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Op-Ed: A Psychologist & Trauma Expert Looks at U.S. Border Policies With Alarm

WLA Guest
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“We Are Better Than This”

by Claire Thomas-Duckwitz, M.A. Ph.D. L.P.

I visited Dilley, Texas, in 2015 as part of a research team investigating practices at detention centers that housed migrants from Central America. Our study was commissioned by the Unitarian Universalist Church in order to report on and make recommendations regarding practices related to detaining migrants at that time. Again, remember that was 2015 and took place during the Obama administration. The findings of that study can be viewed in detail here.  But, I would like to address statements by the Trump Administration who claim that practices of separation predated their own policy that began in May of 2018.

It’s true. Under Obama’s administration families were separated. We heard one particularly chilling story about a mother who was housed with her young daughter in one facility in Texas while her deaf son had been separated from her, and placed in another facility in Texas. The father was at a third facility in another state.

Claire Thomas-Duckwitz, Ph.D.

That said, the policies at that time reflected a disorganized immigration system in which decisions about placement were largely a function of whichever employee was tasked with assigning migrants to facilities at a particular time on a particular day. It was disorganized and chaotic, and the individual personalities of whoever was in charge seemed to be the deciding factor in a family’s fate.

That’s not to say that President Obama wasn’t responsible for what happened under his administration—he was. However, what we saw in 2015 was different from the current policy adopted in May of 2018, in which a well-organized machine is systematically removing children from parents as a general and mandated practice.

In this essay, I’m going to discuss attunement, attachment, and the impact of separation of children from primary caregivers.

In the first several years of life, and especially between the ages of 6-18 months, parents and children engage in a multitude of micro-level interactions that we call attunement. More or less, attunement is the way in which a primary caregiver and child respond to small, nonverbal cues given off by the other. Attunement is responding appropriately to the cues of the other (being able to sense what they want and are communicating), and these individual interactions build upon each other in a series of back and forth nonverbal cues from child to caregiver.

(For more on attunement watch this excellent video.)

Combined, these micro-level interactions, and the attunement of caregiver to child, facilitate the bond we refer to as attachment. More or less, attachment is the bond between a child and primary caregiver on which the child can dependably rely to have basic caregiving needs met–including food, shelter, security, and love.

(Again, there is a great article here that explains attachment better and in more detail than I will now.)

There are different forms of attachment: secure attachment, and three subtypes of insecure attachment. Almost everyone forms some level of attachment with their primary caregiver.  Yet, the absence of attachment is documented in extreme situations such as overcrowded orphanages in which there is minimal opportunity for this give-and-take relationship, or in cases of extreme neglect. Although that attunement is especially important in the early years, attunement and attachment between child and caregiver remain important throughout development as children learn to take risks, work through problems, and become independent.

These primary attachment relationships are especially foundational to future relationships, and for something we call self-regulation. Self-regulation, especially emotional regulation, is foundational to the choices and consequences that happen to us over our lifetime. An individual’s ability to control his or her frustration, disappointment, excitement, and worry is essential to later success in life. Kids struggle with this skill as they are younger, and gradually strengthen their abilities, in the context of that attachment relationship.

Think of those micro-level interactions I described earlier. Now imagine how many times small interactions happen daily between a child and caregivers, along with his or her peers, teachers, employers, etc.. Not surprisingly, kids and adults who struggle with controlling their emotions, also struggle with school, relationships, employment, and even the law. This isn’t just something I have merely read about academically or lectured about when teaching graduate students. I’ve seen this over and over with many kids in my practice as a psychologist, and as a school psychologist.

The impact of separating children from their primary caregivers has been repeatedly documented. In his book, Becoming Attached:  First Relationships and How They shape Our Capacity to Love, Robert Karen describes how James Robertson, a social worker, studied and documented the impact of long term hospitalization on children and their emotional development in 1948.

In those days it was believed to be best practice to separate hospitalized children from parents. Children were hospitalized for weeks or months and only allowed to see their parents on Sundays. In observing this, Robertson documented three phases of separation that occurred:

1) Protest in which children cried, clung to their parents, and screamed after they left. Karen writes, “In this stage the child is frightened, confused, and urgently looking for his lost mother, turning anxiously towards any sound that might herald her approach.”

2) Despair: in which the child becomes “listless, loses interest in his surroundings, turns away from food, and sheds only occasional tears. He desperately wants his mother but is losing all hope of getting her back.”

