True leaders do not act like gang members, they lead by example and earn the respect of their troops. Take a hard look at Commander Edward Ramirez, brother in law to Gil Cedillo the racist from LA City Council. He is another clown with zero leadership skills, who is all about smoke and mirrors and corruption. Take a look at the investigations under his command at West Hollywood, and the search warrant served on one of his deputies and the station for a felony investigation. Of course all of this was brushed under the carpet.

  • Exclusive: Deputy speaks out about Murakami slur allegation


    Alex and Magoorakami are two peas in the same pod and no different that Nury Martinez, Kevin de Leon, 1 Bill Gill Cedillo and Ron Herrera. Just wait until all of these internal lawsuit depositions reveal the dirt in their pasts and current.

    Fortunately, they will both be long gone by that time.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,

    and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • I can’t wait for Sup Kuehl & others to personally sue the VILLAN’s estate once he is kicked out of office.

  • Question for all the Sheriff Villanueva haters and Luna Lovers? It appears the majority of line level deputies like the current sheriff. The current sheriff unlike his predecessor didn’t adopt a fire them first left them fight to get their job back via the civil service commission policy or install a constitutional adviser who could give a thumbs up or thumb down on any disciplinary decisions made by the sworn executive force review committee. Luna has said he supports all departments members being vaccinated and appears ready to terminate those who refuse.

    The Board of Supervisors has deliberately refused to fund the Sheriffs Department and limited academy classes. Looking at the current social climate and the national difficulty all major police departments are having to recruit, how will LASD even exist if Luna is elected and the BOS suddenly opens up the cash tap? All the back and forth between the Sheriff Villanueva haters and Luna lovers may be a moot point if the departments has no sworn members to do the actual daddy to day grunt work.

  • @Not “Very” Good,

    Nice desperation try to campaign for Inept Idiotic Alex with your silly, “…the deputies all love VILLANueva, they all hated McDonnell, they will also all hate Luna….,” B.S. and lame diatribe. That VILLANueva campaign strategy was played out in 2018, and, just like The Idiot and Sweat Pee, they’ve had zero ideas on how to do anything positive to move the LASD forward. In fact, they have managed to damage the LASD, over the past 4 years, to lows that are possibly beyond repair.

    Fortunately, because Luna has managed to garner the support of all 5 Supervisors, and all major LA County and CA political groups, once he wins in a historic fashion on Nov 8th, much needed monetary help and support will begin to flow to the new Professional Sheriff, and all of the major drama and subsequent villanueva inspired and generated wasteful litigation will cease to be announced on a weekly basis.

    @Not “Very” Good, pack your bags and take a hike. Better hope no indictments or subpoenas are coming your way in December, as the AV “1 Term” stinking and full toilet bowl will be flushed in grand fashion.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,

    and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • @ Not G, are you high from drinking the Kool Aid at Casa VILLANDA? Or did your puppet master and his want to be Celebrity Mrs Sheriff coax you to post. Were you promised a promotion like Bigglesworth Burcher? He slithered his way up there being Mrs Sheriff’s favorite keyboard warrior.
    Oh let me edumicate you…. a little. LASD has only hired Bandido’s from ELA and filled up classes.

    Now go drink some more Kool Aid!!

  • Adios, thanks for the laugh! Bunker Bob Luna is the first candidate in history to run without a single idea on his platform. Oh wait, my bad, he did say he was going to kiss the supervisors’ ass and they would tell him what to do. I mean with that ops plan, who needs anything else, right Mr. Adios? Thanks for confirming what was already known, that the board is deliberately screwing over their own constituents to settle scores with the sheriff who’s not afraid to call out their corruption.

    Both the department and the community know that over the last four years we’ve seen more reforms and positive changes in the department than over the last forty years. I won’t bore you with a list, but to think they were achieved against the backdrop of adversity no other sheriff has faced is remarkable. It must suck to be you, throwing rocks from anonymity, all because you lost your cherished and unearned privilege. What did Bunker Bob promise you and the boys? Maybe you can polish off the old cigar coins and reminisce, LOL.

