Care First Jails Last

LA County Sheriff Says Jails First, Parks Last, But LA Supervisors Decline to Be “Held Hostage”

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

“Remember, these are public lands we’re talking about, no matter what else you call them — owned by every one of us.”   Gary Snyder, poet

Parks are “the breathing spaces for a society that increasingly holds its breath.Terry Tempest Williams, naturalist & essayist.

“Don’t bother the earth spirit who lives here. She is working on a story. It is the oldest story in the world and it is delicate, changing.  Joy Harjo, U.S. Poet Laureate

For the past few weeks, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has been fighting with the LA County Board of Supervisors over….county parks.

As readers may remember, earlier this week, at the Tuesday Oct. 13. board meeting,  a motion was up before the board that proposed exploring ways to “enhance and reimagine” community policing in the county parks.

The motion, authored by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and Supervisor Janice Hahn was the product of a fight the sheriff picked with the board and the CEO’s office over the county’s budget for FY 2020-2021, in which every LA County agency was forced to take a cut because of the COVID-19 losses the county was experiencing.

The sheriff’s department wasn’t being targeted personally. According to the soon-to-retire CEO, Sachi Hamai, and those working in the office of the new acting CEO, Fesia Davenport, every department was being asked to take a fiscal hit of the same percentage of its budget.

Yet the sheriff contended that the nation’s largest sheriff’s department was being “defunded.”

“This is literally balancing the entire county budget on the back of the LASD,” Sheriff Villanueva wrote of the budget cuts back in July.

He then listed a bunch of units and bureaus that he would have no choice but to “eliminate” if the county didn’t back off with its monetary clipping shears.

Among them were:

Safe Streets Bureau (Gang Enforcement)
Special Victims Bureau (Sexual/Physical Abuse of Children, Rape, Human Trafficking)
Community Partnership Bureau (COPS Team)
Fraud & Cybercrimes Bureau
Major Crimes Bureau

He also said it would force him to “drastically reduce” the Mental Health Evaluation Teams (MET)

Plus….he would have to eliminate the Parks Bureau.

And just to make sure no one missed his point regarding the draconian nature of the cuts he was facing, on the morning of Tuesday, Oct 13, the sheriff sent a letter to each member of the board , explaining why he had to snatch the $23.975 million the board voted to add to the LASD budget, specifically for the department’s Parks Bureau.

The money, according to the sheriff,  needed instead to go toward toward staffing the county’s jails. Otherwise, Villanueva wrote, he would not be able to meet the requirements of the 2015  “settlement agreement” with the Department of Justice.  Nor could he meet the requirements of the 2015 Rosas settlement, based on the class action lawsuit brought by the ACLU, alleging brutality and abuse by deputies in the jails.

And there was a third class-action settlement agreement, this one having to do with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the conditions of which, the department would also no be able to meet, with the current budget.

In addition, the department would have to “eliminate” its ability to provide  security for the urgent care unit and other clinics inside the jails.  Plus there wouldn’t be adequate staff to escort people locked in the jails system to medical appointments.  And so on.

The  list goes on from there for three-and-a-half single-spaced pages.

(You can read the letter for yourself here:  Impacts on Custody Div 10-13-20 )

Dueling realities

As it happens, the sheriff’s version of the budget facts is very much at odds with with the CEO’s version.

For example, in a powerpoint report made Thursday of this week at the department’s Civilian Oversight Commission,  Sheila Williams of  the CEO’s office described how all all of the various county agencies were individually asked to make cuts of eight percent from their departmental budgets—the sheriff’s department included.  She also explained that the CEO, together with department members, and outside law enforcement advisors, had worked hard to make sure that the LASD wouldn’t be short of personnel, including in the custody division.  They admittedly took into account that the number of people being held in the county’s jail system was far lower than it had been pre-COVID, even though the numbers were now slightly higher than they had been at their lowest point a few months.

(Why the numbers have climbed somewhat is an entirely different discussion.)

In any case, the bottom line was that, after the county’s FY 2020/2021 supplemental budget was approved on September 29, the LASD’s overall budget totaled $3.582 billion.

Interestingly, the two  members of the sheriff’s department who were present at the COC meeting to discuss the budget, didn’t dispute Williams’ PowerPoint figures and charts. (In fact they thanked her for the presentation, and genially answered questions asked them by the COC commissioners.)

Nevertheless, the sheriff continues not to rewind any part of his decision to spike the Parks Bureau, a move he appears to have made unilaterally without any kind of discussion with County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

All this brings us back to Tuesday’s board meeting, where acting CEO Fesia Davenport , confirmed that Sheriff Villanueva still “seeks to redeploy 107 sworn personnel, and 51 civilian personnel from the Parks Bureau to the custody operations.”

Davenport also confirmed, that the sheriff was not just planning to transfer staff, but planned to also transfer the funding “behind that staff,” namely the nearly $24 million that the board made sure it found in the supplemental budget for the Parks Bureau, which board members considered “a high priority.”

So, could the sheriff legally make that switch in how tens of million of dollars were used, when the board had specifically voted to allocated the$23.975 million to policing the parks?

Actually, no, according to Davenport.  It is “well settled in the law,” she said, that the board has the authority to set the budget for the county’s departments, to “determine the number of staffing positions,” and “to create budget units within each department.”

But “in the eyes of the law,” Davenport continued, who also noted she had checked in detail with County Counsel on these matters, “the sheriff lacks that authority.”

In other words, what Villanueva was doing in expropriating the Parks Bureau cash was not legal.

Opportunties squandered

The sheriff, said Ridley-Thomas, by saying that he will “curtail services” in the parks, “is engaging in  “the kind of intimidation tactics, and irresponsible behavior, that causes too much of the department under this sheriff to be in the state it is in.”  Furthermore,  the board will “not take that intimidation lightly.  We not going to make afraid by such efforts. ”

In addition, Ridley-Thomas told those present at Tuesday’s virtual board meeting, that the LASD had also chosen unaccountably to “defund” youth activity leagues, which gave deputies and neighborhood kids healthy and healing opportunities to interact.

