#JusticeBriefs 2022 Race for LA County Sheriff

In a surprise move, PPOA—the LASD’s supervisors union—endorses former commander Eli Vera in the race to unseat Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On Wednesday, April 13, the the Professional Peace Officers Association
(PPOA), announced that it is officially endorsing retired LASD commander Eli Vera in his bid to become the next sheriff of Los Angeles County by unseating Alex Villanueva, the controversial leader of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department.

PPOA—which is the union that represents supervisory-level members of the LA Sheriff’s Department—stated in Wednesday’s surprise announcement that the union’s leadership went through an “exhaustive process to come to this decision.”

PPOA, together with the department’s other main union, the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), co-hosted a candidates forum on on January 26, 2022, and then reportedly conducted extensive personal interviews with the seven candidates who sought their support. Yet, the union was not necessarily expected to name a favorite before the June 4, primary.

In the months after late January’s forum, there was talk that PPOA and/or ALADS might hold their fire until the general election.

But “after considering all the criteria…” PPOA wrote, their board came to a
collective decision. They were going ahead with the endorsement, and it was going to be Vera, who they believed, “represents the experience, temperament, and skills needed to lead the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.”

The seven candidates who spoke at the forum (which you can still watch here) were:

  • Retired Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna
  • Former LASD Assistant Sheriff, present Los Angeles Airport Police Chief, Cecil Rhambo
  • Retired LASD Captain Matthew Rodriguez 
  • LASD Captain Britta Steinbrenner 
  • LASD Lieutenant Eric Strong 
  • LASD Commander Eli Vera 
  • Incumbent Sheriff of Los Angeles County Alex Villanueva

WitnessLA will have much more about Vera and the rest of the challengers between now and the June primary election.

But the PPOA endorsement is an important piece of news, so we wanted to let you know right away.

Now all eyes turn to ALADS to see if they will or will not endorse a candidate. And if so, will the primary endorsements come with a pot of $$$?

PS: In any case, whoever you favor in this race, it’s really, really worth your time to watch the aforementioned candidate’s forum.


  • From my perspective, I think PPOA has made a bold choice. The fact that they decided to make an endorsement now speaks volumes. I have known Vera peripherally through my many assignments while on the Sheriffs Department, and I must say I think PPOA got this one right.

    A son of Cuban immigrants, former Marine who served on a presidential honor guard, well-respected executive on the Department, Vera appears to be more than qualified to lead the LASD out of the morass it now finds itself in.

    Kudos to PPOA for having the guts to stand up for what is best for the Department with their endorsement.

  • Such confidence and common sense of PPOA to endorse Vera. Glad to see a fearless Union.

  • Going from bad to worse! ALADS you’re nothing but corrupt and dont have anyone’s best interests but your own. You do nothing for the deputies and you’re in bed with the Dept. Then you endorse MR. FEEBLE another corrupt LASD product of Banaka regime. God help the LASD.

  • Semper Fi to Vera!
    Hopefully we’ll get a “REAL” Veteran as Sheriff of Los Angeles County.

  • “B42Long” I’m sure I’ll get bombed on, but oh well!

    Are you really taking a shot at ALADS on a story that clearly says PPOA endorsed.

  • I know the PPOA members were sent ballots to decide who they wanted to endorse. Of the 600+!ballots returned, Villanueva was the overwhelming winner with over 68%. Vera had roughly 17%. The Sheriff Election Committee created by PPOA decided not to endorse a candidate for the primary election. Yet here we are, endorsing a candidate before the primary. That makes zero sense. If Vera doesn’t advance to a runoff or is declared the winner after the primary, that means the PPOA board blew our money. They’re out of touch with membership. PPOA is made up of members and the board is supposed to represent the members. Vera wouldn’t even take a stand on Gascon. This is incredible. I don’t get their thinking or their explanation. Im asking Tab to put out a vote to membership to recall himself.