    Adios, did you just admit the lawsuits would cease as soon as your boy gets elected? I know Eli et al have been furiously recruiting employees to file lawsuits, working in concert with that ambulance chaser Vince Miller, in a weird new way of negative campaigning. I wonder how much coordination is going on with the Luna campaign? HMMM. Most payouts today are from lawsuits dating back to the Baca and McDonnell era, but you knew that right? BTW, I heard the sheriff comment on the Limon and Huntsman depos, apparently they did not go according to plan. Bummer! From what I understand, Limon was a no-show, and she is the “star” witness. I guess the fear of being charged with perjury is understandable. Huntsman said he was just kidding about all the bad things he’s said of the sheriff over the last four years!

    Sounds to me like the very carefully crafted false narrative against our sheriff is not standing up to scrutiny, but you don’t care, do you Adios and Wendy? You’re just relying on the El Segundo Times to keep cranking out hit pieces and praying no one every figures out who Luna is. His own employees already know, that’s why they refuse to endorse him. That’s why not a single law enforcement association has endorsed Luna – they know as well. You think the political establishment has some credibility? They’d support the devil himself if they could gain something from it.

    Now Wendy, why don’t you run along and channel your inner racist self in a more positive direction. Casting dispersions on LASD applicants because of their ethnicity, referring to Latino applicants as gang members, and whatever else is going on in your head is fitting for a Luna supporter.

  • @ Adios and Wendy Byrne

    You both need psychological help. You both clearly must be members of the higher echelons within LASD who bet on the wrong horse in the race and didn’t get what you thought your brown nosing and legend in your own mind status was owed to you. Since you have no concern for the grunts doing the actual work within LASD who are being over worked, worn out and leaving in droves it’s evident your hate for Sheriff Villanueva is no different than the attitude of the BOS who not only hate the Sheriff but are happy to take it off on all its sworn members as well.

    Keep up the sick fanatical obsession with Sheriff Villanueva since he’s clearly living rent free in your hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Alex is drinking your milkshakes 24/7.

    Keep up your attractions.

  • Haven’t visited here in awhile. Sad to see the anti Alex folks respond the way they do. You can engage in respectful intelligent dialogue or you can chose classless name calling with disrespect and a tone that keeps people away from this site and let’s you all have your meaningless pow wows together with you irrelevant little club.
    I’m done like so many others.

  • Alex is nothing more than a Deputy IV running this department to the ground. Alex is that supervisor deputies all loved because they can get a mediocre report signed off, wear a 10-30 baseball caps or beanies 10-8, and get away with almost anything. Line level staff all love Deputy IV supervisors. Thanks Alex for showing LASD the wrong way to run a Department. Absolutely no decorum, no professionalism. The upper echelon of non-represented sworn will soon be at LACERA or demoted to Commander. I say fill custody with all the useless current Alex lover Captains/ Commanders and all Chief and above demotees and fill all custody DOJ mandates with this surplus of useless personnel. Don’t worry Lorena R. and SIB propaganda machine, you will join them as well.

  • Editorial: You owe another $5 for excessive force by L.A. County sheriff’s deputies. Pay up


    WHAT? Oh No, Say It Ain’t So!

    You mean to tell me that Lawsuits, Jury Awards Verdicts, and monetary settlements are skyrocketing under incompetent Sheriff Alex VILLANueva’s & Sweat Pee’s administration. How can that be? I thought all of his corrupt coverups were working? Along with his ‘blame everyone but me’ strategy.

    Just think of how many VILLANueva lawsuits are currently in the pipeline. Millions and millions will be flowing out for several years to come due to Inept Alex, the formerly retired lieutenant who has been failing miserably at playing sheriff, for the last 4 years.

