• Being poor is not an excuse to drink and drive.

    There are a lot of sobriety checkpoints in my neighborhood and I can’t get enough of it, as a person living under the poverty line who doesn’t drink and drive, of course.

  • Spokker, so, are you poor? You say you’re below the poverty line, sort of stopping short of outright saying you’re poor.

  • Here’s a link to the full comment the REAL Spokker made on another blog:


    The abbreviated blurb posted here by an impostor is just another attempt to disrupt normal interchange. You can see his true intent plain as day! Celeste posted a Christmas greeting, Woody responds in kind, and then the regular troll has to create a smear. If you click on his “Spokker” screen name you’ll see the photo he’s been running under a whole bevy of different names. I think it’s funny, but a little sad considering this guy must be so very lonely and full of hate at this time of year. Anyway go to the link and see who posted right under the real Spokker’s comment. It shouldn’t be any huge surprise.

    With that said, I hope everybody had a good Christmas, and our New Year keeps us all in the mix hail and hearty.

  • I agree, Gava. Good looking out. I’m a 3rd grade teacher, and I always like the kid like you who sits in the front of the class and always keeps me informed as to what’s going on.

  • Yo, That boat already sailed, ese… For yrs that attitude may have prevailed but time, observation, and deduction concludes that all that favoritism and assistance has merely created a “needy monster”, a hungry whiney child if you will, and I WILL! Since Abe and the Abolitionists ended slavery the “ex-slave” has tried to instill and nurture that guilt.. You can still hear it in the more liberal media, but its potency is waining at long last.. Good to see the whiners shuffle to the back of the stage, because you know what? The PLANET is in real shitty shape!

  • Uh, I think he was talking about you, Gava. Every time there’s an argument, your’e somewhere near it. You try to pretend you’re above the fray but for some reason you’re always there. It’s plain as day! It shouldn’t be any huge surprise!

  • That’s like rob thomas saying he doesn’t like a good argument, even if his facts are skewed or at the very least unvetted. Ridiculous.

  • “Gustavo” and “Spokker,” etc., enough with the dizzying split personality routine.

    Woody, someone put those Christmas balls in random locations along one stretch of one of the fire-roads I run with the dog. Since I carry my iPhone with me, on this pre-Christmas run I quite naturally felt it necessary to snap a photo. (Loup-Loup the wolf dog was not nearly as entranced with the decorations as I was.)

  • The water or dry chiles in New Mexico must be affecting the Cybil of this blog, he should be enjoying some left-over tamales and a Tecate cerveza instead but his OCD strikes again.

  • East LA has its fair share of sinners.

    I’m pretty sure the llantera up the street that opens at noon and doesn’t close till 2AM is not just selling tires.

  • I know I have been either driving or walking down the street and seen or nearly been hit by a car and said to myself where is the cop to pull over this a-hole.

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