  • In my opinion, the POPA Board made a bad decision on endorsing Eli Vera! POPA Board Members did not do a very good job of vetting Vera. They did not look at his ‘deputy gang’ connection with the Century Regulators at Century Station. A check of a regulator TT might be in order. They did not check to verify if he was involved in one shooting as he said, or was he actually involved in several shootings including the shooting of a 16 year old boy. They didn’t check to see why he was on the Truth and Reconciliation Panel with Tim Murakami, and Steve Gross on the Caren Carl Mandoyan case, where they decided to overturn Sheriff McDonnell’s termination of Mandoyan, but instead decided to reinstate Mandoyan after Villanueva’s failed attempt to get retired Chief Alicia Ault through Alex’s Chief of Staff, to change disciplinary records for Mandoyan from Founded to Unfounded, and have Mandoyan rehired under McDonnell’s watch before Villanueva took office on December 3, 2018. Instead Mandoyan was rehired illegally by Villanueva and Vera, Gross and Murakami just gave Mandoyan a 12 day suspension. This might be because Vera worked on Villanueva’s campaign plus Alex’s wife, Vivian is tight with Mandoyan. POPA Board members should have checked into who leaked the video of the San Fernando Court lock-up incident where the deputy was kneeling on the neck of the inmate for 3 minutes. If they had they would have found out Vera leaked that video and had been sitting on it for several months. I guess POPA Board members are not curious as to why Eli was promoted to Chief from Captain in close proximity to when Vera was on the review board that gave Mandoyan 12 days off? It’s funny how Alex and Vera have something in common. Villanueva Obstructs Justice, Destroys Evidence, Conspires with other deputies to destroy crime scene photos from the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash and here we have Vera sitting on a video of an altercation that has potential criminal liability on behalf of the deputy and/or inmate at the courthouse and takes it upon himself to sit on the video for what appears to be the right time to get back at Villanueva for Vera’s demotion and/or a campaign smear? Vera also in my opinion committed Obstruction of Justice and Tampered with Evidence by withholding evidence from being discovered by investigatory units or agencies. I would think the POPA Board would have also researched the fact that Vera was a no-show in court on a civil matter. I’m sure the POPA Board members had they done their research would have found the 2015 State Of California – County Of Los Angeles Civil Lawsuit, CASE #BC594623 filed by Plaintiff Tappan Zeeagainst Eli Vera and other high ranking department executives for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (R.I.C.O.) and Intimidation of any person Engaged in Free Speech, and wrongful termination, etc. I think the POPA Board better do some souls searching and fast. Vera is not viable to be the Sheriff of Los Angeles County. He lacks, Honesty, Trust and most of all “Integrity.”

  • How about the fact there are hundreds if not thousands of members of PPOA who are unvaccinated, by choice. And now those members union dues will go to support a candidate (Eli Vera) that said he would fire them for being unvaccinated.

  • They endorsed McBuckels last time too! lol. How did that work out for PPOA? This guy has alot of skeletons in his closet. It will be fun to watch..

  • At Ghost17, could not have said it any better! Could it be that someone at POPA may be expecting something in return?

  • First, Vera is a stand up guy. No doubt there. With that said, I completely agree with Ron Hernandez, in that I have no clue what B42Long is talking about, as the endorsement at issue has nothing to do with ALADS.

  • Ridiculous:

    Your link points to a fault in American Journalism: if you want to find stuff out you’ve got to pay for it.

    Freedom of the Press.

  • I guess the promise and sound of “Chief Tab Rhodes” trumps whatever the membership poll vote results are.

    Well, we know see that Eli learned something from Allie and Viv and that is, cronyism is all fair in winning and running the LASD from the top spot.

    It’s all about a popularity contest with these guys. Sadly, many of the LASD line folks still haven’t learned that winning the internal and union popularity votes does not guarantee that one is ready to lead and run the LASD in today’s CA and L.A. political climates. But as we have all witnessed and experienced under Alejandro and BiBi’s (aka: Sweatpee) leadership; it will guarantee an undeniable decimation of our once proud, vibrant and respected organization, into the understaffed, frozen funded, litigation mired, clown show organization that we have devolved into today. Yeehaw, lets don our new cowboy hats! Now that’s progress!

    As Albert Einstein famously stated many moons ago:

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

  • Not to beat a dead horse about POPA Boards decision to endorse Vera, however if the Board would have done a more thorough due diligence on vetting Vera, they would have discovered Vera’s Spectrum News interview on May 9, 2021 where Vera’s direct quote to an answer about the current Sheriff, “It isn’t our deputies who have failed,” he said. “It’s been the leadership that’s failed the community.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but Vera’s been a Captain – Chief since 2018, so based on his statement, it seems to me he has failed the community and the department as an EXECUTIVE leader.