3) Detachment: “in which the child seems to awaken more to the possibility of ward life. He interacts more, he smiles, he eats. But he has awakened a different child. He no longer seems to know his mother when she comes, to cry,” or even to appear concerned when she leaves.

Some people might read about this third stage and call it resiliency. Make no mistake: this is NOT resiliency. This is detachment, learning that one cannot depend on close others for caregiving and meaningful relationships. This is the beginning of a sense that one cannot connect with others, or experience close, intimate relationships.

Resiliency is a result of close, loving relationships in which a child learns to self-soothe in the context of a caregiver who models this ability, and shows that basic needs such as love, warmth, food, shelter can be dependably met.

The first two stages described by Robertson were observed in the short term ward of the hospital in 1948. The last stage was observed in the long-term ward for children treated for tuberculosis.

Eventually, the research done by pioneers in the field of attachment was gradually accepted, and we have since adopted practices that help facilitate this bond. The understanding of the paramount importance of this bond shapes hospital and childcare settings and practices.

Despite this knowledge, in our immigration policy, now we have gone back to the dark ages of attachment by ripping children from their parents and placing them in tent cities.

Advances in neuroimaging have allowed us to study just how this situation plays out in the developing brain. The brain is an organ that develops in response to experience. It mirrors its environment, which means that the very best and very worst experiences faced by children don’t just impact the brain, they become the architects that shape the brain. What we know about brain development is very relevant to our current policy of how we treat and care for children and their parents crossing our southern border.

(For more information about the details of the impact of separation on health and brain development, please read this statement put out last week by the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

I’m familiar with the affects of separation at a very personal level because I am an adoptive parent. My boys became a part of our family at age 30 months and 19 months. Beyond understanding of this principle academically, I have seen my own children fight with its affects. I have held both of my children when they are inconsolable, presumably triggered by some memory or reference to their life before me. Holding and rocking a child who is sobbing because they don’t know why they were given up, who felt that tearing of bond in a way that feels visceral and primal is not an experience one forgets.

It wrecks you, the person who is picking up the pieces, because you know this wound is deep, and may haunt this small child for the rest of his life.

I think of rocking my children’s small bodies when they sob, something that still happens—and then I imagine the scale of this immigration policy, two thousand children who are frightened, hearing a language they don’t understand, and eating food that tastes strange. Seeing guards in uniforms, being scared of bigger kids, and lying awake at night wondering what has happened to their parents. Wondering why the adults in their lives haven’t come for them. I imagine their parents, wracked with grief, a sense of (unearned) guilt, helplessness, and intense fear as they try and fail to protect those for whom they risked everything by coming here.

We are better than this.

Claire Thomas-Duckwitz, M.A., Ph.D., L.P., is a licensed psychologist currently in private practice. She specializes in working with children and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities such as autism, learning disabilities, or ADHD and who have experienced disruptions in development due to trauma or neglect, attachment problems, brain injuries, or adoption-related issues. She has worked both domestically and in an international capacity addressing trauma, attachment, and the intersection of these with disability. Dr. Thomas-Duckwitz has conducted research investigating secondary trauma in mental health practitioners in a border city in Mexico and on the impact of detention practices on migrants from Central America. She is an adjunct faculty member at The University of Northern Colorado, and she has worked in Colorado public schools. Some of her clients have been young adults struggling with ADHD and autism as they try to navigate college and work life. In addition to providing therapy and evaluations for individuals, she also provides training and consultation for parents and organizations in order to maximize the developmental potential of this population. Her website is:

(Copyright 2018 Claire Thomas-Duckwitz, all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.)

This essay also appeared on Daniel Kowalski’s LexisNexis® Legal Newsroom Immigration Law

Photo of kids resting in one of the temporary cages set up at a facility in McAllen, Texas, courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Rio Grande Valley Sector via AP


  • Well, they should go ahead and by extension talk about the “trauma” felt by the children of anyone with children arrested for “BREAKING THE LAW” who is separated from their children when they go to jail. Whether it be a US citizen or person who comes into the country illegally. Obey the law and respect the rules. A necessary first start to being a good future citizen.

    Just stop with the hypocrisy, one-sided and clearly politically motivated anti-Trump bashing. It’s just amazing how people could actually be so against the president of the country they themselves live in. There’s a thin line between the righteous First Amendment Right of Free Speech and protest and subversive anti-government speech.