    So glad that The 1 Term Diaster will be voted out of office in historic landslide fashion next Tuesday. We definitely could not afford another failing and costly term of his total narcissistic mismanagement.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,

    and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • @Be Real,

    You are absolutely correct in that Alex’s Hairless Wonder Cat “Bigglesworth” Burcher made those insensitive and unprofessional “Public” comments, while on-duty as Alex’s Captain chief of staff, better known as the HOJ 8th Floor creepy and leering office manager.

    As for wondering what punishment Alex (lookie lookie over here, no over there) handed down, wonder no further. Alex hit him hard with a promotion to COMMANDER and then assigned him full time to on-duty campaign duties complete with maxed out overtime.

    Hey Bigglesworth, pack your bags and boxes, your new assignment, with close high standards supervision, is coming the 1st week of December. Although, I’m sure the Hairless One will fall out of his chair on November 9th as his SHAD-92 is probably already completed, minus the signature, date and missing witness info. I’m betting Baghdad Bob and Bigglesworth have already formed a secret 902A pact to approve and sign each other’s corrupt workers comp claims.

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,

    and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • @ Adios,
    lest we forget the stakeholders who cringe when their names come up > ALADS & PPOA.

    Truthful similarities to democrats & republicans who disagree with many in their own camp as deputies disagree with the blatant “all for one” creedo combined with psuedo votes to endorse Villanueva.

    The staggering lawsuits alone, against Alex speak for themselves., yet morale is at an all time high. SMH!

  • This has totally went off the tracks. Wasn’t t this story about LA City Council members and their hot mic racist rants? Oh well.

    I know the blood-lust certain folks have have to see Sheriff Villanueva and everything and everyone associated with him suffer a cruel, painful and tortuous existence can never be satisfied as demonstrated by the continuous “gotcha moments”, but let us not forget Los Angeles County Counsel routinely punts the ball and tacks a knee when it comes to litigation against the county’s many departments. Take for the example a recent case against the Department of Children and Family Services. I know the pursuit of justice does not matter with respect to other departments as this site did not cover the recent case, but it was basically another example of that department not taking action to remove a child from an abusive home which ultimately resulted in that child’s death. How many times has this same scenario repeated itself? The case resulted in a settlement of $32 million with the murdered child’s family. The county routinely pays money out as it has deep pockets and is an easy mark for lawsuits. Lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Department and law enforcement in general is par for the course due to the type of work involved. Every encounter between a cop and a member of the public could be a lawsuit whether on a state or local level. Hell, SB 2 just guaranteed more will come or more likely a “chilling effect” will be cast over everything cops do across the country. You’re chances of getting into trouble is inversely proportional to doing the work that leads to trouble.

    Now I know this is all about “let’s hate Sheriff Alex Villanueva”, but let’s try to be objective and remember the thousands of law suits brought against the Sheriffs Department that are farmed out to private law firms who actually win their cases. Imagine that! No one ever hears about those of course.


  • Very disrespectful Alex that you would hold your political theater “look at me everyone”press conference right in the middle of Captain Hernandez’s funeral. Way to show respect to your troops.


    Unintelligible: Weak sounding 10-33!

    SCC: Unit I can barely hear you, 10-33GO!

    Car-1: SCC can you give me the patch please?

    SCC: Car-1 you are going to have to use your Big Boy Voice. You’re On The Patch, GO!

    Car-1: Screaming sounds in the background…. Sweat Pee’s voice heard…Who’s that SCC B!+@# think she’s talking to? Honey, shush…. Let me finish please.

    SCC: Car-1 and a Half, please stay off the air, we are unable to hear the weak sounding Car-1 who sounds like he is in desperate need of help. Car-1, YOU ARE ON DA PATCH….GO!

    Car-1: Attn all LASD deputies. 999!!! I need your help! ALADS pulled the football away from me just as I was about to kick Luna through the uprights. I need money! I need your money! I need it now!

    SCC: Car-1, please slow down as you sound garbled, and weak. Nothing like a Sheriff of Los ANgeles County.

