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LASD, Probation, AG Kamala Harris Introduce Anti-Recidivism Pilot in LA’s Jails

On Wednesday morning, Sheriff Jim McDonnell, along with Probation Chief Jerry Powers,will host Attorney General Kamala Harris
at the Pitchess Detention Facility to announce a new recidivism reduction pilot program, everyone is calling “Back on Track LA.”

The pilot program is a cooperative effort between the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, LA County Probation, the AG’s office, plus Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department, local community colleges, a local charter school and private foundations, including the Ford Foundation.

Sheriff McDonnell is reportedly very high on the new pilot strategy. “We have too many people in jails who can and should be contributing members of our community,” he said in a statement on Tuesday. “Under the Back On Track program, inmates will receive instruction, mentorship system, and a supportive structure — both in and out of custody — which will facilitate their return to our community and give them a better shot of not returning to our care. This unique program offers hope to those who too often cycle in and out of our jails and will serve as a model for national thinking around these important issues.”

We like the idea too, and will have more on the new Back On Track recidivism reduction program on Thursday.


  • Meanwhile at the ranch: This dufus has done absolutely nothing for the a Patrol and Investigative resources for the Department. Instead, he or his cronies are driving around the County looking for policy violations to further make his transition to LASD smooth. Jimmy, you’re making us dislike you more. This ain’t LAPD Jimmy, stop trying to kneed blue into the Tan and Green dough.

  • How is this different from the educational programs that have been in place for years that prisoners already have available to them?

  • Nonsense. 1st off Twin Towers is being ran to the ground. Zero leadership starting on the 8th floor. All this focus on programs and focus for the offenders, but what about the troops there McD. First, uniforms Second, driving policies (that don’t make sense) and now programs for inmates (which like mentioned above already existed EBI!!!!!!!!!).

    This is quickly going to turn bad for the Sheriff. Morale is Low and no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • I wrote this post while driving, dipping, and with my sleeves rolled up.

    Sorry for party rocking Jim McD! Still taking care of business.

  • @ 2) Funny how some of you mock McDonnell.

    Now matter what, it’s better than “Too Tall Paul”. Glad your opinion doesn’t change anything.

    Typical Haters & Dinosaurs.

  • I’m having a hard time discerning the difference between this and the EBI program, which was funded off the hard backs of deputies CARPing and produced zilch. Taxpayers should be wary of any program that is long on photo ops and short on details, particularly when it involves an ambitious politician looking to rack up the earned media at our expense.

    That would be Kamala Harris, everyone’s favorite DA who refused to seek the death penalty for a cop killer just to score points with her political base.

  • Well Jim Mac, both my arms are sleeved and you know what, there isn’t doodly squat you can do about it. Yah, I’ll where my longs sleeves as ordered, but that doesn’t make the ink go away. Best of luck trying to change a culture that many actually liked. Mr T had his issues, but he was there for the hard working street cop. As for Jim Mac, he’s still in hiding, having his brown noses travel the County looking for minor policy violations, and listening to Tyler whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

  • EBI funding can only be used for limited purposes including inmate education. The funds can not be used for regular custody or patrol deputies. The funds can not be redirected to end CARPing. The additional expenses encoured for this program come from the Ford Foundation. No deputies have been impacted.

    Time will tell whether this is a worthy program.

  • If Sheriff McDonnel wants to sincerely talk to the troops, perhaps it would be a good idea to tell his entourage of chiefs, commanders and captains to stay out of the meetings. Otherwise, individuals might feel intimidated. Perhaps that is his intention, who knows.

  • LATBG: Thanks to former Alads President Hayhurst who “bought into & signed off” on Kamala Harris because in his words.. “It would not make a difference, seeing that one could very well die of natural causes, before lying on the gurney to receive a lethal dose, here in California”.
    That type of rhetoric and “mindset” is a kick in the face to victim’s family and a embarrassment to all Cops. I’m glad he’s history.

  • At 8) TT Big Baby
    Well son, the first challenge for you is to grow up. You won’t last that long with your train of thought. How on earth did you pass background?

  • The LA County Fire Dept is going to discipline dozens of employees for cheating during the hiring process. Scores of Sheriff’s employees, many of high rank, entered in a pay for play promotion scam with Paul Tanaka and Baca’s consent. No investigation!

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