• Acting U.S. Attorney Stephanie Yonekura said in a statement. “This case, which has now resulted the conviction of all seven charged, proves those who tarnish their badge and their oath will be brought to justice.”

    Lets hope the Deputies get the maximum sentence and lose their pensions !!!!! Set an example for others !!

  • Celeste, hope you post soon!!! I for one hopes Sexton appeals this conviction. I know the prosecution got want they wanted and quite frankly when you cheat you normally win. It is a sad day but fight this with all you can. Celeste, wish you could elaborate on the appeals process and what will happen. How long does the appeals process take? I am still behind Sexton 100%!!!

  • There was only one that was convicted tarnished his badge and that was Thompson. The others that are a disgrace are Baca and Tanaka.

  • And yet Baca and Tanaka continue to walk free. Hey Stephanie, no one has tarnished badge more or violated their oath of office more than those two. If your memory is too short, they were the ones that gave all the unlawful orders you convicted seven people for following.

    Absent an indictment of the dynamic duo, this amounts to either gross incompetence or malfeasance.

  • Alway they weren’t perfect…..Peter Pitchess or Sherman Block would have never allowed things to go as far without preventing damage control. I came in under Pitchess and I’ll go out under McDonnell.
    I will never forget those who helped the deputies nor will I forgot those who kicked the deputies in the ASS.
    I now see why Tanaka (yes he was the “Enforcer”, while Baca was the “Shot Caller”) did not “Man Up”….He is Gutless.
    The same goes for Alads….what started out as a pro-deputy organization has morphed into a selfish, back stabbing, money grubbing “Son of Bitches” style of organization with no integrity.

  • This is what happens when you act salty with little time on, treat people like they owe you something, get this good OSJ job with no field gang experience because your unqualified Chief daddy is friends with Sheriff Baca. Oh ya, you cry to your dad about people telling you that you are screwed up, then dad or Sheriff Baca call and tell the person telling you this to stop talking and emailing you. Karma caught up to you.

  • Ted Sexton is likely regretting the day he snuggled up with Lee Baca. It is highly unlikely James would have been on the department or part of the involved unit with just three years on. I suspect the Tanaka soldiers involved are regretting that first check they wrote to that guy. In the end, they are going to Federal prison while Lee and Paul are collecting their big pensions.

    The Feds had the authority to investigate. Baca and Tanaka used the Department resources to interfere. Both were trying to contain to political fall out! It was not about safe jails, it was political. When politicians obstruct federal investigations into their behavior. The original reason for the investigation loses traction but the Feds usually shift gears and go for obstruction. What part of this did Lee Baca and his inner circle not understand!

    Lee was angry at the Feds and engaged in a struggle with them. The political battlefield, if you want to call it that, is littered with only LASD. Good job, Lee.

  • Its nice to see some of the commentators get behind the convicted Deputies.

    From my understanding of a police officer in prison, its a good thing they get used to people behind them.

    I do,in all seriousness, hope that examples have been set and that inappropriate behavior stops and once again the Los Angeles Sheriff Dept leads by example of what a Professional Police Organization should be.

  • Are you kidding me, a conviction in two hours? Unbelievable! Sexton needs to appeal ASAP. It still shocks me that the US government was able to edit his testimony in their favor…AND THE JUDGE ALLOWED IT!

    I hope ALADS stands tall and squares away their issued because I dont think any Deputy following this story will feel at ease with ALADS as their counsel.

  • According to evidence rules when evidence is not relevant it can be excluded. If the evidence was relevant to negate the elements of the crime it will be admissible. The testimony edited probably confused the jury and caused them to be bias in favor of sexton in the first trial. By having the parts of the testimony that are not relevant edited it leveled the playing field for the prosecution. It allowed the jurors to consider only that which is evidence that is relevant to either negative or prove the elements of the crime. That is why it was excluded.

  • Dukes of Hazard,

    Based on your vast qualifications watching Bo and Luke Duke from your living room, is it your contention you were more qualified than Sexton to work OSJ because you mastered the ninja nod and “Hey Bro?” On 3000?

    His methods were unorthodox, but extraordinarily effective. Do you have any proof that he was hired based on his father? Not only did he get hired in OSJ based on his work product but he created a new team. Aside from Rich Valdemar, I don’t know of anyone else who has ever done that.

    Furthermore, is your ego so big that you equate perceived rudeness towards you as justification for a sham trial with doctored evidence to convict one of your former partners?