    • Conspiracy, > “It’s just amazing how people could actually be so against the president of the country they live in.”

      Your statement is true as it applies to every POTUS that has been elected. It may appear to ring louder with trump, since the feeling is more mutual even with republicans. It is, what it is.

  • In her final paragraph Ms. Duckwitz imagines the immigrant parents ( or those posing as the parents) as having the purest of intentions. She says any guilt they might feel is unearned ( as if they are incapable of responsibility towards their own children) Ms Duckwitz cannot imagine that these people are smart enough to game our system . She sees them as inferior beings who can only be saved via the grace of liberal white people such as herself. People like Ms Duckwitz should be kept as far away from public policy as possible.

  • Conspiracy, tell us how you feel about the following:

    ‘Now, in the span of about 24 hours, all four living former first ladies have added their voices to the chorus of public critique, calling the practice “immoral,” “disgraceful” and a “humanitarian crisis.”’

      • Even the lone “Republican” Kathryn Barger of the Los Angeles County Supervisors is in agreement with her constituents as well as the 4 living former first ladies. Let’s not get started on Session’s and his church congregation who also opposes the policies of immigrant minors being separated from their families. Wowzer!

  • You guys sure give a lot of weight to the opinions of “living former First Ladies” What’s next, former Miss Americas ? or perhaps you should check in with that paragon of virtue Stormy Daniels.

  • I think one of California’s top senators has proposed that no one guilty of a Federal crime when arrayed who has children be separated from their children when arrested. At least it’s a stab at fairness across the board for citizens as well non-citizen but it’s laughably asinine.

  • Jim Hitchcock; Simple question for you.

    Should a mother of 2 small children be able to keep her children with her in jail if she is arrested for wire fraud of cashing fraudulent checks?

  • Folks:

    The New York Times is reporting right this very minute that the President is planning an Executive Order to halt the separation of children from their families at the border, but this action likely faces “a legal challenge.”

    • The backlash and pressure put fire under trump’s feet to do something. He saved face and avoided another scandal. Thank God for fearless people and freedom of the press.

  • Conspiracy, someone, many in fact, have talked about the trauma of children of US citizens who have an incarcerated parent. That is one of the reasons we , as a society (of course, not including you), are taking steps to reform the criminal justice system. Coincidentally, many of those are kids of color. Please do not tell me how much you care for them. Last week you would have thrown them under the bus, today its the immigrant children.

    Secondly, when a US citizen gets arrested their children aren’t incarcerated, too. They are not put in cages or pens or orphanages. We find the next of kin or place with a foster home. Let the government make that call here and no doubt people will come forward, enough to get every child out. So many, in fact, that you will be even more pissed off than you are today.

    Thirdly, many of these people are seeking asylum. They are not all entering illegally. There is a process that all western countries follow, in one form or another. Maybe their claims are credible, may not, but there is a process to follow, and one that does not call for the separation of children from their parents.

    And, what is this about “subversive, anti-government speech,” Mr. McCarthy. Do you really fine subversive language on this site? Language that, if you were in power, you would prosecute for? Surely, you jest. I do think several of my fellow posters on this site have a warped moral compass. You scream and holler when a football player kneels when the national anthem is played, but you find nothing wrong with how these kids are treated. Could it be because they are both of color?

    Major Kong, the point is not that the First Ladies are saying anything and people are giving it much weight. It is that they are even saying anything that stands out. Folks are not saying, the First ladies are saying X, so it must be true. They are saying, even the first ladies, including the wife of the current president, are speaking out. Apparently everyone except a few people on here, and the Trump administration are speaking out against it. I think no one is going to ask Ms. America for her opinion, except possibly Mr. Trump.

    Lastly, I did not vote Obama, but I would take another term from that man. Our Orange commander in chief is an embarrassment. He lives to be liked, and the people he wants to like him don’t like him. He has a monosyllabic vocabulary, does not know the difference between HIV and HPV and thinks Frederick Douglas is doing great things. Had Obama taken the trip to North Korea and came back with what Trump came back with (a photo op for Kim), you guys would have been all over it like white on rice, no pun intended.

  • WOW CF!