“Some of these children aspire to be law enforcement personnel themselves,” said Ridley Thomas.  “And they need every opportunity to have positive interactions in the context of their own communities, interfacing with those men and women of the department who want to be investors rather than warriors in the community.”

In the end, The Ridley-Thomas/Hahn motion that authorizes the Acting Chief Executive Officer and the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to address the resulting gap in public safety services caused by the sheriff’s threat to close the Parks Services Bureau, and report back with alternative solutions, “including the implementation of alternative crisis response staffing,” was passed unanimously.

As we wrote earlier in the week, Los Angeles County has one of the largest locally-operated public parks systems in the nation, consisting of a variety of regional and smaller neighborhood community parks, plus nature centers, arboreta, gardens, a few golf courses, a skateboarding park,  and more.

It is also a system of parks that is critical to the quality of life of millions of county residents, many of whom don’t have regular access to green space, except via the nearest county park.

This is particularly true during our present COVID-haunted months that keep many kids away from school, and school playgrounds and sports.

As we explained in our earlier story, for the last eleven years, the LA County Sheriff’s Department has provided community policing services at many of LA County’s Park through its Parks Services Bureau.

In the future, it appears, park safety will be provided a different way.

“As the board continues along the Care First, Jail Last path,” said Supervisor Hilda Solis before the vote, and as the board moves “forward to alternatives to 911 calls,” and other violence prevention strategies, “a thoughtful discussion on reimagining public safety, in parks, is necessary.”

Ridley-Thomas made a similar statement a few days after the vote.

“Investing in parks, and the programming that occurs within these spaces,” he said, “must be a critical part of our approach to promoting an anti-racist and more equitable Los Angeles County.”  Yet, “given the Sheriff’s recent decision to curtail the Parks Services Bureau entirely, there is an immediate need to put a holistic and community-informed strategy in place so our parks can remain safe spaces for the community.”

So there you have it.


  • R-Thomas fighting to keep the cops in the parks. Calls it a “holistic and community informed strategy”, whatever happened to defund the po-lice? Must not be poling too good. Looks like BLM’s on ice at least till after the election, what a joke.

  • No worries as I heard through the grapevine that Sheriff Alejandro VILLANueva checked with the LASD employee unions, ALADS & PPOA, and they agreed to support Ol’ Wise Alex with his decision to shut down PKB and keep the $24 Million that the Board gave him for the jails and all of the other units he listed. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened?

    I guess we could ask ALADS President Ron Hernandez to verify?

    Ronald, is it true that the $1M ALADS PAC monies that were donated to get Alex into the Office of the Sheriff, has paid off so well that deputy morale continues to be at historic highs under Villanueva’s leadership and you along with the entire ALADS Board fully support his current efforts? Please enlighten us all…..

  • Does Sheriff Villanueva have many options with respect to the amount of money needed to fund and run the jails? Many on this site and members of the BOS seen to have selective memories regarding many of the staffing/personnel levels mandated by the DOJ and CCJV as a result of several lawsuits brought by the ACLU and others. Aren’t the personnel levels cast in stone, unless the DOJ is willing to revise some of their mandates and approve reduced staffing levels? I haven’t heard any news of the BOS or County Counsel asking to reduce the staffing requirements?

    It’s pretty sleezy to try and blame the current Sheriff for a problem created by the current BOS members.

  • @AV Clown Show. There is no enlightening you as you appear to know all.

    However, I do have a question for you, and Celeste.

    When a service is provided and the budget is cut, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that service will suffer, SOMEWHERE!

    Whether, you, me or Celeste agree where the cut is going to be, I think if we are being honest, we know something will suffer.

    YOU, are hell bent on continuing to criticize, but provide no solutions.

    You have criticized me the Sheriff (who I will leave to defend himself), but you bring nothing productive to the table.

    Despite what you say here, everytime you pass a mirror you must look away, for fear of staring at the coward you are.

    There is absolutely nothing honorably about pulling back the curtain, while hiding behind said curtain.

    Go ahead take your best shot. You were pathetic then, and you are now.

  • Not for nothing, but criticizing an African American politician while referring to the “po-lice” makes you look ignorant at best and racist at worst.

  • Ignorant? Apparently even you get it, so I’m just trying to communicate, you know, a little cultural awareness , you’re welcome.

  • Little Ronald, that was a whole lot of “ducking & weaving” you did there. But once again you dodged the simple question again like Ben Stiller in his classic movie Dodge Ball. So I’ll serve it up for you again so you can take another swing at it:

    Ronald, is it true that the $1M ALADS PAC monies that were donated to get Alex into the Office of the Sheriff, has paid off so well, that deputy morale continues to be at historic highs under Villanueva’s leadership and you, along with the entire ALADS Board, fully support his current efforts? Please enlighten us all…..

    Come on Ronald, you talk such a good game on social media, you should be able to knock this one out of the park better than Jose Altuve, of the cheating Houston Astros.

  • @AV Clown
    Since you ask for enlightenment, why don’t you enlighten everyone that does not know who you are who you really are GH.

  • @AV Clown Show, do you really think referring to me as “little Ronald” or trying to call me out while putting your full cowardice on display, is offensive.

    Do you think your BS tough, condescending text words garners you any support against me. You had 3 opportunities to take me out, and you couldn’t even get that done.

    What would you know about “ducking and weaving” you’ve probably never been in a ring in your life!

    Now if you had said, “hiding and running,” I’d deem you an expert.

    The only time it appears you have support is when you and your BFF log in with different screen names.

    I’ve missed bantering with you and your multiple personalities.

    What I especially like is that no matter how much someone may NOT like me, the fact I’m not hiding like you, will always, take away any credibility you might think you have.

  • @Little Ron Ron,

    Good morning. Seems you were up late Last night typing away. I hope it wasn’t because you were trying to think up a way to dodge my easy question again.