    Godspeed Sexton, I can’t wait to see what the appellate court has to say about the US Attorney’s Office and Judge Anderson

  • Imagine where the department might be if all the Kings men, and the sextons had just done what was right. Folks on this department are tempted daily and chose to take a different path.

    In my opinion they all tempted justice and lost. We don’t get to chose what we are responsible for in situations like this when caught.

    Sexton admitted what he did and like all the others will face the Judge. With Sexton naming this pandoras box I guess he could lecture on just what that box means when you get caught up inside of it. A good short story for recruits to read.

    What about Baca? Thought he was going to testify……. The Buck starts and stops with him.

  • Hey CSN 83. Glad to have you back.

    Like Taylor Swift “shake it off” cause haters gonna hate hate hate…

  • Jack I just can’t see you dancing to Taylor Swift.

    And no I do not hate anyone, just disappointed. I guess the bottom line is we can only be responsible for our own actions and stop blaming others for the mess we get ourselves into.

  • There was a witness for the defense that stated he changed prisoners names all the time. Why wasn’t he charged with obstruction of justice??? Why wasn’t Sextons partner indicted??? He did the same thing!!!! Are the Feds going to pick and choose a few to make examples of??? Why didn’t Sextons Attorney no show for his Grand Jury testimony? I personally find it sickening that people that work in the sheriffs department or even in another agency are so critical and bitter toward their fellow comrades. I thought that you were fighting on the same side and instead you sound like a bunch of bitter old men that enjoy watching these men’s lives torn apart not to mention what it has done to their families and children. You that have enjoyed have no right to blame Baca or Tanaka, just look in the mirror and you will see where the problem is. I don’t know most of the men indicted but Sexton and even his father are good men that were proud of their badge and for what it stood for. Moving to LA changed all that. God Speed Sexton, you deserve better than LASD.

  • @ Baffled. …..once again, you cleared the foggy lights for those who are still shocked.
    Can you explain the ineptitude of ALADS.I would love to hear your theory on them? I mean really……what is your take?

  • Hardy,
    Re: Ratbun, if he didn’t do anything but sit outside a cell, maybe the feds. didn’t think they had a case against him. Manzo and Smith were heavily involved attending secret meetings. Sexton was the computer guy. He’s the one who did the computer shenanigans.
    I still think the feds were really, REALLY pissed at Sexton re: his refusal to wear a wire and record Baca and his dad. So even though his jury hung in the first trial, they wanted his ass bad and went after him again. Why were they so pissed at him? Don’t know. Could be that after he began cooperating with them the feds started licking their lips, telling their higher ups that they had Sexton wrapped around their little finger and he would soon deliver Lee Baca on tape dirty, and the bosses would look great in front of the camera. Then would Sexton said no, it not only greatly dissapointed them, it made them look bad in front of their bosses.
    This case has been nothing but a pissing match since day one. It’s been about egos and power. The feds could care less about justice. It’s the message they are concerned with. What’s the message?

  • @Hardy Boys – it sounds like you have some reasons for being upset with Sexton’s attorney. The fact that he was not present at Sexton’s grand jury hearing should not be one of them. A person has very limited rights under a grand jury proceeding. The defendant does not have the right to be notified of the hearing, no right to be present (the hearing can be held without the person’s knowledeg), no right to present evidence, no right to counsel/representation when taking the stand. The reason is simple. The goal of a grand jury is to determine whether probable cause exists to prosecute. Even if Mr. O’brien were present it would be as if he were not there.

    @Courageous Cat – haha thanks for that. I am sorry. I am not familiar with ALADS anymore than you average non law enforcement citizen. However it seems there is some real dissension between officers’ opinion of ALADS AND LASPA. My guess is the disagreement is more over how the unions proceed to handle business rather than the quality of the attorneys. The lawyers are held to the same standard nationwide. Any difference between them usually does not result in significantly different outcomes.

  • I cut and pasted this person’s post from another post on this website. I know these guys personally and can tell you this poster is right. I also know James personally and had beers with him on several occasions. As much as I like and support James, I can tell you, he IS guilty. He knew exactly what he was doing. I mean, the guy named this operation, what does that tell you?