  • In reply to WTH, specifically the memo linked above:

    In that court filing, Vera states under oath that he held every rank, including commander, until he was promoted to chief in December 2018.

    It’s my recollection that he was promoted to TSD chief from his position of captain at Fleet, shortly after AV took office. I’m not 100% sure on that, but I don’t believe he was promoted to commander before his promotion straight to chief, I know he certainly wasn’t promoted to commander under McDonnell, can anyone confirm this for certain? I’m not a Vera hater, and I would certainly vote for him over AV, but I would find this troubling if he misrepresented his promotional chain in a court declaration.

  • Boy, if I can do this basic vetting stuff on candidates, so can the POPA board. According to PACER.gov, Vera is listed as a Defendant in a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Case #2:2021cv05871 filed in 2014. Why isn’t the POPA Board looking into this information? Is the Board President afraid of learning the truth about Vera? I’m all about truth and facts but this makes me wonder what the POPA Board did to vet Vera? It appears they did nothing! Why is the Board in a hurry to endorse a candidate before the primary election?

  • Ghost, you mention two different lawsuits against Vera in two different posts, and don’t say a thing about the resolution of those lawsuits. Is it your opinion that Vera, by virtue of being sued, has committed some sort of wrongdoing? If so, you should understand by your logic half the deputies who have worked patrol for any period of time would be unfit to be sheriff. Being sued means nothing.

    The quote about failed leadership is even weaker. That is clearly a swipe at AV. Christ, you even say it’s in response to a question about the sheriff. Quite a stretch to try to spin it as a slam against Dept execs.

    I do agree his involvement in the Truth and Reconciliation Committee is concerning, and that memo is just ridiculous. My favorite part is how Vera tries to lay out County Counsel for the committee’s tortured reasoning – as if County Counsel is there as some sort of factfinder or decision maker. Pathetic.

  • Mike and Ron yes I meant PPOA why dont you guys run 4 Sheriff? I think you would be more qualified than Mr. Feeble. From Bad to Worse…i could care less about the SOB immigrant story and being a jar head. Like that gives him the right to lead the LASD. Everybody has a story… PPOA what were you thinking he was supporting AV all the way even creepy Carl. SMH

  • https://youtu.be/KaAvz5RHbX0

    Sheriff villanueva who fights g the liberal idiots on the board of supervisors has my support. Thanks to the MTA board policies, Los Angeles county has a subway system which is dangerous and filthy.
    The MTA board is more concerned about the 5700 homeless drug addicts who have taken over the MTA system from the poor working people who depend on the MTA system.

    I’m still waiting for Celeste to come ride the trains with me and a few females who need to use the MTA.

  • This payaso even live in LA County? Thought he was getting his Chino on. Better not be using the family E.M.F. casa in El Monte as his “residence.”

  • Don’t worry Eli Vera these haters in here have nothing on you. They know their days are numbered if you become The next Sheriff. I will grab my bag of chips and watch them River Dance all the way too Lacera. Good riddance!

  • PPOA does not represent their members fairly and I thought that’s the whole point of a union. My friend requested money for his writ ($15,000) and Tab turned him down. My friends union laywer and his new writ lawyer both said to the board members of PPOA that he had a very good chance of winning his writ.
    Tab hired a union Lawyer (Kander), who was actually involved in my friends civil service case, which is a conflict of interest on PPOA’S part. Tab hide Kanders name from my friend but of course he found out later. Tab and his hand picked laywer spent 2-3 days convincing board members not to pay for my friends writ and eventually they had to agree with him. Tab paid more money to his Lawyer to fight against a union member than to just give my friend the the money to fight his writ. Note: The reason Tab fight so hard not to give him the money for his writ because they were protecting a IAB agent who lied under oath at my friends Civil Service hearing and wanted to cover it up. I really feel really sorry for the other members at PPOA union who think they are being represented fairly but they are not. Unless you guys take a stand against TAB PPOA’s corruption it will just continue and get worse. IF CORRUPTION IS A DISEASE, TRANSPARENCY IS ESSENTIAL PART OF IT’S TREATMENT. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TACKLE CORRUPTION MUST BE WILLING TO GO ALL THE WAY. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS.

  • Rakkasan ,

    The current Los Angeles city council and board of supervisors are responsible for making Los Angeles the homeless capital of the world. The crime rate in Los Angeles has seen a sharp increase in the last two years.