    Car-1: I need anything you can give me. $20, $50 but preferably,,,$1500 Dineros!! My CCW pipeline has dried up. My Venice Beach fools have dried up!

    SCC: Car-1, you sound pathetic Sir! And your request is against department policy. Take your weak sauce traffic to L-Tac. Patch Released: 1330 hrs.

    SCC: Open Mic traffic heard…. RTO’s laughing historically…. Numerous voices… “Did you hear that Sweat Pee Beotch trying to get all hard again. Her arse is gone next week.” “Silly… Oops,,,,” Open Mic Dropped!

    Car-1: Anyone on L-Tac? Anyone? Please?

    Yes folks, you may think the above Car-1: Alejandro Villanueva radio traffic scenario is a far fetched joke, and yes, it was dramatized a bit to drive home the fact that Inept Alex, Sheriff of the Largest Sheriff’s Department in the Nation, is so pathetically desperate that he had the gall to put out this wimpy, intentionally dressed down, begging pauper like plea to the line staff, because he actually believes they are dumb enough to buy into his Soros & Katzenberg conspiracy theory B.S.

    But hey, don’t believe me, just watch for yourselves and try not to puke while laughing hysterically:


    Hey ELA, time to hold a quick car wash on Whittier Blvd this weekend as El Jefe is depending on you. Sweat Pee say’s she’ll attend and will wear her Fort Apache, 2nd Two None white tee shirt for all y’all.

    To the most worthless, pathetic and embarrassing Sheriff and Admin in our long and distinguished LASD History,

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,

    and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • Alex, who’s fault is it now? Your puppets led you to the poison well this time. Policy only applies to your critics, right? Im sure you heard, “ya boss, great idea, go get that paper”. You embarrassed yourself and LASD. Deputies, don’t fall for this scam, Alex is just trying to pay off campaign debt. The 152K he needs is to pay outstanding debt due to mismanagement of funds. Maybe Mike Beltran and Fool can go undercover in the hood and tax paisas.

  • Perhaps Adios can share with everyone here what Bunker Bob Luna agreed to do in exchange for $500K from Smart Justice California (Soros front group) and a cool $1M from none other than Jeff Katzenberg, along with $100K from another billionaire woke heiress named Liz Simons.

    And then Adios and the racist JUSTICEFORSPIKE crowd can share what was promised to the ALADS president to tell his members they gave the “max” to their endorsed candidate? Way to go Bumper, the guy who walked away from his partner in the middle of a 415 deputy involved. Adios, you and your ilk are so full of hate and desperation you need professional intervention.

    So what was Bunker Bob, Eli, and several department members doing meeting with Hilda Solis? Any idea Adios? Is that the promised future of the LASD? ROFLMAO!

  • Fun Fact: Every Temple Deputy who responded to the call in Duarte and saved those teens from OD-ing, endorse…. drum roll please:

    Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

    Imagine that!

  • @ Luna is Toast; ALADS has finally began to grow a pair since lil’ Ronnie has left. Seems that morale is NOT at an all time high as fraudulently stated.

    The overwhelming majority of deputies connected to ALADS finally being listened to. Baby steps ALADS, baby steps…..

  • Waiting to hear from “Hearsay” Ron Hernandez, if nothing else, his response would be the joke of the day.

  • @Truth

    Thank you for that fact from the Murakami stronghold. I completely understand the shortsighted view of those who support the man who will go to prison and is responsible for bringing about the inevitable department-wide consent decree to transform the our Department.

    Because Alex Villanueva squandered his opportunity to do so internally.

    Was it worth it Alex? Greed, Power, and Ignorance and Arrogance.

  • @Luna is Toast and Truth.


    Once again comments that only make our dept look bad.

    @Luna is Toast, you are really so desperate that you’ll continue to make unsupported accusations, on this blog?