    I would like to think you were up late working on a strategy to deal with the “Leadership Failure” of your bought and paid for Sheriff. When I received the ALADS email blast calling on the Sheriff and his leadership team of “Skippers” to RESIGN, I figured you had finally realized the multiple errors of your ways and were remorseful for wasting over $1 MILLION of ALADS membership paid dinero.

    But based on your FAILURE to back up the strong message in the ALADS Email Blast on multiple occasions, it appears that you, as the ALADS President, are not in lock step with he majority of the ALADS Board and maybe, just maybe, they took it upon themselves to show some cojones to speak out and join the chorus of Influential outsiders that have given up on the FAILED Alejandro Villanueva and are lining up in calling for him to RESIGN.

    So Little Ron Ron, are you ashamed of the ALADS email blast that was sent out to all of us? Or are you willing to publicly stand behind it? Your “ducking and dodging” so far is very telling for all to see.

  • Interesting issue. The law provides that the Sheriff is an independent elected official who runs his/her own Department as he/she sees fit.

    Yet the law also gives the BOS the power to the purse strings by controlling the budget.

    So, by dictating to the Sheriff he must maintain the Parks Bureau (or hypothetically create some unit to the BOS liking), does this create a situation where they have impinged on the independence of the Sheriff?

    Publius thinks it does (just like having a “Civilian Oversight Committee” trying to dictate to the Sheriff), but the money ear-marked for that Bureau sure ain’t up for grabs.

  • @AV
    Your ducking and dodging yourself GH. Tell everyone about having McD over to your house while he was destroying deputies careers.

  • You have a greater chance of winning the lotto than getting a straight answer from Ronald Hernandez.

    Typical suspect scenario reenacted by the Station Detective, himself.

    Do you really expect him to fall on his sword?

  • If the Sheriff decides to turn down the boards funding for Parks and the board’s side project of hiring unarmed counselors, mental health specialists goes forward, what will happen when something violent and or crime goes down in the Parks and the 911 call is made? Who will respond ? What about the Parks that are not in LASD’s area? The Sheriff’s are still going to respond to some of these calls at the park’s anyways at the end of the day. They should just keep the funding for it.

  • Love how everyone is suddenly so concerned about park safety when LA County and City have been letting rioters run amuck for 5 months.

  • @AV Clown Show and Anonymous, like clock work the BFF shows up to jump on your band wagon.

    You truly are clueless, although you like to act like you are in the know.

    Your comment about me, the ALADS Board and the email blast showed me how little you truly know, since you don’t know who wrote it.

    Keep staring in that mirror and telling your self how brave you are for trying to confront and OUT LITTLE RONALD!

    A couple of incompetent supervisors, in 2003, couldn’t handle me standing up to them either. They attempted to portray/expose me as an “incompetent, lazy, detective.” I told them, bring it.

    They found and proved nothing, other than their incompetence and cowardice. I’m sure you can relate.

    Keep talking. It’s easy because you think no one knows who you are.

    In the real world, everyone knows who you are. Noone has ever been impressed with you, now, or your career.

    Anonymous, good look with your lotto ticket. Yes, you stand a very good chance of winning, because I’m NOT going to address details of ALADS business on this page.

    Bring it to a Rep meeting. We’ll let you in, just so you can EXPOSE me.

    What are you afraid of? Surely not LITTLE RONALD and all my POWER. Lol!

    Come and EXPOSE me and SEND ME PACKING!

  • @Clown- Ron has a point there. All you do is complain about different decisions made by the upper brass. But I have never seen you post your own ideas or solutions to any of the problems within the department.

    So be a big boy, pull up your “big boy pants” and start trying to help the department instead of criticizing it. That way if the department does implode on itself, at the end of the day you can at least know that you attempted to help instead of blaming other people that did step up to the plate.

  • “On January 1, 2020, the minimum education standard to apply to become a deputy sheriff will be raised to an Associate’s Degree, the first time this standard has ever been raised. ”

    I do wonder who does the sheriff’s proofreading, or if it gets done at all. Some of the statements out of SIB are similarly amateurish. It’s a telling reminder of this administration’s approach to so many issues – if you can’t be bothered to check the little things, how is anyone supposed to trust you about the big ones?

  • Some real changes indicated here:

    1. January 1,2021 (two months from right now) entry Deputies will have to have an Associate’s degree. That is indeed a positive. change.
    2. Substantial action is being taken against the formation of Deputy cliques.
    3. The Sheriff has come out and called George Floyd’s death a “murder”, which is also the public perception.

    AV might win re-election after all if he holds to these positions.

    Thanks for posting that link; truly informative.

  • @Anonymous. Copy.

    Contact me if you ever want to have an adult conversation, or, we can keep doing this!

  • Jesus Ron, why would you come here to fight battles? Take the high road and stay away from this rag sheet. Let the bottom feeders, myself included, battle it out on this site nobody cares about.

  • T&B, so just a little insight into the article. The Editor of the paper is pals with Bibi. She was recently given a birds eye view of Malibu courtesy of Aero, the Sheriff and A/S Bibi.

  • @clown show. Enlighten us on this ALADS email blast please. Hernandez- will you be investing another million into the AV and Vivian experiment?

  • @CircleJerk, experiment? Everyone wanted McDonnell gone. Done! Your welcome.

    Am I really supposed to know what ALADS is going to do in two years.

  • I just got back from a fun Sunday on the water in a coworker’s boat (the best boat to have) and low and behold, joining our little water party was a couple of retired LASD execs from the prior administration. Well, after a few adult beverages were enjoyed, some background stories about Alex, his best buddy Ron, and a few of the Skippers were shared with much laughter. All I can say is: H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

    Retired life is serving them well and only makes my countdown to the good life that much more anticipated. Until then, I look forward in sharing some of the “nuggets” learned today when the timing is right. Can’t wait to share with some trusted confidants back at The Barn next week.

    Until then, Stand By to Stand By!

