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JUVENILE JUSTICE: The Long Beach Press Telegram v. The LA Times

photo by Joseph Rodriguez from his book Juvenile

For the past week, the Long Beach Press Telegram has been doing a wonderful series on Juvenile Justice.

It covers multiple aspects of the topic—from the probation camps, to the courts, to the police, to the schools, plus upcoming legislation and, finally, possible solutions—and/or the lack thereof.

I’ve only begun to dip into it, but so far I’ve found the series smart and amazingly wide-ranging.

My main question thus far is: Why hasn’t the LA Times done something this comprehensive?


  • As a long time Long Beach resident, I loathe Press-Telegram for the recent budget cut issues but I must admit this is very well done series.

    Somethings are still absurd like quote of police officer saying he would shoot his daughter if she hung around with known gang members.

    The interactive crime map for each beat in Long Beach is very fascinating. Thanks for getting the word out

  • Yikes, Jay. As I said, I’ve been wading into it but have not read the whole thing. I’m assuming that quote is in the police section.

    But, yes, I thought the interactive maps were great too

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