    Tijuana has fewer people living on the streets. My relatives from Mexico call Los Angeles a sh1t hole.

    Go visit any library, park or MTA station and see all the drugged out zombies who have ruined it for every kid and adult who needs to use these services. Villanueva actually cleaned up Venice beach so kids and families can visit again.

    The current Los Angeles city council, board of supervisors and district attorney need to be recalled and or fired asap. I wouldn’t trust those clowns to manage a cup cake sale.


  • “Don’t worry Eli Vera these haters in here have nothing on you”

    The people voting for the Sheriff dont even know who the candidates are. The guy with the most money for advertising and campaigning will be elected.

  • Vera says he would enforce the Vaccine Mandate. Talk about pandering, Vera is good at it and is trying to sell it to the public…lol. How in the heck did PPOA allow this to happen? Unbelievable, and laughable!!!!!

    PPOA is a sham and is not for its members. Over 300 voted for Villanueva and less than 75 voted for Vera.

    Can you spell…… C O R R U P T I O N,

    Stay tuned.

    TR, NE, and other PPOA board members….you stooped to a new low.

  • By the way when is that meeting with Mr. Huntsman? Again? I can’t wait for that comedy show.


  • Creepy Carl….. Creepy Carl…. Creepy Carl???????????? I’m watching your creepiness…..

  • Creeeeepppyyyyyyy carrrrrlllllllllll still slithering around in the shadows!

  • I want to know where each candidate comes out on the Gason recall. They had those cute “yes” and “no” signs to speed the debate along but I don’t seem to remember any kind of litmus test on Gascon. Vera lost me with the vax mandate but he could win me back with a strong stance against Gascon. If anyone knows otherwise, please share.

  • @take a stand
    Is your friend Carl Mandoyan, sure sounds like it and I can see why PPOA decided not to waste money because 15k was just the beginning of a long laundry list of other expenses. Good move PPOA
    Stop crying

  • @Eldon Hoke: I guess I’m on the other side of the Gascon issue. I don’t believe that an elected sheriff should get involved in political issues. The office of the sheriff is non-partisan for a reason. The people of LA County do not want or need a political sheriff; they don’t need a Republican, Democrat, Independent, conservative, or liberal sheriff. They need a sheriff who enforces the law: period.

    As for Vera’s stance on the mandate, I saw a Twitter feed clarifying his stance that he supports the ability of personnel to obtain religious exemptions, do weekly tests, or get the jab. That’s consistent with what most personnel on the department want to see. I can’t speak for the Vera campaign, but he does appear to be consistent in his beliefs.

  • @Mike Bornman: Vera stance on the mandate was loud and clear during the PPOA-ALADS debate. Take a listen. He is pandering and selling out like a selfish politician.

    We are so happy that ALADS officially endorsed Sheriff Villanueva a few days ago. I hear LAPPL, LBPOA and other unions will follow ALADS lead and support Sheriff Villanueva.

    As far as PPOA is concerned, ouch!! Their credibility was flushed down the toilet. I guess PPOA dues paying members opinions don’t count. SMH..

  • Vera is bright and articulates confidently in debate and candidate forum settings. On the other side of the coin, his career flourished, fast-tracking to command staff under both Baca/Tanaka AND further in the Villanueva administration, both of which were/are challenged by years of corrupt practices. Why hasn’t Vera come forward about AV’s failings and cover-ups prior to election time?

  • Ghost 17 said it very well. If you support Vera, you obviously don’t know him or his arrogant personality. Vera is all about Vera and only Vera. He is also well known for talking out of both sides of his mouth and failing to come through as promised. No better then today’s politicians! This department needs new blood to salvage whats left, not a “Regulator” with a questionable background who previously drove Leroy Baca around town. Vera’s involvement in the Mandoyan case is a perfect example of his corruption. Anyone who knows Mandoyan, would absolutely agree he is arrogant with serious integrity issues. This clown caused this situation and his arrogant untouchable attitude allowed it to get out of control. Good job Alex, Vivian and “Creepy Carl” you brought embarrassment to the whole department.

  • Vera would fire deputies for not getting vacinated??? What a total F-ing clown! I am not surprised, Vera will say anything to get elected. No different then what he did while he was working, sucking up to Leroy and climbing the ranks 🙂

  • I have too hand it too Alejandro he has his deputies falling for his bs. Bunch of clapping seals and order takers! This is going too be fun too watch.

