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More Voices Coming very Shortly – UPDATED

In just a while this morning I’ll have a post up—including more more voices from the road.

WILL HAVE SOMETHING UP in about two hours. Am finishing another deadline, have another radio show, plus there’s some breaking news on the Santee story…..and I’m…..Butte, Montana….trying to find a cafe with WiFi.

Hang in. And guys, the point is, I’m asking average people
who are out there making a living and trying to raise kids, not folks who take three newspapers a day or stay glued to the web—like many of us. But I’m finding them very thoughtful and well-informed. Hang in for Holly and Heidi, both bartending for minimum wage and tips, Holly already raising three kids at age 26. Yet, they are lovely, thoughtful women. Then there’s Dan, 23,the conservative, who’s working for schools in Great Falls, MT. Also smart and articulate.

Back soon.


  • Given the level of people that you’re prone to pick for questions, give them something challenging like the answers and questions presented on SNL’s “Celebrity Jeopardy!,” which are about as hard as the those asked on the real “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

    Name a color that ends in ‘urple.

    Where are you right now?

    What movie title is taken from the name of the book “Gone With The Wind.”

    What December 25th holiday involves decorating a tree and opening presents?

    Would you like a cookie?

  • I knew that you were finding people in bars–mighty early in the day, too.

    Okay, I’ll go easier after reading your update. Maybe average around there is different than average around here.

    A good question to ask might be “if they were were given the opportunities and resources, would they be better off doing things for themselves instead of letting government do it,” which could be anything from health care to investing your own S/S funds. If that’s too involved, simply ask “if they trust government.”

  • I ask this not just sarcastically, but what is “an average person” in America? If someone reads the papers online, they’re not “average?” I think young people are doing that a lot, don’t know any “average” kids to young adults who don’t. “Working class” is a different category. Not that their opinions are any less valid, and we all have the same vote and politicians/ we are obliged to weigh their needs.
    But I kind of agree with Woody, that Jay Leno’s All-Stars questions like he asks tourists to Universal City or on his game show might be more telling. (And those people can afford the time and money to take a trip to California.)

    Maybe you can catch some retirees and professionals, too, just to see what the differences/ overlaps are? And have FUN, too! You sound a little too frantic for a vacation.

  • maggie, good point about the “Jay-Walking.”

    Celeste, ask these average folks who we fought during the civil war. At least one out of three will get it wrong. Ask them who is our Vice President. Over half will miss that. Ask them to name their congressman and senators. They’ll all miss those.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that is average, given that schools are more concerned about kids who draw guns on paper than actually educating them.

  • Count me among the silent majority eager to hear what’s on the minds of people you encounter during your travels. I’ll leave it for another time to suggest that you’re entitled to a work-free vacation.

  • Celeste: sorry to to off-topic here to the Santee issue, but that thread it too old for you to be following probably (or do you keep checking?). Check LAT online for todays’ p. 3 Calif. story on Santee principal update: city is bringing in a mediator, since the parents want to oust him/don’t trust him, but Jan Perry does. He apparently did kick butt this past year, and after that embarrassment where a Santee kid painted a bus while the Mayor was on it. Sounds to me like he’s doing some good things but messing w the academics the “smart” kids need. Maybe his previous job as asst principal/disciplinarian suited him better and he should be demoted back to that.

    But other than that, have fun! Enjoy all the space out there.

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