    As far as Manzo and Smith, yes these guys were the biggest kiss asses I’ve ever met and as salty as they come. Manzo with not a minute of patrol time trying to tell Deps how to handle patrol situations??? Yup, this happened on 3000. I wonder if the “woods” Manzo jocked so much will protect him in Fed. Prison??? I swear, some of us would sometimes wonder if Manzo was orally copulating the “woods.”
    Thompson, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.
    And yes, I hear his son is next on the chopping block.

    Anyway, check out this post. Again, its not mine, but an interesting read…

    Hey “1980′s era,” you know what the worse part about Thompson was… He would, up until recently, brag about being a Lynwood Vicking, but failed to mention they essentially gave him Vicking status as a Sgt. What a dweeb. I can’t believe he bragged about being a Vicking, but he never earned it as a dep. I wonder if he still brags about sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Tanaka during meetings??

    Rea Manzo and Smith… Let me shed some light on those two… Those two were the biggest ass kissers in the dept. So much for Manzo bragging about it being “Siiiick” that he had a take home car, and was able to look into anybody’s email on the dept while he was on loan to I.A. Manzo is such an idiot… He and Smith knew exactly what they were doing and prided themselves on being “in the know” even though what they were doing was illegal.

    Manzo and Smith kissed enough ass and sucked enough d*** to eventually weasel their way back into OSJ. Everyone saw it. Manzo’s ass kissery talents were second to none…
    Lt. Thompson considered himself a hard chargin’ Lynwood dep/Sgt. I have never met a guy come from Lynwood/Century that takes into account ass kissing over hard work.

    If you weren’t part of the ass kissing crew, Manzo and Smith would be the first ones to stab you in the back and/or throw you under the bus to make themselves look better, and Thompson wouldn’t see thru that…I wonder if Smith and Manzo will “No ack” their cell-mates in prison the way they used to when they walked thru CJ/Towers/IRC?

    The end result is karma caught up to these guys who bragged about operating in Tanaka’s “Grey area.” They screwed over enough of their partners to make themselves look better along the way, that no one feels sorry for these guys. You guys bragged about doing what you were doing and knew it was wrong/illegal. You dumbasses actually thought Tanaka would have your back and take the heat for you when this thing went South??!!?!?

    Thompson also lost all respect among us. He knowingly led these guys down a path that will eventually lead them to prison in the hopes that his 10-30 antics would land him a commander spot somewhere. He did it to these guys and managed to protect his son, at least for now, who was just as deeply involved in this whole fiasco.

    Manzo, Smith, Thompson: Don’t drop the soap…

  • PH 1 Actual, nice burn. Good one.

    Oh Well: Rathbun had about a month in OSJ when Pandora’s Box went down, so you’re probably right, he didn’t do too much more than sit outside Brown’s door. Also, if you read his grand jury testimony, it was full disclosure, but also very very cautious, you could tell he didn’t trust the FBI or AUSA and didn’t buy the “same team bro” bullshit they were selling. ….

    …I hear a lot of people demanding a lot out of these custody deputies. “They should have done this. They should have done that. If I had been them, I would have done this cool thing…”

    You know what Sexton and Rathbun did? They realized something was wrong, and ugly in their unit. They were confronted over a period of months with what they realized was a pattern of corrupt behavior by GREG THOMPSON and others. They agonized over it for a while, together as partners, according to everything I know and have read. And then they picked up the phone, as LASD deputies, and cold called the FBI, and reported corruption and wrong doing.

    And in large part, that’s how this whole thing got started. The only error Sexton made is being too overzealous in his grand jury testimony, trying to make his FBI and AUSA handlers (that he had met with 37 times and was trying to curry favor with because he had recently applied to the FBI) happy by telling them what they wanted to hear in juicy detail.

    So I say this to all the department Monday Morning Quarterbacks. Unless you can say YOU reported wrong doing by members of your own department to the FBI during your service in the LASD, or that you can say that you were caught up in a caper where LASD personnel were committing crimes and you blew the whistle…. you should shut the fuck up.

    Because I would bet my career that all you armchair experts who are blowing your mouth off about what should have been done, have never been in situations like these two 25 and 27 year old deputies were in. So stop already with your scenarios about how well you would have handled this. Because you never have handled anything like this. You guys may not realize it, but when you bloviate about what YOU would have done, you sound really, really full of shit and you’re making it all about you when nobody even knows your real name.

