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Jeremy & Theresa: Sadly Dispelling the Faux Death Theories ***UPDATED -X 2***


The AP has reported this afternoon
that, the NYPD has now confirmed that the body found by a New Jersey fisherman a week ago, was indeed that of Theresa Duncan’s long-time lover, artist Jeremy Blake.

Like most people tracking this emotionally-fractured and dispiriting story, I wish it were otherwise.

And here, for those of you who have not already run across it, is a link to one of the more interesting, but quite reality-challenged web theories now running rife through the cyber countryside, about how Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake’s deaths were part of some elaborate postmodern hoax or ARG—alternate reality game. (Note to Mr. Dream’s End, one of the prime theorizers: Nice work, dude, but time to leave the keyboard and get yourself some fresh air. Trust me on this one.)

I’ll have a fuller post on Friday or Monday, after I’m deadline free.

In the meantime, I appreciate the tips and comments that some of you have sent my way. While it won’t change the underlying sad reality,somehow we’d all feel better if we understood the “why” of it a little better.


UPDATE: IN THIS MORNING’S LA TIMES…writer Swati Pandey talks about Theresa Duncan fandom. It’s a sweet, sad, respectful but emotionally honest little piece, and worth reading for the obsessed among us.

David Segal has written what is, far-and-away, the most comprehensive and best researched piece on the couple to date.


  • I am saddened by the death of these two creative people. I have read many reports and certain facts don’t add up. No history or indication on Theresa’s part of depression or inner turmoil.Take a look at past Wit of the Staircase posts.
    She does not seem on the verge of suicide.

    The suicide notes. Hers matter of fact that she is at peace with her decision.(Out of the blue suicide attempt?) Jeremy’s note found with his wallet and keys stating that he is despondent. Who uses the word despondent to describe their own feelings just days after their lover of 12 years is found dead? Something doesn’t add up.
    One thing is for sure.
    Theresa’s posts were controversial. (She was about to write a post on Cheney. She wrote about Scientology and how certain members were stalking them for starters.)

    Could there have been foul play?

  • Cheney and Scientologists conspired to kill her. That’s the ticket! Get Rove and Gonzales in there, too.

    However, I agree on Kirsten’s point that there is likely more to this.

  • There’s more to everything. We only know what we know; what we’re told. We don’t know for sure his letter actually used the word “despondent”. Sounds more like the police summarised a rambling suicide note basically. And Kristen, you’re sweet but a bit late to the party. Theresa “cooking up” on article on Dick Cheney has nothing to do with this. I bet the phrase/term/title/whatever “The Devil and Dick Cheney” popped into her head one day, she found it clever and just wanted to post it sans article. Just wanted to get the idea out there. Thats what creative people do, they need to purge ideas. I don’t think Theresa died before she could hit “enter” on that searing Cheney article. I think we’re all inquisitive and we all WANT this to be more than it is for a myriad reasons.

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