    As for Little Ron Ron’s refusal to answer the easiest of questions regarding his stance on Alex and his leadership team, his responses tell all of us everything that we need to know. No surprise there.

  • @CircleJ,

    The ALADS blast states:

    HEADLINE: Leadership Failure; If the Sheriff Doesn’t Resign, His Staff Should

    This is why I called on Ron to share his position with all of us since he is supposedly the ALADS president. But for some odd reason, a cat must have caught his ………. uhh, well y’all know the Spanish term.

    That ALADS call sounds a little similar to this call by the COC and others:

  • Hahaha that COC resolution isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.
    AV is an idiot as are most of his command staff but the COC is a massive circle jerk of SJW heroes who know absolutely nothing about keeping people safe.

  • OTOH the link so kindly provided by Temple and Broadway up above, which is an Op-Ed in today’s “The Current Report” (10-18-2020) written by the Sheriff himself, shows that he’s on the right path & knows what needs to be done.

    He doesn’t need to resign after all.

  • @AV Clown Show, trying a little to hard to act “as if” you have more than one friend.

    I can’t wait until you drop your knowledge on us all.

    Fyi: you once again put the capitalization on your cowardice.

    You’re so close to retirement, so no need to hide your identity from the masses, or dept, yhey can’t touch you. And where you’ll be you don’t even have to rely on an LA County CCW.

    So, while you have questions, so do I. Why the need to hide, if not for obvious reasons.

    Come on buddy, make yourself credible!

  • @realLOL, its one of several character flaws I have! The need to defend myself from sh!+ talkers.

    However, you are right.

  • Oh, please let that be true. And let Aero keep logs of non-Department personnel who ride in taxpayer-funded-meant-for-law-enforcement-use helicopters. And let the followup PRA’s commence.

  • @Ron Hernandez

    Everyone wanted McDonnell gone except AV Clown or should I say GH. He misses having Mcd at his house for Christmas parties.

  • Ron Hernandez,

    “Done! Your (you’re) welcome.”
    So now you’re the hatchet man?

    Maybe the “Closer” since you take credit for ridding ALADS of Attorney Dick Shinee along with
    Ex Presidents Hayhurst & Macias.

    Wow! You’re a one man, never mind.

  • @RonHernandez. You’re right, McBuckles is gone. Good work. But based on your responses in the papers as it relates to the BOS and the Sheriff, I know you’re not impressed. You don’t need to admit it. The tone of your responses speaks volumes.

  • @Wowzer (that’s a new personality I don’t recall seeing). You can always tell when someone is failing in their discussion. They start nitpicking spelling and grammar.

    I don’t take sole credit, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

    It takes a good BOD, and engaged Unit Reps, to agree to get things done.

    I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence that all this happened in the last 4 years. I had nothing to do with it.

  • It is true. You can also verify via FB page of the Editor in Chief of the Malibu local Cece Woods. This shit keeps getting better. Reminds me of then Captain who went to Catalina to play golf with an inmate. Taxpayer-funded boondoggle courtesy the Sheriff & Bibi.

  • Allie, BiBi and Ronnie are 100% responsible for the slow burn and destruction of the once healthy, respected and professional LASD.

    All for personal benefits and their inflated egos. Nuff said.


  • @ Common sense, to answer your question, it would be just like the old days (i.e. before there was something called Parks Bureau), the local cops would take the handle. Crimes/incidents in parks within LASD, or local jurisdictions are, after all……within their jurisdictions. SMDH.

  • Concerning ALADS & Alex, separation is not easy after investing 1.3 million smackeroonies in the relationship.

  • Anyone know is Rhambo running for sheriff rumors gave any truth? I heard BOS Mark Ridley Thomas had a lot of influence with him becoming LAX Chief.

  • Hope to see Cecil Rhambo run for Sheriff. There are piles of pictures of Big Paul and him running, drinking and smoking cigars together. Can’t wait to see them finally hit the public domain. Should make for interesting campaign material. There are priceless ones of him and Big Paul flanking Leroy. I wonder if the voters want to revisit those days with Rhambo at the helm?

  • @Big P, There are plenty of pictures of Karl Mandoyan, Villanueva, Biggles and the rest of the Klan. Can’t wait for those to come out. Added with Kobe crash disaster and a lot more… Oh wait the Female deputy E who crashed and killed the young kids in ELA, who is protected and promoted by none other than A/S Bibi. Can’t wait….

  • Sheriff Villanueva is a pompous fool who needs to retire. As far as the budget is concerned, as we all know, LASD wastes a lot of money. For example, executives on the department have wazoo computers that they don’t really know how to use and don’t need, because that is what their secretaries are for. Everybody and their mother has a take home vehicle. Operation sergeants an lieutenants have no business with take home vehicles, if they need to go to a meeting om duty, they usually have a vehicle available at the bureau or else they can go on mileage, Detectives don’t need take home vehicles, they can leave them at the closest station unless they are on early morning or night shift assignment. Their is too much waste, like the Sheriff and his entourage going to a child’s party on duty, wasting man-hours, and vehicles. The Sheriff could have done this off-duty instead.

  • Yes local cops can handle the parks . Look at la city parks for example and tell me how good that has worked out for la city. They all became homeless havens sadly.

    Bottom line if LASD responds ever to any of these parks they should keep that 25 million because the board is going to pull funding that likely won’t come back to LASD again.

  • Yes, Rhambo and Tall Paul were friends going way back. They were two very different men in the department. I can sum up the way people viewed them this way:

    When people saw Paul coming, they did everything possibly to go the other way. In contrast, most people went out of their way to be around Cecil. And he was a solid leader, and a friend to many.

  • Rhambo is content as Chief of Police at LAXPD.
    It is sometimes speculated but sources agree that it’s undoubtedly positive that he won’t run for Sheriff.

  • @wait and see, the take home vehicles is only the tip of the iceberg of wasting taxpayers money. Take a look at the “Bureaus” that have been created to do was essentially a little piece of a decent-sized unit and was run by a lieutenant or even a sergeant. A total waste of money. Give me two weeks and a red pen and I’ll save 100 mil $.