  • I am not upset with Thomas Obrien. Upset with ALADS. Sexton was told an attorney would be there for him at a specific time and he never showed. If Thomas Obrien had been his attorney then, I wouldn’t be writing this. If Sexton was so guilty then why did the Feds feel they had to eliminate evidence? Cheat to win, I don’t think so. Why if Sexton was guilty did a higher ranking office testify he changes prisoners in the system? No one has yet to answer these questions that I have asked several times. I will still support Sexton and need I say more God Speed!!!!

  • Cut and Paste,

    Et tu Brute?!?

    Join the club of bastards who love to knife him in his back…. Real brave post after the second verdict is out.

    Go read Teddy Rosevelt’s quote about the arena and then go play in traffic. What a coward.

    PS- the last thing out of Pandora’s Box was “hope” you illiterate bastards. That includes our AUSA friends. When you comprehend that then you will know James Sexton.

  • The parts of the testimony that was eliminated were the portions that had Sexton talking about following orders and his once cooperation with the federal government. This testimony tends to argue that because since Sexton was following orders he did not obstruct justice. If following orders was a valid defense according to the federal statute on obstruction of justice then that testimony would be admissible and the judge would have ruled against the prosecutions motion to exclude those parts of the testimony. Following orders is not a defense according to the statute therefore any testimony regarding those types of arguments are not relevant evidence therefore can be excluded. That is why the prosecution was successful in excluding it. If anything it can be said that when Sexton used the testimony in the first trial he had an advantage/cheating because it was not relevant evidence yet it was admitted. I would not go as far as saying Sexton cheated though. Sexton gets to put on a defense and it is the prosecution’s job to challenge evidence that is not relevant as determined under evidence rules. They failed to do that at the first trial. They were most likely aware they could have it excluded and decided against it probably because they thought the jury could see past the argument. However for the second trial they were not as flexible or forgiving with Sexton and avoided the risk by having the evidence excluded.

    As far the higher ranking officer saying he changes prisoner information all the time for various reasons which were perfectly valid, that may be so, but those circumstances were undoubtedly different from the circumstances in Sextons case. Changing information for safety reasons is not against the law. If the ranking officer had changed Brown’s information under Sexton’s circumstances where there was an on going federal investigation into alleged civil rights violations that ranking officer would have been prosecuted as well. It does not mean that the other times the ranking officer changed a prisoner’s name were illegal but it would have been under these circumstances.

    Because there was an investigation on alleged civil rights violations and civil rights are part of federal law and federal law trumps any state law in this area the officers who were operating under state law to justify moving and changing browns name were acting without valid authority. In other words it constituted an illegal act.

    And yes, if ALADS was acting as Obrien’s agents and they promised Sexton that Obrien would be present then he should have been there even if there was nothing he could have done for Sexton. If ALADS was not Obrien’s agents then they had no business making false promises on Obrien’s behalf or to Sexton. Despite the broken promise to be there for moral support the fact that Obrien was not there did not affect Sexton’s rights in any way and that is what is really important. As stated above he has very limited rights, the right to not self incriminate under the 5th Amend, and that is it so he was not prejudiced in any way. If he had a right to counsel and counsel did not show the court would have postponed the hearing for another day to protect Sexton’s rights. If they had not Sexton would have a valid appeal but because he has no right to counsel and Sexton was afforded whatever rights he does have under a grand jury hearing he has no valid appeal.

  • Baca and Tanaka used these guys to obstruct an FBI investigation. They convinced themselves and others they had a right and obligation to investigate the FBI’s actions including obstruction their investigation. These seven are taking the hit for Baca and Tanaka.

    Ted Sexton believed in Lee Baca. Ted Sexton supported Baca’s actions. Yes the Fed’s played dirty but so did the LASD. James Sexton has paid a heavy price. Ted Sexton has to feel some guilt. His association likely helped put his son in the crosshairs.

    James Sexton was the lowest level and least tenured deputy convicted. The Feds should have let this go after the hung jury. I guess we my find out why they did if they start moving up the chain of command!

  • If any of the Tanaka 7 don’t take the deal being offered, and roll on Tanaka/Baca, they are bigger fools than already proven. Monday is around the corner and the choice is simple. Stand tall before Judge Anderson and keep your mouth shut, take your 3-5 years in Federal prison and as you are hauled away, wink at “the boys” in the crowd who are giving you the thumbs up and convince yourself your are being a real man’s man.