    Okay, no ones color was mentioned, but if you want to go there I don’t see this site or you advocating to let Haitians or folks from war torn a Sub-Saharan Africa enter the country illegally in droves. Also, how will you ever allow someone who’s arrested for a crime, whether it be minor or serious, who has children be housed together with their children? You may try to dance around the reality by mentioning criminal justice reform and the like, but the reality is it can’t happen. Should a murdering parent be housed together with their children? Should a pedophile or child abuser be housed together in a way that maintains their family unit? I wonder how ICE can verify the “family bond” of the illegal immigrant families crossing the boarder. Are they bringing birth certificates, are those documents trustworthy? Do they just have to trust them? Of course no one lies to get what they want. And many of the “asylum seekers” are just gaming the system.

    I repeat, there are wars all over the world and people trying to flee by applying for asylum at US embassies, all the time having to remain in harms way until their turn comes. Whereas other folks break the law, enter illegally and expect to be served first. Somethings wrong with that.

    If illegal-immigrant right advocates and politicians were as passionate about the plight of people of color in the inner cities such a as places like Chicago and Baltimore, I would have some respect but it’s clearly not the case. This site is an example of that.

  • CF why is so many people of color find themselves locked up today? You pretty much said they do. Why do they commit so much crime? Can’t blame they’re being hooked on tossing everyone in jail for weed or even minor amounts of harder drugs, not here anyway. You see you repugnant little pimple, they play the “I have medical issues” game all the time when hooked, unless they want to be in and are only in for a short bite if they’re a PAL or on probation. No, the violence they bring is staggering for their numbers and you know it, cops fault somehow, White guys fault? You don’t talk about that, Celeste never does, cowards like you guys just toss out useless bullshit never getting your hands dirty having to deal with the problems these assholes leave for cops to figure out, like whose best to leave their kids with when they do something so fucked up they’ll be gone a long time, and don’t act like you even care you poser, never have never will. That violence is why so many are locked up, very sad.
    You’re a punk, nothing but Reg, and the Trump man just caved like Bush second term. And your sissy ass and Celeste and her social justice goofballs covered for the traitor for 8 years that could have fed those kids dog food and none of you would have said a damn word and you know it while he backdoored dope into our ghettos while helping Iran get nukes and this little warrior Celeste, looking out for the public good and her followers say not one word about it, such frauds. Next war will be here, find a good cave sissy.

    • Rant radio, 5150 on your dial featuring cranky and crazy commentor “Surefire”

      What a friggin life to live……No thanks.

    • In CF’s defense (sounds weird I know), his/her comments were civil, not as racist tinged and lacking the subjective personnel bias we’ve come to know and expect.

      This is how dialogue, discussion, expression of point of views and the civil exchange of ideas around take place. When insults are thrown about, no one listens and nothing gets accomplished.

  • The very best thing about Trump is how he effects the cf’s of the world. The gnashing of teeth, the foaming at the mouth, the pointing and sputtering, priceless. Trump lives in cf’s head rent free, by the time this is all over cf is going to have MAGA TRUMP tattooed to her ass, great stuff.

  • Still Laughing: That’s all you got. Sucks when Surefire makes a ton of sense, doesn’t it.

    Contradict one thing he said, I dare you.

    • He has a right to upchuck his personal factless venom. Not even one citation (valid or otherwise) backing his opinions. Rage, hatred and finger pointing on a continual basis within a site with a choice to ignore is pure comedy to say the least. For you to “back his play” is not surprising seeing that you run a close second behind him.

      • To be fair sure fire called cf a “sissy ass” . That has actually has been proven to be factual. So laughing boy, I think you owe sure fire an apology.

  • Here’s the truthful summary. Since 2014 murder has gone up. A lot. Nationwide. 28% in top 30 cities. Seems to have leveled in 2017. Of top 30 cities, a few did buck the trend, most significantly NYC and Detroit. Almost every other city saw an increase, often very large. Now Laughing Boy go ahead and take a look at the D.O.J. stats and check out who commits how many of these murders. The one thing you idiots run from is the truth on these issues day in and day out or Celeste would actually write about them wouldn’t she? Same as with attacking and killing cops, for their numbers in the population Blacks are simply putting in a real effort there. Don’t like the truth, not my fault.

  • Still Laughing: I asked (dared) you to contradict ONE thing that Sure Fire posted.

    I knew you couldn’t but thought I give you a shot.

    It must be really frustrating when a group of people present hard facts to you, and all you can respond with is meaningless dribble.

    Don’t feel bad, CF is just as frustrated as you are.