  • Your recollection is selective at best so don’t worry about the pen name, along with correcting a word does minimize my contents to you.

    You’ll sea that words do matter as it wood in a report.

  • Sheriff Alejandro, crime is increasing all around you. Since you’re always the smartest man in the room any ideas on how to fix it? Maybe let out violent illegal immigrant inmates into the community by eliminating ICE. How’s that working out for you?

  • BREAKING NEWS!!!!! A/S Bibi has commissioned Major Crimes detective C. Woods from the local Malibu paper to investigate counterfeit N95 masks purchased for MTA folks. After a couple of Margaritas, shots of Parton and s**t talking about the BOS, detective Woods decided she would start the investigation. She will have full cooperation from Station Detective Ron Hernandez.

  • 8th Floor Badge B…. Again. This time writing a flat out lie because her favorite sheriff, LT Villanueva didn’t know what he was doing.

    “As head of the EOC, her very first actions, raising red flags, was to require L.A. County Sheriff’s Department deputies to use their vacation pay if quarantined due to exposure of the virus while on duty.”

    LT Villanueva April 2nd, 2020

    “After in depth research on the topic, I have confirmed as Sheriff and Department Head, I have the authority to grant paid administrative leave time under a current Los Angeles County Policy, PPG 810.”

    “In depth research” meaning County HR had to explain this policy to LT Villanueva?

  • Is it just me or does the Sheriff’s office appear to be in full spin control? Desperately trying to hang on. White knuckling all the way. Wow.

  • It’s not just a matter of a “thin skin.”

    Holly Mitchell is running for a vacant position on the Board of Supervisors & she’s making AV’s performance as Sheriff a campaign issue.

    The election is less than two weeks away; this race will tell which way the winds are blowing for AV.

  • Before parks bureau, LA County Police responded to calls at county parks. That police department was disbanded and Lasd took their responsibilities over.

  • @RomHernandez, So when the Sheriff told you he can do things like closes facilities because he’s the Sheriff, did that feel like a bite on your hand or a straight up back hand, ie- B….Slap.?

  • Breaking News! Exclusive video footage located of Lt. Sheriff Alejandro Villanueva wearing his personally approved Pink Patch uniform while psyching himself up for the next round of fighting with the Board of Supervisors, or ALADS President Ronald. Whomever comes at him first.

  • @AskRon, uh, last time I checked,, he is the Sheriff. He can close facilities! Doesn’t mean I have to agree.

    Our job is to make sure displaced deputies are treated fairly, while requesting explanations for said closures.

  • @AV Clown Show, what happened not enough attention or anything intelligent to add to the various other posts, so you had to come back to take a swipe.

    The more you post the more your buried racist side comes out. You’re so close. I bet you can’t wait to show your true colors.

    YOU are truly one of the people this profession needs gone!

    If there is anything I can do to help speed up your retirement, please feel free to call.

  • @Rom. Thank you for the straight forward answer. The more I see you on here the more I realize your intentions are good and you’re really a straight shooter. Not sure how long you’ll be around LASD but if the Democratic Party decides to call for Villanueva’s resignation, it’s a foregone conclusion he won’t be your problem any longer or any of ours for that matter. He has publicly announced he is running for a second term. Can you imagine the attack dogs within the political establishment calling for his ouster. I believe it will be unprecedented. He’s not the only game in town and I suspect after December you’ll start to see a whole new crop of candidates who are far more qualified, personable, sensible, than the current option. We’ll know soon enough. His latest attempt to cross over the aisle and appeal to conservatives is laughable. Everyone knows he’s a bleeding heart lefty with the people who put him there getting ready to remove him. He’s the only one who believes the blather he puts out on Facebook and everywhere else he posts his writings. Fact is of the millions of people seeing everyone call for his head on the news, I’m not sure his loyal following of about 75 on Facebook with his staged questions and his wife calling in will help. What a colossal waste of energy. His swim fins and snorkel won’t help in the tsunami that’s slowly building.

  • @Ronald,

    100% likewise!

    And please stop with the racist card play. You blatantly dealt that card in 2018 when you unilaterally sent Alex’s driver and bagman “Creepy Carl” that $1.3 million dollar ALADS check.

    Some ill-advised investments pay off handsomely, and some go BANKRUPT!

  • For the record despite the millions tossed about by ALADS, they will never go broke or bankrupt as the eight thousand plus membership dues of roughly $100.00 monthly guarantees that.

    The only problem is that the outgoing money flow rarely has any returns, which doesn’t matter because members don’t hold ALADS Board of Directors accountable.

  • @Rom, you were in the VIP section of the AV election night party. How were those drinks Rom. Do you want me to send you pictures to remind you.

  • @AV Clown Show. Please explain “ole wise one” how spending money from a PAC Fund, which can’t be spent on anything else but political efforts, will cause ALADS to go bankrupt.

    While your stumbling for an answer, could please clarify your accusation that ALADS sent Carl a 1.3 million dollar check, or is that lie simply to try to add drama to your rhetoric.

  • @SHAD 49, I recommend you take a harder look at your Union.

    Contracts aren’t just offered to us. Law suits against bad ideas don’t file themselves. Member discipline isn’t just overturned on it’s own. Bad bills don’t get defeated on their own.

    Prior to the Janus decision a few complained that if they didn’t have to, people WOULD NOT be a member of ALADS. It’s been two years, since that has changed, and we have lost very few members, because deputies are smart!

    As far as holding us accountable, there is an election every year. Throw your name in the hat.

  • Ohhhh Ronald, we all see that your reading comprehension skills are seriously lacking ever since you left your “e-ticket ride” station detective desk. Try reading it again, a little slower, and I’ll even help you out this time.

    Referencing your ALADS million+ PAC monies gift to formerly retired lieutenant Alex Villanueva:

    “Some ill-advised investments pay off handsomely, and some go BANKRUPT!”

