Life and Life Only

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Jason Lee singing John Prine’s classic “Christmas in Prison”

WitnessLA Will be dark until Monday, January 5 (unless there’s breaking news that we simply cannot ignore).
So we’ll see you bright and early Monday morning in 2015. Until then, we hope your days are full and happy ones.

Here’s some music to help:

A song from the Living Sisters’ terrific new holiday album, “Harmony Is Real : Songs For A Happy Holiday.”

The Temptations wonderful version of Silent Night.

And then two that we seem to post every year, just because….

The Pogues doing their wonderful Fairytale of New York

And finally Rufus Wainwright singing Minuit Chrétiens acapella as his famous mother Kate McGarrigle looks on with utter delight at her son, at this, her last concert before her death of cancer, one month and 5 days later.


  • Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! You have done so much to help the true employees of the LASD, and in doing so you have given tremendous aid to the citizens of Los Angeles County. For that, you are my hero this Christmas, and you have my eternal gratitude.

  • Today NYPD Officer Ramos is laid to rest. God Bless you brother. You and Officer Liu will not be forgotten. Hopefully, your sacrifice will lead a better understanding between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Rest in Peace!

  • Celeste, ditto on the thanks. The award winning investigative reporting by WLA regarding the Baca/Tanaka nightmare regime was pure journastic class. You and Matt were relentless, objective, and factual with your series. You brought light to a darkened LASD, you brought honor to a corrupted organization and you brought change to an arrogant leadership. Many others played a very important role, both as individuals and collectively, behind the scene and in the public eye, but WLA was the catalyst for awareness and change. The men and women of LASD, past, present and future owe you and WLA a debt of gratitude that can only be repaid by the performance of change.

    Many coin holders, of all ranks, remain within LASD and their disgusting deeds are yet to be told. McDonnell campaigned as a change agent. You must hold his feet to the fire, report his accomplishments and expose his errors. Otherwise it will be the same all over again. All the best to you, Celeste.

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