    • Still no citations, only his personal views and tirade with NO facts. Of course crime is up…duh! Anyone can read through “Surefire” lines. It’s hard to hide his face wearing a sheer hood.
      Trust me, no frustration here son, just a big fan of exposure as it uncovers people and issues. Still waiting on one hard fact which cannot be disputed.

  • Facts;
    The economy is roaring.
    Black people kill more unarmed black people than police do. BY A LOT.
    Unemployment is at historic lows. Ever for black people. Ever for Hispanics. 60 year low for women.
    Record amounts of cash being brought back to the states by large/mid cap companies.
    Consumer Confidence is at an 18 year high.
    Historic levels of 401K wealth.
    Remains of Korean War Veterans are coming home.
    3 North Korean hostages are home. For free.
    Military spending is up.
    The California Bullet Train is 3 times more expensive than what was sold to the voters by Moonbeam.

    Shall I go on?

    • An extension to your list… Ironic that you only have Blacks in your crime survey as I expect nothing less from you or your type. Homeless population is at an all time high. Hate crimes against people of color and the gay community has exploded since Orange Julius has taken office. The Bullet Train is a hoax. The Border Wall will never be built. Etc.

    • Do you know how long it takes for results to show after some economic system implementations?
      I’ll give you a hint since you are the one to give others one; the real results are never instantaneous as you seem to make us believe. In some instances it may take more than a couple of years. But you’ve just shown us your ignorance by trying to imply that all the “facts” you are posting are attributable to our current “juvenile in charge”, which are not.
      But please tell us how many jobs and industries are coming back to the US? And why are some still closing down and like in the case of good all American Harley Davidson closing? Oh and why our southern wall remains to be built? We all know Mexico will pay for it, so I guess they will simply built it on lay-away terms, right?

      So, you seem to think that military spending is an awesome thing? Please enlighten us as to how this benefits us? And by us I mean the regular Joe the tax-payer?

      Do at least care to tell us where you are getting your “facts” from, or are they simply “alternate facts”?

  • I’m not doing your legwork you lazy pos, and I just started vacation. Think Celeste wouldn’t correct me if I was manipulating anything? Weak as your girlfriend Reg.

    • One fact is that you “Surefire” are an angry white male.

      One assumption with a very likely hunch is that you’re under six feet tall.

      I’m willing to bet two overtime spots that you carry a sadistic scowl on your face whenever you discuss politics.

  • Consiparcy, actually yes, I would welcome the Hatian. If you have the balls to get a raft, tire tubes, or water they use, and risk life and limb on the shark-infested ocean for almost 900 miles, welcome. I want people like that, people willing to risk everything to get here. Not some leech sucking off the government payroll teat with a cushy job riding around in an air conditioned car. Same for the Sudanese, Congolese, Liberian, or any other subsaharan country. If you can weather a civil war, lions, malaria, hunger, and make it to my country, welcome. That’s a bad Mother-Fer who can make it here with all those obstacles. I want those people here. Not the ones that have it so easy they become obese riding on a Yamaha motorcycle, on the government dime, clogging their arteries on Krispy Kreme donuts. I want people who are risk takers, who want so bad to be here that they risk everything.

    Sure Fire, relax, we are merely talking, exchanging words and ideas. No need to get all worked up. I can even hear you yelling. You aren’t dealing with some scared black kid. First, I have tried to explain to you why there are many people of color in the justice system. I do not profess to know everything, but I think the literature is very supportive of several factors, but you do not listened. If Celeste were not so nice and trying so hard not to share her opinions, she would school you. And, I told you I did not vote for Obama. No love lost there, but you must admit, that Black man, who went to Harvard, single-parent home, editor of law review, who becomes a Senator and then president and can put some good sentences together, is a much more impressive human being than Donnie, whose father’s money got him into college and bailed him out of bankruptcy. Black man – 1, overweight illiterate white man – 0.

    Mssers Sure Fire and Maj. Kong, what is it with the homophobic slurs. “Sissy?” What grade are you gentlemen in? Again, please do talk to me as I am some 12 year black kid you stopped for thrills because it allows you to pretend you aren’t afraid of the black man. Besides, I am sure Celeste does not allow homophobic slurs. In some quarters they are even considered hate crimes.

    By the way, I welcome your thoughts on your commander in chief, as they say in the hood, getting punked. Maybe he saw the error of his ways in separating kids. Or, perhaps, he does not have the balls you think he does. Now, gentlemen, get to work. I am sure there is a black kid out there somewhere looking suspicious.