    So Ronald, how is that “investment” in inept Alex, arguably the worse sheriff in LA County history, paying off so far? Based on his failed performance since assuming the office, I would say that investment is also a failure…… hence, going BANKRUPT!

    There you go. I hope that helps you with your reading comprehension. If not, then maybe you could benefit by being placed on the same “Dopey” training program that The Board placed Alejandro on.

    I know I’m probably dating myself with the “E-Ticket Ride” and “Dopey Program” references but that’s okay. I did those just for you. You’re welcome

  • @Av Clown Show. Thanks for explaining that for my dopey a$$!

    Now let me explain something to you, although with your high intelligence, I’m sure it was a minor oversight. I’ll remind you, AGAIN!

    If you recall, people wanted McDonnell gone. That was the investment. End of story.

    @Breaking Cover, yes please send pictures!

    Calm down! I’m just kidding. I didn’t mean to scare you with the realization that you would have to come out of hiding to send me pictures.

    Question: where should I have been, genius, at Mc Donnell’s party.

  • So Ronald, we are all human and we all make mistakes. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. So with your now perfect vision of the McDonnell era, and 2 years of the Villanueva era, if you could do it all over again, would you still invest a million+ ALADS PAC dollars in placing Alex into the Office of the Sheriff?

    Now this isn’t one of those “rapidity evolving, split second decisions” that we shouldn’t armchair quarterback. This has been a methodical and deliberate destruction of the once great LASD, so please answer wisely.

    Many are reading and eager to see your answer, as it will probably decide where department members should place their trust in future ALADS “Presidential” leadership decisions and the 2022 election.

  • @AV Clown Show, “many are eager to see my answer.”

    Who’s the real Clown? As if you are so intriguing that people hang on your every word. If they did I would not be president.

    To answer your question, yes, I’m fine with MY decision. Quit acting like I made this decision without talking to people.

    However, if you want someone to take responsibility, yup, I’ll take that responsibility and I will continue to try and work as hard as I can with the Sheriff.

    Calling for his resignation is weak. If everyone is so confident they are speaking for ALL the voters, then maybe they should try a recall campaign.

    You and I are two different people. You hide, criticize and Monday morning QB, often try to place your shortcomings on others.

    I’m out in the open, where cowards like yourself can snipe at me. I live with my decisions, and build from there.

    Your weak threats towards my presidency, or ALADS’ future is comical. As long as we keep providing good service for our members, they are not going anywhere. Like I continue to tell you, deputies are smart.

    The Sheriff has two more years left. He’ll either figure it all out, or it will be figured out for him

  • Ron Hernandez 10/25/20 @ 9:44 pm:

    “ To answer your question, yes, I’m fine with MY decision. Quit acting like I made this decision without talking to people.

    However, if you want someone to take responsibility, yup, I’ll take that responsibility and I will continue to try and work as hard as I can with the Sheriff.”

    Thanks Ronald. I’ll give you credit for your blind stubbornness. As one very smart man said over a century ago:

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

  • Remember Ron, you are the same person who called for former ALADS President Armando Macias resignation well over six years ago.

    You led the charge taking millions (tab still running) away from ALADS funds to fuel your defense which now is in the Appellate Court.
    What a friggin hypocrite you are.

    Couldn’t leave well enough alone obviously because ALADS is the Plaintiff with your name boldly throughout per public court documents.

  • @AV Clown Show, Dude, my post is right above yours!

    What’s with drama of acting like an investigative reporter who quoted me, after catching me slipping on another page. Ease up on those Nancy Drew books.

  • Ronald Ronald Ronald,

    Nancy Drew books? Really, now you are truly dating yourself with that old school reference. No Ronald, my highlighting and posting your idiotic answer was for the “new school” techie generation so they can take screenshots of your failed reasoning and leadership, and share and share again with their friends and coworkers. How do you think I usually get alerted to most of your postings?

    It’s a little like sharing those gruesome Kobe Bryant crash scene photos that Alex ordered to be destroyed, except this is not a crime to highlight yours and your BFF Alejandro and his Sweetpea’s disasters.

    Once again, thank you for the opportunity.

  • @AV Clown Show, dating myself? Your point?

    No one is alerting you.

    You and your BFF are obsessed, and upset I’m still here. You THINK you’ve got something to exploit, so you can’t stop yourself.

    You have ZERO influence, otherwise people would run to try and overthrow the ALADS Board of Directors.

    Three years in a row now that we have had NO opposition. When people are mad (especially deputies) they get involved. But you wouldn’t understand.

    You hide behind a screen name not for fear of retaliation. You hide because you don’t want to be embarrassed that your rally cries go ignored.

  • @Full Circle, Armando nice to see you again. I inherited a lawsuit that you created.

    If it makes you feel better to act like I had that much power, before I was even a director, cool, I didn’t know I was that influential.

    Thanks for the compliment.

  • Bold statement by a cowardly spin master. Don’t back down now as you were never influential, only devious.

  • Just watching and reading your silly responses is worth the ‘free’ price of admission to the AV Clown Show circus act on Witness L.A.

  • @Full circle. Let’s point out some devious behavior.

    I’ll start! Remember when you (Armando) and your side kick walked into an ALADS employees office and closed the door behind you. You then intimidated her into giving you the ability take 100K.

    Your turn!

  • Ron, Do some detective work and find the meaning of Appellate Courts.

    Speaking of sidekicks, you have your two fellow station detectives who are walk-ins on the current Board of Directors, who also backed your play.

    Cronyism in alive but not well in ALADS.

  • @Full Circle, while I’m doing my detective work, let me give you a homework assignment.

    Maybe you can answer a couple of questions:

    Did I create the vacancies to fill with my “cronies?”

    Did I appoint them, or did the Board vote unanimously to appoint them, years apart?

    Were they appointed without having to run for re-election, or are they still here because members must be ok with their representation?

    I know why you haters like to engage here, because you would get hammered and heckled out the door, in person, at Rep or board meeting.