    Or, figure it out, that you were used by Baca and Tanaka and simply give the AUSA what they are looking for and place the blame where it belongs. Take your licks for doing what you did, put don’t take a beat-down to protect those two clowns. They will be dining at Morton’s on Monday night, yucking it up says about you guys, “Sucks to be you.” And they will never give you, your family or where you are at, a second thought. Tanaka is having his “kick-off” campaign pot luck today. I’m sure he will talk about all of you being great soldiers. Think about it folks, you are only going to get one bite at this apple and that comes on Monday.

  • It’s already been pointed out between the FALL OUT with Sexton & Dick Shinee along with the meeting with Floyd Hayhurst.

    It’s quite obvious that ALADS didn’t give a damn about Sexton. Trust me. ……Judgement day is coming “real soon” for ALADS.

  • Ted Sexton listened to Leroy over his son. Ted Sexton should feel more than some guilt. Ted Sexton’s association and loyalty to Leroy is unforgiving. I believe one reason James was more forthcoming with the GJ than he should have been was so his father would believe in him. Sad James goes to prison and Ted is still speaking to Baca… Maybe Ted believes in his son now!

  • The federal obstruction of justice statute does not include ordering someone to obstruct justice. So even if Sheriff Baca gave such an order that alone would not be enough to prosecute. The Attorney General could make an argument that giving the order was enough, but it is a weak argument. They must show hands on action to meet the elements of the crime. Ordering someone to commit burglary does not make that person guilty of burglary without committing the acts required for a burglary. They could charge conspiracy but for that they need the testimony of the people who were in the room with Baca to testify that he gave such orders. Only lieutenant leavins testified that baca gave the order and no one else so that is too much of a risk to take for a prosecution because Baca would most likely be acquitted.

    The Attorney General probably went after Sexton because he failed to show his loyalty. According to some news articles I read, Sexton had made numerous complaints to his superiors of an alleged white supremacy gang among deputies after which he was subsequently subjected to retaliation. His complaints are right around the same time that the FBI investigation is discovered and the subsequent fiasco. He helped move brown i.e., apparently it was his employee number that was recorded on the computer when the name and booking numbers were changed some of the times, but he was also making serious allegations against other deputies including civil rights violations. So the FBI probably doesn’t know what to think of him, maybe someone trying to do the right thing maybe not. Apparently he might have been cooperating with the FBI during this time.

    Then, in March 2013 Baca hires Sexton’s dad Ted Sexton (out of state small town Sheriff, solid resume but still small scale comparatively speaking) to be the division chief of homeland security for LASD. Is anyone not thinking some back door agreements were made here? It seems like Baca hired Ted Sexton to have Deputy Sexton back off on the complaints. But, it looks like Ted Sexton and James Sexton might have had a hidden agenda because only one month after dad is hire, in April, Deputy Sexton filed a law suit against LASD, Baca and Tanaka. In the complaint he states how Baca ordered brown moved to keep him from the FBI, he alleged civil rights violations against him and stated there was widespread corruption in LASD and baca was a part of it. It seems like the plan was to entice baca to offer Ted the job in exchange for dropping the complaints but then turn around and file a law suit anyway and win the lawsuit. Then he and dad would be untouchable because any harassment much less termination of employment for bad reasons would be retaliation and a new law suit would be in the works. The court ultimately dismissed the law suit because Sexton’s allegations were not substantiated. Who knows whether that was because he kept his word and withdrew previous allegations or because their truly was not enough in the complaint to sustain the law suit in which case their plan backfired because now baca knew their true intentions.

    Now, the FBI is thinking Baca bribed James Sexton, by hiring dad Ted, in exchange for Sexton not cooperating with the FBI investigation of LASD. If the FBI could prove the bribe, Baca will be charged with obstruction of justice among other charges. The FBI is not going to assume James Sexton was in on any talks between Baca and Ted so to prove his innocence of the whole thing they asked him to wear a wire to record dad and baca. James was the link to get Baca. If dad negotiated the position with LASD without James’ knowledge while James was allegedly suffering at the hands of deputies and in which baca had a hand james would feel betrayed by dad and would have no problem wearing the wire. If he does not wear the wire in the eyes of the attorney general James was stringing them along while he made plans for a way out. James did not wear the wire and that was telling to the FBI. He may have been cooperating with FBI at some point but clearly after that whole mess FBI knew Sexton had other plans. That is why they went after him.