  • Let’s Hear More…It seems like you spoke to soon.

    The good ole’ vile, childlike, stereotype spewing, prejudiced law enforcement-hating, fabricator of facts is back with a vengeance. Just like a crack or meth head, it’s always hard to go against the grain and not be true to your inner crappy self.

    • Funny how you morphed into “surefire” and started your juvenile antics with name calling. I’ll overlook that but 1 point deduction for lack of originality. I have no dispute with your “one liners” in the news as I even added to your list. Your crime survey only mentioned Blacks in a nation of many so you get another deduction for being clueless.

      • As I finish my brewski after a double shift reviewing force reports, they remind me of yours posts which become personal after biting off more than you can chew. The subject sometimes become the plaintiff when young officers meet their match with a meeting of the minds. A good cigar at a Gentleman’s Club might do you well.

  • How am I clueless? I want my point reinstated.

    My point about black people was correct and irrefutable. Pure fact.

    Did I need to bring up every race to not have a point taken from me? Doesn’t make sense, but not surprising coming from you.

    Sorry about the name calling, but you are a straight coward.

    • Your profile is duly noted and fully exposed and not only by me. Other than you being a right wing zealot, what is your purpose for being a whining ass complaining commenter on this blog? Someone strike your nerve and you respond by knowing that on line you can respond like a tough guy but who would piss their pants if face to face.

    • Wow, so this is where you get your news and facts from? No wonder. Please keep posting more links so as to tell us where you are coming from.
      How ignorant and dismissive are you as to ascertain that something so ridiculous as this is the solution for all our problems.

      I’ll give you a couple humble hints: 1) a solution to most of our problems start at the very top, meaning with our “juvenile in charge” who seems intent in fomenting more hatred amongst ourselves and towards other countries. And 2) if we are not really helping other countries, at the very least we ought to leave them alone; instead of meddling in their economic, military and democratic affairs. You know like totally destroying countries and exiling democratically elected heads of states around the world. Because the cause and effect including blow-back it’s a real and hard to accept reality. Like the one we find ourselves in right now. And our soldiers coming back from all those “wars of choice” with no real sense of accomplishment and with plenty of PTSD. And to make matters worse our government who seems always eager to send our enlisted everywhere, can’t seem to get the help they desperately need when they get back. Here is link from the VA

      I’ll stop here because I’m not confident your attention span is all that great. But don’t let real facts get in the way of a real investigation. Although it is usually a must when conducting investigations, but what I’m I talking about, you being “sworn” and one who according to you seem to have been involved in plenty of investigations of your own…supposedly that is…………becuase your poor judgement and miss-guided and miss-fired posts speak volumes.

      Alrato amigo.

  • Maybe, just maybe, we should at the very least consider and analyze the damage the US government has done to a lot of these countries where all these migrants are coming from. And I mention this to let people know that maybe we, as a country, are only reaping what we or rather what our government does in our name to all those countries when we go and destabilize their democracies simply because they interfere with some of this countries corporate interests. Make no mistake, there are dire and deadly consequences to what we’ve done, and continue to do to almost all our neighbors south of our border including Mexico at one time or another. If any of you would like to just look at what we did to Honduras in 2009 when our government deposed that country’s democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya. And the deadly and destabilized effects that are still happening right to this day to that country due to our imperialist negligence and arrogance. We mistakenly thought that none of that affected us at the time, but some of us knew that it was all a matter of time for the ripple effects to reach our shores, in this case southern border. But we are now wondering how come Hondurans are coming here to our southern border seeking asylum. And when these poor and marginalized migrants do get here fleeing the dire and deadly situation that our government has created in their country, we claim sanctity and ignorance, to say the least, and treat them like sub-human and worse than animals when our government and we as a society owe them so much more. So maybe, just maybe, we should pay a bit more attention when our government decides to interfere into other democratic nations affairs unless we are ready for the fallout from our misguided and negligent foreign affairs policies.
    And you can disagree with my humble opinion all you want, but do a google check into this Honduras/President Manuel Zelaya fiasco before you respond with any disagreement or dispute with this historical havoc our government has and continues to create in our name, one nation after another.

    • You nailed it. The Alt Right has a hard time facing the truth defining this part of America. America the beautiful however it is not without fault.

      The chickens are coming home to roost.

  • @ Ruiz, You gave key points indicating the underlying cause of why so many from South America flood our southern border.

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