    P.s do t get your g-strings in a bunch aand. cry later about no raises. It’s not going too happen as long as Alejandro is in charge.


  • Yea yeaaahhh!

    I was driving when I was typing the last comment.
    Some of us work out in the real world.


  • If AV threw Limon and Haselrig under the bus for his crap, how would he take care of the deps? These poor saps think he would do anything more for them. It’s all about the cowardice that even ELA witnessed when he threw them under the bus and resulted in a work slowdown. Poor Rick Mejia took the blame for that.

  • The ship (lasd) has no rudder and took a direct hit (lawsuit)too it’s ass! Well sweat pea, kami, capt. B, it looks like this is it! Addios Get out of the Way ! everyone for themselves!! (scrambling for the paper shredder)….


  • Commander Joe Williams was in charge of the UOF review?! What a joke. The guy couldn’t even handle ops duties at Compton under Thatcher. He was so lost, his only salvation was to report to Commanders Jensen and Perez about Thatcher’s wrongdoings/lies. Then, the weak individual he is, complained when McDonnell was ousted and contemplated a lawsuit when Booby Denham lost his clout…ask Ganarial how inept this guy was… even a SEB K9 handler…missed a suspect with blood stains right in front of him at a garage…total tool…IQ of a pigeon ..sorry..he needed to be outed…weaksauce

  • Adios Alex & Sweatpee. That link above by @Yes!!!! was some informative reading and completely indicative of the VILLANueva Clown Show’s most entertaining C-F in 4K clarity action. File this under the heading: You Can’t Make This $#!T Up!

    Great job by Cmdr Castellano in watching his “Six” under this corrupt administration. This will be fun to watch over the coming months as Allie and Bibi sweat and struggle to B.S. their way out of this one.

    Sworn Depositions Up!

    I wonder how much Allie and Bibi have cost the LA Taxpayers in litigation cost, settlements and jury awards to date?

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee.

  • The vetting process of ALADS needs to be revamped. They backed the majority of the County Supervisors yet ALADS complains about them.

    Alex Villanueva saw the ineptness of ALADS years ago which is still the same, thusly Cofounding LASPA. Yet they pour a boatload of members dues into his campaign.

    Karma rules right before your very eyes.

  • @Retired ALADS Member, what vetting process are you speaking of? There is an election every year that members can participate in by either running for office or voting.

    I had some of your same gripes, as far as the politics of backing candidates. The problem is it’s all a gamble, because some (ok most) are less than truthful during their campaigns.

    That being said, many relationships have been honest and helpful, but you don’t hear about those because there’s no scandal involved.

    I’m comfortable saying they are doing the best they can in this political world while hanging on to their top priority of looking out for members.

    Part of the reason some ALADS haters (I’m not saying you) come on here with fake screen names is because they want to make claims of ALADS failing them, but not risk people knowing their real stories.

    If you have seen some of my past comments then you must be aware that some people posted too much and I was able to figure out who they were.

    We/I could have outed them, but what’s the point.

    Haters will be haters and any member can take a shot at being director if they think ALADS is doing a lousy job.

    I’ll admit I had no idea what I was getting myself into. However, that is no excuse for anyone to lose their moral compass, like some in the past, while on the board.

  • Nice press conference Sheriff Not! Did anyone else notice how labored his breathing was ? And what about that spokesperson for him her eyes looked like their were going too pop out!

    How about his aide ? Poor guy walks around like ahe Frank a can of starch and can lie with a straight face. All I have too say is Alejandro and his clapping seals are on the ropes and they know it…




  • When the truth comes out and it will come out, Alex and his little group of liars will be ousted. When pressed, both the A/S and the Chief will tell the truth. There is more evidence to this coverup and neither want to have to lie to the Feds. Alex you are as dishonest as they come.

  • I mean… I’m speechless. Of the stupid things AV has done – and that list is long and impressive – nothing comes close to this spectacle. Announcing a criminal investigation against a reporter who was…um…reporting? The “criminal” investigation against Huntsman was laughable, this one is far worse and almost certainly going to land AV in very hot water. Is it being handled by his special “investigate anyone who has pissed me off” unit? I think the minimum blowback he can expect is a significant award by a jury with punitive damages against him. I wonder what the odds are the BoS would pick up that tab?