    Anybody no more about this that would care to share? My comments on the legal side of things are accurate but this other stuff about the facts are obviously just speculation. Only those involved or close to those involved know what the situation was with Ted’s hiring one month and the subsequent law suit of james the very next month. Very suspicious to me.

  • clarification: ordering the moving of brown is sufficient provided there is enough to link baca to the deputies. the bribe was that link

  • Baffled, you are either smoking something or are one of the Federal Prosecutors that actually believe the shit you are shuffling,!!

  • Baffled,
    If there was any kind of bribe from Baca to Ted Sexton, it was most likely for Baca to win the Sheriff of The Year Award from the NSA in 2013.
    By 2013 the genie was out of the bottle and Baca had been exposed as the incompetent lunatic he had always been.
    Voila. He wins the Sheriff of The Year Award (that is just absolutely priceless).
    It’s my understanding Ted Sexton was a big wig on the board of the NSA and was instrumental in Baca being given the award.
    I could see Baca thinking winning an award like that would quiet down his critics. I can also see the crazy son of a bitch wanting that award from the time he took office. Maybe that’s why he tried to be the Sheriff of The World so hard, instead of doing the job he was supposed to be doing.
    If there was one thing Baca loved, it was having an audience and playing the role of the big shot while delivering lectures like a college professor and going off on his bizarre, unhinged, pseudo-intellectual new age bullshit that had NOTHING to do with law enforcement.
    If I was looking for a bribe, I would look under that rock.

  • @Hardy Boys, as I stated, my legal analysis is correct. That is why I explain things when you make comments that make it apparent you speak based on belief rather than competent knowledge of our legal system in the United States of America.

    I specifically stated that with respect to the side of things that does not have to do with the law I am only SPECULATING and asked someone to share their thoughts on the facts surrounding Ted’s hiring and the subsequent law suit by James against Baca. Obviously something was going on.

    So..it goes something like this…Baffled: “hey everyone this is only speculation, but I think there may have been some back door agendas and here is why….does anyone know why one month after Baca hires his father (Ted), James files a lawsuit against Baca?”

    Hardy Boys answer: “you are shoveling shit” which is the functional equivalent of saying “hey baffled your are speculating”. So I say I am speculating and your reply is I am speculating. Thanks for your input. I am sure you thought it through as best as you could. It will be considered. As George Bush stated: “No child left behind”.

    Does anyone have any personal knowledge of what happened with Baca hiring Ted as the Division Chief of Homeland security in March 2013 then one month later James files a lawsuit against Baca for civil rights violations, police brutality and stating that Baca ordered others to hide Brown from the FBI? Remember by this time Sexton had made numerous complaints (but had not yet filed a law suit) to his superiors about deputies in the jails in attempts to have them criminally investigated. Baca no doubt knew about the complaints and LASD and the FBI was already investigating LASD for obstruction of justice over the Brown issue. Still Baca hires James’ dad yet James files the suit one month later. That is the time line from the news articles I read. Does anyone have any insights on the facts? Was the timeline incorrectly reported?

  • @Oh Well, wow, thank you for that. So Baca’s “bribe” was for a different reason than for a promise by Sexton that he would stop cooperating with the FBI. From Ted’s perspective it sounds like he saw it as an opportunity to secure Baca’s support for James to create the best possible scenario for James in terms of beating the charges while being close to his son during this difficult time by taking the chief position? And by support I mean, in Ted’s eyes, for Baca to speak the truth as this would exonerate James (assuming Ted believed James to be innocent of all this)? Perfectly legal to encourage someone to speak the truth. Then what was the strategy with James filing the lawsuit against Baca? That would seem to undermine any support Baca had for him?

    If I come across as niave that is because I am. I am an interested outsider to all of this.

  • Ladies & Gents,

    As you know, I am a big advocate of James.

    You can not compare 4th floor politics, his father, and James’ decision making.

    James came out to LA in an attempt to step out of his father’s shadow. Regardless of his father’s appointment to LASD, he stuck to his guns and filed the suit.

    He pays for the sins of his father everyday including in the government’s closing argument.

    What you guys always forget is Ted is not the only variable in the James Sexton equation.

    Mrs. Sexton is the bread winner and Sheriff Baca’s newest critic. There are a lot of Paul Hastings lawyers working on ALADs, LACO, and the Feds.

    The young man has accepted his plight today, but knows there are many more fights in the future. He knows the Feds are frying little fish for the easy stats, and he may have to goto a Federal Prison Camp as a former cop.