    Based on past practice and your childish screen name, I might be inclined to take a guess at who you are, but I won’t because you should be super busy right now.

    If you have a beef with Jim, man up and go to his office and discuss your beef or rally the Deps to make change.

    You and I both know you can’t do that because besides the politics, that you don’t care for, they are doing a great job.

    @Truth, this is pathetic!

    You’re trying to ride the coat tales of these Temple deputies, who did a great job, and turn it into an endorsement? Really?

    Deputies don’t do a great job because of their boss. They do great work despite who their boss is!

    Some will not agree, but many know it’s true. History proves it!

    Cue the Lil Ron haters!

    Like I really care.

  • @Luna is Toast

    Typical of a Villanueva supporter to blame a dead dog of being a racist. Spike is a hero!!! I stand with Spike!

  • @Ron, maybe the words “endorse” is the wrong term. It should say, “SUPPORT Sheriff Villanueva.” Let’s face it, they are deputies who appreciate the Sheriff’s backbone. The simple stuff.

    Don’t hate the facts Ron, and don’t get angry.

    It’s all good!

  • Ron Hernandez
    Do you ever comment about Alex Villanueva’s comments and lies that make LASD look bad? Exactly!

  • I stand with Justice4Spike! What has LA County Sheriff Villanueva done to rebuke claims that poor Spike was left for dead in a hot vehicle, then covered up? Where is the so called “transparency” in this matter? I can’t vote for a liar! VOTE 4 LUNA come Nov 8th! He is the right candidate at the right time.

  • @Still Laughing and SMH.

    What gets me laughing is how my post was approved and posted in the same batch as yours which means my little Ronnie pea brain knew you cowards were coming, before I even saw your posts.

    You guys are clueless and no matter how many shots you take at me the historical change of ALADS’s path is solid and I got to participate in it and all you whiners did was sit back and watch while your partners begged for change.

  • @ Anonymous and Truth, a few differences between you and I, starting with my birth certificate matches my screen name.

    I don’t comment just to comment. I point out incorrect information, hypocrisy and cowardice.

    If that happens to match some people on the dept, then that’s on them not the dept.

    What I learned about our partners, while at ALADS, is the vast majority of deputies just want to come to work, do their job and go home.

    I heard from and continue to hear from many who don’t have time for this BS.

    My comments about the Sheriff are exactly that, geared towards him and not the dept. He should wear his mistakes, not LASD!

    That’s where the media gets it wrong.

    The reason I use my name is so anyone can challenge my comments as factual or not.

    I’m not angry. I’m disappointed. Not that my feelings should matter to anyone. But freedom to speak is what this country is about, right?

    I’ve only been retired a short time. I still live in LA County and haven’t been able to get into IDGAF mode, except for when it comes what people like you think of me.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only opinions I care about are the opinions of those I respect, and are well respected.

  • Hey Embarrassing Alex,

    You finally did it. You finally accomplished something noteworthy. Your pathetic looking & sounding begging pauper video has garnered over 10,000 views, as of the time of this posting:


    Hopefully, most of those views were by your intended audience of front line deputies. All of the educated partners that I’ve spoken with have seen your pathetic plea and are laughing their @$$ off. Not a single one is buying your b.s. and most realize the true reason you are begging like a down & out Basehead is because you are about to be kicked out of office, in a historic fashion, while saddled with significant campaign loan debt. Others speculate that you are trying to build a legal defense fund as your county counsel coverage is about to EXPIRE!

    Hurry up Sweatpee, you better get while the gettin is good. Maybe Beltran can get you a part time gig cleaning off the UFC Ring Girls fight match round cards and seat cushions for a little pay-per-view cash.

    This VILLANueva disaster and collapse is playing out even better than I could have foreseen.

    Mucho Gracias Alejandro & Sweatpee!