    God, the idiocy on display here, the arrogance:


  • Alejandro’s mouth is the gift that’s keeps on giving!
    This is going to be juicy.
    And his captain from sheriffs information bureau “I have the honor to introduce you the Sheriff of LA County”. He’s a dam elected official nothing more nothing less.

    Addios Alejandro


  • It is a sad state for the department. AV thinks his ELA cholo/a leaches will be there as his friends once he is gone,,,,, not. They are his comrades only when it benefits them. U/S Tim, you were once an honorable man, that of which you are no longer and your legacy will be that of sleepy Tim, who has disgraced the office you represent, don’t be a coward and do the right thing. To the Lieutenant aide who is now following the sheriffs narrative as to when the video was shown to him. Hey, nice promotion to Captain to keep your mouth shut. Remind everyone how many days you did on patrol/custody line as a newly promoted Lieutenant,,,oh that’s right,,,none. A/Vs chief of staff, nothing more than a bobble head yes man, but he has a PHD and was military like AV, so he’s qualified, right boss! A/S of Patrol and custody, cowards filling a seat counting the days to punch out and cash out, typical Bureau guys. Commander B, disgraced captain now community event organizer holding his own space on the organizational chart, must be election year (shhhhh,,,,it’s really a campaign office). And who can’t forget two of AV’s town hall coordinators, GD, married to a felon ex-sergeant so she wouldn’t have to testify and potentially be prosecuted. And CR, who killed two Children in a traffic collision in ELA while on training, showing zero remorse, but protected by Surrogate mother Bibbi. The list goes on and on of the clowns running and representing the once respected office of the sheriff. These are some of your cast members for Pandoras Box 2. Who will fold first? May surprise you.

  • @ Treadstone, you nailed it with Pandora’s Box 2.

    Lies, deception and cover-ups has again reared its ugly head with taxpayers footing the bill as the good deputies suffer under failed leadership.

  • I enjoy hearing all this non-sense about AV. Truth of the matter is, he is a great Sheriff. The people love him (most do anyway), the deputies love him and homeless advocates love him. After ALADS ( the largest deputy union in the world) endorsed AV, the LAX Police Officers Union followed their lead. I hear another BIG endorsement is coming late this week for AV… Should be interesting.

  • Eli Vera is all about Eli Vera and only about Eli Vera. If you know him, you know that it is not uncommon for him to talk out of both sides of his mouth and not come through as expected. I have had more than one experience working with him and for him and he only takes care of his FRIENDS and those people who kneel and kiss the ring. He is no different then Leroy Baca and Paul Tanaka. Two of LASD’s finest idiots!

    He completely lost me with his bullshit about enforcing the vaccine mandate and firing those deputies who refused to get vaccinated! Typical Eli Vera, doing or saying whatever it takes to move himself forward but forgetting about the people below him. I guess he doesn’t believe in freedom of choice! True Colors are on the table.

  • @Treadstone, you summarized Allie and BiBi’s failed leadership and mentally challenged HQ team perfectly as they continue to steer the LASD onto the rocks. It’s amazing how much long-term significant damage a fragile narcissist can do to a once premier, professional and respected organization. Now we are a national circus spectacle.

    Where’s Santa? Here is another perfect fiasco which rivals the late night Pandora’s Box meetings of years past. We would love, love, love to read the transcripts of the sheriff’s video review strategy session.

    Adios Alex & Sweatpee

  • @ Adios Alex & Sweatpee

    What is most comical is how many people knew what he was going to say at yesterdays conference and told him it was a good idea? Nothing more than a public display of incompetence.

    What about his aide weak denial? He looked like he was about to throw up. He sold himself for rank.

  • Just finished watching Alejandro’s Facebook live episode. What a sham! He looked like a scared school boy who just got spanked with a paddle.
    Funny thing is he thinks by sitting with his hands crossed and wearing a pastel colored shirt sitting up stiff and proper , people are going too forget about yesterdays silly adventure with the LA Times…
    Well he has another thing coming! This clown is predictable as my next bowel movement.



  • OMG! Poor Allie is getting “pencil @#%$’d” by little Gustavo now. This is absolutely hilarious.

    Basically, the LA Times is answering Vendido VILLANueva’s failed attempt to pull a “Mandoyan” on the petit, yet scary, female LA Times reporter, by assigning a much smarter, slick writing, attack chihuahua wordsmith columnist on the bow-legged, cowboy hat wearing, scooter riding, failed wonder sheriff.

