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Internet Access for Kids in Juvenile Lock-up and Foster Care

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

On Tuesday, the California Assembly Human Services Committee passed a bill to ensure that kids locked up in juvenile halls and camps have reasonable access to computers and the internet so that they can receive a quality education and keep in frequent contact with their loved ones. AB 811, introduced by CA Assemblyman Mike Gipson, would also establish that kids in foster care have a right to access computers and the internet.

The non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation, which works to defend “civil liberties in the digital world,” sent a letter to Assm. Gipson in support of AB 811.

“When youth are incarcerated, it is the government’s duty to ensure that they receive the necessary services for rehabilitation and successful integration back into the free world,” the letter reads. “Computer literacy and computer skills are crucial to development in the modern era, particularly when it comes to finding jobs.”

Internet access also allows kids detained far from home to “maintain meaningful relationships with their families,” the EFF letter explains.

After passing through the Human Services Committee, AB 811’s next stop is the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

Photo by HazelGHC.

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  • As a subject matter in sex trafficking, according to the numerous incarcerated accused traffickers I speak to on a regular basis, have explained to me the methods they can use to take advantage of the law stating minors can legally be prostitutes.

    Now, these ignorant politicians are giving these minors who are “wards of the court” (inmates) access to the internet! OMG…. These are bad kids who do bad things.

    The human trafficking cases will now go through the roof. One word describes these politicians “dummies”.

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