  • Ron,
    These dudes are clowns.
    Barely functional, half literate, and angry because they couldn’t promote.
    Not an alads members myself but go away bro.
    Don’t give these clowns anymore fuel.
    Take care of your members and ignore the haters. These online battles don’t mean anything when there’s what, 10-20% voter turnout for elections? Screw them.

  • @realLOL, good obs and good advice. I’ll try to limit it to facts only.

    @Anonmysouly Speaking, it IS sad that the percentage of people who vote is so low, but you know which percentage REALLY SPEAKS VOLUMES, 95% of deputies are ALADS members!

  • 95% of deputies are ALADS members because they do not know better and haven’t been screws by ALADS yet. Being an ALADS s meme bet is kind of forced, isn’t it? Being the bargaining union?

    Is LASPA or others, given time to speak to recruits during academy? I think not. How many of them would be ALADS members if they had an option to choose between competing unions or forced by the bargaining factor?

    Fair questions I think.

    I’m a member of neither.

  • @I Pay Taxes Too!, we bargain for all deputies whether they are a member or not. Forced to be a bargaining member? Who’s forcing them.

    People have a choice. You just refuse to admit they chose wisely.

    We compare service to service, after that it’s an easy choice.

    Two of LASPA’s own directors have made the wise choice of remaining ALADS members.

  • I never said they didn’t choose wisely, but if you polled any custody facility, most don’t even know there’s another option. Forced because ALADS is the bargaining union. I would hope ALADS could do more you rake in all the those dues and have been in control for so long!

    Your easily offended like ALADS is yours, it’s not! It’s the deputies and it’s ok not to agree with you. The fact that your easily offended tells me you should go. Enjoy your retirement.

    I have no stake. It’s just my opinion because ALADS screwed me when I did have a stake. No fault of yours, but I expected more!

  • @I Pay Taxes Too!, I would really love to have this conversation elsewhere, but if this is the forum you choose, then I have no choice.

    First, how can the custody deputies not know there’s another option. We tell them twice, in the academy and make the comparison. And, LASPA is constantly trying to recruit them.

    Are you saying it’s not fair because our product is better and we don’t do more to talk about them?

    “Forced because ALADS is the bargaining union.”

    You do realize they benefit from whatever we negotiate whether they’re an ALADS member or not, right?

    You hope ALADS could do more? Like What? Give me an example where the ALADS of today could or should be doing more.

    Lastly, so because I’m passionate about trying to lead ALADS in the right direction, and defend ALADS when people make inaccurate statements, that means I’m easily offended?

    So let me get this straight. In your mind, because I’m passionate enough to defend the job WE are doing is why I should quit/retire?

  • You sound like a politician not a deputy. That’s what I’m saying. I was never attacking you personally, I said ALADS every time. Like many have pointed out here, you choose to continue these conversations. I’m not anyone special, yet you feel the need to defend yourself. You take it personal. Notice no one hear calls out the rest of the ALADS board, why is that?

    I think anyone with 30 plus years should go. Every company, brand, or agency needs to turn the new leaf. New fresh ideas. Your stuck in the old days, your tied to the traditions of past. If your doing the job WE are doing you would see that.

  • @I pay Taxes Too! Of course I’m going to be the most defensive. I’m doing this 24/7, and we all have different personalities, but I give the entire board credit because I get their approval before I make moves.

    The ALADS Bylaws give me more authority than I have ever exercised.

    What I did copy from your post is that you have no real ideas, you just want to criticize. How do you expect people to try and fix what your unhappy with, if you won’t say.

    I have these conversations, because although allot of people may not participate in these conversations, they ARE watching. I know, because they tell me.

    What’s interesting about your comment is you say it as if I never wore the uniform or did the job. I recognize it IS harder today and that’s why I often talk to guys doing the job, TODAY.

    What tradition of the past am I tied to? The one where we call people out for inaccurate info?

    Guilty as charged!

    It’s called REAL communication.

  • Haha. With the amount of time you have on, means you were a deputy long ago. When “policing” was done quite differently. I’m not gonna sit out the stories I’ve heard. I’m just saying naturally by being on that long you and many others are well aware of the shenanigans that went on back then.

    Problem with today’s society and department is there’s no accountability. Today’s deputy actually is being held accountable.

    Calling people out for inaccurate information is a tradition. That’s laughable if you think that’s a tradition of the past. I hardly think people with your tenure were calling anyone out. Well at least for the right reasons.

    My suggestions:
    – is stop contributing money, endorsing, or speaking on behalf of any B/O candidates for any position.

    – money should be invested fully into deputies. Your gonna say we negotiate on behalf of all Blah blah. It’s investing in deputies well being, of course salaries and more money is always good, but difference does that make if they only enjoy it for an average of 5 years after retirement. Sad to say but why is there so much suicide in LEO. Are we/you taking care and doing the best for deputies.

    – why is there’s stations with inadequate equipment. B/O everything at a lot stations, jacked up working conditions if you ask me. Why doesn’t every station have the proper equipment (I.E: patrol cars/suv, less lethal equipment for all these riots) not only proper but working. Why don’t we have the munitions for all these tools. Shouldn’t the deputies safety and working conditions be a priority.

    I’ll think of more if you like. I’m not here to criticize you. I’m just pointed out things that a lot of people are seeing. If you take offense well you thicker skin and need to be the bigger person. Being the leader of ALADS and all the responsibility the board gives you.

    I want the best for Law enforcement

  • Oh and one more thing:

    – 12/12 schedule with RDO’s doesn’t really put more staff out there in case something does happen with this election. All it does it wears out the ones on. How’s is that more effective or safe?

  • @I Pay Taxes Too!

    First, you’re preaching to the choir. I was not a deputy “long ago.” I’m still a deputy.

    Everything you posted as complaints about working conditions and equipment is spot on. Problem is, we (ALADS) or any Union for that matter doesn’t have a magic wand to fix all those things, nor is there a legal way to force the dept.

    As far as calling out people for the right reasons, don’t make assumptions, unless you truly know me.