    Mr. Arellano, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has got nutin on you.

    LAT Column: Sheriff Villanueva just showed the world the petty emptiness behind his bluster


  • Thanks for the link Adios. That was quite a read. My personal favorite line: “He’s a classic bully — a wounded soul, à la Richard Nixon, who has no time to reflect on his own sins because he needs to lash out at the cruel world that keeps him down.”

    Anyone who had a chance to watch AV since he rolled up with a boulder-sized chip on his shoulder knows this line is spot on. Whoa is me, the world is out to get me. First I couldn’t get promoted because of my race (read his lawsuit if you doubt it), then, when through a quirk of fate and odd political timing he pulls off a completely undeserved election win, he proceeded to spend years settling old scores and complaining how the world was against him, much of his ridiculous carping perfectly outlined in that column.

    AV truly is his own worst enemy, he can’t get out of his own way to save his life. Fortunately for all of us he may have shot himself in the foot fatally this time. My only question Alex, if you felt this was a complex area of law as you claimed, why would you convene a press conference before you had your private attorneys research it and give you an informed legal opinion? The LA Times house attorney wrote a law article in his letter summarizing the subject, and it took him less than an afternoon. Not so complex after all, is it?

    Is the answer to the above question A- you were so scared of what’s being uncovered, and the depositions to come in which your execs are going to tell the truth and lay you out like a new rug, you felt you needed to go on the offensive, B- you’re so bent out of shape that you can’t control the unfolding events you reacted like a child throwing a tantrum, or C- As I previously speculated, you really don’t want this job but can’t admit that out loud, hell maybe not even to yourself, so you’re doing everything you can to sabotage your chances?

    If it’s the last one – congrats, sir. You’re doing a bang-up job.

  • @Ghetto Slayer No my friend is definitely not creepy Carl Mandoyan that I was talking about. Carl is a deputy and he would be with ALAD’s union not PPOA.
    PPOA turned down my friend/Sergeant a PPOA member and did not want to pay for his writ that would expose some LASD executives that lied and the corruption that still exists in the LASD department. My friend made a civil compliant to LASD that this Internal Affairs Bureau Sergeant 100% lied under oath in his Civil Service hearing and he provided proof. Assistant Sheriff ROBIN LIMON turn down Public complaint and never looked into it. This is the same IAB sergeant PPOA was protecting by turning down and not paying for my friends writ. The Department of Justice said LASD is not allowed to turn down a Public complaint they are suppose to at least look into it. Assistant Sheriff ROBIN LIMON had to turn it down and cover it up because investigating an Internal Affairs Bureau sergeant that lied under oath would open up Pandoras box. I know there are a lot of amazing LASD deputies but there are few bad apples in the department are making everyone look bad. No one is above the law.

  • @Treadstone – You forgot to mention the civilian “Karen” who works in the sheriffs office (a known friend of Bibi) and has a county take home car… what is her role in that office that requires her to have a tax payer funded vehicle? And the Honorable Sheriff *Sarcasm* is crying about his budget. Unbelievable!!!

  • I’ve read several accusations of Eli being a Regulator. Where is his denial? Cecil took his shirt off to”prove” he didn’t have a tattoo. Of course he didn’t show us his ankles. Is Eli going to do the same? Can you do something about a deputy gang problem if you are a member of a deputy gang? There is nothing wrong to belong to a group that challenges you to be a hard worker. It’s another thing when these groups turn into the trash that plague our communities.

  • Rakkasan do you get a referral fee if anyone calls them and they represent them?




  • Alejandro’s excellent adventures:

    Nope, not at all.

    “TAKE A STAND” stated in his post that PPOA refused to fund a Writ that would’ve made a significant difference in a friend’s case.

    The law firm cited in my link operates on a contingency basis, meaning nothing is paid by the client unless the case is won.

    What could be more fair than that?

    Other law firms offering the same help can be found via a simple Google search.

    There are excellent alternatives to the bullshit that you can get from ALADS/PPOA, and you don’t pay anything unless you win the case.

  • @Rakkasan @Ghettoslayer
    My friend won his writ at superior court.
    Shame on PPOA for not funding his writ, when his union lawyer and new writ attorney said he had a great chance of winning. I wonder how many other members they screwed over. I don’t understand if the money is not used to help its members, what is the money used for.

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