    Adios “1 Term” Alex & Sweatpee,

    And Magoorakami & the Secret Hit Squad,

    and the few remaining Skippers,

    and Bigglesworth Burcher,

    and Baghdad Bob Satterfield,

    and the current SIB AV Propaganda Team

    And so many more trying to slither away into the shadows

  • Ron Hernandez
    What does not adding my birth name have to do with you answering non threatening & simple question?
    What next, a livescan & ssn? Don’t let paranoia get the best of you.

  • @Anonymous, I misunderstood your post, slightly.

    To answer you question, yes.

    I just don’t do it here, for an audience.

    To me this is the equivalent of talking behind someone’s back.

    Apparently you’re not following him on any of his social media platforms.

    I have told him personally and I have checked him through his followers and social media.

    If he was on here using his name then I would respond to him.

    You guys can continue with your rhetoric, just understand, you’re credibility is in question when you don’t use your real name.

    Livescan? SSN?

    Another ignorant comment. Unless I was trying to prove whether your real name is in fact “Anonymous.”

    Don’t even know how the paranoia comment applies.

  • Guarantee AV, the victim, will blame his loss on every one but him. Guarantee he will try to sue Max, BOS, AG…and everyone else.

    He’s already lining himself up to blame is big loss. AV , just go away. Murakami, I once respected you, but not anymore.

  • Alex, you are the Sheriff of LA County, but you chose to lower yourself to the level of a deputy sheriff for the last four years. Absolutely no leadership abilities to occupy the office of the Sheriff. You reap what you sow buddy. Go run your Resolute CrossFit and disappear.

  • I think the DA (yes the VILLAN’s arch nemesis) should open up an investigation into the open-ended OT for full time campaign employees Bigglesworth Burcher and the CA Natalie Garcia. They have done nothing but worked on the VILLAN’s failing campaign for the last 2 years.
    Hey Biggles I know there is a pay to play with the guys at Londons Pub.

  • Hey Alex & Sweatpee,

    Based on your humiliating begging video that has gone viral, I would like to contribute to your campaign. Now, my contribution might not help you deal with your mountain of campaign debt, or your soon to be avalanche of legal defense bills, but I believe this is the most meaningful contribution I could make to your campaign, your post-LASD future, and as a tribute to your “1” and only miserable and failing term in office.

    ADIOS: https://youtu.be/8lhi8OhkkII

    Hey Javier, please have the campaign HQ Band play this on Tuesday night!

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee, you WONT be missed!

  • Alex may blame ALADS for losing tonight, seeing that their donation was only $1500.00 this time.

    A smart financial move for ALADS, finally.

  • The bow-legged clown is finally kicked in the kneecaps by the PEOPLE of LOS ANGELES COUNTY.
    Wanna be County Celebrity Felicia Mrs Sheriff go pound sand at Resolute CrossFit. You will not be allowed to step into HOJ!
    Magoorakami better check up on those over loaded heart valves and, quit feeding your mouth as much.
    Bigglesworth Burcher your friend who got off the boat may leave you for another County moocher.
    Baghdad Bob Satterfield – You’re a Traitor
    Blanchard – I told you not to sell your soul to the DEVIL.
    Hahaha Gona be fun tomorrow at HOJ. The clowns will walk with their heads down

  • Adios Alex, Little Ronnie, Timmy, Burcher & Satterfield. Your services are no longer needed, (never was) ditto for little Ronnie’s side bar.

  • So let me edumicate this wannabe “Bandido”. There is nothing legally we can do left,” he claims about Deputy Gangs in the Department. “We can’t line up people, strip them down and fire people with tattoos, as some people have literally suggested”.
    So let me ask you this what was LT Howard Fuchs (Narcotics Lieutenant) doing at your election night party. Was he going to beat his wife up in a drunken faze after the party. Is it Department policy to have someone who had to be relieved of DUTY twice, once after the wife beating and then after the DA charged him REALLY??? Oh wait you think you can selectively pick the Laws you like just like you and your County wanna be Celebrity selectively pick versus from the Bible.
    Clean-up is coming starting December.

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