    As for the appalette issues and FGJ comments, you guys may want check up a bit. Tom O’Brien wasn’t his attorney during the FGJ, and Mr. O’Brien has a stout record in the 9th Circuit. He doesn’t file appeals for sharts and giggles….

    I wouldn’t count him out just yet. He doesn’t need any winks from the boys when he has got the family and friend support he has.

    That’s why so many of you think he is arrogant. He is sure of his path and abilities.

    Even facing prison time, the kid told his wife, “It will be OK.”

    I wish I had those guts and that outlook.

  • @Jack Dawson. ……I too agree with you. I am personally privy to one of his lawsuits. You hit it right on the nose with the Hastings Lawyers. When facing heavy financed bullies (ALADS, L.A. COUNTY & The FEDS) most people would back down. I marvel at Jame’s tenacity to fight those FOOLS.
    Jack, you and I both know that more will be uncovered Re: the idiots who are being sued.This will be better than World Series or Championship Fight. Jame’s opponents first and fatal mistake was to undermine and underestimate him. He has legions of “behind the scene” assistance. You don’t intern in D.C., attend West Point plus get a Master’s Degree @ USC to put up with Bullshit by any of the aforementioned Defendants. Roll Tide!….Roll Sexton!

  • @Jack Dawson. ……Bravo to you. I am personally privy to one of his lawsuits. You hit it right on the nose with the Hastings Lawyers. When facing heavy financed bullies (ALADS, L.A. COUNTY & The FEDS) most people would back down. I marvel at Jame’s tenacity to fight those FOOLS.
    Jack, you and I both know that more will be uncovered Re: the idiots who are being sued.This will be better than World Series or Championship Fight. Jame’s opponents first and fatal mistake was to undermine and underestimate him. He has legions of “behind the scene” assistance. You don’t intern in D.C., attend West Point plus get a Master’s Degree @ USC to put up with Bullshit by any of the aforementioned Defendants. Roll Tide!….Roll Sexton!

  • Baffled,
    You’re right. You’ve got it ALL figured out. Any possible theory or opinion expressed by me is ludicrous.
    BTW, I wasn’t disputing your THEORY or challenging your opinion. But you go on with your bad self and whatever you do, don’t slow your roll.
    It’s obvious. You’re definitely the smartest guy in the room and you have it ALL figured out.

  • Well said Jack Dawson. I support Sexton and I have made no bones about it. If he had Thomas Obrien from the beginning he wouldn’t be facing jail time. I have said many times and I know the FEDS read this blog and most probably post, but Sexton will have the last say. Hope Baca and Tanaka get ready because payback is hell. God Speed Sexton you are a stand up guy and it will be ok!!!

  • Mr. Dawson, I can appreciate your assertions. The defense still has work to do therefore details will remain undisclosed. While I will not discourage others not to express their opinion, I will not engage in speculation anymore.

  • @Oh Well, I was genuinely asking questions and not attempting to be sarcastic. I truly meant it when I said thank you. I cannot speak for your speculation, but mine is completely meritless. I was speculating. My future blogs will not include factual speculation.

  • @Baffled. Some of us have opinions, while some have facts. Both of yours were timely and thought provoking. Don’t be deterred to post if someone does not feel the same way. Carry on.

  • Baffled,
    My intent was not to deter you from posting your thoughts, theories or opinions. My intent was to simply to inform you that you might want to temper your response(s) to the theories provided by others.
    I find your theory very plausible. You may very well be right.
    Then again, you may very be well be as wrong as any of the rest of us, because we are all just speculating. That was my point.
    Keep in mind that when one is trying to figure out Baca, and the reasons he does, or doesn’t do things you are in uncharted waters a lot of the time.
    Baca is delusional and at the same time agenda driven. That is why the LASD faltered badly under his leadership.
    Please carry on.

  • First let me state;

    I am sorry for all my fellow deputies that just got convicted & sentenced. I am sorry your leader did not step up to the plate and save you all. You made your decision and got caught up with all the politics. My heart goes out to your families.

    Second; Shame on all the executives that stood by and allowed this to happen. Pack your bags and get the “f” out.

    Third; Sheriff Scott is not our savior, he is just rewarding all his past friends with promotions. Take a close look of who has been promoted and what the relationship was or is.

    Forth; I know the Fed’s are slow and need to learn as the go (Not investigators or cops) but, do the right thing and arrest the people responsible.

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