    Unfortunately, it appears the reason people who don’t like me, don’t, is because I’ve pointed out true failures.

    Interesting that you want your bargaining unit to fix all these things and spend money wisely, while you free ride on the dues/backs of ALADS members. Isn’t that a little hypocritical.

    I pay dues!

    And, the ALADS failed you reason doesn’t wash. The previous ALADS failed me too! That’s why I stayed to help it to a new direction.

    Nice talking to you. Too bad it was here.

  • I still pay minimum too.

    How am I riding a free ride on the back of those paying dues?

    This is is true, there isn’t a magic wand, but I expect there’s money better spent that’s all. I rather have a working 40mm or pepper all, than a raging waters event. That’s a a broad example and I’m not being specific that you created that event, but it’s just a thought. I rather have a working patrol vehicle, then you have a take home car from ALADS. I rather have working station equipment than ALADS hand sanitizers and/or little ALADS nic nacs.

    Nice chat!

  • @I Pay Taxes Too!

    There is no “minimum!” Either you’re an ALADS member or you’re not! The Janus decision changed that two years ago. I don’t know what minimum you’re talking about, but please don’t try and mislead anyone who might be reading this, although I think it’s just you and I now.

    What does you having a working patrol vehicle have to do with me having a take home car.

    Are you suggesting ALADS should be buying patrol vehicles for deputies.

    Fyi: staff who use their vehicle to drive around while serving members for ALADS business receive a vehicle allowance. That makes sense, right?

    Prior to me taking over, the release time directors (President and VP) received a pretty sizeable vehicle allowance, yet rarely used their POVs for ALADS business.

    So I changed that. It made more sense for ALADS to have a small fleet of vehicles for ALADS business, instead of giving one person, monthly, the equivalent of a large car payment.

    It would have been more lucrative for me, to take the money, but that’s not how I operate.

    Let me break it down for you, especially now during this pandemic.

    If I had elected to leave things, business as usual, I could have, and would have, taken the money, bought a Charger (to be consistent with the dept) and would own that charger when done with ALADS, despite not currently driving around as much.

    Instead, ALADS, kept their money and when I’m done the car stays. It is owned by ALADS.

    Most stuff you think ALADS is spending money on, I got sponsored, such as the hand sanitizers. That would have been a good chunk of money, but that didn’t cost ALADS a dime.

    It would be nice if you actually got involved, so that you would know this stuff. The Unit Reps know, or should.

  • I counted 8 “I’s” in that comment. I think it’s a tell. Just keep keeping on. Like I said, I never stated Ron Hernandez is this or that. I said ALADS! You made this about you!

    You are the ALADS hero I guess and I should just shut up! ALADS is perfect and deputies are being perfectly served!

    I just leave it at that. Ron Hernandez is the best ALADS president ever, where would deputies be without his valiant efforts, and self-sacrifice.

    Go ALADS

  • @I Pay Taxes Too!

    You should have clarified in the beginning that you just wanted to criticize ALADS and there was no substance to this discussion, and that I’m not allowed to defend it or me, when criticized.

    Another question, although you haven’t really answered any yet.

    Do you defend our department when people bad mouth us?

  • Without being labeled as a BFF, (Ron’s chastisement of someone who doesn’t agree with him) you hit it on the nail concerning Ron.

    Ironically Ron is the ONLY one with views on the involvement of ALADS, with (I) implemented so very often with an answer, opinionated or not.

    The image of ALADS has to appear problem free with every dues paying member in the cheering section.

    Mind you that ALADS image, true or otherwise (often the case) comes at a cost which includes the Bylaws debacle that initiated a multi-million dollar case (BC540789) now in the Appellate Court.
    He’ll never discuss the costs, expectations or his involvement in the case, imagine that.

    It is widely seen that Ronnie-Boy wants everyone to know that ALADS is HIS fiefdom.

    For everything concerning ALADS spewed out by Ron, there is always the other side which would be contested or not agreed upon by many others who are members/affiliated with ALADS.

    Good to hear the truth coming from you as Ron feels that every commentor
    calling for clarification is the same person with a different screen name.

  • The truth will show that you have dirty hands Ron, just a matter of time as the court docket clears.

  • I must correct an earlier post, as pointed out by our ALADS VP.


    My BAD!

    We must be doing something right.

  • @Full Circle, like I once had the pleasure of telling the dept.

    Bring it! And, I would encourage YOU to post it.

  • You already know, trust that.

    Would you ever “man up” to admit that you started something without knowing all the facts causing ALADS millions.

    All the players, yes all, in that case are long gone with the exception of “Mr Misdemeanor” himself (good to know that he behaved this time) for the latest Championship Laker Celebration in Downtown Los Angeles.
    Don’t forget the “Scary One” who follows like a puppy.

    Their names will be saved to spare them humiliation but are known by their declarations.

    The pinnacle of your career combined with questionable legacy in ALADS will go into the books of what not to do.

  • Additionally Ron, aren’t you glad for Los Angeles County public records along with Freedom Information Act, which includes your loss with ALADS funds losing the “Brady” decision fight.

  • @Full Circle regarding the first post. Lol!

    Regarding your second post, specificall Brady in this case, you’re saying members only want ALADS to fight cases they are guaranteed to win?

    That’s genius! We could save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

  • If your physical abilities match your responses, I can see that your expertise
    is Dodge Ball & Moonwalking.

  • Like I said before. Deputies should feel blessed and grateful for the almighty ALADS president. Perfect as they come and squeaky clean.

    I’m done. There’s enough politicking these days to drain you, he should run for Congress next and maybe sit next to Cory Booker on the judicial committee

  • @ I pay taxes too!

    Like someone mentioned earlier, Ron will swear that you’re a BFF of someone or one man with unlimited screen names.
    Be careful, he’s a Station Detective and he’ll tongue lash you for not agreeing with him. LMAO!

  • I highly doubt that he’ll be removed but it definitely will seal his legacy as a one term Sheriff.

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